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Review: In December of 2014 I bought an over the range [redacted] and shortly after started having problems with it. I had techs come out to try to fix it and they were unable to. I was approved for a new unit but conns refused to come out to exchange it without being paid again. I was told that if anything happened they would exchange with no problem.

Product_Or_Service: [redacted]Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Replacement

I would like the new unit installed without having to pay again



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. Our records show on 12/22/14, [redacted] purchased a [redacted] with a 24-month Repair Service Agreement Plan. We

show [redacted] elected to pickup his [redacted] from our Conn’s warehouse

located in [redacted]; no installation service was purchased.

We received [redacted] complaint and found on

4/7/15, Conn’s approved an exchange on his microwave. Our records show we no longer had the

original [redacted] purchased therefore; we issued an in-store credit

for $379.97 (the original amount paid) to re-select a different [redacted] that

meet his expectations. [redacted] will need to return the old [redacted] to his

nearest Conn’s location to initiate the exchange.

At this time we are unable to honor [redacted]

request; the previous [redacted] was picked up and installed by someone other

than Conn’s therefore, we will not be able to deliver and install [redacted]

new unit at no additional cost.

We have included [redacted] signed pickup slip

at the time of his original purchase.


we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact customer service at



Review: I purchased a laptop on [redacted] took it home and could not get the DVD player to play. The display model did have a working DVD player. I Took it back to the store the next day spoke with the manager (of the Dept.) She attempted to resolve the issues by having me purchase additional software to allow system to play DVD's and tested two Movie DVDs and she was unable to resolve the issues after several hours of trying. I then Return the laptop on [redacted] and was charge 94.49 for a restock fee. I felt this was wrong since we could not get it to play DVDs. I felt this was some sore of defect with item. And since it was not working as the display that the restock fee should have been waive.Desired Settlement: I would like my money refunded.



Please provide the company information for which you wish to file a complaint.

Review: I am a very DISSATISFIED customer who will NOT be returning to Conn's in the future. From the moment I opened my account I was faithful & made ON TIME payments towards my balance of which I paid off EARLY. I enrolled in their Automatic Draft program where payments were pulled from my checking account each month for an amount of $300. This amount was twice the monthly payment per my contract. On 11/08/2013 I called their customer service department and completed a payoff transaction in the amount of $366.92 + 3.00 processing fee. At that time I was told that payment would satisfy my balance, close my account, and cancel my next scheduled automatic draft of $300.00. However this was NOT the case. A week later, on 11/15/13 drafted my account for another $300.00 payment. I called customer service and was told a refund would be processed immediately but could take 7-10 business days. As of December 10, 2013 that refund still NOT was provided to me. I then called my bank and disputed the amount drafted on 11/15/13 of which MY BANK refunded MY MONEY. Conn's finally decided to send me a refund check which I received on 01/23/14 in the amount of $300.00. This dispute was more than 45 day old at that point. I never cashed the check & did destroy it. It is now March 2014 and Conn's is harassing me and my family members regarding a debt that I DO NOT OWE!!! Not to mention reporting FALSE information on my credit report. They call from 8 different numbers (All saved in my cell phone). Each time I speak to someone they agree there was an error on Conn's behalf but no one seems to follow thru. It upsets me more because I have never been late, and the payments were no problem. Then, I am insulted by the collection practices, and the audacity to offer me more credit... AS IF!Desired Settlement: I am requesting that Conn's correct my file & credit report by updating the balance, payments, and dates to reflect the PERFECT payment history I had with them and put my account BACK in good standing. I request they supply a corrected copy of my payment history to me and all credit agencies who have received this erroneous information within the last 6 months. Plus provide me with the name, address, and telephone number of each subscriber that received the erroneous information.



Thank you for the opportunity to assist Mrs. [redacted] concerns regarding account #[redacted]. According to our records, Mrs. Williams

made an overpayment of $300.00 on November 18 2013. We

processed a refund of $300.00 for that overpayment on November 30,

2013. Mrs. [redacted] then disputed

the payment with her financial institution on December 10,

2013. The payment was then

charged back to Conn’s on December 19, 2013 which resulted in the account reopening

and leaving an outstanding balance of $300.00

After further research, we have found that the refund

check mailed to Mrs. [redacted] on November 30, 2013 has not been negotiated. As a result, we have reversed the refund

amount of $300.00 and the two late payments assessed on the account. We will also reversed the two credit marks

due to the error.

We value Mrs. [redacted] as a customer and apologize for

any inconvenience she has experienced due to this matter.

