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Review: I scheduled a service call for my TV which I purchased an extended warranty on. My original service date was 8/12/2014. He was a no show, got a call saying that his vehicle was towed. They rescheduled for 8/13/2014 between 1-3 pm, again a no show, then called warranty department said he would be there between 4-5:30. Again a no show. Called the warranty department again and he told them that he had to order a part for my tv, he never even looked at my TV so how does he know what is needed? He never bothered to Call or let me know he was running late and this is TWO days in a row of no shows on techs. I am beyond aggravated. So completely unprofessional. Please correct this.Desired Settlement: I want my tv repaired in a timely manner!




you for the opportunity to respond Mr. [redacted]’s complaint. Our records

show on 3/**/12, Mr. [redacted] purchased a 60” Sharp 3D Smart TV with a 49-month

Repair Service Agreement from us and elected store pick up. Mr. [redacted]

contacted us on 8/**/14; stating the TV screen was going on/off by itself.

After reviewing Mr. [redacted]’s service history we found a part was ordered to

repair his TV; however the part arrived defective and Conn’s agreed to exchange

his TV. Mr. [redacted]’s exchange was approved on 9/04/14. Mr. [redacted] was given a credit of $1699.99 which is the

original amount paid to use toward a new TV. We show on 9/**/14, Mr. [redacted] has initiated his exchange and elected model [redacted] as the replacement which fulfills the Repair Service Agreements terms

and conditions. We sincerely apologize to Mr. [redacted] for his experience

and any inconvenience that has been caused.

Kind regards,

Review: I purchased a sectional couch in March of 2013 and since a couple weeks after delivery we have had one problem after another! Now the first major issue I had involved the arm of the Chaise part of the sectional caved in and Conn's sent a repair technician from a company they contract called US Quality and when the man came he inspected the Chaise and told my wife he would write his report on his findings and I would be notified by Conn's. So I was notified that they would repair it and after arguing that it was unacceptable because the couch was brand new they agreed to replace the Chaise, so for that I was a satisfied customer. Moving on.....I have had approximately 4 technicians out here since then for the middle part the "armless" sofa because of the sagging back pillows to which they moved around the stuffing inside, needless to say they still sag! They claimed and put in their report that they added filling and that is a complete LIE because they brought in a bag of fill but NEVER used any!!! Then a technician came out because the cushions that you sit on sink so bad that you may as well remove the cushions and just sit on the that Technician said that he was going to recommend that the springs be replaced in his report and I should hear from Conn's in a few days well guess what I NEVER HEARD FROM CONN's!!! I had to call them and they claimed they called it's funny because I never received a call nor did they ever leave any message on my voicemail but when I did call I found out that the technician said that his findings were FINE and that there were no issues!!!!!!!!!! Next another technician comes out because of the same sinking problem and now my chaise squeaks as if it is 30 years he says he would write his finding and recommendations and that it was definitely frame related.....guess what he also said everything was FINE in his report and CONN's won't do anything about it!!!!!! I bought a warranty and guess what it does me no good because they WONT FIX IT!!Desired Settlement: At this point I would like 1 of the 3 things below:1. They come pick up the entire sectional and zero out the balance of my credit account. (Let them use the money I have already paid as if I had "rented it")2. Replace the entire couch for all the inconvenience and headaches!3. Take back the couch and give me store credit for the original purchase price, to apply to whatever else I choose in the store!!!



The issue still remains. I had another technician out on 1/**/14 and he claimed to me that the Chaise was un-repairable however when it got back to Conn's they are refusing to replace it they want to "fix" it however it is less than a year old and I requested it be replaced and they flat out refused! So now I feel like I am being lied to by Conn's and by the US Quality Furniture place that Conn's contracts out! I have also contacted Conn's service Dept. again to see if someone from Conn's can come out and they flat out refused and said absolutely no one from Conn's would come out that the decision rests solely in the hands of US Quality! What did I but a warranty for???? Conn's isn't losing any money by replacing it they send it back to the manufacturer and it becomes the manufacturer's problem!



From: [redacted]

Sent: Wednesday, February [redacted] 2014 2:46 PM

To: drteam

Subject: Re: of Houston and South Texas- Complaint regarding Your

Business #[redacted]

Thank you for the opportunity

to respond to [redacted] complaint. Our records show on 3/**/13,

[redacted] purchased a Jackson Everest Furniture set with us and 48 month

Furnituregard. [redacted] contacted us on 4/**/13, stating the

armrest caved in and the pillows were sagging. A service call was set-up

and upon inspection the technician found the elbow caved in and protruded

through the cardboard. An exchange was approved on 5/[redacted]13 and a new

chaise was delivered on 5/**/13. [redacted] contacted us on 9/**/13,

and stated his cushions were sinking and sagging on his section. Upon

inspection the technician found the middle cushion was lower than the other

two. The service man restuffed the cushion cores to firm them back

up. On 10/**/13, [redacted] contacted us stating there were tears in

the seat cushion. A service call was set-up and upon inspection the

technician noted no tears were found and all springs and frames were

intact. He noted the center seat cushion was lower than the left and

right side. [redacted] mention the chaise squeaking therefore, the

service man tightens the spring clip and advised the customer that the lowering

of the seat cushion is normal with use. Notes indicate [redacted]

mention to the service man that she was trying to get a new sofa.

However, the request was denied because the sofa was up to the manufacturers

specifications. We have assessed [redacted] sectional 3 times since

then and each time the technicians have found the set to be upto the

manufactures specification. However they did note the middle cushion was

lower than the other 2. [redacted] contacted us on 1/**14, stating

the chaise had rips and tears and was making a cracking sound. Upon

inspection the service man found the seams on the chaise was separating and the

frame was loose.

[redacted] has been

contacted regarding her concerns and Conn’s has agreed to honor her request for

an exchange as a goodwill gesture. [redacted] is aware and will be

in the store to reselect.

