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Review: I purchased an [redacted] at the Conn's [redacted] location a little over a year ago and purchased insurance to go with it so that any issue with my machine would be resolved. I moved to [redacted] late [redacted] and the closest location was in [redacted] Texas when my computer started having issues. I took my PC there sometime in [redacted] and they did tell me it would be about 4 - 6 weeks before I saw it again, to which I agreed because the class that I needed it for did not begin until [redacted]. About 4 weeks later the technician contacted me to say that he could not unlock my hard drive and had replaced it with a new one (after I specifically asked them to please cancel the first request to try to salvage my information because they have you sign a release). Because I had already signed the release it was too late but he did send the original home so that I could "find a more knowledgeable IT person to unlock it" and extract my data. He then asked me if I wanted him to send back my keyboard on which the battery cover had been misplaced. Originally I said 'no' because we found it during the time that they'd had the machine but he insisted that he could order a new one for me, which I said okay to, if he could guarantee me that it would be returned by [redacted] - he agreed. Two more weeks went by but he did manage to get me my computer by [redacted], and the store didn't even bother to contact me when it arrived in their location I just sort of got impatient and called them on my own to which I got "Oh it's been at the store since yesterday." Really people? When I finally got around to turning on my computer the new keyboard was completely un synchronized. I contacted the IT person that I'd been working with and he was nice enough to try to walk me through the process, with no luck and he is in [redacted] (about 7hrs away) so I could not deliver it to him personally. I then called and spoke with the manager at the [redacted] store who assured me that there was a gentleman in his store who was very knowledgeable about computers and that he could fix it on the spot, so I drove there (1 hr away) to deliver my machine. The employee was really nice but he could not figure out how to sync the wireless keyboard to my computer. To which the manager responded by telling me that he'd contact the service manager in a nearby town that they had an IT service department in. I agreed to this because he assured me it could be done within the week because it was such a simple fix and the service department was less that 30 minutes away. He asked me to leave the keyboard there and to take my PC and they'd give me a usb keyboard to work with but because of my previous experience working with an IT department I know that it is better to send the entire bulk of machinery. Here we are going on 3 weeks and nobody can tell me anything other than it's in process and the IT person is working on it and it's 1st come 1st serve, but this was not what management assured me. Oh, and I think my computer ended up in [redacted] or [redacted] again because one customer service agent told me it was en route since a few days ago - FEW DAYS AGO? I thought the place was about 30 minutes away?? Every time I call to speak to the manager of the service department [redacted] is either not available or they send me to voicemail. I've also been told someone will contact me within 24 - 76 hrs., but nobody has. Meanwhile I am having to work on a computer that is ergonomically uncomfortable and they've been getting paid for the product that I purchased for the last 3 months - mind you that this is for a machine that I have not had in my possession for almost that long. They do not offer loaners and even though my computer is insured they will not replace it with a working one unless the service department deems it "unusable"... meanwhile I am struggling to complete assignments on the computer that I have available, not to mention that it's not mine so I cannot rely on my family continuing to allow me to use it. Furthermore, I am moving to back to [redacted] in the next few weeks and these people cannot seem to get organized enough to give me a date on which they'll have it available and I'm scared that I'll move before then and then run into another logistic NIGHTMARE. I've mentioned my concerns to them and all I get it "I understand" from numerous customer service agents, who don't seem to really serve a purpose at this point except for being a buffer so that their precious managers/IT folks aren't bothered with real customers. Please help.Desired Settlement: I would like to have a NEW computer of the same model provided to me ASAP -- before I make the transition to [redacted]. In addition I want a reimbursement for the last 3 months I have not had my machine and for it to be discounted from the remaining amount owed on my machine, since I have not had all the tools available to me that I need to complete the $[redacted] undergraduate course I am taking right now AND I will have to go through the trouble of paying another IT specialist to unlock the information on my old hard drive. Finally, a change in their time delivery practices and for the store management to have a bit more clout when it comes to these issues.



Thank you for the

opportunity to respond to [redacted]’s complaint. Our records show on[redacted]

purchased a [redacted] computer with a 25-month repair Service

Agreement w/Accidental Damage coverage. [redacted]’s signed invoice

indicates at the time of purchase she acknowledged she was provided a copy of

the RSA & ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE brochure and that she understood the coverage

associated with the product. [redacted] elected to pick up her

computer from our [redacted], TX location; [redacted] signed acknowledging her

item was received in good order.

We received [redacted].

[redacted]’s complaint and she contacted our service department on two separate

occasions dated from [redacted] through [redacted] regarding her computer; stating the unit was not booting up and

keyboard was not syncing with the unit. After reviewing [redacted]’s

service history we found [redacted]’s computer was deemed uneconomical to

repair, therefore Conn’s agreed to exchange her computer. [redacted]’s

exchange was approved on [redacted]; she was issued a

credit up to the original amount paid which was $[redacted] to select a new

computer because the original model was no longer available. [redacted].

