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Dear [redacted] , Attached is the membership contract you signed on 1/6/Per the agreement: Termination of Membership and Monthly Billing: You agree not to cancel your membership during the termAfter the completion of your term, you will continue as a member from month to month at the then current ratesAfter the initial term, you may cancel your membership on the following basis (due to the clubs monthly billing cycle, a minimum of (30) days’ notice from your desired termination date is required.) You must come into the club and sign a cancellation form or send a written certified letter to the club and surrender your membership cardUpon surrender of your card, you will receive a temporary card which entitles you to membership privileges for the remainder of your membership Sincerely, Planet Fitness Connecticut Management

After review of the membership there is not record of a cancellationWe do have record of our billing department emailing the member on 9/29/indicating this and explaining past due amount owingThe member indicated he cancelled his membership in AprilOur system requires a signature by the member to process a cancellation and generates documentation as a record of the cancellationI do not believe the member followed the correct process lined out in his original member agreement for cancelling his membershipAs a result we continued to bill until the account on file returned as a Closed AccountThe closed account led to the current balance which then led to the account being turned over to collectionsPlanet Fitness has followed all of the terms clearly stated in the membership agreement signed on 12/14/

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2016/05/23) */ Contact Name and Title: M [redacted] Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX Contact Email: [redacted] Hello, Thank you for contacting us and giving us an opportunity to addressing our concerens about this matter Our company does not have any cancellation document on file for this member due to the fact that membership was never cancelled by the member in person or via mail Planet Fitness Franchise (Location) have uniform software that holds all documents of each memberIf a member cancels thier membership an automated email is gererated and it is sent to a member email address on file Or upon members request we also print out the cancellation form and give it to member As of today his membership is ACTIVE and has a balance dueHe signed up membership with us on 5/21/ (1) WE CAN PROVIDE ALL DOCUMENT ON FILE TO SHOW THAT THERE WAS NO CANCELLATION MADE IN PERSON BY THIS MEMBER (2) PLAESE ASK THE MEMBER IF HE HAS A MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION DOCUMENT OR ORIGINAL CERTIFIED MAIL RECEIPT SENT TO PLANET FITNESS ONE YEAR AGO.(IF HE HAS ONE AND HE CAN PROVIDE IT TO US THEN WE WILL REFUND ALL THE MONEY HAPPILY) (3) MEMBER HAS A BALNCE OF $DUE TO WHICH HE MAY HAVE APPROACHED TO SETTLE ACCOUNT INSTEAD OF SETTLING WITH USMEMBER CAN CALL US AND WE CAN GIVE HIM A BREAKUP OF ALL HIS PAST DUE INVOICES FROM (MARCH, APR, JUNE, JULY, AUG) WHICH HE CAN VERIFY WITH HIS BANKT (4) WE HAVE A CANCELLATION POLICY BY WHICH MEMBER HAS TO CANCEL MEMBERSHIP IN PERSON OR VIA MAIL (CERTIFIED MAIL PREFERRED) (5) THIS IS A COMMON ISSUE WITH MEMBERS AND ALSO WITH THIS PARTICULAR MEMBERTHEY CALL US AND ADVISE US TO CANCEL MEMBERSHIP AND DUE TO OUR POLICY (PRIVACY RELATED) WE TELL THEM THAT WE CANNOT DO IT OVER THE PHONEIT CAN ONLY BE DONE VIA IN PERSON OR VIA MAIL (CERTIFIED MAIL PREFERRED) (6) SOME MEMBER INCLUDING HIM ASSUME THAT THIER MEMBERSHIP IS CANCELLED IF THEY DONT USE THE GYMWHICH IS WRONG AND STILL IT NEEDS TO BE CANCELLED BY MEMBER VIA PREFERRED WAY OF CANCELLATION (7) ALSO IF A MEMBER HAS A BALANCE THEN MEMBERSHIP CANNOT BE CANCELLED UNTILL BALANCE IS PAID IN FULL PRIOR TO CANCELLATION (8) WE HAVE ALL DOCUMENTS FOR THIS MEMBER PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU LIKE TO SEE THOSE DOCUMENTS LET ME KNOW HOW CAN WE FAX THEM OR UPLOAD IT TO WEBSITE (9) WE WILL BE MORE THEN HAPPY TO ASSIST THIS MEMBER IF HE LIKE TO SOUGHT THIS MATTER PLEASE KEEP US UPDATED Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 8, 2016/05/24) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) I went into the location after my vehical was broken into on there premises and advised a person who said they were in management at this facility and advised that I would not be returning and I wanted to close my account I am not sure what documnentation was given to me as it was so long ago but I had not moticed any charges until this past billing cycyle and that's what prompted me to contact my bank I called and spoke to different people and was rudly advised I owe money for an account which was said to be closed I can not recall the managers name but he was middle eastern decent and drove a white Mercedes or bmw car if I cannot resolve this in this mannor I will file a small claims case against this company I will contact my familys attorney [redacted] and associates law firm Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 10, 2016/05/24) */ Hi, Thanks for an update Membership was never cancelled by the member and due to the fact the member does not have the cancellation document with him We can argue about this all day but there will be no conclusion SO HERE WHAT WE SUGGEST AND WE CAN DO THE FOLLOWING TO SATISFY MEMBER (1) We will cancel his membership account today (2) He will not be charged for any future invoices (3) We will WAIVE $Past Due Amount in Courtesy Please advise if it is acceptable by member Thanks Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (2000, 12, 2016/05/25) */ (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.) I guess that is acceptable I do appreciate that but I still am with out all the money I was charged but if I cant ger even a partial refund I guess this will do

