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Good Afternoon,My name is [redacted] , Regional Manager for Planet Fitness Oak LawnI have reviewed the case regarding Ms [redacted] membershipMs [redacted] provided her debit card information, ending in ***, as an alternative form of billing information when signing up for her membership onlineAll of our members providing alternate billing information agreed to the conditions on the membership agreement, which states; "If at any time Planet Fitness is unable to successfully bill the primary account for any fee or any other obligation mentioned above, I further understand that Planet Fitness may re-submit the fee to the primary payment account and/or bill the alternative payment account for any fee or obligation (including service charges) or any portion thereof."I have attached the membership agreement that Ms [redacted] signed for online, indicating the card that was charged as her alternative payment accountSince Ms [redacted] accumulated a balance totaling $79.05, Planet Fitness was legally authorized to deduct uncollected dues from the alternate billing she provided on her membership agreementWe at Planet Fitness do not store anyone's billing information without their consent or if and when they make a purchase using a cardUnfortunately, a refund is not warranted and will not be grantedWe would love to see Ms [redacted] continue her membership with us at Planet FitnessHowever, if she wishes to have her account closed, Ms [redacted] is welcome to come in to the club and update her account information personallyI recommend that she contact the Oak Lawn Club's General Manager, [redacted] to assist in the processThank you and have a wonderful day! Sincerely, [redacted] Regional Manager, Planet Fitness

Please see attachedMembership signed up with the member agreement was for monthsAfter months then month to month cancel anytimeMembership is still active and member recently updated billing info

Good Morning,Attached is Ms***'s agreement As you can see Ms [redacted] has been a member since 11/30/ Ms [redacted] has paid her annual maintenance fee times This fee is clearly spelled out in her agreement All terms and conditions are in this agreement When Ms [redacted] contacted me via phone her conversation started out very aggressively, she was angry and I tried to explain the fee to her to which she told me to "shut up and listen." I let her speak and did not say a word She paused and I tried again to tell her what the agreement said and she started to say NO NO NO! I again waited and when she paused again and I tried to speak she would speak/yell over me I stopped again and let her talk some more Again I tried to talk and she began screaming very loudly I told her I couldn't help her if she was going to scream at me and she just got louder and called me a bh I told her that I would end the conversation if she yelled or swore at me again She continued to scream and belittle myself, the staff and the gym I did as I told her I would and ended the call She called back a few minutes later demanding to speak to the manager I am the manager and I always state my name at the beginning of each call She asked me for the name of the person she was speaking with before and I told her she was speaking to me She said I want the other persons name I again told her she had been speaking to me and she started to yell at me that I was the manager and should know better then to hang up on her I tried to explain that I would not be yelled at and belittled or sworn at She again started to yell and demanded my first and last name, my employee number and a number for corporate I told her my first name and she asked for more info so that she could tell corporate who I was I told her that I am the only [redacted] in our corporation and they would know who I was I supplied her with Fred's email address She told me that I should grow up and that I had no business hanging up on her and I was unprofessional I apologized and she began yelling at me and called me an it and a crazy F [redacted] B*** I ended the call Thank you, Vickie Jackson General Manager Planet Fitness Okemos I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted] , and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because: [Your Answer Here] That was not for the cosplay in questionThat was for a second d one I had ordered that you did not have the materials forThe one I am wanting to return and get a refund for is the Virgil from devil may cry In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Hello, In the first submission, the member stated that she checked her account on January 15th and saw the $deduction for the annual feeAgain, the annual fee wasn't drafted until February 1st The member had a copy of her agreement to verify the billing dates As aforementioned, there will be no refund for the annual fee at this time Thank you,

We are very sorry to hear about your frustrations with canceling your Planet Fitness AccountWe would like to address each of your concernsFirst, regarding seeing multiple merchant names for your monthly billPlanet Fitness recently underwent a software migration in February, where the merchant name transitioned from "PF," to "Planet Fitness." We do apologize if this caused confusion in viewing your charges Regarding canceling an account, we require that you either come into the club and sign a cancellation form, or send the club a certified letterEither means is recorded under your account once receivedWe do have a notation on your account from February 11th, 2015, where the cancellation policy was explained over the phoneAs the club had not received either form of cancellation, the account remained active until April 22nd, 2015, when you came into the club to cancelThe cancellation was in effect immediately, as a copy of the cancellation was handed to youIf needed, we can also email this copy to you againTo address your concern about the cancellation letter, there was no letter received at the club, nor on file in your accountWe do request letters to be sent certified, that way, you as the member have confirmation that the club received a letterIn stating that you sent the letter over a year ago but the manager disregarded it for not being certified, the current manager in question was not at this location until October of 2014, so we must disregard the claim that he stated he "received the letter but disregarded it." Regarding a refund, our agreements state, "You have full control over the payment authorization and can stop it at anytime by notifying Planet Fitness as set forth on the front page of this agreementYou are responsible for notifying your bank of any error that appears on your bank or credit card statement in a timely mannerYou must notify Planet Fitness within days of the claimed error on your bank statement or credit card statementIf you claim your monthly dues were not stopped when you told Planet Fitness, you must have written proof or Planet Fitness will not reimburse you for any deductions which you claim should not have been deducted." ? As neither party has documentation of cancellation prior to April 22, 2015, we will not be offering a refund at this time