If I may be of further assistance, [redacted] may

contact me at [redacted]

Kind regards,

Customer Relations

Review: Purchased washer/dryer set 3/21 delivery 3/23/15. Washer never worked. Followed company protocol via customer service but to no avail. No one ever came out. Keep getting run around. Purchase price $1400.00. Over ten calls made still nothing



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]

complaint. Our records show on 3/21/15, [redacted] purchased a [redacted] washer and dryer both with a 48-month Repair Service Agreement. [redacted] washer and dryer were delivered on 3/23/15; she signed her delivery

ticket acknowledging she received her products in good order.

We reviewed [redacted] complaint and found she

contacted our service department on 3/30/15 stating her washer fills with water

when turned off. A service appointment was schedule with a certified 3rd

party technician ([redacted]) to assess the washer however; the

technician informed us [redacted] was not available when he attempted to

contact her to schedule an appointment which has caused a delay. We verified

with the technician that [redacted] service appointment has been re-scheduled

for 4/16/15; once the technician assess the washer we can determine what further

actions are necessary.

We have included a copy of [redacted] signed

delivery ticket with our response.


we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may

contact customer service at [redacted]



Review: the sales person as well as the manager failed to provide me any information about their 24 hr policy or of their 15% restocking fee

I had the tv for 2days witch was picked up on Saturday night after 7;00pm on [redacted] Sunday [redacted] I worked from 10am to 6pm set it up that same night

went to bed on Monday the 09/29/2014 when I got off work at 6pm I finally got to sit down and watch the tv and I notice a blur that would come and go on the

faces of the people on the tv I spoke with Andrew fist thing in the morning and he said that I had to bring tv in on 09/30/2014 so he could exchange it when I got to the store

with the tv I when to watch the same tv they had up as display while they where connecting my tv the display tv was doing the same with the blur in the faces they offered me to exchange and I had said that I didn't want an exchange but since the other tv was doing the same thing I would rather reselect. that was the first time I was told about the 15% restocking fee and there 24hr return policy I was so upset that they wouldn't work with me I left the tv and paid the 300.00 dollars restock fee I really feel like I was taken advantaged of.

I feel that I shouldn't of had to pay the 300.00 dollars re stock fee when I was never properly informed of all their policies .Desired Settlement: I would like to have my 300.00 dollars returned. thank you



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted]’s

complaint. Our records show on [redacted], Mr. [redacted] purchased a 70” [redacted] 3D TV with a 48-month Repair Service Agreement Plan. Mr. [redacted] elected to

pickup his television from our E. Broadway location in [redacted] on [redacted].

Mr. [redacted] signed his pickup slip/invoice acknowledging he received his item

in good order and that the Return/Exchange Policy was discussed prior to

pickup. Our customers are given the opportunity to

inspect their product prior to leaving the store. As listed on the pickup slip/invoice provided to

Mr. [redacted] “Please thoroughly inspect your merchandise for damage prior to

loading. An exchange or price concession will not be authorized for damaged

discovered after the product leaves the warehouse or store. A restocking fee

may apply to Return and/or Exchanges”.

We received Mr. [redacted]’s complaint and found on [redacted], Mr.

[redacted] brought his television back to Conn’s where he made his purchase

stating there was a blur on the screen when the television is turned on. We contacted

the sales associate and store manager who assisted Mr. [redacted] upon return and

was informed that the television was tested inside the store and was unable to

detect a blur on the screen. Mr. [redacted] was informed he would be required to

pay a 15% restocking fee if he no longer wanted the television due to no

problem was found with the unit. At this time we are unable to honor Mr.

[redacted]’s request to refund the restocking fee charge due to no problem was

found with the television when returned to the store.

We have included supporting documents in our response.

If we may be of further assistance, Mr. [redacted] may contact us at




I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]




I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

From: [redacted] [mailto:[redacted]]

Sent: Wednesday, [redacted]

To: drteam

Subject: Re: Conns [redacted]

totally not true I was never informed of the any 15% restocking fee and the 24 hr returned policy I even asked for a reselection nothing is resolved I will like a refund of my 300.00 thank you


Review: I PURCHASED A HP BEATS COMPUTER FROM CONNS ON 1/21/14.ON 2/6/14 THE COMPUTER BEGAN TO CONTINUOUSLY SHUT OFF AND WOULD NOT STAY ON SO I RETURNED THE COMPUTER TO THE STORE ON 2/7/14 TO BE SERVICED with the plastic still in tact.The computer came back from service on 2/27/14 and the tech stated the system was fine he could not find any problems but as a precaution he restored the software. Again when I took the device home it was still shutting off.I returned the computer back to Conns on 2/28/14 to be serviced again, and the computer did not come back until 3/26/14. Unannounced to me Conns sent the computer to HP to be repaired and HP replaced the hard disk drive which turned out to be damaged and restored the software again.When I went to pick the computer up from Conns on 3/26/14 and upon inspection I noticed that there was a large visible scratch mark on the base of the computer located in the front. At that point I refused to take the device home and demanded that it be exchanged. Conns refused to replace the device instead opting to send it back to service to replace the base.On 4/9/14 I returned back to the store to pick up the computer and when I took it out the box I noticed the back cover hanging due to a broken prong inside the cover. At this point my eyes watered because I could not bring my self to understand the careless manner in which my computer was being handled. I'vecalled Conns help desk and service department at least 20 times demanding the device be exchanged because at this point I feel like they are sticking me with a refurbished computer but charging me for a new computer.When I purchased the device I bought additional insurance for $300 through Conns because the sales associate Joy told me if I had any problems just bring the computer back and it would be replaced which was not the case.All of my payments have been made on time and are current so I don't understand why Conns won't replace the device.device. Conns is not right and should refund my money back.Desired Settlement: I would like Conns to refund all the money that I have paid to date and void the purchase contract I have with them because their customer service is horrible and it's not my fault they sold me a defective device.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] complaint. Our records show on

1/21/14, Mrs. [redacted] purchased a HP Envy Beat Edition computer with a 25-month

