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Review: I have purchased a zero gravity massage chair for me and my [redacted]. I have only paid one payment and the chair left me stuck in zero gravity. I almost wasn't able to get out of the chair. I called customer service and they told me someone would contact me. After 3 days went by no one contacted me. When I called back and again they said someone would call me. Finally that evening someone did call back. They told me it would be three weeks before someone could come out. Then today talk to someone at the help desk and they told me when the tech comes out if they have order parts that could be another 30 days. If this how you treat long time customers and endanger me or my [redacted] who has [redacted] this will be the final time I ever spend money at conns and make sure my friends and family don't shop there. I know about customer service I have been a OPS Manager for a billion dollar world wide company for [redacted]. If we treated our customer like this we would be out of business.Plus the reset button wouldn't work so my question is what if the chair had been squeezing my [redacted]'s leg and broke. What then? The Tech finally came out and said there was nothing he could do to fix the chair after 3 weeks of wait.Then I be getting the run around with customer service. They hung on me 4 times today.Desired Settlement: First off I have spent 1000's of dollars at Conn's. Second the service was slow and unorganized. Me and my [redacted] spent hours waiting for them to get the paperwork complete. Third I bought this chair because my [redacted] has [redacted] not for pleasure. My question is what if the chair would of hurt one of us. I don't believe Conn's is taking this very seriously. I will not pay for chair that doesn't work. I dont want another chair and this one need to be picked up and our $200 payment needs to credited




you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]’ complaint. Our records

show on [redacted],

[redacted] purchased a [redacted] base massage recliner and a [redacted] backrest

massage recliner with a 48-month Furnituregard Plan on both recliners.

[redacted] elected to have his chairs delivered; [redacted] was scheduled for

delivery and received his recliners on [redacted] in good order.

[redacted] contacted our service department on [redacted] regarding both recliners; stating

the recliners were frozen/stuck up in zero gravity. After reviewing [redacted]’ service history we found we failed to provide [redacted] the

information needed to contact the manufacturer directly. Therefore,

Conn’s agreed to exchange his recliner; [redacted]’ exchange was approved on [redacted].

[redacted] was given a credit of $[redacted] to exchange both of his

recliners. We attempted to contact [redacted] regarding his approval,

but we were unsuccessful in our attempt. [redacted] may visit his

nearest Conn’s store to initiate his exchange. We sincerely apologize to

[redacted] for the experience and any inconvenience that has been caused as a

result of delay.


we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact us at [redacted].





I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

First the chair was not delivered on the date you stated because we are in a rural area , it was delivered the following [redacted]. We didn't move into our home until [redacted] weekend. After I got stuck in the chair for 20 minutes or more the service dept. was contacted, We waited almost 3 weeks for the service man to come out. The service man told us that he could not service the chair. After dozens of phone calls my [redacted] was told to contact the manufacturer about the chair because Conn's was not authorized to repair the chair. We purchased an extended warranty on the product, so how can you sell an extended warranty on a product you are not authorized to work on? That questioned has yet to be answered by anyone, my [redacted] was told that Conn's would credit the warranty back to the account. My [redacted] called the manufacturer only to be told that they normally just reimburse Conn's for the service and send them any parts needed to repair the chair. WE were told by the sales person at Conn's the chair had a year manufacturers warranty so it would be best to purchase the extended warranty on the chair. The manufacturer asked my [redacted] if we purchased an extended warranty ,and if so we would have to go through Conn's for the repair. So we have gotten the run around through this whole ordeal, with no resolve. We told Conn's service dept. when we called that we did not want the chair repaired or exchanged and we were told we had to wait for the service man to come out and look at the chair first before that decision could be made. My [redacted] and I both feel the chair is dangerous and don't want it exchange or repaired. I was stuck in this chair for more that 20 minutes and unable to get out of it, my [redacted] had to assist me to get out, it was a very scary experience. WE have asked for the account to be closed out and the one payment that we made on the chair to be credited to our other account, and the chair to be picked up after all of that is resolved. We have yet to get any help to have this resolved so we have contacted our attorney in this matter. Our attorney is [redacted] with the [redacted] , you may contact him directly at [redacted]


