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Trying to make me pay an early termination fee when I did not end it early
Sep 8th is when I started with cogeco internet, I called to cancel aug 31st I said I am changing providers and my service is for year, please disconnectsep at 7.42am- 8:08am I spoke with a woman who said my final bill would be $I just got another bill for an early cancellation fee $I called to explain I am being ***med here and was told it is not a *** it is a mistake, I said you mistakenly tried to *** me out of this money, please remove this billAfter a minute call I was told I was correct the bill was a ***/mistake it would be creditedProblem solved?

Charged originally $a month for unlimited internet, now trying to charge us $a monthWe called in and they claimed it was a month promotion that we signed up forI asked for a copy of the recorded phone call where they supposedly told me about thisTo no availThey then told me they sent over paperwork that said thisNot true at all!!
I asked to cancel and they said there was a fee!?
We want our unlimited internet at the original quoted price and charged price of $65! They said they could lower the charge if we signed up for an additional year!?

I opened a service call on July 1st for a faulty PVR which had stopped working I was told that our account was locked due to a technical issue related to a systems upgrade that was creating technical difficulties with the account The issue prevented them from doing any changes on our account including our ask to cancel the service We were told that the problem would be resolved within days We have called every week since then and the situation has not been fixed Every time we call it gets escalated and we are told someone from the management team would give us a call which has never happened We called again on Aug 21st and were told it would take another days to resolve During this time Cogeco has been billing us without providing the services we have subscribed to and have not offered any compensation They won't even let me cancel the account From my perspective Cogeco is in violation of various regulatory guidelines including 1) charging fees without providin

Recently, I closed my account with Cogeco Canada for a reasonI was their costumer for around five yearsIn July this year, I asked for some discount from the home phone and internet service price, which I found irrationally high, more than when I sign up for Cogeco years agoI got some discount with a verbal agreement about $early termination feeNow, I got a bill for $150, double When I made phone calls to costumer service, and explain than I misunderstand the charge, they said that they can't do nothing about itI asked an email or mailing address to write to someone, costumer relations or else, but they have no such thing!? I would be pleased to experience a more flexible business with costumers, and....I know it's tough for businesses this time, but pricing and fees too(I paid $40-less now with the new company for the SAME or even a bit more service/features) My account number is ***

We have more than once had the following experience of Cogeco customer service:
We are 7-days late in paying our bill and they remove servicesThe moment that we are aware of the problem, we pay the bill with a credit card*** following the payment *** our services are not immediately restored, Now we are constrained from cutting our service with them until May of or pay a penalty of $because of a loyalty discount applied *** We want a release from this *** at NO CHARGE

We have been customers of this company for years, and moved into a new house on June 1, We called for installation for our new place on May 24,(ahead of time as suggested on their website) and were told that their computer system was under construction, so that there were long waits for installation and that they would put a request in the system for usWhen we hadn't heard anything after June 1, we called again to inquire about our installation status and we were told that their system crashed and that they have no record of us calling or needing installationThey said they were unable to set up an install at this timeA family member who used to work for the company got an installation appointment on our behalf for June 18th, 2018, three weeks after moving in and almost a month after calling initiallyBecause our house is a new build the cable needed to be brought to the house from the telephone pole in order to give us access for internet and cableWhen the se

I called cogeco for internet service and they offered me promotional offer for months and after that the charges would be basic feeI agreed but they never mentioned that this is contract neither did I agreed for any contract
Called the call center many times, their average wait time they say minutes but was on hold for over minutes every call I madeAnd the last time the agent was *** and hung up on meI just wanted to cancel my service and they told me I would be charged $ I told them why is that, because I m on a contract, which was never disclosed to meThe agent tells me its on your bill and I should read They can put anything on bill that doesn't mean I agree to it until I say verbally or sign the document .My concern is the *** behaviour and without consent making user agree to their terms and clause, and the wait time or to reach them is like nightmare

I have been a loyal customer of the company for decades now Have been attempting to contact them for several months now to resolve some billing and loyalty issues Each time, I was placed on hold for a department transfer for mins- hour, then hung up on after the long wait I work out of town during the week, and have only the weekends to spend with my wife and children, hence this time is extremely valuable to me When I finally had enough and attempted to phone this evening to cancel my service with them, I was again put on hold for over minutes, then informed that I would have to speak with the cancellation department that was now closed In my frustration, I said, "are you expletive kidding me right now", to which I received a response that it was not this gentleman's fault that I called after that department had closed and that I would have to phone back tomorrow, at which time he abruptly disconnected the call before even giving me a proper phone number or office ho