Thank you,

Credit Help Desk Specialist





Review: On 02/28/15, I purchased a washer and dryer for delivery on 3/30/2015. On 03/26/15 Conn called me and wanted to confirm my delivery for 03/27/15. I told the caller that my delivery was scheduled for 03/30 and I was in SC attending my mother's funeral and could not accept the delivery. She said ok and we agreed to a Thursday, 04/02/15 delivery date. On 03/30, I went into the store to make a 1st payment on my account and was told I couldn't because it had not been delivered. While in the store the manager approached me and asked me to accept delivery on Tuesday, March 31 so that the product would not be in the warehouse at the end of the month. He said it would mess him up for it to be there at the end of the month. I told him I could take it Wednesday when someone would be available at home to accept the delivery. He said the store could not deliver Wednesday, 04/01 although your website says 7 days a week so we agreed on 04/02. On 04/01 I got a call from [redacted] telling me that my dryer was discontinued and that there was nothing he could do about tit so it would not be delivered. I told him he could replace it with another dryer and he led me to believe that he was going to speak with his manager and get back to me. He never did so at 4:00 pm I called the store to inquire. No one knew anything about what was happening and I kept getting passed around fro the manager who claimed he knew nothing to the shipping to a saleman. I went to the store very upset and told them they were not telling the truth about the dryer bc when I purchased it it should have been taken from the inventory and no one ever told me that there was an issue until the end of the month came. I was not offered an alternative and bc I was upset, I was told the police would be called and the manager was in my face at kissing distance threatening to call the police if I didn't leave the store. Not only that I found out that my account had been closed out with a zero balance without my knowledge so I couldn't get the washerDesired Settlement: Since Conn was the one who initially changed my delivery date without my knowledge, then closed out my account without my knowledge, and did not offer me ANY alternative other than to leave the store or go to jail, I want a washer and dryer comparable to the set I purchased. I also want Conn's to provide the manager at this store sensitivity and professionalism training. I did absolutely NOTHING to cause this and yes, I was upset with the manner in which I was treated which was caused by Conn.




you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. After researching

[redacted] complaint we found on 2/28/15, she went to Conn’s located in

[redacted] and purchased a [redacted] High Efficiency washer and dryer. [redacted] delivery was originally scheduled on 3/30/15 however; when contacted by

the store manager to confirm her delivery [redacted] informed him that she

would not be available to receive delivery therefore she was re-scheduled for

4/2/15 as agreed. Prior to delivery, [redacted] was contacted by her sales

representative and made aware that the washer and dryer she selected were no

longer in stock and she could come to the store to re-select another unit that meets

her expectations. The sales representative stated [redacted] declined the

offer and request we locate and delivery the models she originally purchased. Our

records show [redacted] invoice was cancelled due to the products no longer being

available and her account was not setup because her items were not received.


attempted to contact [redacted] on 4/9/15 to discuss her concerns but we were

unsuccessful and left a voice message to return our call. Although [redacted] invoice was cancelled,

her credit application is still available to make a purchase for a different

washer and dryer that meet her expectations.


sincerely apologize for any inconvenience [redacted] experienced during her

visit to her local Conn’s location. We appreciate [redacted] for bringing this

matter to our attention and will address this issue with all parties involved.


we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact customer service at



Review: I have endured numerous problems while doing business with Conns. My matter is not just a billing and sales issue but also concerns with contract falsification, customer service issues, sales issues, and service issues. The sales person first lied about the contract details and falsely gave information about the account that contradicted what was in the paperwork. After receiving the product it was broken after 2 weeks and took countless months to repair. It took numerous attempts to speak with the supervisor in order to get the product repaired. Conns is failing to uphold the deal I was promised initially by the sales person. When decisions were made on my account by Conns personnel I was never informed and they stated that they would email me regarding my account but never followed through with the request. Whenever I called to speak with a representative, they would withhold or tell me false information. I am outraged that Conns is able to do this type of business and CON people out of their money. I am hoping to find a solution through the Settlement: I would like Conns to honor the deal I agreed to when I initially purchased the item. They have been able to alter the terms of the agreement in their favor and gain a profit of about $1000. I was told I have 12 months to pay the item off before interest is added and I would like to have that opportunity. They have unjustly added interest to my account without explaining why or when it was added. Being able to purchase the item at the quote I was given would be the ultimate solution.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Ms. [redacted] concerns regarding the no-interest promotional offer. According to our records, Ms. [redacted]

signed a 32-month installment loan contract with a 12-month no-interest cash

option on May

7, 2013 with an expiration date of May 7,


At the time of purchase Ms. [redacted] was provided

a copy of the invoice and no-interest cash option terms. Our records show Ms. [redacted]’s cash option

voided in December due to the late payment that was made. We show the February’s payment was late as

well. Due to the untimely payments paid

on this account, we are unable to reinstate the cash option. The current balance is $2,601.27 and

the early payoff is $2,201.80. The

next monthly payment of $129.49 is due on May

7, 2014.

We have attached a copy of the signed contract,

cash option agreement, invoices, and payment history to Ms. [redacted] to review

and retain for her records.

Kind regards,

Customer Relations



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

I recently went into a Conns location where they informed me that my cash option should have not been taken away. I am being told conflicting information on this issue.