Repair Service Agreement Plan. On 2/6/14, Mrs. [redacted] contacted us stating the

computer had a blue screen and turns off. The unit was sent to service; upon

inspection the technician found the computer needed to be restored. The

technician restored the computer and the unit tested ok; computer was returned

to store for pickup. On 2/14/14, Mrs. [redacted] contacted us stating the computer

screen was turning off and has a blue screen that says the computer has a

problem. The computer was sent to service; the technician ran test on the unit

over a 3 day period, no defects were found, unit tested on and was returned to

store on 2/24/14 for pickup. On 2/27/14; Mrs. [redacted] contacted us again stating the

computer has a blue screen and turns off. The unit was sent to HP for repair; based

on the problem description the technician replaced the hard drive and unit

tested ok; returned to the store for pickup. On 3/26/14, Mrs. [redacted] contacted us

stating that the unit was returned scratched and refused to accept the damaged

unit. The unit was returned to service and parts were ordered to replace the

base on the computer. On 4/4/14, the technician replaced the stand and cover on

the computer; unit tested ok and was returned to the store for pickup. On

4/9/14, Mrs. [redacted] contact us stating the cover was broken and the computer

would not stay on. The unit was sent to service; upon inspection the technician

found the back cover popped out and re-installed the cover on the back, ran test

on the unit and unit tested ok. At this time we are unable to honor Mrs. [redacted]

request for a refund due to unit has been repaired.

If we may

be of further assistance, Mrs. [redacted] may

contact Customer Service at 1-877-358-1252.

Kind regards,

Customer Relations

Review: I purchased a Sony Viao laptop on Nov. 30, 2013 for myself from the Conns On [redacted]. I was at first very pleased with the product, but in day 15 the computer crashed to a black screen and I was unable to do anything. I called conns and they said to bring it. I did and I wanted a refund, I was then informed that I only had 14 days to return a product, which at the time of purchase I was not informed of this. I was then told by the manager, who had contacted the corpate office, that I had 3 options. 1.put the computer in service 2. sign a voluntary reposestion 3. keep the computere and not pay for. I find #3 plain crazy. I chose to put in service. I got the computer back a week later. Got home, mind you I live 40 minutes away from the nearest Conns. After I redid all the nessesary steps on the computer, it did it again. The computer crashed and was worthless. At this time I had talked to the main office, service, and god knows who else. I was told again of my options. I put it in service again and 3 weeks later it was fixed..they had to replace the hard drive. no longer want this computer, they won't take it back. They still have it at the store, I have been promised store credit, which I have not gotten. I have talked to managers and other peaople and promised all kinds of things so as they put, they don't want me to have a bad taste in my mouth., I have purchased many products from them and never had a problem. I have spent 16,000 dollars over the past few years. I have never been late on a payment, and even paid acccounts off early. I currently have 2 active accounts that are still being paid as of now. They still won't fix this problem. Some of the people I have talked to have been very nice,even though they have lied. Most of them are very rude. I can not believe this how you treat your loyal customers. I WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM CONNS AGAIN. I WILL MAKE IT MY MISSION TO LET ALL OF YOU KNOW WHAT KIND OF COMPANY CONNS REALLY IS!!!Desired Settlement: I would like for this company to refund my down payment or give the store credit I was promised by so many.




you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] complaint. Our records show on 11/30/13, Mrs. [redacted]

purchased a Sony Vaio Fit 15E Series laptop with 25-months Repair Service

Agreement Plan totaling $1209.88. Mrs.

[redacted] financed $1109.98 through Conn’s credit and $81.00 paid with her Visa

credit card. Our records indicate on

12/17/13, Mrs. [redacted] contacted us regarding her laptop; stating it was turning

off and freezing. Mrs. [redacted] spoke with a remote technician who was unable to

successful repair her laptop over the phone. Mrs. [redacted] was advised her laptop would

need to be sent to service. On 12/24/13,

the service technician assessed the laptop and determined the software needed

to be restored. Once restored the laptop

passed all test before it was sent back to the store for pick up. Mrs. [redacted] contacted us again on 1/06/14, stating

her laptop kept going into repair drive and wouldn’t go pass 40%. The

laptop was sent back to service where they found the hard drive had

failed. The hard drive was replaced and

returned to the store on 1/22/14 for Mrs. [redacted] to pick it up.


[redacted] has been contacted regarding her concerns and Conn’s has agreed to

exchange her laptop. Mrs. [redacted] stated

she will be in the store to reselect a different model. We sincerely apologize to Mrs. [redacted] for the

experience she has had regarding her laptop.


I may be of further assistance, Mrs. [redacted] may contact me directly at

1-800-280-1514 ext 3277.







Complaint Detail

Since apparently my last complaint won't be submitted due to already havin filed againt Conns before,I will submit again...My last issue was resolved and I was very satifed with the results, however,I have a complete different issue as of now. My father and I purchased an LG stove from the Conns on Airline Hwy. in Baton Rouge,La right before Thanksgiving 2013. On Friday Feb. 21, 2014, I went to turn the oven on and it didn't work. I checked my settings to make sure when cleaning the stove I didn't change something by accident. The convection bake and roast buttons don't work as well as my double burner is also out. So not only can I not bake, but unless it's fried or hamburger helper I can't feed my family. I have contacted the service department on Friday when it went out. Was informed I would get a call within 24/72 hours. I called the monday 2/24/2014 and they told me they mean buisness hours lol. So make long story short, they said it would be maybe somtime this week before someone contacts to set up a service call since they don't have anyone in my area, I live 20 miles from Baton Rouge. I also contacted LG, Conns told me they may fix it faster, well it'll 3/5 days before someone contacts me. I filed with LG monday 2/24/2014 so we shall see. After reading all this complaints Conns has recieved (should have done this before buying ANYTHING from them) I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING AGAIN FROM CONNS......I have never experienced such lack of customer service as I have with Conns. Everyone that I have talked to from customer service to the service dept. they keep pointing fingers at eachother and I get the middle finger. I am not looking for a refund just FIX IT OR REPLACE....STAND BY WHAT YOUR STUPID RECORDING SAYS WHEN YOU CALL YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE...I HOLD UP MY END OF THE CONTRACT NOW HOLD UP YOURS

Desired Settlement

I would like Conns to either repair my stove or replace it. I am not looking for a refund just FIX IT OR REPLACE....STAND BY WHAT YOUR STUPID RECORDING SAYS WHEN YOU CALL YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE...I HOLD UP MY END OF THE CONTRACT NOW HOLD UP YOURS




you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint regarding the

range that was purchased with us on 11/6/13, by [redacted]. Our records show on 2/21/14, Mr. [redacted]

contacted us regarding his range not working properly. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate an

authorized service provider in his area.

