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Lumen Technologies

930 15th St Fl 11, Denver, Colorado, United States, 80202-2932

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Mr. Glen P, CEO Century Link100 Century Link Drive Monroe, LA 71102RE: Acct ***Dear Mr. PBack in December I spoke with Geneva
(1-866-270..7498) about your constant price increases and expiring
discounts. I asked if I could renew the discounts that were
expiring. She said she would be able to do a 'price lock' for one year. This
would be from January 1, 2018 thru January 1, 2019. I was thrilled!The January bill was $160.00; the
February bill was $160.07. The
March bill was$171.05! A $10.98 increase on an account that was 'price locked' for one year.This morning I
spoke to Erica (1-800-201-4099). I told her I am upset with your pricing and
your staff. That one employee would 'price lock' and now you tell me that it cannot be done.
She said Prism had increased their service and they pass along the increase to
me. f asked to speak with a supervisor. I spoke with
Aerycha, who explained they have no control over Prism TV pricing.My question: Why would one employee tell me I was 'price locked' and others tell meI could not be 'pricelocked.'

Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 13, 2018

Our records indicate Ms. also submitted a complaint with our Executive Office regarding her concerns. Ms. has been working with a Manager in our Executive Office. To avoid duplication of efforts, the Executive Office Manager will be the primary source of response to address the customer’s concerns. I have attached a copy of the letter that was sent to Ms. on March 19, 2018 for her review.

CenturyLink Customer Advocacy

March 19, 2018

R: ***



Dear Ms.,

Thank you for your letter to Mr. P.

I reviewed your account information as we discussed on Monday, March 19, 2018, which indicate your rates are correct. You are guaranteed the $57.00 promotional discount through January 16, 2019. However, rates are susceptible to rate increases as mentioned on page 7 of your last billing.

CenturyLink apologizes for any in convenience.

Best Regards,

Case Manager
Customer Advocacy Group

Thank you. I made a payment that for some reason did not go through, but I was not informed. My service was shut off and I first tried, 3 times online to pay my bill, but each time the system timed out. When I tried online chat they insisted on full payment and to charge me a "convenience fee". This is unacceptable. They told me I had to call in, which I did not wish to do. And when I said that was unacceptable, they disconnected me. So I had to call. Consider, I had already sought to resolve the issue FOUR TIMES before I even picked up the phone to make my first of FOUR phone calls, the situation is still not resolved, your rude customer service respresentatives keep snidely and *** adding fees that are illegal. I want each and every fee waived. A big, fat apology. And now, because I'm so furious, a credit on my bill. I have spent over two hours today trying to resolve this. You are literally the worst and most enraging company ever. Continuous refusing to put me through to supervisors, having to repeat myself and rude, patronizing treatment. You should be ashamed and embarrassed

Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 16, 2018

CenturyLink appreciates Ms. giving us the opportunity to review our handling of her account, *** I would like to apologize for the less than exemplary service that Ms. feels she recently received from CenturyLink representatives. Her comments are appreciated and, to improve customer service, will be investigated.

Our records indicate Ms. made an online payment for $115.41 on March 11, 2018. On March 14, 2018, the payment was rejected by the bank with a notation ‘no account unable to locate’.

Ms. account was suspended for non-payment on March 15, 2018. At the time of the suspension, the account had a past due balance of $110, new charges for $121.41, for a total amount due of $231.41. This information is reflected on the February 16, 2018 bill.

Ms. spoke with several representative on March 15, 2018. A payment for $115 was received and the service was restored. This payment correctly included a $3.50 convenience fee. In addition, she was advised the account would be billed a $20 return payment fee for the rejected payment.

In an effort to satisfy, adjustments were made to the account on March 15, 2018. A credit for the convenience fee ($4.02) was issued, a credit for the return payment fee ($22.92) was issued, and a credit for the late payment charge ($9.62) was issued. All credits were reflected on pages 5 and 6 of the March 16, 2018 bill. In addition, Ms. spoke with a representative on March 18, 2018 and an additional $20 credit was applied for the return payment charge. Thus, Ms. received credit for two return payment charges but was only billed for one.

On April 5, 2018, Ms. spoke with a representative regarding the credits. She was incorrectly advised that all credits, totaling $56.56, would be on the April 16, 2018 bill. The credit Ms. was promised on March 15th are on the March 16, 2018 bill. The credit for $20 which was applied on March 18th, should be reflected on the April bill. I apologize for the miscommunication. I have attached a copy of the March 16, 2018 bill for Ms. review.

CenturyLink Customer Advocacy

My telephone line keeps going dead. I've requested and received service repair at least 5 times, to no avail. The line was inoperative yet again today.

Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 12, 2018

I have reviewed the complaint from *** regarding ongoing phone line issues. Our repair request history supports ***'s claim of the phone line issues over the past few months. I have requested our Repair Escalation Team contact *** and ensure these ongoing problems are resolved they will be in touch in the next 1-2 business days.



