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This business was contacted by the hospital that I was a pt in to transfer me to another hospital about miles away They billed my insurance and because it was considered out of network they only paid a portion I attempted to work with them and they refused to assist me the charges were astronomical and can't be met Most health care facilities and providers will assist and write off significant amount of a bill they however wouldn't I am complaining about the billing department and the way I was treated and the matter handled I would not recommend this business to anyone

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: AMR did not provide any care; only transportI understand you replenish supplies used by fire department personnel however that is between you two companies not meIn addition it took months of calls from me to finally get someone to tell me I needed to formally request my medical records to see exactly what the charges were because the bills I received were nondescript with amounts listed but.l no explination of charges or why there were fees; felt as if something was being hidden or covered up Sincerely, [redacted] ***

May 24, of Denver EFlorida Avenue Suite Denver, CO RE: Ambulance Transport Case#: [redacted] Dear Thank you for taking the time to contact our office with the consumer’s concerns American Medical Response values our customers, and strives to provide quality service Our office has reviewed the records for the above case It has been determined that the consumer was not the individual involved with our crew on December 17, The consumer’s information has been removed from our files and he will no longer be contacted regarding this bill American Medical Response has cancelled the account from collections, and confirmed that no credit reporting has occurred Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused Should the consumer have further questions or concerns, I may be contacted directly at (209) 236- Sincerely, Cecilia Juarez Patient Advocate American Medical Response Tell us why here

Hello, My name is Christina [redacted] and I was recently transferred to [redacted] Hospital by two of your EMTsThe date was July 2nd, I was picked up at [redacted] Two transportation building on DrennanThey were two females, one had dark hair in a bun and the other had blonde hair in a ponytailThe blonde one had a large dark tattoo on her right armWhilst in route to the hospital I let the blonde one know I had to use the restroom really badShe assured me that we would be at the hospital soonWhen arriving she told the driver up front quote “she’s going to [redacted] herself” referring to meThen the drive the one with the dark hair kept telling me quote “don’t you dare pee on my bed.” She said it multiple timesAs if I wasn’t already in an embarrassing situationFinally when I got to my room the blonde one, did not help me in any type of wayBeing I was still kinda dizzyI got no assistance from her to sit on the hospital bedThen before she left, she said quote “you need to take your medsYou’re This is ridiculous, this was a waste of gas.” Then she rudely left the roomI don’t appreciate the way I was treated by your EMTsThey don’t know me or my situationI deserve an apology for how rude they were to meVery disrespectfulI pray to god that they’re not treating others that wayThank You, Christina [redacted]

My daughter has a number of complex health issues and has unfortunately needed to have been transported to [redacted] in Philadelphia It is very concerning that [redacted] is contracting with AMR Mid Atlantic to provide transport services We have had trips provided by AMR Mid Atlantic - which were resolved with no issues and which have taken almost a year While I have paid the bills to avoid their threat to send to a collection agency, the secondary insurance (which is a medicare and says they have a contract with AMR) has been attempting to resolve this issue for almost months with no resolutionThe two bills in issue were billed as [redacted] Non-Emergency even though they were an emergency and we would not have been able to transport our daughter on our own to *** The one that was process without any problems was billed as ***-Specialty Care - both were for the same situations

September 11, [redacted] *** RE: Ambulance Transport Case#: [redacted] Dear Thank you for taking the time to contact our office with the consumer’s concerns American Medical Response (AMR) values our customers, and strives to provide quality service AMR contacted the consumer by phone and discussed his concerns It has been determined that all charges invoiced to the consumer are both valid and correct Ambulance provider fees typically include a base charge for the transport, a mileage fee and any applicable ancillary charges We understand medical expenses are unexpected, and can cause hardship; therefore, we will mail a Compassionate Care application to the consumer for assistance on the balance due Once the application is received and processed, a letter will be mailed to the consumer with regards to the determination Should the consumer have any further questions or concerns, I may be contacted directly at [redacted] ***Sincerely, [redacted]

