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Semper Solaris Construction Inc

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Semper Solaris Construction Inc Reviews (206)

Semper solaris is a professional and knowledgeable starting from sales,project managers,coordinators,and also installers

Outstanding company I had a very positive experience from start to finish

Overall, Semper Solaris did a great job with our solar installThe roof replacement was a rough ride, but it got doneCustomer Care Officer John R*** kept us informed throughout the project and helped answer our many questions

When we moved into our new house, we knew we wanted solar Brandon, estimated our likely usage and set us up with panels in the hopes of offsetting 100% of our electric bill
Well, we just finished our first HOT summer and we are as pleased as ever! We ran our air conditioning non-stop from July-September and not only did our panels cover 100% of our usage, but it looks like we will be getting a check from Edison at the end of the year :-)
It took probably about months from the signing of our contract to the installation of our systemSemper installed our system quickly, and without any issuesInitially, right after installation, I noticed some silver conduit running along the side of a portion of our houseIt wasn't awful or anything, but...when I told Brandon about it, Semper sent guys out right away to paint it to match the color of the house, so now it blends in perfectlyI cannot say enough good things about solar in general, and SemperThanks guys!

If you're thinking about solar I highly recommend Semper Solaris Our salesperson Anela was professional, pleasant, and honest I bought from her because she was the only salesperson I talked to who was honest and gave me a good price Then the installers and project managers were just as good They did what they said and said what they would do from start to finish There are not many solar contractors like this My finished system looks great and works great

We had a solar system installed in our home one month agoWe are happy with the outcome and in particular, extremely satisfied with the attention and service we received from VERONICA ***She was our contact person and go to person when any problem needed to be resolved before, during and after the installation process was completedVeronica is a very competent and professional representative for Semper SolarisShe was always timely and efficient when we had questions and always provided the right answersBesides being excellent at her job, Veronica is pleasant, respectful and very patient which makes her an exemplary employee at Semper Solaris.We thoroughly enjoyed speaking with her during our solar installation process
Manuel & Aurelia Alvarez

I have nothing but good things to say about Semper Solaris, and personally appreciate their responsiveness and their professional expertise on Solar
I will give them a A+++++ THE BEST Provider in solar that I can possibly describe - They went above and beyond any support rep and Michael Supported me throughout as well as Rhami and others just a great team of people

Rhami was professional, answered all related questions about solar panels, and provided me the best pricing based on my incomeHighly recommended