The Prism TV service was very poor services never lived up to their advertisement, constant shut off requiring regular rebooting two to three time daily and frequent shut off After three years I decided to cancel the prism television service to which I was informed that I would be charged a $200,00 early termination fee. I was bill for an additional two month before I was able to get a final bill that reflected the correct amount. I was not charged the $200.00 dollars early termination my bill was prorated up to $240.00

I receive calls on a daily basis about settling this bill. The unfortunate thing I was never informed that I was under a contract and when I signed up to be a customer there were no penalty for termination this was a part of their advertisement. If I would have known that I had additional time on a contract I would have endured to the end of the contract.

Retired people should not be taken advantaged of by companies and their arrogant staff who advise me if I had a concern to get in line there were others who had the same problem.

4200 was prorated on the early termination feess

Lumen Technologies Response • Mar 29, 2018

I have received a copy of the complaint filed by Mr. ***, regarding a billing dispute. After investigation of Mr. account it has been found that the customer was under an agreement for the discounts that were being received monthly for the PRISM service. However CenturyLink has granted Mr. request for credit for the early termination fee that was charged. The credit of $240.00 that was charge has been adjusted to the account which will credit towards the remaining amount on the account and the excess of the credit will be returned to Mr. in the form of a check. This will also notify our collection partner that the debt has been satisfied and removed. CenturyLink appreciates the opportunity to investigate and resolve Mr. complaint. Sincerely, Mr.

Customer Response • Mar 29, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


When we signed up for Centurylink at our new home 12 months ago, the sales person told us that we had to have home phone at our rural location in order to have internet service. We knew the home had no working phone jacks, but only the designated jack for internet, but agreed. We were quoted an outrageous price but had no choice but to agree since Centurylink is the only internet provider that is in our area with the exception of satellite internet. So knowing that we needed internet for our jobs, we agreed to the useless phone. Our total monthly bill for the last 12 months has averaged between $120-$135 (some late fees). OF that amount $71.90 was for the phone package each month. We do not have a home phone and have never once been able to connect one, and by consequence have never made a single call. This can all be verified by their system I am sure. Well, in February, my neighbor asked why we were paying so much for internet, they were only paying $45/month plus taxes and fees. I contacted centurylink immediately to drop the phone service. I addressed this lie and asked for the account to be credited for the 12 months of wasted costs based on their sales teams lie - they would not even address the request. I was told however that my changes would be made immediately by one of the two persons I spoke to on their chat system. I believe I was told that the new speed would be available " as soon as I hooked up the replacement modem". So today, I logged in to pay my bill and the old billing amount remains. Well it turns out that after I disconnected from the chat, the agent continued to type ( even though I was not present in the chat) that the next bill would be prorated. They did not even put through the changes I requested on 2/28 until 3/13. Their delay cost me a ton of money. I fought and fought for a credit for the full amount or at least a prorated amount, but their agent Beth refused to answer my questions and instead kept sending me the same message over and over. I was being offered a $30 one time credit over and over, but could not be told if that precluded me from having the full amount credited when we called back. Eventually, due to her rudeness, I was put through to a supervisor who credited $55. This still leaves me paying extra this month for their mistake. She also refused to address the issue of the lies and claims she cannot pull the sales call. She claims that she can only credit 90 days back, yet would not credit the 3 months worth of phones caused by their deception. She ended the chat without allowing me to discuss it further. She forced the $55 credit, without me agreeing to it as a resolution of all of my matters. I did offer that if they credited the months entire bill that I would let it go. $128 credit in exchange for the $862+ they stole from us over the last year seemed like a no brainer to me. She simply disconnected and prompted me to take a survey, but not before trying to upsell me an additional $10/month for faster internet. So here I am with a bill for this month that is still too high despite the credits, and no credit or even addressing of the issue surrounding the lie about the phones. I feel completely taken advantage of and just cannot swallow how I was lied to for the sake of an increase in sales. This lie cost me nearly $1000 - but also cost Centurylink its integrity.

Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 13, 2018

To whom it may concern:

CenturyLink appreciates the opportunity to review the issues or concerns regarding this complaint.

At CenturyLink, we strive to provide outstanding customer service and feedback is appreciated and utilized to enhance our training.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to validate the claim. That said, I have gone back twelve months and re-rated the amount that would have applied at a rate of $45.00 a month and $9.99 modem lease fee which comes to $659.88.

While this rate is higher, it would have been as the rate previously priced with the voice line is less than if the rate had it been a standalone pure broadband account.

The amount paid in that period comes to $1145.24 which I have deducted the amount that would have applied ($659.88) and have adjusted the difference or $485.24. This has been applied to the account and stay as a balance credit going forward until the amount is used up for the months service going forward.

CenturyLink acknowledges the customers concerns and apologizes for any issues or inconvenience that may have been experienced.


Steve S

I was scheduled four different times to receive new service at my new location for internet service placed. I had to take off four different times, waited for the technician to come to my address. I did not receive a phone call from customer service or the technician that they were unable to provide service on the scheduled date & time that was given by the company.
I had to call after my appointed time schedule to find out if the technicians were still coming. I am very upset of the poor communication and service that is provided. I have been a long term paying customer and to be treated like my business doesn't matter is disrespectful. I am not being compensated for taking off from work. I am a full time DOD federal employee. I do not appreciate utilizing time off when it is unproductive due to a failure on your company. I want this resolve immediately. Customer service should have access to communicate with the technician to know there whereabouts to better service the paying customers.