To better assist Ms. [redacted] we have reattached a copy of the signed

contract, cash option agreement, invoices, and payment history for her to review. If she finds an inaccuracy, she may contact our

Customer Service department at that time to discuss. Customer Service can be reached at [redacted]



Customer Relations

Review: I bought a sofa and love seat and within two months September. I notice the sofa the back portion had a sharp piece of metal sticking out. I tried to call for exchange in furniture or substitute. They told me to come in. When I did go in the store was close and we were being redirected to the Lewisville, Texas store location. I have call six to ten times every month trying to get someone to inspect the damage furniture and come pick it up. There have not been anyone that has come out as of yet. It has been pass seven months. Please tell Conns to take this collection furniture bill off of my credit. I am not liable to pay for damage furniture. They are probably trying to allow my warranty to run out. I need them to come ASAP to pick up their furniture. Thanking you in advance.Desired Settlement: Also I want them to pick up their damage furniture and give me my money back on the portion that I did pay. Conns need to call the three credit bureau and take that bill off of my credit. Also they need to let everyone that I am not liable for the damage furniture that I purchase.They owe me a n apology.



Thank you for the

opportunity to respond Mrs. [redacted] complaint. Our records show on 6/13/13, Mrs. [redacted] purchased a Bristol

furniture set which consisted of two pieces; sofa and loveseat with a 48-month

FurnitureGard Plan on both pieces. Both items were delivered on 6/15/13

and received in good order. Our records show

four service orders have been set-up however each time we have attempted to

contact Mrs. [redacted] to

schedule an appointment, we have been unable to reach her. Therefore, we are unable to honor her request

for a refund or exchange. We have

provided below a summary of the call attempts made by the US Quality Furniture. To ensure Mrs. [redacted]’s repair needs are

addressed we will need to schedule an appointment to assess her sofa and

loveseat. We have provided US Quality Furniture

the phone number and email that has been provided in this complaint. In addition, Mrs. [redacted] may contact US

Quality directly at 1-800-774-8700 to schedule an appointment that is convenient

for her.


– Mrs. [redacted] contacted us stating the

sofa had two metal pieces sticking out and the loveseat had two metal pieces

sticking out from the back of unit.

USQ attempted to contact Mrs. [redacted] on 3/13/14, 3/14/14, and 3/15/14 to

schedule an appointment; the service order was cancelled on 3/17/14

due to no contact.

3/25/14- Mrs. [redacted] contacted us stating her sofa and loveseat had

metal protruding from the back side of the units. USQ attempted to contact

Mrs. [redacted] on 3/27/14, 3/28/14, and 3/29/14 to schedule an appointment; the service order was

cancelled on 3/31/14 due to no contact.

4/02/14- Mrs. [redacted] contacted us we attempted to contacted

Mrs. [redacted] on 4/03/14, 4/04/14, and 4/05/14; service order cancelled on 4/07/14

due to no contact.

4/09/14- Mrs.

[redacted]’s service ticket was once again opened to have a service

technician come and inspect her sofa and loveseat; we attempted to contact

her on 4/11/14, 4/12/14, and4/14/14 service order was cancelled on 4/15/14 due to no


If we may be of

further assistance, Mrs. [redacted] may contact Customer Service at 1-877-358-1252.

Kind regards,

Conn’s Customer


Review: [redacted]

Customer service

Reference Account Number [redacted]

I received a report based on my credit investigation that I requested. I am extremely upset at your finding. First off they addressed me as Dear [redacted].I was told that I had received numerous late notices 2which I did not. I called theri customer service department several times and said I had lost my job am I being reported. I was told by their customer service department each time was told No MAM no late fees or reported to the credit bureau. I WAS TOLD AS LONG AS IT WAS NOT 90 DAYS LATE I WAS FINE! I did not know how Conn’s worked at the time. I never had a credit card that wasn’t really a card and when it was paid off you didn’t have the account anymore. I know several companies do not report for 60 days so when I was TOLD BY CONN’S OWN EMPLOYYEES I TRUSTED THEM TO KNOW WHAT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT. Now my credit report is full of late charges from your documentation which should not be. I am asking that this be removed promptly as It is NOT my fault CONN"S employees’ do not know what they are telling their customers AND IT IS CERTAINLY NOT MY FAULT I WAS ADDRESSED AS THE WRONG PERSON IN THE LETTER.Desired Settlement: I want my name removed all the times they have it listed on my credit report. It is not my fault their employyess told me they do not report. I never once got a late notice so I asssumed by me calling and being told I was fine I would have been. I am furious that I was addressed as the wrong person as this is a confidentiality matter. Conns customer service has no clue what they are doing or telling their customers.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]’s

concerns regarding her account. [redacted] stated she would like us to

remove the negative information reported to the credit


We are required to report factual information to the

credit bureaus regarding all customer accounts; therefore, we are unable to

remove the negative credit marks earned by [redacted].

We have attached a copy of the payment history for [redacted] to review.