To whom it may concern, where do I start about this company Semper Solaris I learned about Semper Solaris from our Nephew and Niece that recently had their solar system installed by the Company As my Wife and I were researching many different companies to install our solar system, our Nephew told me to contact Mark Ivory at Semper Solaris And I am glad we did I contacted Mark and he set up an appointment to come to our house and discuss the options for solar Mark provided a custom layout for how many panels we would need and how much energy we would produce Mark was very thorough and explained how solar works and answered all our questions And believe me we had quite a few of them Mark left us with all the information we needed and with no pressure to use their services My Wife and I took a few days to discuss what we had learned from Mark and how we could only benefit from solar With that said, we decide to go with Semper Solaris
The next step was to talk with the project manager Matthew Ward Matthew provided us with the information pertaining to how the project would work Before your project starts they design a template of where the panels and all the equipment will be located This eliminates any confusion, and everyone is on the same page There is no room for error as you electronically sign that you agreed to the drawing I must say I was really impressed with how the layout looked The panels were position perfectly on top of our roof in the drawing Finding the location for the equipment was more complicated, but these guys are professionals and they knew which options we had The reason finding a location for the equipment was complicated was due to the location of our gas meter The equipment could not be within feet of the gas meter Matthew and his team came up with a brilliant idea and informed us we had an option to have it installed in our garage Even though it would take more cabling to run the electrical wires to our electrical box, Semper Solaris did this with no extra charge After the layout was agreed upon, the next step was to schedule the installation date This is where I met Michael Cognetti our personal project coordinator Michael set up the installation date and made sure I was aware of everything that was going to transpire I did not have to call Michael to get updates, he called me Yes, it still exists, as Semper Solaris is a company that cares about their customers Michael was our main point of contact from here on out As our project progressed, my Wife and I still had questions Michael was able to answer every one of them in timely manner At the end of every call that we had he never hesitated to say, “call me if you have any other questions” Michael made this project and installation painless So as a human you start to think this is probably too good to be true But me as a witness their service is great, and it is true These guys really know what they're doing Now came the time for the installation The day finally came, and Michael let me know what time the installers would be at our home and everything that was going to happen
The day of the installation I met Alex and his crew Talking about professional installers, these guys are it The first day, their focus was installing the panels and getting all the wiring ready With the panels they installed and the wiring they prepped, it was better than I thought it was going to be Equipment installation in the garage came out superb Installation of the panels on the roof was installed like they came with the home
The second day was the running of all the wiring, cabling and connections to the electrical panel box With our installation, there are no wires, cables or tubing visible on top of the roof All the wires, cables and tubing are running directly through the attic to the main electrical panel box When you look at the panels on our roof they look like they're not connected but they are Only tubing you see with our installation are two tubes running down the side of our house to the electrical box The rest of the equipment is professionally installed in our garage
After the completion of the installation, Alex and his crew tested the system to make sure it was working properly Alex informed me step by step what I needed to do once I had PTO (permission to operate) Michael also inform me of what steps I needed to take once I had PTO Approximately two weeks after the installation I had the authorization to turn our system on Semper Solaris provide so much information that I'm not going to go into details because it is so much to cover For the great warranty and superb panels, you will need to contact Semper Solaris for that information
Approximately two to three weeks after we had our solar system turn on, Semper Solaris came back out to the house to make sure everything was still working properly Talking about customer service
Our project is now completed, and my Wife and I are happy customers Just the other day Michael called and ensured me that he will be our personal project coordinator for the full warranty of the system Did I mention Semper Solaris has a 25-year warranty? A real 25-year warranty covering all parts and labor All, if you do not have solar and you own a home it is worth considering Again, you're going to pay your electricity bill somewhere, why not pay yourself Semper Solaris is a company that can provide you with great service and a piece of mine
I thank our Nephew and Niece for introducing us to Semper Solaris and I thank Semper Solaris and the entire staff for being a great company and providing a service that people can still Trust
I highly recommend Semper Solaris for your Solar project
***  *** **

This company was a pleasure to work withThey fully addressed my concerns and completely professional in all our interactionsThey did great work

I had a great experience with Semper SolarisBill Jean was awesome all through the process of roof preparation & installation Solar panels & financial formatsInspection were fastBilly Jean me & my family thank you & your team for all the professional work Awesome job!

I have been fence sitting for more than a year about going Solar due to numerous horror stories that I hear and readAfter extensive research and comparison I finally took the plunge and went with Semper SolarisAnd let me tell you they did not DISAPPOINT and sure glad I chose them over the competition!!! First of all, I was contacted by their sales associate Rhami H***Rhami showed up in time as discussed and went right to work with his presentationI can tell he was well versed in his job and the productI did not feel pressured at any time during the presentation and he went over everything about my project design in details and was thoroughAfter showing him my previous electric bills he made sure the design and setup was for my best interest and fit to accomodate our household based on usage historyVery impressive sales rep
A few days later I was contacted by John R*** to go over the details of what's coming down the roadAfter a few conversation he mentioned that he used to be in the Navy and come to find out he served in the same squadron I was in! I told him that I'm a retired Navy Chief and from that point forward he insisted on addressing me as Chief even though I told him to just call me JakeAnd that my friends is a testimony of how this veteran owned company cares about other vetsI'm sure they care about all their customers regardless if you're a vet or not
The project was supposed to start that Saturday and I get a phone call from the install team lead Alex saying they want to get a head start and will start on Friday at Again, right on the dot they showed up the following morningWithout wasting time they get right to workDuring the installation Alex made a suggestion to change the original layout of the panels to make it look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and clean looking in which I completely bought off onThe original design was laid out kind of weird due to some pipe sticking out on the roof and it would interfere with the panel so Alex rerouted the pipe just so a panel could be placed and it was a good call!! Next their electrician George showed me the placement of the inverter and showed how he planned on running the conduitI made a request to run the conduit the way I wanted it just so it is less visible from the street and he did just that! The install took all day and was to return the next morning to finish it offBefore leaving they cleaned up the project area and made sure it was the same condition as before they started
The following morning the team came back on time and got right to workIt wasn't long before they buttoned up everything and the install was completeAlex once again explained what the next step is and to call with any questionsA few days later I get a call to inform me of the city inspectionAlthough the inspection failed for minor infraction, Josh A*** assured me that everything will be corrected in a timely manner and they didAlex and his team came back to fix the infraction and even painted the conduit to match the exterior paint perfectly!!! The reinspecrion took place without a hitch and a few days later I was granted the power to operate! The PTO didn't go as planned as the inverter was receiving some kind of errorBut the technical team was on it right away and helped me troubleshootIt didn't take long until the issue was resolved and I was up and running!!
In summary, Semper Solaris is committed to their customers and you will not be disappointed Look to no other company besides Semper Solaris if you are looking to go solar!!! They have the best incentives and offer no one can matchPlus they only install the best panels in the Market which is SunPowerThank you and Bravo Zulu #sempersolaris !!!!!!

