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Mrs [redacted] was a Blast Fitness member that transferred to Planet Fitness when we acquired their membership baseHer membership transferred to Planet Fitness in March of She did start accruing a balance in April Her current balance as of today is $She has already been in contact with the regional manager for that area and the club staffShe was notified of our cancellation policy in AprilWhich does state all balances must be paid before a cancellation can occurAll cancellations do have to be in writing; either by certified mail or in personMrs [redacted] did state that she called the club and was told in April to cancel in personShe then came into the club to cancel on May 18th, when she was made aware of her balance.Since Mrs [redacted] has not utilized her membership and made a partial payment of $Planet Fitness will waive the remaining balance of $and cancel out her membershipHer membership will be cancelled in good standingIf she would like to rejoin in the future, we would be more that happy for her to do soPlease let me know if you have any further questions, comments, or concerns.Regards, [redacted] Planet FitnessOperations Manager(217) 836-

Dear [redacted] ,I'm emailing on behalf of Planet Fitness in Malvern and a complaint you received from [redacted] As he stated he did want to transfer his membership from our location to the Planet Fitness in South PhillyThe way our transfer process works is that a member would go to the member services page on our website and select the location he wants to transfer from and to but due to recently getting a new website layout the online process has been sporadic and since we have allow members to do a "manual transfer" to locationsThe manual transfer process include the member going into their new location, talking to the staff there who then contacts us and informs us that they are transferringFrom there we cancel their membership and fax the form to the new location so they can sign up the member and waive any initiation feesAs stated by [redacted] , he did go into South Philly to transfer his membership sometime in March While there he signed up and to the best of our knowledge they had waived any initiation feesThe problem occurred because we were not informed of this by [redacted] or the new location causing him to have open memberships that he was being billed from.On June 2nd, [redacted] called our location and informed me (Scott A [redacted] Assistant GM) that he had been billed from our locationAfter unsuccessfully searching his file for a cancellation form, he informed us of the situation stated aboveHe informed me that he wished to be cancelled at which point Stated the cancelling process which is in our agreement where he initialed that requires a member wishing to cancel to either come into the club in person or to send the club a letter certified mailHe wanted his membership cancelled immediately and was unable to come into the club so given the situation of the double billing and the confusion or lack of communication from the transferring process I did him a favor and asked that he email me his wish to cancel and that his email would count as a certified letter so that I could attach the document to his fileHe was then cancelled in our system on June 3rd, I also discussed with him that we would refund him his money from our location as again a favor even though he did not properly cancel with us or transfer his membershipThat refund was for Months he was billed at both locations, $19.99/month totaling The refund proposal was completed on June 3rd and faxed to our owners on the following Monday, June 8th.As of that conversation on June 3rd, we had helped [redacted] resolve the issue and problems that occurred, both of which [redacted] said he was pleased withI contacted [redacted] after receiving this notice to again confirm and update him on the resolution we had discussed on June 3rd.If you have any further questions or would like to contact me my information is belowThanks for your time.Scott A (Assistant GM)Planet Fitness

As stated in paragraph of the Member Agreement signed by the member on December 2nd member has full control over payment authorization and can stop payments at anytime by notifying Planet Fitness or by notifying member's bank or credit card company to stopMember is responsible for notifying the bank in a timely manner and member must notify Planet Fitness within days of a claimed errorIf member claims monthly dues were not stopped, the member is responsible for providing written proof of the claim or Planet Fitness will not reimburse any deductionsWhile we appreciate your time and patience in this matter, we are unable to refund any deductions.Thank you,Victoria L

[redacted] came into our business and paid the buy out fee of $on the date of June 12th in regards to cancel her membershipShe had to pay the $due to an early termination since her month term was not up until January The employee that took her cancellation did not cancel her membership and she was billed for the month of July and August to the card on file [redacted] was due a refund for those two payments in the amount of $eachI became aware of what happened on August 18th and I immediately canceled her membership and than I called my billing company with [redacted] and refunded her the amount of $to her credit card on fileThe date the payment was refunded was August 19th Please tell [redacted] to look on her statement and she will see the reversals with our company.She is canceled with us and will no longer see anymore future payments