If [redacted] believes these marks were reported in

error, we ask that she fax a copy of her credit report to [redacted] for further




Thank you again for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]’s concerns regarding the credit marks she has received regarding her


Again, we are obligated to report factual information to

the credit bureaus and are unable to remove the negative credit marks earned by

[redacted] was mailed a letter on August 31, 2014 explaining the validity of the


If [redacted] has any further questions, she will need to

direct them to the three main credit bureaus for investigation.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]

Regards, I am NOT going to accept this. I just had a hospital HEB remove a charge that their Billing department and I had arrangements with. It is the same exact thing with Conn's. Their department made a mistake and they REFUSE to CORRECT it! I will NOT Back down from this. Someone LIED to me and I will NOT ACCEPT what they are saying. The coompany is just trying to not with hold an argreement. Poor Customer Service. Once again thank you. [redacted]

Review: Purchased a washer from Conn's in November 2010. Washer started having problems in 2013-which took 6 visits from 5 technicians before the problem was resolved. I'm now having issues with the same machine. Called for service on September 15 . A technician came out on Tuesday Sept 16 to "look at" the machine. However, only turned the machine on, but did not start or run it or take the panel off to look at it as previous techs had done. According to the tech though, because of the previous problems in 2013, he was going to submit an order to the corporate office for a replacement. A week later I called him to check the status of the order and was informed that someone would be contacting me on the following Monday Sept 22nd . As it was getting late in the day on Monday and no contact I called the help desk and was asked for the ticket number that the tech should have given me and did not-and told there was also no ticket number in the system so therefore no request could have been submitted. The help desk person who answered the phone said that he would put in a ticket that day and submit the replacement request himself. I also tried to reach the tech and could not as his voicemail box was always full. On Wednesday I phoned their service department who then informed me that parts had been ordered on Friday September 19th (not a replacement) and that the part would be in on Sept 29th. I asked why parts were ordered when a ticket was submitted requesting a replacement and was told to call the help desk. The help desk/corp office could not provide an answer and I asked to speak with a manager with whom I left a voicemail but have not received a return call. After speaking with the service desk again today, I was told that the replacement request was denied because they have not been out at least 3 times in 1 year (which should have triggered a replacement in 2013) and that the part will still probably not be until Sept 29th and then I will have to wait until they can schedule a day for someone to come out to make the repair. Which means I will have been without a washer for 2 weeks and lugging my wash back and forth to the laundrymat --once again. The whole story doesn't add up to me: ordering a part when no one has actually run the washer to see what it's doing and then 2 weeks to get the part in--which it states clearly on their flyer that most parts are usually received within 48-72 hrs??? I've had nothing but problems with this entity, poor customer service, shoddy repair work, dishonest answers, continuously passed from department to department, lack of management response, the list goes on.Desired Settlement: That they will learn honor what they say their going to do, follow up with their customers to let them know what's going on with their repairs, and more importantly be honest with their customers.



Thank you

for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]’s complaint. Our records show on 11/10/10,

[redacted] purchased a ** washer with a 48-month Repair Service Agreement Plan

and received delivery in good order on 11/14/10. We received [redacted]

complaint and found she contacted our service department on several occasion

dated from 2/17/12 to 9/15/14 regarding her washer.



2/17/12 [redacted] contacted us stating the lid on the washer makes a popping

noise on the right side when you lift the lid. The technician replaced the

bracket, top cover, and ASM valve; unit tested ok

Review: I purchased a living room set from Conns and since my initial purchase I have had multiple issues 1. being billed for insurance coverage when I should not have been. I have home owners insurance that covers all my personal property so additional insurance was not needed I have yet to be reimbursed for this cost. 2. defective product. I had the initial living room set replaced within months of purchase due to defects. The second set has had nothing but issues. The maintenance person that came to address issues clearly stated "the furniture was not put together well at the time of assembly which will continue to cause you issues" I now have the same exact issue I was having with the furniture in [redacted] and I am now being told the furniture is no longer under warranty. I am being told that that warranty expired in [redacted] well I have been having this issue well before [redacted] which is clearly documented in their records.dDesired Settlement: I would like to have my furniture repaired or replaced



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted].

[redacted]’s’ complaint. Our records show

on [redacted] purchased the [redacted] furniture set which consisted

of three pieces (sofa, loveseat and recliner) with a 1-year limited

manufacturer’s warranty. We show on [redacted]; the manufacture approved an

exchange on [redacted]’s complete furniture set due to all items were

deemed non-repairable. [redacted] re-selected the [redacted]

furniture set which consist of three pieces (sofa, loveseat and chair) all with

a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty and received delivery in good order on


After further research we found [redacted].

[redacted] contacted our service department on [redacted], stating something was

sticking out the back of her sofa. A service appointment was originally

scheduled on [redacted] however; [redacted]’s appointment was rescheduled for

[redacted] due to the serviceman was unable to locate her residence. During

inspection, the serviceman found the frame on the sofa was coming apart and was

able to reattach the loose frame with metal brackets and screws to complete

repairs. We have no indication that **. [redacted] has attempted contacted us

regarding any further service needs on her furniture since her repairs were

completed on [redacted]. Our records show as of [redacted]’s

warranty has expired and no additional coverage was purchase to cover future


At this time we are unable to honor [redacted].