[redacted] initiated her exchange on[redacted] she elected a [redacted] notebook model

([redacted]). We sincerely apologize to [redacted] for the experience

and any inconvenience that has been caused as a result of delay.

If we may be of

further assistance, [redacted] may contact our Customer Service Department

at [redacted].



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. Hello: yes, my issue has been resolved. Conn's credited me $[redacted], which I utilized to purchase a laptop from them and close out my account. Thank you kindly for your assistance with the matter and for your prompt response. Regards, [redacted]

Review: To Whom It May Concern,I am writing this email to voice my extreme frustration and disappointment in Conn's customer service and follow through to resolution. I opened my account with Conn's in August of 2013, I have paid my monthly bills on time even paying more than required.. Within just a couple months my entire furniture set has to be replaced due to a manufacturer defects. The furniture could not be replaced with the same model since it had been discontinued. It makes me wonder if Conns was aware of the issues with the specific living room set but choose to ignore the defects and sell the set any way. In no way was I compensated for the defective furniture, time spent trying to resolve the issue, multiple trips to a store to pick out new furniture, the cost difference between the replacement set and the one initially purchased and multiple instances that I had to take off from work to wait for delivery and maintenance personnel. I was the customer caught in the middle, I was caught between your store and your customer service line, it was left up to me to figure out how an exchange could be done swapping from the defective set to a new set due to the number of pieces and being told that it was systematically impossible even though the new set cost less than the defective set. I was very specific with your personnel after visiting the store multiple times that I did not want to have my furniture delivered in multiple trips. I wanted it all scheduled on 1 day so that I only has to take one day off from work. At this point I had already missed multiple hours at work in an effort to resolve the issues I was having with the living room furniture. To my great disappointment your delivery personnel showed up at my house and did not have all four pieces explaining to me that some pieces were out of stock on backorder and that I would have to wait and once available delivery would be scheduled causing me to miss more time at work!This brings us to today. I have been very disappointed with the quality of furniture that I have received from Conns even more disappointed in the customer service that I have received. I called at the beginning of July and informed Conns that my second living room set showed signs of defect, an appointment was scheduled for a service technician to come out today 3 weeks later between the hours of 1-3. So here I am waiting for your technician taking time off from work once again waiting on Conns. I missed a call from your service department at 12:56pm I returned that call at 1:05pm I was informed that the technician was unable to find my house and would need to reschedule. I am dumbfounded as to how my home could not be found when Conns delivery and service department had been to my home at least 5 times in the past. The service department informed me that the technician could no longer come to home today and would need to reschedule only after 9 minutes! I called back in 9 minutes. So here I am another day with defective furniture, another day waiting for Conns, another day of missing time and pay from my Job the job that I need to pay Conns on a monthly basis. Let me interject this point. Dont let me be late by one day not one day Conns will call me 5-10 times per day looking for a payment being border line harassing with your collection practices. I AM OVERPAYING FOR A PRODUCT THAT I HAVE NOT RECEIVED!! I need my billing, service and product issues addressed ASAP. 1.Defective furniture 2.Multiple delivery dates set up after being told not to3.Multiple trips to the store to resolve issues with defective furniture4.Overpaying for a product that I have still not received5.Harassing phone calls6.Missed service appointments7.Loss of use of my furniture8.Missed time away from work.Very frustrated and disappointed Conns customer.Desired Settlement: I would like to be compensated for the time spent trying to resolve this issue. I would like to be given a credit for the price difference in the furniture I paid for in August 2013 and the furniture received as a warranty exchange for the defective furniture. I would like to be compensated for the multiple missed and required delivery/service appointment that resulted in me missing time away from work through no fault of my own but due to the sub-par service provided by Conn's.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs.

Armstong’s complaint. Our records show on

8/5/13, Mrs. [redacted] purchased a Franklin Parsons furniture set which consist

of three pieces (sofa, loverseat, and recliner) with a 1-year limited

manufacturer’s warranty. On 12/6/13, Mrs. [redacted] contacted us stating the

recliner seat cushions had lumps and material is bunching together. A service

call was scheduled for 12/17/13; upon inspection the technician found the seat

cushions were bunched up and looked mis-shaped on all three furniture pieces

therefore, Mrs. [redacted] was approved for an in-store credit amount of

$2499.97 to reselect all three pieces of furniture. Mrs. [redacted] reselected

the Jackson Brantley furniture set for $2404.97 which consisted of three piece

(sofa, loveseat, and chair) and received delivery in good order for the sofa

and loveseat on 12/28/13 however; due to the chair not being available for

immediate delivery, Mrs. [redacted] received the chair in good order on 1/9/14. Our

records show on 1/10/14, a credit of $102.83 was applied to Mrs. [redacted]’s

account for the price difference of the furniture she re-selected and on

2/10/14; a credit of $50 was applied to her account due to delivery delay.

