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Simple Tire

5 Neshaminy Interplex Dr Ste 101, Feasterville Trevose, Pennsylvania, United States, 19053-6967

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I received the wrong product. I ordered something different. I ordered 5 *** tires and received 5 off brand tires. And I am unable to reach anyone in there customer service department.

Simple Tire Response • Sep 06, 2019

Customer was able to connect with our support team and the incorrect product is being returned to us at no cost to the customer. The correct product will be shipped out as soon as the return labels are scanned. This issue was received and responded to on 9/5/19 at 5:36pm EST.

Customer Response • Sep 06, 2019

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


I purchased Yokahama tires on 28 Oct 2016. The tires have a 75,000 mile treadwear warranty. At 43,000 they are now worn to less than 3/32 tread depth and Yokahama states that is the wear limit. I contacted a local Yokohama dealer who stated that tires purchased from Simple tire do not have a factory warranty as they are not an authorized dealer. I verified that by contacting Karen S, the Manager Consumer Affairs & Warranty Operations Yokohama Tire Corporation. Ms. S verified that simple tire is not an authorized retailer and that I will have to go back to simple tire. I contacted the support team at simple tire and was told by Savio in their Support Team "Regarding the tread life for your tires, we would request you to contact the manufacturer Yokohama as the warranty is offered & honored by the manufacturer." I contacted simple tire support yet again and was told by *** that I need to get a report from the installer, who no longer carries this brand, and was also told: "However, we cannot assure you if the warranty would be honored." To get this report I have to schedule a time to have the tread depth measured and pay the one hour service charge of $116. Simple tire deliberately deceived me by not stating that they are not an authorized dealer and that there is no factory support for any road hazard or tire wear issues. I cannot foresee purchasing tires from simple tires again. If I could rate them 0 stars, I would.

I ordered a set of Firestone Wide Oval tires and they sent me the wrong tires which were actually cheaper than what I paid for. Called and complained, they said they would send Fed Ex to pick up the wrong ones and send the correct ones, asked them to please check the tire itself because they were marked wide oval but were actually AS. A few days later, once again the exact wrong tires were sent. When I called to complain they said the Wide Oval were out of stock. So why didn't they state that to start with, would have saved me a lot of grief. They had Fed Ex pick up the second set and I told them I wanted a refund. When I wasn't getting my refund I called and complained again. They said they only received one set of tires back. I reviewed my ring doorbell video which showed pick ups on two different occasions. I shared this with them, time stamps and all, and they just couldn't figure it out. Long story short Fed Ex must have sent the first set back to me several days later because I received a third set of the same wrong tire. I did get return tags so the 1st or 3rd set is on there way back now. Has been a month long process but hoping this finally settles it. From now on it's Walmart for me, purchased two tires (different brand) for the price of there one tire.

Simple Tire Response • Aug 02, 2019

Hey Rick, that does sound very frustrating and I'm sorry for the experience that you've had. It looks like we tried to ship the correct tires to you and return the wrong tires, all at no cost to you, but the return pickup was never recorded by the carrier and they even re-delivered them later on. That isn't something that we have control over, unfortunately, but it's certainly frustrating.

Could you share your order number so I can have someone look into this further an hopefully prevent similar situations from happening in the future?

Excellent product, great customer service, best prices on the internet.

