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[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 10148290, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 

Tell us why here... On February 3rd 2016 Member above came into the office to cancel her membership; on this day the Manager of the gym was on vacation out of the country and the...

employee who was filling in at the time was told to write down names of people who came into cancel because she was not trained in canceling members. Our Company policy is that we require 30 days written notice to cancel. I had called above member on the day I returned, February 10th 2016 and left her a message. The message informed her that I would email her our company’s cancellation paper work for her to sign and return via email; also that since we do require 30 days written notice we do have to take her last payment that lands within those 30 days. After a few minutes she returned the phone call stating that my temp in the office said she did not think that she would be charged anymore and if she was she thinks it will be refunded. I then explained that in the contract she signed it says we require 30 days written notice which I received on the 10th her payments come out on the 11th there for she is required to pay that last payment but she would receive the full month that she paid for. After our phone call I emailed her the paper work to sign. She responded she did not give us permission to take out the money. I put her membership to cancel on March 10th 2016 so she has her full month but the payment still came out on February 11th 2016 because it is our policy and in our contract. Also I asked my Temp about what was said upon there meeting and she said she did not inform her of any sort of refund.

I spoke with Ms. [redacted] yesterday. I offered her a discounted deal for her to cancel her account. As you can see from the 3 attached forms, I did not have to offer her what I did. The forms attached I will review with you in reverse order. The last attachment is her...

original contract with Anytime Fitness. You will find that she signed a 25 month membership starting December 2013 going until January 2016. You will also see she initialed the Auto Renew section. Under Mississippi law, any business may auto renew a membership to a monthly term with customer agreement. The auto renew states withhold the right to increase her membership dues $0, thus renewing her current rate on a monthly basis until we receive a written 30 day notice.  
The next form shows her monthly invoice schedule from beginning to current. You will notice that she is past due since April. Her due date is the 1st of the month. She called on april 5th not wanting to pay her past dues. Beyond my understanding, or our policies, one of my staff placed a hold on her account for May, giving her time to take care of the past dues. The one month hold expired, and that is why you see a past due for June. 
The first attachment shows her billing home page and total past due amount. 
What I offered her yesterday was to forgive the late fees, June past due bill, and waive the 30 day cancellation notice.  I only requested that she pay APRIL and come sign off on the cancellation. This is more than meeting her half way. 
I do not see an issue in the way I handled this business. That being said, if April is not taken care of before July 1st, the account will be eligible to be sent to our collections agency. 
thank you
anytime fitness

This is the hard copy of her info her contract is with the Folsom Anytime Fitness we do not receive the original contract she signed with Folsom. We have contacted the Folsom cub in regards to this and asking them to handle this as this is thier original member and she did all her sign up them. The...

email on this form in which she does State she got from us in regards to a transfer is shown in profile info. If a members sign up and starts using another club they automatically transfer to Club they are using most so the money goes to that club. All members when signing up sign and initial that they may transfer if they start to use another Anytime Fitness and receive email we are very strict and follow ethical guildlines of the franchise rules. This is sometimes confusing to consumers we operate independently. Thank you for your help

This was resolved almost 1 month ago.

To Whom It May ConcernWe respond to this complaint as follows. The customer purchased SEO services with the understanding that they could cancel any time and would receive a prorated refund. The SEOGears policy states that customers are not eligible for a refund once services are purchased....

We did review the call and did hear the Bluehost Sales representative missold the product and provided incorrect expectations. As the Sales agent provided Kim C incorrect information and only one month of services were used Bluehost issued a prorated refund on February 26,2016 of $639.34 back to the card on file and cancelled the service.Furthermore we have spoken with the agent in question so this experience does not happen in the future to another customer.At this time we believe this should resolve the disputer in question.Regards,SEOGears Customer Relations
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]I have offered to attend arbitration / mediation with the company owner though the Winnebago Conflict Resolution Center.  So far there has been no response regarding this. 
Andy [redacted]

[redacted] [redacted]
Hello,I am writing to respond...