On 6/16/14, Mrs. [redacted] contacted us stating

something was sticking out of the back of the sofa. Our records show we

attempted to contact Mrs. [redacted] on several occasion to schedule an

appointment however, we were unsuccessful in our attempts which caused Mrs.

[redacted]’s appointment to be delayed until 7/16/14. On 7/16/14, Mrs. [redacted]

was contacted by the service technician to verify address because he was unable

to locate her home however; he was unsuccessful contacting Mrs. [redacted] at

the number provided therefore she was notified the service appointment would be

rescheduled for 7/30/14. At this time we are unable to honor Mrs. [redacted]’s

request for additional compensation; no additional credit is due.

If we may

be of further assistance, Mrs. [redacted] may contact Customer

Service at [redacted]

Kind regards,

Customer Relations

Review: Purchased a new LG home theater system from Conns and the blue ray player periodically freezes up while in play. When this occurs, the remote control and onboard functions on the unit do not work. In order to reset the unit, having to unplug from receptacle. The unit was sent in for repair as prompted by the store manager, [redacted], in an attempt to fix this issue.

The unit still freezes up since the repair attempt as described.Desired Settlement: I am requesting a complete return of the entire unit and receive an in-store credit to purchase a different home theater manufacturer from Conns - preferably a BOSE unit.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to **.

[redacted]’ complaint. Our records show

on 11/19/14, [redacted] purchased a LG 3D Blu-Ray Home Theatre System with a

24-month Repair Service Agreement.

After further review of [redacted]’ complaint

we show Conn’s agreed to honor his request for an exchange. [redacted] received

an in-store credit for $799.99 which was the original amount he paid to

re-select another home theatre. Our records show on 2/4/15, [redacted]

re-selected a Bose Cinemate130 Home Theatre System for $1499.99 and financed

the difference on his Conn’s account.

If we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact customer

service at 1-877-358-1252.

Kind regards,



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 10407889, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.

Conn's did in fact honor my request for a refund/exchange and did issue an in store credit of $799.99. I then purchased the Bose systems at $1499 and financed the remaining balance after the store credit on my account.

Review: I purchased a TV with Conns, there was a promotion for 18 month free interest in June of 2013. It had to me a purchase price of 999.99 or more. The TV I bought was 1199.99 and the sales associate convinced to to get extended warranty that hiked the the price to 1700. She process several application through GE Bank and several contracts ( She void two because of mistakes) She explained if I didn't pay that balance off in the period I wouldn't get charged interest. Several month past I was being charged interest, I went to to store and the same sales associate said she would call and have it fixed. She called me on her person phone line and assured me she had fixed. She never adjusted it to 0% interest she adjusted to fixed. I went to the store several times they kept sending me in circle to contact GE money, they said the store would have fix the promotion. This is affected my credit score and annoying me. Poor Buisness at connsDesired Settlement: Fix my balance and interest!



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. Our records show

on 5/**/13, [redacted] purchased a 60” Samsung TV with a 49-month Repair

Service Agreement Plan. Our records show [redacted] account was originally

setup as a GE account that did not include a cash option however; after further

review and research, we show [redacted] did qualify for a 24-month cash

option with GE. We have submitted the correct paperwork to GE to honor [redacted] request to have his account reflect as a 24-month no interest


If we may

be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact Customer

Service at [redacted]

Kind regards,

Customer Relations

Review: I was paying for a laptop with Conn's/Rent a center and I had the most horrible service from Conns. I don't have a car so I don't have a way back and forward all the way to Sugarland for nonsense that I put up with. As soon as I got the laptop it ways acting as though it had a virus. The mouse would go one way and I would scroll another. It would delete my wallpaper randomly. It would freeze up. I called and talk to someone and they gave me the run around. I finally took my laptop in to them because I was working on my laptop and it went black. I am a photographer so not only did I lose my pictures I lost out on clients. The Conn's repair man called me and left me a message saying that he could not save my pictures because my laptop was dead. When I called and spoke to someone about a new laptop replacement they said I couldn't because it was my system that had failed not my hard drive. I returned the laptop to Conn's because like I said I don't have the time nor a car to be doing this. It really upset me because I am single and pay all my bills on a average income. I was blessed with that money to pay almost $500 towards that laptop and now its gone. I have a laptop from another company and it works beautifully. My family has had their share of problems with Conn's and their products but this was the first time I've had such poor service.Desired Settlement: I would like to have my money back that I put into the laptop if at all possible. I think it's only fair because I was promised a brand new laptop and was given what I was given.