I have spoken to Former Member on July 21st He had called to inquire about a refund for his annual fee that was taken June 1st 2016, just before his cancelationHe has been refunded.The black mold issue has been addressedIt was not black mold, but soap sm and water build up from our high powered hand dryersWe monitor and clean this daily.Section of the Membership contract States:You agree to follow Planet Fitness’ membership policies and club rulesPlanet Fitness may, in its sole discretion, modify the policies and any club rule without notice at anytimeClub rules vary by location and all sign posted in a club or on the premises and any verbal communication from Plant Fitness shall be considered part of the club rulesPlanet Fitness reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate your membership at any time, effective immediately, for violation of any membership policy or club rule.We had multiple complaints about the member’s behavior while in the facility, and felt it in the best interest of the members to terminate the membershipFor the safety of the members involved I did not give detail as to the termination, just that we are a no intimidation zone Furthermore, we have recently had to involve our local police department for his behavior after the Former Member was seen around the property observing the premises Cecelia M [redacted] Manager| Planet Fitness Butler

Good Afternoon, We have no record of [redacted] cancelling her membership out in May In order to cancel your membership you can either stop in person or send us a letter via certified mail If you stop in house for a cancellation we will have you sign for your cancellation and then we will provide you with a copy of the cancellation form We also retain a copy of the cancellation form and unfortunately have no record of [redacted] signing for her cancellation We would be more than happy to refund any fees that were incorrectly charged to [redacted] if she can provide proof of cancellation According to our records the monthly dues for June/July/August did not go through We have gone ahead and cancelled out [redacted] membership and waived her account balance, she will not receive any further charges Thanks Dan

Dear, The customer that this is concerning asked if he could transfer his name onto his wife's membership Our policy does not allow memberships to be transferred between different individuals We offered that he would be able to cancel his wife's membership and start up his Black Card membership giving him all the added benefits such as bringing guests , massage chair, hydro massage bed, total body enhancement and tanning

To whom this may concern,Planet Fitness has honored the promise of cancelling Mr [redacted] ’s past due balance of $The original $past due has been waived, plus the additional $100.Mr [redacted] now has a $past due balance with our company.As per his request, we looked at his membership and honored what was assured to Mr [redacted] by a former Regional ManagerWe are so sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused him.If there are further questions, please let me knowThank you.Miguel C [redacted] Regional ManagerEHOLDINGS GROUPLang Ave NEAlbuquerque, NM [redacted] ***

This member had signed an agreement for the Black Card membershipOur policy, that is written out in the agreement and initialed when a member is signing up, is that cancellations must happen by the 10th of the month for billing on the 17th in person or by Certified MailWith the blackcard membership, which Bertha had signed up for, there is a month agreement and a $buy out must be paid in order to cancel the membership before that timeThis was explained by our Manager to Bertha over the phone on 4/12/and she refused to pay it, as a result we were not able to cancel the membership

I had spoken to Mr [redacted] on 6/24/I had addressed his concerns and we had come to the agreement that a small suspension to let the situation cool was adequateThe dried soap under the had dryers is something that we are constantly cleaning, but I can assure you, it is not moldThe Harassment he felt from the staff has also been addressed and he recanted that statementDoug Will be getting a refund for his membership for the month of suspension and we will be in contact to see if he would like to continue membership here Cecelia M [redacted]

In response to the complaint iD # [redacted] I understand that [redacted] is unhappy and I would first like to apologize for the way she feels that she was spoken tooI did explain the policy to [redacted] on how to cancel her membershipShe would have needed to go in person or send in a certified letter through the mailWhen she stated that she took a letter into the club and the staff member said she would be canceled effective the next billing cycle, that is not trueWhen the member cancels they are canceled immediatelyThey can continue to use the gym depending on what day of the month they cancelonThe next step we would have had her do would be her sign the cancellation agreement and she would have received an email stating she was cancelledI mentioned that I would gladly cancel her membership to save her the trip to the club but that I would not be able to honor a refundI was not disrespectful or accusatory but I think because | would not honor the refund [redacted] got defensive and angryI tried to help her understand but she continued to talk over me and so ended the call as we weren't speaking to each other in a positive manner.Please feel free to contact me directlyMy contact information is [redacted] ( or ###-###-####Thank you,Beth S*Area ManagerPlanet Fitness Chesapeake, LLC

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] ***

Our RMA return policy is communicated by our customer service agents at the time of issuance as well as clearly stated in the Terms and Conditions to be reviewed at any time Product Returns: To return products for a refund (less S&H) you must first request an RMA number Refunds are only allowed on returned product that is unused and unopened No exceptions You must request your RMA number within calendar days of receipt of your product We will not authorize RMA numbers or accept returns for refund if you do not request and RMA number within calendar days of receipt of your product.To obtain an RMA number you must contact customer service at ( [redacted] or [email protected]