to the complaint on our club from [redacted]. While we, like everyone else, aren't perfect, the issues described in this complaint are not born out by our member activity records, our past history in the community, or the reputation that our team has with 1000+ other members.  Because we are a secure facility, we know exactly when people come into the facility.  This member did not swipe in "multiple times" during business hours anytime between November and January as the attachment shows.We also have a detailed call logging system and there is no record of multiple calls coming in from this members cell or office numbers (both provided on the membership agreement.)  The boots referenced in the letter had been saved in the office for months and were picked up yesterday.  On this members first visit to the club, she forgot her wallet and it took about 2 weeks for it to be picked up.  I don't say that to be mean-spirited, just to show that it's possible that leaving things behind is more in this person's control than the place of business where the items are left behind. Based on our 8 years in business and our track record with the, I hope that this complaint will be placed in context.  Not saying we are perfect, but we can't be held responsible for someone leaving things behind or how one person out of thousands feels they are looked at.  We are a club that welcomes everyone.  Everyone that works out is a hero to us - they are all doing something to improve themselves when there are lot of other more comfortable alternatives available.  As the owner of the club, there is no way I'd have a person on the staff that has multiple complaints about how he or she looks at members.  Thank you for making us aware of this complaint.  I am answering it in a blunt manner because I honestly feel it's more of a strategy to quit on a 12-month commitment this member made and it has the potential to negatively affect the employees accused that do a lot for their members and a business that contributes a ton in the local community.    The options for cancellation available to all of our members will be offered to this member.  Since we have 150-200 visits per day during the timeframe this member is requesting a refund for, it's obvious that there was more a personal challenge to get in the club than the state of the club being the issue.   Thank you for your time and consideration of this response.                                 5 Attachments

The final offer has been presented to the customer.  This it he best offer that we can offer for resolution without speaking further as communicated prior.

Dear [redacted]:I am writing this letter in response to the complaint ID:
[redacted]. The members involved in the complaint were [redacted] and
[redacted] and [redacted]. The complaint was a billing
issue that was not resolved and was sent to the [redacted]...

[redacted] agency.I have spoken with [redacted] and [redacted] concerning the details of this billing issue.
The cancellation letter submitted to [redacted] on 4/8/14 from
[redacted] requested to stop payment drafts from their credit card
account on file. Because of this request, the last payment due was
not able to be drafted. [redacted] sent four email letters and
also left voice mails beginning 4/30/14 about their last payment of
$89.99. There was no response from the [redacted], so their account
was sent to the [redacted] on 7/3/14.There was no response from the [redacted] until 10/24/14. [redacted] called [redacted] and made the payment owed, $118.99 ($89.99 plus
late fees) that day. They were set to be cancelled on 11/19/14.
After speaking with Shawna, from [redacted], she said
the account was not logged properly by [redacted] and that is why
they were still in collections. I spoke with [redacted] on 3/4/15 about the mistake. I followed up
with [redacted] and was told that their account was
closed. They put their account on a listed by error status. Nothing
will reflect on their credit report.The Anytime Fitness staff would like to extend our sincere
apologies to the [redacted] family for the distress caused by this
negligence.Sincerely,Terri M[redacted]General Manager

To Whom it May Concern: In response to the complaint filed by Aaron [redacted] regarding his request to cancel his membership with Anytime fitness in [redacted]. l, Rick [redacted], talked with Aaron on Monday, August 8, after receiving a request to do so from my [redacted] DJ. DJ had talked with...

