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Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/10/29) */ Contact Name and Title: Ashley [redacted] , GM Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX Contact Email: [redacted] We have proof on file that [redacted] has updated her accountWe never withdrew money from an account that she did not authorize We refunded the money to her in the form of a check that was taken from her old account on file and she is responsible for paying her balance on her account before she will be able to cancelThe terms and conditions of our cancellation policies are stated in her agreement that she signedIt did not take us two weeks to respond to herThank you OFFER:

Planet Fitness has reviewed the message below Ms [redacted] account has been cancelled and there is currently a $balance on her account We hope that with this clarification, this matter is resolved Sincerely, [redacted] Operations Manger - Planet Fitness

Thursday, October 23, Dear [redacted] : I am writing in response to complaints number [redacted] and [redacted] , which are identical complaints against our business, Planet Fitness The members filing these simultaneous complaints share billing information and therefore experienced the same issueFollowing the first notification of these complaints, both members came into the facility, without being contacted, to resolve the dispute Unprompted, the offer was made to pay any debt owed and resume use of their memberships with our Planet Fitness I personally offered, as was indicated in the original complaint, to eliminate any service fees for uncollectable billing and accept payment for only the monthly dues outstanding Upon provision of new billing information for each of the accounts, the unpaid monthly dues were paid and the members have resumed regular use of their memberships here As a result, we consider the matter resolved and see no need for further action or intervention on the part of the Should our members feel otherwise, we will be happy to provide documentation of their respective membership agreements and records of the subsequent steps taken and conversations had I appreciate your notifications of complaints, and look forward to your confirmation that these matters are officially considered resolved Sincerely, Matt D General Manager I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does satisfy my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # [redacted] I understand that by choosing to accept the business response that my complaint will be closed as resolved Regards, [redacted]

The Regional Manager did reach out and speak to Mrs [redacted] and she did in fact did pay $not $as indicated in our response She was charged $by her bank as a result of her initial fee being rejected by bank for insufficient fundsThat $fee was referenced in error As stated in our initial response, we have agreed to refund the $insufficient fund fee and $service fee to Mrs*** I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below As stated in my original response, I came to the club with a letter detailing my cancellation requestI gave the letter to an employee working at the front desk and I was told that the letter was sufficient to process the cancellationI was not asked to fill out any forms, and based on my interaction with the employee I assumed the cancellation would be taken care ofWhen I contacted the club via telephone, at no point did I state that I had sent a certified letter requesting cancellationI did not state that I would send a copy of my certified letter receipt, as I did not send a letterThis statement by the Planet Fitbess management is a lieI made it very clear in all communication that I had submitted my cancellation request in person, and never asserted that there was a letter sent, nor did I admit it could be "lost in the mail"I would never state that I had mailed a letter of I did not in fact mail said letterThe version of events that the Planet Fitness management has furnished in their response is a false, and I do not appreciate their attempt to discredit my character to make it appear that I was changing my story regarding sending a certified letterI did not send a cancellation request by regular mail, thus I would never had admitted that I could have been lost I hand delivered a cancellation request, and only after that request was not honored at the time of delivery in July did I follow up with a phone call and email, and then finally submitting a cancellation request via certified mail in March I still request that the membership dues from the originally cancellation date of July 31, to the present time be refunded, for a total of $ Regards, [redacted]

Dear Sir/Madam: The complaint we received was in regards to a cancellation that was never completed for one of our members, [redacted] After further investigation we have noticed Mr [redacted] came in March 26, to sign up for membership and never was checked in againAfter speaking with our billing department they have confirmed monthly charges on the account and will be reversing charges dating back to April Mr [redacted] membership account has been cancelled, confirmation sent via email and a refund of $will be processed back to the credit card we have on file If you require any additional information, please give us a call at [redacted] Thank you! Sincerely, [redacted] Planet Fitness Chicago Regional Manager