Review: Purchased sectional couch at the [redacted] location on 07/27/2014. A few days later we picked up our couch at their warehouse. We tried to check thoroughly for any damage at the dock. When we got home and removed the plastic from our furniture, it was stapled to the cushions This was the start of a long process. I immediately called the store and was told I could pick up a new couch. Then I called the dock and they needed a name for the approval. They called the store and was told there was no such approval, this led to the numerous miscommunications. I had to call repair to come out and service it. Repair said it couldn't be repaired. Then, I called the store back. They said why did you call repair, you had an approval for an exchange from [redacted]. I then relayed, due to the miscommunication, I was told to call repair. As the repair calls become one after another, and the couch declined in appearance. I finally got a hold of [redacted] at the store. She then verified it the couch was a manufacturing defect. This concluded in another month of calls to get an exchange approval. This was 11/8/14. As this was going on, I had called corporate trying to see the delay in exchange, was told you picked couch out, your problem. Called store back few days later, was angry, [redacted] said she had gotten approval for just the chaise and couch, not the ottoman. Another few weeks pass, finally a complete approval on 12/08/14. We did an in store exchange on 12/09/14 for a totally different couch and was told delivery on 12/18/14. I took off work again as I had taken off work numerous times for repair, thinking this would be over. On 12/18/14, no one arrived. I called the delivery and was told another miscommunication, delivery is on 12/19/14. At this point my boss is leery of me taking off and can't believe the time frame and mess. Yet again, I take off on 12/19/14. Again wait all day being told would deliver. Was told when called delivery, was never on truck. Product was not even in stock. Was then told new delivery date 12/30/14. Again, loss day of work and never on truck, because was not in stock. Called delivery driver back on his cell, which he left me when he texted me on 12/30/14 to verify address and time frame. asked for [redacted]. I was told it was not me you spoke with earlier, I do not know who you are. Which I still have the text on my phone, after being called a liar and he hung up. I proceeded to call the store and speak to [redacted] the manager, he said he would check into it. I didn't receive a call after a few days, so I then called him back. He said it was still not in stock and didn't know when it would be. I was extremely upset and asked him if they could at least pick up the damaged couch. He said driver couldn't come out for this. I returned the damaged couch myself on 01/07/15 after speaking with [redacted] at the warehouse. Giving me approval to do so. I put in a call to the corporate office on 01/13/14, after never getting any help with when the new couch would be delivered. I received a ticket number and told everything would be in the notes. I waited again and nothing. On 01/14/15 I received a letter from the corporate office. I was hoping, finally a solution, it was a $100 gift card to Conn's. This was because I expressed the numerous days I had lost from work. A gift card was an insult after all I had been though. I called in on 01/15/14 and and got a hold of [redacted] she said what merchandise do you have in your possession. I replied none. Had returned damaged couch and never received new one. She apologized and said they should cancel the account, because at this point I didn't want the new couch or any further dealings with Conn's. [redacted] said I will call [redacted] to verify what was said. She called the store and he proceeded to tell her I wanted the couch after I expressed I did not. She said is this what you want, no, I want it cancelled. She told me [redacted] from corporate would call me back to get this finalized. As of that day, no return call, except numerous calls are you going to pay your bill, we do not show the couch as returned. I get a slew of about nine calls a day. I , at one point stopped answering , because I told the [redacted]e story each time a rep called. I filed a complaint with the [redacted]. I didn't want to loose my job from all the calls. My husband and I went into the store for the last time and spoke to [redacted], in charge for this particular night for [redacted]. He said he would call the [redacted]. The [redacted] advised him to put it all in notes and email to [redacted]. I have been calling the store to [redacted] and [redacted] for over a week, being told nothing has come in for a response for the email, they will let me know. I , was again upset for the delay. The time it has taken and nothing I try is resolving this. I was even told by [redacted] it was from miscommunication and not my fault. If it isn't my fault then why must I keep getting calls for the payment and no calls to resolve. I have paid on time up until January. I have been a customer for numerous years and paid on time. This was the worst experience I have ever been through. I have even tried to get through this with a positive attitude. Which I am the one treated unfairly. Please help me by cancelling this account. For the time, which I will never recover and frustration this is all I want.Desired Settlement: Cancel account



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]’ complaint. After further review, Conn’s has agreed to

honor [redacted] request to return her furniture set and cancel her account.

We confirmed with the manager that [redacted] has returned her merchandise

back to Conn’s. As of 2/17/15, we have submitted a request to issues a full

refund in the amount of $1764.43 to close [redacted]’ account. We sincerely

apologize for any inconvenience [redacted] experienced during this process.

If we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact customer

service at [redacted].

Kind regards,



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. Thank you for clearing this matter up. I will follow up with Customer Service to insure my credit report is updated. Thank you for your time, [redacted]

Review: We purchased a living room set on November 1st 2014. It took 5 different deliveries to finally get a couch that wasn't ripped or torn when it came off the truck. As of December 1, 2014 we have still YET to receive our love seat. Every time it has been delivered it has had a rip or hole it in also. When Conns did come out to deliver the "repalcement" love seat they only brought half of it. Both sides were delivered with holes in them. My husband was trying to handle the screaming baby and deal with the delivery guy trying to deliver us the wrong couch ( we ordered leather, NOT suede). In all of the chaos he missed the holes on the bottom of the loveseat until after the guys had just drove away. We immediately called the warehouse and they were to send a guy out the next morning to look at it. It was determined that the front of the couch had been scooted across the concrete probably in the warehouse or on the truck or soemthing. I just want what I paid for! These were not cheap couches. WE paid $6,500 for the set. We chose real leather so it would last and hold up against the kids. Conns [redacted] has done absolutely nothing to help make this right. I have called the Conn's store on more than one occasion. I was basically told by the store manager at the [redacted], Tx store that there is nothing he can do to insure that I receive the furniture that I ordereed. He told me that I had to take it up with the warehouse. When I go into a store and I am promised the stars when spending my hard earned money then I expect to get the product that I purchased. This store is the bigest joke their ever was. I have called everyone I know to call and have even emailed the corporate office and haven't gotten a response from anyone. I sure hope Conn's does the right thing and makes their wrong a right!Desired Settlement: I would just like to recieve the items that I paid for in new condition. Not with holes in them upon delivery. It should not take 5 attempts to deliver furniture before you get a piece without a hole in it.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted]

complaint. Our records show on11/01/14, Mr. [redacted]

purchased a [redacted] Dual reclining furniture set which consisted of six

pieces; sofa, console, (2) recliners, left side front recliner, and right side

front recliner with a 48-month [redacted] Plan on all six pieces. Mr.

[redacted] elected to have his furniture delivered.

Mr. [redacted] was scheduled for delivery and received his two

recliners on 11/02/14 in good order; however during delivery Mr.

