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I have been trying to cancel this gym membership since AugustI live miles away from this facility but was told that I needed to come into the facility to sign papers to cancelI was told I could not cancel over the net, by email or mail The real trouble came in when I stopped payment of the automatic withdrawal from my checking accountPlanet Fitness went to an outside company and had my credit card charged I have filed a disputed charge and fraud claim with the credit card company When I talked with [redacted] - NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR I was finally told that I should (could) send a certified letter to the Planet Fitness in Clarksville, IN canceling the accountThis was not communicated to me when I talked directly to the Clarksville facility

I received your letter today in regards to Mr [redacted] case ID [redacted] Mr [redacted] is upset he was billed an annual feeI looked [redacted] up in our system [redacted] has been a member since 1/18/paid a start up fee of $not the $like he claimed in his letter [redacted] was also billed the $annual fee last June 1st as well as this June 1st as stated in the signed agreement (please see the agreement attached, last page is specifically for the annual fee) I also checked his check in history and [redacted] has been checking in regularly from the beginning of this year up until April [redacted] signed up online, and did sign not only the agreement but also the Annual fee addendumBoth of these signatures are done electronically when he signed upI have attached the letter from the, his agreement, invoices, enrollment fee, and check in history to this emailIf you have any further questions please reach out to me at 765-362- Thank you Stephanie

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: 1) Falsification of records, without a gym fob, I have not used the gym as indicatedPhotographic evidence and my work schedule clearly show that I was not the female using this gym membershipFOB was returned with cancellation of membership I am extremely frustrated that someone whom failed to do their job and most likely gave my FOB after returning to someone else causes me charges However, I can see as indicated by the manager that they will stop at nothing to keep their charged fees Therefore, I am rejecting this statement, however know that PF will never repay me for their wrong doing, and should be posted on your website with complaint at their inaccurate book keeping and charges Regards, [redacted]

January 27, Re: Case # [redacted] Mr [redacted] called the Torrington Club on December 29, at approximately 1:p.m At that time our manager explained to Mr [redacted] that he could cancel his membership by either coming into the club or by sending a certified letter Our manager also informed Mr [redacted] that in order to process the cancellation, we would also need to receive the balance of $due on his account Our manager explained to Mr [redacted] that he could enclose a check with his cancellation letter and she would then be able to cancel the account at the time of receipt Two days later our manager received a letter from Mr [redacted] expressing his want to cancel however, there was no check includedOur manager phoned Mr [redacted] and left a message explaining that she would not be able to process the cancellation due to the fact that he still had an outstanding balance Mr [redacted] then began calling the club multiple times each day and yelling at the staff regarding the cancellation policyStaff as well as the manager tried to explain to Mr [redacted] that the policy concerning cancellations is a corporate policy, not a club policyStaff and our manager spoke with him multiple times in a matter of two days, but he refused to pay the balanceOn January 1, 2016, our billing company, successfully collected the following amounts from Mr [redacted] ’ credit card: $ $ $ $ $ $This total is the outstanding account balance for Mr [redacted] of $As soon as our manager became aware that these transactions went through she cancelled Mr [redacted] account - the date was January 13, The only other transactions that we found for Mr [redacted] were on 12/12/which were also successfully collected by our billing company: $ $Mr [redacted] ' credit card was denied on the following dates: 09/17/ 10/17/ 11/17/ 12/17/The total of these transactions is $The $charges are the standard monthly fee for [redacted] Card members and the $charges are late payment fees that are clearly outlined in our membership contract: In accordance with applicable law, if our first attempt to collect any fee under this Agreement is unsuccessful, we may make additional attempts to collect from any/all payment methods you provide us, and a $service fee will be applied for each instance we submit or re-submit such payment request and it is returned uncollectable for any reason including, but not limited to, insufficient funds, expired or cancelled payment cards, overdrafts and closed accountsWe are not liable for any fees charged by your financial institution in the event a payment request is returned as uncollectable Sincerely, Planet Fitness Connecticut Management

May 19, 2017To whom it may concern, This letter is in response to claim ID# [redacted] The member signed up online for a month contract on 12/02/As highlighted in the attached contract, the $buyout fee is required if cancelling the membership earlyThe member's month contract is due to expire after the payment on 11/17/is received; therefore, the member is attempting to cancel the contract early and is obligated to pay the$buyout feeThis information was discussed with the member via telephone to the member's dissatisfaction.Sincerely,Holly H.Planet Fitness Nazareth Management Scs

HelloWe apologize for any confusion as we make the sign up processes as clear as possibleThis member signed up online and the agreement digitally signed Each agreement for the Black Card Membership says, "This membership has a month minimum term" after that sentence it states "If you have a monthly minimum term, your account below will be billed for a minimum of months and will continue at the monthly rate above until you cancel in accordance with this agreement."Cancelation procedures are also stated in the agreement that a "member needs to cancel in person or by certified mail on or before the 10th of the month to avoid billing on the 17th"We unfortunately have no email record or any information that we have been contacted by this memberIf they could call the store and speak with myself and I would be very happy to assist in canceling this membership [redacted]

