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Thank you for the

opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. Our records show on

1/11/15, [redacted] purchased a [redacted] washer with a 24-month Repair

Service Agreement Plan. [redacted] elected to pickup his washer the same day

from our Conn’s located in [redacted]

After further review and

research, we have no records that [redacted] has contacted our service

department regarding any issues he is experiencing with his washer. On 5/4/15,

a service representative attempted to contact [redacted] to schedule a

service appointment however; they were unsuccessful and were unable to leave a

voice message.

Although [redacted]

washer does not meet the qualifications for an exchange at this time; he may

contact our Service Department at [redacted] to schedule an appointment to

have a service technician assess the unit.

If we may be of further

assistance, [redacted] may contact Customer Service at [redacted]

Kind regards,

Review: From the moment I started to do paperwork Jan.** up until today Feb.* I have had horrible experience with Conn's on the [redacted]. I patiently waited three hours for sales paperwork to be done. That should have been my clue. I purchased washer and dryer. They were deivered and hooked up the next day. When I went to use the washer I discovered the washer had been hooked up incorrectly. I called they said it would be Wed.before anyone could get out. So, I used the washer backward. When I went to use Dryer, it left everything like wrinkle bombs. Horrible!!! I tried several times to get in touch with [redacted] who I was told was the manager. He never called back. During all this time I was in touch with delivery to get back here fix my machines. The whole time I was never told that I should have been speaking to service dept. Caught delivery Guy in a lie. I called the toll free number and they kept promising to get people out here to take look at my machines. No one has contacted me. Also, spoke to [redacted] another supervisor. He did nothing at all for me So I have been lied too, treated rudly and totally disreguarded.Desired Settlement: I would like to return both washer and dryer for full refund, with no restocking charges. Whole experience a nightmare!!!




you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. Our records show

on 1/**/14, [redacted] purchased a GE high efficiency washer with a limited

1-year manufacturer warranty, a GE high efficiency dryer with a limited 1-year

manufacturer warranty, washer hose, dryer kit, dryer duct with clamps, and

delivery totaling $2530.44. Our records show [redacted] contacted us on

2/**/14, regarding both her washer and dryer; stating the washer was not

washing the clothes properly (not dissolving detergent or fabric softener), and

the dryer’s perm press cycle was not functioning correctly. A service call was

scheduled on 2/**/14, upon inspection no defect or issue was found with [redacted] dryer. However, the technician found [redacted] was not using the

correct amount of detergent and fabric softener to wash a load of clothes. [redacted] was educated on the appropriate the amount of detergent for her washer. If

[redacted] is still dissatisfied with her washer and dryer, she is still within

our 30 day Return and Exchange Policy and may return her items with a 15%

restocking fee.


Customer Relations Officer

Review: I purchased an Asus computer for $in August From the very beginning, the 3rd day the computer would not stay connected to the any network, whether it was my home, work, public, or tethering through my phoneI sent it back to them for repair and just got it back yesterday on September 04, I still have the same issuesThey'd like me to again drop it off again and be without it again for two to three weeksThis is ridiculousA brand new computer should not need serviceI am not willing to make payments while the product is sent back again to be servicedIf they've gotten a defective product from a manufacturer, I shouldn't have to wait until the troubleshoot the problem and continue to be responsible for paymentMrs[redacted] from the corporate office refused to consider that a consumer should have the right to have a functioning productIf I entered into an agreement to pay for a product, there priority should be to provide a product that functions or replace it brand newDesired Settlement: I'd like to have the contract cancelled and return product or new productAlso make no payments as I am without the product and can't utilize it
I do not have a warranty
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint
As they have stated, I bought the computer back on 07/12/Since the first week the computer has given me issuesInitially I thought it was my network that had the issues so I didn't bother to complain because I called my cable provider but all my other three computer were working fine and I also had issues anywhere else I went to connect to a network as well, even when tethering through my phoneI then realize later that it was the computer and not the networks that I am connecting to, which I happened to complain after the day periodA day period is not possible to assess any issues with the laptop as there could have been a number of other reasons that the laptop wasn't workingWhich is why I decided to trouble shoot any other possibilities as I was certain that it couldn't be the computer as it was brand newTo ,y dismay, it is the computerIf I purchase anything form a store and it doesn't function correctly, I can get a refundI shouldn't be forced to keep a nonfunctioning computerCustomer satisfaction should be this company's key approach(the customer should always be satisfied)I have taken this computer back to the company twice and they are stating that there is not anything wrong with the computerI have installed other software(that has been lost),who will refund the cost for this software that I downloaded and paid for the is no longer useful? The McAfee trial period has ended(my computer has been with the company most of the trial period) so I am not able to take advantage of that free trial period as my computer was supposedly being repairedI have lost time not only calling to get this problem resolve but also use of the computer for which I purchased it for WORK!!!! I was not able to utilize the laptop, therefore having to continue to use a old computer that didn't work as wellThis has been a total loss for me and They want me to bring it back to themAbsolutely not!!!! I have complained a third time but I am not sure the problem can be resolved without replacing the laptopI have spoken to the repairman and he has stated that the software needs updating and there is nothing wrong with the laptop when they get it to repairThat is not the case when I have itI have several videos that show what the laptop is doing when I connect at home, my office and when tethering from my phoneIt can't be all my networks not functioning, it has to be the laptopI will just file a small claims case and be done with the issueI refuse to pay for an item that does not work properly and spend any more of my precious time on giving the benefit of repairing itIt has not been repaired within the last two months and I am afraid they don't have any good intentions on repairing the laptop of any concerns that I am not satisfied with a non-functioning laptop that I have paid $I am not sure why Conn's was sued in the beginning but I am sure that The class action lawsuit is a valid complaintIt is such a pity that companies like this don't pride themselves in customer satisfaction as the customers are those that keep the company functioningI am sure to let friends and family know that Conn's is most definitely not the place to shop!!!
Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs[redacted] additional
commentsAs previously stated after the technician assessed Mrs[redacted] computer he was unable to duplicate the problem connecting to
the network and after running diagnostic test no problems were foundTherefore,
we are unable to honor Mrs[redacted] requestMrs[redacted] computer is covered by a
year manufacturer’s warrantyIf Mrs[redacted] does not want to bring her computer in for a Conn’s technician
to assess, she may contact the manufacturer directly
If we may be of further assistance, Mrs[redacted] may contact
us at [redacted]