Mr. [redacted] was contacted on 3/7/14 and advised his range would be

exchange due to the delay. We show on

3/10/14, Mr. [redacted] picked up his new range and canceled his repair service



we may be of further assistance, Mr. [redacted] may contact Customer Service at






Review: This is a complaint in reference to a purchase that was made on [redacted] in the amount $3,014.64 cash purchase. This was for a front load wash and dryer, which includes the pedestals. Upon arrival of delivery I notice there we dents on all sides of both pedestals. Deliver guy stated he would call it in and expect a call back from someone within minutes. A woman did contact me the same day and I explain where dents were, she than apologize and stated that Conn`s will be send me out a refund check for $100.00 allow 3-4 weeks for processing. Well I noticed about mid [redacted] I haven’t heard or received anything from Conn`s, so I contacted them not certain of dates. Person I spoke with on 4 different phone conversation in [redacted] was [redacted] @ [redacted] in delivery. She was the only who could pull my account and see what happen to refund. She stated that it was kicked out and she will send out another request to check re-issued and sent out within 2 weeks. Today I contact her back and she stated the same problem request was kicked out again from corporate; she will need to send another request. Now that means I will be waiting again for another 3weeks of however long it takes. [redacted] gave me corporate number ([redacted]) and said I can contact them. So I did call corporate and spoke with [redacted] whom did not help me either all she did was she another request asking what was going. She also was asking who I was speaking with in delivery so she can contact them to get more information. At this point I am tired of going back and forth. Conn`s made a promise to send refund check in a timely manner. It has been almost 3 month and no one can seem to find out what the problem or just send out check.

No one ever calls back to follow-up and today is [redacted] and still the issue has not been resolved or does anybody in Conn’s knows what’s going on.


Store Number: [redacted]Desired Settlement: Refund check mailed out next day, I do not want to wait another 2 months



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]. [redacted]’s complaint. After further research, we found [redacted]. [redacted] was offered and accepted a concession for damages during delivery. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience [redacted]. [redacted] experienced as a result of delay processing her concession. As of [redacted], we have processed [redacted]. [redacted]’s check request and will mail her check overnight to the address provided. [redacted]. [redacted] may track that status of her refund at[redacted] (tracking number [redacted]). If we may be of further assistance, [redacted]. [redacted] may contact Customer Service at [redacted]. Kind regards,[redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.

I had a very pleasant experience with Conn's. My sales was very nice and very helpful to me.

Review: For approximately two months I have repeatedly contacted Conn's in regards to a property insurance cost added to a financed purchase of a mattress and box spring in the amount of $2143.00 (approximately). I faxed in the request proof of property insurance to hav the charge removed. I brought the documentation to a local Conn's to fax to the Insurance department. After two or three additional calls I learned that the document was not received. I then request that State Farm fax a copy of the proof of coverage. I later called to confirm the document was received but the account was not adjusted. I was assured by two separate manager's that once the insurance associated charges were removed from the account my balance would be $795.99. In good faith, I paid that entire balance 8 days before the pay off balance due date on March 15th. On March 27th, after making another call I was told that the proof of insurance was received by Conn's and applied on March 24th. However, the account was closed on the 23rd and would need to be re-opened to adjust the balance. I was advised at that time to allow three business days for the adjustment to be made. When calling today, April 4th, I was told (after being transferred literally 5 times) that the balance would not be adjusted off of the account because the March 23rd deadline had lapsed. I was also told that the remaining balance just needed to be adjusted off by a Customer Service Manager. Lastly, I spoke to a representative and Customer Service manager who both told me that the remaining balance was the result of a ten dollar balance being left on my account at the time of March 23rd (the due date) in addition to interest associated with that amount. I explained my frustration to the manager who did nothing but tell me that it would take an additonal 24 hours to pull the calls to verify all of what I had stated and then later a request could be made to write off the remaining. I explained to her that this process has been outdrawn and I wanted the issue resolved today. I also explained the inconsistent information I had received from as many as 7 or 8 Conn's representatives. I have no intentions at the present time to patronize this organization again. The service is poor and based on the inaccuracy of information, condescending tone, and lack of urgency of the leadership the management team is poor as well and poorly selected.Desired Settlement: I would like an apology for the unnecessary, unreasonable, undue stress placed on me as a consumer having adhered to the terms of my purchase. Secondly, I would like the issue resolved expeditiously as it is beyond long overdue. Secondly, I would like financial compensation appropriate for having been burdened with consistently having to follow up with Conn's to resolve an issue complicated and repeatedly miscommunicated by the organization.



Thank you for the

opportunity to respond to [redacted] concerns regarding account

#[redacted] and her request to remove the interest charges from her

account. According to our records, Mrs. [redacted] signed a 32-month

installment loan contract, which included a 12-month no-interest

promotion on March 23, 2013.

According to our records the property insurance has been removed from the account as of March 26, 2014.

The total invoice amount for Mrs. [redacted]’s merchandise was $2143.34.

Mrs. [redacted] paid a total of $2134.34which left an invoice amount due of

$9.00. The account currently has an outstanding balance of $875.55.

However, as a goodwill gesture we are crediting the $9.00 remaining on the invoice and we will fore go the finance

charges of $875.55 and close the account. Once the account is closed, we will send a copy of the account ledger and a close out letter to retain for her records.

We value Mrs. [redacted] as a customer and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience she experienced concerning this matter.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


This is not my first time hearing a response similar to the reply provided by the Conn's representative. However, I have yet to see the manifestation of the resolution that has been discussed. Once the promised resolution occurs I will accept the response and respond stating such. Regards, [redacted]




you for the additional opportunity to respond to [redacted]’s concerns

regarding account #[redacted] and her request to remove the interest charges from

her account. Mrs. [redacted] signed a 32-month installment loan contract, which

included a 12-month no-interest promotion on March 23, 2013.


to our records the property insurance has been removed from the account as of

March 26, 2014.