Good Afternoon, Attached is the agreement we have on file for [redacted] 's accountUnfortunately, per the membership, she was locked in to a month agreement with us, and cancelling early comes with a $fee to buyout of the contract earlyThe membership does not bill based on usage of the club, but it bills rather on a monthly basis, until you cancel by coming into the facility to fill out a form with us, or you send us something via certified mailWe Would have no issue cancelling the account today, to avoid any further billing past September 17th, 2016, however at this time we will not be able to assess a refund to the accountWe cannot refund the account, due to the fact we were never given written record of a cancellation letter, or form filled out within the club, which are the only ways we accept cancellationsThe membership packages continue to bill, until these cancellation requirements are met, and again does not bill based on usage of the facility unfortunatelyAlso attached is the cancellation form we filled out for the membership to stop the billing process, which is not per our original agreement policies on cancellations, however we will make an exception in this case to avoid further chargesIf anything further is needed, please feel free to reach out to us Thank you, Victoria LloydClub ManagerRoberts RdHilliard, Ohio 43026Phone: 614-771-8900Fax: 614-771- I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I have already stated that this is a predatory practiceI should not have to enter the gym to face intimidation, nor should I have to spend my time and money to purchase paper, stamps and envelopes to send a letterThe only point of the clause is to dissuade cancellation of membership Regards, [redacted] ***

From: Nick P [redacted] Date: Wed, Jul 6, at 1:PMSubject: RE: ID [redacted] To: [redacted] < [redacted]> "Calibri", "sans-serif Good Afternoon ***, The check was returned to us due to an incorrect address that was provided to usWe attempted to contact the member and receive the correct information but were not able to speak directly to herWe have since refunded the account electronicallyIf there are any further questions please let me know Thank you

Mrs [redacted] *** claims she called the Montgomery location several times since June to inquire about a refund for an annual fee that was charged to her husbands' account on June 1, Additionally, Mrs [redacted] no longer wants to work with the current General Manager of the club on this issue because she is not satisfied with his customer service and follow through Our records indicate that Mrs [redacted] made a payment for $on June 2, 2017, one day after the annual fee was originally attempted to be drafted The original draft was rejected by the bank for insufficient funds By her own admission, Mrs [redacted] stated she forgot the annual fee was going to come out of her bank account for her husbands' membership on June 1, and she did not have enough money in the bank Mrs [redacted] called the club and made a payment on June 2, The payment that Mrs [redacted] made on June 2nd was applied to a club account with a past due balance instead of being applied to the annual fee she intended because at the time of the payment, our system did not show the bank rejected the draft Because the $payment Mrs [redacted] paid on June 2nd was applied to a club account with a past due payment, the original fee was re-run The membership agreement states: "A $service fee will be applied for each month your Monthly Membership Fee or Annual Membership Fee is returned uncollectable for reasons including, but not limited to, non-sufficient funds, expired credit cards, cancelled credit cards, overdrafts and closed accounts We recognize that Mrs [redacted] was attempting to make a payment towards the annual fee day after the automatic draft occurred, but we are not obligated to refund any dues or service fees that occur as a result of insufficient funds Because our current GM was able to research Mr***'s account with our 3rd party billing company and determine that the payment made was made on June 2nd and applied to a past due balance in the club account, we are willing to make an exception and work with Mrs***'s request As a result of our research, the desired outcome is accepted We are working with our 3rd party billing company to refund the $annual fee that was redrafted and the $service fee that was applied as a result of Mrs***'s payment being applied to a different part of her husband's account Thank you,Planet Fitness New Mexico Management I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # [redacted] . [Dear Sir, it is my opinion that customer service is a main key ingredient in making a business great. In addition, businesses have a responsibility to the people of our country, to recognize customers who have had unforeseeable tragic circumstances that prevent them from following company protocol. In these instances, I firmly believe exceptions to policyshould be considered for those of us who are genuinely trying to do the right thing. That being said, I am not using my personal tragedies to gain anything other than what I feel I am rightfully owed. It is obvious that the planet fitness membership has not been used since June of 2016. I respectfully request reconsideration regarding your policy in light of my circumstance. I have the official death certificate and will gladly send that when we can hopefully resolve this matter. Thank you Regards, [redacted] ***

n reference to complaint ID [redacted] [redacted] signed up with us and had to sign off on three different areas of the agreement to become a member with us, When [redacted] signed up he was told all of his terms in the agreement which included the cancellation polices and the annual feeHe was than emailed a copy of this agreement right at the time of sign upSince the date of cancel was after the date our annual fee was already captured we are unable to give a refundPlanet Fitness requires seven days notice to stop any automatic billing with our company I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted]

