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Simple Tire

5 Neshaminy Interplex Dr Ste 101, Feasterville Trevose, Pennsylvania, United States, 19053-6967

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Absolutely a joke! Ordered 4 tires (contingent upon delivery) But only recurved 3. I had made arrangements with a local shop to have my 5th wheel prepped and new tires installed. The shop made huge sacrifices to accommodate my rig to complete the job but because the 3rd tire never showed up we had to cancel as they could not make this happen twice.
So with a delivery date of 6-24,and an install set up on 6-27 that couldn't happen,I'm beyond disappointed that I gave simple tire my business! They cost me aggravation with my local shop,a trip scheduled for 6-29 and I still don't have my 4th tire,the scheduled delivery keeps changing and when I call simple tire they just blame the shipper rather then send me a new friggin to complete my order! It's their job to produce the product I purchased! I'll make an effort to spread the word how they don't care once they have your money!

Great prices for tires! However there is no customer service assistance the automated system with hang up on you. When trying to look for customer support online you do not get a response within 24 hours. I have tried to reach out multiple times and still have not got my issue resolved. The website has a $99 installation for your tires with the participating car places however I still ended up paying at the installation place with firestone. I got charged twice one with simple tires and firestone. The rep at firestone stated that it does not come with the installation with simple tires. I have tried to get a rep to assist with clarification with simple tires and a refund since it actually DOES not cover the installation when purchasing.

I ordered 2 tires from them and as soon as the payment went through. I noticed 2 extra tires on the screen that I did not want and that I was charged $350 dollars instead of $160 like it was supposed to be. so I ended up paying $350 for 4 tires and was only trying to buy 2 tires. I immediately tried over and over again to cancel the order. the website says to cancel within 30 mins. but for over an hour I struggled as thier website kept sending me back to the invoice page never canceling my order. I then called the number listed on the website to try to resolve the issue. I called that number 4 times within a weeks time and always got the same thing. I would be put on hold for about 15 mins and then I would hear an answering system telling me to leave a message and I did that every time. I also sent them emails at least 3 to the compliant and dispute email address listed on the website explaining what had happened. I have yet to hear anything from simple tire and have not been refunded my money. today I received a shipment from simple tire and it contained only one tire.

Simple Tire Response • Jun 25, 2020

Hello and sorry for the frustration here! It looks like you added the second set while browsing and had both sets of tires in your cart during checkout. I also see the return request that you submitted immediately after placing the order and realizing the mistake. We tried to contact you when we reopened the next day via email since your request didn't specify which of the two sets you wanted to return but we haven't received a response yet. If you can share with us which set you want to return then we can happily have them returned to us at no additional cost to you. As soon as we have the tires back we can issue a refund for them.

Customer Response • Jun 26, 2020
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Ordered tires for my commercial mower. We're delivered unusable. Called they sent out 2 new ones. Delivered the exact same way. I refused the delivery. Have called numerous times about refund. Has been almost 3 weeks and still no refund. I'm getting really aggravated at this point. Product is awful and refund is awful as well. Do Not recommend!

Simple Tire Response • Jun 25, 2020

Hello! Unfortunately the tires that you've ordered come in the condition you received them in. Garden tires are packed together tightly when shipped from the manufacturer and require extra work to reform and mount them, typically with the application of heat. I do see that you refused the delivery of the second order we attempted to send but it looks like one of the tires has been lost in transit by the carrier. I apologize for this as it obviously delayed your refund. However, since we're able to see that it was on the way back to us when it was lost we will go ahead and have your refund processed immediately. Please allow your bank up to 7-10 business days to process the refund on their end but know that we will have this issued by end of day today.

These folks need to learn something about communication.
Tires were suppose to arrive today. When I tried to reach out to them for status THEY ARE UNREACHABLE!
The front end works great; they get my money.
Really bad at the follow through.

Ordered and paid for tires...installer received tires however they were the wrong model...have received to response from customer that were received were 2 years old but appeared new....I would hv never purchased if I had checked reviews....
Purchased June 10, 2020

I am very impressed by being able to order tires and having the option to finance them and not having to pay anything that day. Also have an amazing military discount. Overall, tires are amazing and for great pricing.