Review: I purchased a [redacted] computer from Conn's in [redacted]. It only worked for me for about a month. I didnt have a chance to return until the first week of [redacted]. I took the computer to have service repair. It was returned to me on [redacted]. I went home and it still did not work!! The very same day I picked it up from having been serviced it didnt work. Unbelieveable. I went to the [redacted] on [redacted]. He said maybe its the battery.I had to go home and get the battery charger, they tried to work on it in the store for about an hour. It still did not work. They said they will send back to service. I waited for about a week and went on [redacted].The computer is still not here they told me "waiting for a part." On [redacted] I called the service center....they told me "waiting for a part". So, I said this is riduculous. I need my computer. [redacted] (a [redacted]) in service said "well we can try to get an exchange." He said he will call me on Friday [redacted] and Nothing. So I went to Conns in Arlington and spoke to [redacted] on [redacted].. He said..."let me find out something I will call you MOnday". NOTHING. I went to the store on [redacted] spoke to [redacted]..he said I will call you tomorrow...which is [redacted]..NOTHING!CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!Desired Settlement: I would like a refund or some type of credit for all of this nonsense and time and gas wasting.



Review: I purchased the following from Conns: TV (899.99), service agreement (299.99), tv stand (349.99), delivery (79.99). All of that totaled 1629.96, with tax 134.47, giving a grand total of 1764.43. Conns tacted on their insurance for 199.57. I faxed, hand delivered, and my insurance agent emailed them proof that I had my own homeowners property insurance, so I should not have been charged that amount. with the insurance added (199.97) it brought my total to 1964.00. they also have listed their finance charge (IF I keep the loan open for the full 30 months) of 595.00. bringing the total to 2559.00.

Now. I did not get the TV stand, so 378.86 was credited back. Also, they finally got their act together after a month of me calling and removed the insurance charge totaling 259.44. the two credits I recieved totaled 638.30. I paid 1000 the first month, it was never my intention to keep this account open longer than a month or two. with paying the 1000 and getting the 638.30 credit, I am being told that I still owe 494.47!!! That does not add up correctly. they are charging me the FULL total amount (2559.00) that includes the finance charge (595). I should not be cherged that amount if I paid the account off early as I was told there is no penalty to pay the account off early.

My calculations state I owe the following: 1964-378.86-259.55=1325.59. 1325.59 MINUS 1000 (that I have already paid)= 325.59 times (their finance charge since it is over amonth) 21% = 68.39, so 325.50+68.39=393.98. They are telling me I owe 494.47, that is 101.50 MORE.

I have called customer service and after being treated very rudley, was told that I was was being offered a discounted amount of 494 to pay. It is not discounted if I only REALLY owe 393.98.

Any assistance that can be provided will be greatly appreciated. I want to get my account zeroed out with this company (that has a very appropriate name) so that I do not have to deal with them ever again.Desired Settlement: I want the correct balance to show on my account, because I feel I am being charged for finance charges or SOMEthing that I should not be because my total does not add up. PLUS I have been going back and forth with Conn's to get the insurance taken off since I made the 1000 payment. I would have totally paid the balance off at that time but because they did nto have the insurance removed I was advised not to pay it in full because it would take forever to get my refunded amount. So I didnot pay it in full, and I have been calling every week (sometimes more than once a week) trying to get the insurance off, and it has taken un into a nothe month...which causes more finance charges to be added on. I do not feel that is fair, and I just feel Conn's tactics are not desirable and not fair.



Thank you for

the opportunity to respond to [redacted] concerns regarding account

#[redacted] stated she does

not agree with her outstanding balance.

According to

our records, [redacted] signed a 30-month retail installment contract on

[redacted] 6, 2014. She received an

invoice credit for the TV stand in the amount of $378.86 on [redacted] 24, 2014.

[redacted] also faxed over proof of

insurance and received credit of $259.44 for canceling the property insurance

on [redacted] 7, 2014.

Conn’s does

not use simple interest calculations to calculate interest. Conn’s uses the rule of 78 when calculating


The current

payoff on the account as of [redacted] 21, 2014 is $494.47. If [redacted] would like to pay the balance

in full, we ask that she call the day she plans to submit the payment for an

up-to-date payoff quote.

We value [redacted] as a customer and appreciate her bringing this matter to our

attention. Thank you,[redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. Reading the response from Conn's, I still do not agree with what they are saying. According to the ledger they provided, it states the Original Loan AMount: 2559.00. That is incorrect, according to my receipt my orginial loan amount (including the insurance, which was later removed) was 1964.00. that is the amounti financed. The amount provided by Conns, 2559.00, that includes finance charges totaling 595.00, for a 30 month payment plan. I have already paid 1000, and would have paid it in full had the amount been correct, so why am I being charged for the full amount of the finance charges? All of my credits and what nots should have been subtracted from teh 1964, not the 2559. This is unfair to be charged for interest that I have not used, since I would have paid it off within a month, but since my totals are not correct it has moved it from one month to almost 3 months. Regards,



Thank you for

the additional opportunity to respond to [redacted] concerns regarding her


We have

processed an interest recalculation on the account. If [redacted] is willing to pay $385.57 on

the account on or before [redacted] 5, 2014, the account will close out as 90

days same as cash.

will receive a close out letter within 30 business days of the account closing

to retain for her records. Thank you,[redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me (please see below).