The total invoice amount for Mrs. [redacted]’s merchandise was $2143.34. Mrs. [redacted]

paid a total of $2134.34which left an invoice amount due of $9.00. The

account had an outstanding balance of $875.55. However, as a goodwill gesture we

have credited the $9.00 remaining on the invoice and have reversed the finance

charges of $875.55 and closed the account. Mrs. [redacted] will receive a close out

letter within 30 days confirming the account has closed.


value Mrs. [redacted] as a customer and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience

she experienced concerning this matter.

Review: in September I purchased a freezer and 3 patio sets. all 3 of the patio sets have issues. I have spoke to my salesperson, have had representatives of conn's to my home to inspect the product and all have told me it will be resolved right away. I have yet to get any resolution to this matter. I have refused to pay for items that are defective, have even spoke with 7 different people at company headquarters regarding all of this and still haven't received any help. I believe I have been overly patient, I mean really, 6 months is being more than fair !!Desired Settlement: apology and replacement of defective items. it would be nice to have some other form of compensation, but I am trying to stay realistic. I have already spoke with my attorney regarding thas , and hoping that I can resolve before taking them to court.



I have not received any resolution regarding this matter. I have not been contacted at all.

Review: I have purchased an item from them and since then I keep getting flyers. I called them and asked that it be stopped and I have received mailings since then on two different ocaissions. when I call them I have to wait a very long time, this is getting stressfulI WANT IT STOPPED NOW.Desired Settlement: IF THIS DOESN'T STOP WE WILL GO TO COURT AND MONEY DAMAGES WILL APPLY FOR STRESS DUE TO THEIR HARRASSMENT.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Ms. [redacted] complaint. We would like to apologize to Ms. [redacted] for the experience she has

had with us. Conn’s has agreed to honor

her request and permanently removed her from our mailing list. Ms. [redacted] may/may not receive a mailer that

could have already printed prior to our response. If so, please accept out apology in advance.

Kind regards,

Customer Relations Officer

Review: Sales woman lied to my wife and I. promised free 46 inch tv, with purchase of bedroom set. then asked by her boss she lied and called us one.

me and my wife purchased a bedroom set only because of the sales woman, who told us we would receive a 46 inch 499 dollar tv. delivery came and we never received the tv. we called conns and they said there was nothing they could do, so no tv. We explained what the sales woman told us so her boss asked her and she lied and said she never said that. even though I walked over to the tv she promised and showed my wife the tv. we told her boss and described every detail about what she promised, boss still aid there was nothing he could do.Desired Settlement: I wanted our free 46 inch $499 television that was promised to us. and a sorry from the sales woman for pretty much calling us liers



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted]'s complaint. Mr. [redacted] was contacted on [redacted] by the [redacted] to discuss is concerns. We appreciate Mr. [redacted] for bringing his concerns to our attention and would like to apologize to him for the manner in which they were initially addressed. Although Mr. [redacted]'s purchase did not qualify for the free television, Conn's has agreed to send Mr. [redacted] a $150.00 gift card as a goodwill gesture. Mr. [redacted] should receive the giftcards via Certified mail by [redacted].

If Mr. [redacted] has any additional questions or concerns he may contact me directly at ###-###-####.

Kind regards,

Review: I purchased a refrigerator from Conn's on [redacted]. About a month or 2 after the refrigerator broke down and stopped making ice. I called Conn's at their support number [redacted] after arguing with the representative finally they sent someone to fix it. On [redacted] when my [redacted] got home from work around 4pm he called me at work and said the kitchen was full of water because the refrigerator went out. I called Conn's again spoke to [redacted] who said they were not able to send nobody until [redacted]. I told her I needed someone to come out before because I had food in there. She told me to put my food in a refrigerator of a family member. After I refused she said she will have someone call me within 24hrs. On [redacted] since no one had called I called back around 5pm or 6pm. After they hung up on me 7 times finally a man named [redacted] talked to me. He said he wasn't able to do anything because the tech department was now closed and he suggested for me to call back [redacted] at 8am to speak with someone else. I refused and asked to speak with a manager. [redacted] did not allow me to do so by stating there were no managers available. Finally he placed me on a very long hold so I disconnected the call. That same night I went to the store where the refrigerator was purchased and spoke to a manager named [redacted] who was very nice, he put in a request for exchange and said he would have an answer [redacted] and call me back. On [redacted] since he did not call me I called the store and he did not work so I talked to another manager [redacted] said the order was placed but they had not received a response. [redacted] provided me the phone number to what he called the corp of Conn's [redacted]. I called spoke to [redacted] who said she had to transfer me to the Tech Department to see if someone can come out. I spoke with [redacted] who went thru the notes on the file and speaking very sarcastic said someone by the name of [redacted] has been trying to find someone to come out and fix the refrigerator but for some weird reason they had no one in [redacted]. He suggested for me to wait until [redacted] for a call back to see when someone can come out. I again requested to speak to a manager he didn't want to transfer me until I asked again. He finally said please stand by for a manager. I was then transferred to a voice mail for [redacted]. I called the Conn's store and again spoke to [redacted] who said he was not able to do anything and I had to wait for someone to get in contact with me. I have 5 people in my household and can't afford my refrigerator to go out and not get it fixed. Most of my food has already gone bad. I need help with this company. Either to give the refrigerator back and not have to pay anything to them or an exchange as soon as possible. I was told this was a new refrigerator and to have it go out within 5 months of purchasing it it's not right!!! Another thing is I honestly don't want to deal with this type of customer service. They are so unprofessional!!! I work for a call center and this type of actions are completely wrong!!Desired Settlement: I want an exchange or for them to take it back but clear my credit report for this debt. I honestly do not want to deal with their employees.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted].


complaint. Our records show on [redacted] purchased a [redacted]

Side-by-Side refrigerator with a 48-month Repair Service Agreement Plan.

After further review of [redacted].

[redacted]’s service history, we show she contacted our service department on two

separate occasions regarding repairs on her refrigerator. On [redacted].

