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User Kkwash time 13.02.2018

Sunday night I contacted locksmith connections and ask for help with my BMW, the key was lost and I asked them if they could provide me with someone that could make another key and they told me yes they gave me the name of someone that would be coming out and I waited and the person didn't come I called them back and they called the person again and he called me and said he would come in the morning between 9 and 10 he came closer to 11 yesterday he worked on the car for a couple of hours and then I got a phone call from him even though I was in the house and he was gone and he said that he couldn't finish the job because my ignition was broken to which I told him that it wasn't broken before he started service in my car and he said that it was a problem that happens when you make a new key and I let him know that I wanted the ignition back in its proper working order and he said that he couldn't help me unless I paid $400 to get it replaced and it wasn't broken before he started working on it so I called locksmith connections and they said they would get right on it but today when I call them they told me that it was between me and the contract person to which I told them that I had already talked to him and he refused to fix it without me paying for him breaking it and they told me that they weren't responsible and I told them that they were because they sent him out that if I had found him on my own that would be between me and him but they sent him to me and the woman that is the day supervisor or locksmith connections hung up on me I lost a day of work and I'm described by their lack of care and concern and I need help with a resolution even if they just repair my ignition that their contractor broke.

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User Say Z time 15.01.2018

[redacted] I was quoted 15 dollar for the locksmith to come over and 35 dollar services fee. The locksmith charged 40 dollar to come over and 99 dollar services fee after the job was done and without any discussion or/and not even mentioned the change in price before head. Where they gave me no right to reject nor comprehensive about the tripling the original discusses price. Steering wheel unlock where it cost him least then 10 min of working for a service fee of 99 dollars. Do you guys hired [redacted] PhD as locksmiths? Where the labor cost is greater than 500 dollars per hour. Would never use this services again ! NEVER!

NOTE for everyone
Please Do NOT USE nor even try to use them, If you don’t like being OVERCHARGED!

WORST locksmith service and pricing !EVER!

I would give them -5 starts if there is a option!
Have fun ripping off your customers and wish your company have the brightest future! [redacted]

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User Jordlacy time 06.09.2017

Do not use this company! I was quoted $15 to come out and $35 to unlock. I was then charged $180 to have the locksmith unlock my door in less than 5 minutes. Then, even though I called the local office at +1 (215) 395-2861 (abington pa), the next day my credit card was used in Waldorf, MD (the same location as the main office) at a Pizza place. Coincidence? So that is another $68.68! Fortunately I was able to cancel the card before any more damage was done. My credit card company is pursuing a fraud claim. I called to request a refund, but was treated very rudely by the person who answered the call and the supervisor. Do not use this business!

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User Reviewer604748

Review: Quote for service was $35. Actual service charge was $300.I called to request a locksmith for a stuck mailbox lock for my tenant in Atlanta. I provided details and asked for a quote for the service. They advised that the service fee would be $15 and the actual service would start at $35. I approved a technician to do the service based upon that quote. After the service was performed, I was advised that the total charged was $300 ($25 for the service fee and $275 for the service). I was not contacted to approve the nearly 10x quoted price.I reached out to the company on 8/28/14. They took my complaint and advised that a supervisor would contact me. The supervisor never contacted me. On 9/23/14 I reached back out and asked to be contacted within 24 hours. The original associate that took my complaint advised that his supervisor would not talk to me and that there was nothing that they could do. I asked what was meant by 100% satisfaction guaranteed and they apologized. Had I been contacted before service was performed, I would have not approved and sought additional quotes. It appears as though they are baiting customers with $35 and charging excessive amounts above that.Desired Settlement: I researched the company online before doing business with them and they did not appear to have any negative reviews. I'd like for my entire complaint to be made available to potential customers so that they do not engage with this company. I would also like a refund of $250 which equals $300 actually charged minus the $50 expected to be charged.



We certainly understand the frustration that can occur when a lock needs fixed, especially when the customer was not able to be at the location due to the distance to their tenant's home. We understand that the customer felt that she was overcharged and has communicated with us through phone and email prior to this this complaint several times. Through our discussions, we have tried to explain the reason for the price due to the complexity of the lock due to it being a high security lock, which requires more costly products to service and skill from the locksmith. Being a locksmith referral company, we have forward this complaint to the locksmith who was referred to this service. Through our investigations, we have uncovered that the locksmith had talked to the customer about their complaint.We would like to state that we have not quoted a price to the customer on the phone. Our dispatchers are only authorized to give information about the cost of the service fee for a locksmith to diagnose the problem and a starting price for the service requested, since our dispatchers are not knowledgeable licensed locksmiths and since this company is only referring locksmiths to customers. The customer also stated that this was what was told to her on the phone, "They advised that the service would be $15 and the actual service would start at $35."Through our investigation, we understand that a miscommunication may have taken place between the tenant, who spoke with the locksmith, and the customer. The locksmith clearly stated that he explained the work that needed to be done and the cost to the tenant before performing the work. The tenant signed the invoice and the locksmith worked on the lock. Once the work was finished, the tenant called the customer and a credit card was given to the locksmith. At that time, there were no questions asked until the next day when the customer called the dispatch center.After investigating the invoice, we have concluded that a miscalculation was given for the service charge. The locksmith stated that he is also referred to other companies who charge $25 for their service fee and explained that he made a simple mistake out of habit. We have spoken to the locksmith about his mistake and will issue a refund of $10 for the correction. However, the service performed by the locksmith cannot be reimbursed because of the time spent and products used for a job that was approved by the tenant. The "expected" charge of $50 was never stated, not through the dispatch center and not from the locksmith. We investigated our recordings to verify this statement. This amount is unreasonable for a high security lock and for a professional licensed locksmith.We stand by our service 100%. We provide customers with skillful license locksmiths who can get to the customer quickly. We provide our customers with the safety and security that is needed with the best tools and products offered. We understand that our cliental call us when they are frustrated and we try our best to ease this by providing reliable service. If we have found evidence that a locksmith performed any wrong doing, we would no longer refer them to customers.-Locksmith Connections

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