I began trying to cancel back in August of last year but they still continue to bill meWhen I tried to use the membership, they say I owe money In August 2016, I fell ill (I have Lupus)Since I was unable to walk, I didn't need a gym membershipI cancelled by going there with a letterThey said I had to pay a termination fee and I said that was fineThe billing stopped immediatelyIt began again in September so I sent another letter to cancelThey have been billing $monthly sinceContract ended in January, but they still billI sent a friend to the club, with a letter, had him video the interaction for proof and they still say there's nothing on fileI am now in Colorado and back in good health and am near a club so I decided that since I can't cancel, I'll just use it againI can't do that either! They say I have a past due balance from August, when I canceledThis is straight up fraud and I want the billing to stop now

Hello,My name is Ross O., and I am the Club General Manager of the Worthington, OH Planet Fitness MsMc [redacted] contacted my club two weeks ago and spoke with my Assistant Manager regarding her membership MsMc [redacted] was concerned because even though she changed her billing method prior to the 17th of the month her previous billing account was charged MsMc [redacted] is claiming that she was informed by one of my staff members that even though she was changing her billing method after the 10th of the month, she would not be billed from the previous account My staff knows the billing policy That being said, they know that the 10th of the month is our billing cut off date It also states on the contract that MsMc [redacted] signed when she joined our club: To stop the billing of the Monthly Membership Fee on the 17th of the month, the club requires written notification by the 10th of the month My Assistant Manager attempted to apologize to MsMc [redacted] for the confusion and how she has been placed in a difficult situation because of it However, MsMc [redacted] did not want to hear anything that my Assistant Manager had to say, including the terms of the agreement she signed At no point did my Assistant Manager lie to MsMc*** I also, was made aware of the situation prior to my Assistant Manager speaking with MsMc [redacted] and told my Assistant exactly how to deal with the situation I have attached a copy of MsMc***'s agreement and placed a note on the PDF in hopes of further explaining our billing policy If there is any other information needed please do not hesitate to email me or call me at the club Thank you, and have a great dayRoss O.Club General ManagerPlanet Fitness - Worthington I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted] , and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because: It is NOT TRUE that they ask no questions regarding returns w/in days I asked to return the boots for a refund THE DAY AFTER I RECEIVED THEM They asked me for pictures of the product and then they gave me the address where to ship them but DID NOT OFFER TO PAY FOR THE RETURN SHIPPING even though THERE WERE MISTAKES IN THE PRODUCTION I told them on that: 1) The shoe was separate from the leg and this was not indicated on the website, 2) The leg portions slid down the legs as if they were slouched socks, 3) They were a lighter brown than shown on the website I returned the boots unworn and in the exact condition as I received them It is also A LIE that they have been working hard trying to resolve this issue To repeat: I have tried e-mailing ( [redacted] ) repeatedly and they just keep telling me they will look into it I have left numerous messages on the phone (###-###-####) but no one ever calls me back.Below are the e-mail transcripts: [redacted] In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above Sincerely, [redacted] *** I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved Regards, [redacted]

After looking into this case further we found that Mr***’s billing was reactivated due to a systematic error that occurred while switching our billing software companies back in We spoke with Mr***, explained the situation, and decided to refund Mr [redacted] the $that he requestedMr [redacted] is satisfied with the outcome Thank you, Planet Fitness Connecticut Management

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Regards, [redacted] [redacted] The fact of you saying you won't give a refund is not needed to be repeated, I already assumed your response as negativeYou have no phone records? That means you called your phone company and asked for records of phone numbers that are incoming on the date I said? If not, how can you ASSUME I didn't call? The fact that you only care about what’s best for you and not the customer is disgustingYour upper management by email? Really? There is no phone number for me to call or a name to ask for? Planet Fitness is the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt withYes I did go in person and cancel because YOU would have billed me again for another month, so bringing that up is irrelevantThe reason why I told Planet Fitness it was upper management is because the lack of respect by Planet FitnessYou think when I said those words Planet Fitness said I am sorry for the feedback of leaving let me get a manager if you like? NopeNever happenedOh wait That was verbalNever happened right???????? They just said okay thank you have a good dayLike I said Planet Fitness does not careI WILL NOT give up on spreading the word how much of a hassle Planet Fitness is to deal withLike I have said before, not working out or lifting bricks in your backyard is better than stepping into Planet FitnessPlanet Fitness are liarsUnless you have them on tape or written, they will in their own words call you a liarI am just glad I have the experience I do in filming movies, being in the military and working with lots of peopleThey will probably laugh at my response because they are very immatureBut that’s okayI know deep down the character they like to play and it makes me SICK

