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Why we ask for the information is to have as much information as possible and see how we can assist, be it through coverage or above and beyond as a courtesy as we did here. While some of the statements in the rejection are not factual and perhaps a misunderstanding, HSC offered [redacted] a courtesy coverage for the window unit she has and [redacted] accepted. This matter has been resolved and the approved check is being mailed out Friday, June **, 2017. Thank you.

This matter has been resolved. Claim was received on 6/*/17. Exactly a week later, on 6/**/17, the unit was repaired. It would have been done even quicker but the first assigned technician did let us down. While we try to be as fast as possible with all of our claims, it is important to note that...

HSC does not guarantee time frames as we do rely on local contractors as well. We always strive to be the fastest, and more often than not we are, but sometimes a claim may take a couple of days extra due to circumstances not always in our control. We apologize that this claim took a little longer than desired and assigned a Supervisor to the contract for future claims. Thank you for your understanding.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

HSC Contacted me again on ** July, stating that my account had been flagged because of a complaint filed with the and because of that the "courtesy" payment of $605 was no longer viable and the only way I could receive a "courtesy" payment is if I told the that the issue was resolved.  The previous email from HSC to the stated that I asked for financing, but did not, I asked to go with a company that offered financing.  I never asked for courtesy after courtesy as they stated, only for what was fair and just.  Again as I stated originally the technician they sent has stated that the reason for failure was do to two failed motor and rust and corrosion had nothing to do with it.  When I spoke to HSC on ** July they also stated that whether or not the rust had anything to do with the failure it still voids the contract.  They even went as far to say that surface rust on the outside of the unit would void the contract.   The unit in question was maintained every year and even the technician from Keep N Kool LLC stated that "overtime rust develops no mater what you do."  The fact that it had nothing to do with the failure is the problem. I do not feel it is right at all that the only way they will offer me anything is if I stat to the that the issue is resolved.  I just want what is fair and don't feel I should have to essentially pull my complait to do that.  People should not be treated this way for a service they pay their hard earned money for.  I just want, what is fair and just.   
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This is complete and total fraud and HSC will not give in to such
actions and behavior. We are an honest company and will remain such despite
fraudulent actions from customers. Customer signed up with intentions of
getting an old stove replaced. She had filed two claims both of which...

approved and fully paid for. She continued to insist we buy her a new one. We
agreed to have the unit approved for replacement based on its old age and
condition as well as to make the customer happy, even though we paid for all
the repairs. Customer then proceeded to provide false information and try to
convince us and the tech that her unit I sonly 1 year old to increase its
value. Meanwhile based on both the professional technician as well as the
actual manufacturer of the unit, it is 11 years old. After having paid for
repairs, HSC offered the customer a replacement amount. The customer then
requested to cancel before the expiration date of the contract and while having
a significant outstanding balance. We are strictly a warranty company and do
not provide home improvement or remodeling services. Such early terminations
are subject to the cancellation policy on the customer's contract and the
customer would be entitled to a pro-rated refund less any claim costs paid out
on the current annual warranty period. It is a standard policy made to prevent
people from signing up, obtaining expensive repairs or replacements, and then
cancelling. Customer can finish the contract term and not renew and will expire
in good standing without any outstanding balances. Or customer can cancel via
the cancellation policy. Instead the customer is attempting to defraud our
company and is using the as well as [redacted] to slander us, get out of the
money owed, and simply get away with taking advantage of us. HSC will be
proceeding in accordance with the customer's contract and any outstanding
balances due will be billed accordingly and any false slander will be reviewed
and handled accordingly our legal department.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