Solar panel and system was installed (finished) on 5/17/ They said they were going to send me a receipt for goods/services, but to this date failed to do so I sent a message to John R*** a week ago, requesting a receipt He said he was going to send one but has not to this date Gavin P*** said he would also send one last Tuesday 6/5/2018, but hasn't done so I spent $15,on the solar system, but have no receipt for it

My name is *** *** and my husband and I hired Semper Solaris to install our solar equipment on our home We met with Genevieve *** and she was very helpful and knowledgeable with all our questions and concerns The whole process from beginning to end was pleasurable and efficient I highly recommend Semper Solaris for their solar needs, and call Genevieve ***, she is amazing and knowledgeable

Great attention to customer serviceEvery time I called they were able to answer my question immediately or connect me to who couldThe sales team was very professional and very informativeThey came ready to answer all questions and were able to show why their service and product was superior than those others in the marketGreat military appreciationThe install went seamlessly, even matching the color of my stucco was amazingI would definitely use them again

Positive experience, all calls returned promptly, all steps explained then executed The customer service was great

We are very pleased with Semper Solaris and even more with our consultant CaesarHe really did an excellent job answering every question we had and was not pushy on making a saleOur Solar install ran so smoothly and the whole team was very professional and very helpful during the entire processThank you Caesar and the entire team at Semper Solaris! I will be referring family and friends for sureI highly recommend!

Outstanding company, starsWe had a positive experience with Semper Solaris, all the way from the initial meeting to installation(roofing and solar panels) John *** and all the personnel involved were very professional

Sunny Days ahead with Semper Solaris! As a contracting manager in Healthcare, I performed my due diligence with seeking and receiving over bids to install solar at my home My motivation was of course the rising costs of electricity (no gas or propane in my semi-rural home) and the benefits of reducing the emissions footprint for the planet! The tax credit was also a great motivator! Upon review of my multiple bids I was shocked to find an approx$10,difference in costs with essentially the same products and performance from the several bids, and I spoke to all the big players and a few small Semper was my awarded vendor based on their customer service, Anela was excellent, and of course their competitive bid Their install team was very considerate, professional, and punctual as well My system required panels and we also added a car charger They worked closely with my roofer on the install and completed the work in a timely manner after permits were obtained I am generating over KW a day and could not be more pleased! Thank you Semper for your professionalism and overall exceptional care, service, and products!

I entered into a signed contract agreement with Semper SolarisAfter not hearing from them for three weeks I called them regarding the progress of the projectMy phone call was not returned so after five days I emailed them and after three days of no response I called again requesting a supervisorI finally got a call back but was then informed they wanted to add a solar panel and the conditions of the contract would be different and the cost would be moreThe biggest problem I find with this is in their unethical sales practiceThey quote you one price, lowballing their competitors and then after you’re into the process for over a couple of months change the price and conditions on youThe last time I spoke with them they said they were going to address the discrepancies and get right back to meI haven’t heard from them in a week nowIt has been over three MONTHS since this process startedI was told the panels would be installed in three weeks originally

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