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Power Home Remodeling Group

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This company had people in our area too so we let them in and they did the same thing, asked if both of us would be there during the quote which we had to have a scheduled date they took almost two hours and they still couldn't explain why we both had to be present

even though only one of us would be making the final decision about the windows. They creeped us out and never showed up thank god, we decided to stock with a company we know and respect....F[redacted].

These guys are a joke.
Two of their salesmen came to my door yesterday soliciting my business. I made an appointment for today and the person who was going to measure the house and provide the estimate called this morning to confirm time, location, etc.
He asked if I owned the house with anyone else. I said no, I own the house (my wife doesn't own it because I bought the house before we were married).
Even so, the salesman insisted that my wife be available today because "it's a big home improvement" decision.
I said I understood that but she can't be available because of her schedule and as it is, I barely have time for the appointment. Besides, I added, I'm making the decision per my wife's wishes.
The person on the phone simply would NOT listen to me and kept insisting that my wife HAD to be available when he came to the house and wanted to reschedule.
After a few minutes of this back and forth, I told him I didn't need the estimate and hung up.
How am I supposed to feel confident in dealing with this company when the second point of contact won't listen to me?
Very poor customer service and I barely even started dealing with them. Amazing.

the one tyhing I can say about piower is that everyone made me feel comnfortable. I felt good having all of the people power has sent to our house. The process has happened the exact way Power has said it would. appreciate everything

Review: This company made a cold call to my residence and after many attempts of trying to tell them to stop calling me they still keep doing it. The sales pressure tactics this company uses are over the top. Their sales person was very unprofessional on the phone. I had to become very rude to get my point across, but they still continue to call.Desired Settlement: I just want them to stop calling me.



Very happy with the work installed. Very professional company

Review: It all started when a sales person wanted me to confirm that everyone in my household would be present during our appointment. But I could not assure this and I told this person if they don't want to come then don't come. I hung up on him because then he kept asking unnecessary questions. Out of frustration I hung up this sales person.

To my surprise this sales person called me back 30 minutes later. I did not answer. He then proceeded to call my son in law (my son in law referred him to me thanks to a flyer he got in the mail and after a brief conversation with him). He called my son-in-law numerous times.

Then to make matter worse the next day I became a victim of this sales person's revenge. My number was blasted all of [redacted] with a photo of a woman apparently dressed very little and I proceeded to get numerous calls and text messages from people wanting to meet me.

And as of right now I am still getting all these phone calls and text messages. All together I have probably received about 60 messages and calls.

If needed I can provide the evidence of such messages and log of calls.Desired Settlement: The Desired Outcome I Expect

---I want the ad on [redacted] to be immediately removed, as well as anywhere else my personal info has been placed.

---I want a letter of apology from the both the sales person and the company.

---I want the company to provide me with a written assurance that my info will NEVER be distributed again for any reason.

---I want compensation for the harassment I have been a victim of thanks to this sales person and compensation for the time I have spent and lost dealing with this harassment.

---I want compensation for my phone bill as well.



Dear **. [redacted],

First and foremost, thank you

for taking the time to write about your experience. Valuable input and feedback from homeowners like

you help eliminate these types of issues in the future. I apologize that our interactions have caused

undue stress and aggravation to you and your family.

In instances where people

give us their contact information, we touch base with them periodically to see

if they would be interested in our products and services. Your personal contact information was never

sold, shared or distributed in any context or media. After a period of time, your information is entered

into our automated dialer. This is the

first time I am learning about your dissatisfaction and will take the steps necessary

to rectify the situation. We will systematically address this issue as

follows; flag your records in our database to prevent future calls from anyone

in the company, remove the number from the predictive dialer, and post the

number to our own internal DNC list, which prevents it from loading into the

dialer system again.

The alleged [redacted] matter

will be investigated internally and I’m happy to cooperate with the authorities

in any way that I can. If there is

anything else I can do to assist, please contact me directly via the

information noted below.

Furthermore, you willfully provided

us with your information, so at no time have you been contacted by our

organization without authorization. We

apologize for the inconvenience and give assurance that we will do our best to

make sure you will not hear from us again.

Hopefully this will help to absolve our company of any wrongdoing.

Yours in Service,

Director of Warranty Service

PHONE: ###-###-####

FAX: ###-###-####


Power Home Remodeling Group



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: Their Sales person has obviously violated the Company's privacy policy. My information - my cell phone number is/was published on the [redacted]. It was printed on top of a lady's pic 4 times. This could not be a typo error.

Review: Every 3-4 weeks a young salesperson representing Power Windows & Siding comes to my home & badgers me for 10-15 mins with a sales pitch. I do not want any services from Power Windows & Siding and due to this aggressive selling technique, Power W&S will never get an opportunity to bid on jobs with me.Desired Settlement: Remove me from your Sales list.



