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On 4/I gave a check to Joyce Factory direct for the construction of my deck, I was assured it will be finished in 4-weeksOn the 4th week a worker came to the house told me the permits would be obtained that week and the project will start the following weekThat was seven weeks ago, have not seen or heard from JoyceAfter a no show for two weeks I called the office spoke to a lady that said someone will call me back, I called the salesman to see if I could get some answers I was inform that someone will call in the morningNow this is six weeks later have not received a call or any communicationI am cancelling the contract and demanding return of my depositIt’s been months now I know you would say it’s because of the rain but if you look at DIY on tv they work all the time doing the rain so that didn’t stop you

We are very satisfied with the work they did building us a new deckIt is sturdy and very nice lookingI would recomend them for a deck project!

We believe this is now resolved as on May 11, our service technician replaced the screen and did what he could to service the pre-existing bay window roof If this is not the case, we want to make sure everything is addressed and ask that the customer contact us to let us know of anything else outstanding so she can enjoy her windows for many years to comeIn response to some of the items previously mentioned, both the service technician and the production manager made numerous attempts to update Mrs [redacted] on the status of her service call but both stated the phone would just ring with no answer and no way to leave a messageThis added to the delay in scheduling and finishing the service itemsWith regard to the bay window, some bays are designed to have the windows within them easily replaced, others are notThis particular bay was constructed a little different than most and the original installer did not feel comfortable pulling the windows out of it as he was unsure if he would be able to get the new windows reinstalledHe discussed it with our National Production Manager and the decision was made to err on the side of cautionThe production manager then reviewed photos and information brought back by the original installerHe then re-assigned the final three windows to a more specialized install crew familiar with this type of existing bay unitDue to the Christmas holiday and inclement weather there was some delay in getting the project rescheduledOn 2/15/a service was logged into our computer system for a damaged screenWe have no record of anything being reported with regard to a leak at that timeOur service tech went to the customer’s home and picked up the screen so that he could repair itAt this time the customer stated she was in no hurry and whenever he was back in the area would be fineWe were notified on March 23rd in regards to a leakMy office spoke with the installer who said there was considerable evidence of an ongoing leak in the roof above the bayThe pre-existing roofing was not installed properly and not up to code (installed with drywall screws) and was missing flashing, also the seat board had pre-existing water damage, see attached photos from original installationPer the work agreement, we only replaced the windows and not the entire bay unitThe production manager informed the installer to see what he could do to fix the roof leak as a courtesy to the customerHowever, the installer now needed dry conditions to go out and complete the service callIt was difficult to schedule this type of weather permitting services during the rainy seasonOn May 11th, the service tech did replace the screen and addressed the roof leak Please see attachments for details on the pre-existing roof and bay frame It is recommended that the customer add proper flashing and roof shingles installed to code to prevent additional future leaks It may not actively leak during certain rain but depending on weather conditions and temperatures it could leak under other conditions and do not want to see additional damage occurThank you

On January 22,2018, [redacted] of Steve's Factory Direct came to our home at our request to discuss replacing windows in our home.That ***e day we signed a contract to have windows installed on the first floor of our home.The installers came in March to install the windows In the process of the installation the double hung double window was dropped and brokenThe went ahead and installed the window telling my husband they would go back to the business and order a new one to replace the broken windowWe realized it would take a few weeks to order and manufacture the window When the weather finally warmed up so the windows could be opened , we realized the screen on the double sliding window in the kitchen not only didn't fit correctly but that we had ordered a screen that covered both windows, not just half of the windowWhile cleaning the windows, we realized that when the windows were unlocked and the bottom window raised the top window which does not have screens will no

Joyce Factory Direct has done everything they said they would They replaced a sliding patio door that was desperately needing replaced The installation was very professionalAfter they door came to them, they installed it within a week I am really happy with the job they did We have recommended them to several friends already

We ordered windows from them on 8/At the time and then when we had someone come out to measure, we were told it would be weeks until installationWe keep calling them, they promise that we'll hear back from them and then we don't get calls back, they're not done being manufactured yetWe're getting the run around, they can't even tell me where the windows are being madeWe put down a $deposit

Steve's Factory Direct sold us an expensive Roof Job last week of AugustThey were prompt about doing the work-Sept But workmanship was not up to contract specificspersons from SFD have come out to the house and verified that the work was not satisfactoryAt least twice, two different weeks, they have said they were coming that day to make the repairs/ revisionsThey never showed nor called to say they weren't comingWhen I call them, they keep stalling and promise to call back, and never do Except for one employee did call back to say she knew nothing further

To Whom it May Concern,
This is my personal recommendation for Joyce Factory Direct to be your deck builderBeing in
the engineering and construction industry myself, I am highly critical of this kind of work
Joyce’s staff was able to communicate and present to me a strong plan to find a solution for my
deck issues and meet my budgetary restrictions
The workmanship was top notch, much better than the structure that was replacedIt is both
structurally sound and pleasing to the eyeAdditionally, the carpenters were able to match the
architectural angles of my home to give the deck a more aesthetic look
I highly recommend Joyce if you want a well built and beautiful deck for your homeFeel free to
contact me or stop by to take a look

I signed a contract with Steve's Factory Direct for windows and was told they would be installed in Oct They have still not arrived The company called me in Novto tell me they still had no windows for me I asked them to cancel my contract and was told they would get back to me They never did I called them again today 1/2/with the same request They told me someone would call me I want this contract cancelled and notice in writing that it is cancelled

