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Colonial Cleaning Service, LLC

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I purchased a bagger kit for my vtx 1300r This company is full of lies and deception This is not a DIY kit unless you are a body shop guy None of my parts were right they were either cracked, chipped and not one piece of the kit lined up properly The owner [redacted] will lie through his teeth about shipment and quality of product I was suppose to of been refunded my money and yet its been a week since they have recieved there product back and yet nothing is even pending but have been sent a authorization of funds I hold little merit to that as the company also sent me a shipping tracking info inwhich I have a internet chat which showed that fedex had no package being shipped to me in which they urged me to contact bagger bags Beware

I sent the product back to bigger bags for the stuff not being any good they said I would get my refund and they did not give me all my money back The stuff they sent me was junk I called them the next day after I received the product and I told them I was very unhappy they sent me a return FedEx so I sent th stuff back to them and they did not give me back all of my money

The fender for the 6" drop kit called the "down and out" is not the correct fender for a Harley Davidson Road Glide Prior to the purchase of the item described above, I called and emailed several times to ensure the correct part would be ordered and fit my application I was assured over and over that the "down and out" would fit the Road Glide Upon receipt of the product, I employed an expert shop to do the work and they immediately informed me that the fender would not work There is not a point to connect the fender, the fender therefore sits directly on the tire If the fender were to sit where it should to match up with the saddle bags, there is a 5"+ gap under the seat This is unnaceptable When I notified the shop of the error, their representative Erick repeatedly told me to call the shop because he has no experience in the product The shop, will not answer, they will not return phone calls and my shop and I both have been trying to call for over a week

Ordered a set of custom bags for a Harley, upon receiving them there was no packaging protection, and the quality of the product was sub standard The product was not delivered as promised, the quality is sub standard, the amount of time required to make these bags usable is far exceeding the amount of money I purchased the product for, they sent me broken, unfinished product

Just received my three piece red daymaker headlight set on 12/9/Installed it Saturday morning with in ten minutes and now I can say that it has to be the best purchase I have ever made! Lights up the roads completely and also looks extremely goodLoved the look on the lights and everyone does as wellWrote this review first thing in the morning since I feel that this company sometimes gets a bad rep for its first few customers but from what im being told, they changes all there bag molds and upgrades their quality control which Im very happy withWould definitely recommend this company to all my friendsIf you guys have any questions please send me a message [redacted] [redacted] **

Purchased a set of bags side covers rear fender and led headlightwhen items finally arrived weeks later the bags were damaged and the rear fender did not have the exhaust cut outsI also did not receive the led headlightI called and sent multiple emails with no resolution with the only solution to send back at my expense and probably never receive replacementsThey said the would send out headlight but never received itWell fast forward couple of months ready to mock up, well low and behold the covers don't match up with fender Also level of material and craftsmanship the bags are total garbageit will take a lot of body work to smooth out Buyers beware spend a little more money on a reputable vendor that backs his product and is not a coward and blocks you on fb when you call them out! Thanks for reading

I placed an order with bagger bags for a fairing with a sound system for dollars on July to be delivered in 2-weeksnever received yet the order number is XXXXX.they already billed credit card company and refuse to answer my messages and emails

Baggerbags Inc. Sold Faulty/poorly constructed product & refuses to refund money after sending back I ordered Item #ACC067 DUAL 7" DAYMAKER BLUE HALO LED Replacement ROAD GLIDE Black Light Bulb Headlight Motorcycle Harley + BezelDaymaker Headlight for my 2012 HD Road Glide from Baggerbags on 11/4/16( Invoice#XXXXX). When I received the product, it was in a beat up, torn, bubble wrapped package. I opened up the package to find the light for a was poorly constructed & defected. The dual lights were mounted unevenly, the fiberglass mold which housed the lights was misshaped & cracked, 2 out of the 8 mounting studs were broken and 2 out of the 6 pieces on hardware that mounts the light to housing were stripped. I just spent $430 for this product via debit card & it looks like a 2 old year child manufactured it. I Contacted baggerbags with my compliant. I could not get ahold of a representative on the phone, only via email. The representative tried to convince me to exchange it for a diffe