Apparently they are still using old tactics..I ordered a set of 28570r17 fullrun mt tires on july 2nd.used credit through affirm to buy and with the 20 percent off and 50 dollars off for buying online and signing up for newsletter my total came to $718.11..all fine and dandy until my tires were supposed ro be there on july 5th..they came but were completely wrong tire I ordered and way cheaper than wat I ordered..called them up and spoke to a lady and she said she would make sure I got right product and would be there on tuesday came that afternoon and they were the same ones that I had already gotten previously...calles them up and spoke to nathaniel cruz and he said he would take care of it and I had already mad 2 appointments to get tires mounted and was waiting for tires to get put on so I could get my inspection sticker so he offered to pay for my mount and balance and offered me a comforser cf3000 mt in place of the fullruns because they were not in stock and did not know why they even showed up online...the cf3000 mt were a 10 ply e rated tire like I needed to haul trailer with my pickup like I ordered to begin with. He said it would be last time and he would make sure I got exactly what I ordered tires came 2 days later and they were the comforsers but only the cf 3000..not the mt 10 ply e rating tires tho..they were d rated 8 ply tires which wouldnt hold the wieght I would be hauling with my truck so I couldnt use them...called them up and had to wait til the next day to speak to somebody and they never returned my calls so I had to call back numerous times and was then promised that they would upgrade my order and give me the nitto trail grappler mt 33x12.50x17 tires that were 10 ply e rating for hauling..I was fine with that and they said I juat had to pay up front instead of using affirm and I would get those tires for the same exact price of the original tires I ordered at $718.11 because of all the hassle and xomplete wrong orders every time and because I had to cancel 3 appointments for my truck to get tires mounted and get my inspection sticker..meanwhile I use my truck to make money to pay for bills and put food and clothes on my kids back and I was to use my truck that weekend to haul a couple loads of stuff and make a few hundred bucks..this all happened on a friday that I yet again had to cancel my appountment at the shop and by the time I rinally got to talk to anybody my bank was already closed so I asked if they could wait til monday evening for me to switch some money around in the bank and pay for the tires then..they said that was fine and to call in monday before 430..I called at 830 and was told all was well and rhey would call me back as soon as they got everything in order and get paid and my order shipped..couple hours later I get an email saying they cant honor theyre offer and they would be losing to much and they would give me a couple different choices on other tires that yet again were wayy cheaper than the original tires I ordered and did not want at after all the times of playing their games and sending wrong tires and offering my lower grade tires and the countless hours I spent on the phone waiting and calling back and finding out what was going on they made me an offer that I accepted and then completely backed out of it and offered me st again and a refund but are still charging me for a set of tires that they had fedex pick up and lost labels or whatever happened as like I said I couldnt use any of the tires they sent me..and theyre accussing me of notbreturning them when they had fedex pick jthem up from the exact spot they left them because I never touched them and they were setting in the same spot and now trying to charge me for tires that I dont have and cant use and still screwed me and wasted how much of my time and cost me how much money because of their games and bs...would not reccomend anybody to try and purchase or even waste their time even taking a look at their webpage because they are nothing but a bunch of lowlife scamming garbage people trying to screw over the normal working man who is already struggling to make ends meet and just break them down even more and waste more of their time and money and cost them in the end instead of being a standup business and making right for their wrongs... HIGHLY ADVISE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE AND STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THEM AS POSSIBLE!!!

Simple Tire Response • Jul 19, 2019

Thank you for your feedback. There is a lot to dig into hear and sort out but, regardless of what we find, I want to apologize for this extremely frustrating experience. By no means is this what we want for our customers and I completely agree that this is unacceptable.

I will be reaching out to you via email shortly with some possible resolutions.

Customer Response • Jul 25, 2019

I stand corrected..altho it took me having to grt ahold of the simple tire did contact me and made everything right and corrected my account and sent me the tires I was promised absolutely free of charge and made sure I was cometely satisfied..hopefilly I can do business with them in the future and wont have to go to this extent to get the tires I order the first time..

This is sort of a complex and time sensitive complaint so I have immediately posted it to the as emails do not seem to be quickly answered going through the regular SimpleTire channels.

I had made an order with SimpleTire in the past and was very happy with it; I received very new tires timely and shipped for free and they are still working out for me. This time around, a family member's birthday had been coming up and he needed new tires. Several of us decided to throw in some money to buy them and again I looked to SimpleTire and made my order. This time around I have not been so lucky. Unfortunately the birthday has already passed and the tires I received just now are actually several years older than the tires I bought the first time around, despite that order being made in 2017!

I made this most recent order on May 30, 2019 (order #*** in the amount of $436.50) and the tires I received were more brown than black; most of them 5 years old already despite SimpleTire's website stating they do not sell tires older than 4 years. They are oxidizing and it's as if the rubber falls apart to the touch (see video link below). One of the tires has an X with a chalk on it, as if there was something wrong with it that had to be fixed? Even if these tires can be cleaned up and put on the car, I almost worry for the safety of my family member driving on these things. The tire industry recommends replacement after 6 years and some of these are less than a year away from that point. Perhaps a year could be got out of them but I would not be confident with much more, especially given what occurs just by touching them.

