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Hello -
We are in receipt of the complaint #*** dated 1/**/
We are not in the business of scamming people We have honored this consumer's qualification as she did indeed complete the program requirements This consumer will be sent
a prize within our processing time of 2-weeks This is not advertisement and this consumer was not lied to about their prize When the consumer participated in our program, she agreed to be contacted by email and phone by our third party marketing partners We did not instruct this consumer to give a business phone number for these marketing purposes.We have responded to each of this consumer's correspondences to usThis complaint is resolved and this consumer will be getting their prize
Thank youMohit S*Director, Compliance
RewardZone USA

Bunch of ***! Our BUSINESS email just got in a row from this outfitYou try to "unsubscribe" (not that we EVER subscribed in the first place) and the link takes you to some asinine advertisement

Thank you for contacting RewardZone USA, LLC
This is in response to the consumer's rejection of our response to complaint #*** originally filed on 7/**/This consumer has indeed completed the requirements to qualify for the gift card incentive We sent a claim form to this consumer on 7/**/and currently await the consumer to sign and return it to us We also require government issued photo identification and proof of mailing address if different from the one on the IDOnce we receive this documentation, we will promptly send the gift card
Thank you,
Mohit S*Director, ComplianceRewardZone USA, LLC

Received call from ###-###-#### stating I won prize of $in gift cardsAs a second prize I was getting magazines alsoOnce I asked if magazines would cost me money, agent admitted they wouldI said no thank you to the magazines and she hung up on meSince I had the number I called back to make a complaint on the bait and switch and being hung up on to a supervisorThe young lady who answered was kind and put on a supervisor who said he can't tell who called me and he'll just put me on the fo not call listI was once in the teleserservices business for furtune companies so I know they can tell who called meThe supervisor was not interested in how I was treated and then said he was "going to hang up on me too" when I asked him if he just really threatened to do that he said "yep" and hung upI called back hoping to get his name to report him and I heard her whisper my name to a man who asked who she was speaking too and the line went dead againSo I called, and spoke with the manager believing to just be heard so she would know what people were doing on her floor and treat people on the phoneHer name was BarabaraBarbara sounded like she could have been less interestedSaid she can't tell me the supervisors name because I have her tied up at a computer due to talking to her so what else did I needTold her j don't want his name anymoreI just want her to know what's going on at her businessBarabara proceeds to get ignorant and loud and speak down to meSo I say wow, you're the the same way tooI seeFine, I won't call again, I'll report this elsewhereShe said good, don't call back, I'm running a businessWell just so you all know Rewards zone Usa are rude, (most of themThere were kind women I spoke too, briefly who were just doing their jobs to get a paycheck, Patricia and not enough time to catch the other ones name I'm afraid) the supervisors are nasty and rude as are the managersI wouldn't take a magazine from them much less a free stick of gumAnd no, there were no free gift cards won either aparantlyBut who knowsIf their employees were more professional, management up to par where management is supposed to be, maybe I wouldn't be writing a negative review on here
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.
I appreciate the quick turnaround on this and I hope there is no need to use your services for this matter again.
Thank you!
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved
Thank you for your help
*** ***

Lourdes -Thank you for reaching out to RewardZone USA.We have removed your name, email address and phone number from our database.However, you may be mistaken about who is calling you You referenced a million dollar sweepstakes that you were called about We do
not run a million dollar sweepstakes Also, our website is not ***, it is *** Nevertheless, we have removed your information from our database Thank you.Mohit S*Director, ComplianceRewardZone USA, LLC

Thank you for contacting RewardZone USA
We are in receipt of the complaint #*** dated 5/**/This consumer has completed the necessary requirements to qualify for the incentive We are waiting on this consumer to return the required claim paperwork and we
are in communication with the consumer to ensure that he claims and receives the incentive.
We will send the consumer his prize once we receive the completed claim forms and supplemental documentation The consumer has been made aware of this
Mohit S*Director, ComplianceRewardZone USA

*** ***: We are in receipt of your complaint with the (File #
sans-serif;">***). Our customer service team is tasked to address any complaints or inquiries that we receive and take the appropriate action to provide amicable resolutions to our users. We provide quick turnaround and use complaints and inquiries to fine tune our website design and disclosures to maximize user satisfaction. Thank you for the opportunity to address your complaint. From your letter, we see that you have participated in our rewards program and have completed all of the requirements to earn a $1,Disney Gift Card. We apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but our response time is business hours. We have received your messages as well and have replied to them individually. Due to vagaries of the internet, sometimes an offer does not show up in our system when completed by a consumer. This is not a major concern, however, because we also accept any email confirmations that you received from the offer you completed as credit to your account. One of our dedicated customer service reps has already replied to your messages, requesting that you send the email confirmation that you received from the offer that is not showing up in your incentive status. You can forward that email confirmation to *** Once we have the confirmation, your account will be fully qualified for the $1,Disney gift card and we will promptly send you the claim paperworkI apologize for the inconvenience and any miscommunication that may have occurred. You can rest assured that this complaint will be resolved in a timely manner and the escalation to the was highly unnecessary. Nevertheless, we are in contact with you and await your email confirmation. We maintain an A+ rating with the and take customer service very seriouslyLastly, I cannot speak to the reviews you may have read. In 2015, we gave out over $400,in prizes to consumers who properly completed the program requirements. Chances are, the reviews you read were written by people who did not follow the program requirementsThis matter is resolved and will be marked closed. Please continue communication with our customer service rep, Maggie, at *** - We await your email confirmation for the offer that does not appear in your incentive statusThank youRegards, Mohit S*** Director, Compliance RewardZone USA