Good evening, Reattached as proof that [redacted] has been a member at the Planet Fitness, Dublin, OH location are two agreements Each agreement is related to the most recent account based on the name and phone number being the same The first agreement we have on record dates back to 1/28/2014, the day she signed up online She was not charged an enrollment feeAttached are the invoices of billing for that time period The enrollment fee was $down, so no payment was required to sign up The first monthly bill would have been taken out on 2/17/ However, February monthly dues were not received due to her credit card being declined In the following months of March, April, and May, monthly dues were again not received due to her credit card being declined According to her agreement, the annual fee of $was to be taken on 6/1/2014; however, her credit card was again declined and payment was not received The following July, August, and September monthly dues were again not received due to her credit card being declined In result of the accumulation of past dues, the account was officially cancelled on 9/30/ The second agreement we have on record dates back to 9/2/2014, the day she signed up She signed up online, meaning she would have had to pay the $plus tax enrollment fee online Attached are our invoices showing the enrollment fee went through successfully Her first monthly payment was due 9/17/ The invoices show that these dues did not go through due to her credit card being declined According to the invoices, in the following months of October, November, and December, the monthly dues did not go through due to her credit card being declined Due to the accumulation of past monthly payments not being received, her second agreement was then cancelled on 12/29/ Reattached is her last and most current agreement that dates back to 11/2/2016, the day she signed up No enrollment fee was required to sign up so no payment was necessary The first monthly payment was due on 11/17/ However, according to the attached invoices, the November monthly payment was not received due to a “Non Transaction Account.” For December, on one page of the invoices for that time period, it says “Credit – Payment Made at Club.” However, on a separate invoice page for that same time period, it says “BX Waive Balance,” meaning the balance was not paid, but was waived For January, the monthly payment did not go through due to “No Account/Unable to Locate.” According to the attached invoices, the payment was collected at the club on 2/21/ In reference to her agreement, the annual fee of $was set to be on 2/1/ While claims were made she was billed this amount, our invoices show it was not received (invoices show balance to be 0.00) For her February dues, the monthly payment was not received [redacted] called the club on 3/7/inquiring about the annual fee When speaking to the staff member, she said the annual fee was taken without her knowledge or consent However, when viewing her agreement, you can see that the annual fee date of 2/1/with dues of $was clearly stated with her signature at the bottom, which legally gives us her permission to withdraw any monthly or annual fees The staff member politely said he was not authorized to issue a refund [redacted] then proceeded to curse and demand we give her a refund of the annual She then said she was going to file a report with the The staff member apologized that he couldn’t be of further assistance She then asked for the staff member to cancel her account so she would not be billed again The staff member obliged and cancelled her account immediately, effective 3/7/The $that she had mentioned was not withdrawn from her account an so we cannot refund something that was not taken Due to the previous account balances and the cumulative money that was and has not been collected, we will not refund the 2/1/annual fee for $[redacted] agreed to all the terms, conditions, and policies stated in the agreement by electronically signing the agreement All relating documents pertaining to this situation have been attached Any further questions please do not hesitate to call at 614-538- Thank you, Taylor P [redacted] Club Manager

-------- Forwarded message ----------From: < [redacted] >Date: Thu, Aug 20, at 1:PMSubject: ID # [redacted] To: [redacted] Hello [redacted] ,I'm email in regards to a letter we receivedWe tried to fax our responsebut it seems to bounce back each timeAttached is the original letter wereceived as well as our responseThe complaint ID # is [redacted] Thanksagain and apologize for any inconvenience.Scott [redacted] (Assistant GM)Planet Fitness