[redacted]’s request for an exchange; based on the serviceman’s report the sofa

was repaired on [redacted] and no further issue were reported regarding her

furniture since her last completed service call. [redacted] no longer has

coverage on her furniture to continue with further repair needs.

If we may be of further assistance, [redacted]


contact customer service at [redacted].

Kind regards,

Review: I bought over 6000.00 of appliances and my washer came with a crack on the glass and been getting the run around since july and now it is august do not get any customer service no phone call back from the manager lupe so unprofessional and so uncourteous this is the worst customer service that I have ever seen . I feel like your are forgotten after conns makes a sell .This IS THE WORST EXPERIENCE THAT I EVER HAD WITH A BUSINESS. AND IF YOU USE A THRID PARTY TO DELIVER PRODUCTS CONNS IS STILL LIABLE .Desired Settlement: REPLACEMENT LIKE THEY SAID THEY WERE GOING TO DO ON DELIVERY .



Thank you for

the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. Our records show

on 7/17/14, [redacted] purchased a [redacted] high efficiency

washer from us with a 48-month Repair Service Agreement. [redacted] washer was delivered on 7/18/14, although it was accepted we show the damage was

noted at that time.


researching [redacted] complaint we found he was offered a 10% concession

for damages which he refused and requested an exchange. Due to a lack of

communication the washer was not exchanged in a timely manner. Mr.

Saucedo was contacted on9/25/14 regarding his concerns and Conn’s agreed to

exchange his washer. We show the new washer was delivered on 9/27/14 and

received in good order. We sincerely apologize to [redacted] for

the experience he had with us. This

matter has been discussed with those involved to ensure it is not repeated.

If we may be of

further assistance, [redacted] may contact us at [redacted]

Kind regards,

Review: On [redacted] I purchased two Sofa’s, a Chair and Ottoman from the Conn’s Furniture location in [redacted]. My salesperson was [redacted] who is also the Assistant Store Manager. The furniture was delivered on [redacted]; a few minutes after the delivery was complete I noticed that one of the sofas has a nail or screw protruding from underneath the leather. I reported the defect to [redacted] within 5 minutes of the delivery personnel leaving. I was told by [redacted] not to worry, that he would contact the warehouse and make sure we had a new replacement sofa the very next day, [redacted], or the latest by [redacted]. By [redacted] no one from the warehouse had contacted me nor delivered the replacement sofa. I called [redacted] and he told me that he would look into it. Over the course of the next couple of weeks I made several calls to [redacted], almost every time, not matter the time of day, I was told that he was out to lunch and that he would call me back. He never did call me back.

On [redacted] after making several more calls to him that day, I showed up in person to the store in [redacted]. After waiting on him for almost an hour I was finally able to speak with him. He told me that he never received any of my messages and was surprised that the sofa had not been replaced already. He told me that he had emailed [redacted], the Delivery Manager and [redacted], the Assistant Delivery Manager back on [redacted]. He told me that he will follow up with them and that I should do so as well. Two days later on [redacted] I get a call from the warehouse to schedule an inspection of the defective couch. The next day, [redacted], I received a phone call and a visit from [redacted], a Conns contractor sent by the warehouse to document the defect. He took pictures with his electronic tablet and advised me that I would submit his report and I should hear back in about a week about getting a replacement couch delivered.

On [redacted] I receive a call informing me that my 1st payment is due. I made the payment but I honestly feel that I should not have pay until you replace the sofa. I asked for an update on the replacement sofa and they told me that there was no record of anyone having ever come out to inspect the sofa. They advise me to call customer service to start a repair claim. I make several more calls to the [redacted] and [redacted] on [redacted] but they are never returned. Finally on [redacted] I get another call from the warehouse to schedule an inspection of the defective sofa. Today is now [redacted] and [redacted] with [redacted], a 3rd party representative for Conns showed up to inspect the sofa, he took more pictures and told me that he will submit his report and I should be contacted in about a week. He also informed me that most likely the sofa will not be replaced anymore but instead the nail will be hammered in and the leather patched up.

I feel that this is unacceptable, since I purchased new furniture that is what I expect to have, not a patched up defective sofa. It is also unacceptable that I have to make any payments without this issue resolved. I request that my contract be amended to become effective on the day you finally deliver the replacement sofa. Additionally, it’s unacceptable that I've had to make over 30 calls already and this is not resolved. It’s unacceptable that your employees dodge calls and don't call customers back. It’s unacceptable that you lose reports that inspectors have filled. It’s unacceptable that it’s been 41 days since I reported the defective sofa and I'm nowhere near getting it replaced.Desired Settlement: The sofa needs to be replaced immediately. My contract needs to be changed to become effective on the day the new replacement is delivered. An appropriate credit for wasting my time should be applied to my account.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]’s complaint. We researched [redacted]’s complaint and found her complaint has been resolved. As of [redacted]’s sofa has been exchanged and delivered in good order. We sincerely apologize to [redacted] for the experience and any convenience that was caused as a result of delay and the lack of communication. If we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact Customer Service Department at [redacted]. Kind regards, [redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]The sofa has not been replaced with a new one. The delivery personal did show up but they delivered a sofa that was in worse condition than the first one. We did not accept it. Also, there is also the matter of account credit for two months now on this defective sofa. I should not have to pay for a sofa that I cannot use because I've been waiting for a proper replacement.


