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This was are first move with Master MoversNot only did they call to verify our move but they were able to arrive within our very tight window of time that we needed because we had many things going on that day They were friendly, very professional, and extremely fast at what they do Even under pressure due to a mixup on the move in address that they recorded from the office which was corrected on their arrival they kept to the quoted time frame and cost We will more than definatly use them again and recommend them to all our friends and family

Dear,Ms [redacted] claim was submitted incomplete and we did ask her to supply further information on that resolutionWhen submitting her claim to the claim department they found that there some of the items claimed were labeled as “PBO” (Packed by Owner) and unfortunately the company has no knowledge of how the items were packed or secured and for this reason Master Movers can not assume responsibility for the damageIt was also found that some of the items claimed were not listed on the inventory sheets, thus they were not part of the contracted items to be moved and thus we can not accept responsibility for themThe claims department's biggest challenge was the notation of damageAfter a very careful review of the inventory sheets it was found that there was no notation of the items being damaged thus it did not meet the requirement for “notation of exception” as stated by the Master Movers Tariff and the Department of TransportationSection of the Master Mover’s Tariff states: Filing of Claims/Complaints Procedures: “ must be limited to the destination descriptions of damage indicated on the inventory logs at the time of delivery.It is solely the shipper’s responsibility to inspect and indicate damaged or missing items on the inventory logs at the time of delivery.” Ms [redacted] submitted a piece ofpaper that was a hand written list of items and thus did not meet this requirementThe claims department did find that there was minor property damage notated and thus the customer was offered $for the issue as stated in the tariffWe thank the in their assistance to resolve the issue for Ms [redacted] , however the claims department can only go by their procedures and policies in handle all claims for customers of Master MoversThank you,Master Movers

My experience with Master Movers was an awesome oneIt was a very smooth move and gave me the piece of mind I needed:)I would highly reccomend this company:)

Dear,Mr [redacted] took out a separate insurance policy with He submitted a claim for damage and a late delivery to our officeWe can not accept his claim for the damage as all of that will be handled by Movinginsurance.comHis request for a compensation on the late delivery is on the supervisors deskI do expect to have an answer for Mr [redacted] on the request next week.Thank you for assisting us in resolving the customers issues.Sincerely,Mgmnt I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that the response would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I have emailed this company over times at least asking about my furnatureWe have called times to try to pay and no one answers the phone at the number they provided me withThey company is not asking for $in cash which is absurd and refuse to take credit card like the agreementI emailed the documents and my attorney's attempts to get this resolved and the company is none responsiveThey admitted to no intent of delivary, no date, no truck, and a desire to auction my things after they increased my quote from $2400-$which is so much money that they never told me about at time of picking up my things.[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.] Regards, [redacted]