Being a gift, the birth date has passed and the time for us all to present the new tires at a party is quickly approaching. I am left wondering what to do now that I have these dirty old things and questions of whether they are suitable to even be mounted up or not. They are certainly not presentable; how upsetting to spend good money on what on the website is pictured to be NEW and BLACK tires only to find that the ones received I actually at first questioned whether they had been mounted and driven on before. New tires are not supposed to be BROWN! I have past experiences with this oxidization of tires and once it starts that brown never comes out.

Moreover, I live in Canada and had to have the tires shipped to a business I deal with which charged me $20 upon pickup. On the way back across the border I was charged $70 in taxes, meaning that even if I receive a full refund I am still out $90! I also went out of my way to order a brand that I thought HAD to be made in USA; *** (***?!), now owned by ***. Unfortunately they ended up being made in China! The tires currently on the car are made in China and did not last so I wanted tires made in USA; if their website had only listed the place of manufacture this whole situation would have been averted from the start. Extremely displeased with the whole thing.

Visit [ *** ] to view a (for now) unlisted *** video titled *** which highlights my issues visually and audibly.

Basically I am stuck unhappy with "new" tires where I could either go through the hassle and wasting of time and gas to go back to the United States and ship them back at a $90 loss and have nothing to present from the 5 of us as a gift in a few days and have egg on my face as a result of this whole thing, or present as a gift these brown ugly things and say "enjoy your year of driving on them at all of our great expense." No win at all in this situation. Thanks, SimpleTire.

Simple Tire Response • Jun 17, 2019

I'm sorry to hear you received tires with this age. We've escalated this to our management team and I understand you were able to come to a solution. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to help.

Customer Response • Jun 17, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


I ordered 4 new *** Sport 2 tires in 205/45r17 size. I received 3 of these tires and 1 incorrect *** in 225/45zr17. I contacted simple tire and they are refusing a return or providing a new tire because the incorrect tire they sent had already been mounted. It looked similar enough that I did not notice it when loading in my vehicle for installation. It was pointed out to me by the tire technician once I picked my vehicle up from install, before being driven on. I was basically told “Sorry for the inconvenience, but we are not willing to do anything about the issue.”

Simple Tire Response • Jun 17, 2019

I'm so sorry to hear you received the wrong tire, and that this was your experience when you contacted us. We are addressing this with our team, and I understand our manager was able to come to a solution for you on this. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you. My apologies again!

Customer Response • Jun 17, 2019

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Bought a set of *** tires and one is out if round and under warranty that they won't honor they say it's *** problem and *** tells me that the place I bought them has to deal with the warranty

Simple Tire Response • Jun 05, 2019

I'm sorry, I wasn't able to find an order under your name, email address, or phone number, and the order number provided is for a different customer and product. Are you sure your order was with If you could forward any information, your order confirmation, emails from a member of our team, etc, that would help us help you. We'll be happy to facilitate a warranty claim for you.

Customer Response • Jun 05, 2019

Here is a copy of receipt

Simple Tire Response • Jun 10, 2019

Thank you for sending that over! I've located your order and a member of our team will be reaching out to you shortly to help.

They will not honor tire warranty manufacturer told me it was the seller's responsibility.I have a tire that is under warranty that is out of round and they won't replace it or honor warranty

Simple Tire Response • Jun 03, 2019

I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with your tire - we absolutely want to help facilitate the warranty process for you. I'm not able to find an order under the information you provided in your complaint. If you can please provide an order number, we'll be happy to reach out to you and help.

Customer Response • Jun 03, 2019

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


I placed an order in March, the whole process went smooth and shipping was extremely fast. I have over 7,000 miles on my tires and they’re still driving and riding like new. I’m so happy I finally found a decent, trustworthy tire company with durable tires that won’t break the bank! So much so, that I just ordered a pair Sunday for my mothers truck, and they were delivered yesterday (Tuesday)!! I highly recommend SimpleTire!