[Your Answer Here]What they are saying is absolutely wrong. I have taken a day off from work today waiting on the company they were suppose to send and I was scheduled by HSC for today. He is a no show and now it's 5:30. No one has called to let me know what time he will show up and no one has called to let me know that he is not. I have been asking them to send "my friend" to do the service call. The company they are referring as "my friend" is a company that they sent a couple of years ago to repair my Heating Unit and according to both parties, they are one of the companies on the list of HSC. I did not refuse service and can not stand falls accusations from HSC regarding this matter. I did ask from the beginning for them to send a different company that Three J's based on a really bad experience a client of mine had with them and it turned out that  this case mirrors his experience with HSC and Three J's.Once again, based on HSC schedule for the repair company to show up today, I have been waiting all day and I think at this time it's safe to assume that Three J's are not showing up and we'll be without AC for at least another day. 
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There is nothing new in this rejection and customer's statements and false complaints are preposterous. Customer is literally saying that the service she signed up for and purchased all on her own should be different than what it is because that's how she wants it. The service is what the service is. The company pays what is contractually covered and to the contractual limit. Not everything and anything just because. The water heater claim was approved and covered to the maximum annual limit allowed by the contract. The complaints are literally just unethical attempts to get more from a company that is entitled. Customer does not have an unlimited policy, which do not exist. Customer has a contract with all of the limits and terms outlined and followed and lived up to by our company. Not to mention often going well above and beyond just to help the customer. Replacing a compressor is a bad idea, not guaranteed, not warranted, not recommended, and not approved. This system needs to be replaced. If the customer wishes to accept services then we are ready to proceed. If the customer wishes to decline services, then she can do that as well. However, we cannot go against company policy or against contract nor can we fabricate prices to replace a brand new system, upgraded to a modern r410a, 14 seer, matching system with proper modifications and materials and labor for the price she would like.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

[Your Answer Here]
Please let me know what exactly is misleading in my complaint and previous reply. I called your phone number and your employee very rudely asserted she wouldn't call the service company and asked me to call them if I want. I called them and they never answered the call. We had no choice so we came to How do I know you called them later? How do I know they refused? Yes my wife was there when the service company replaced the fan and they had a very nice talk. My wife believed what they installed is good and if anything is wrong we can still contact you and them. We were only able to turn on the fan later that night and then we are experiencing this kind of stuff.You mentioned again and again we got our HVAC replaced from you. We indeed had a good experience with that and we appreciate it. Do you mean because we had good service from you before and you don't have to provide the service anymore? Because of the issue with the fan we tried to cancel the monthly pay for your service, then your employee told us if we want to cancel the service we have to payback the money you spent replacing the HVAC. How funny?! Is this the way you provide an insurance service?This has been so frustrating to us. We wouldn't use your service in the future. We wouldn't recommend it to our friends and clients either.We found this fan on Lowes as you requested which is similar to what we had before: [redacted] We hope this time it'll work.    
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It is correct the company did accept my recent claim.  I'm not pursuing this matter any further but want it noted that at no time was my original claim fraudulent in any matter.  

This is an old claim and an agent was not able to get a hold of the customer on numerous attempts. After 5 business days of attempting the claim is put on hold until we have communication from the customer. This should not be a complaint as nothing wrong was done and the claim cannot move forward if...

we are unable to reach the customer. This has been forwarded to the proper department and an agent will reopen the claim and reach out to the customer.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

The business's response is misleading.  I did not imply they sold systems, but they ARE included in the offer - there is no choice.  And they did, most certainly, quote me a cost of more than $3,600 (out of pocket), with a total cost of over $5,000.  As for the $1,500, I got the retail price of the unit from shopping on google.  My point is that they are offering me a very low-end unit with very low customer satisfaction - check out the reviews - and it still costs me more than $3,600.  Their contract does not say if your unit is 12 years old, we will not authorize a repair.  Their repair evaluation process appears to be very arbitrary and opaque.  Further, this contract was NOT opened with existing issues - they are making a false statement.  Also, I do not understand what they are claiming is not covered ("despite it being not covered...").  This company has not acted in good faith and further, they never indicated they cared about my being without AC during the hottest part of the Summer -- not once in my more than 12 phone calls to them.
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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

This issue was not pre-existing! The Home Service Club is trying to tell me that because the inside of my dishwasher was dirty and HSC does not cover for items that the customer fails to clean, they are deeming it a pre-existing issue! Of course the inside of a dishwasher is going to be dirty when it doesn't clean dishes correctly! That was the whole point of calling them to come service my dishwasher! It was working properly 2 weeks prior to my service call to them. Plus, I did not have service and coverage  for the month of February(which is what I'm looking for the refund of $89.85 for). I had service for January and paid for January-that's not an issue. February's payment is the issue. There is nowhere in their contract that states anything about pre-existing issues. She also states that I requested to cancel when the specific issue was not covered. Do you mean my dishwasher not working properly and cleaning dishes properly? That is covered by my contract. I have read the contract in full. I have no idea what courtesy this person is talking about either. Being that HSC did not want to honor their contract, I want to be refunded my full February monthly amount of $89.85. I don't know anything about any cancellation fees my rate being pro-rated. None of this was mentioned when I signed up with Cathryn back in December. If they are offering a refund to me that is close to the $89.85 I am requesting, I will accept it. So far, they have not mentioned how much they are offering to refund me for a month that I had no coverage with them. They are a horrible company and try to do anything to get out of paying for repairs!
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.

