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Mr [redacted] was assessed a deposit of $on 12/18/due to the delinquency of the accountThere has been disconnect notices sent to the customer in October and December and February Customer's deposit will be refunded once he re-established good or excellent credit when his account has been paid to a zero balance and customer has paid the bill in full by the due date for consecutive monthsCustomer’s assessed deposit is in accordance with COMAR Customer has a current balance due of $1049.90, DPL is willing to offer a month payment arrangement of $in addition to the current billCustomer will need to contact customer service asap to make the arrangement[redacted]

Current balance $ [redacted] was assessed a deposit of $due to the delinquency of his accountThe deposit assessed is in accordance with MDPSC COMAR - Re-establishment of creditDue to Mr [redacted] delinquency disconnect notices were generated on 08/26/2015, 12/17/5/& 01/22/The deposit is assessed if the customer receives or more disconnect notices within monthsMr [redacted] has been offered a month installment to pay the deposit of $in addition to his current bill on 01/29/to start with his current bill due 3/8/March bill The deposit is warranted and is not eligible to be waived Once the customer pays his bill down to a zero balance and pays his bill in full by the due date each month for consecutive months his deposit will be refunded

This customer was affected by a billing issue that affected the Peak Energy Savings Credit showing on their billOur billing department had to manually review several bills before being released to the customerDelmarva understands the delay can affect our customer's ability to pay, and can offer payment plans if there is a needWe apologize for the delay, but upon review the customer's bills are now availableI have contacted the customer at the given phone number and left a voice message with my personal contact information I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 11187630, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] *** 150%;">I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards,

8/17/spoke with mr [redacted] -- apologized for him not being able to get through or a call back from gpc and assured him it is being addressed discussed jul bill -- usage is higher than june but that is normal explained how solar generations works and that when solar is generating energy the meter runs backward vs when no generation is occurring meter runs forward also explained that his carry over excess generation credits carried over into june's bill was higher than what carried over to july that and the increased usage is why jul is higher however, jul usage is still about 40% less than so his solar is definitely working customer understands now and is ok

Delmarva Power credit department had sent separate refund checks to customer, and the first check was mistakenly not removed from balance as not cashedDelmarva Power has recalled the amount back from Rickart Collections and removed the balance from the accountThe account now has a zero balance

deposit refund of $was mailed out to [redacted] to [redacted] on 6/16/14; however, the check was returned by the post office ACE mailed the original check again to the same address on 8/15/ We regret the delay in mailing the check again and apologize for any inconvenience this causes [redacted]

I am a landlord and own 6 properties. I just recently was told when I contacted Delmarva for some other reason that I have an overdue bill from March 2017 for $178. I thought this was strange because it was the 3rd time that after an tenant eviction (at other properties) I was informed years later of an unpaid electric bill when it was placed in my name (each time for only a month) for me to prepare the unit for the next tenant. I always go in and turn the head down to 55 or AC completely off depending on the time of the year. This is the 3rd time this has happened and it is always after an eviction (chances are the tenant stopped paying their bill) They claim the invoice was sent at the time to the address (wrong!, I collect the mail during the vacancy and I can assure you the new tenant would give me the bill and say this one is yours) Again, years later in each case and they have my primary address because each time I convert the power to my name (and the prior tenant was not an eviction) the unit's bill always makes it to my primary address. Has any Landlord had similar experiences with being told years later that you have an outstanding power bill?

Verified customer's mailing address via emailRefund check of $was Fedexed for overnight delivery on 5/ sent customer with Fedex informationPlease see below:Scheduled delivery:Thu, 5/12/by 4:pm [redacted] ** [redacted] ** Company: PHI Service Co Pickup Type FedEx Express Confirmation noILGA Tracking # [redacted] Total noof packages: Country/Location: US Total weight: lbs [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]

Per Company records the customers refund was processed in two separate checksA check for $was processed on 1-13-and a check for $was processed on 1-18-When the customer called and informed the Company she not received the refund check(s) a stop/void payment was made on the checks and they were reissuedUnfortunately, she did not receive both checks the second timeThe third refund check for $was sent internally to our credit department and the check was sent in overnight mail on March 10, We apologize for any inconvenience the customer may have experienced