Aaron earlier in the day regarding his membership and wanting to cancel it. DJ's conversation with Aaron is reviewed in the attached document. Per Aarons request, I followed up with Aaron that afternoon to discuss his membership. Aaron stated that he had moved and had not been jn the club for quite some time. Aaron originally joined our facility in November of 2013 taking advantage of a special promotional offer and discounts provided to his employer at the time. Aaron signed a 24-month agreement that ran through November of 2015. On the front of the original agreement, copy available upon request, Aaron also initialed the box labeled: Optional Month-to-Month Renewal. This box is reviewed with all members prior to their initials to make sure they know what it means. It states that by initialing this box, the members roll over into a month to month membership after this initial term is completed. It also states within that section that members are asked to submit in writing a cancelation request. We do not take cancelation requests over the phone but will in circumstances where a member has moved away, e-mail the proper forms to cancel and get back. DJ did this for Aaron after his conversation and we have since set up his account to cancel. Aaron stated that he called in last year sometime, November?, requesting to cancel, we have no record of receiving a call from him. However, our 3 rd party billing company, attempted to reach out to him via phone and mail beginning in January 2016 regarding a past due balance on his account. 11 calls were attempted to him between 1/4/16 and 2/12/16 and 3 letters were sent. Aaron called in and updated his auto-payment information on February 12, 2016. (Why didn't this raise a flag in his mind that his account was still active?) Copies of this information is available for review upon request. When I asked Aaron who he talked with or what club he called he was not sure, nor could he provide a date. Please refer to the comments by DJ for additional information on this. Aaron asked to cancel his account, DJ sent him the cancelation form and we have since received it back and have his account set up to cancel. Aaron then asked for a refund back to November of 2015 stating that his account should have been cancelled and he should not have to pay for something he has not used. I responded we do not provide refunds for this type of request but would be happy to cancel his membership once the proper paperwork had been returned. He asked several more times and referred to his nonuse of the club as a reason we should comply with his refund request. He then questioned the ethics of how we run our business by not giving someone their money back when they have not used the club for so long. I take a lot of pride in running my business the "right" way. I am not afraid to apologize and provide refunds when we have made mistakes in our business. We build our business by letting members know up front what our membership policies are and how we run our facilities. Our business is about providing a great facility and service for our members. To do that, we must be consistent in our processes and how we work with each and every member. That is not to say we won't sit down and discuss unique situations with someone if they bring it to our attention and look for a fair solution, yet our guiding principles remain that we treat each member with respect and the same way with regards to club operations. J am proud of what J do, how my team supports our business and how we help our members achieve their goals every day. We are not perfect, as I have already stated, and will work to fix mistakes, learn from them and move on to make our clubs even better for our members. We will not be offering a refund at this time. Rick [redacted] [redacted]

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 

To Whom it May Concern, On 3/31 the member called and said that he had just noticed he had been charged wrongfully for the past year. The member said that he had called and canceled over the phone. As it is our company policy to fill out cancelation paperwork, my first...

reaction was to determine if he had filled out said paperwork. He said he had not come into our business and turned in the paperwork. I also found his original agreement that he had signed and no cancelation paperwork was with it. The top of his original agreement that he signed says "30 days written notice to cancel". Since he did not come in and give us written notice we couldn't cancel a membership. There is never a time where a member can call and cancel over the phone. Though I feel bad about the situation, in order to be compliant with our franchise we must follow certain guidelines. Thanks,Quinn M[redacted]

I am writing to let you know that the situation regarding [redacted]t’s membership, assigned ID[redacted] has been resolved. It was simply a miscommunication between both parties. Due to [redacted]traveling outside of the country we were unable to reach her in order to make changes to hermembership....

The changes she requested were made and her account is closed.Thank you,[redacted]Anytime Fitness Manager

I just wanted to let you know that there was no link within your system that allowed me to respond.  I kept chasing after this company, and was finally able to get my membership cancelled after going there during their day.  Per their own admission, they do not staff the office during “staffed hours” because this staff person is often responsible for teaching classes.  They never responded to my voicemails or emails either, so that was very disappointing.  If you need anything else from me please let me know. Thank you,

Dear, I have read this complaint #[redacted]  I have called [redacted], who is our 3 party...

institution who gathers all funds from all of our members world wide, they have no record of a [redacted]. They keep records back as far as 2008 so I asked them to search their data base for this member.  They cannot find a record for this individual. Furthermore, Anytime Fitness does not use a company by the name of [redacted], the only financial company that we use is [redacted]. 
The cancelation policy of all our contracts are clearly spelled out on the back of each contract, which we give a copy to everyone who joins our clubs.  If he did cancel his membership then he should have the proper paper work showing that he signed a 30 day cancelation form.  If he can't show some proof of his membership or cancelation of his contract then I have no way to even begin to help him since I have searched all of our records and we do not see him in our system. Furthermore, the $950 that he claims he is being charged?  I don't know why he would ever be charged that and I don't know who would be requesting that since our contracts have a max of a $200 cancelation fee written on the back of each contract.  I would be happy to send you a copy of our contract if you would like verification.
Thank you

Owner of Anytime Fitness San Tan Valley, Arizona
Anytime Fitness

We have a financial company that works directly with us for billing. They do in fact make calls to our members that have billing issues to make sure they are more than aware of anything that may arise from it. Attached I have screen shots off all interactions and notes with [redacted] and our Financial...

company. I have also attached the apology email. As that is the only way he stated in his complaint he wanted to be contacted