On June when I received my cogeco bill after their new system of billing I noticed they charged my rental for a dvr I ownedI was assured they did see it and would changed it model # MXXXXXTDRWhen they changed it, it messed up my receiver and it didn't workFinally after many calls and hours spent on hold they sent a tech, to my house on 5th He took my dvr and said it was a rental and left me another rental, left and said it would be working within the hour I was not home at the time when I got home I called and told them the tech (***) took my received and also the one he left was still not working they assured me he would return it the next day they saw the problem he did not returned it several calls and no manager ever to speak with or call me back as they told me they would I received credit for no service but that was all I had a tv that didn't work in my living room and credits, and they were no returning dvr I owned Finally on July I switched to *

On Feb 11th moved services to *** returned all equipments on 11th as confirmed process and any fees outstanding both with call center staff and at storeThey all confirm just final bill for tivo mini $However they move to *** did not go smoothlyIt work for one day then got disconnected for all telephone,internet and *** tvAll because one company is blaming the other of getting wrong informationNow I have no services for anythingSince Feb 13th I have been calling *** and CogecoToday I find out Cogeco is charging me early termination fee for tivo boxThey said it was free for one yr so I have to have services for yr The bill will be sending out shortlyAnd because of this both *** and Cogeco are blocking me from signing up services with 3rd parties like *** or ***, most would search to see if services is available or not then get back to me as not possible

Cogeco wait times to speak to an employee have run from to minutes plus for poor internet serviceChanges to their computer system do not allow you to access your accountI went to a Cogeco outlet at a mall and was told they could not print my bills for meI was told to call, which I did, again waiting for minutes, only to be told they cannot print or e-mail a bill; that it had to be done on-line, which of course, cannot be accessedYou are constantly put on hold and transferred and nothing is ever resolvedNo customer service to speak ofHave since quit and gone to***

We have been without service for days now, no internet, no tv, no phone service Have called customer service many times and have asked to speak to a supervisor or manager or team lead Was advised each time there is no one available and they will call me I have not received a call yet, days later I was advised to go into the store to exchange the modem, after driving to the other end of the city, was advised they can not exchange the modem in store Called customer service again, this time the representative apologized and said I never should have been sent to the store, that their representatives know this box can not be changed in store due to a requirement to set up the box So we set up a service call for Friday! It appears to be the only option at this time so I accept it In the meantime I call every morning and ask to speak to a supervisor I am told again no one is available and one will call me backI have also been advised that my issue has been esc

Billing account number XXXX XXX-XXXX
weeks ago I tried to get some things changed on my internet and some programming I was on the phone for approximately minutes to an hour and then was cut off at each time after attempts my internet was not cancelled as I requested and I was refer to someone else to do so and I was actually on the phone for hours waiting so I finally gave up rip the equipment out of my house and took it down to the cogeco office on limeridge Mall in Hamilton OntarioThey have lost a customer of years and on top of that when I had a new box installed and delivered to me they told me it would be weeks before I have any television absolutely unacceptable practice