** ***:Thank you for reaching out to RewardZone USA, LLC.As per our records, we have unsubscribed you on 2/**/at your original request.If you are still receiving emails, you may be on an email list of one of our email marketing partners While we alert all of
our publishers of a consumer's request to be unsubscribed, it's possible that one or more of them are straying from policy and it is our responsibility to track down the offender.In order to further our investigation, we request that you forward the email you received to *** From there, we can search the source of the email from the header information and reach out to the offending party and have your email address further removed.We sincerely apologize for your less than favorable web experience Customer Service is very important to us and we will do everything possible to remedy this situation.Regards,*** ***, ComplianceRewardZone USA, LLC
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved
*** ***

I just recently had a bad experience with reward zone USA LLCI completed all the requirements for the *** *** cardI filled out all necessary documents They were in communication with me via email until after I sent the claim form I hope it's not some sort of identity theft scam, because they stressed that they needed a government issued ID with my photo on it to complete the claim forAs soon as I sent the form back via fax with my photo government issued ID, I no longer received responses from themI have sent emails since the form has been returned to verify if they have received itMaggie the lady I have been corresponding with will no longer respond to my emsilsIt's been weeksSo I would not recommend this program to ANYONE

USA reward zone is fake I'm calling my lawyer asap to file class action suit this is the second time I been taken advantage of by them.

I fulfilled all the required offers. I wrote to the customer service department. They told me "if I qualified " I would receive a claim form within 5 days. I did not. Now I can't get back to the site through any links they sent or through a Web search!
Amy Cney

You stole my money and I want it back right now! Are you freaking kidding me? I did one of your stupid offers with disney, spent the money I was supposed to spend, and guess what I still havent recieved what I bought! You stole $21.96 out of my
account as soon as it put in there on wednesday, you sobs really think I wasn't gonna fkin notice? I needed that money. And I have been sending messages to every link, and every lead until I get justice on what's mine. You took money out of my account without my permission. Whatever information you have on me, get rid of it now or I will report and sue this fking business for theft!

I was attempting to get a $100. WalMart card and met your requirements but your system refused to recognize my acceptance of a Gold and Silver offer. Why don't you make your system work correctly? I will be cancelling those things which I signed up for with your offer because you appear to be fraudelent and I do NOT support thieves on the internet

They advertised if I completed their survey and added a bunch of personal info that I would get a NEW IPAD. The last question of survey took me out to another site, could not get back on their site. This is false advertising and wrongfully collects your personal information. Turning in to BBB !

Why are you taking people's personal information like sex age political affiliation? Are you going to sell all your data to other agencies who are studying political behavior? Stop doing that. It is an invasion of our privacy.

I was sean thear thay told me thay wood PayPal me and nathing I done allá thay askt iam [email protected]

Thank you for contacting RewardZone USA, LLC

We operate marketing and promotional websites that use surveys and user supplied and collected information to match users with advertisers and offers that we believe they’ll be interested in. The sites are promoted with rewards – typically gift cards and merchandise – which users can earn by completing a specified number of offers. These offers typically require a purchase or a subscription to a service. Please be advised that simply completing the survey will NOT qualify you for a reward. As clearly and conspicuously stated on the landing page and in the footer of every page of our sites as well as in our Terms and Conditions, “paid participation” is required.

To qualify for a reward, you must complete the requirements based on the value of the reward. If the reward is $100 value or less (Tier 1 incentive) then you need to complete 1 silver, 1 gold, and 2 platinum offers. If the reward is above $100 value (Tier 2 incentive) then you need to complete 1 silver, 1 gold, and 8 platinum offers. All offers must be completed within 20 days of the first completed offer.

Our users have claimed over $3 million in rewards since we started our promotional program a few years ago. We currently award an average of more than $100,000 in rewards each month!

Please allow 5 days for offers to record on your account. Also, note that we only record offers completed in the last 30 days. We checked your email address in our system and we currently do not have record of your paid participation in any of our sponsored offers from the last 30 days to qualify for a reward.

If you have indeed completed the requisite number of offers, please allow 5 days for your credits to register in your Incentive Status.

We think our program is both fun and, yes, rewarding! We encourage you to register on one of our sites, answer the survey questions and sign up for the fabulous offers and earn your reward.

For additional information, please refer to our terms and conditions and frequently asked questions:

RewardZone USA

I completed my requirements and was sent the form to claim the prize $1000 Amazon. Filled it, got it noterized, and mailed it. It’s been over a month. Not one word. I’ve tried contacting them and nothing. I’ll be reporting to the BBB. Jump through hoops and and nothing. No customer service, no answers and no help. NOT ACCEPTABLE.


Thank you for your patience. We require extra documentation to ensure our security measures and uphold the integrity of our program.
If you did not receive your reward yet, you can contact our customer service team at [email protected]
We have a full team of customer service respondents that work M-F 9am - 6pm EST.

RewardZone USA

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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Reward Zone USA, LLC, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.


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