The statements made in this complaint are completely and utterly false. The automatic attendant advises all call in customers that calls are recorded for security and quality assurance purposes and by continuing the call the customer agrees to such terms. The customer was NEVER disconnected. The...

customer, on the other hand, did hang up on our agents and has since fully stopped answering our calls altogether. There was never a case where nobody was able to assist them. In fact, someone was always assisting them and a supervisor was going above and beyond in attempting to assist the customer and has offered numerous courtesies. HSC has done nothing wrong here whatsoever and such misrepresentations of facts are disheartening and alarming. Not to mention customer’s false slander campaign which she has done against our company. At this point all courtesies are void and the service will be strictly in accordance with the contract unless otherwise approved by a supervisor. All suspicious conversations will be reviewed. HSC has gone above and beyond in trying to assist the customer outside contractual obligations and has ended up a victim of false statements and false slander. Customer's repair was promptly approved. Should the customer wish to replace instead of waiting for the part, a supervisor offered to put that amount towards replacement. Customer requested if she could get a part off of ebay. A supervisor advised though it is not something that is covered, we can explore that option for her. Customer asked if we can pay the store directly, and a supervisor advised that although it is not normally done we can potentially explore that option and we also have replacement units available to offer where we can apply the approved amount directly. Customer asked if she can buy a used unit, another one of many non covered and outside the contract requests, and the supervisor was willing to explore that option. So not only has nothing wrong been done on HSC's part, but HSC has gonr above and beyond and has ended up on the receiving end of false accusations. Should the customer wish to explore any of the courtesy options, a written agreement must be signed and the customer must agree to its conditions and can contact the supervisor assigned to the case.

It is puzzling as to why this is a complaint and what the complaint is. Everything was done according to the customer's policy. HSC provides different plans which cover different categories. It appears that the customer is using website slogans to blanket anything they want to be covered as opposed...

to the actual plan/contract/policy they have selected and purchased. Customer has selected our Standard Coverage which covers her plumbing systems such as toilets and faucets, but does not offer water leaks coverage for pipes. Our comprehensive coverage offers that coverage, which costs more and which the customer did not select. Customer has possible leaks inside her walls from possible broken pipes which cannot even be diagnosed without cutting sheetrock. Customer was correctly advised of the findings and the coverage and everything was done correctly. Filing a complaint disregarding the policy and asking for coverage that the customer does not have is disingenuous and wrong. Technician also mentioned that a molding was nailed in over where the pipe is in her garage and it is possible that there may be a nail in the pipe, but cannot tell until the wall is opened and the pipes are inspected and leaks are located. Customer was advised of that and the agent mentioned that in the case that is found to be true, a nail in a pipe would not be a warranty issue anyway even on a correct policy as that is not wear and tear. This was simply extra information provided to the customer for a better understanding. There was nothing wrong done at any point and this complaint is false and surprising. HSC would be happy to extend our costs to the customer should she wish to use our authorized plumber to proceed with the work. HSC will also, in good faith, offer a one-time courtesy towards a non covered issue of $75 for the customer.

Any potential buyer who has intentions and actions similar to this customer, SHOULD be deterred from purchasing our product as it is not the service which it offers or provides. This is nothing but a false complaint on an extremely easy case where the customer blatantly disregards the contract and intentionally tries to find loopholes to argue the obvious and contractual. Having a second technician come out just to ask him to say what one wants to hear and pay for another service call when the correct and exact same diagnosis was already done and paid for and then "demand" a refund for what we did not charge for and for the service request the customer requested and is responsible for contractually is quiet an amazing request. There is nothing new on this rejection. There is nothing else that can or should be done in this case. The customer is no longer a customer of HSC and we encourage the to monitor the customer's information and patterns for similar complaints on the next company he tries to do this with. This is the second rejection with no new or correct information provided, just the customer chomping at the bit with continuous false and imaginary accusations and simply abusing this platform.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

 This issue will be resolved if we receive the check for the...

toilet install but not until we do. 
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

[Your Answer Here]
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.

The statements made in this complaint are factually incorrect. Customer was offered a value which is much higher than the worth of the covered system. It was not low balled but, in fact, higher than it should be. Customer's invoice was received on 12/**/15. Customer was...

advised of the time frame and never was she advised ten to fifteen days, that is simply an exaggeration just like regarding the value. Check number [redacted] has been mailed out to the customer and the customer was advised and is aware of it. While we understand the customer may feel impatient or frustrated, this complaint is unwarranted and extremely overstated. There is nothing else for HSC to do on this case as the check has gone out. Should the customer not receive it in the rare case of a post office error, please let us know and we will promptly re-issue. Thank you.