[redacted] refused the additional furniture pieces because he found the

furniture pieces were damaged. Mr. [redacted] delivery was rescheduled

for the remaining furniture pieces. On 11/04/14, Mr. [redacted] received his furniture console in good order;

however he refused delivery on the Mr. [redacted] received his

console furniture piece left side front recliner, right side front recliner,

and sofa due do damages. Mr. [redacted] received his sofa on11/09/14 in good order and due to damages on the left side front

recliner and right side front recliner he refused delivery and delivery was


After researching Mr. [redacted] complaint we found multiple

attempts were made to delivery Mr. [redacted] his left and right recliners;

however after many failed attempts the furniture pieces were no longer available

on back order. As of 12/09/14, Mr. [redacted]

delivery has been completed. We attempted to contact Mr. [redacted] on 12/16/14 regarding his last delivery, but we were unsuccessful.

We sincerely apologize to Mr. [redacted] for the experience and any

inconvenience that has been caused as a result of delay.

If we may be of further assistance, Mr. [redacted] may contact our

Customer Service Department at1-877-358-1252.

Kind regards,

Review: In September of this year, 2014 we had our 80'' screen TV serviced using the provision of the warranty we purchased with Conns. While the Conn's technician was servicing our TV, he broke a piece off the main board. When we reported the issue to Conns, I was ignored at first, but after persistent calling, the cooperarate office notified me that the part on the TV was no longer available and we would have to use our warranty to replace the TV, even though it was not our fault. We could not replace our TV with the credit given, due to the fact it is no longer in stock and so we had to choose a more expensive model, which was smaller, and we had to pay the difference plus the price of a new warranty. They took our TV when they delivered the new one and now we have to pay 1,244.86 for Conn's negligence! I have tried to speak to the head of the department of customer service but my requests were denied. This isn't fair, and I firmly believe they should be responsible for the entire amount. This has cost us not only money, but time and mental anguish. After being loyal customers who have spent thousands of dollars in there store, this is how we were treated!Desired Settlement: We want Conn's to take responsibility for there technician's actions and credit the amount of 1,244.86



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]

complaint regarding a purchase under the name [redacted]. Our records

show on 2/14/12, [redacted] purchased a [redacted] 80” LED TV (with

a 49-month Repair Service Agreement). [redacted] elected to have his

television delivered; [redacted] signed acknowledging his television was

received in good order.

[redacted] contacted our Service Department on two separate occasions

regarding his television.

· On 9/08/14, we were contacted

regarding his television was not connecting to the WiFi and the volumes down on

its own. A service call was scheduled; after the inspection the service technician

ordered a main board and WiFi module.

The technician reported on 9/16/14, he replaced the main

board and WiFi module; tested the television and the unit tested ok.

· On 9/25/14, we were contacted by [redacted] stating the audio connector was broken. A service call was

scheduled; during the inspection the technician confirmed the audio connector

was broken from the main board. The service

technician attempted to order the parts; however the main board was no longer


An exchange request was submitted under the Terms and Conditions

of the Repair Service Agreement on 10/18/14. [redacted] was issued a credit up to the original amount paid which was $4,499.99

due to the original television not being available. On 11/26/14, [redacted] elected model [redacted] which was $500.00 more than

the approved credit given and a 49-month Repair Service Agreement priced at

$649.99; [redacted] financed the difference of $1,244.86 with Conn’s Credit on

a 12-month Cash Option Term.

After researching [redacted] complaint we are unable to confirm

what happened to the audio connector however; we did confirm it was attached to

the main board that had been previously serviced. We spoke with [redacted] on 12/15/14,

regarding her concerns. We offered to

cancel the warranty on [redacted] new television and issue her a refund to

her account. Then transfer the warranty

from the [redacted] rejected the offer to ensure she had coverage until 2018. She requested a refund of the $500.00

difference that was paid toward her new television. Conn’s has agreed to honor her request; and the

credit has been processed and will post to [redacted] account within 3-5

business days.


Review: Dear I purchased a Living room set only love seat & couch I arrived and looked around and I advised sales rep I had came in only because I had a snap shot picture of a promotion from the website we ([redacted]) who was with me asked if they honor their online prices he said yes we sure do we went back n forth on a set of coffee tables that I called and canceled a few days later from the order at the time of going over documents I advised [redacted] (rep) I was legally blind and needed everything to be explained he said sure offered an insurance for the couches of $[redacted] plus dollars He never said per couch or unit he never said how much was for delivery he said just sign here and here all the prices are exactly as your promo and we left. Come to find out today weeks later I did not get the set of couches for $[redacted] they gave them to me for $[redacted] they charged over $[redacted] plus warranty per sofa and on delivery almost $[redacted] I told them my home is three blocks away and I could pick them up they said corporate wouldn't allow that because they delivered from the corporate wearhouse in [redacted] on delivery day the two guys said they live and work only in town so I did have the option of picking them up

As you can see I was conned on a sale now they throw the fault back and forth between the store here in [redacted] and corp so I will be sending a copy to the local to have them create a file

Please send a copy to Consumer Affairs & Attorney General as my limited vision limits me on filing complaintsDesired Settlement: I want an apology and the prices honored delivery charged reduced, and the extra warranty charged removed and I will cease on all activity on social networking, reviews and will not contact my legal attorney.