[redacted]’s called for service stating the refrigerator was not dispensing ice. A

service appointment was originally scheduled on [redacted] however; [redacted]

rescheduled her appointment for [redacted]. The technician replaced the icemaker

and tested the unit, unit tested ok. On [redacted] called for service

stating the refrigerator was not cooling. A service appointment was originally

scheduled on [redacted] however; [redacted] requested the technician to come to

her residence after 3pm but the technician was unable to commit to the time frame

therefore, [redacted]’s appointment was re-scheduled for [redacted]. During

inspection, the technician found [redacted]’s refrigerator was on demo mode

and reset the unit back to manufacture specifications.

At this time [redacted]’s

refrigerator does not meet the qualification for exchange/return. Although the

Repair Service Agreement only covers the cost of food for functional failures,

as a gesture of goodwill we will submit a concession for $[redacted] which is the

maximum given for a food lost claim; please allow 7-10 business days to

receive. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience [redacted] experienced

as a result of service delay.

If we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact customer

service at [redacted].

Kind regards,

Review: On July 3, 2014, I entered the Conn's at the [redacted] to purchase a washer and dryer set. After the order was completed and set-up for delivery on July 5,2014, everything should have be set. The washer and dryer was to be delivered to address other than mine. On July 5,2014, I received a called that the my delivery time period would be between 9am - 12n. Needless to say, with many call to Conn's on the status of the delivery in which I had communications with [redacted], Jeff, [redacted] and [redacted] and still did not get the delivery until 6 pm that evening and then had to be rushed because the person that was receiving the delivery had to leave for work. I was told my [redacted] (Manager) that I would not be charge for delivery. I was told that the delivery truck had broken down and they had to get another truck and as I stated it not my fault that the truck broke down. Because representative Conn's have no communications skills, this situation could have been handled differently. All they had to do is to keep the customer inform of the situation. Secondly, I have been doing business with Conn's for many years and never had a problem; but then I receive a credit card in the mail that I did not apply for, but the washer and dryer is charged to that account. I was waiting on the coupon booklet as always.

Order_Number: [redacted]

Account_Number: [redacted]Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

I received my bill and I do not see any adjustment for the delivery charges and that should have been removed.



Thank you for the opportunity to

respond to [redacted]’ complaint. Our records show on 7/03/14,

[redacted] purchased a LG washer and dryer with a 24-month Repair Service

Agreement on both items and elected to have his items delivered. [redacted] was financed through GE with a 24-month cash option and signed his

application acknowledging his approval. Although [redacted] did apply for

credit with Conn’s we were only able to offer 6-month cash option oppose to GE

24-month offer. Unlike Conn’s Retail Installment Contract, GE sends

monthly statements oppose to a payment booklet. At the time of purchase

[redacted] was offered free delivery. The standard delivery charge was

waived however [redacted] was charged $59.95 since the washer and dryer was

being delivered upstairs this is considered a Complex Delivery and not included

in the Standard Delivery charge. After researching [redacted]’ complaint

Conn’s has agreed to honor his request and refund the complex delivery fee; a

credit of $64.90 which includes taxes has been processed to his GE

account. Please allow 7-10 business days for the refund to be received.

We sincerely apologize to [redacted] for his experience and any inconvenience

that has been caused.

If we may be of further

assistance, [redacted] may contact Customer Service at [redacted].



Customer Relations

Review: I opened a 0 interest account back in 2013. I have been trying since Dec/Jan to change my due date from the [redacted] to the [redacted]. I call in and I'm told to post date a check and then a request will be put in. This happened in Jan and Feb - in Feb I was assured that the request would be put in however, it wasn't I received a call today and was told that the request was denied and that my account is now no longer on the zero interest plan either - I am now on the 36 month plan with interest. This is not acceptable. I was told things would happen and they did not which now has my account past due. I also was never informed that this change had taken place. I feel like this is a tactic used in order to make people late - as I also can not log into the online account with out having to call in and have my password reset each time.Desired Settlement: I would like for my due date to be changed from the [redacted] to the [redacted].and for my account to go back to the zero percent interest plan that I originally signed up for.



Review: I purchased a stove on the notion it did something that was advertised. I asked the salesman 3 seperate times if this particular stove offered the advertised feature. He said yes all 3 times. I purchased the stove and when it arrived at my house. I discovered it did not. They will not accept my return without a 15% restocking fee, even though they sold me the wrong item.Desired Settlement: I want a full refund with no stocking fee.



This letter is to inform you that Conn's has carried out to my satisfaction the resolution it proposed for my complaint, filed on [redacted]/2014 1:26:47 PM and assigned ID [redacted].Regards,

Review: In late [redacted], 2014, I paid $100, (+/-) for a "service call" on an Ice Maker related issue to be repaired on my [redacted] Refrigerator with the understanding that parts and labor would be additionalThe tech came out and determined the ice maker needed to be replaced but due to the numerous repairs earlier in the day requiring all available parts on his truck the ice maker would have to be orderedI believe this was on a Wednesday and said that the part could possibly be in by Friday but if not he was going on vacation for a weekI asked if the work order would remain open and he said yesThe ice maker was working intermittently, about once a week or so, and waiting for the ordered part would not be an issueI admit I have allowed this issue to go unresolved because life sort of got in the way but thinking the issue was worsening it reminded me that he was supposed to call to install the new ice maker but had never calledAfter talking to the service department at Conns, a [redacted]) and two other service related personnel they tell me I will once again have to pay the $service callMy issue is having to pay an additional $when the first $didn't solve anythingOne of the service persons stated they had talked to the tech and he has no recollection of the conversation...., go figure! It's as if the customer's version doesn't matter and that's where my beef comes inWe have been looooongtime customers of Conns but I have spent my last dime thereI have even logged in a complaint with the [redacted] Corp., for Conns representation of that company.Desired Settlement: At this point there is no resolution for me from Conns and I do not choose to have a representative call meI am seeking independent service repairI realize Conn's is a sponsor of the so there may not be a resolution anyway; why bite the hand that feeds you, I get that! They are so willing to help but will charge the $service call again and that is not acceptableI have heard many complaints in years past about Conns service, or lack thereof, but until I experienced it personally I ignored the warningsThat will NOT happen againMouth-to-mouth can save you or sink you and in this case the latter applies
Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]
complaintWe received [redacted] complaint and found she contacted our
service department for repair on her [redacted] refrigerator she purchased from
Conn's in On */22/14, [redacted] called for service stating the
icemaker only makes ice once a week[redacted] was advised there would be a
trip charge in the amount of $*due to the unit was no longer covered under
warranty and any additional parts and labor fees would be an out-of-pocket
expenseOur records show [redacted] service appointment was scheduled on
*/24/14; based on the technician's report he was able to clear the ice from the
icemaker, fill the tub, and reinstalled icemaker; no parts were ordered for
repairs and [redacted] was not charged for any additional services
On **/5/14, a service technician contacted [redacted] to offer
her the option to waive the trip charge and reassess her refrigerator however;
[redacted] declined service and stated that she already hired another company
to complete the repairs
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience [redacted]
experienced during this processConn's is willing to extend [redacted] the
option to have a Conn's technician reassess her refrigerator and waive the trip
chargeIf [redacted] would like to take advantage of our offer she may
contact our service department at [redacted]
If we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact us at
[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's responseIf you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that their response is skewedThe service person NEVER uninstalled the ice maker so there was no need for his report to reflect the ice maker was "re-installed"Nowhere in the report did he state that he was going to "order another ice maker" as he stated to me he wouldI did have another company repair my machine so I have resolved the issue myself and I AM DONE WITH CONN'SThe [redacted] did call and offer apologies but I felt it too little too late since I had originally asked to speak to the [redacted] when the complaint process beganApparently I was given a PERSON without authority or company concerns at the top of their priority listPlease consider this case closed! Thank you for your response[redacted]