On March 29, 2018, while on vacation, my year-old daughter injured her headA call to was made and an ambulance from AMR Rural/Metro of San Diego (thereafter referred to as the Provider) arrivedShe was assessed with a deep laceration to her forehead My daughter was conscious throughout the entire incident and showed no signs of neurological injuryThe lead responder from the Provider suggested that I could transport my child to the hospital myself or they could take herI chose for her to be transported by the ProviderMy child walked onto the ambulance and was accompanied by my wife to the hospital No medication was given to my childOxygen was not givenWe do not believe that her vitals were monitored en routeThe only treatment provided was a gauze bandage for her head lacerationShe was transported by the Provider, without lights or sirens, to the Rady Children’s hospital I received a bill from the Provider that consisted of itemsThe first item was liste

The level of incompetence of the employees resulted in my account payment plan being canceled, and my account was being sent to collection I had a bad accident that resulted in thousands of dollars of medical bills despite my health insuranceI set up payment plans to manage these with my HSA accountI asked for clarification from the representatives I spoke with multiple times and asked for a supervisor in one of the first conversation to which I was told none were availableThis company also had my accident noted as automobile and it was not an auto accidentMy understanding was that my payment would be due by the 4th of each month and it took more than a month to get this set upI made payments 6/19, 7/5, 8/6, 9/10, and then called in on 10/to check on the account and considering paying off moreIt was my understanding that I was paying far in advance of the due date (first one being 7/4) and never once did a representative say anything about delinquent or late paymentsT

August 3, of Denver/Boulder EFlorida Ave Suite Denver, CO RE: Ambulance Transport Case#: [redacted] Dear Thank you for taking the time to contact our office with the consumer’s concerns American Medical Response values our customers, and strives to provide quality service American Medical Response transported the consumer for continued care at the request of the attending physician Upon arrival to the receiving facility, the consumer and family requested transport to the consumer’s residence due to personal preference Since the transport was originally ordered by the initial treating facility, appropriate EMS protocols were followed, and our ambulance crew returned the consumer to the ordering facility Our office filed a claim with the consumer’s Medicare coverage for transport to the receiving facility A denial was received stating the ambulance service was a non-covered benefit Subsequently, we billed the consumer at current Medicare rates instead of full UCR On June 3, 2016, our Operations office was contacted and investigated the consumer’s concerns After reviewing all of the necessary documentation associated with the transport, it was determined that appropriate care and transportation was provided The consumer was notified of the findings, and on July 15, 2016, payment was received satisfying the account Upon reexamination, we confirm that the charges are valid, and there is not currently a refund due on this account Should the consumer have any further questions or concerns, I may be contacted directly at [redacted] Sincerely, [redacted] Patient Advocate American Medical Response

I've talked with various costumer service representatives of AMR over the last few years and thought my bills were resolvedI've given them all of my insurance informationRecently, I received a bill that I thought was paid for by one of my insurancesI found out that one of them had cancelled, but I had given one of the representatives my other insurance informationCome to find out that that one of the representatives that I talked with, that says they took down all my insurance information, did not in fact do that Also with AMR, I received a bill for a trip that was not mineI resolved that issue and did not have to pay the billHowever, it was for another patient and the bill had some personal information (AKA a violation of HIPPA) Dealing with them has caused a great deal of stress/anxiety and, while I understand they are doing there job, there seems to be a lot of problems with the billing departmentI have PTSD and dealing with bills is difficult for meSo to hav

We had an emergency and used this service for our daughter We paid them through my HSA , they cashed the check and still sent us to collectionsWe have been trying to get the matter cleared up for over months with no resolve THey keep bouncing us back and forth between the collection agency and their corporate officeNo one that I speak with speaks clear english and they just keep transferring our calls aroundThey are claiming they have not received payment, even though I have provided them with a copy of the check and it has been cashedSomeone needs to do something about this company

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:What they said is a LIE They picked me up from my house which is my billing address AND had my driver's license which had the same address Also, what they did is illegal They made no attempt to find my address or ask the transporters By law, you have to give the debtor AT LEAST days to pay the debt They gave me WITHOUT contacting me What they did is illegal and immoral and until they admit fault I will not accept their ridiculous response Sincerely, [redacted]