Thank you

for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]’s complaint. Our records show

on [redacted] purchased the [redacted] furniture set

which consist of two pieces (sofa and loveseat) both with a 48-month

FurnitureGard Plan and delivery totaling $[redacted]. Our records show the sofa

[redacted] purchased retails for $[redacted] however, he received the unit for

$[redacted] and the loveseat retails for $[redacted] which he received for $[redacted] bringing

the total to $[redacted] for both furniture pieces. We currently do not have the

option for our consumers located in [redacted] to pickup merchandise that is

not available inside the local store location. As a onetime goodwill gesture,

Conn’s has agreed to issue a refund in the amount of $[redacted] to [redacted]’s

account for the delivery fee. [redacted] may cancel the FurnitureGard Plan at

any time by faxing a cancellation request to [redacted]. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience

[redacted] experienced during this time.


we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact us at






I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

Company does not mention double charges as a goodwill gesture is not going to work with me I want the furniture but I want the promo to be honored

I am willing to go thru arbitration if needed


Review: I purchased the product in October 2013. I got a hard drive failure error in March & took the PC in for repair. PC was returned & error occurred after less than a week. PC was returned for service in April for same issue. Picked up PC & less than a week's use, hard drive error reoccurred. Took PC back for third time in May. Picked up June 7 & got same error upon trying to boot up PC. Top of monitor was not put back together completely-gap @ top. Called service & was told to send back for service again. Purchased repair service agreement states replacement will occur if unable to repair product after three service attempts. Agreement is not being honored. I am being told I must return the PC a fourth time. I have been unable to use a product I'm still paying for in 3 months.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund of all payment & cancelation of the retail installment contract & repair agreement with no liability for me.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted]’ complaint. Our records show on

10/16/13, Mrs. [redacted] purchased a Hewlett Packard Pavilion Aio computer with

a 25-month Repaid Service Agreement Plan. After further review and research, we

show Mrs. [redacted] placed five service calls regarding her computer; however

only two service calls were completed. On 3/12/14 and 5/11/14, both service

orders were cancelled due to Mrs. [redacted] did not bring computer into service

for repairs and on 4/13/14, the service order was cancelled due to the

technician ran diagnostic test for two days and no issues were found. The last

service call we received from Mrs. [redacted] was on 5/21/14, stating the

computer is displaying an error message disc failed. We received Mrs. [redacted] computer on 5/27/14; upon inspection the technician ran diagnostic tests and

unit tested ok however, he reported the hard drive was making squeaking sounds

not associated with normal operation and a new hard drive was ordered for

repair. On 5/29/14, the technician installed and imaged the new hard drive and

completed updates; unit tested ok and was returned to the store for pickup. As

of 6/19/14, Mrs. [redacted] has not contacted service to report any further

issues regarding her computer. If Mrs. [redacted] is in need of service, she can

contact the Service Department at [redacted] to schedule a service

appointment. At this time we are unable to honor Mrs. [redacted] request for a

refund on payments made to her account or cancel her retail installment

contract. Mrs. [redacted] may cancel the Repair Service Agreement at any time and

receive a pro-rated refund.


we may be of further assistance, Mrs.

[redacted] may

contact Customer Service at [redacted]

Kind regards,

Review: On paper, Conn's sold me a brand new 5-pc dining room set. However, what Conn's delivered was a used furniture set with blemishes, scratches, and dust. I have been calling Conn's since the exact day the furniture was delivered three weeks ago for an exchange.I have made more than 15 phone calls to Conn's, have written five or more e-mails to Conns customer service, and have walked back into the store where I bought the furniture and spoken to [redacted] who has promised over and over to do something, but neither [redacted], nor the warehouse, nor all the managers at Conn would like to remedy this situation. Conn's has refused to correct this act of fraudulence. What Conn's is waiting for is for the 30-day waiver/cancellation deadline to expire next [redacted]), and they will claim that the product was non-returnable because they deadline has passed.Every chair has a stain, a scratch, and dust on all sides. The table has awful scratches, blemishes, dust, and damages on all sides from where the warehouse tried to assemble them or from where they displayed it as a floor sample. I took pictures of each product and will send it to, to the [redacted] Chamber of Commerce, to the [redacted], and to any other agency that handles fraud.Desired Settlement: I have been trying to receive a replacement since the last week in [redacted], but Conn's will not comply with me. I guess Conn's would rather deal with you (, with the [redacted] Chamber of Commerce, and with the [redacted] than deal with me. I will send you all evidence: phone bill with itemized phone calls to Conn's, e-mails to Conn's, and the pictures of the defective merchandise.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]’s complaint. Our records show on [redacted].

[redacted] purchased the [redacted] dining set which consist

of five pieces ( dining table and four

chairs) with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

On [redacted], we attempted to contact [redacted] to discuss her

concerns however; we were unsuccessful in our attempts. After further review

and research of **. [redacted]’s complaint, Conn’s has agreed to exchange her

dining set. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience [redacted]

experienced as a result of delay.

If we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact us at




I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint because Conn's did not offer me any exchange. Conn's plans to send out someone from the service department to come to my house and LOOK at the problem.

Conn's did not make me any offer for an exchange. An employee fom Conn's is simply coming out to my residence on [redacted], to look at the scrathed and blemished dinning room furniture, just to look at it. What good is that doing me as far as resolving the problem? The person woth whom I spoke on [redacted], did not mention exchanging the damaged furniture with a new one.

Review: I had purchased a lawn mower from Conn's on 8-*-2012. Since this time the mower had been in the shop 4 times. I have only used the mower 4 times total to try and cut my grass. Each time there has been an issue with the mower. I have sent it in for repair and was told by the store manager [redacted] that the mower would be replace after the third time of repair. this was due to it being a lemon. After the third time the service dept asked me to give them another chance to repair it. I said no at first because of all the issues I had already. we talked more on the subject and I said I would give him one more chance but if it was not fixed, I would send it back in for replacement. I got it back and it was still not fixed. I sent the mower back in and now I am being told they can't replace it because they do not sell mowers any longer. I told them that is not my problem and I would not accept anything other than a replacement or my money back. I have called the corp office and was hung up on once. they said it was the service managers call to replace it. The said if it could be repaired that is what they would do. I explained my problem and still no help. My service agreement says after 3 times it is considered a lemon and should be replace with a new one or to give a refund of store credit, check or gift card of the value. I am asking for a replacement or refund because I do not feel I can get the service I paid for. Conn's has only given my lies and false promises. I am very disappointed after all the years I have been with them that they would treat me this way. At this point, I do not know if I will every do business with them again. I am not asking for much, just what I am due.Desired Settlement: I would accept a new mower in exchange or a refund of the purchase price of the mower and warranty. I will accept a refund as a credit on my account or check payment.



