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Purchased a Sofa Sectional brand name Simmons at the time of purchase I was told the portions touching your skin was leather.They also informed me it would be a good idea to purchase a yrprotection plan in case of a puncture or other problems witch I did.The tags on the sofa state that it is leather.Two years later the sofa started peeling after investigating the problem I found out that the fact is this is a Bonded Leather witch is leather scraps glued together on a cloth backing.The company was very deceptive in there advertising and description of the product.I have the sofa 3yrsnow and it is ugly and I need to replace it customer service stated there was a 1yrwarranty and the service plan I purchased dose not cover the problem

The NC Sales Rep has sent requests to several furniture stores, but he has not heard back from themOnce I have heard from him, we can go from thereIf available, we are requesting that the store deliver your replacement furniture and pick up the old furnitureIf you want to go to and pick out several model#s and email to me, I can let you know what is availableMy email address is ***Thank you.*** ***

I purchased Simmons, Harbortown Vintage furniture with synthetic leather/vinyl material and the synthetic leather/vinyl is peeling The material is peeling on two Recliners, one Sofa and a Loveseat

We bought this Sofa December 17, Within a month, some of the seams had split on the recliner footrestI made a complaint and they ordered the part to be shipped to my homeAfter approxweeks I received the part and called them to schedule the repairman once the part was receivedI cannot get anyone to return calls or emails and I have tried multiple time for the last weeksIn the meantime, the footrest on the other section of the recliner has split in the same place

Hello ***,
The couches were purchased 8/17/ The loveseat was loose upon pick up and was tightened by employee Within a month, the loveseat was squeaking With any type of pressure or movement, the loveseat was loose and squeaky We contacted *** *** Furniture mid to late September and were told the company was going out of business and would not be honoring any warranties and to contact the manufacturer directly Initial contact with manufacturer was made on October 5th advising us to contact store of purchase as they had to honor warranty By this time, *** *** was closed In between this time, we noticed the material on the cushions becoming very loose and pilly Even the back attached cushions were becoming very loose, stretched out, and pilly The cushions were quickly loosing shape and form, with the fabric visibly loose and unappealing to the eye The throw pillows are not even stuffed properly- some way looser than others looking deflated We contac

Attached is a copy of Simmons upholstered furniture warranty information It does sound like the consumer has this information but just to be sure, it is attached here In the claim procedures of the warranty, it is stated that all claim procedures must work back thru the retailer
The consumer would need to contact *** *** with any warranty needs they may have

There should be another furniture label on the furniture with a bar code and the model and fabric nameI also need to know the specific issues with the sofa so we can order any parts needed and advise the service technician.Thank you.*** ***

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***

Purchased living room set from *** within the first week it started unsowing or ripping a technician came tried to fix it but instead made the rip even bigger and said he needed to order parts to fix and the they would deliver to our home within a week or two that time elapsed and I contacted them and they said it would be another week that week came by and nothing came and no one called and another one of the sofas started ripping so I called and once again they said it would take another week it's been almost weeks since the last time I spoke to them and nothing has been done meanwhile my 2,living room set is sitting there ripped looking like I picked it up from the street I contacted *** and they will not help either so I'm stuck here with no answers

I bought a couch from *** *** thinking it was a *** brand not knowing United Furniture Industry had bought it outWorse piece of furniture ever!!! It started to fall apart a year and a half after having itThe couch is currently years old and still falling apartI started contacting UFI in May of this yearThe customer service was horrible alsoJust yesterday I spoke to a supervisor ( months later)I couldn't get a supervisor to contact meI would like my couch replaced! They guarantee on there website there material is and products are great, durable etc They are lyingThe material is tearing off, white stuffing is coming out, the bottom of my entire couch has fuzz material breaking off all along the couch, etcThis company has shown they DO NOT care about there customers!!!!!

I purchased a sofa, chair and ottoman made by United Furniture Industries in November I contacted them in January Here was the email I sent:
I purchased the Simmons sunflower couch with chaise, chair and ottoman in November I’m really disappointed in the qualityThe cushions of them are all worn out and they’re barely used! Our last sofa lasted for years and we only got rid of that because we wanted something newIs there any way you can send replacement cushions? The ottoman is fine but the rest are so bad you can feel the frame of the couchSo disappointed we spent over $and will need to buy something new alreadyThank you for your attention to this matterNow, they did offer to replace the cores - but they wanted me to pay $to cover the cost of shipping I'm disappointed that their lack of quality is requiring me to pay for a product I should have received in the first place If the cushions were made correctly the first time, I wouldn't have to pay additional money when I already have spent over $on this setI would like them to replace the cushions at no cost to me, not me having to pay for their poor craftsmanship