They tell you your tires will ship the next business day but keep delaying shipment and claim "waiting for carrier". Customer service doesn't answer the phone and tells you to leave a message and they will call within 24 hrs and they won't all you to cancel the order you have been waiting on. This doesn't look like a company that wants to stay in business .

I purchase a set of tires in June of 2019. Approximately three days ago one of my tires was gashed by an object on the road and when I took the tire to get fix it was unrepairable. I have made numerous attempts via phone and email to file my road hazard claim with no luck. This is unsatisfactory and poor business as the tire has a one year warranty.

Simple Tire Response • Jul 13, 2020

Hello! I'm sorry for your frustration here. I do see an email exchange between you and our support representatives as recent as June 29th, 2020 when we sent an email but haven't yet received a response. I understand you're trying to file a road hazard claim but did not opt for the additional coverage when placing your order. I've looked at the manufacturer's warranty as well and they explicitly state that road hazard damage is not covered under their limited warranty. I'm afraid that, at this time, we're unable to help with an adjustment on your tires for a road hazard claim. It looks like our representative is trying to file a defect claim on your behalf. If you would like to move forward in filing a defect claim, please respond to the June 29th email requesting additional information.

I ordered 4 tires from Simple Tire. 2 tires on one order and 2 tires on another order. I received email confirmation on both orders. Days later, I received an email stating that the tires I ordered were out of stock. At that point, I responded to the email and requested a refund for both orders. I have not heard back after sending the email and leaving a message nor has a refund been issued.

Simple Tire Response • Jul 07, 2020

Hello and sorry for the frustration! We tried to contact you via email on 6/2 that your tires were out of stock. An email was sent to the address on the order to notify you that the tires had gone out of stock and confirm if you preferred a refund or help selecting comparable tires. It doesn't look like we received any response so your refund was scheduled on 6/4 and processed on 6/8. Hopefully this issue has been resolved but if you need any further assistance please feel free to contact us by phone or email!

Customer Response • Jul 09, 2020

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THIS PLACE IS A JOKE! do not I repeat DOOOOOO NOT order from them! you will not be able to get a hold of customer service and they will only ship three tires when you order four. DO yourself a favor and just order from discount tire!

this business clearly pays for their “A” rating, because there’s no way they got it organically. I paid over $1,000.00 for 4 tires almost a year ago now, and when I got the tires I only got 3 of them. the 4th one never arrived. I went and had the 3 tires put on, and on the way home while driving on the highway, one of the brand new tires blew out and sent the front side of my car into the wall! I called simple tire, and they said to contact their distributor. it ended up taking months to get ahold of them, and once I finally did, they said that simpletire (the reseller) was responsible. okay then! so I immediately call simpletire, and tell them what happened. at this point, I don’t even mention the missing tire. I just wanted a refund or a new tire to replace the one that blew out. they say to send pictures of the tire and that it could take 6 months to replace it. I send an email with pictures and got no reply. I resend the email a few weeks ago, and got a reply yesterday saying, “We see that the issue is caused due to a blow out which usually occurs due to a possible road hazard, improper inflation, excessive load impact & is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty.” how convenient they didn’t list “defective tire” as reason for blow out, even though that is the most likely especially considering the tire was brand new, wasn’t low in air, wasn’t carrying a load, and there were no road hazards! considering I went through my insurance to repair the damage this caused to my car and not them, and only asked for the defective tire to be replaced and not the other one that never made it to my house, i’m truly disgusted by them. this could have easily killed me and my family, and I just wanted a tire. big gross on their part. well simpletire, you just lost a repeat customer and i’m taking my business to costco. THEY BUY THEIR A RATING, DO NOT TRUST THEM!