Thank you for the opportunity

to respond to [redacted]’ complaint. Our

records show on 8/**/12, [redacted]’ purchased a Toro push mower and 36-month

repair service agreement with us. We

have reviewed [redacted]’ complaint and repair history and found his mower

does not qualify for an exchange at this time.

Three of the four completed service calls shown below indicate the mower

had not been properly maintained.

On 5/**/13, [redacted]’

contacted us stating the mower would not crank.

Upon inspection the technician found the mower had bad gas in the

carburetor/bowl. The technician cleaned

the carburetor and the complete fuel line system. Although the repair was not covered by the manufacture

warranty or repair service agreement Conn’s repaired the mower at no charge to [redacted]’.

On 7/*/13, [redacted]’

contacted us stating the lawn mower throttle or chock rod continued to stick

and the mower shuts off. Upon inspection

the technician found the kill switch was dirty causing the switch not to have a

good contact. The technician clean the unit

and adjusted the self propel again at no charge to [redacted]’.

On 7/**/13, [redacted]’

contacted us stating he was having the same issue and that this was the third

time his mower was in service. The technician

assessed the mower, replaced the carburetor and cleaned the dirty spark plug.

[redacted]’ contacted

us recently on 3/**/14, stating this was the fourth time his mower was sent to

service for the same issue and he wanted an exchange. A service call was set-up and upon inspection

the technician found the kill switch on the brake assembly was rusted which

caused the switch not to have good contact.

Although rust is not covered under warranty we replaced the brake

assembly which would have been covered under warranty had it not been

rusted. ** Please reference picture


[redacted]’ has been

contacted by the Service Manager regarding his concerns and is aware his mower

has been repaired and is being sent back to the store to be picked up.

If we may be of further

assistance, [redacted]’ may contact us at [redacted]


Customer Relations


Review: I bought a Frigidaire refrigerator on Sunday March 23. I got it home and did not work. They would not make it right. They said they would have to repair it and that could take up to two weeks or more. In the men time I had to buy a small one until they fix it, if they can.Desired Settlement: A brand new working replacement



Thank you for the opportunity to

respond to Mr. [redacted] complaint. Our records show on3/23/14, Mr.

[redacted] purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator with a limited 1-year manufacturer

warranty and two water filters totaling $1818.57. Our records show on 3/24/14, Mr. [redacted] contacted us

regarding his refrigerator; stating the unit was not cooling. An exchange

was not offered within the 24 hour failure because Mr. [redacted] admitted to damaging the fridge by

breaking the handles off and punched the fridge in frustration. As a good will gesture Conn’s has

agreed to exchange Mr. [redacted]’s refrigerator as of 3/29/14 Mr. [redacted] has reselected and replaced

his refrigerator.

If we may be

of further assistance, Mr. [redacted] may contact Customer Service at 1-877-358-1252.

Kind regards,

Customer Relations

Review: I recently purchased over $3,000 worth of new living room furniture and a 39' flat screen tv from CONN'S located in Arlington, Tx which is near The Parks Mall. Everything was delivered this past Saturday Mar 8 and was all assembled except the tv which remained in the box. I later removed the tv from the box, disconnected my old tv from the cable and connected the new one and discovered it did not work. I live in Arlington but I pastor a Baptist Church in East Tx and couldn't do anything about this problem until yesterday Mar 10. I therefore stated to the person who sold me this furniture that this tv did not work and could I possibly come in and make an even exchange, but she said this was not possible because 24 hours had expired and I elected not to purchase the $300 warranty. I'm stuck with a tv that has never worked from the time it was delivered up to now with my first installment is due in April; and I don't believe this is fair regardless of their store policy.whatever happened to a factory warranty? Whatever happened to making the customer satisfied and their business valued? They sent at least 4 letters offering me a line of credit and when I decided to inquire about this and was approved, they texted and called me a number of times encouraging me to come to their store and shop; but now I'm not getting any satisfaction regarding my concerns. I have voiced my concerns with [redacted] of the Dallas Morning news and got a response stating that there has been other issues with CONN'S that got the attention of the attorney general and therefore I have been given some instructions on what my next step should be. I'm writing you as well to make you aware of what CONN'S is doing to their customers. I'm of the opinion that this is BAD BUSINESS!!

Thanks for this moment

Rev [redacted] Sent from my iPhoneDesired Settlement: Unspecified



Thank you for the

opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted] complaint. Our records show on 3/8/14, Mr. [redacted] the United Furniture Melody set, Catnapper

recliner, and a 39” Haier TV. Mr. [redacted] contacted us stating his television

will not recognize a signal. On 3/11/14, Mr. [redacted] received

an exchange for his television because the item failed within 72 hours of

original purchase. We attempted to contact Mr. [redacted] on 3/27/14 to discuss

his complaint, but was unsuccessful in our attempt.

If we may be of

further assistance, Mr. [redacted] may contact Customer Service at [redacted]

Kind regards,

Customer Relations

Review: I purchased a drier on [redacted] of 2014. The drier suddenly stopped working in [redacted] 2014. I called Conns because the drier has warranty. They scheduled an appointment.