Being the only internet provider in my location is bad enough. Otherwise I would have taken my business elsewhere. I have no other option but to file a complaint after four cancelled appointments made by your company which are not being for filled.

Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 09, 2018

Centurylink appreciates Ms. *** giving us the opportunity to review our handling of her account. I would like to apologize for the less than exemplary service that Ms*** recently received from Centurylink representatives. Her comments are appreciated, and to improve customer service, will be investigated. Our representatives need to know the negative impact we have on customers when we fail to do our jobs well. Our records indicate that the service order was completed and the service got installed after it was delayed. Records also indicate that the account was previously credited for the frustration encountered and the delays that took place. For further assistance or questions please contact our team directly at 1-800-788-3600

Centurylink regrets any inconvenience Ms*** has experienced. Sincerely, Mr.

My promotional rate ended with Century Link, so I called in as normal, and was informed that my only option was to choose the 'Price for Life' rates. The price for like rate for my current level of service is more than I have been paying in the past on my promotions (quote of $65 plus taxes, vs. past rates since 2011 of $35 or so dollars per month). They (Janet) then proceeded to recommend that I get a service upgrade to 80 mbps for the same price ($65 per month plus taxes), but this would require a service technician upgrade that would cost me $60. I asked that the fee be waived since my cost per month was almost doubling, AND I've been a customer since 2011. Both Janet, and her supervisor Mark, were not able to waive this fee for me, and basically told me 'tough luck', this is the new pricing per month, and that I must also pay for the technician's time to come out to my house to upgrade my internet.

I am upset with the price increase, and I am also upset that customer loyalty was not rewarded in the sales process. I was told there is no longer a customer retention department, and speaking with a supervisor did not satisfactorialy resolve my issue.

Additionally, I was offered 40 mbps service for $55 per month, plus a $10 equipment fee per month, but offered 80 mpbs service for $65, with a waived equipment fee. It is not consumer-friendly to offer lower speeds at the same price. Pricing strategy should be amended to offer lower speeds at lower prices.

Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 10, 2018

I have reviewed the complaint from *** regarding CenturyLink's new price for life pricing structure being higher than her previous promotions. I Show *** has chosen our price for life 40 mbps internet service for $55.00 per month. With CenturyLink's new pricing structure there are no service agreements and no rate increases for the life of the account. If *** would like to lower her monthly bill she could purchase a modem and return her leased modem. The only other option to lower the monthly cost would be to lower the internet speed to 20 mbps which would save $10.00 per month. CenturyLink understands converting our customers from expired promotions to our new pricing structure has caused some frustration and confusion . In most cases our new rates are lower than the previous standard rates before they were discounted in exchange for a service agreement. ***'s previous standard rate was $75.00 per month before her 24 month service agreement discounts were applied. CenturyLink would like to apologize for the time *** spent and any frustration caused by our pricing change transition.



Centurylink is using deceptive billing to over bill after having sold my home, and having moved out for over a month.

Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 11, 2018

I reviewed the billing complaint from *** disputing a final bill on his closed account. I show *** ported out his phone number to another provider on 02/02/2018 and confirmed the last usage for internet was on 02/01/2018. When ***'s phone was ported out the internet service was automatically converted to a standalone account. *** should have been told by his new provider to call and ensure all CenturyLink services were canceled once the phone number was activated with the new provider. Based on my findings I have adjusted the remaining balance on this closed account due to no usage after 02/01/2018. CenturyLink apologizes for the billing error the account now has a zero balance.



Customer Response • Apr 12, 2018

Thanks, the problem is Resolved.Dr. ***Sent from my iPhone

I was promised internet service 2/23. Once that date came about I was notified by a note on my door (not a call or any other form of contact) stating they had to dig a line. I was told it would be scheduled and done within two weeks. I cancelled my old internet service paying for termination fees expecting my service to be turned on. I am currently a student taking internet classes without internet access so I have to go somewhere else every single night. The individual they have told me to call never answers her phone and doesn't even have a working voicemail. It is almost a month out and they still haven't even scheduled for someone to come out to my townhouse and install the cable. They can't find my account number yet so I'm going by my order number.

-They sent me to collections for a modem I have returned and have the tracking number for. I have been fighting it for months. Now it hit my credit report while I am apply for a mortgage.
-At our office they set up two accounts and one we were having automatically billed payed. The other, that we had no idea we had was almost sent to collections. Waiting to see if they will credit us, since we were being double billed.

The service provider did not fulfill their contractual obligation of providing internet service to my home for several weeks, I asked the cancel the service since they could not fulfill their service. They agreed on a phone conversation, however, a couple of weeks later they wanted to collect on a cancellation fee of $100. Up to day, they are trying to collect with fees$203.00, I intend to forward this complain with the FCC and any other government agency that oversees companies such as this for illegally trying to collect on services never provided.

Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 02, 2018

I have received a copy of the complaint filed by Ms. *** , regarding a billing dispute. Unfortunately, Ms. did not provide her CenturyLink account number. In order to investigate her complaint, I will need the CenturyLink account number. Once I have the necessary information I will be able to investigate her concerns. CenturyLink apologizes for any frustration. For immediate assistance please contact our team directly at 1-800-788-3500Sincerely, Mr. C

Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 05, 2018

CenturyLink was able to locate the account with the information that was provided by the customer. After investigation of the account it has been found that on 08/23/2011 and 9:19 pm the customer contacted our customer care requesting to disconnect services. Our notes indicate that Ms. requested to cancel services at this time she was informed there would be a early termination fee assessed if the account was canceled. Ms. expressed that she had felt we weren't providing her with service. At that time our care agent contacted our Internet support group to check the service for outages or trouble on the customers lines. After investigation our records did not show antiquate records of trouble reported to our technical support group by the customer. We do show that trouble was encountered the month prior however this was addressed a resolved and a credit was applied to the account for the time without service. As our notes on the account indicate the customer was made aware of the fee upon canceling and that it was a valid charge. CenturyLink has sustained the previous decision that the fee is valid. CenturyLink has closed this complaint. Sincerely, Mr. C

Customer Response • Apr 05, 2018

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: The information provided is not accurate, I cancelled because CenturyLink could not provide service. I was without internet access for more than 2 weeks, your representative offered to cancel the service because in my area, at the time, the service was fairly newly offered. We had so many outages, there was no point to try to wait for the service to be restore, it was there that the representative offered to cancel the contract. It really doesn't make any sense for me to cancel, when the service was significantly less expensive than the only other provider in the area. I was really conflicted, but 2 weeks had gone by and the service never came back. A month later, so inexperienced, young rep called and threaten me with fines for cancelling, and even at that time, there was no service available. I tried reasoning with him, but he was just nasty, totally uncalled for, he didn't listened to reason, even his notes noted the lapse in service, but he would not hear me. Anyway, I didn't cancelled because I wanted to, your company was not able to provide reliable service at the time, and this was detrimental to me. I was attending school and needed to upload assignments on time, for which I had to go all the way to the library to complete. Again, this certainly was completely unacceptable. I don't see why I need to be punished for what it was obviously your inability to provide service.


I paid my bill online, using my banking account. I received a confirmation number, also an email of the confirmation number. The payment was completed on January 24, 2018. Then I receive a bill in the mail. I called to find out about my payment. I was told the bank refused. I was paying other bills online and no problems. So I cancelled my phone services with Century Link and asked them to send me a final bill. I could no longer pay online because they said my account was closed. If I paid with a credit card or debit card, I was charged an extra $3.00. I received my final bill, there was an adjustment on my bill, one for prorating and one for return check fee. I have tried to talk to them. I told them I have a confirmation number and a thank you for my payment. I was told that doesn't matter, that is only a reference number. It doesn't mean anything. I want the $25.00 fee removed. I have sent my check for the payment less the fee.

Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 11, 2018

CenturyLink appreciates the opportunity to review Ms. account, ***. Our records indicate Ms. initiated an Electronic Funds Transfer on January 24, 2018. The $90 payment was rejected by the bank on January 30, 2018 with the notation ‘no account unable to locate’. Ms. account was suspended for non-payment on January 31, 2018 and Ms. Dickey disconnected the account on February 2, 2018.

Ms. February 16, 2018 Closing bill correctly reflects a $25 return payment charge. While the charge is valid and Ms. Dickey had been billed the return payment charge in the past, CenturyLink has agreed to adjust the charge. A credit for $25 was issued on April 10, 2018. The account currently reflects a zero-balance due.

CenturyLink Customer Advocacy

I’m writing this letter to dispute the charges and end the relentless badgering and harassment by Century Link over payments that are not due. Century Link has engaged in fraudulent billing charging for service that was not as advertised, equipment that was not provided and in excess of agreed upon rates. I am copying this letter to the FCC, the Consumer Protection Bureau and any other agency or entitiy I can think of in the hopes that Century Link be fined, reprimanded and/or brought up on official charges.

I was contacted by CenturyLink in March of 2016 with the offer to provide 40 GBPS internet service for $39.95/month. Knowing that companies like CenturyLink are prone to ov***harge for fees and hidden costs, I questioned the salesperson in great detail. I was very clear that I would only change from my current service IF I pay $34.95 per month AND there would be no other hidden or undisclosed charges. The response was that it would be $34.95 per month plus “[some taxes and government fees]”. I questioned those fees in detail trying to get them to pin down an exact monthly cost and any charges to commit to a true total monthly cost and though they would not be specific, they ultimately conceded and indicated that they would be in the range of $5-7/month and would be communications/government/taxes. I agreed to sign up for internet service under those terms.

They sent a technician out to my house to “install” the internet service. I did not request they send someone out to my house to install the internet as I already had a CenturyLink modem from when I was previously a CenturyLink customer. When my earlier CenturyLink service prior to this connection was terminated, I was not asked to return the modem and never heard anything about it. The technician used my existing modem to hook up the new service and internet service began about 3/25/16. I did not ask for installation, nor agree to any installation costs as I already had a modem and know how to plug a modem into a phone jack.