We were approached at BJ's wholesale club by a salesman for the company offering a free quote on roofing, along with a 10% coupon for any work done, it would only take a few minutes of time for them to give us a quote. We know we may need a new roof in a few years, the gentleman said it was no obligation, and the quote would be good for years. We were put on the phone to their office I presume to schedule an estimate 2 hours later.
2 sales people showed up, they requested my wife be there also, they only needed 5 minutes of her time, this was at 4pm. They had me walk them around the house, then went into the sales pitch, covering what products they used, pulled up maps showing jobs they had done in the last few years nearby, compared the prices of our home to what other roofing companies that they deemed comparable. They went out on a ladder and examined the roof. Our home is almost 100 years old, the issues they pointed out have been there for the 15 years we have owned the home, they made sure to express several times that our roof would not survive one season in the condition it is in. They were hard selling their company. They pointed out that with their company they expected to have to replace 300 square feet of wood and it would be included in the price, he was allowing for an additional 900 square feet, about half the roof. When working up numbers the square footage number suddenly became 1200 square feet at $3.57 per foot, and along the way $750 worth of gutters found their way into the equation because of the special drip edge they used. The end number was over $25,000 for a 1900 square foot roof. When we said that was higher than we thought and we would have to think about it, they went out for a few minutes, and came back with great news, if we let them take before and after photos, all of the replacement wood would be covered and they could reduce the price to $19,000. But we had to decide right then and there, if they left, the deal was off. We told them it was something we would have to consider and after 3 hours they finally left.
Checking online I see hundreds of complaints, the fact they use the A+ rating in their sales pitch is flawed when you see how many complaints they have even here.
Would never use them for any projects after the high pressure sales tactics. 2 salesmen that have probably never put a roof on a home to work up an estimate that could have been done in 30 minutes? I feel for anyone that has fallen prey to them.

This company came around my neighborhood in South Jersey one Saturday and offered a free estimate on siding repair service and the sales person were pretty pushy about it. I usually say no right away to these kinds of sales tactics, but I accepted and booked an appointment for the coming Monday. I called that day (after receiving an automated call from them, supposedly a confirmation call, but it was more like another sales pitch) and cancelled the appointment. They said "sure" and asked wether I'd like to reschedule, but I just replied "not at this time". Since then, I've been getting a phone calls every day from them. I don't answer, and in fact, I've added the number to my spam call list in an app I use.
I'm asking Power HRG to please stop calling me and remove my information from your system ASAP, I don't appreciate this kind of business practice and I do NOT want to hear from you again.
Thank you.

Review: This company's representatives repeatedly solicit door-to-door in my neighborhood and at MY DOOR even after I lodged a previous complaint to the company and requested no further contact. Their marketing representatives are overly aggressive and dishonest, saying they are doing work in our area - which they are not - and refusing to take NO for an answer multiple times. In fact, they do not leave your doorstep until you are forced to return their aggression. Clearly, they are trained to act this way, which borders on harassment. They say they are authorized by your township to solicit which is NOT true. They say they are working with your neighbor, also not true. They insult your property and refuse to leave your doorstep. They attack your neighborhood in pairs and in my experience are always young men that think they are hotshots. In my last encounter they ARGUED they were not the same company I had complained about before. In the most recent case, THEY SCARED MY WIFE, INHIBITING HER FROM GETTING TO OUR DOOR. THEN, THEY PROCEEDED TO TELL HER THEY WOULD BE BACK TO HELP HER DRINK THE WINE SHE HAD PURCHASED FOR DINNER. SHE HAD TO LOOK THE DOOR WHEN SHE FINALLY GOT IN THE HOUSE. My wife is not easily scared, she's an inner city ER nurse, but these guys "creeped her out". The company seems to encourage this aggressive and disrespectful behavior IN THEIR SALES TACTICS AND NEEDS TO BE PUT ON NOTICE for the slime that they are.Desired Settlement: Not only have I requested NO CONTACT previously, but I find they have become even more aggressive in this latest round of solicitation. Therefore, my desired outcome is that they not only stop coming to my door, but also have their company's practices and executives called to task and their "supposed A+ rating with the" rescinded. This is a company of low-life individuals that should NOT be given a misleading rating by the if that rating is even true (jus saw it on their website). I don't know how they actually perform when hired because I would never hire them. I would also support any further actions deemed appropriate by the



Review: Power Home Remodeling Group was contracted on August 29, 2013 to perform roof repair on my rental property at [redacted], NY [redacted]. The original price for the work was estimated at $15,779.13. Upon completion of the work, I informed the company that I was not satisfied with the work its representatives performed. I also advised the bank, [redacted] about my dissatisfaction. To rectify the problems, the company sent out a representative, Jedd S[redacted] and I signed another contract dated October 10, 2013. I was under the impression that I would not be charged for this correction. However, I received a subsequent bill in the amount of $4,777.49. I have been disputing this additional charge because the original work was not done to my satisfaction. I should not have to pay for the correction that was done. Power Home Remodeling Group should be responsible for its work and the correction made. To this date, the roof is still not done properly and needs further work.Desired Settlement: I would like Power Home Remodeling Group to accept responsibility for its faulty work and reimburse me for the additional charges of $4,777.49, the interest accrued on my bank account, and other fees that resulted due to this dispute. The bank advised me that Power Home Remodeling Group has submitted its charges and has already been paid. Therefore, I need my reimbursement so that I may pay the bank for all the charges that have ensued.