On [redacted] 20 [redacted] came home to check the drier (his phone number ###-###-####). He said he was going to order a part. He never mentioned anything about roaches. When the part had arrived, someone was calling to schedule an appointment but I wasn’t able to answer the phone. They left voice messages but never left a number. I called [redacted] and he gave me the ###-###-####. I called and schedule an appointment. On [redacted] 6 someone else came to fix the drier, this lady stated that the part that [redacted] ordered was not the correct one and she was going to back the next day which was Friday. She was supposed to be home ([redacted], TX, [redacted]) around 4:30 to 5:00 pm. She never came I had to go to work. I called her and she said she was going to make it around 6:30. My [redacted] also had to go to work. She waited for her and I had to come home because she was taking such a long time to get here. My [redacted] left and I was on my way home. When I arrived home, the drier was not fixed. I called her around 6:50 and she said that there were roaches and mice by the drier. They have come three times and they never said that before. Both of these technicians opened the drier and they didn’t say anything about that.

I have called [redacted] at ###-###-####. He was supposed to email me a picture of the drier but he never did. [redacted].

Houston, TX [redacted]###-###-####Desired Settlement: I need them to fixed this drier.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint.

Our records show on */25/14, [redacted] purchased a [redacted] dryer with a

1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty and received delivery in good order on */27/14.

We received [redacted] complaint and found he contacted our

service department on three separate occasions regarding his dryer. The signs of infestation were not originally

detected because the technician had not removed the entire casing.

Review: We made our [redacted] payment of $140 for our conn's acct #[redacted] via [redacted] bank draft for [redacted], we received our first call from conn's on [redacted] requesting payment at that time I contacted my bank who contacted Conn's they spoke with [redacted] who made confirmation that payment was made but misapplied they would have matter resolved within 3-5 business day's. On [redacted] we received another call from Conn's requesting payment on same acct we then explained our payment was misapplied to a closed account and was promised to us on [redacted] that they would move payment, [redacted] (Conn's) then stated that if we do not make payment on [redacted] we would loose our "Same as Cash Option" we continue to explain that payment was made but misapplied, we then contacted our bank again they spoke with conn's again they promised that matters would be resolved in 3-5 business days once again confirmed that they would resolve problem. Conn's continued to make 3 more collection calls on [redacted] spoke with [redacted] with cust svce who continue to confirm they would resolve problem. On [redacted] spoke with [redacted] with conn's who stated she did not see any record of payment or any notes on acct that indicate payment was misapplied stated that we must make "past due payment Immidately" [redacted] was very rude and did not listen to any of previous acct activies demanded payment. I then contact Cust svc again spoke with [redacted] who requested Confirmation of bank draft or statement for confirmation payment was taken out of our acct. Called Conn's cust svc again spoke with [redacted] faxed proof of bank draft said he would forward for investigation. Called cust svc on [redacted] spoke with [redacted] who confirmed faxed stated would be resolved in 48 hours. I then notified [redacted] of problem continues they state they would follow up. Recd another collection call today demanding a payment that conn's recd on [redacted] Conn's communication throughout dept is horrible unsure if this problem will ever be resolved.Desired Settlement: I would like My payment of $140 applied to the correct acct [redacted] and for them to continue to honor the "cash option" that was promised at the time of purchase as agreed. All Late fee's removed from our acct per we've done everything in our power to resolve.



Review: On [redacted] I purchased 2800.00 dollars worth of furniture from Conn's Lake Charles location.([redacted])Within less than a two week period, I called Conns and informed them that the furniture which included a [redacted] reclining sofa, loveseat, and chair had pockets of foam missing and that the furniture looked defective. It was sagging where no one sat on it. They assured me that the matter would be taken care of asap. Within a couple of days I received a phone call from there representive [redacted] repair. They scheduled a appointment to take pictures of the furniture which they did and they summitted them to Conns and in which conns said that they would repair the furniture. I waited several weeks about 4 weeks and received no time for the [redacted] repair to be done, so I called back Conns and spoke with them a second time and they appoligized for the mixup and said they would have to start the process all over again. I said that was fine and within a couple of days [redacted] had called me again. After the second visit thet stated the same as the first and then now they are refusing to fix saying that its normal wear and tear after only two weeks of owning the furniture. I have called several times trying to resovlve this and they keep telling me there is no returning and the insureance that I also pruchased is no good. They keep thelling me they will fix it and ignoring my calls and not calling me back when they say they will. I have spoken with there complaint department and was told they would get back but have received no return call.

Product_Or_Service: [redacted] Sofa, Loveseat, and Recliner

Order_Number: [redacted]Desired Settlement: I would just like for them to repair the furniture like they said they would. I was assured that it would be taken care of 2800.00 dollars worth of furniture should last more than 2 weeks. I was also talked into the furniture insurance saying that it would cover anything by the [redacted] named [redacted] on the date of sale. I want the furniture to be like the one I purchased in the store [redacted]. Thats all I want.



Review: A few months ago my wife and I purchased a washer and dryer from Conns. We spent around 6k. Now the washer has an error code. I called the service dept. on 2-22-14 because we have a maintenance agreement, They said a manager would call me back within 24-48 hours and no one ever called me. I called a few days later and they kept transferring me from dept. to dept. and finally transferred me to an automated machine. I was emailed today 2-27-14 and they said someone would contact me and once again no one did. I would like someone to fix my washer at no charge of course and to be compensated for my laundry bill which is around 80 dollars so far.thanks,[redacted]Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

I want the machine fixed at no charge and my laundry bill paid.



Complaint # [redacted]

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted] complaint.

