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At the time of purchase customer paying with a credit card are offered our membershipprogramThere is a pamphlet for our membership program which explains all the termsand conditions of the programThe customer is given this pamphlet at the time ofpurchasedThere is a phone number within the pamphlet that allows them to cancel viaphone.Mr [redacted] Record membership was cancelled on 5-30-per email request.The confirmation number is [redacted] At the time no credit was requested.A refund has been requested and will be processedThe customer will receive a refundof twenty six charges of $back to their credit card.Thank you for allowing us to respond to this concern.Sincerely,Kristen [redacted] Customer Care AgentTrans World Entertainment [redacted]

This store has refused busuiness with a customer for no reason at all To be fair its the [redacted] location in [redacted] Utah with properly giving a valid reasonMr [redacted] is seeking an explantionIts a known fact that location is raciast

Sales reps lie to you when they try to pitch their FYE VIP cardThey tell you it's free and will save you 10% and but don't tell you that you will be charged $12/month automaticallyThey also do not give you an opportunity to read the fine print when you purchase and force you to make a decision immediately When you read the fine print and realize this, the only way it says to cancel is to call themWhen you do, they force you to listen to a sales pitch and are rudeWhen I told them I was not interested, they spat off a cancellation code and quickly hung up before I could ask any follow up questionsThey did not even have my membership ID or name to be able to cancel, but they don't give you an opportunity to confirm it was really cancelled Later I found where you can login to their website and sure enough, the account was not cancelledI cancelled it online and made a screencast video as proof in case charges still show up on my credit cardAfter googling and seeing se

We purchased a pair of headphones and it turned out that the product did not work as intendedWhen we went to return the item, we were told that since it was opened that we could not return themHow were we supposed to know that an item was defective unless we tried it? The employee stated that if we didn't tear the packaging then maybe we could have taped it and no one would have known it was ever openedThe box was designed and sealed in a way that it would have been impossible to open it without a single tear As someone who works in customer service and has worked in several retail chains, I find this appallingI understand that policies are made to try and prevent people from taking advantage, but why are we being punished and out $because the company can't be bothered to care about their good customersWe have the receipt,the product is in the same condition it left the store in A refund should not be an issue

I went into FYE to buy a hat and I was told that I was receiving a discount for my purchase for signing up for Backstage Pass and that all I had to do was cancel before days if I wanted toI canceled over the phone but never received a confirmation emailThe cashier spoke very quietly and she said I got free magazines as a part of backstage pass and that I had to circle some to sign upMonths later I noticed I was being charged for these magazines that I didn't even wantFYE said it was not their problem and that I had to call the magazine distributor (on which I had no information)This means that FYE gave my credit card information to a third party that I had not agreed to payThe cashier never told me I had to call another company to cancel the magazines, and neither did the customer service agent I talked to when I canceled backstage pass The magazine company has an intentionally difficult method of ascertaining customer information to make people drop the call and gi

I signed up for some VIP thing to buy [redacted] for cheaper But I tried to cancel it and never could I tried to log in online a few months ago to get out of it However, the site did not recognize my email address I feel it was inputted incorrectly so I'd keep having to pay the monthly fee I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] ***

Hands down FYE offers the worst customer service I have ever received from an online retailerNo Customer Service phone numberI ordered an item on on September 4, the same day the item was in stock, it has been days now and the item still has not been shipped, and when I tried cancelleing it, the response was: Thanks for reaching back outOnce you receive your item you will need to request an online RMA in order to get a refundOnline orders cannot be refunded in storeWe do apologize for the delayWe are still working on processing all of the orders for this item at this timeIn order to process purchases more efficiently, we use an automated order processing systemUnfortunately, this automated system does not allow us to manually alter or cancel an order once it has been placed and is in processYou will get an email with the tracking details once the item has been shippedI will not be ordering from you againI will not deal with this lousy company again

July 22, Re: [redacted] Complaint #: [redacted] To Whom It May Concern: Ms [redacted] called into our membership department on 7-8-and her membership (# [redacted] ) was at that point cancelled Ms [redacted] had enrolled in the program on 6-17-and was still in the trail period With being in the trial period, there were no charges for the program Thank you for allowing us to respond to this concernSincerely, Kristen G [redacted] Customer Care Agent Trans World Entertainment