Conn's and

Per the instructions given by the Conn's representative, I have made the final payment of $385.57. My confirmation number provided is: [redacted], this payment was made tonight, **-1-2014. Please see that this closes out my account, because the automated system was telling me a different amount (larger) was still owed.

Thank you Conn's and for working with me to get this resolved. It has been a true lesson learned and I will not do business with companies that use the rule 78 to calculate their interest again. I never knew to ask about that, my [redacted], presented this as simple interest calculation. So I was thrown way back when you said rule 78 (i had to go and google what it was!). Please give your "sales people" a refresher to not lie to the customer on this very important fact.


Review: I purchased a ** washer/dryer on [redacted]. From the very first wash, the fabric softener dispenser was not working properly. I contacted the store and they told me to contact ** because ** had to be the ones to say I could replace them due to malfunction. I did so, a tech came out on [redacted]st and said that I should try using ONLY the heavy duty cycle since it used more water. He also stated that he didn't like these machines, but he neglected to write these things in his report. He only stated that he "educated" me on the machine. I have done everything right from the beginning and it is the machine that is broken. I tried using only this setting and it didn't work. I called ** and service was to come out again on [redacted]th. A tech came but left before I could get home. [redacted] stated I would have at least 30 minutes before tech arrived, he arrived in 20 and left*. I called Conn's to let them know I wanted to exchange the units because I am not getting good service from **. On a trip I took to Conn's on [redacted] to discuss the issues with the washer with the [redacted] (she also sold me the washer) she stated that if I wanted to exchange that when the new units were delivered Conns would pick up the old units. After speaking with Conn's on the **th, I was told I would have to pay a fee to have them picked up AND an additional fee for the new delivery or risk bringing them up to Conns, but if damaged on the way, Conn's would not accept them for an exchange. (Conn's will not let you take items home the day of purchase, you have to have them delivered, in case of accidents) I was also told that my original purchase that I received 36 months no interest would also not be valid, but I would receive 18 months no interest. I have had this unit for ONE MONTH and it has not worked correctly and neither Conn's nor ** are willing to accept responsibility and make it right. Conn's said that they can't do anything because "their computer" won't let them. This is NOT good customer service.Desired Settlement: I want to exchange the washer and dryer of my choice. I DO NOT want to pay for pick up of the old units OR delivery fee of the new units and I want to keep the 36 months, no interest.



Review: I have been going in circles with Conn's customer service. I made a purchase on 6 months no interest with conn's and after paying the account off conn's has been drafting money out of my checking account. They drafted my account 250.00 dollars and it has been 9 days since. I have been in touch with a representative to get a straight answer as to when the amount will be refunded but still no straight answer. I have talked to 5 to 6 different customer service representatives , not to mention I have been hung up on by at least 2, who keep telling me they will forward the information to the research department to "research the account." I have faxed them a copy of my bank statement along with a letter advising the dissapointment and inconvenience the draft has caused. It's not about the draft but the quality of the customer service and how unorganized the department has proven. I requested a phone call from a reprsentative at least 4 out of the 6 times I have called just to get an update but they keep telling me they will forward the account to the research department and request a representative to call me with an update. Still it's going on 10 days and I have yet to hear from anyone at Conn's. I assume since the account is paid off they are in no rush to satisfy the customer.Desired Settlement: Full refund of 250.00 .



Review: This has to do with a [redacted] washing machine that was purchased from Conn's [redacted]. I purchased an extended warranty and when it expired purchased another one. The washer has had numerous issues and had to be repaired several times. With the 2nd extended warranty, they had repaired in a timely manner except now. On [redacted] I called in a repair order, the repairman came out on [redacted] and said they would order a transmission for the machine. I waited two weeks and had not heard from them, when I called they gave me the excuse the part wasn't in and since then have given excuses of why they can't repair it. We are in the 4th week, still no repair now they say the part won't be in until [redacted]th.Desired Settlement: I want the washer replaced due to it being a lemon.