These movers we very respectful, hard working, and on time The price was fair It was a pleasure doing business with them I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that the response would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear belowThank you for your responseI’ve attached a PDF with representative photos from our move and addressed your comments within the text of your email belowCertainly I understand why you would give your employees the benefit of doubtHowever, I believe the representative photos clearly illustrate that service was not rendered as agreed and that this move was not executed in a professional mannerAs I mentioned in our discussion yesterday, we’re seeking one-half of our money returned and we’re prepared to elevate this matterWhen you’ve had time to review this document, I would appreciate a timely responseYou can reach me at the phone number in my sig belowBest Regards, [redacted] | [redacted] [redacted] e From: ** [mailto:**] Sent: Monday, January 18, 5:PMTo: [redacted] Cc: [redacted] Subject: Follow Up {Reference # [redacted] } Dear Mrand Mrs***, Per our conversation earlier Mrs***, first let me again apologize for any inconvenience caused to you on the day of your moveThe moving documents were given to a supervisor to reveiw, along with the notes of the conversation with Mrs*** had and the notes per the dispatcher and foreman on the jobThe supervisor recognizes that your non-binding estimate was for a total of hrs (hrs of labor, 3hrs of packing to be done, 2hrs for an additional stop plus the travel time of hr and any packing materials used)The contract shows to be opened at 12pm and closed at 9.30pm, per your estimate you had a arrival window of 7am - 1pm then the dispatcher sent you an email that the team was going to be arriving to you anywhere from 7am - 11pm (this latter window of arrival time is a courtsey timeframe as we try to get the window narrowed for you in the AM), however according to the contract the arriving crew was not late (however we do apologize for any misunderstanding in the arrival timeframe windows) Per the notes from the conversation today, Mrs*** stated that Mr [redacted] directed the crew to not pack anything, yet the Packing Materials form shows that the crew did perform minimal packing services in the amount of $211, due to the foreman not charging you the hourly rate of the $for the service he saved you money by charging you per the pieces completedThe information from the foreman shows that upon his arrive he informed you (Mrs***) of the move going over and in speaking to Mr [redacted] he would or already had a U-haul truck and bought some packing supplies for the jobMr [redacted] also stated that he did not need the crew to go to the storage unit or do any of the packing as his wife would be doing thatPer the foreman when he spoke Mr [redacted] for the second time during the move it was expressed that the crew was waiting on certain items (found inside the dres ser and in the china cabinet) to be packed as they were breakables and it was reiterated to him that the crew was not to pack anything his wife was going to be doing it, so the drawers were taken out of the dresser to allow Mrs [redacted] to pack themThe foreman stated they never did get packed This is incorrectWe originally requested three hours of packingHowever, the crew was too slow to be of any assistanceThey could barely render services agreed to; as you’ll see in the attached documentDue to the injured crew member your account has been adjusted $and the packing labor charges were adjusted in the rating to reflect it per piece and not per hourIn the review given at the end of the move the only complaint given was that "one of the movers hurt himself and wasn't able to help the other two with putting our furniture back together" this indicates that it was towards the end of the move that the crew member was unable to helpDue to the fact that you only wanted one trip with the crew and had a full truck, the crew had not other choice but to leave certain item(s) behind This indicates nothing of the kindOne of the movers was injured at the beginning of the moveHe may have worked one or two hoursHe should have notified your office and had a substitute to replace himMoreover, the original estimate offered a detailed list of articles that were not moved; so a per piece and not per hour invoice is not acceptableDue to the full estimated timeframe not being used we can always get you back on schedule for the original price at your booking (as you had a promotional price of $95/hr) if you still needed to have items movedPer the supervisor he stated that you understood your move was large and was going to take some time and in trying to save some money you changed a few things you wanted to have the crew do which is completely at your discretionWe appreciate you choosing Master Movers for your relocation needs and please let us know if you need anything elseBar Stool, Bed King (mattress – this is noted in photos; Chair, rocker; Entertainment center; refrigerator, mini; Cushions from sofa; Tv-Plazma up 40-60”; Tv-Plazma up 40”; Bar table; cabinet, corner; chest of drawers – none of the drawers were retrieved from the chests; M-Boxes (not all of the boxes were moved); Outdoor Table; exercise equipmentSincerely, Customer Service Master Movers [redacted] Regards, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that the response would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear belowI totally agree that the information is only as good as what the customer can give us That is why I provided an extremely accurate inventory list – not a single item was added the day of the move or was unexpected Again, I was only items over the count because THE MOVERS decided to take apart the dining room table, not me So what was item on the inventory list became items, and therefore we were items over It was the choice of the movers to add the additional items when they took apart the table Again, I am questioning how by providing an extremely accurate inventory list to a professional moving company, the professional moving company can be short on their estimate by over 25% for reserved space I was well aware of the $per cubic feet of space reservation charged for additional space But since I provided such an accurate inventory list with NO ADDITIONAL ITEMS, I was not expecting the professional moving company to be so under (by cubic feet) in their estimation and therefore leaving me with an additional $charge, which I had no other option but to pay for Was my other option to take out cubic feet of items from the truck on the day of the move even though Master Movers had it documented that those items are included in the inventory list? What would happen if I didn’t pay for the $charge? I wouldn’t know because no other option was provided to me on the day of the move As far as having a supervisor available to talk to about charges on the day of the move, Jamiyl Gilbert (the driver and head mover) called the office to ask about the charges for packing material after I showed him the official agreement from Master Movers with the free packing materials clearly stated on it Jamiyl was confused so he called the office The office person pulled up the email quote and saw the $charge for packing materials too but could not figure out why Master Movers would not be charging for these items The only option they gave me was that I had to pay for the packing materials regardless of what was stated on my agreement since Master Movers always charges for those items They suggested I pay for it first so the movers can finish and then take it up with billings the next day Was I expected not to pay for the charges and have the movers and truck with all my belongings just sit outside in the parking lot until the next day when someone could resolve the issue? Because no one on the day of the move could explain why I was being charged for something that the official quote says was $or was willing to figure it out so the truck could leave The ONLY option they gave me was to pay for it and sign off on the paperwork Also as far as signing paperwork, I had to do all that with Jamiyl BEFORE the movers could start Only the revised estimate and packing material charges was done at the very end when everything was on the truck already And those were signed off after Jamiyl talked to the office person who did not have an answer to why I was being charged for packing materials In regards to the rating on the survey, I totally still believe the actual men who came out to load and unload the truck were great They were courteous, helpful, efficient, and careful with our items No arguments there Marilyn, the person who provided the initial quote, in the office was also very helpful The only other person I spoke with from Master Movers was the dispatcher No problems with any of these people, therefore the great ratings But no one has been able to explain to me how by providing an accurate inventory list, how I still ended up with a $overage charge for reserved space What’s the use of getting an estimate if it’s going to be under by over 25% regardless of the accuracy of the inventory list All Master Movers keep telling me is that I changed my inventory list and that I had items over And I keep explaining that the changes to my inventory list was not unexpected on the day of the move – I emailed Marilyn the final changes days in advance – and the items over is because your movers decided to take apart the dining room table into items instead Again, I am not disputing how much space I took up in the truck If the items took up cubic feet, it took up cubic feet I am questioning how by providing an extremely accurate inventory list to a professional moving company, the professional moving company can be short on their estimate by over 25% for reserved space Regards, [redacted]