Got two tires for my 2003 yukon denali and the truck was stolen before I could install the tires. Sent many messages to their website and facebook page. Never got any response and the return period ended without any response at all. Horrible customer service karma is coming for you troglodytes. ??

Simple Tire Response • Jul 19, 2019

We're only seeing this review now and are just commenting to confirm that this issue was handled through a different channel a day or so after this was posted. We could not locate the incoming messages but were finally able to connect and the tires have been returned and a refund was issued.

If you read this, I'm still sorry about your vehicle being stolen and hope everything with that has been resolved by now. If you ever need any help or have questions, you have my contact information so please don't hesitate to reach out!

Bought tires from at the advertised price, paid for installation, got an email conformation, a receipt, verified that my credit card was charged, and scheduled an install date. They cancelled my order, and did not receive a call or an explanation why. I checked their site, they were still showing that they had the same tires available, but the price was higher. After several calls they finally sent me an email saying that they had a listing error and that they could not sell the tires to me for what I paid. What terrible business practices. False advertising, and making the Customers suffer for THEIR mistakes, horrible communication, and not honoring the advertised price that I purchased them for. STAY AWAY!!!

Simple Tire Response • May 06, 2019

I'm truly sorry to hear you had this experience with your order. I can understand your frustration and want to do what I can to help. We would be happy to honor the original pricing for this purchase, if you do still wish to receive these tires. A member of our team will be reaching out to you to discuss this further. I apologize again - we are working on a solution to the underlying cause of this issue, and are reviewing how this was handled so that we can improve.

Simple Tire Response • May 10, 2019

I can understand that, and I do apologize again for the inconvenience this has caused you. We are implementing changes here that will prevent this experience in the future, but I'm sorry this doesn't help take away the negative experience you had with us. If there is anything else we can do, please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know.

Customer Response • May 20, 2019

The seller did offer me the sale at the original purchase price. The business has some issues, but hopefully they are working through them, and it appears they are trying to right their wrong.

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Ordered Federal RSRR tires and one tire split across the entire tread section. Was told that since the order from Oct 31, 2018 was older than 30 days it was the manufacturer problem but was not provided any contact information.

Simple Tire Response • Apr 30, 2019

I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your tire. We reviewed the phone call with our representative to use as a coaching opportunity, but found that there must have been a misunderstanding. As she stated, we are happy to help process this damage as it's covered under the manufacturer warranty on the tire. We received the photo you provided of your tire, but need to have a written statement from a licensed installation center saying they inspected the tire and the tire can be considered defective. This way, the tire will be covered under the warranty. Unfortunately, without this information there is no way for us to process your warranty claim. Please let us know how you'd like to proceed and we're happy to help!

I ordered tires online from this company in the amount of $790.19 on Saturday 4/6/19. I immediately saw that my order was duplicated and they charged me twice, in the amount of 1580.38. I called the number and sent and email to cancel the second order on that night.
4/8/19- received email confirmation the order had been cancelled, and told by a representative the order had been cancelled.
4/9/19- was told the cancelled order had shipped, they couldn't issue a refund until they contacted *** to return the order.
4/12/19- was told the refund was issued and should be immediately placed back into my account
4/16/19- Still not refund, called back and was told the refund would be issued by the end of this day.
4/17/19- called back, was told they were sending the refund as we spoke on the phone, was sent a receipt with an authorization number of the refund.
4/18/19- still no refund. Called my bank's home office to see if there was anything coming in, was told there is no record of the refund. called once more, spoke to a supervisor who, rudely told me they sent it yesterday, sent me new receipt, and said it was on the bank's end not there's any longer. Again my bank's home office has no record of a refund.

$790.19 taken from our account causing a $239, overdraft plus fees.

Several very patient days waiting for a refund, and receiving nothing but emails and rude supervisors.