I ordered tires on 3/4/2020 they were installed on 3/14/2020. I noticed they were wearing heavy on the rear. When they were installed I have an alignment done. I chose this company because they are well known and felt they could be trusted. I went on May 13th to Monroe to have them checked and at this time the measurements on the back tires were 2/32 and 4/32 out of 11/32, the tires had 4000 miles on them and were almost bald. I submitted a claim with them to replace or refund and they denied me due to not having a mileage warranty. Why would I spend almost $700 in tires to last two months. They should help or warranty their products that they sell online. I feel like I am being taken advantage of. And now I have to replace new tires again out of my own pocket. I am a Mother, I drive a *** and do not speed. How am I supposed to feel safe on these tires? This is completely unfair, unsafe and unreasonable.

Simple Tire Response • May 29, 2020

Hello and thank you for reaching out about your concern! The response to this issue is delayed but we issued two replacement tires on 5/22/2020. I was able to follow the email exchange that you had with our support team and they're unfortunately correct, the issue you've experienced isn't covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

However, we do know that your tires are extremely important and the excessive tread wear you've experienced can ultimately lead to unsafe driving conditions if the tires aren't replaced. We want you to be safe so we sent your replacement tires were shipped on 5/22 and look to have been delivered on 5/27. Please let us know if there's anything else that we can do to help! I'm sorry for the frustration and concern this has caused.

Customer Response • May 29, 2020

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Quite literally the worst customer service ever!!
Since delivery of my tires is long overdue I tried calling to get a tracking number or a status of my order. The phone number on my receipt (215.278.6333) is no longer in service (according to Verizon). The phone number on the website (888.410.0604) is in service, but after receiving an automated announcement that Simpletire is very busy and a suggestion that I try the online site for more information the call is immediately terminated on their end. I go back to the online site and, of course, I cannot get any information whatsoever about my order or when my tires might be delivered. Currently, it is utterly impossible to make contact with anyone at Simpletire.
With no other options left to me I tried contacting the various package carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHS, etc.) to ask if they have any packages due to be delivered to my address. None did.
At this point I am seriously wondering if Simpletire even exists as a company. They processed my order and took my payment, but that appears to be the extent of their efforts.
The prices listed were lower than others so I had hopes of purchasing several sets of tires for fleet vehicles through Simpletire. However, after this disastrous experience there is no way on earth that I will risk dealing with them.

They advertised the tire size for my truck at $74 a tire then shipped me the wrong size tire. Charge my credit card. Then doubled the price of the tire for the correct size and will not refund my money for the tires are returned that were never used I refuse the order from

Simple Tire Response • May 29, 2020

Hello and sorry for the frustration with this order! In looking at the transaction and exchange with our support team it appears that the size ordered is the size that we shipped but it was wrong for your vehicle. I do see that the delivery was refused and returned to our warehouse and has already been refunded in full.

If you have any other issues please don't hesitate to contact our support team again!

Purchased four brand new tires from Simple Tire for my 2017 ***. Had them installed 5/8 at a reputable dealership and was advised all four tires are out of round and would not balance. Paid to have them installed\balanced once and then a second time for a road force balance in a last ditch effort to get them to work. All four road force 4x the spec of an acceptable tire.(This is dangerous!) I'v provided all this documentation to Simple Tire form the dealership stating all four tires are bad and cannot be used. Truck shakes the dash when driving and steering is very dangerous. This is unacceptable and needs to have the tires replaced. I'm close to 1K invested in a set of tires that is a safety hazard to myself and my family and the truck cannot be driven. As of 5-16 I will need this truck for work and it's unusable due to this tire issue. Spent a week trying to get resolution and so far I have nothing. I get a one line email response once a day and nobody will help me over the phone. All I want is a reliable set of tires so I can resume work and provide for my family in this hard time! If I am unable to work because this isn't taken care of and I have to purchase another set of tires from another seller, I will be seeking compensation for all money lost in this matter. It's sad this has gotten to this point.
Order number *** form Simple Tire-Tires were purchased in December but not installed until 5\8 due to delays with COVID.

Simple Tire Response • May 29, 2020

Hello and sorry for the delay in response for this complaint! I was able to read and address this issue several days ago and our team issued a full refund for this order on May 18th.

If there's any other concerns please don't hesitate to contact our eBay support team through ***'s platform!