Dear,We appreciate the customers request however we can not comply, per the careful review of the moving documents a credit was issued to the customerMaster Movers does not feel any further credits are due to the customerWe thank the in assisting in resolving this issue for the customerSincerely,Management

Hey guys!I shifted just a month ago and I saved myself from any shifting hassles because thankfully one of my good friends told me about the packing and moving industry moreover he specially mentioned the name of Master Movers as he had himself availed their services and was quite boastful about themGood gracious I'm so glad that I chose them, they made the whole shifting thing so easy! They are so advanced at what they do and have an energetic, organised and ready to listen staffI'm pretty sure I'll choose for next time I shiftGuys choose Master Movers and have a content experience

Dear,We apologize for the late response to this compliant/rebuttalWe thought they had all been answeredPlease note that this matter should be closedThe payment to [redacted] ***'s landlord has been sent to herAs stated previously, the supervisor has reviewed Ms***'s paperwork and a refund is was not found due to herWe again thank you for assisting us in closing this matter.Sincerely,Master Movers

Dear, Unfortunately, we can not put a timeframe on exactly when claims coming into the office will be resolved, it is the holiday season which means delaysWe are working very diligently to get the issue's resolved and as soon as the claims department has the information back from the supervisor the customer will get an email confirming the completion of the resolution and it's being sent outWe do apologize for any delays in getting this completed for the customer and thank her for her continued patience and understanding Sincerely, Customer Service

I am very happy with the service I received from Master Movers with my recent move from Indianapolis to the Louisville areaI would use Master Movers again, and would recommend them to anyone I know The service I received over the phone from  [redacted] was great because she answered a lot of questions without pressuring me to commit The movers ***, [redacted] and [redacted] were polite, friendly, professional, and efficientThe price I expected to pay was the price I paid I asked questions beforehand to make sure there would not be additional charges Everything was great, there were no snafus at all, and they do a top-notch job at Master Movers

Called and had a couple of questions, spoke to customer service; very professional and very helpful! I've never used moverssounds a lot easier, can't wait! thank you for helping me understand how the process works! I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that the response would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I have complained about Master Movers prior to this complaint, therefore I'm hoping everything I've sent regarding my horrible moving experience with this company is savedAfter speaking with the, I was contacted by the company and advised that once the claim was sent in that it would be expedited by a supervisor and resolved as soon as possibleI have yet to receive a response to my claim nor a response to the numerous voicemails I have leftThe claim and photos that were requested were sent certified mail and I have received notification that this was deliveredThe move took place on 10/31/and it is now 12/7/This issue needs to be fixedPersonal items have been damaged and the day was a disasterA response to the claim needs to be addressed now Regards, [redacted]