Simple Tire Response • Apr 30, 2019

I'm sorry to hear this was your experience with your order, and can understand your frustration with how this was handled. We are reviewing our process so that we can prevent this from happening in the future. The refund has been initiated in our system previously, but we are also refunding your $239 in overdraft and fees. If there is anything else we can do to help you, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

On March 10th 2017 I purchased a set of Gladiator X-COMP M/T LT35/12.50R-20 tires. These tires were listed by to have a 50K mile warranty. I have tremendous issues with these tires and having to rotate less than 3k miles otherwise the tires would start "cupping". In the 2 year time I have had 4 alignments and each time I was right on the edge of what was considered "tolerance". Several people seem to have these same problems you can read here: https://***.***/***/

Two months ago I started the warranty process, or so I thought. I contact Simple Tire, who advised they had nothing to do with this process and to contact the manufacturer directly. The manufacturer stated they do not direct sell and to go through my reseller. SimpleTire dragged this process out for 2 months, even sent me the broucher that advertises a tire warranty, after several contacts they eventually advised there is no treadlife warranty on the tires.

I have purchased 3 sets of tires from and would consider myself a loyal customer up to this point. This is unacceptable bait and switch business practices and completely unsatisfied with the customer service. Phone number is unreachable/the people that answer cannot assist. No manager to speak with.

Simple Tire Response • Apr 12, 2019

I'm very sorry to hear you had these issues, and that our team wasn't more helpful when you contacted us. Our policy with regards to manufacturer warranties has recently changed - we recognized that the process was broken, and have worked to improve and manage these claims going forward. I know this doesn't change the past and the response you received then, but we are glad to have another opportunity to make this right. We're issuing you a full refund on this order. If there is anything else we can do, please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know. Going forward, please rest assured that we are evolving to cover any issues our customers have and will continue to work towards the best customer experience possible. I hope you'll give us another chance in the future.

Customer Response • Apr 12, 2019

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


I bought tires for my truck on my credit card from SimpleTire in November, 2018 and had them delivered to North Dakota. My ex and I moved to PA from North Dakota in February 2019. On the trip home the tires blew and needed replaced. My ex called SimpleTire for me and a claim was opened to have a refund on the tires I bought and paid for, for my truck, on my credit card, that only has my name on it.

My ex called and gave SimpleTire a different account to put the refund in without me knowing. Without any authorization from me, SimpleTire refunded the money for the tires I bought with MY credit card for MY truck into HIS account. He had nothing to do with these tires except for calling the claim in for me. They should not have deposited the money into a completely unrelated account, we are not married, never have been, he does not own the truck, his name is not on my credit card, and he did not pay for the tires. And on top of all of this, I did not authorize Simpletire to refund the money into a totally unrelated account.

When I talked to SimpleTire they refused to do anything about it and basically said it was not their problem.

Simple Tire Response • Apr 19, 2019

I'm very sorry for the frustration and inconvenience this has caused you. This is a difficult situation. Because your ex was authorized to file the claim on your behalf, all aspects of handling and refunding fell under that authorization. I'm sorry to hear that his deceptive actions left you without the refund you needed. We would like to apply the refund to your card today. Due to the length of time that's passed, we're no longer able to do this through our accounting system and will need your card numbers again to apply the refund. If you could please give us a call today, our manager will be happy to assist you.

Customer Response • Apr 22, 2019

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Thank you for correcting this issue for me, and being so kind in the process.