Returned a Motorcycle fairing in May and have not received refund April 13, I ordered a motorcycle fairing from this companyOn May 15th, I called them to cancel the orderI was told that it may have already been shipped but that I could return itMay 21st it arrived at the local post officeOn May 22nd I picked up the package and called the company on what to doI was told I could return it but that they must receive it within seven daysI shipped to them by UPS on May and they received it on May On June I contacted them about my refundI was asked if I had sent them a tracking number, I had notI sent them all the information they requested and they acknowledged receiving itI was told that they had all the information they needed and would forward my request up the chain of commandI did not receive my refund or any information as to why or what was needed I have been in contact with them several times since then and have been told the same thing,

They are refusing to give me my refund after I was told months ago I would have it Not they are changing there story I contacted them and no call They won't issue my refund

I was sold a part I did not needIt did not fit my bikeI have not received a refund for the part On January 9, I contacted Bagger Bags by email concerning a part they sold me that I wanted to return because I did not need it and it did not fit my bikeOn January 10, I was received an email with a return address and a RMA #XXXXXOn February 13, I contacted the company again because I still hadn't received a refundOn February 14, they responded asking for the UPS tracking number for my return 1ZXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXAfter sending the tracking number I received another email saying my order had been updated and that refunds were done every MondayThis was on a Tuesday so they said they would try and get me the refund but if not it would be the following MondayI contacted them again on March 10, but did not get a replyI contacted the company once again on March 27, through Facebook MessengerI received a response asking me to call today March 28,

Makes people jump thru hoops when products are defective, incorrect and unsuitable for use I purchased a HALO LED headlight unit for my Honda VTX1800R motorcycle from this business in April from their websiteOrder #XXXXX When I tried to install the unit, I found they had shipped me the incorrect unit....a non-HALO unit whereas I had clearly ordered a HALO unit, which is in fact shown on my invoice But in addition I found numerous other issues I found that the unit was not suitable for use on this vehicle because it lacks lower mounting bolts to secure it properly In addition, the LED unit was mounted crookedly in what appears to be a makeshift fiberglass mounting deviceThis is a real problem since the unit is NOT adjustable even though the owner of the company, [redacted] assured me it was via email before I bought the unit The unit is not adjustable in any way, contrary to the guarantee he gave me via email Also, this fiberglass mounting ring do

This company is a [redacted] scam and all they do is rip people off

Product never received, company will not respond On March 26th I received an e-mail from [redacted] after inquiring online about parts for my Harley Davidson about when we could speak about parts On March 28th, I spoke with [redacted] who stated they had what I was looking for in stock and it could ship right awayOnce we agreed on a price, I paid [redacted] $via debit card over the phoneI promptly received an e-mail receipt for Order # [redacted] for Harley Davidson Stretched Replacement Fender, Extended Saddlebags, LED Install Kit, and Stretched Side covers all painted vivid blackThis e-mail came from the sales e-mail at I did not hear back by April so I e-mailed both addresses asking for an update or tracking on shipment with no responseI did finally get ahold of a woman on the phone who said they were waiting on the side covers and the other parts would ship immediately By June I still did not hear anything or get anything and left multiple

Defective product returned to Business - No credit issued I ordered Daymakers for my Road glide on 8/10/2016/ They arrived approximately WEEKS laterThey were of sub par quality - They did not fit properly and didn't fully workI was issued an RMA to send them backI did - Bagger Bags Received them on 9/15/I have been trying to get the credit I deserve since then - It is now 10/20/Nothing form them - They keep telling me they issue credits on Mondays - Every Monday comes and goes still no creditThey better not respond to contact customer [email protected] bagger bags - Because I have sent e-mails to that address and no ResponseI just want a credit issued so I can move on