Attached is [redacted] and [redacted]'s agreement that they agreed to 24 months of payments at $65.90 . as well as all of our email communication.  When you see the agreement you will see that [redacted] signed it in two places and initialed it in three places saying that they agreed to...

the price and term of the contract.  The miscommunication was that we were waiving the enrollment fees, not the key fees. However they would be responsible for paying the security and key fees of $75 which they were okay with at the date of sign up. We posted dated their key fees to be taken out at a later date for their convenience. Just like [redacted] stated in his email, he was notified on the day of sign up that he would not be able to break the agreement unless he qualified for one of our stipulations in order to cancel. [redacted] was incorrectly billed, however we refunded him the money and gave him a free month for the inconvenience. We understood that money may have been an issue at the time so we let them keep the $75 for the keys till a later date, so they would not have to worry about money issues at that time. They were very pleased with this idea. They were then billed again accidently on 11/13 three days prior to their scheduled billing date. This was a mistake made by a newer employee of our billing company. We apologized and When this happened we made sure that money was put back into their account the following business day. [redacted] stated that, [redacted] bank was very easy to work with and did in fact waive the overdraft fee's.   This issue does not happen often so we gave them another free month to provide them with the service they deserve and to clear up and make the situation better for them.  At the time this was ok with them.    Shawna came into our facility on 11/15/13 stated that she wanted to cancel, I let her know that she would not be able to cancel. She did not take to that very well and asked to have our owners number.  as a club manager I am not allowed to give out our owners number and I referred her to my Area Manager, [redacted]. I was currently attending to one of our members and told her that  I would be with her shortly. While I was attending to my member [redacted] was on her phone talking quite abrasively to my area manager  [redacted]. I asked her to please quiet down multiple times and she refused. She then proceed to get up from the chair, in which she was sitting and sat Indian style on the floor in the middle of our lobby yelling on the phone.  I asked her again to please take a seat in a chair or a couch in our member area,  She got up off the floor walked ten steps and sat on the floor again. She really started to cause a scene hurting our business and talking negative to potential prospects that were coming in to tour the gym. She not only was yelling but was talking badly about our facility and her experiences to the members that were in the gym. [redacted] was asked to leave numerous times and did not therefore we chose to call the sheriffs dept and had her removed.   We felt that this was the only way we could get her to stop making a scene.  [redacted] chose to ignore all of our warnings, so we did in fact have a Sherriff remove her.  When you read through our email you will see the cancellation options I presented to them.  At the end of the month if they do not submit payment they will be sent to collections.  At that time we will no longer be able to help them which I explained in my emails.  Please ask me if you have any questions.  Thank You Very Much  [redacted], az area manager  [redacted], san tan valley, gm.

[redacted] was put in a pending cancel on 2/6/2015 when his electric bill was submitted. Per the picture attached you can see that his account is currently pending a cancel as he will have access until 3/21/15. I have also attached our email contact where I told [redacted] what was acceptable and what was...

not acceptable for proof of relocation. Unfortunately I am limited as to the amount of pictures that I can attach on here, however you will in fact see [redacted] does not qualify to cancel out due to the agreement he signed. Our agreement states that you have to live 25 miles outside of an Anytime Fitness, and [redacted] does not. He was still cancelled out per us being nice at the facility. You will see in the attached picture the locations near him. Also in the agreement he signed, it states a 30 cancelation clause. Therefore the client would be billed one last time, leading to him being billed for the month of Feburary.

I have explained to David through email that there is a 30 day notice to cancel and they would have to come fill out cancellation paperwork for the cancellation process to begin.  I will not cancel them with out receiving the key fees they agreed to pay when the signed up. With a 30 day notice to cancel they would most likely be billed one more time for 65.90. 67.90 if they have a debit or credit card on file.  I will be willing to forget about the 65.90 if they pay the key fees like they agreed to in the beginning.  I feel the [redacted]s agreed to a contract that they could not afford and [redacted] and [redacted] have expressed Their financial issues with me on many phone calls. I feel that I have done everything to make up for the mistakes and provide them with great service.   I have even offered them a way to cancel that does not fall under the stipulations to terminate an agreement.  I will try to meet them in the middle and if I receive the 75 dollars for the keys I will waive the last month that comes with a 30 day notice.  The [redacted]s will still have to come to the club and fill out cancellation paperwork that way they will have a copy stating the membership has been terminated and so will we.  Please ask if you have any questions.Thank You,[redacted]Anytime fitness area manager

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