At the time of purchase a customer paying with a credit card is offered our membershipprogramThere is a pamphlet for our membership program which explains all the termsand conditions of the programThe customer is given this pamphlet at the time ofpurchasedThere is a phone number within the pamphlet that allows them to cancel viaphone.Mrs [redacted] membership was cancelled on 7/28/per a call from the customer tothe membership departmentThe cancellation confirmation number is [redacted] Thecustomer was refunded in full, eight credits for $eachThe customer was advisedof this via email.Thank you for allowing us to respond to this concern.Sincerely,Kristen [redacted] Customer Care AgentTrans World Entertainment [redacted]

Mr [redacted] signed up for our membership in one of our stores She was charged in both December and January for $for the membership At this time her membership has been canceled as of January 11, 2018, and two refunds of $will be issued to her credit or debit card account, which she should receive within seven business days Thank you for allowing us to respond.Tell us why here

We signed up for Fye's discount programThe trial period and fees were not disclosed by the cashier After the trial period the monthly charge is $was deducted from out bank account each monthWe have called them more than once to cancel the membershipThe last time we called was on 5/30/They said it was cancelledToday, we just got hit with another $fee(6/27/17) We would like all monthly fees refunded

Fraud - I have called my Credit Card Company and issued a Fraud on these payments that have started since 12/ I was in an FYE store, and bought some items My card was then charged 1/months later into their card services for $ I was charged $each month for a service illegally They 1) Never asked me to join and I wouldn't have since it cost money, 2) They illegally entered me into this contract, 3) When you are signed up, you should receive a VIP Card, which I did not get because they signed me up illegally (thus, there is no Card # to reference, so you cannot contact Customer Service of FYE for help), 4) They stored my Credit Card for 1/months just so they could charge it to look good for their boss/business/etc (it doesn't matter why they did it, it was still illegal) They charged me as Fye Fye Bsp, Fye, Fye Bsp Vip, Fye (again), Fye Bsp Vip (again), and finally as Tig Fye Vip for $for over years, for Fraudulent Charges Due to these Fra

Is there any way to obtain more information about this charge? Like what the memo is on the customers statement? This would help us to identify the charge and be able to assist from thereThank you I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] Thank you for your assistanceFYE has agreed to credit credit my grandson’s gift cardsThank you for all your efforts

Thank you for allowing us to respond to this issue [redacted] [redacted] enrolled in the membership at one of our stores on November 19th, At this time, Ms [redacted] 's membership has been cancelled as of December 26th, A refund for $has been issued to the credit card/debit card used It may take a couple billing cycles for the refund to appear, depending on the bank or credit card company's cycleThank you

In March I was with my family shopping at a FYE store in [redacted]  NJ The store clerk offered me 10% off if we joined the FYE loyalty program When I asked what it required she said only an email account I just noticed that FYE has been charging me a month since May to be a member of the loyalty program I was never advised that there was a fee and was never given any benefits for the fee I believe they are intentionally misrepresenting the program at the point of sale to dupe customers into paying a monthly fee hoping they won't notice the charges This constitutes fraud I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]An acceptable resolution would be if secondspin would credit my account enough to cover the shipping cost and 20% of a copy of the DVD set that I originally ordered (Braveheart / Gladiator)This was around $ Regards, [redacted]

This is the email I got from them: "Unfortunately the following item is no longer available from our distributor and therefore has been cancelled from your order: EXCLUSIVE [redacted] ***" They cancelled the order on me, and then in the email it said, "If you paid using PayPal or a gift card, please forward this email to [redacted] and request either a refund to the payment method used or a credit to your [redacted] account." I haven't gotten an email back from them yet but why should I have to email them to request a refund if they cancelled the order? They cancelled the whole order and yet I only received a refund for the shipping, not the whole itemAs per the email, you cancelled the order and if you're not sending me the product, I want my money backI don't think that's too much to ask for Can you please either reopen the order and send me the item that I bought or just refund me for the full amount I paid (20.65) please? I ca

On January 16, I submitted online documentation to be provided with a quote of home much I would be reimbursed for shipping dvd to FYE's online outfit I was provided a quote on the guaranteed pay out amount for each dvd provided it was accepted Additionally the policy stated that if if or more of the items I traded in were accepted that Io would be reimbursed for a shipping credit in the amount of $ The original estimate I received for all the dvd I submitted for an estimated quote was a pay out of $plus $in shipping This estimate was generated under Order No [redacted] However, because I was able to trade in some of the plus dvd at one of the physical store front locations, on January 21, 2017, I shipped out a total of dvd and was assessed a fee of $to ship these items to their [redacted] warehouse address of: [redacted] *** I did not receive any response for over three weeks However, on February 23,

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Address: 2150 Northwoods Blvd Unit B13, North Charleston, South Carolina, United States, 29406-4046


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