Well add me to this endless list of complaints I was amazed how many customers have the exact same complaint that I experienced I purchased the fifty-five bagger set with replacement fender (extra dollars)for about bucks After I committed to this order I discovered this review of this company and was hoping the reviews to be invalid Well so much for hope After receiving my order a few weeks later, I discovered they sent me the wrong fender I received an overlay fender instead of a replacement fender I immediately called and was told a new replacement fender would be shipped that day I must admit, I was surprised when I received it within a week, BUT,,,, again they sent the wrong fender This time I received a replacement fender with built in led lights which I specifically stated I didnt want On top of that, they forgot to make the cut outs for the exhaust Now the real problem starts After several weeks I contacted the company to ask the where abouts of my fender I tried to be compassionate because it was the same week as the hurricane and I wasn't sure where in Florida this company was located and if they were effected by the storm I was told they would work on it One week, two week, etc, Every time I called, I had to go over the order as if it was the first time I ordered it I got a new excuse everytime Finally, I was told it was shipped NOT,,, two weeks later I was given a tracking number Turned out to be a [redacted] number Several months later, I finally have the complete set minus the cutouts (I gave up on that) Now shame on me, I'm a novice and I did read there was work involved to get these fenders to look good I had nothing to compare it too since it was my first set of bags I spent days trying to line and install the set The fender was warped, not a straight line or edge on it and half the "pre marked drill holes" were missing What a "F"ing disaster but I made it fit (so I thought) Now I take the set to a well known reputable paint shop The guy's jaw hits the floor Says the bags and fender are *** A total abortion Rough, warped, air holes, weak joints, etc He would need the set for at least two weeks to get it to look good and cost me well over a grand for labor He told me he could make it look good but the set is [redacted] and wouldn't last Great, now I'm into this set for over bucks and its got my drill holes in it What's the chance this company will make right and reimburse me my total payment? After reading these reviews, I think I know the answer and I'm not even going to waste my time on the phone with them Instead, anytime their name or add pops up, I'll dedicate my time to warn any potential buyer Shame on me, my gut told me to go with a top brand but I didn't have that kind of cash Now I'm in the hole for almost a grand and stuck with [redacted] bags that I wont even bother putting on my bike If I lived in Florida, I'd pay this place a visit in person but unfortunately I don't Just let me know if any class action law suit gets filed and add me to the list

Returned a motorcycle headlight for an exchange 7/13/I have spoken to them numerous times and promised a new headlight with no return I purchased a headlight for a Harley Davidson street glide in early June of I was not pleased with it so I contacted the company and was promised a different headlight to my liking upon return of the original headlightI mailed that headlight back through the USPS on 7/13/I have spoken with their representatives numerous times since with a promise of a new headlightI've not received a new headlight nor will they return my calls or textsThank you

Only half of my order has been shippedBeen over weeks since I placed my order I placed my order on feb For a complete kit, including, rear fender, 4" stretched bags, lids, latches, lights, and mounting railsWas told three weeks till they shippedAt weeks they finally shipped half of the orderI received the fiberglass partsBut no rails or latchesI have called every day since thenAnd have been told my parts are shipping out by the end of the dayBut no parts are being shipped

I ordered my fiancé a set of hard bags with a fender in March 2017 as a birthday present. The bags came a month later with a lot of defects in the fiberglass. We took the bags to 3 different body shops, 2 of the shops would not touch the bags because of how much body work it would be to fix them. Also the locks did not fasten, nor did the bags fit right on the bike. One of the lids flew off while my fiancé was riding almost causing him to wreck on the freeway. We decided to send the bags back, this took months. No one would call us back. Finally in August 2017 the owner [redacted] emailed me with a return label. We did not receive the replacement bags until late October 2018, with the same types of fiberglass defects. We lost out on an entire riding season in Ohio. The owner offered us a Halo Headlight for our troubles, it was supposed to have had a red halo... its pink!!!! We did not find this out until we paid to have it installed, now we are paying to have it uninstalled. Our bags still do not fit the bike correctly! So these bags are not even on our bike! We have asked [redacted] for our money back several times with no response.

Very poor communication and I ordered a kit in September and today is FebX XXXX and still have not gotten my partsI paid in full an they finally printed Fed Ex ticket in Decsaying they were going to send my parts an still nothingI'm looking for what I can do to get this fixedThis company has cost me lots of money an still they have no concernNo one should do business with this company

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