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Platinum Roofing

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Questionable loan solicitation/false advertising. Mailed solicitation said I was "pre-approved for a personal loan." Offer details stated that offer was for an "unsecured personal loan ... you received this offer because you met certain criteria for creditworthiness." When I inquired about what interest rate I would be offered, Best Egg representative told me loan was disapproved. I have a credit monitoring service and know that nothing has negatively changed my creditworthiness. Furthermore, I have been approved for 3 other possible personal loans but was shopping for best interest rate. When I called Best Egg back, they would not share their disapproval rationale.

The process was easy and uncomplicated.

Mr. [redacted]-Thanks again for taking the time to speak with me.  As discussed, I apologize for any confusion you experienced in the application process.  We received your application through Lending Tree, which was authorized by your wife.  Please reach out if I can be of any...

further assistance!

About to go for it... Although I am on here doing my research and a bit nervous after reading the reviews. I have already had two not great phone calls with best egg; one I pushed the wrong number and apparently they cant transfer so I had to hang up and recall and then again was told to 'try a different internet browser' rather than help me. But that's the system and the way customers get treated, its sad as a pediatric nurse, mother of two, masters student, with prior military service you still get no good from the world.

For starters, Best Egg was was able to fund a personal loan for me right when I needed them to. Prior to Best egg, I was I was with Lending club for a 3 year term. Best egg was able to get me in a 5 year loan, so I went with them. I will agree with some of the other reviewers that the rates are ridiculously high! I honestly would NOT recommend them to a friend or family member as a first resort. They are definitely an absolute last resort kind of company. My issue with them is the amount of time it takes them to process and mail you an overpayment check.
Prime example:
I recently paid off my loan with them (It was for about $10,000) by "refinancing" with my credit union. I was able to get a MUCH lower rate for the same term (5 yrs @ 9% vs. 5 yrs @21%). Now, I mailed these guys a cashiers check earlier this month (December 2014). According to the rep, the funds cleared and were applied to my account on 12/9/14. So, tell me why today is the 22nd and I still have not received my money? The rep mentioned that it "is company policy" to review the account 20 days after its paid off and then issue the check, which can take up to another 10 days. So, you're telling me that it can take up to a month from the date of payoff for me to receive any applicable refund? Unacceptable!!
For the life of me, I can't understand the logic. If the system shows that the account is paid off and you owe me money, then why not just pay me my money?! Also, the only way they can issue a refund for overpayment is by check. So, you're telling me, best egg, that you can dip into my account every month on schedule via auto-debit, but you can't put the money back the same way you got it?? Unacceptable!
Needless to say, I'll probably get my money some time next month. I just wanted you all to be aware of the ridiculously long turnaround time you'd be getting yourself into. Again, they were there right when I needed them but had I checked with my credit union first, I wouldn't have even given them a 2nd thought. Lastly, the amount you request isn't the amount you end up getting. I requested 10,000 but only ended up getting 9,500 because of some administrative or processing fee. Mind you, my credit union gave me the 10,000 in its entirety!
My advice to you all: Don't make Best Egg your plan B...not even your plan C. No, they're more like a plan F company.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 
Regards, [redacted]

Excellent, I am very, very impressed how I handle my applications, no hassles at all. Very recommendable!!!

I apologize for any inconvenience our offers may have caused you.  I have removed your information and you will no longer receive pre-screened offers from Best Egg.  If there is anything else we can do, please contact us!
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me ONLY if mailings AND phone calls stop!

WOW. This took me all but 15 minutes to complete, get approved and accept. Payment auto dep to my bank acct.
Great experience and easy to follow electronic instruction.
Great Job

Very satisfied with the ease of applying and receiving my loan.

I have taken loans from Prosper (two to be exact) and in my view Best Eggs beats them 2-1 in customer relations and in lower APR's,,, Thank You Best Egg... [redacted]--Bronx , New York
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.  best egg responded immediately with a complete explanation what had occurred.thank you

I am pleased that I finally "took the plunge" with Best Egg. I had been looking to consolidate credit card debt, and was pleased with a lower interest rate, and a monthly amount I can afford. It was easy to apply, and it was concluded quickly with the best customer service. Thank you!

Best egg is a great company. It only took a little bit of time to get answers to my questions about getting a loan through them. Great service.

I have an above average credit score, but yet the interest offered to me was higher than my current credit card.

That was incredibly easy! So nice to consolidate all my credit cards and pay them off.

1.Received literature in the mail.
2.Thought about consolidating some bills.
3.Called to ask some questions.
4.while still on the call sent some documents requested.
5. Was approved and funded within 48 hours only because I called on a Saturday, or would of been 24 hrs.
So overall very simple and service was great. The only down side is interest was a little high and most likely will pay off sooner than later. A really great product for a short term lone.

Easy process, looking forward to one payment per month!

Dear [redacted], Thank you for taking the time to speak to me and allowing me to respond to your concerns!  As discussed, you have been added to our “do not solicit” file.  You may receive additional solicitations for up to 60 days following your request due to us initiating...

mail at our print vendor a month in advance.  I can assure you that you will be removed from any future campaigns that have not already been initiated.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.    Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any additional questions or concerns.  Thank you!

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Address: 3250 Hatch Rd, Cedar Park, Texas, United States, 78613-5582


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