Our records reflect that Mr. [redacted] purchased product from us via invoice #[redacted] on 3/9/13. Mr. [redacted] contacted us on 2/22/14 for service on the unit stating

he was receiving an error message. On 2/25/14, Mr. [redacted] called in and was

advised that we were assigning his work order to a 3rd party vendor servicing

his area. We made attempts on 2/26, 2/27 and 2/28 to contact Mr. [redacted] for

service with no response and voice mail was not setup on the contact number. On

3/5/14 Mr. [redacted] contacted us again regarding service and the ticket was

completed on 3/7/14. The delay in service was due to not being able to contact

the customer for the appointment. Our repair service agreement does not cover laundry cost (See

attached Repair Service Agreement). If Mr. [redacted] requires further assistance

with the unit he may contact our service department at 1-855-266-6349.

If we may be of further assistance, Mr. [redacted] may contact us

directly at 1-877-358-1252.

Kind regards,

LaKena Alexis

Conn’s Customer Relations



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


To whom it may concern:

At least you were honest enough to admit it took Conn's 4 days to make an attempt to contact me. I only saw one or two numbers on my caller id so I know I wasn't called that much. Anyways, I called many times and finally my washer was fixed after almost three weeks. It was fixed by an LG repairman from the LG warranty (Not Conn's). I was very unimpressed by the service I received from the Conn's Service Department. I would like 100 dollars for laundry expenses and a full refund of the useless maintenance agreement I bought from Conn's.

Review: I bought a [redacted] 46" deck from Conn's on Town East in Mesquite, TX from [redacted] on [redacted]. Took it home and took the safety feature off, filled with gas and oil, it fired right up but when you drop the blades it automatically dies. I have contacted the store everyday since. I have talked with my sales person and the person over the lawn movers and the store manager everyday. They tell me someone will contact me. Ti's now been 11 days and no one has contacted me. I spent $1700 on a lawn mower that I can not even use. I am very upset and have contacted the new media.Desired Settlement: I need someone to please repair this lawn mower as soon as possible so I can use it.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] concerns regarding the repair of the lawnmower he purchased in [redacted]. Our records indicate that we completed the repair as of [redacted]. In the event [redacted] has additional concerns, he can contact me directly by calling [redacted]. We value [redacted] as a customer and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience he experienced concerning this issue.


Review: It was brought to my attention by my employer that I was more than 30 days late on my account with Conn's as of January 2014, and that I'm at risk of losing my secret security clearance and losing my job if it's not corrected. I contacted Conn's on July 9th, and was told by the agent he did not see a 30 day late for January 2014, and to fax a copy of the credit report, a few days later I called back and was told that it was correct, with no evidence of investigations. I did a dispute with the credit bureau. I called back to the Call Center and spoke with a lady on July 17, and explained that I need to get this resolved quickly with them in order to keep my job, they seemed unconcerned. They told me it would be forwared and escalated and that I had too many NSF was the reason for the late payments. I explained to them that, I made double payments by accident and had to cancel the double payments for several months, and when I called and ask them to cancel it, they couldn't, so I cancelled the bill payments with my back, and allowed Conn's to debit from my bank account. They also told me I only made a payment for 68.00 in January, when I have evidence of another payment made on the account. I had issues on 2013 because I was on government furlough but always made arrangements and granted extent to prevent from being more than 30 days late and was told ext would not cause adverse issues with my credit. I spoke to [redacted] employee [redacted] who disregarded anything I said, and only told me what she shows, never ask me to send in additional information, just told me they would not remove. I'm at risk of losing my job over 10 years, my home, and everything. Conn's seemed unconcerned to assist me, not even on a goodwill basis if it was my error, but its not. I have been a customer of Conns since 2011 and recently just paid off an account, which there is credit balance on. I will never do business with Conns again! All there customer service reps have given me different information.Desired Settlement: I want the 2 30 days neg corrected and deleted on my account, and updated with the credit bureaus so I don't lose my job, I want them to review my payment history on the that I have faxed to them.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] concerns regarding account #[redacted]. Mrs. [redacted] stated she has received two credit marks and they are not valid.

According to our records, Mrs. [redacted] signed a 30-month

retail installment contract on April 1, 2012. Mrs. [redacted] received one credit mark in

January 2014 and

another credit mark in June 2014. The two credit marks assessed on the account

are correct due to lack of payment.

We will mail Mrs. [redacted] a copy of her account ledger so

she can review the payments we have and compare them with her


If Mrs. [redacted] feels these two credit marks are in

error, she will need to fax in a copy of her credit report for further review.

Mrs. [redacted] can fax that information to [redacted]



Thank you again for the additional opportunity to

respond to Mrs. [redacted] concerns regarding her account.

We have compared the information from the credit report

provided with our records.

The information we have on record coincides with the

credit report provided by Mrs. [redacted] Again, we have provided a copy of Mrs. [redacted] payment history, as well as an outline showing when the credit marks were assessed.

We are obligated to provide factual information to the

credit bureaus and are unable to remove the credit marks earned by Mrs. [redacted]



I have the proof, stop violating FCRA guidelines by reporting incorrect info. Only one payment was NSF in November and two payments were made. December no NSF, payment made, and one payment in January. Letter from my bank showing 124.15 was received in January and on time.




Thank you for the opportunity to

respond to [redacted]’ concerns regarding a Conn’s Account. [redacted] stated his information was stolen

from him because he is receiving mail from Conn’s for another individual.

We have placed a cease and desist

on the address provided by [redacted].

Please allow up to 24 hours for the request to be processed. [redacted] should not receive additional

mailings going forward.