Review: To Whom It May Concern, [redacted]

I am a customer of Conn’s and have been for quite some time. The reason for this letter is due to the blatant disrespect that I received from two of your collection representatives. I received a phone call today [redacted]. CST from telephone number [redacted] from a female stating that she worked for Conn’s. She asked to speak with [redacted] (myself) and I told her that she was speaking with her. The Conn’s collection employee proceeded to tell me that my account was past due as payment was due [redacted] for $[redacted] and was inquiring to know if we could take care of the payment now. I informed her that I was not able to make the payment today as I do not have any money at this very moment and that when I get paid on the [redacted] I can go to my local Conn’s store and make my payment in person. She proceeded to ask me if we could set something up for the [redacted] because that is as far as out she could go for a post-dated payment. I again told her that I cannot make a payment until the [redacted] when I receive my paycheck.

I was transferred without warning to another individual. Now a man is on the phone. He starts off with how can we help you? I told him that I did not need his help as Conn’s is the one that called me. [redacted] then stated how we can help you to make your payments since it see** that you do not have any money to make your payments. First of all, the female did not inform me that she was putting a supervisor on the phone. And secondly she should have understood when I spoke to her in polite English that I cannot make a payment until I get paid on the [redacted] and should have left it alone after that. So now [redacted] is on the phone and I politely and professionally explain to him that I will not be able to make a payment until the [redacted] because that is when I will have my paycheck and can make the payment. [redacted] then asks me if I have another avenue of income and asks directly why I cannot borrow some money for the [redacted], I again reiterated the [redacted]. Then [redacted] proceeds to ask me where is my [redacted] and why can’t he make my payment. Since when is it professional to ask a person about a [redacted] when attempting to collect a bill since this is not a debt as it is not 30 days past due. I do not have a [redacted] and I do not understand what business it is of his or Conn’s to question me in that manner. I asked [redacted] if he would like to be my [redacted] and then he could pay my bills. I again RESTATED the fact that I get paid on the [redacted] of [redacted] and I will make a payment in person to my local store [redacted] again asked why I did not have another avenue of income, why did I not have a [redacted] who could pay my bill and why could I not borrow money from someone for the [redacted] for a post-dated payment. I told him thank you, have a nice day, and hung up the phone.

After this extremely stressful, disrespectful, and upsetting conversation during my work day, I called and spoke with [redacted] (#[redacted]) in your customer service department. I explained to her what happened and she apologized for the behavior of your employees. I asked her if this is what is on your scripts when attempting to collect a payment from your customers and she stated NO. So, why would your employees go off script and choose to speak to me in such a manner?!

I am not sure what type of individuals you employ at Conn’s but this is absolutely ludicrous! I suggest mandatory Customer Service Re-training for all individuals involved in this incident that took place today. I would also recommend a Code of Business Conduct be closely adhered to in customer matters in the future. Sensitivity training would also be warranted in this case. For Future Lessons Learned notes - since when is an account that is 12 days late warrant this type of disrespect from not one but two of your Conn’s employees? This should be incorporated into role play in future Monthly sales meetings and a better solution should arise. If not it should be repeated until one is found. This is unacceptable treatment and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. In a healthy market, where people can shop elsewhere believe me they will do so. Profits are not easy to come by and I am sure you will sorely find this out if you continue conducting business in this manner. Low level employees should never attempt to alter the profitability of a company business nor attempt to alter their bottom line by brining to work their bad attitude and lack of etiquette. Doing so should result in TERMINATION of employment. This is a serious matter I expect it to be dealt with as such. Discrimination on any basis is not tolerated in the State of Texas or the United States of America. I am a [redacted] raising [redacted] and I will not tolerate discrimination in the form of verbal references to my family. Discrimination in any form will not be tolerated by [redacted]’s in the proud State of Texas.

Companies routinely monitor and record customer calls so I suggest that you listen to a few recordings. This problem may go beyond the low level employees and your problem may exist in the mid management level and this idea is disturbing to say the least. I guarantee you will find some, if not a lot, of what I am speaking of in this letter. Please know if I receive further contact in this manner via phone during my work hours you will be contacted by my attorney. I will never do business with your company again. Once my account is paid in full our business relationship will be forever finished. Do not expect my household to invest further in your disreputable company. I will also inform all of my family, friends, coworkers, and business associates so they are aware of how I was dealt with so that they will take their money and do business elsewhere.

I am hereby reporting you to the and if necessary the Attorney General of the State of Texas.