I purchased 5 trailer tires. The tire tech mounted the first tire and he came and got me from the waiting room and advised me the tires were defective. Looking at them it was obvious. The tire when inflated dramatically increased in size making it a full 1/3rd larger. It was impossible to use these tires. I contacted customer support. I submitted an RMA form and pictures to validate the defect. I will post the pics here. You can judge for yourself. Months have gone by and the tires were left at the tire shop awaiting the return shipping label. I contacted them several times via email to have a record of their response. In short they said the tech would have to validate the defective tires. No response from them so I followed up with another email. This time they said that it had to be the manager that provides tread depth. Amber Kuhn provided the tread depth. Simple tire said she did not use a special form to provide the same information already provided in an email. Simple tire then came back and said the manager would not only need the tread depth but she had to use a certification form to attest the tread depth. I indicated that you can clearly see from the pics the painted lines on the tires are still present proving the tires were never used. I looked again at their web page to see if there was something hidden in the return policy that says a manager needs to sign and certify the tread depth. Their CEO is pictured reinforcing the idea they are for customer satisfactions. Finally they said that I needed to contact the manufacture and return them to the factory located in China to get a refund. I asked for them to provide the information related to the manufacture. They never sent the contact information-further delay. Now they are claiming they will contact their vendor and it will be up to them to replace or refund the tires. I explained to them that I did not buy the tires from a factory in China-that is your job. I purchased the tires from Simple Tire. I have no legal recourse to return the tires to the factory. Delay after delay after delay. Now, they claim they will call the tire manufacture producing the defective tires. Simple Tire said they have to make the call if they are going to cover the tires. I have purchased thousands of items online and have never been confronted with this ridiculous behavior. On paper, I saved close to 20 dollars per tire versus using another vendor. I am out 1200 dollars. This is the activity typically associated with a company that is operating fraudulently. I pointed out their tactic is to delay-delay-deny-deny to wear the customer down so they just give in and keep the tires. Months have gone by and nothing has been resolved. I think they purchased the tires for a very low price and refused to take them back because they know they can not sell them with the obvious defects because it would open them to lawsuits. I asked them to do the right thing and they so far have refused using a myriad of excuses. I explained to them that I will be filing formal complaints with local, state and federal agencies as well as their competitors, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and litigation attorneys who are sue for selling defective tires all in hopes they would come to their senses and realize it does not pay to cheat their customers. [email protected]
Fri 4/5/2019 12:24 PM

We do understand your concern and I would like to bring to your notice that warehouse will need an Installer diagnostic certificate on the letterhead which should be duly signed and stamped as stated in my previous mail. Once we get these valid document we will surely give you a resolution.

Awaiting an early reply from your end.


SimpleTire Support

Simple Tire Response • Apr 19, 2019

I'm sorry to hear about this negative experience with your order and after reviewing communication, I can understand your frustration. We are reviewing this with our team to ensure this does not happen again to other customers. I do see our Customer Support Manager reached out to facilitate an exchange so that you'll receive replacements. If there is anything else we can do, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Customer Response • Apr 23, 2019

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: They sent out replacement tires for a skid-steer. It is not a tire approved for highway use. There response was it had the same dimensions and it will work and that is what I asked. A week later I received an email from customer service saying they can now see the tires would not work. I explained to them I am going to reject the delivery because they are not the correct tires. They said they will return the money when the tracking number they assigned is entered. It is not going to be entered because the tires were rejected. tracking numbers is as follows: See Below Funds have not been returned to my account. Please advise. There are a total of 10 tires in two shipments. The second order was rejected so I could not attach tracking numbers to the tires as I never had possession of the tires. 2,322 dollar loss and counting. *** Delivered Thursday 4/18/2019 at 11:11 amDeliveredSigned for by: ***Get Status Updates Obtain Proof of Delivery From CLEVELAND, OK US
To Trumann, AR US

Simple Tire Response • Apr 30, 2019

I'm sorry the tires you received were not the tire type you needed. It looks like you've been working with our customer support manager to receive a replacement for those tires. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

I write this complaint because I am beyond unsatisfied with the way Simple tire treated me as a possible customer and the manner in which they run their business. Which delayed my ability to accomplish purchasing any tires (not just from them) but other companies for my vehicle which I so desperately needed before this Saturday, 3/23/19. I run a Wedding and boutique company and it is imperative that I deliver my services on time. So I went to a trusted local shop in my area (***) to purchase the tires. After multiple searches of looking for the right size and fit the service clerk told me that it would be in my best interest to order tires from Simple tire! because they were fast & efficient in delivery. Shipping included, and currently had a sale on the tires I was seeking to purchase. I could then have them send the tires directly to their shop and set an appointment. So that night, I put in my order on my bus cc to be sent to the ***. After ordering, I got confirmation. the next day I was notified that my order was canceled and it would take up to 6 business days to get my money back $500+. So I call them. they tell me, sorry but merchant services denied your purchase. Try another card and it should go thru. Low on funds, but desperately needing tires, I ordered them a 2nd time with my personal credit card this time. Same confirmation after order. Next day, Order canceled? Called them again, told them to check with my bank and prove who I was, funds avail. Reply, sorry can't help, merchant services denied request! Another $500+ tied up. $1100 tied up and still no tires. I try for a third time using my girlfriends' card. Yet a third time, Canceled! and another $500+ locked up for 6 days! had to wait for funds release. I am 2 days from the event and am hoping that I can get tires delivered and installed before its too late. Because of my funds being frozen and purchase denied. Sadly I may not be able to accomplish this. I am furious because I had funds initially to order and time to install.