I had a membership with Planet Fitness which I canceled at the end of April I went into the gym and filled out a cancellation form at the front desk and was told I would no longer be charged the $monthly membership feeI noticed a charge from Planet Fitness on my July bank statementI looked further back into my account and saw that I had been charged every month since I cancelled my membershipI called the gym the next morning and was told they never received my cancellation notice and that it MUST be sent by certified mailI was never told that when I asked to cancel at the front deskThey filled out and emailed me a cancellation form on July 27, (which was done by email, not certified mail) and on the top of the form it states that certified mail is "preferred" not requiredI asked for a refund for the months (April - July 2017) they charged me after I had canceled and they said NO Product_Or_Service: Gym membership

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I have not been to the gym in monthsI work and go to school full timeI have not been able to get thereI was able to sign up onlineWhy isn't there an option to cancel online? Probably because you count on customers not being able to come in so you can continue to take money from their accountsHow can I be charged for past fees if I have not used your facility? Planet Fitness has received dues for months that I wasn't there prior to me disputing the charges so there should be no problem refunding me I will discontinue service and not come backIt sounds like unfair practices on your part that you would not be willing to refund me when you haven't lost anythingFurthermore, I would like to see your contract terms I would also like to know how you gained access to a credit card that I never authorized you to chargeI also would like to see your records that show the last time I was there I will be sure to advise my social media followers about how you treat your customers as I see you don't value them at all since you chose to e-mail me rather than reach out and make a telephone call I will await your response [redacted] Regards, [redacted]

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 8, 2016/04/22) */ Memorandum To: [redacted] From: Planet Fitness, Michigan City, IN Date: 4/XXXXXXX Re: Complaint X XXXXXXXX Thank you for forwarding the recent complaint from our Michigan City location, we have been in business for over years and receive any complaint very seriouslyWe have completed an investigation and offer the following response is in reference to complaint number XXXXXXXX We sincerely apologize to the member for the confusion with our cancellation procedure and policiesWe rely 100% on the signed, circled, underlined, initialed and dated agreement when dealing with member billing and cancellation issue-s In an effort to close this matter and to demonstrate our appreciation for Mr, [redacted] support as a valued member we are wanted to meet both of his desired solutionsWe have cancelled [redacted] ***'s membership and removed any balance due

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: DON Regards, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Changes were not able to be made online This was the problem from the start The General Manager NEVER responded to the emails nor phone calls How is this acceptable? Also, since the person responding to this complaint CANCELLED my membership AFTER I made a complaint This could have been done to begin with Instead, this business did nothing It seems they still want to do nothing Fact is, I did my part to resolve the situation, Planet Fitness-Oak Lawn did notEvery response has been nothing but an excuse as to why they did nothing Sincerely, [redacted] ***

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and I appreciate that Planet Fitness finally cancelled my membershipHowever, is there an extremely slim chance that employees at this location did not receive my letter? YesBut I don't believe that is what happenedMaybe this manager is lying, maybe not, but from what I saw, this company doesn't actually care about customer satisfactionRather, you can tell from all of the complaints to Planet Fitnesses across the country that the company purposely makes cancelling difficult to keep members paying extra money during the dispute processTake my advice and complain to the to get these scam artists to cancel your membership when you decide to cancelIf not, they will continue taking money out of your account despite letters and calls Regards, [redacted] ***

To whom this may concern: Unfortunately to be able to cancel, Mr [redacted] would have to pay the balance owed on his account, and again would have to be in person or via certified mail He himself stated, in the statement provided by you, that he was told twice the two ways to cancel, which is in person or via certified mail and that he neglected to do so In our system at the club it shows we spoke with him on January 6th, in regards to cancelling and that he was aware of how to go about discontinuing his membership His monthly dues did not start to accrue until November 2015, had he cancelled prior to, he would not have had a balance I understand he feels the contract is misleading, but, by no means do we hide anything from the members In the contract signed by Mr***, if read thoroughly, the second bullet on the membership agreement states "If you have a minimum monthly term, your account below will be billed for a minimum of months and will continue at the monthly rate above until you cancel in accordance with this agreement." I apologize for any confusion, but he did sign the contract stating that he fully understood the agreement and its terms If further questions or concerns he is more than welcome to contact the club at any time Sincerely,