Customer Response • May 29, 2020

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Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

I have not been refunded my total cost on this purchase. A complete refund would include sales tax and all fees incurred which was not refunded.

I bought 4 tires from Simple Tires they sent 3 directional tires and one non-directional tire after installing them on the car my car started pulling dangerously to the side of the wrong tire after further inspection the tire was the culprit I sent them 3 emails at the end when I told them I would contact the they responded, I had to buy another tire locally and pay for balancing again I have the receipt they said they would not take the tire back after they sent the wrong tire It cost me 1/2 a day of work plus another tire and balancing I have never filed a complaint my wife lost her job and I cannot afford to be taken by this large company that will not accept responsibility for their lack of professionalism. Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide me.


Simple Tire Response • May 29, 2020

Hello! I apologize for the delayed reply to your complaint but I was able to hand this off several days ago for our support team to resolve the issue. As of now it looks like the tire was returned to us and we issued the refund for it. It also looks like one of our support representatives was able to reach you to get all of this taken care of.

I'm sorry again for the initial error in sending the wrong tire and the added headache of having to open this complaint but I'm glad everything seems to be resolved and will follow up with the support representatives whom you initially spoke to.

Please don't hesitate to contact our support team again if you need any more help!

Customer Response • May 29, 2020

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I researched tires for hours, several days before picking my top choices--one of them The deciding factor for me was the amount of rebate I would receive. The manufacture advertised "you may be eligible for up to a $100 rebate.
I called Customer Service and stated [paraphrasing] "the language concerning the rebate is ambiguous, I would like to know what I $ am am eligible for", I thought the CS rep said, "yes, $100". Happy to hear I purchased the tires.
When I recieved the email stating the tires were at the shop for installation it included the link for the rebate. When I went to the mfg site to complete the rebate I was disappointed to find that I was not eligible for $100, but only a $60.
I called SimpleTire again and spoke to a different CS rep (which, by the way was helpful and a pleasure to talk with during the wait time it took for her supervisor to review the recorded conversation that I had had a few days earlier with the first CS rep.).
SimpleTire stated that what the first CS rep had told me was that I was eligible UP TO $100, not that I was eligible FOR $100.
My response was, [paraphrasing again], but didnt the supervisor hear that I asked a direct question? That I stated the language was ambiguous?" That I wanted to know exactly what $ I would receive in the rebat?
SimpleTire would not honor the $40 credit I requested..... lesson learned... get it in writing or make sure you both are on the same page.
SimpleTire's decision was that the CS rep was not responsible for making the mistake of not answering direct questionls, but I was responsible because I heard "yes, your are eligible"
I could have sent the tires back, but I would have had to take them to FEDX.
I decided to have them installed, and am happy with the tire. Not happy with the first CD rep or SimpleTire's descision.... feel they should train CS to work with people for purchases.
Please do not make my mistake IF you work with SimpleTire. Mike T

I bought 4 tires on the 17th of April only received three so I had them shipped back on the 22 of april I was told I would get a refund as soon as they get them back but I haven't heard if they did or not but I haven't received my refund in which I want back it was not my mistake you sent only three and now I cant get in touch with you seems kinda suspicious I have no idea if they made back to you or anything I have sent emails and I am not getting any where with this company just give me my money back NOW!!!!!
Steve C

I purchased 4 Cooper Discoverer XLT tires with the mounting service through the website. The turn around was very fast hence the extra star, but after installed at end of business day, I saw the installed tires were not the XLT on my invoice, but instead the LT. Raining and end of business day, I had to leave the shop. Upon contacting customer service I was told I could not get replacement of the correct tire as they were already mounted and driven on. This was clearly a warehouse mistake. The delivered invoice clearly stated XLT and the lesser LT version was shipped. They offered 5% discount but why does the customer have to accept a lesser product than ordered when the company ships out the wrong product? Clearly some efforts need to be made as your rating here has much to be desired.

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Address: 5 Neshaminy Interplex Dr Ste 101, Feasterville Trevose, Pennsylvania, United States, 19053-6967


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