Simple Tire Response • Mar 21, 2019

I'm sorry we were not able to process your order with the credit cards provided. We use a merchant services company to review and authorize purchases and prevent fraudulent transactions on our site. Unfortunately, we are not able to process orders if they are declined by this service. The funds on your order were reversed right away, but the 6 business days quoted refers to the amount of time it could take any financial institution to release those funds back to a customer after a refund/reversal has been initiated by a merchant. If you have not received those funds back to your account by now, please contact your financial institution - there is nothing further we can do to apply funds, as we already reversed the charges two weeks ago. I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

I ordered 2 tires through simple tire on March 3 2019. (1) tire was received on March 7th. I contacted simple tire through email on March 7th and stated 1 tire was received but the second tire was not. A man by the name of Philip emailed back the following day and said “*** has lost one of the tires in transit and we are preparing a new one to be shipped”. So I thought that was nice. It may set me back a few days but no problem. Now here it is March 16th 2019 at 8:45pm and I still have not received a replacement tire for the one that *** supposedly lost. I emailed back and no response. So I called, and after a 20-25 minute wait on hold someone answered and I stated this complaint and was inquiring about where my second tire is and basically at the point of just wanting a refund! I don’t know the guys name that I spoke to but he very rude I saying, “ I can’t help you” so then I’m kinda like look, I’m out money, I still don’t have a tire, and I want a refund! He said “ I’m not going to argue with you sir there’s nothing I can do”! Feeling basically like I’ve been stolen from I got on the site to write this review. I did go buy 4 additional oem wheels and 4 additional tires to get my truck going again. $900 for those. Because the tires I ordered are ***. Local tire shops do not carry them. But any how. Just pretty disappointing when your made to feel that way like I did something wrong and it’s all my fault! If or when this matter gets resolved I will have no future contact or orders with simpletire. If needed here is the current info I have.
1 of 2 *** tires
Current order number *** (replacing the “lost” tire)
Still only have 1 of 2 tires as of March 16th 2019.

Simple Tire Response • Mar 19, 2019

I truly apologize for the fact that your tire was lost in transit, and that you were not given the help you needed when you contacted us. We take this very seriously and are reviewing the communications you had with our agents so that we can see who you spoke with, and address this with our team. We have issued a refund today, so you will have that money back to your original method of payment. I regret that this is the experience you had with us. Please do let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you.

Customer Response • Mar 19, 2019

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Regards, *** I accept the businesses response to resolve the complaint.

I cannot get anyone from SimpleTire to respond. I bought tires from them on 2/27/2019. I received the tires on 3/1/2019. Immediately I checked their manufacture dates. These tires were made in 2009!!! Tires over 6 years old are NOT to be used on the roads. They are dangerous and can come apart. SimpleTire's website states this as well and they claim they don't sell tires older than 4 years old.
Trying to contact anyone is a futile process. Calls go unanswered. Emails go without a response. Eventually I got a reply to a form I filled out with FedEx labels to return the 10 year old tires. (I sure hope that they don't try to sell these to someone else)
I sent the tires back and they received them on 3/7/2019. It is now 3/15/2019
I have not received a refund. I have not received a notification. Calls go unanswered. Emails go unanswered. They still have my funds for the tires they sold me which could have killed me or my family. And they also have those tires as well.

Simple Tire Response • Mar 19, 2019

I'm very sorry to hear that you received tires of this age from us. It is against our policy to ship tires with DOTs beyond 4 years, and we will be addressing this with the supplier that shipped your order so this does not happen again. These tires will not be resold, as they are beyond our standard. We are looking into why you were not able to reach our call center when you tried to contact us about this as well. It's important to us that our customers are able to get through to us when they need us, and that the emails we receive get a reply. I apologize for the negative experience, as well as the frustration, and we have issued your refund today. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

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