My problems began with my first bill from CenturyLink on 4/13/16 (just over two weeks after service started) in the amount of $118.37. This is more than three times my agreed upon rate! I contacted CenturyLink immediately and complained that it was not what I had agreed to. The first bill included improper, unwanted and undisclosed charges for $48.10 called “service additions & charges”. I was never told of any of these charges. I reluctantly paid the bill on 5/18/16 believing that my charges would be corrected as they had agreed and the balance would be credited in due time. However, my next bill was for an $86.72 in new charges. Again, over twice the agreed upon rate of $39.95/month. As of 5/13/18, I had now been billed $205.09 for less than three months of service from 3/25 thru 6/12/16 (78 days). At $39.95/month that would equate to a prorated charge of $90.87 plus taxes. I had now been ov***harges $115 for three months of service. I did not pay the ov***harges and told CenturyLink I would not pay these ov***harges. I had already paid three months of service. My next bill included a late charge of $7 and total new charges of $47.91. This would have been fine had the ov***harges been corrected, but since the bill had never been corrected, my late payment was certainly justified in the face of the fraudulent charges and misleading tactics used by CenturyLink. Again, I disputed the ov***harges and my July bill was reduced by $109.92 as a result. My July 13, 2016 bill included $23.94 in new charges after reductions resulting in a total account credit of -$13.54. This bill stated my monthly service was $19.95. My next bill (August 13, 2016) after having just the prior month had a CREDIT balance of -$13.54 was for $143.35!!!!!! It stated that my monthly internet service charge was now $44.95 plus $3.99 fees. This bill included $107.95 for “unreturned broadband equipment”. As stated earlier, I did not get any new equipment from CenturyLink with this account. I had the equipment from my previous use of CenturyLink. At this point, I had paid a total of $180.56 for service thru July 13, 2018, a total of 108 days. Still less than four months of service for an average of $50.15/month for services that was supposed to be $34.95/month. I complained about the additional unjustified charges and at about that time I also discovered that my internet speeds were between 12 GBPS and 20 GPS no matter what time of day or night I checked them. CenturyLink clearly vastly overstated their promised internet speeds. Though in the small print, they do state it is “up to” 40 GBPS, I think a maximum of 50% of the speed advertised is clearly misrepresenting the services supplied and fraudulent. Despite these fraudulent charges, I nevertheless paid the bill for the current new charges of $48.94 expecting them to make the appropriate corrections. My next (September 13, 2018) bill showed the payment made for the previous charges and not only did it not reflect the adjustment for the equipment CenturyLink did not provide, but had “new charges” of $55.94. This bill also included a $7 late fee, though I paid for the internet charges and did not pay for equipment I did not receive. I did not pay this bill and my service was subsequently terminated. At this point, I had paid $229.50 for a little over 5 months of service or a total of Throughout the terms of my use of the CenturyLink internet services provided at 50% of the advertised speed, I acted in good faith to pay bills even though I was aggressively ov***harged and I paid over the agreed upon monthly charges for services to date. My October 13, 2018 bill post disconnection of the service was for yet another obscenely fraudulent and exhorbitant charge of $304.90 and included charges for an early termination of a two year contract that I did not agree to, nor did I terminate, nor for which did CenturyLink have any justification for termination since I had paid more than agreed for my usage charges and did not have any equipment provided with this account.

I had several discussions with CenturyLink in which I agreed to pay for the services rendered even though the service speeds were not anywhere near the advertised speeds. CenturyLink has acted in an extremely abusive and harassing manner in trying to collect monies for items and services not provided. CenturyLink was in breach of any contract and has acted in bad faith in dealing with this matter.

Please cease and desist in any further collection actions immediately. I have been contacted by *** and *** for collections of this account that is not only not due to CenturyLink, but over two years old! IF CenturyLink and/or any of it’s collection agents report or have reported any adverse information related to this matter, I will pursue all actions available to me including suit for imparement of credit.

Thank you for your thoughtful review of these facts.


Cc: FCC, Consumer Protection Bureau, State of Colorado,

Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 10, 2018

To whom it may concern:

CenturyLink appreciates the opportunity to review the issues or concerns regarding this complaint.

At CenturyLink, we strive to provide outstanding customer service and feedback is appreciated and utilized to enhance our training.

Assuming the criteria for this promotion had been met, the billing would have reflected this.

Autopayment and paperless billing are required to get the full discount.

That said there were serious miscommunications and or lack of disclosure that even though a copy is mailed to the customer, there seems to be a wide gap in what was disclosed as to what should have been disclosed.

I have taken the customer at his word and based on the following formula came up with a solution that should be amicable to the customer.

The customer was billed for 193 days of service. If we take the expected amount of monthly reoccurring charges of an even $40.00 a month the daily charge comes to $1.33 a day for the service or total due of $257.33.

The customer has paid a total of $229.50 which is very close to the amount that covers the period of use.

In lieu of all the issues incurred, Centurylink has issued an adjustment of $304.90 which will bring the balance to zero.

If any credit reporting has been done the process to have any collections reporting removed is as follows:

Customer must mail a written statement (No Fax, Email, Phone calls) to:


1008 Oliver Rd

Monroe, LA 71201

Requirements of the letter are as follows:
1. Full Name of Customer
2. Date the inquiry was ran per their credit report (we need the exact date)
3. Statement requesting the removal of the inquiry
4. SSN (not required but helps quicken the process)
5. Current address
6. Signature and Date (this grants us permission to access the credit report)

CenturyLink acknowledges the customers concerns and apologizes for any issues or inconvenience that may have been experienced trying to get services disconnected.