Review: Bought washer and dryer from Conns. At pick up I was told the items were not in stock and was given the floor model. A month later dryer stopped working. A technician came by and said he had to order a part which would take 10 days to get in. After a month, I called to check status and was told part was canceled because I was given a replacement dryer and to call store. I called store who said they exchanged the dryer but I never got a new dryer. I call corporate office and now they said that the part was in and that a time had been scheduled for repair. I never got a call. I have been going round and round with both store and corporate. No one gives me a straight answer and my dryer is still not repaired .Desired Settlement: I do not want to deal with this company again. Customer service is horrible. I do not want to go through this if I keep items and they need repair in the future.



Review: I noticed a problem with one of the Couch cushions were flat and the chaise lounge was creaking and the cushions on the back were coming apart at the seams. I called in for warranty and they came out to look at it. Upon review the teck said he could sew it back together I said I wanted it fixed right he said he would order the parts and they would be back out to repair it latter. This couch is less then 6 months old then I get a call saying that they have ordered the cushion and will be out to repair it. I said ok and what about the top cushions they said they will not fix it. I showed them in the warranty where it states they will not fix rips or splitting. But there is a one year warranty against defective materials or workmanship witch this is clearly the case and I have not received a response from themDesired Settlement: I want this problem fixed I want a response from them this is not even 6 months old and I am having to pay for something that is worthless



Review: Purchasing a lawn tractor from Conn's Appliance Store.The purchase was made on [redacted] using their retail installment plan.The tractor has been in the shop 5 times since March. The first 2 times(Conn's was contacted and they told us to take it to the manufacturer supplier) went to the manufacture supplier we told there was nothing else they could do. We asked Conn's for a replacement,we were told that the tractor had to go to their service people 3 times before it could be replaced. We have sent it to them 3 times and now this makes the 4th time it has broke([redacted]) We called Conn's and told them this is time #4 and we wanted it replaced. They told us it was not and it had to go to service yet another time. We call to discuss this with them no one will talk to us we are put on hold told they will return calls nothing ever happens. Now we are told they will pick it up today([redacted])to take it to service. The same problem not a different one is always wrongDesired Settlement: Replace lawn tractor with one that works properly



Review: I purchased a dishwasher from Conn's. While purchasing item, I informed sales rep. that I did not want service policy or any other policies on this item. I signed waivers stating that I did not want a service policy or any other coverage on the dishwasher. The salesperson assured me that none would be placed on the item. When I got home and reviewed the contract I noticed that there was a 68.00 charge for "property insurance". I returned to the store and asked the manager to remove the charge for "property insurance". He informed me that I would have to bring a copy of my homeowners insurance in order to have it removed. I do not feel that I should be forced to purchase insurance or have insurance coverage on a dishwasher. If the salesperson would've told me I had to have insurance coverage or it would be placed on my policy (without my consent-I signed a waiver) I would have gone somewhere else to purchase the dishwasher. I called cust. svc & informed them of the issue. I requested that the insurance be removed or I would bring the dishwasher back to them. I was told I have 30 days to return the item. [redacted] the store mgr states that if I bring it back I will be charged a 129.00 restocking fee. I again called cust svc who states that they will call him & inform him of the policy. After being on hold for several minutes she returned to the phone & states now that there is a 129.00 fee to return the item.Desired Settlement: Remove "property insurance" or allow me to return the item without a fee



It was financed, but I have not been provided any pmt info or made any pmts.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted] concerns regarding account #[redacted]. Mr. [redacted] stated he would like the

property insurance removed from his account or the option to return the


According to our records, Mr. [redacted] signed a

24-month retail installment contract on July 1,


In addition to

signing the contract, Mr. [redacted] signed the General Information page agreeing to

the property insurance on the contract. Due to this

being a secured retail installment contract, the merchandise must be insured

with property insurance, either purchased through Conn's, or provided by the

customer under their own home-owner's or renter's policy, until the contract is

paid in full.

In the event the customer has an alternative

insurance policy, they are able to send that policy in to our insurance

department to receive full credit as long as the declaration page shows coverage

from the date of purchase to the present date.

Mr. [redacted] can cancel the property insurance by faxing a copy of his

homeowner’s or renter’s insurance declaration page that shows coverage from the

date of purchase to [redacted] for a full refund of the

property insurance price.