I was approached by "*** *** ***" because I had met with their marketers a year earlier, but had not agreed to have them do the workI was told that the company was under new ownership and they were righting all of the wrongs of the pastI met with them, read these reviews, QUESTIONED THEM ABOUT THESE REVIEWS, and was assured that the "new owner" was working to resolve all of the previous issues and that they were moving forward with renewed commitment to their customersWell, all of that was a lieThe "new owner" is the daughter of *** (previous owner, who was in charge when the poor reviews of the past were written*** is still running things, still in charge of everything, and when *** was in the hospital, his daughter, despite being the "owner" was unable to refund my depositHere's the short version- I agreed to have windows completed but was denied a loanI called times over the course of three weeks asking someone to call me to let me know how my refund would be issuedOn the 4th call I threatened to call the police and file a theft through deception reportI received a call backApparently, *** was in the hospital and unable to issue refunds, but he was coming back on Monday, and I would have the refund within 1-weeksI called a week and a half later- *** had gone back into the hospital and no refunds were issuedI asked them about a back up plan while *** was out- there isn't oneI continued calling and finally (today) physically went up to their officeI called them when I was on my way to let them know I was coming, and M (production manager) said that was fine and she would have my checkI got there and the office manager told me I couldn't get my refund because she still hadn't talked to *** (weeks since being told he was coming back on Monday)I told her that I had been lied to about their being new ownership and she told me that S (daughter) was the ownerI asked why S was unable to sign refund checks for her company, and was told that S left *** in charge of that- despite him being unable to perform those duties due to health issuesI asked for M and was told that she was there but "I don't know if she wants to be bothered." I had to actually suggest to the office manager that she check with M, since she knew I was on the wayShe did, M came out, and I did receive my refund, but it has taken more than phone calls, threats to get law enforcement involved, and me physically going to their office to get this resolvedThere is NO WAY I would do business with this company

We have been in dispute with Joyce Factory Direct for a few months Our issues, which have been submitted to the company in writing, include issues of advertising, product delivery and quality, and customer service I can provide the documented letter sent on May to *** ***, one of the project managers for Joyce Factory Direct The company has not responded with appropriate action, despite my weekly calls to follow up with Ms***

signed contract in October and paid $down paymentKept getting run around for start dateFebruary 9, contractor showed up with materials and began work with no homeowner present Tore out concrete step not in contract which exposed basement floor joists, did not install what was done according to contract,Did work without building permit even being picked up, or drawings available Left with work only partially done and all non compliant and no one has returned to take out work done in order to re-install according to code Upon repeated requests for resolution, supplied with unfulfilled promises would be fixed, Has not been to this dateHave not been able to use front porch since February 9th It is my understanding that today they finally picked up permit

In SeptI ordered a patio door through this contractorWhen nothing happened by November of I contacted them to cancelWas told no because it was past daysOn November 7th someone finally made a measurement for doorOn Dec30th the door was installedIt had damage to it sow as told by installer it would be fixedOver next months I was told all kinds of stories but in fact they couldnt get replacement because they are being sued by manufacturer.So finally they said they were getting complete new doorOn June 24th they installed new door only it was from a different manufacturer and wasnt what I contracted forOn June 29th I had a visit from people and was told that was the door I was gettingAt the end of the conversation they told me to contact the manufacturer direct and maybe I could get the replacement because of warrantySo I contacted Joyce Mfgand after weeks was told they will not honor warranty because Steves Factory Direct never informed them of

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! I have ordered a fence and on month from purchase date I still have been lied to (multiple times a week about them getting it started) and don't have my fenceThey acted like they knew what they were doing, but when I made it very clear they needed exact land plots they ignored meThey have no clue how to run or schedule home renovationsIt has been excuse after excuse of why they haven't startedAnd it is always me asking what the hold up isThey don't contact youI was really going to put a scam alert on here because it seems like the lies are nonstopI may still do just that if I don't get my money back soonDO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!

On 06-01-I contracted with this company to install a deck on my home I have paid $down and the balance is being financed and they have not finished the deck I have called them numerous times and they have not returned to finish the deckThey tell us someone will be out, but it rained, then they tell us someone will be out, but that person is no longer employed with them, they tell us they will call us back and no one returns our calls

Joyce Factory built a deck months ago I started contacting them month after the job was completed concerning the cracking and splitting of the beam posts and the gaps that were beneath the stairwell and for months now I haven't had a representative or contractor to come out all I have gotten is lies and promises the splitting of the beams are getting worse and it's only months old

Everything went well, from ordering to installation of the windowsThere was one small delay that Joyce was very helpful and timely in resolvingIt's been over a year since the install and everything is going great, which is a rarity in our old houseLove our new windows

We tried to get out of our contract that we signed last year because of all the LIES, DECEIT and MANIPULATION and they threatened to sue usSo we had no other option but to move forward with the projectWe told them that we feared if anything happened that they would not communicate with us or validate our warranty based on the bad experience we have already hadThey assured us that this would not be an issueWe have called times to have someone come out and look at our deck that has notches popping out and split boards and they will NOT call us backI fear they will NEVER call us back and if they do call us back it will be when we are out of our warranty

I was extremely impressed by Steve's Factory Direct! I was quoted my price and was given a time frame of between 4-weeks for when they would start my patio with days to finishThey showed up not even days later and finished it all in a matter of hours! I am definitely going to recommend them to family and friendsAlso glad to support local family businesses!

We are very happy with our new roof The work & cleanup was done very quickly

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