Thank you for forwarding the complaintI have enclosed copies of the membership agreements and documents showing the balances past dueTo cancel your monthly membership and stop the monthly billing on the 17th of the month, the club requires writtennotification by the 10th of the month delivered to the club in person or preferably via certified mailAny monthlymembership can be cancelled upon days written noticeChanges to your billing account must be made by the 10th ofthe month to become effective for the billing on the 17th of that month.The charges that were returned were due to disputed bank chargesThis started with the annual membership fee which comes out every October 1st per their membership agreements (attached)If [redacted] and [redacted] have sent in a certified letter to the facility and can provide received receipts we will gladly work with them to resolve this issue if these charges were in mistake of Planet FitnessWe do not accept cancellations over the phone per our agreements

As per Planet Fitness Policy, the member signed and agreed to the terms that come with their individual Black Club Membership (see attached), these terms have been underlined and highlighted to note key points of this agreementOn or around the 17th of each month, Planet Fitness will deduct $for her monthly membership dues, and there will also be an annual fee of $billed each year on or around the first of JuneThe member signed up for the Black Card Membership on January 15, This membership is a month minimum term, if the member wishes to cancel within their first months a $buyout fee is required with the cancellationPer the terms highlighted on the agreement, in order to cancel the monthly membership and stop the billing of the monthly membership on the 17th of each month, the club requires written notification by the 10th of the month delivered to the club in person or via certified mailWhen a letter is certified, the member will receive notification from the post office upon delivery to the clubAlso, as stated above and on the attached agreement, there is a buyout fee of $required with the cancellation notice if wished to be completed during the first months of the join dateThe member’s month commitment date has ended on January 15, 2015; therefore, no buyout fee of $is requiredWithout proper cancellation procedures followed by the member, the membership will remain activeA $service fee will also be applied for each month the Monthly Membership Fee or Annual Membership Fee is returned uncollectable for reasons including, but not limited to, non-sufficient funds, expired credit cards, cancelled credit cards, overdrafts and closed accounts.We have gone ahead and cancelled the membership as a courtesy to the memberThere will be no refunds givenWe keep detailed records of all cancellationsWe also provide a carbon copy to the member as wellIn this case, we do not show record of the cancellation formTherefore, we cannot process a refund requestThe member’s agreement is attached as wellIf the member has any questions, they can contact the gym at 765-642-Thank You, Planet Fitness Anderson- Indiana

I contacted this member multiple times to explain to her that the transfer never took place and that the account is not synced which means that she has never been billedI have left her messages asking her to provide me with bank statements if she is in fact being billed so I can figure out what her account is attached toShe has never returned my phone calls or provided any informationHer agreement is under [redacted] I just spoke with the billing company, ABC Financial, and asked that they track down her information by name and they discovered that when the member attempted to transfer the account her basic information was sent over, but the membership transfer was never completed so that old membership along with the billing stayed active without us being able to view it in our systemI am providing documentation from the billing company to show that this is factThe billing company was able to sync everything in the system so that we are now able to view the account and stop the billing as well as work on a refund for the memberI just left another voicemail for the member, which is my third in a week, and explained what I was able to find out and let her know that we will be stopping the billing and would be happy to discuss a refund for herHopefully she will call me back this timeBottom line here is that this was an error that was done by a third party and nothing we could controlThis was also something we could not correct because we were unable to see what was going onWe will gladly work with the member to resolve this issue at this point

I have reviewed the complaint from Ms [redacted] regarding her gym membership with Planet Fitness.Our records indicate that Ms [redacted] purchased her membership on February 11th, On this day she paid a $enrollment fee and a pro-rated amount of $totaling $As noted in the membership agreement that Ms [redacted] signed on the date of purchase her first payment date was set to process on February 17th, totaling $19.99.Ms [redacted] 's membership was then cancelled on February 22nd, We show Ms [redacted] was not charged anything that she shouldn't have beenWhen clients purchased memberships after the 10th of the month you are agreeing to be responsible for the payment on the 7th of the month since it is past the deadline to cancelIf Ms [redacted] 's account was charged on the February 14th, for something other than what was suppose to be charged, a bank statement would need to be provided reflecting an additional charge from Planet Fitness.It is our hope that this information is helpful to Ms [redacted] Loyal customers are the key to any company's success so it is my hope that Ms [redacted] will continue to utilize our servicesI have appropriately notes Ms [redacted] 's concerns and have forwarded them to the proper management team to ensure they are addressed

Hello, I am writing with a response to complaint # [redacted] This person joined our club on 8.21.2015The conditions of his agreement specifically state that if the member wants to cancel, they need to do it in the club with a signature or send us a letter with a signature certified mail and we are to have the cancellation no later than the 10th of the month to stop monthly billing on the 17th and if it is for an annual fee which is billed on October for this person (which this was) it has to be in person or by certified mail no later than September This member came in and cancelled on October 4th and filled out a refund request formAt this point, we have already billed him days priorOur agreements state that we have up to days to consider a refund and return money to the member if approvedI am not sure why there is a complaint, this person was very nice and agreeable to me on the phone when he called to check on the status of the refundAt any rate, his annual fee money of $was considered and returned to him alreadyThere was no way I could have gotten it back to him any sooner

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