In the event [redacted] receives

additional mail from Conn’s we ask that he mark it for return and contact us

directly so we may immediately address the issue further.

We apologize for any inconvenience

[redacted] has experienced due to this matter.

Review: I suffer from a serious chronic back problem. Doctors suggested that I use an adjustable bed so I decided to give Conn's a try. I went to their store in Round Rock, Texas and found a bed that would be perfect. After spending around a half hour with [redacted] (salesman) and trying the beds on display I chose a king size [redacted] that would work great for my back. The one that was on display was exactly what I wanted with the exception that the one displayed was a single mattress and I requested a split mattress. The salesman told me that it would cost $5,097.99 for the bed exactly like the one that I tested with the exception of being a split mattress. To be sure I asked the salesman what I would get for that price. His response was that it would be exactly what was on display, except split. I agreed, by the time he added all of the items he had not mentioned the total for the bed was $5,687.96, but I accepted anyway and we did the contract. When they arrived to deliver my bed, it was nothing like what I purchased. It was a low quality bare bones version of the one on display and would not help my back at all. When I contacted the salesman I was told to come back in and they would make it right. They informed me that I would have to give them almost $3,000 more to get the bed that [redacted] told me I had already purchased. They admitted that they made a mistake, but they were not willing to do anything at all to make it right. I offered to accept the much less expensive single mattress instead of what I purchased as a way to help them out. I was told no and that the only way to get what I had purchased would be to pay them the additional money that they wanted. I tried working with them and they would not do anything to make the problem right. Since the bed they were trying to give me would be of no help to me I was forced to cancel the sale even though it may harm my credit.Desired Settlement: I really need this bed so that I can make my living. I just want what I was told I was purchasing for the price they told me it would cost. I am still willing to accept the less expensive single mattress as a concession, but accepting what they were trying to give will only cost me $6,000 for something that I can not use.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted] complaint. Our records show on 10/18/14, Mr. [redacted] purchased a Tempurpedic Supreme Breeze King mattress with a 48-month Furnituregard Plan, (2) Tempurpedic twin XL adjustable bases with a 48-month Furnituregard Plan on both bases, and a Maverick recliner with a 48-month Furnituregard Plan totaling $7,169.35. Mr. [redacted] was scheduled for delivery on 10/30/14; upon delivery Mr. [redacted] declined his order. Per our records Mr. [redacted] requested a head and foot adjustable base, initially he purchase (2) head only adjustable bases. Mr. [redacted] was unwilling to pay the cost for the double head/foot adjustable bases; therefore he cancelled his entire order. Mr. [redacted]’s application for credit is still valid and may be used at any local Conn’s location. If we may be of further assistance, Mr. [redacted] may contact Customer Service Department at [redacted] Kind regards,

Review: Purchased a livingroom set 3 weeks ago ans it is sinking in the middle and the polyfill is bulging,on all 4 pieces.

Product_Or_Service: WINSHIP

Order_Number: [redacted]

Account_Number: [redacted]Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Replacement

Replace it



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to **. [redacted]’s complaint. Our records show on [redacted], **. [redacted] purchased the [redacted] Furniture [redacted] Dark Brown living room set which consist of four pieces (sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman all with a 48-month FurnitureGard Plan. **. [redacted] signed his delivery ticket acknowledging all items were received in good order on [redacted]. We reviewed **. [redacted]’s complaint and found he contacted our service department on [redacted] stating all four furniture pieces were sinking. A service appointment was scheduled on [redacted]; during inspection the serviceman was unable to find any defects in the workmanship on all furniture pieces and reported each item was up to the manufacturer’s specifications. At this time we are unable to honor **. [redacted]’s request for an exchange; based on the serviceman’s report **. [redacted]’s furniture set does not meet the qualifications for an exchange under the Terms and Conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty or the FurnitureGard Plan. If we may be of further assistance, **. [redacted] may contact Customer Service at [redacted]. Kind regards, [redacted]Customer Relations[redacted]

Review: On 12/**/13 I purchased a fridge at Conns my first payment was due on 01/**/14 and I already have had a service repair man out I have called Conns to see what they would do for me thinking that they would just exchange it for a new one being that there fridge is less than a month old being that I am a new customer instead all I got was rude customer service all they could tell me that they would order the part and that I would have to wait til the part came in Mean while my family and I been with out a fridge going on two weeks they offered to reimburst me $150.00 dallors for my food lost I tired to explain to them that I wanted a better solution to my problem that $150.00 was not going to take care of the facted that I couldnt keep milk or other foods for my kids to eat .To me it all sounds like they dont care about givving true customer service .Another thing they told me if I returned it I would have a 15% restocking fee for them selling me a bad fridge .Something just doesnt sound right to me .I also asked if I found my own repair man to fix the problem so that iwouldnt have to wait if they would reimbust me and they said no that that would void my warranty .all I could say is I was not givving good customer service and I will think twice about ever buying anything from this peopleDesired Settlement: I would like for them to replace my fride or take it back and refund all my money without it effecting my credit .It is not my fault they sold me a bad fridge




you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. Our records show on 12/**/13, [redacted] purchased

a Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator which was delivered on 12/**/13. Our records show [redacted] contacted us on

1/**/14 and stated the refrigerator was freezing up and the food was bad. A service call was set-up for 1/**/14 and upon

inspection the technician found the damper control needed to be adjusted and

the Basewater filter needed to be replaced.

The filters were installed on 1/**/14, and his refrigerator was

successfully repaired.


we are unable to honor [redacted]’* request, his refrigerator was repaired

within 10 days of contacting us for service.

No refund is due to [redacted] at this time.


we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact me directly at [redacted].


Customer Relations Officer

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