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United Furniture Industries

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I purchased a couch from a [redacted] by the name of [redacted] The couch was a Simmons couch that was manufactured by United Furniture IndustriesI purchased the couch on May 3rd, By June I was having issues with it's poor quality of manufacturing and sent photos to [redacted] of several back cushions that had began to slump down after only a few months of ownership [redacted] began a Manufacturer's warranty claim and forwarded to United Furniture Industries, however they never heard a responseWithin another month, several of the seat cushions began to flattenSo again, I sent pictures to [redacted] , who again sent requests for a Manufacturer's warranty claim to United Furniture IndustriesAfter a few more weeks, [redacted] sent additional e-mails to their Regional's offices to try to get a response from UFI, however there continued to be no response from themCurrently [redacted] has sent resquests to UFI with no response b

As stated in our warranty booklet, fabric and leather carries a one year manufacturer's warranty If the consumer would like to contact us at 1- [redacted] , extension [redacted] we can see if we can help him out to get the parts he needs As a manufacturer, we do not have repair technicians and this is something that is not covered in our warranty but we would be willing to help the consumer out with parts

I purchased a sofa from [redacted] on 02/22/and the frame has broke..I called Simmons and they referred me to United Furniture..We called United Furniture at 662- [redacted] and spoke to [redacted] and she advised she is not authorized to do anything other then sending a board and fixing our-self We cannot fix the couch because it has a seam at the top and we don't have the professional skills to fix the sofa

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: am responding to their latest messagePlease see the picture of the additional furniture tag attached to this messageI believe the specific issue is a crack in the frame in the front of the couch Regards, [redacted]

I am on my second couch from sears because of the poor qualitythe top grain leather is wear through in less than weeks in the seatobviously they are not using top grain leather but either bondedit's completely peeled all over and has sunk so far downthey also do not cover peeling and flaking of bonded leathertheir customer service told me there is a year warranty on the leatherthey don't warranty peeling and crackingthey don't warranty the fact that the entire top layer of the leather has disintegrated they never told me about force field leather protectionit's frustrating to spend hard earned money on junk it started out with one spot wearing away and then before we knew it peeling everywhereit's been peeling nonstop so much I would've thought it would be all off by nowbut no it just sticks to you and trails crumbs of coating all through the house very frustratedunited furniture industries should replace my couch and love seatplease help meI feel

I received an email from Ms [redacted] this morningI replied to her email and explained that all warranty issues are handled through SearsI gave her the Sears Customer Care phone#The phone# is 1-800- [redacted] and you need to Select Option from the phone menuAsk for a Service Order/Claim#Sears handles warranty issues for the first year after purchaseThank you[redacted]

I am working with the NC Sales Rep for a store in the area that will accept the replacement furnitureAs soon as I have heard from him I will advise.Thank you[redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] I I spoke with [redacted] *** on Tuesday Septshe stated she would work with me to find a equitable solution she will contact me with some options I will keep the B.B.B informed Thank You for now [redacted]

I purchased a sofa love seat and an Ottoman January 2015 from a company who gets there furniture from United all the color has peel off. I have being called three time tellingever a repair person was coming out no one came. I have sent picture to [redacted] and [redacted] 3 times bank statement. Nothing has happen.

We order a new Lane Stallion Rocker/Recliner from [redacted]    [redacted]   [redacted]  on 4-1-17. We picked it up early June 2017. We had a repair made to the chair Nov 2017 when the entire base of the chair had to be replaced. The mechanism that rocks the chair, the foot stool that elevates and reclining mechanism were all faulty. The chair wouldn't rock, the foot stool wouldn't stay up and the recliner tipped back so far nearly going backwards. The repair person showed me to materials under the chair during the repair. I was shocked to see flimsy cardboard in the arms and side of the chair. I have photos when the chair was disassembled. In February, we had the same exact issue. And like before there were 2 broken bolts under the chair. It wont rock, recline and is about ready to go over backwards. It isn't safe enough for my 81 year old mother in law to sit in. I have tried since early February to get this company to respond/acknowledge/listen. I have lef

we bought a sofa and two chairs made by united. The material disentigrated and fell off within 3 years. very poor quality.