[redacted] , My son [redacted] was taken by ambulance to the [redacted] on 7/4/ We did not call for the ambulance My son was feeling better with a breathing treatment The paramedic didn't listen to me I received a bill for $2,I sent AMR/Rural Metro our insurance information on 8/8/ I called my insurance company BCBS of [redacted] and they told me that AMR didn't file a claim I then filed a claim The insurance company paid $plus $ Total $ I have emailed AMR/Rural Metro and told them I would pay $which they declined The average ambulance is $400- The charge of $2,is excessiveThe [redacted] Balance Bill law states a patient cannot be billed the balance and it is illegal/unlawful in the context of emergency care according to the [redacted] Supreme Court in Also, reference AB-Health care coverage: out of network coverage

AMR placed my account in collections with [redacted] *** for an overdue ambulance bill that was paid or should have been paid by my insurance carrier (s) 1.) Primary Insurance Carrier: [redacted] (80%) 2.) [redacted] **(husband''s job insurance) Claims Address: [redacted]  (20%) 3.) Health Safety Net: Mass Health This information was provided to them on the date of service and via bill statement in the mail to meThey have placed my account [redacted] in collections, for $I do not owe these people anythingI née them to correct their error on my credit report or I will sue for triple damages of what they placed on my credit reportIt's fraud because I do not owe AMR anything

Daughter was transported by AMR/ [redacted] 7/27/ Received bill for around early September Finally learned in end of October insurance was not payingPaid the amount with our credit card first week of November February learned AMR/ [redacted] turned us over to [redacted] for collection in November of TWO YEARS AFTER THE BILL WAS PAID Called AMR and their response was "You should have paid your bill!" [redacted] took the credit card payment confirmation number and said we were goodNow [redacted] wants a statement from AMR/ [redacted] stating we paid them AMR [redacted] only will send a statement to me showing a zero balance but without any pay information or date was paidNor will they contact [redacted] to clear the account - because it is not their problem It is inconceivable that someone is sent to collections two years later for a paid in full account!

Complaint # [redacted]

I am a RN nursing supervisor who requested an ambulance on 7/8/to take a resident to buffalo general hospital because he was unresponsive and was not his usual talkative selfAMR ambulance arrived at approximately 2:pm at the waterfront healthcare facility located at 7th st buffalo, nyIt was a male EMT who questioned my credentials, by asking me what my title and background was and if I performed the SBAR stroke assessment and how I checked him for a strokeI have been a nurse for over years, with great experienceThis male EMT was very rude and disrespectful to me, he has no right to question my credentialsI performed a full RN assessment, and the doctor was notified and gave me orders to send this resident out to the ER because he was also a full code, and may be having a strokeIn NYS, EMT's has no authority to assess or make any determinations regarding if the resident should go to the hospital, I understand that AMR was busy, yesterday but all residents have

RE: Ambulance Transport Case#: [redacted] Dear Thank you for taking the time to contact our office with the consumer’s concerns American Medical Response values our customers, and strives to provide quality service American Medical Response was unable to obtain a valid mailing address at the time of transport, which resulted in collections activity At this time, we have cancelled this bill from collections with no negative impact to the consumer’s credit rating A claim has been filed with the consumer’s insurance carrier and the account placed on hold pending their response Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused Should the consumer have any further questions or concerns, I may be contacted directly at ###-###-#### Sincerely, [redacted] Patient Advocate American Medical Response

Service date 05/12/Trip # [redacted] I used the ambulance in and my insurance company ( [redacted] ) paid the bill However, in American Medical response changed my status to past due and sent my case to the collection company I paid the bill to the collection company so American Medical response received double payment My insurance company and I contacted American medical response, but they never replied (even they hung up the phone)

I have spoken with American medical response different times to give them my insurance information I have received notices that they do not have my insurance information Today is the last call I will make to them The customer service is awful, in a different country, cannot get them to understand that I have called numerous times to give them my information I will not pay a dime until they do what they need to do on their end

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