Customer was assessed a $security deposit due to the delinquency of his accountCustomer has a slow payment history and has established poor credit with DPL The deposit is not eligible until his account is brought to a zero balance Once the balance has been paid in full, he will need to pay the bill in full each month by the due date for consecutive months Dpl is willing to set Mr [redacted] on a month installment plan of $in addition to his current bill

Our records indicate that Mr [redacted] contacted Delmarva Power on July 7, and requested that his refund check in the amount of $be sent to [redacted] , NJ The final bill address was updated in our billing system and the request for the refund was processed Due to a procedural error, the check was issued and sent to the service location address On August 22, when Mr [redacted] called in requesting a status update on his refund check the address was updated to the correct area in our billing system and the refund request was reissued The check in the amount of $was issued on September 13, and was sent to the correct address of [redacted] , NJ Coaching and feedback has been provided to the original representative as to the additional steps needed in order for the address to be correctly updated for the refund the be mailed to the correct location

Customer has a current balance of $The assessment of a security deposits on the customer's account that does not currently have a deposit on hand is part of DPL's tariff which is approved by the Delaware Public Service Commission Customer Customer was assessed a $ security deposit on 9/30/2015()which has been satisfied as of 3/2/2016) was due to the delinquency of her account Due to her late payments, disconnect notices were generated and mailed to the customer between 2/26/and 12/29/Customer's deposit is warranted and is not eligible to be waived Once customer has re-established a good or excellent payment history by paying his balance to zero and has paid his bill in full by the due date for consecutive months, his deposit will be refunded [redacted] ***

The previous increase of the deposit took place on 10/14/This made the total deposit on file Another review of the account took place on 11/23/16, and the deposit was increased by another This increase was in error, as the usage did not justify the amount of the increase Delmarva Power has waived the deposit increase of 210.00, leaving the deposit on file at 360.00, which is a month average of usage at the propertyThe deposit will be refunded once the customer achieves an excellent payment rating with Delmarva Power, which requires payment of the bill on time and in full for consecutive months I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Good afternoon, Thank you for taking my call todayI am requesting my complaint for Delmarva power be reopenedI received a call from a collection agency this morning stating I have been sent to collections for the balance that was removed in June Please let me know if you need additional information from me Thank you,***

Customer currently has has a zero balance, The last payment received was for $155 3/20. The deposit was assessed of $255 11/2015 due to the delinquency of the account, customer was set on a 3 month installment for $84+the current bill for her depsoit. The deposit can be... refunded once she has reestablished good or excellent credit by paying her bill in full by the due date for 12 consecutive months. this policy is part of DPL's policy tariff and is approved by DEPSc.

The security deposit was assessed due to late and/or missed payments on the accountThere were also three past due notices that were sent to the customerThese steps will have negative affects on the payment rating of the customerThe ability to assess a deposit is allowed in the Delaware State Tariff and approved by the Delaware Public Service CommissionThe deposit is a two month average of the past twelve monthsFor example, a deposit of $would be based on an average monthly bill of $

The customer stated he experienced a power surge on August 12, He contacted Delmarva Power to file a claim that same dayDuring that phone conversation, the customer requested a supervisor visit him at his homeThe call center representative advised that would not be possible The claim which was filed is still under investigation by our Claims DepartmentOnce the issue has been decided upon, the customer will be contacted

I called customer on June 13,left a voice mail message Customer moved to this address and she is upset we gave her another another account number and we are billing her for a deposit She said we put a deposit on the account without her knowledge She’s on a fixed amount every week which equals $a month We spoke with customer on 3/28/when she moved to this address we advised her of a security deposit would be required for $and we set up a payment plan for months to pay the deposit We spoke with customer again on 6/7/and reset the payment plan and gave her months to pay the deposit

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Address: 401 Eagle Run Rd., Newark, Delaware, United States, 19702


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