Good Morning, I apologize for the visit you had on 3/3/We strive to provide plus one customer service on a daily basisOur staff are trained properly on operations and customer serviceI will be speaking with this employee as well as taking the proper disciplinary action regarding this situationIf you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me at the [redacted] club ###-###-####Best, Brian S*General Manager Planet Fitness [redacted] CT

? I am rejecting this response because: Mr [redacted] response is factually incorrectI never "grabbed" or even touched a staff member? I never swore other than to quote the man who used profanity toward me? My daughter, who was with me, went to speak with Mr [redacted] and he declined to take any written information from herMr [redacted] continues to focus on a distorted and inaccurate report of last few minutes In weeks of failure to provide the service I was paying for.? Every staff member I spoke to during those weeks acknowledged that the 30-minute curcuit was a problemI did sign up and take the class as suggestedThis was the only time I was able to use the circuit as designed and without harassmentThis is clearly documented in my several emails to Mr [redacted] .? Not only did Planet Fitness cancel my membership based on the above inaccurate information, but they also cancelled the memberships of two family membersThis was done on the 8th day of a day billing cycle without cause or even prorated reimbursement.? I maintain that I am owed two months of membership fees for all three cancelled memberships.?

I was prompted by Moon Valley to go to this location, Avondale, to do my cancellation back in March, in which I did and it was to my understanding it was taken care ofI was never told that the locations were not the same even though they are the same businessMy complaint is not for the wrong businessNo employee from either location made any comment about being unable to do it, not doing it, or the differences

I spoke with Mr [redacted] Friday afternoon and apologized for the confusion with the membership termsMr [redacted] will be receiving a refund for his $annual membership fee

------- Forwarded message ----------From: # of Metro Washington DCDate: Thu, Oct 23, at 1:PMSubject: Fwd: Complaint Response: Complaint ID Number [redacted] and [redacted] To: [redacted] > ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: < [redacted] > Date: Thu, Oct 23, at 10:AM Subject: Complaint Response: Complaint ID Number [redacted] and [redacted] To: [email protected] Please find attached the official response of Planet Fitness of [redacted] , PA to complaints number [redacted] and number [redacted] These complaints, filed by members of our facility on 9/25/14, have each been resolved

Letter Date: 1/2/To Whom It May Concern:This is a response to complaint [redacted] We have refunded the member for their November duesUnfortunately, we can't go into detail about the members actions towards our management teamWe can say that due to their actions over the phone the membership was cancelledYou can close this case.Regards,Retd L [redacted] Director of Operations Planet Fitness I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below I see the kind gesture of waiving the $fee but this has been on going since January of I would also want to be refunded for those (3)months you charged me since it took a third party to escalate the situation this far Regards, [redacted] *** I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that, contingent upon my account not being drafted further, the response does satisfy my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # [redacted] I wish to clarify that I would not have had to make this complaint at all if the manager's account of this matter were correctI called the Cumberland location and spoke with three separate staff members who insisted I was not in their system and that I had the wrong locationHowever, I do appreciate the timely responseI understand that by choosing to accept the business response, pursuant to ensuring that my account is not drafted any further, that my complaint will be closed as resolvedShould there be any recurrent issues and/or concerns , I reserve the right to reopen the complaint Regards, [redacted]

I had previously used Aall Bright and wrote a very positive review for their driveway cleaning services Paul "Sal" Scame out with his other crew today on time as scheduled and we had a brief discussion on what I wanted doneI was initially disappointed by him saying he would not have time to do everything leaving some of what I felt were quick items at the front of the house not doneI accepted that and we moved to the backHe had seen the size of the enclosure and deck from Google and knew what to expectI had asked him to get up on the roof to make sure the pollen and leaves would be cleaned from the enclosure and particularly where the enclosure met the roofIt just looks bad and I know it can be cleanedHe took a quick look on the roof and said I didn't need it saying it would save me $Well that was not the issue and I said we'd see how it was when they finished from belowI OK'd the work to start, did not haggle on his price at all and he had me pay in advanceI've never had to do that and in hindsight I never will againThe only reason I did was he did such a great job on my other propertyMid way through I saw the guy he had washing near my office was not getting the little green cocoons off the screenI asked to make sure that these would be removed and Sal began saying they might not all come off as hit several with a little pressure and they came right offI knew that they would because they are from this seasonI had it all clean last season and before that the enclosure was newly installedWhen Sal called me out to take a look he pointed out correctly that the company that sealed my pavers did a poor job and he could not fix thatI understood that, not his fault and we moved onOver the pool and the places where the enclosure meet the house where I specifically pointed out I wanted the pollen removed they were pretty much all still thereHe said they were either stuck in or the "wind would blow them off"I told him that I was not happy with it and asked what could be doneHe said nothing could be done and would not remedy the issueI know this is a 100% lie as I had cleaned them myself beforeIf I wanted to do it myself I would not hire someoneI even had my wife come out and she said the same thingSal just leftI would never hire or recommend him to anyone ever again.,It seems they only want the quick buckIf its a driveway, maybe they're OK, but I would never use them for anything else Ultimately I would love to find someone that does a good job for the moneyI paid what Sal asked and he didn't do the work