Review: I have been a customer at Conn's in [redacted] for many years and never had any issues until now. I financed a purchase and made the MAXIMUM payment, on time every month, as to avoid the extra interest. So I would only pay the cash payout amount. However, when it came down to the last $100 which was to be split into 3 payments, I authorize Conn's to deduct the amount automatically as I had done with all other payments, however Conn's never withdrew the money. I was never informed that the payments were not made. Which is curious because Conn's always called me before if I needed to set up my automatic withdrawal. I did finally get a call from Conn's months later to collect a payment. This confused me because I believed my account was payed in full, as I authorized the payments for the remaining balance. The $100 payment that was left on my account is now over $600 and Conn's refused my review, because some much time has passed. I know and believe Conn's purposefully did not apply my payment so that I would incur all the interest I knowingly tried to avoid. This practice is outrageous to me as a consumer! I can never feel comfortable shopping with a company like this again, they cannot be trusted. I have tried speaking with many people that work for Conn's including the manager and corporate office and still have no resolution, they simply want me to pay all of the interest, not even considering that I have been a loyal and faithful customer. I am very disappointed by the "customer service" at Conn's!!Desired Settlement: I would like for Conn's to realize the practices that they are doing, not apply payments that are authorized, so consumers are forced to pay all of the interest whether they are making maximum payments or not. I would like for Conn's honor by payment history and live up to their agreement with me of the cash payout amount I should have received. I realize that looking at dates it may seem as if I didn't pay by the payment date, but this is only because my authorization was not honored by Conn's.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr.

[redacted]’s concerns regarding account #[redacted]. Mr. [redacted]

stated he authorized the last three payments to process before his Cash-option

expired so he would not have to pay the interest on the account; however we did

not process the payments on the account.

According to our records and recorded calls, Mr. [redacted]

called on [redacted] to discuss the account balance. He asked at

that time to set up automatic payments to pay the account off before the

no-interest financing promotion expired. The

collection agent informed Mr. [redacted] that he was unable to schedule automatic

payments and would need to transfer him to customer service. Mr. [redacted]

stated he would do it later because he did not have time and disconnected the


Mr. [redacted] did not call back to schedule the remaining


On [redacted] a letter was sent to the address

on file for Mr. [redacted] informing him that the no-interest financing would

expire on [redacted] if the remaining balance was not paid in


As of [redacted] the payoff balance on the

account is $[redacted].

Please note, the payoff balance is updated

daily. If Mr. [redacted] would like to pay the balance in full; we ask that he call

the day he plans to remit the payment for an up-to-date payoff quote.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

I am responding to a case that has been closed by the, complaint id: [redacted] this case was closed and presumed resolved, however there was no resolution. As I stated in the original complaint Conn's accepts no responsibility in the delay of my account being paid off. They simply want me to pay off all the interest that was incurred as a result of them not honoring my request to set up the automatic withdrawal for my remaining 3 payments. As acknowledged in their reply, [redacted], I did call to set up my last payments however they claim that I disconnected the call and never called back. They also stated they sent me a letter through the mail [redacted], informing me of my payments not being made. This is completely untrue! I never knew anything about my account not being paid until months later when someone called me to collect the now $[redacted] payment. It makes no sense that I would make maximum payments on my account the whole time my account was active ( I've been a customer at Conn's for years). It also makes no sense that I would call to set up my LAST 3 payments and then hang up and not call back. It makes no sense also that I would receive a letter from Conn's in Dec. informing me about the issue and I would do nothing to resolve it. None of these things add up but this is what Conn's would have you believe. I am infuriated at the accusations Conn's is making against me at this point. However, I am not surprised because I do not expect them to tell the truth of the matter, which is that they deliberately did not set up my automatic withdrawal so that all my maximum payments would be null and void and I will now have to pay the full interest amount. d ignoring a letter the

Review: [redacted]We purchase sofa & love seat there was a charge for $389 to 400.00 insurance on theft or fire plus $129.99 delivery charge that was promise to be taken off if we bring homeowners declaration page plus free delivery rebate coupon.we did it next day and after long debate whit cashier (on your face yelling by cashier towards me)we got to talk to contract with verbal explanation free delivery was mail in coupon.Furniture was delivered on [redacted] at this time my door as dented against a table I have.around furniture cushions look about 9 inch thick.3 days latter we decided to buy anti slip protectors for legs we notice missing back left leg on sofa (Mfg defect #1)we call store they said 24hrs to fix problem,on [redacted] the came and screwed in a new this time I notice cushions were loosing thickness so I change them around.But this did not work still collapsing.on [redacted] we went to store to make 1st payment but decided to address problem Mgr. advice to call 1800 number I call on [redacted] talk to [redacted] she said tech would be sent to my house complaint #9[redacted] tech shows on [redacted] he said the only thing he can do is order new foam better than the one they where using on this sofas. I ask if they guaranty no more problems on collapsing issue also he said was yes or no!I refuse this fix.(Mfg.defect #2)I immediately call 1800# talk to [redacted] she inform me no RETURNS OR EXCHANGE.That is not what is says on pamphlet given to us with contract 30 days under manufacturer's defects new work order #[redacted] she said I would have answer in 72hrs.All this time we ask for exchange of sofas and yes we are not welling to pay $2810.56 For 3 weeks of use cushions are now at 6inches width and going down.We are disable 5 bad disks on me And 4 on my wife's back it is ridicules trying to sit down on this sofas plus very painful. we had previous sofas for 5 years and they were 50% better than this new ones We still have recliner.We are not welling to pay! to save Ur creditDesired Settlement: We. want a better quality sofas the ones that wont hurt on us sitting down for 10 to 20 minutes ,because of ship materials and the fix of any damage to our credit.Again we refuse to pay for this sofas.[redacted]