We regret to see such false and absurd accusations and statementscompletely inconsistent with the facts. A reputable and trusted service companywith great feedback was assigned to diagnose [redacted] system upon receipt oftheir claim. The issues were in fact deemed as non-covered under their...

homewarranty terms and conditions for numerous major reasons. Regardless of thefact, courtesy help was offered. There was and is no such thing as"selling new units", or "high pressure tactics" and suchallegations are unreasonable and simple untrue. [redacted] and [redacted] were explainedwhat the condition of their unit was, what was recommended for the unit tocontinue working, and what issues it will continue to have (as there werenumerous). They were explained what is and what is not recommended and why.They were also offered help on different options. They were, however, awarethat it is completely up to them and they could chose any option, or non atall, and that HSC will stand behind them. [redacted] argued that "HSC shouldpay more because he cannot afford so much money at the moment". While wecompletely understand the hardships and frustration of new home owners, it isnot the responsibility of HSC to do what we are not contractually obligated todo and to offer services we do not provide. Although HSC did go above andbeyond to offer help, especially on the best, most recommended (professionally)option. After a review of the e-mail correspondences between [redacted] and [redacted]Baker, it is clear that the claims representative did not insult or belittleanyone. He was very professional and very helpful, as he has been for manyyears with our company. He expressed concerns about what the third party techdid for [redacted] and that he fears the unit will continue to have issues, andyet approved the requests [redacted] made in her e-mail, above and beyond whatwas per the contract. The accusations made in this false complaint are beyondany reason, completely and blatantly untrue, and appear to be an attempt to getmore than entitled out of HSC. Any approvals made by [redacted] are currentlyvoid and this account will be reviewed by a supervisor before any furtheraction can be taken. A supervisor will contact [redacted] upon review of theaccount.

While we appreciate all our customer's concerns, the statements made here by the customer are false, non-factual, and the accusations are completely absurd and fraudulent. Customer simply wants a bad (band-aid) and non recommended repair done on her system which is not approved. She...

has a unit that went bad due to a power outage which is, first and foremost, not a covered issue. We are a warranty company and warrant systems against mechanical failures due to normal wear and tear. We are not an insurance company and such services are not provided. An agent worked with the customer trying to get an approval for a full system replacement. That is the only recommended and correct repair for this issue. Partially replacing expensive parts into an old and obsolete system is not a recommended or approved repair and any reputable company and/or technician will confirm that. Customer's system is from 1998 and is no longer made. In fact, no r22 systems are made any longer and majority of companies are no longer able to obtain them. According to federal laws, all replacements must be with a minimum 14 seer, r410a freon systems which is what HSC recommends. The r22 freon itself will be obsolete soon and the customer will be faced with having to replace the full system anyway. Not to mention a system that old, with such an age difference between parts, is likely to fail before then. HSC has not only worked to get the customer a replacement despite the coverage issues, but we have also approved a second opinion to go out there to look at the system at no expense to the customer. These are all standard and common procedures and recommendations and are all for the BENIFIT of the customer. So requesting completely not recommended and bad repairs and providing false accusations, information, and slander to the are suspicious and indicativeof fraudulent nature. Any courtesy approvals or action on this account, should any be approved, WILL require a written agreement signed by the customer if they wish to proceed. A representative at ext.[redacted] is working in the claim and will be in contact with the customer.

While we appreciate our customer's feedback, we feel it is important for the feedback to be truthful and representative of facts and not intentionally misleading. The fact of the matter is that the customer signed up with a bad system to get it replaced and is suggesting that it is a service we...

provide; but it is not. It is important to note that we are strictly a home warranty company and do not provide any home improvement, remodeling, or general contracting services. Customer had a system low on ten pounds of refrigerant at the start of the contract which she signed up for to replace. To suggest that we should be doing it because HVAC is a category we cover is factually false as it is not a warranty covered system and our contract specifically addresses this very issue. The contract has already been cancelled as per the customer's request. Against the statement in the complaint, the customer did in fact, on a recorded line, requested to cancel which the representative submitted. HSC is willing to give the benefit of the doubt and pretend this was, against all evidence, unknown and unintentional and cancel the contract via the cancellation policy. A supervisor has already been in contact with the customer and the customer can contact the assigned supervisor at any time.

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