To whom it may concern,In response to complaint ID [redacted] submitted on 12/2/by [redacted] Our teams are all trained to go over the membership offers prior to the member signing any agreementAt the time the member signs the agreement, we again confirm understanding [redacted] 's agreement had a $startup and a $annual rate lock guarantee to be withdrawn on December 1st of each yearThis agreement also has $buyout fee if cancelled prior to monthly payments being withdrawn.The information delivered over the phone by Liz was all correctHowever, she did not conduct herself up to our standards when [redacted] showed frustrations about her agreement [redacted] was upset, and Liz did not follow our best practices and use her best judgementLiz has been counseled internally.General Manager of the Washington PA Planet Fitness has reached out to [redacted] and apologized and explained that the information Liz passed along was correct, but her delivery was unacceptableWe have refunded [redacted] 's $annual and explained to her that this will be coming out on or around December 1st each year [redacted] was pleased with our resolution and has a better understanding of her agreement with Planet Fitness Washington PA.Please let me know how I can be of any further assistance in this matter.Sincerely, Andrew T***Pennsylvania Regional Manager

Our manager has cancelled Mr [redacted] membership and emailed him his cancellation formWe apologize for the delay on this cancellation

[redacted] signed up with Planet Fitness online on November 02, Per agreement (attached), it states that her annual fee will be taken out on February 01, for the price of $But if you look at her Billing history (attached) the invoice for her annual fee was at meaning that we did not draft any money from her account February 1st When looking into [redacted] 's previous club history (attached), it actually shows that we have only received one monthly payment from her on 2/21/of $for her January duesLooking at her club account (attached), she has a balance of $from her February dues and annual fee In addition to this account, [redacted] has had two previous memberships with us that were both "Return for collections" account meaning they were cancelled in our system due to balancesWe never received any payments for either of those two accountsDue to the annual fee not being withdrawn from her account, we will not be refunding the annual fee back into her account

Hello, Thanks for the information and sorry for the inconvenience that this might cause youAgain we wouldn’t be able to issue the refund if the return package was not receivedPer our return/ exchange policy, our customers can issue requests for a return or exchange within daysNo questions askedHowever the package must be returned back to us in original condition, with original packaging and tags attachedWe cover all costs if there is any mistake done by us during productionIf not, the customers cover the shipping and re-listing feesFor more information regarding our return policy, please visit [redacted] We can be reached via email at [redacted] All questions will be responded within hoursThanks, [redacted] Customer Service Team

In contradiction to what the business claims, I was never contacted by anyone from Planet Fitness nor have I received any refund, which I confirmed by my credit card companyI suspect my account is not cancelled eitherPlease reopen the complaint immediately this statement below from the business is on your records and most likely has been fabricated by Planet Fitness so they will appear to have resolved it to get a better rating from Revdex.comI need my reply to it posted so it is on your website as being for everyone to read what king of company they are dealing with

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: My billing information was updated online by meSo Planet fitness did store my debit card informationPlease recheck your facts *** Planet fitness is storing informationI removed this account because it was closing Please send a list of my account information because I have updated my billing twice, so how do you go back to the initial account information Sincerely, [redacted]

Hello, We received the complaint about the billing issue with this memberWe waived out $which was over the $she originally requestedOur regional manager has tried to get in contact with this member to let her know that we waived out the $Also to remind her that her bank account needs to be updated so she will not receive any late charges in the futureIf her billing does not get updated at the location or online she will continue to get a $late charge each monthPlease contact us if there is any further questions about this issueThank you, PF Management

To Whom It May Concern:We received a letter from the for [redacted] ***Mr [redacted] has stated he has tried to cancel out his membership at the Hermitage Planet Fitness by sending a letterWe have not received a cancellation letter from this memberThe membership agreement states, that in order to cancel a membership you must cancel at the location in person and/or by sending a certified letterWe have no record of Mr [redacted] doing eitherWe would be happy to provide MrFry with a copy of his membership agreementAt this time we have cancelled [redacted] at the Hermitage locationIf you have any further questions feel free to contact me via email at [redacted] or by phone at the number listed belowHave a great dayThank you, Danielle B***

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I have already requested termination of my agreement in writing and by email twice but Planet Fitness refused to respondI have sent ANOTHER written request to terminate my contractEach time I ask the attendants on duty over the phone how to cancel I get a different answer I have heard this is a common complaint among other pwople who wish to terminate their membership Is Planet Fitness suggesting I send ANOTHER termination request via certified mail? Regards, [redacted]

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