Review: I have a contract with conns that involved a sofa sleeper and love seat sofas broke they sent someone to fix it once about yhree weeks later broke again snd conns wanted again to send some one to fix these sofas wer brand new to me it was already a manufactures defect well after all the hasles and phone call git them to return and pick up sofas well I still have a stove and and two pada on contract cinns was not abke to get me any more sofas ke thevonesbi git in the firts place they wanted to give me in store creditbwich at this time I dont need anything well my payment wuth them was 168.00 a month now I had to go get a sofa sleeper sinewhere else and conns does not want to lower my payment I can explain more if ull give me a callDesired Settlement: There has not been a settlement tell now



Review: Hello, I have been a costumer with Conn's since 2006. I purchased a sofa in 2011. My first service call was in August 2013 for a tear on one of the back pillows. Conn's fixed this issue. The following year on August 27, 2014, a service tech, by the name of [redacted], came out for a similar problem (on the seat slip cover). He said Conn's should send a slip cover and if not to contact them. I did not hear from Conn's, so when I called on September 12, they told me the ticket was closed. I inquired to know why it was closed and was told that the problem was once covered, but as of August 2014, it is no longer covered. Should this change affect me, I already had the policy. Is it common practice to just change a policy and not notify the consumer. One person even told me the new policies are listed in the store. I pay my bills online. I do not go into the store unless I am making a purchase, and if I am in the store, I am not looking for policies. I have called and called all to no avail. I was told on Friday, September 12, that they would see if they could make an exception. Every time I call about the warranty department, ticket number [redacted], I am told that a lady name [redacted] was sent an email and she needs a contact number. I have given the contact number on 3 different occasions and do not understand this treatment. On the phone they switch you from department to department and no one can help. I have spent thousands of dollars at Conn's, paid 4 accounts off and have one that is current. This is horrible customer service. Can you please assist me in replacing my slipcover? Thanks!Desired Settlement: replacement slip cover for my sofa



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted]’s

complaint. Our records show on 1/22/11, Mr. [redacted] purchased the Durablend

Antique furniture set which consist of two pieces (sofa and loveseat) with a

48-month FurnitureGard Plan.


received Mrs. [redacted]’s complaint and found she contacted our service department

on two separate occasions regarding her sofa. The last service call was

received on 8/14/14 stating the back and cushions was tearing on the sofa. A

service call was scheduled on 8/27/14; upon inspection the serviceman found the

left seat covers was peeling up on the front face. The serviceman also found

all the seat covers had dried out and was able to re-stuff all inside back

pillows with stock poly. As listed under the terms and condition of the

FurnitureGard Plan Mr. [redacted] received at the time of purchase number (15) What

Is Not Covered; letter (m) cracking or

peeling of the leather topcoat

or finish (except where cracking or peeling to the leather topcoat has occurred

despite application by You of

leather maintenance products as recommended that fails to perform as intended.

Although the reported damages are not covered by the

FurnitureGard Plan, as a gesture of goodwill Conn’s has agreed to issue an in

store credit in the amount of $599 which was the price for the sofa. On

10/7/14, a service claim representative attempted to contact Mrs. [redacted] in

regards to her approval however; they were unsuccessful in their attempt. Mrs.

[redacted] will need to visit her nearest Conn’s to re-select.

If we may be of further assistance, Mrs. [redacted] may contact us at [redacted]



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.

Review: On May 29, 2014 I went to store location #[redacted] to payoff two accounts. The first account #[redacted] amount $762.00 (balance on account $761.09) and the second account #[redacted] amount of $1,312.00 (balance on account $999.94). I don't understand why I have to wait over 30 days before I receive my refund. Conn's have no department you can speak to about getting a refund. When a customer owes Conn's they will call everyday on the hour for their money, but I have to wait untill they are ready to send me my refund. Conn's should give me they same respect as I give them when they want their payment for products. I have been hassle by this company on more than one time.I would like to receive my refund by the end of June.Thanks,[redacted]Desired Settlement: Just return my refund of $312.06.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] concerns regarding account #[redacted]. Mrs. [redacted]

stated she made a payment on the account in the amount of $1312.00; however, the

payoff balance on the account was $999.92. She would

like her refund expedited and does not want to wait for the refund to go through


According to our records, on May 29, 2014, Mrs.

[redacted] submitted a payment in the amount of $1,312.00 for account

#[redacted] The account was overpaid by $312.06. She

contacted our customer service department to check the status of the refund due

to her on June 3,

2014 and was informed at that time that it could take up to 30 calendar

days to process the refund on the account. On June 12, 2014 a refund

in the amount of $312.06 was processed on account #[redacted] The final

refund check was mailed to the address we have on file for Mrs. [redacted] on June 18,


Please note, it can take up to

30 calendar days to process an overpayment refund on an account when it is paid

by check. The payoff amount and account information must be verified before we

can release the refund check. We must also confirm the payment has cleared the

customer's financial institution before a refund for overpayment can be


If Mrs. [redacted] does not receive

her refund check in the mail within 7-10 business days, we ask that she contact

us directly so we may track the check.