I am rejecting this response because: Planet fitness took so long to respond and says nothing about the fact that I paid the higher priced membership that includes the water message tables that didn't work properly for about monthsI would like if they waived the fee to get out of my contract as this has made it that I don't want to even go to the club anymore$is what I paid for non working water beds that was part of my membershipThey say it costs $to get out of my contract which has been a problem since a month after I joined when the tables started breaking down than both where brokenI would come in and ask if they where fixed and was told yes on at least diff occasionsI would get on the table only to find no it was not fixedThat is also why I don't want my membership and feel they should let me out of it with no charge to me and we can put this behind us

Response: sans-serif;">The issues presented in this complaint have been resolved with our member directly and need not be addressed further by any third partyPlease feel free to contact the customer to confirm that any and all concerns have been addressedSent on: 1/19/5:54:PM

We have reviewed Ms [redacted] 's response regarding her issue at her local Planet Fitness locationPlanet Fitness keeps all cancellation papers and upon reviewing Planet Fitness does not have a cancellation form from Ms [redacted] If Ms [redacted] is able to produce a copy of her cancellation confirmation we would be happy to review further options regarding Ms [redacted] 's account

I have received the complaint from Mr [redacted] regarding his past experience with Planet Fitness.Planet Fitness apologizes for any confusion or miscommunication regarding Mr***'s accountOur records indicate that Mr [redacted] was issues a refund check in the amount of $and the checked cleared our account on February 2nd, 2015.Loyal customers are the key to any company's success so it is our hope that Mr [redacted] will utilize our services in the futureWe have appropriately noted Mr***'s concerns and have forwarded them to the proper management team to ensure they are addressed

When [redacted] called, he was explained the cancellation process and that a phone call was, unfortunately, not an acceptable method of cancellationHe was given several options to cancel, including authorizing someone in the area to cancel the membership on his behalf, but [redacted] was not happy with being unable to cancel online or over the phone [redacted] then said he would cancel the credit card on file and was informed that if he were to do so, he would still continue to accumulate a balance until he cancelled his membership as, technically, it would still be activeHe was never told he would be sent to debt collections As a courtesy, his membership has been cancelled effective immediately Per the membership agreement: Termination of Membership and Monthly Billing: You agree not to cancel your membership during the termAfter the completion of your term, you will continue as a member from month to month at the then current ratesAfter the initial term, you may cancel your membership on the following basis (Due to the Club’s monthly billing cycle, a minimum of thirty (30) days notice from your desired termination date is requiredYou must come to the club and sign a cancellation form or send a written certified letter to the club and surrender your membership card) Thank you, Planet Fitness Connecticut Management

Thank you for reaching out to me for clarification of the interactions with this PF member.On 6/15/ [redacted] contacted our club and spoke with the club manager regarding his membershipAt that time he was given the option to put his membership on a medical freeze or cancel it out completely We explained to him all we would need is documentation from his medical provider to either freeze or waive the buyout fee associated with cancelling the membership prior to his month term commitment.As the member was dealing with medical issues the club manager offered to let him email her his decision rather than make a trip into the clubAs part of this conversation it was explained to him we need freeze or cancellation requests by the 10th of the month in order to pull him out of the billing on the 17thSince it was the 15th the bill for June had already been pulled from our system so it was explained he will get billed one more time regardless of which option he chooses.Via email [redacted] did request us to cancel his membership and charge the card on file for his buyout feeWe did as he asked by cancelling the membership and charging the buyout fee.Through this entire process we were polite, understanding of his current situation, and very up front about what needed to be done and the charges associatedEverything was done within the terms of his membership agreement to which he was completely fine with and agreed to when he signed up with Planet Fitness.I have attached a recording of the phone call with the club manager on 6/15/17, a copy of the email string with the member, and the original agreement signed by the member on 11/23/

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I paid these months manually online and their app reflects payment accepted (which is what I told Leo)See attached payment history from Planet Fitness' own records - I should not have to submit a sensitive bank record for information already reflecting in a flawed systemAdditionally, the response did not address that I no longer want continued payments taken out, as my one year contract is complete.Payment for April showing "Paid" as of 4/27/17Payment for October dues of $"Paid" 10/12/16Payment for December was "Paid" one month early on November 21, and then the system attempted to again debit my account on 12/17/which is where the failed payment shows Regards, [redacted] [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, the consumer must give a reason why they are rejecting the responseIf the consumer does not provide a reason the complaint will be closed Answered]

On 1/30/the membership agreement was e-signed When a membership is signed online, the terms and conditions must be read and agreed upon in order to sign The membership is open-ended and can be cancelled at any time According to the membership agreement, to cancel your monthly membership and stop the billing of the Monthly Membership Fee on the 17th of the month, the club must receive written notification by the 10th of the month either in personal or via certified mail The membership was not renewed

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