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: the material is not quality at all I called within a month, nothing but a run aroundI had all lint balls and fabric separation The day I picked it up the guy had to tighten screw in frame Where am I suppose to find a dock, and how am I to get it home? I feel this is going to be a reoccurring problem if I was to get the same setI been trying to resolve within the first month of purchase I do not want the same couch and loveseatI do like the look however it is made with subpar quality The throw pillows are not even filled correctly I’m requesting a refund for this set or the ability to go to a store where you collection is sold I tried to do the right thing called the store, cAlled you guys 4/times for help Emailed *** left messages with no callback I do have copies of that too I called visa to dispute charges then gave your warranty dept a change to fix it weeeks went by then I was over my days Is there a number I can actually speak to someone I had already contacted my attorney because I can’t go thru this anymore it’s been months It will cost more to go to court then refund me You give me one option replace something that is clearly garbage It looks nice but I’m sorry a couch that does that in a few weeks is embarrassing By the way I sent pictures last week to *** then email on Thursday and still nothing I left heather a message this am What kind of business you people running I guess the star rating explains it I have no access to a dock my wife is a teacher I’m on diability with an permanent injury We own a car so how again are you helping me The warranty on the furniture is the law to fix or replace so your really doing what is requiredAll the bid cushion on the bottom are attached and worn how would you fix that? The frame on both are lose? The cushions are breaking down from material rubbing material plus the are not straight The throw pillow are half empty There is nothing that isn’t wrong with this You tell me how you want to proceed!
*** ***

I purchased a chair at *** a store which subsequently closedI purchased a recliner for cast broke months after I purchased it, the foot rest broke and I could not put the foot rest downWhen I lifted up the chair I found several peices (nuts, bolts, roller type peice) under the chairI contacted United Furniture Industries and started corresponding with *** *** who agreed to provide me a brand new chair, great! However she said I would have to find a store to deliver it to that would accommodate a foot trailer and then figure how I'm to get it from the store to my house, I'm guessing I would have to pay for delivery again! I asked for my money back and *** said because the store has closed it's not possibleSo I caved and provided a list of close furniture stores that may be able to accommodate a semi*** emailed me back and said she would contact the stores and let me knowIt's now going on weeks and *** fell off the radar, I have emailed

For the first months after purchase, the warranty is through the store where the furniture is purchasedIf an extended warranty is purchased, that would be through the company that the store deals with. We will contact the Mr *** to find out the issues of his furnitureIf available,
we will schedule a service technician.Thank you.*** ***

I bought a total of seven different pieces of furniture made by United Furniture trying to complete a piece living room setEvery single piece had workmanship flawspieces were returnedThe pieces I am left with all have flaws of varying degreeQuality control must be void at this companyMy father, unfortunately, also happened to also purchase furniture made by United Furniture and it has flawsThe issues with my furniture are much worse than those he has, but it does show a pattern with this manufacturerI recommend buying a different brand all togetherAnything that has the *** brand listed no matter what product line is used or from whom it is purchased is made by United Furniture

We purchased a Way Rocker Recliner on October 22, through *** *** in ***, PA who is a seller of the Simmons chair During the week between Christmas and New Year my husband contact *** regarding one of the chairs being damaged There is a large hole (created by a tear in the seams) and the fabric is snagging in several areas We heard nothing from *** until February 2, 2018, where we were told that a representative from United Furniture Industries was handling this matter On March 8, I received an additional text message from *** stating that the representative required additional photos They were sent and we have not heard anything since According to the *** representative, all warranties must be handled through United however the warranty information states that we must go through the retail dealer On April 17th, I contacted United Furniture through their customer care and was told the warranty goes back to the store

According to our records, *** *** *** never contacted the Customer Service Department at United FurnitureHer purchase date was 7/4/2016, therefore she should have contacted *** Customer CareTheir contact information is 1-800-*** Select Option #and ask for a furniture
help ticketThe warranty with *** is for the first year from the date of purchaseI have attached a copy of our warranty policy that will explain the coverages as well as claim proceduresPlease contact if you have any further questions at 662-*** Ext Thank you, *** ***

I have been trying to order a replacement kit for a lock on a *** Cedar chest from the 1950's According to the Product Safety Commission, this was recommended because the old locks automatically lock, and as a result, pose a safety risk for children or othersI have tried to contact both *** and United Furniture Industries as *** is part of them now, supposedly After approximately contacts,leaving messages and emails both, I am not getting anywhere I get transferred to voice mailboxes that are either full or not set up I get transferred to a different person or number, only to be forced to leave a message that does not get returnedAnd I get an automatic email response from ***'s prior owner, *** *** ***, which promises a response but doesn't provide one but on the phone tells me they no longer own them...that United Furniture Industries does but I am getting the run-around from them as well It is one big circle...over and overNo one wishes to address the
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***

Ms *** does not coordinate between the freight company and our companyOnce she locates a store in her area that will accept the furniture, we schedule delivery with the store that she has contacted.We advise the store when the furniture will be shippedMs *** emailed me this morning and I explained that this is our policy and our customers adhere to itI also explained that on the rare occasionthat there is not a store in the area, that the customer has paid the freight charges to have the furniture shipped to their homeI asked her if she wanted us to provide her with a freight quoteI amwaiting to hear back from her.Thank you.*** ***

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