Review: In [redacted] we bought a refrigerator and had it delivered. When the delivery people got there they did some damage to our front door and we also notice that the door on the refrigerator had some dents. The head delivery guy call the warehouse and told him of the problems and then my husband talked to them to see what they were going to do to fix it. I believe the guys name was [redacted], he said that he would reimburse the delivery charge, give us a partial credit on the refrigerator if we would keep it and fix our front door. All that has been done at this time is the front door was fixed, that was done in a timely manner. Everything else we have been trying to get and have had no luck. We have gone to the store numbers of time and talked with the manager and was told we should receive a check and still nothing. So the first of [redacted] I started calling the corporate office and same thing, check has been approved and we should get something in 10 days. As of [redacted] we still have not received anything. I have called the corporate 3 times and each time it's the same thing. I told them the last time I talked to them if we did not receive the check by the 1st week of [redacted] I would file this complaint. We and our family will never do business with Conn's again. This was a cash purchase so I'm sure this is why they have not done anything about it. Conn's customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with.Desired Settlement: I would like what they promised us, and for them to be true to their word.



Review: bought item on July 1 at store in [redacted], were suppose to deliver next days but instead took 3 days cause of error with the delivery service of delivery to the point they were going to reschedule 1 month ( without my knowledge or OK) after I bought the items. (at the time buying the items I was assured that delivery would had been the next day) After all those mistake I was told by Store supervisor and my salesperson that the delivery fee (129.99) were to be remove from my billing. Then on the 3rd of July went in store I cancelled the installation ( 379.99) and delivery already late 3 days and move my payment date to the 4th instead of the 1st of the month. ( store manager himself did the transaction for the change date and the credit to my account. 1st month came date was not change and credit not applied after emailing main office 4 times about the problem the said that my issue was resolve ( they did nothing) back to store in person 1 month later assistant manager herself submit again but no change but the date that I had to call main office and discus problem with customer service. still no change or no answer from store and main officeabout the credit that was to be applied. called again store and main office. Delivery person [redacted] resubmit the credit to be applied for the 3rd time to main office and 1 month later still no change or no response or answer from neither office or store. I spent time going in person emailing and hours on phone which I pay my minutes, I work night shift and my sleep time is daytime so to be able to go to store or contact anyone by email or phone cause me to get sleep deprivation on those days ( 6 days at least) to a point that I almost lost my job. Not considering all the stress that those situation are causing me< I have no clue as what to do to get my credit and it is not like I am bringing back material, all I did is cancel in person ( July 3rd)the installation and store manager did cancel the delivery fee I give them so many chances to resolve the issue but they keep ignoring me and I did refer them customer without expecting anything in return after all the problem they are causing me . ( I am not complaining about 50.00 but 500.00 on credit that I get charge interest on and my monthly payment should also be reduce for the total of the credit plus finance charge.) I am at a point that I do not want to make payment till they resolve issue, but I am an honest person and just want to resolve the issue. I don't know what to do no more.Desired Settlement: I want my bill to be corrected, the current payment to be credited and my payments lowered according to the credit due on my account, and Check of 550.00 for lost time, sleep deprivation which almost cost me my job since I sleep daytime, cellphone minute use, gas use to go 5 time to store, time spent and length of time to resolve the issue which after all the attempt on phone, email and in person. not counting that my payment should be lower



Thank you

for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted]’ complaint. Our records show on 7/01/14,

Mrs. [redacted] purchased a [redacted] furniture set, 55” LG television, and a

[redacted] queen mattress and received delivery on 7/4/14. After further

review and research, we confirmed Mrs. [redacted] did request to have the

installation cancelled from her invoice and was offered free delivery due to

delay. On 9/15/14, we processed a credit in the amount of $552.04 to Mrs. [redacted]’

account for the delivery and installation charge. Once the credit applies to

Mrs. [redacted]’ account the balance due will be lowered however; the monthly

payments will remain the same. Our records show Mrs. [redacted] did utilize Conn’s

12-month cash option account and no interest has accrued to her account. At

this time we are unable to honor Mrs. [redacted]’ request; no additional credit is

due. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience Mrs. [redacted] experienced as a

result of the delay.


we may be of further assistance, Mrs. [redacted] may contact us at ###-###-####.



Review: On many occasions, I have asked specifically to have Conn's stop harrassing me on the phone about my late payments. I am refusing to make another payment on an account that they have added insurance that I never wanted to begin with. They never asked me if I wanted it and I felt rushed in signing any agreements because the store was getting ready to close. I have tried since the beginning of the loan, to have the RSA insurance and warranty insurance cancelled and I kept getting the run around from each department while calling several departments to get answers. I am tired of the calls and I am not going to pay interest on insurance too. I have repeatedly asked Conns to redo my contract, or fix it and they have yet to do so. I am so tired getting 10 calls a day to make a payment when they won't fix my account.Desired Settlement: I want the full amount of the insurance and interest I paid on the insurance from the beginning of the loan and I was credit for the first payment I made that they used to extend my loan without my consent.I want them to take me off their automated call system and I want the harassment to stop. I have the bills the prove how often they call me every day. Please have this stopped. I would appreciate someone to call me on this issue, if you can. My number is [redacted].Thank You[redacted]



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] concerns

regarding account #[redacted]. Mrs. [redacted] stated she has asked to have the

insurance and warranty removed from her account but we have failed to do


According to our records, Mrs. [redacted] signed a 32-month

retail installment contract on July 17, 2013. The signed contract included property

insurance as well as Repair Service Agreements on both the computer and the


Mrs. [redacted] received a pro-rated refund for the

repair service agreements on December 24, 2013 in the amount of $723.98.