[redacted] [redacted] [redacted] I have received the complaint from Mr [redacted] regarding his membership, purchase with Planet Fitness.On June 17th, Mr [redacted] ‘s purchased a month membership that allowed them services at our [redacted] location for$per month plus taxPer the membership agreement that was signed in the gym by Mr [redacted] , all Planet Fitness memberships require at least automatic payments, before the client is able to cancel the membership and there are no refunds for unused services As of September 17th, Mr [redacted] ’s membership with Planet Fitness is still activated, after months it will continue to be billed month to month unless the member comes into the club or sends a certified letter for cancellationLoyal customers are the key to any company’s success so it is my hope that Mr [redacted] will continue to utilize our servicesI have appropriately noted Mr [redacted] ’s concerns and have forwarded them to the proper management team to ensure they are addressedSincerely, [redacted] Director of Client Services

Greetings, My name is [redacted] , General Manager of Planet Fitness Victorville, replying back to the issue that happened with Mrs [redacted] On the evening of August 23rd, Mrs [redacted] was exercising in our minute express circuitMrs [redacted] and I had previously talked about her concerns with the circuit not being followed by the rulesI advocated to her that if she is to be put in a position where people do not follow the rules, speak to our front desk staff and then and there it would be handledI also encouraged her to sign up for the class that our trainer teaches in his minute circuit that way she can complete it thoroughlyOn the evening of that day, Mrs [redacted] was doing the circuit and she then grabbed a staff member about the minute circuit not being followedUpon my staff arriving, they noted that everyone was following the circuit as it was green light at the momentShe then got upset that my staff member did not do his jobAfter times of grabbing my staff, Mrs [redacted] grew angry and started taking action in the circuit in her own handsA member observed the situation and was worried that Mrs [redacted] was going to hurt a staff member by her body languageShe then started cursing out loud to my staffMy staff member then told Mrs [redacted] that she just arrived and she does not know exactly what is going on trying to play peacemakerMrs [redacted] did not care for anything that my staff member had to say and left the premises upsetI then called her the next day to apologize about what happenedShe then kept telling me "WHEN IS THIS GOING TO CHANGE?" I strongly felt she was not satisfied the way the situation was handled and told her by her approval that I can cancel the memberships with no buyout fee's as she felt upsetShe then went on a vocal rampage about how this gym is not being ran right, people breaking rules, and then she told me to cancel her out and proceeded to hang up on meI then honored her request and sent her an email confirmation of all memberships being canceledAttached are statement from two eyewitness staff members and also an eyewitness member [redacted] Planet Fitness Club Manager [redacted] RdVictorville, CA [redacted]

Planet Fitness in Eatontown will cancel [redacted] s membership and waive all fees as a courtesy even though he was still under contract of agreement for the money owedThank you

I am one of the Regional Managers for Planet Fitness in the Greater Philadelphia Area, just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to respond to the complaint lodged against out Montgomeryville, PA location,When the complaint was received, we began a formal investigation into the matter, The member who logged the complaint did join our location in Montgomeryville, PA on February 10, This member did purchase our 24-hour day pass for $prior to becoming a member, The $payment from the day pass can be applied up to 30-days from purchase date toward any new membership fees.When this member chose to join our club, they were ther charged $down for their sifee and $for a monthly prorateThe monthly prorate covered this members' club usage for the first days of membership prior to the start of the new billing cycle on February 17, We bill all members regardless of join date on the of the monthThe monthly prorate again just covers the usage of the club prior to the start of the next billing cycle,The $fee mentioned in the complaint is the annual membership fee charged to all club members, This is a once a year charge is a rate guarantee fee that locks the members in at the monthly rate they received upon joiningThe annual rate guarantee fee is clearly labeled on the membership agreementThis member has initial and signed that all cancellation and billing policies have been read and understood.Finally, on February 20, 2017, this member spoke to the club's General Manager, The General Manager made sure that this member's $20-day pass credit was honored, That $20-day pass fee was applied to this members' first two $monthly payments due on March 17, and April 17, However, per the membership agreement, this member will still be charged the $annual rate guarantee fee on April 1, to cover them for the upcoming year.Based on the investigation into this claim, this member has been given everything that they have been promisedWe find no wrongdoing at the club,Thank you for your time!Planet Fitness Montgomeryville, PA

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