Steve S

Called to cancel service. I was informed that I had a contract, which I did not authorize. I had centurylink for 5 years, and was beyond my initial contract period. Information from cancellation: elizabeth, resource manager. 175 employee code.
*** account number

Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 10, 2018

I have reviewed the complaint from *** regarding a disputed early termination fee on a closed account. The name associated with the account number provided in the complaint isn't the same. If *** could confirm the CenturyLink account number he has the billing dispute on I would be happy to further assist as needed.



Customer Response • Apr 11, 2018

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: Issue is still not resolved. The name of the account is ***, and I am authorized on the account. Please advise where to send military orders.

Thank you,


Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 19, 2018

I have reviewed the reply regarding the account holder information. I reviewed the closed account billing history there weren't any charges for early termination there are no credits due on this closed account.



I was promised a credit of 330.35 in January due to horrible service and hours on the phone. It is a very long story. I was promised a credit by the agent after this very long issue. I called today to see where it was at and I was told a manager decided I could not get the credit. I have never been contacted by Century Link to tell me this. I paid all of my bill but this amount because I was promised this credit. When I call them they hang up or transfer to the wrong department. I have had to call them so many times, there is no way this is a coincidence. I would like the recorded call to be pulled that shows what I was promised.

Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 12, 2018

Our records indicate Ms. also submitted a complaint with the Federal Communication Commission (#FCC ***) and our Executive Office regarding her concerns. Ms. has been working with a Manager in our Executive Office. Emails were exchanged on March 15, 20, and 26, 2018. Below is a summary of his findings. To avoid duplication of efforts, the Executive Office Manager will be the primary source of response to address Ms.’s concerns.

Customer Advocacy Group

Mrs. states she was out of service for 3 days in January. An agent promised her a credit of $330.25, which was her whole bill at the time. She has not received the adjustment and wants the credit that was promised to her honored.

When I researched the account I found that on 01/26/18 Bailey Morgan(PATP076) offered Mrs. a credit of $330.25. This covered the full amount due at the time, $83.30 of that was CenturyLink and the remaining $246.95 was for DirecTV. Kaelinn Morse(CRIL014) denied the credit on 01/30/18 because of the amount. She left a note for Bailey to readjust the amount and resubmit it, since CenturyLink does not credit DirecTV charges. No one followed up with Mrs. to advise the credit was invalid. When she called back, she was correctly advised by multiple agents that the credit was not approved and credits for DirecTV charges needed to be requested through that entity. The January DirecTV charges were higher due to a $135.00 unreturned equipment charge from them. It was explained that DirecTV would need to adjust that charge, and then it would show up on the next combined bill we received from them.

To honor our portion of the credit, I confirmed that $51.70 had already been adjusted by CenturyLink agents, so $31.60 was needed to ensure the full $83.30 was credited. I submitted that adjustment. I also confirmed that she received $180.00 credit from DirecTV that is reflecting on her March bill. Feedback was sent to Bailey for offering an invalid credit and to Kaelinn for not ensuring Bailey followed up with the customer to advise of the rejection.