Dear, Ms [redacted] hired Master Movers to move approximantely items, with an additional stop and flights of stairs / elevator use at the destinationUpon arrival to the home the foreman did find that there was more items than originally estimatedThe given timeframe was 7am-1pm, customer was given a courtesy window of 9am - 11am, our arrival times are not guaranteedMs [redacted] called on the day of the move to say that the movers were not moving fast enough and they were not going to be able to go to the 2nd stopWith a non-binding estimate you are given a requested amount of time per the customers request with the explanation that if you go over you will be charged in minute incrementsPer the notes in the account Ms [redacted] or her mother called in"received phone call from customer cussing and yelling saying that the movers have been there over hrs and have hardly moved anything, she said the movers are going to have to take all her moms things to her house instead of her mothers and now she has to figure out a way to move these things all by herselfI told her I needed to transfer to dispatch and she screamed and yelled and cussed at me saying no because the dispatch doesn't listen to her and she can not understand what they are sayingI finally got her to agree to put on hold, I sent to dispatch, Before that I tried to explain the due to the stairs even though there were elevators the move would more than likely take longer thank hours but she disagreed saying they both had elevatorsNow she is upset the move is going to go over." The recommendation for a move this size per page of the estimate (see attached) shows that it needs movers for anywhere from 2-hrsWith the additional stop and the floor destination this move was definitely going to go over than what the customer requestedDue to the customer using the estimate timeframe and going over an hour, the supervisor stated if she wanted an additional truck we can send one however it would be at an additional cost as we completed the estimate timeframe she allowed Per the dispatcher he spoke to the customer on the day of the move and ensured that he would speak to the foreman which he did and the foreman stated that they were moving as fast as possible and with the use of the elevators there was wait time as other residents were using it We do apologize for any inconvenience that was caused to the customer on the day of the move, however the supervisor did not find that any refund is due to the customer Thank you again to the for assisting in resolving the customers issuesSincerely, Customer Service have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.Regards, [redacted] I had mad a complaint against Master Movers and the complaint was closedIt has been two weeks since and Master Movers STILL has not resolved the issueThey were supposed to send a check to my old landlord for damages they did back in JulyI haven't been able to get my deposit back from the landlord because Master Movers needs to resolve their issue with her firstThis has put me in a such a bind because I've been needing that money for schoolI would like a full refund from Master Movers due to the hassle and run around they've given us and the check that they owe for the damages they causedThis is the reason I did not want the complaint to be shutThat company is so shady and they don't get anything resolved in a timely or professional manner > > - [redacted] *** I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that the response would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]? I agree with the response regarding the damaged materials and have filed with the insurance companyBut I'm assuming that by accepting it means the issue has been resolved, and it has not.I would like to be credited for the requested amount due to the late deliveryThe message stated that I would have a response from the company this week.I am rejecting the response until I have been credited and the issue is resolved Regards, [redacted] have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.Regards, [redacted] Regarding complaint # [redacted] This is the 3rd time I'm requesting assistance from in dealing with Master MoversThey had responded saying they will send out the check for repairs before Christmas and then again before FebruaryThat hasn't happenedEvery time I have asked what is going on, customer service says they will ask ther supervisorI asked to speak with the supervisor and was told I couldn'tThey keep telling me their aren't any updatesWhen I requested to be refunded for the move, the supervisor had enough time to look through my case and say "no," but not enough time to send out the check to my landlord for repairs to the damage their drivers causedI've been getting the run around from the beginning I hired them in June! It is now middle of February and this still hasn't been settledI've tried tirelessly to contact the company, but I never get any answersI just want this to be overI want the check to be sent ASAPBefore MarchI still think my refund for the move or at least half should be refunded due to the service I've recieved I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that the response would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below [Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.] 1-the reason I was reluctant to pay the increased price is because I did not agree to it up on pick up of my items and was strong armed to pay it because M [redacted] and master movers would not deliver my things 2-They ey also took copies of my credit cards and ID to keep hard copies, electronic, security code, and expectationIt's close to security issues there 3-I still believe they have decided to deceive me and have no integrity not ethicsThey are unprofessional and extremely disrespectful4-I've called them over 50-times, every department over weeks and No one picks up the phoneVery unprofessional, unsafe, and not secure company5-they are not reliableThey do not reply to calls or emailThey damaged almost all my furniture 6-their phone lines that they don't answer refer claims to the websiteI went to the website and it has no claims tabIt says errorIt's a circle of scam I'm puzzled as to why they are allowed on the hope the seriously considers action to remove master movers from their accreditation and endorsementMaster movers do not fit nor represent a better businessMy understanding is that it's not just about fees and that the monitors and takes these actions and reporting a seriously against this companies issues Regards, [redacted]

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