I have sent all Mr [redacted] 's information to my supervisor to look overI have not heard back from himHe is out of the office at the moment.Thank you[redacted]

I am in my 8th month of working with *** *** I am dealing with furniture that is falling apart after year, purchased at *** ***A furniture repair company was set after months from complaintThe repair involved the same quality cushions (mailed to our house for the company) as what fell apart within a yearWe complained it was falling apart within the first week...only of the cushions were repairedWhile waiting, the mechanism broke on one of the recliners....all have a lifetime warrantyDO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY, they value your money, but not you

I had purchased a sectional from *** *** store on 9/30/the furniture is a *** sectionalOn 11/24/I had noticed the cushion material had come apart at the seamI had called *** *** store and was told the first year warranty is under United Furniture IndustriesI had called United Furniture Industries the morning of 11/27/I was informed that *** *** was basically the company that carries the manufacturers warranty*** *** had told me that I needed to bring half of the sectional back to the store and pick up a replacementConsidering *** *** had sold me an additional warranty which covers years on the furniture I had purchasedI was told when I purchased the warranty that I had no worries about any damage done to the furniture including pet urine stains, any stain, any rips or tears that they are coveredI told both parties that I am years of age and had a stroke and it is impossible for me to return the sectionalI do not understand why there is a on

I purchased a brand new Simmons sectional sofa from *** *** 90-days agoWithin the first 90-day, the backrest pillow zipper broke, leaking stuffing out everywhereAlso, the packaging was incomplete, only including feet, when feet are requiredThe couch is low to the ground because of the defective packaging, and the zipper is completely broken
The retailer tells me to go direct to manufacturer, the manufacturer tells me to go direct to the retailerNo one is willing to resolveI want a replacement, or have this one repairedThey are unwilling to do either

Two months ago purchased a Simmons brand sofa and loveseat set that was manufactured by United Furniture IndustriesThe furniture does not get much use but that is beside the pointthere are staples facing outward underneath the arm rests on both pieces of furnitureMy daughter (5) came to me bleeding when she was sitting in the corner of the couch watching a movie and happened to move her leg near the armrest and cutting herself on what she said was a zipper in the couchI cleaned her up and bandaged itI went to clean out the couch since they (my kids) had snacks and I caught my finger (underneath my nail) on something sharp just barely under the armrestI pulled the armrest up and found exposed staples on the side, not even on a seam or anything just thereI examined all other areas and found this to be true for both sides of the loveseat and on the sofaI contacted the store where the furniture was purchasedThey inspected their floor model and found t

Purchased a love seat and matching sofa from *** *** *** at *** *** *** *** ***Delivery took weeks and arrived in March
Prior to delivery we were informed of rips in the love seatWe were requested to accept the shipment knowing that as of deliver a new love seat would be orderedAgain the new one would take 12-weeksAfter three weeks we notified *** *** of strings coming out of the sofaThe sent someone over and we were told these items could not be repairedWe requested new furnitureAt the time of purchase we stated that our daughter was getting Married on October 5th and we were having many guest stay at our homeWe were informed, at time of purchase, that *** and *** each have a one yr warranty*** identified that our new delivery date was July 1, On July 18th after numerous attempts to find out the status of our shipment we were told to put through a claim to the company handling the BankruptcyWe contacted United Furniture

I purchased the Brown Sunflower Simmons couch from Big Lots April of I noticed in November the middle cushion was starting to Fray and tearI contact Big Lots in regards to the warranty and was told it goes through united furniture industries who deals with Simmons furnitureI contacted United Furniture Industries in November and never heard from anyoneSo I am trying to get this handled before my warranty expires after one year

I bought the Hudson 7-piece set and of the table legs are threaded improperly so I can't put the bolts inStruggled with it for hours but it was not possibleExtremely terrible qualityI keep trying to call customer service and keep getting sent to voicemail and never get a replyAlso I tried writing to the email address provided on the manual and it's an invalid addressThis company is a *** joke, do not waste your money on their ***

When a furniture store is no longer in business and someone is having an issue with their furniture that is still within warranty, we either repair or replace the furnitureOur standard procedure when we replace the furniture is that the customer provides a ship to address where we can deliver their furnitureIt does not have to be a furniture store and customers usually do not have an issue finding a ship to address to deliver their furniture.Thank you.*** ***

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Address: 100 United Furniture Dr, Lexington, North Carolina, United States, 27292-4286


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