10/21/2017 Last day that I had CenturyLink (CL) internet service
10/23/2017 Called CL to report outage.
10/27/2017 CL Technician did not show up during timeframe.
10/30/2017 CL technician called and went, sent it to a cable technician.
10/31/2017 Cable technician unable to access the neighbor’s backyard where the cable is damaged between my home and the cable box. Said would keep trying.
11/3/2017 Called Billing who confirmed that the days 10/23/2017 to 11/3/2017 were credited back (Confirmation # documented) and directed me to call back if not repaired by 11/16/2017. Bill due 11/17/2017.
11/16/2017 Spoke with Mark in Billing who stated that my 10/28 bill was reduced to 0, 20 days credited back. Spoke with Matt who stated that my ticket from 11/5/2017 (Ticket # documented) was closed. The CL policy is to attempt to enter the area 3 times and close ticket as unresolved if unable to access. Info was sent to technician’s supervisor, was supposed to contact me. Was never contacted by technician’s supervisor.
11/20/2017 Cancelled CL after being told that my line would continue to not be repaired. A representative told me that “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” He was helpful and attempted assist, but the policies in place did not allow anything to be done to repair my line.
11/2017 November bill arrived saying I owed $119.xx to CL
11/30/2017 Spoke with someone who hung up on me instead of transferring me.
11/30/2017 Spoke with Luis in Billing, transferred to Joshua in Customer Service, transferred to Jeanine in Customer Service who authorized the credit for $149.75 (confirmed with her supervisor on duty), transferred to Ginger in Finance who confirmed that my bill was $0 and my auto-pay was turned off.
12/8/2017 Chatted with Oscar C (Emp# documented) who stated that the credit was not approved and 12/9/2017 bill would auto-pull using my bank account on file. Attempted to re-issue the credit.
12/9/2017 Returned CL router in person .
12/14/2017 Online chat with CL – Karen K (employee # documented) stated that the credit was applied and my balance was $0.
12/15/2017 (12:30 PM) Spoke with Brandy in Billing, transferred me to Julie in Cancellations, transferred me to Cindy in Finance. Cindy said my auto-pay was turned off when my account was disconnected.
Cindy confirmed that I was owed $18.16 for 10/2017 and $11.80 for 11/2017, for a total of $29.96. Was transferred back to Billing where I waited on hold until I had to leave (15+ minutes).
12/15/2017 (2:30 PM) Spoke with Raj (Employee # documented) in Billing, confirmed the amount of $29.96 that is owed to me. Told me to call back Monday.
12/18/2017 (10:50 AM) Spoke with Shamay (Emp# documented) in Billing, transferred me to Christian in Billing who hung up on me when I asked to be transferred.
12/18/2018 (11:15 AM) Spoke with Jeremy (Emp#documented, Idaho) in Billing who indicated that a required field is greyed out due to an employee error. Confirmed that “going forward, there should be no new charges: and would follow up with the “National order help desk” Said he would call back 12/27 with an update and said he had my email address. Indicated 12/21/2017 would be final bill.
12/27/2017 Jeremy called me and asked for my email address again. Never received an email from Jeremy.
1/26/2018 Called and requested Jeremy with the information provided, was unable to be directed due to policy. Bill now says I somehow owe $12.50. Spoke with Cindy, who transferred me to Teresa in Billing. Teresa spoke with her supervisor and confirmed that I am owed the $18.16 for Oct. 2017 and $11.80 for Nov. 2017. Teresa said that someone “zeroed out” the account for the last bill instead of issuing the credit I was owed. Teresa’s supervisor has relayed that I am owed the credit, but only a supervisor in the Financial Dept can issue that. Teresa left detailed notes on my account. I was transferred to the Financial Dept with Chantelle (Emp ID# documented), who said the $12.50 was a fee for a returned check from stopping payment on my last bill. Chantelle said that the fee and the refund would not be issued due to the computer system not letting her check a box, despite being entitled to same. Her Manager’s name is Makita. When I requested a call from her manager, I was told that she didn’t know who would be calling me back/would not give me a direct #, but said a manager would call me within 24 business hours (DID NOT HAPPEN).
Transferred to Final Bill Department when told that if I didn’t pay the $12.50 that should have been refunded, my account would be turned over to collections. Roxanne was unable to locate my account with the phone number.
1/26/2018 Went to file claim and the website provided a phone number. I called and asked for a supervisor, as website directed, but the representative (Nancy Emp ID # documented, her supervisor’s name is Sophia) had no idea what do to with my information. She did remove the $12.50 fee, but could not give me a confirmation number, and informed me that amounts under $25 are NOT provided to collections as I was told by Roxanne.
2/1/2018 Called Final Bill Department, spoke with Dana. Hung up on me when I was asking a question about transferring. She said the account balance is zero and there’s nothing she can do. Transferred me to Billing. Danielle in Billing said she can only do credits, Financial Department does money back. Transferred to Financial Department and spoke with Cindy (same person as 12/15/2017). Cindy put me on hold a few times and came back with the final answer that a check would be sent to me at my mailing address for $29.96 in around 10 business days. She said she had to fill out a special form but that it would be done.
3/13/2018 Called Finance Dept to follow up on check from Cindy. Norma answered and said there was no credit on the account and no check would be issued. I was transferred to Kiana in customer service who verified the $29.96 that was owed and transferred me to someone in Finance named Nick who was combative and refused to transfer me to his manager/supervisor. Nick did not listen to any of the facts that I had to provide and did not offer any solutions.

Final Thoughts: $29.96 is owed to me from CenturyLink. I would like an explanation why my service was never repaired. I would also like to know what CenturyLink is going to do going forward in the scenario that someone refuses access to their yard/CenturyLink's property/cables. I would still be a customer had CL had any intention of repairing the cables that were cut/damaged resulting in my loss of service.

Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 12, 2018

CenturyLink appreciates Ms. giving us the opportunity to review our handling of her account, ***. I would like to apologize for the less than exemplary service that Ms. recently received from CenturyLink representatives. Her comments are appreciated and, to improve customer service, will be investigated. Our representatives need to know the negative impact we have on customers when we fail to do our jobs well.

Ms. d’Entremont’s experience regarded her repair issue and easement access has been passed to our Network Group for further review/investigation. CenturyLink has policy and procedures in place regarding easement access. CenturyLink appreciate her sharing her experience.

A manual adjustment form has been issued for $29.96 and is currently being processed. Once processed, a refund check will be issued and sent to the address Ms. provided on the request.

CenturyLink regrets the any inconvenience Ms. has experienced and we are sorry we have lost her as a customer.

CenturyLink Customer Advocacy

Over the past year, I have called them and requested to be removed from their mailing list no less than 8 times and I still continue to receive their postcards every other week. I keep being told that I've been removed but the every other week postcards continue to be sent. In addition, the amount of mailings they send is obnoxious. I've asked to talk to a supervisor but am repeatedly denied.

Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 02, 2018

I have received a copy of the complaint filed by Ms. ***, regarding a marketing dispute. Centurylink has added Ms. Dine's address to our do not mail list. This will prevent future marketing campaigns from being mailed to the customers address. Please note that any current marketing campaigns may show up as they were generated before the restriction was placed on the address. Centuyrlink apologizes for the frustration encountered. Sincerely, Mr.