Dear Sir/Madam: The complaint we received was in regards to a cancellation that was never completed for one of our members, [redacted] When the member would have cancelled his account he would have received an email confirmation with a copy of his cancellation form for his recordsOur records indicate Mr [redacted] has been notified of issues with his billing on his membership account from January – October via email, text message and phone callOur records also show multiple unpaid monthly dues, resulting in an overdue balance of $At this point no refund will be processed as we do not have the form of his initial cancellation As a courtesy Mr [redacted] membership will be cancelled, confirmation sent to his emailIf you require any additional information, please give us a call at ( [redacted] Thank you! Sincerely, [redacted] Planet Fitness Chicago Regional Manager

I received your voicemail and a cc on the email to the regarding my complaintI appreciate you taking the time to look into this matterI submitted my complaint on May and at that time my desired settlement was but since submission, planet fitness charged my account an additional $I would like that refunded as well Sincerely [redacted] E Division St Watertown, WI

Spoke with the Manager, [redacted] , this morning? She told me that she waived all of the late fees that were charged to Ms [redacted] leaving an account balance of [redacted] ? To cancel her member ship Ms [redacted] will have to pay the balance of [redacted] which was the balance prior to the incident with [redacted] at the location? To cancel she can go to the store directly with a credit card, check or money order for the balance or send a certified letter with notice of cancellation and a check or money order for the balance

I am not sure if you have heard back from [redacted] , but I have spoken with her and submitted a refund for all drafts going back to February This is a refund totaling $I did not have anything to show when she had originally attempted to cancel so I went by what she told me and did not dispute the dates with herEverything should be all set at this point, but if not I am glad to again speak with [redacted] I have also attached the email that was sent to [redacted] after our conversation on 8/24/Thank you so much for all of your help in this matterThanks! I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.? For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below ? Dear ,? Thank you for assisting with this matterAs you can see on my attached file they did in fact take a payment in NovemberAlso I’d like to know what they mean by my actions towards the assistant manager ? I had asked for his supervisor to contact meWhich to this day she or he has not !? ? ? Regards, [redacted]

Good afternoon ***,I received your cancellation form on 10/5/when I came in for the dayI saw that you haven't been to the club in quite a while and as a courtesy, I waived the dollar charge that was on your account and cancelled it immediatelyYou do not owe any money and you will not receive any further invoices from Planet FitnessI apologize for the confusion, but your account is all setIf you wish to have records of your cancellation or a copy of your payment history, I'd be happy to print you off a copy!Have a good day, [redacted] Club Manager [redacted]

Hi ***, Thank you for reaching outI looked into your account, and it appears that you signed up onlineWe are unable to print receipts for online joins at the clubWe can only offer receipts for the transactions that take place in-house However, you should have received a confirmation email shortly following your sign up to [redacted] Our billing of monthly membership dues takes place every month on the 17th New member sign ups that take place prior to the 17th of the month pay a prorate, in order to cover the stretch of days from their enrollment until the next billing date, in addition to the enrollment fee During the sign up process, you provided your account and routing number on the online form, which is where we pull the dues from automatically via electronic funds transfer, or EFTThe contract you digitally signed indicates permission for both the recurring monthly dues each 17th, as well as your annual fee of $+ tax ($31.76) which is scheduled for June 1stWe are also unable to print receipts for these types of transactions at the clubIf you had made a past-due payment on your account at the front desk we could have provided a receipt, but EFT transactions will automatically occur without separate notice or a receipt I did confirm that your account is up to date with no balance, as stated by the staff member you spoke withThe payment of $that was recently deducted from your checking account covers your usage from January 17th through February 16thYour next charge of $is scheduled to take place on or around the 17th of February, depending on when your bank processes the charge we submitI’m not sure what day you came into the club to inquire about fees for the month, but if it was after the 17th there would not have been any additional payments scheduledSometimes the transaction can take a couple of days to post to your account, but this depends on your bank’s turnaround time to process a pending transaction I hope I was able to provide you with some insight into what’s going on with your account and what you can expect moving forwardIf you have any additional questions or concerns, please let me know Thank you, Emily S [redacted] General Manager Planet Fitness Renton (425) 255- & Chris O [redacted] Planet Fitness (Renton/Marysville) Owner/Operator Cell Email: ***

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