I had called Cogeco to install TV & internet service at a house I recently purchased on September I had service for three days and then apparently a line was cut on a neighboring property on the fourth dayIt was October before I had service again
I called the technician who installed the service who had left me his card and he immediately showed up at my houseHe said the line was cut in several places on the neighbouring property and they would be unable to do anything about it until a new line was run He said he was going to try to have it expedited in a couple of daysAfter a couple of weeks I called the main customer service number and they put me through to technical department who had no record of the problem.Finally about a week and a half later the service was installed but I was out of service for days during the first month of Billing
I called customer service and they gave me the run around putting me through the accounts department then the technical department and then back I get to customer service who told me that all of the other departments were responsible to issue a credit and not them Customer service (Kylie) told me I had to talk to technical department again who had just transferred me to her to issue a credit In fact the technical department said that due to all the trouble I had had they would probably extend my promotionFor several months and offered me some perkwhere they ever wrong !!! When I explained to her that I had just been transferred to her from them for resolution she was belligerent and obnoxious and told me it wasn't her problem At this time I still did not have service so I told her I was just going to cancel the effing thing and hung up on herI had already spent minutes talking to them on my mobile phone from the house or 10% of the total minutes I had per month on my mobile phone
Today I called customer service to discuss issues with my billingThe services up and is working reasonably well other than the Internet is extremely slowI have a service and I am lucky to get at best when I do a speed test The problem is I had ordered the ultimate mix package which says it includes basic channels and also super channel premium package however they were charging me $additional for basic and $for super channelWhen I spoke to them they said I had to order the basic package and the ultimate mix Cost is an additional to the base packageThe description of the ultimate mix package says it includes channels of the basic and then gives the price for the ultimate mix packageEven though you have to hunt through their site to find the small print I found one place where it says the basic package is required so I accepted that because I was was foolish enough to believe what I read on this page
Today after talking to customer service they again told me I could not get credit for the three weeks I was out of service and had been billed for without speaking to technical serviceSo I spent minutes with them and basically listen to a blank phone the whole time after I explained my situation, I had to keep asking if anyone was still there because there was no sound whatsoever from this personHe said that they had no record I was out until October when I finally called the main number even though I had explained that I was dealing with the installer for two weeks previousI made him check my Internet usage during that period and he finally said that they would issue the creditno sorry about the problem or wasting your time or anythingI asked if I could have the promotional extended to cover the time I was out of service and he said again I would have to talk to customer service so I had him transfer me so now I was back to customer service and they told me that there was nothing they could do to extend the promotional offer which was $per month for six months versus some dollarsWhen I asked her why she couldn't do this since it was due to a problem that I had nothing to do with she said they couldn't extend promotions and blah blah blahSo I said basically you're telling me it's too bad but that's the way it is and I will only get the promotional price for five months instead of sixI had mentioned to her that I had already spent an hour trying to resolve this a month earlier and finally got so irate with the belligerent customer service person I was dealing with that I hung upShe told me that it was her who I had hung up on at which point I asked for her name or employee ID number and told her I wanted to speak to her supervisor She said her name wouldn't matter but I asked for it anyways and she told me it was KylieShe did told me it would take to hours for a supervisor to call if I wanted to do that and I told her I did and gave her my numberI am waiting for the call back as I write this***

Called in to cancel my agreement after few days of signing the contract wiated on the line for minutes before a nice sounding voice picked up however when she heard that I am cancelling the service she asked for a reason I indicated buyers remorse and next thing I know she put me back in the queue still waiting on line they say wait is minutes WOW what a nerve *** never ever will deal with this service provider
still don't know how it pans out According to Ontario Regulation 17/under consumer act a customer is not even required to provide any reason for service cancellation and listen this is the very first line on the back of the contract that I signed WOW COGECO

over charged for modem *** XXXXXXX8ee2fe internet usage is not my computer system or modem This is incorrect billing

Terrible in every way web site useless hours on hold sadly no choice in my area

I am writing to express my EXTREME dissatisfaction with the service and products my family received from Cogeco
1)When we originally signed up we were offered a free phone as part of our cable and internet package I declined, knowing a "free" phone was too good to be true However when the installation tech came to install the cable and internet, he persisted and insisted on us getting the free phone line "NO STRINGS ATTACHED," he promised
2) The phone line was an endless nuisance *** we received no less than sales calls a day It was an abuse of our privacy
3) Service was expensive When we found cheaper more extensive service we cancelled
4) Service was cut within hours Equipment was returned within hours
5) We were billed for the remainder of the service month No problem, this was paid
We were then billed for an ADDITIONAL month

*** Around July 22, I tried to find and rent a movie through COGECO on DemandCOGECO sent me an email documenting the new releases that were availableThe movie that I wanted to see was "The Secret in their Eyes" (available 02/23)I could not locate it so I telephoned COGECOThe agent could not determine where this movie was located and after minutes of waiting on the telephone for her to do a further search, I hung upWeeks later, around August 4, I tried again, could not find it, and telephoned COGECO againI was told that it was an upcoming movieI told them that in an email to me and on their website, it stated that the movie was a new release ( agent stated that their website has not been updated since AprilI stated that the availability date was Feb23, before any website updateShe could not answer me, so I asked to speak to a managerI was told that there w

My internet service has been very slow for several weeksCalled tech service, waited on the phone for minutesI was told a service call was needed and one was scheduled for a week laterWaited at home all afternoon for the service tech and no one showed upNow I can't get even get anyone to answer the phoneThis company doesn't deserve my business any longerI'm switching to ***

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