Due to this being a secured retail installment contract purchase, the

merchandise must be insured until the contract is paid in full. In the event

the customer has an alternative insurance policy, they are able to send that

policy in to our insurance department to receive full credit as long as the

declaration page shows coverage from the date of purchase to the present

date. Mrs. [redacted] faxed in a copy of her declaration page proving she had

insurance; therefore, the property insurance was credited in the amount of

$538.63 to the account on May 14, 2014. This includes the insurance price of $401.96

and the finance charges for the interest of $136.67.

We are unable to re-write Mrs. [redacted]’s contract because

the contract was signed on July 17, 2013; however, we have honored her request to cease

all calls to the phone number associated with this account. If she would like

to remove the cease and desist request Mrs. [redacted] can contact us directly and

we can remove the cease and desist.

The current pay-off as of June 11, 2014 is


This includes a past due balance of


If Mrs. [redacted] would like to remit payment for the

past due amount, she can contract our collection department, make the payment

online through our web-pay service, or remit payment inside one of our store


Thank you,

Conn's Credit Helpdesk Specialist

Review: I bought a computer $497.88, warranty $249.99, Linksys $169.99..Total $917.86. Taxes $110.00, Finance $193.00..Grand total $1220.86. I have made a total of $1313.02 payments. I show they owe $92.16.I have made numerous phone calls trying to get this settled. Now they are saying my account is 0 balance but they say they do not owe me any credit.If you do the math 1220.86 - 1313.02 = 92.16Please settle this dispute.Desired Settlement: I would like a check for a refund of $92.16



Review: I purchased a refrigerator on [redacted], and was promised a rebate on the delivery of $79. I mailed the rebate form and appropriate paperwork on [redacted], and it was supposed to take 6-8 weeks. On [redacted], I called the Conn's Rebate Center ([redacted]), and they informed me that they had mailed it. I told them that I had not received it. They said that they had sent it to my physical address, instead of the mailing address I had placed on the form. They then said it would take another 10 weeks to remail a new check, and that this would be approximately [redacted]. I called again on [redacted], because I still had not received the rebate. At that time they "discovered" that once again they had sent it to the wrong address. They told me it would be another 10 weeks...! At this time, I have not received anything, and all emails I have made to their rebate center come back with the same excuse that it will "be in 10 weeks." I have filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General's Consumer website. I have received several calls from their rebate center, but no one can expedite this process or tell me when I will receive the rebate. I don't think they intend to rebate this.Desired Settlement: I want the promised rebate of $79, and no more excuses.



WORST company EVER!! Does NOT allow returns, but won't tell you up front! Just received a receipt with "return policy inside". After finding this chair won't work I brought my receipt with my chair to return ... like I would to any other store in AMERICA, only to find out they don't return basically anything! WOULD BE NICE TO KNOW BEFORE BUYING THIS! Now I'm stuck with a product I don't want/like.
THEIR NAME SAYS IT ALL: Conn's. Con artists!
THEIR MOTTO BACKS IT UP: "Money, you're approved!". That's the only thing approved, not customer service or quality!

Review: We purchased a refrigerator from Conn's in November 13' with a guaranteed delivery refund after "X" days. That time expired 2 months ago and we've contacted them twice regarding our refund check. Their excuse was that "many customers purchased during that time period so we're back logged processing the refund checks, but yours is now in the mail." We've contacted them twice and received the same response. We also returned our request via Certified Mail [redacted] signed for the envelope therefore we have proof of delivery.I've also researched on the internet and found that there are *Many* complaints of this very same issue.Desired Settlement: Refund immediately.



Thank you for the

opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted] complaint. Our records show on 11/19/13, Mrs. [redacted] purchased a LG refrigerator from us. At

the time of purchase Conn’s offered free delivery via mail in rebate. Per the free delivery rebate offer, once the

claim has been received there is a 10 week processing time. Customers are able to check the status of

their rebate by visiting We have check the status of Mr. [redacted] rebate

on his behalf and found his rebate was mailed to the address on file

3/12/14. The website indicates the rebate has since

expired. As a goodwill gesture Conn’s is

willing to reinstate the delivery offer.

A check for $79.99 will be mailed to [redacted] within the next 7-10 business days. If

we may be of further assistance, Mr. [redacted] may contact us at [redacted]

Kind regards,

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