Issue #1: Never received statements after opening account.
Issue #2: Contacted CenturyLink about a promotion that was supposed to be added to my bill regarding $5 discount for paperless billing and $5 discount for automatic billing. Was told that promotions were never added and they had expired, so they could not be added at this time. Currently being over billed on a promise that was never followed through.
Issue #3: Customer Service could not address the issue with $5 promotions and did not know who to transfer me to. After being put on hold and being disconnected on multiple times, I was eventually able to reach the retention department. Why wasn't I sent here in the first place, and why did it take at least 5 phone calls to get to these people? Agent promised a $46 credit for the overbilling that happened in previous months, credit was never received.
Issue #4: Contacted CentryLink to install Direct TV. After being told I was eligible, I was told that I was ineligble, and transferred to another department, who repeated this process; said I could have it, then said I couldn't and had to talk to a specific department. I was bounced between Customer Service and MFDU for more than two hours trying to get this issue solved. Issue was never resolved as the service center closed. Order was not placed.
Issue #5: Contacted CenturyLink to install Direct TV. Agent promised $100 gift card to make up for previous experiences. As we placed the order, I was transferred to a 3rd party company without my permission to finalize my order that would not issue said $100 gift card.
Issue #6: Contacted CenturyLink to inquire about $100 gift card, and was told that I was ineligible to receive it because the order had not been placed through CenturyLink.
Issue #7: Poor treatment of customers on the phone. I have worked in customer service for more than 10 years and, even while dealing with a difficult customer, have always maintained composure. The agents at CenturyLink cannot say the same, and I have never been treated so poorly by a company in my life.
Issue #8: It took more than 15 phone calls--all of which I have recorded. time, date, agent name/ID--to finally get my issue resolved. 15 phone calls over the course of 5 days. It should never, ever, EVER be this hard to do business with someone.

Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 10, 2018

I have reviewed the complaint from *** regarding a poor customer service experience trying to order Direct TV service. I reviewed the account notes and don't show any access nor requests to add Direct TV service to this CenturyLink account. The customer's CenturyLink account is a stand alone internet only account there hasn't been any bundled billing requests with Direct TV services. I show the customer is on their last month of their 12 month promotion receiving a discount of $25.05 by maintaining auto pay and paperless billing. I'm not sure if *** was referring to conversations with Direct TV and not CenturyLink. I would be happy to further assist if *** has any additional information for me to consider.



We contacted Century Link around June of 2017 for service to our business. Some how 2 different accounts were opened by Century Link when we only needed and signed up for one service account. We realized we were receiving bills from 2 different account numbers for the same service around August and began making phone calls to inform Century Link of this error and have it corrected. We have made several attempts by phone since August to correct this error. We wrote a letter explaining the error that included copies of the active account and the account in question to show that two accounts are open for the same thing. Century Link has failed to correct their error and continue to try to collect funds for services and equipment that we did not receive nor ask for. We have only one set of equipment that is being used to provide the services we are using and paying for through the one account that is active and valid.

Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 10, 2018

CenturyLink appreciates Ms. giving us the opportunity to review our handling of her account, ***. I would like to apologize for the less than exemplary service that Ms. recently received from CenturyLink representatives. Her comments are appreciated and, to improve customer service, will be investigated. Our representatives need to know the negative impact we have on customers when we fail to do our jobs well.

An adjustment for $167.74 was applied to the account on April 9, 2018. The account currently reflects a zero-balance due. An email has been sent to our collections agency, requesting the removal of all collection activity and reporting. CenturyLink regrets any inconvenience Ms. has experienced.

CenturyLink Customer Advocacy

Customer Response • Apr 10, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.



I renewed my service for 35 dollars a month for internet. I received my first bill and it was 65 dollars. I called centurylink and disputed the bill due to the new promotion was for 35 dollars a month for a year. They fixed the bill and I paid the 35 dollars for the internet. The next bill came and it was for 70 dollars. I called them again and asked why this issue kept coming up. The centurylink employee said we have you a credit and that was all they could do. I advised him that the bill was suppose to be for 35 dollars. They said that’s not what it will be. I told them the reason I renewed was because of the promotion price for 35 dollars. He was rude and said there was nothing he could do. I told him fine then I’m not going to stay with centurylink. He told me fine I’ll charge your account 140 dollars to cancel. In which he did in the auto payment I had set up. I contacted my bank and said I never authorized this transaction. Now fast forward 2 Years I got a bill for collections of 140 dollars from centurylink. I never signed a contract and if I did, I would have shown them my bill should have been for the 35 dollars a month. It truly was a horrible experience that is now going to potentially hurt my credit. I’m in the process of buying a house, in which I do not need this on my credit. Also, I was lied to by this company and if I cancelled on my end for no reason then I would understand. But due to them lying to me, and me never signing a contract. I can’t believe they are still attempting to make me pay for something that was their fault!

Lumen Technologies Response • Apr 04, 2018

I have reviewed the complaint from *** regarding a disputed bill on a closed CenturyLink account. I would be happy to further investigate this matter if *** can provide me with the closed account number. I was unable to find the account with the information provided the number should be on the bill *** received.



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