Review: This company uses pushy teenagers as salesmen who go to door to door trying to sell their services. When they came to my home the salesboy was pushy and inconsiderate that it was not a good time to here his obnoxious pitch. Clearly there was a lot of commotion going on in my home with children and he kept going on and on about their services. When one of my children would take my attention away he would say "Excuse Ma'am" as if I was being rude not listening to him. Every time I tried to tell him it was not a good time he kept on going with his obnoxious sales pitch. We actually do need new windows so I gave him my number to have a salesperson call me to schedule a time to come over for an estimate and also so he would stop and just go away. Then he rudely asked that I do not change my mind about requesting an estimate as it would reflect poorly upon him. This happened over 3 months ago and since this incident they call my cell phone twice a day, every day! I have told them numerous times to please remove my number from their call list as we are not interested in their services any longer and they still call repeatedly. I will never use this company due to their pushy advertising tactics.Desired Settlement: Stop contacting me.



Everyone was punctual, professional, and very knowledgable from beginning to end. When they showed up to install the windows the head guy mike said "don't worry I got this" and he was fantastic! You talk to so many people throughout the process so it makes you feel like they really are going to take care of you.

Very happy. Did everything they said they were going to. Have used before and will use again

Review: Company claims to be a top rated Better Business listee. After research this may not be the case.

Company's saleman entered home, inspected exting windows, noted condensation, puddling and mold and rot in existing windows and assured us that his windows would prevent that.

Window was purchased. Window leaks like a sieve from multiple joints. Condensation is forming at the majority of the window seams. The water has caused mold and dry rot at this point. Window has begun rotting the window but has also begun to affect the wall.

Customer service was contacted numerous times. Customer Servise was rude, offensive and not helpful in the least. Responses from customer service were as follow:

1. This is not a warranty issue.

2. Window is not defective it is energy efficient. Window leaks because it is a superior energy saving product. Agent says if we wanted a window that didn't leak we would need an inefficient window.

3. One agent instructed us to google "condensation".

4. One agent said to change the attic ventilation in the house -- in the middle of winter.

5. One agent said it was the distance from the stove, to cook with a fan on. It was pointed out to the agen that the leaking window was further away than another of those windows that didn't leak.

6. The supervisor denied responsible, took ab aggressive tone and told us that he "detected sarcasm in our tone and we should just listen". He compared the condensation to the bathroom and the inside of a car? If I was buying a car I might agree, but I'm buging a house window.

7. The corporate headquarters called here about our satisfaction. When we explain our dissaction, we were told that his manager would call. At this point we haven't received so much as an email.

lastly the single best response we got from one customer service agent -- to stain the window sill so that we can wipe the mold off.

An inspector came from the company and ovbserved the window and numerous photographs of the defects in the window. Nothing became of his inspection but more denial of responsibility.

The company sat in our dining room for over three hours listing the quality of his company, warranties, his rating. As soon as the money left our hands so too did the warranties, reps and so on.Desired Settlement: I want a new window or one that works as advertised. I have paid $17,000 and I am ashamed to show anyone this shoddy work that I paid for. At this point I feel defrauded.



THe cfrew showed up on time an d went right to work. The professionalism from everybody has been exceptional. We are extremely happy to haver choosen power home remodeling as are contratctor. the experience has been the best we ever had.

Review: "We are not totally satisfied with the work they did”

Power Home Remodeling put us on hold after they installed 2 windows, Oct. 6, 2014. Since the other 2 windows wasn’t measured right the service was delayed. Second week in October it rained hard for a few days. Also the following week we have Noreastern and we have heavy rain and wind. The window got wet, rain leaks through the hole were they treated the frame of the window. the “mold” on the ceiling showed. Power Home Remodeling finished the job Oct. 25, 2014. But nobody came and check the finished work the installer people did.Desired Settlement: We are not totally satisfied with the work they did”

Power Home Remodeling put us on hold after they installed 2 windows, Oct. 6, 2014. Since the other 2 windows wasn’t measured right the service was delayed. Second week in October it rained hard for a few days. Also the following week we have Noreastern and we have heavy rain and wind. The window got wet, rain leaks through the hole were they treated the frame of the window. the “mold” on the ceiling showed. Power Home Remodeling finished the job Oct. 25, 2014. But nobody came and check the finished work the installer people did.



Made an Appointment for a roof inspection/ estimate told the guy that wife and I work different schedules so she may not be home .
Was called to confirm appt. told the caller wife is working said she had to be there so appt cancelled.
Funny no other contractor asked to meet my wife!

th crew was prfoessiponal, we had 3 crews come out all were the same polite, respectful and professional. I like the fact that easch crew had a specific ttask making them a master in what the do. one crew did roof, capping, and gutters.

I am completely satisfied with everything done on my home. I noticed a remarkable difference in the conditions inside my house. Warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer "not as damp". Both products and installers were superior. I had very pleasant experience. You pay for what you get.

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