Review: I called on [redacted] for a pay off balance. I mailed the balance requested and they claim they did not receive in the time frame. It was a few days later they say. It went to a post office box. They are are continue to show a balance of $[redacted] that accrues interest that I am responsible for paying? I should not have a balance with them. They tell me today I have a balance of [redacted]?? I don't understand what they are doing and feel this is some sort of scheme. How do you pay $[redacted] the pay off balance given and still have $[redacted] on your balance accruing interest. I have never had to deal with such before. I feel they are charging me for nothing. I have spoke to numerous representatives and managers during this time. I have been told last week that it would be taken care of and closed out. It still is not taken care of and they say it is my responsibility. Please help. Thanks in advance.Desired Settlement: Close my account, it has been paid.



Thank you for

the opportunity to respond to [redacted]’s concerns regarding account

#[redacted] stated she paid

off the account in [redacted]; however, it is still opened.

According to

our records, [redacted] called our automated system on [redacted] and

received a payoff quote of $[redacted].

[redacted] did not submit the payment until [redacted] called the automated system

again on [redacted] and obtained a new payoff quote of $[redacted].

The automated system

provides the payoff balance, the date the payoff is good until, the minimum

monthly payment due, and the next payment due date.

We are unable

to close the account as requested by [redacted] because the payoff balance

was not received within 10 days of the payoff quote [redacted] received on


As of [redacted], the current payoff amount is $[redacted].

Please note, the payoff balance is updated daily. If [redacted] would like to pay the account

balance in full, we ask that she call the day she plans to submit the payment

for an up-to-date payoff quote.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


I did not call the automated service. I have spoken to several employees including supervisors. How can they keep charging me, I truly do not understand. I have never had to deal with anything like this.



Thank you again

for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]’s concerns regarding her


According to our records, [redacted] called our automated

system on [redacted] and received a payoff quote of

$[redacted] did not submit

the payment until [redacted] called the automated system

again on [redacted] and obtained a new payoff quote

of $[redacted].

All of our calls are recorded for quality assurance, and we do not have record of [redacted] speaking with a live




Thank you again for the opportunity to respond to [redacted].

[redacted]’s concerns regarding her account balance.

[redacted] called our automated system on [redacted] and

received a payoff quote of $[redacted].

She submitted the payment on [redacted].

[redacted] called the automated system again on

and received a payoff quote of $[redacted].

[redacted] called and spoke with a representative on

after she received the new payoff quote through the automated system. According to that

recorded call, the agent stated the balance was not paid by the quoted payoff

date; however, she would submit the request for review. The review determined

the balance was not paid in full and the account remained open.

On [redacted], the request was denied because the account

balance was not paid in full within 10 days of the initial payoff quote.

On [redacted] called our automated system

again and received a payoff quote of $[redacted].

She then called our customer service representative

to dispute the balance and the representative informed her once again that the

balance was not paid in full and the account would not close.

[redacted] called the automated system again on [redacted] and

received a payoff quote of $[redacted].

Again, [redacted] was informed that the original

payoff balance was not paid in full and that is why the account remains


As of [redacted] the payoff quote is [redacted]. Please note, the payoff

balance updates daily.

IF [redacted] would like to pay the balance in

full, we ask that she call the day she plans to submit the payment for an

up-to-date payoff quote.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


They have changed stories more than once and balance steadily going up. I am not paying for something I have already paid off!!

Review: I have been told multiple stories from customer service agents about how to get my issue resolved, and each story I've later been told was a lie. My tv has not worked for over 6 months, and since I moved to Florida I have no way of bringing it into a store to redeem my warranty that covers everything including physical damage. I was told first to mail the tv, they would repair it and mail one back. Then I was told they would have someone from [redacted] repair it for me, but [redacted] won't repair it because the screen has a small crack, even though the crack isn't the cause of the problem. Then I was told to mail the tv back and they would take care of the rest of the contact because I have a warranty,and they were doing this for me as a favor. I asked for a supervisor to call me to confirm, and nobody ever did. So now I have people calling me every day about this, and after I explain my situation they tell me not to worry, and that everything will be taken care of. However it is never taken care of and now I'm stuck, and they are telling me my credit is going to get hit because of this.Desired Settlement: I just want it to be over with. I don't even want any kind of refund, I just want them to follow through with what they have told me. If nothing else just repair the tv like I was told and I will start paying for it again.



This letter is to inform you that Conn's has carried out to my satisfaction the resolution it proposed for my complaint, filed on [redacted] and assigned ID [redacted].


Unfortunately I am unable to copy that page because

I'm on my phone, but I can answer the questions. The issue has been resolved as

far as I can tell. I just called and spoke with an agent who told me that my

account shows that it is paid in full and that a refund check will be issued to

me. Thank you.

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