**. [redacted]Desired Settlement: There really is nothing that I feel can rectify this disrespect and discrimination. I believe that the company should update their practices with more significant training. People who talk to other people the way I was spoken to should not work in a field where they deal with people on a regular basis. That person should not be employed with the company.




you for the opportunity to respond **. [redacted]’ concerns regarding account

#[redacted]. **. [redacted] stated she felt

disrespected when receiving a collection call regarding her account.


have a more than 120 year history of quality customer service and satisfaction,

and I would not want anything to impair that record. We take all customer

inquiries seriously and research every complaint.


to our records and recorded calls, **. [redacted] received a call regarding the

past due balance on her account.


questions that are asked are used so that we may better assist our customers and

help them bring their accounts current.


have placed a cease and desist on the telephone numbers associated with **.

[redacted] accounts. If she should receive

additional collection calls, we ask that she contact us so we may address the

matter further.


value **. [redacted] as a customer and appreciate her bringing this matter to our


Review: I purchased a front load LE washing machine model number [redacted] on May24,2014. I call Conn's service center on June27,2014, because my washing machine makes loud noise (like the gears are changing) and it vibrate extra. When I have washed over 6 hours I smell metal; It smell like burnt metal. [redacted] from Conn's Factory Service came to my home on July3,2014 at 11:10am to fix the washing machine. [redacted] had me to wash a small load of towels. He heard a noise. Then [redacted] and his worker pulled the washing machine out to removed the back cover plate and the top cover plate on the washer. The top cover plate had dents that I was not aware of until [redacted] showed me; and he also asked me if I purchased this washer on "CLEARENCE". I think I received a washing machine that was not new out of the box. And if this washing machine is new, I should not need to have it repaired. [redacted] stated it was not anything wrong with the washer. This washing machine is louder than my old washer. According to LE website this washing machine should not make a lot of noise.\par Product_Or_Service: HE FL Washer (Graph\par Account_Number: [redacted]Desired Settlement: Replacement I would like for Conn's to replace this washing machine with a new washer that work proper without any dents. I'm paying too much money for this washer. I should not hear my washer rocking side to side, jumping or the gears changing. [redacted] stated I should only wash a small amount of clothes and everything should be okay. When I wash I do not over fill the washer.}



Thank you for the

opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted]’ complaint. Our records show

on 5/25/14, Mrs. [redacted] purchased a LG high

efficiency washer and dryer which came with a limited 1-year manufacturer

warranty. Mrs. [redacted]’ washer and dryer

was delivered in good order, dents were not noted at the time of delivery. In addition, we have reached the serial

numbers and found this washer had not been previously owned.

Our records indicate Mrs. [redacted]

contacted us on 6/27/14 stating her washer was vibrating and making a loud

noise. A service call was set-up and

upon inspection the technician did not find a problem with the washer. Mrs. [redacted] expressed her dissatisfaction with

the performance of the washer but was advised the washer was performing to the

manufactures’ specification; therefore an exchange was not approved. Mrs. [redacted]’ purchase has exceeded our 30 day

Return/Exchange policy however; Conn’s is willing to extend the offer for Mrs. [redacted]’ to exchange her washer and dryer with a $129.00 exchange fee. This offer will expire on 8/8/14.

We attempted to contact Mrs. [redacted] at the phone number on file but it was not a valid number. If Mrs. [redacted] elects to accept our offer she

may visit her nearest Conn’s to reselect.

If we may be of further assistance Mrs. [redacted] may contact us at [redacted]

Kind regards,



Our records show on 5/25/14

Mrs. [redacted] purchased a LG washer and dryer that came with a 1 year manufacturer’s

warranty. Our records shows Mrs. [redacted] choose not to accept the exchange offer that was made in our previous response.

If Mrs. [redacted] should need service in the future she is welcome to contact Conn’s

or LG for her repair needs. Conn’s

service may be reached at [redacted]

Kind regards,



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]

I would like my washer to be replaced or a extended 3 year warranty in writing. Conn's do not stand by what the company advertise

"Satisfaction guarantee."


Review: I have spent over $4,000 in the past 6 months at Conn's. I regret it everyday. The bad enough the sales person sold me an item that had no use to me, and the store wanted to charge me more to return it than what the item cost.

I purchased a warranty for a ** inch television. The television is broken. I called Conn's over a month ago to have my television repaired. As of today, I call Conn's 1-*00 number everyday (sometimes 2-3 times a day). Each day I call, they tell me a different story. Sometimes they tell me that the part is not in. Ot[redacted] days they tell me the part is in. Everyday they tell me they escalated it problem and someone will call me. NO ONE EVER CALLS ME BACK.... WHICH IS THE REASON I HAVE TO CALL EVERYDAY.

It has been over a month! I want my television replaced. It makes no sense that I have to call everyday, and that I am told a different story every time I call.

I WILL NEVER EVER SHOP AT CONN'S AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Desired Settlement: REPLACE MY TELEVISION TODAY!!!!!!!!!



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]

complaint. Our records show on */29/14, [redacted] purchased a **” [redacted] television with a 49-month Repair Service Agreement Plan and elected to pickup

[redacted] television from our [redacted], TX location.

We received [redacted] complaint and found she contacted our

service department on **/06/14 stating t[redacted]e were vertical lines in [redacted]

television. A service appointment was scheduled for **/11/14; upon inspection

the technician found parts were needed for repair. Our records show t[redacted]e was a

delay receiving the necessary parts to complete repair. Once we received the

parts [redacted] was scheduled service on **/11/14; the technician installed a

new panel and tested the unit; unit tested pk.

At this time [redacted] television does not met the qualifications for

an exchange; repairs have been completed on the unit.

[redacted] was contacted by our [redacted] and confirmed [redacted]

television has been repaired and is working properly. She mentioned the TV stand that was purchased

did not fit [redacted] TV and they she didn’t feel she should pay the difference for a

bigger stand due to the error. [redacted] has informed us that she no longer needs the stand and has mounted the

TV to the wall. Conn’s has agreed to

pick up the television stand and issue [redacted] a full credit of $227.2* to

[redacted] Conn’s account.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience [redacted]

experienced as a result of [redacted]

If we may be of furt[redacted] assistance, [redacted] may contact us at


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