Review: Over the past few months I have been repeatedly hassled and bothered by Conns robo call machines. They claim my account is past due, however, Conns has neglected to change my payment date as requested by me and APPROVED by Conns in January 2014. My account payment due date is the 2nd of each month. I had called to get it changed to the 12th of each month due to my pay frequency change at work. Conns agreed to the payment terms change of date and said I could start making my payments on the 12th of the month. Since they, Conns has neglected to properly hold up on to their end of my payment date change request and have never updated my account. So, I am called up to 10-15 times daily (or more). When I do call back and speak to someone they tell me that my account is past due and they can't change me date. My account has NEVER been past due. Even when I do make my payment over the phone and my account is "Current" Conns neglectfully does not change my payment date and starts harassing me daily for more money. Also, when I do speak to someone they always say "We have your notes on file that your payment date request has been processed, but it doesn't reflect on my account. They then put me on hold and sometimes they never call back or I just hang up. As a consumer I am tired of being berated, harassed, and CONNED by Conns. Their business practices are poor and their customer service even worse. My account has been in excellent standing for the last 17 months until the last 4 months when Conns decided to not follow through on my APPROVED request.Desired Settlement: Refund of all interest charges (from opening of account) and late fees on my account and a payment date change to the 12th of each month.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] concerns regarding the request for a due date change on account [redacted]. According to our records, Mr. [redacted] first requested his due date to be changed from the 2nd of every month to the 12th of every month on January 23, 2014. However, we could not honor that request at the time because of a past due payment. We have included a copy of the payment history for him to review.

We have updated his due date change request as of April 10, 2014 to reflect the requested change. Mr. [redacted] new due date is currently the 12th of every month. As a goodwill gesture, we have waived $15.00 in late fees, but are unable to refund the interest charges assessed on the account. According to the contract, Mr. [redacted] is required to pay interest on the account regardless when the payment is due.

We value Mr. [redacted] as a customer and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience she experienced concerning this matter.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


Review: I'm taking credit hit from both Conn's & collections they sold my account to. I also paid over $1000 off my debt , then lost my job. Lost $1000 and still owe in full.Desired Settlement: Would like for this situation to be taken off my credit & will negotiate whatever is needed to do so.



Review: they took my payment and credit someone else acct and I have provide all the information conns needed and was told my credit will not be affected that

no one can help me I will never do business with ConnsDesired Settlement: fix my problem and Fix my Credit



I just spoke with their manager no one has call me from conns I had to call my problem has not been solve no one is still able to give a answer to my problem I spoke with [redacted] suppose to be a manager in credit dept was not able to help their answer some one will call you back I just like to know when someone will call back hopefully this year



Review: On [redacted] the day that my payment is due, my mother walked into Conns located in [redacted] to pay my 80.00 cash on my account. The very next day I was called approximately 3 times about lack of payment. At which I had thought because my mother paid after 5p.m. it did not post immediately. However the next day after that [redacted] I was still being harassed about this situation. As of today [redacted] it was reported on my credit report that I have missed a payment. I have spoken with over 20 different representatives who all claim that they left it in their notes about the misunderstanding and mysterious payment. In one conversation with a representative she asked if I could mail in a copy of my receipt in which I paid. Because it had been months since the whole ordeal began, the receipt was extremely faint, so I had no choice but to send the original. To my surprise Conns Headquarters in [redacted] never received it. Back in July after speaking to maybe three representatives, I provided the confirmation number to the rep believing she could simply pull up the confirmed payment. Wrong. I do understand their system of even printing receipts if the confirmation number dont mean crap. Now they have sent my credit score flying down and I am in the process of purchasing a home.Desired Settlement: Repair my credit score (remove mark)

Pull video footage of my mother paying

Credit my account for the 80 dollars I have paid



Thank you for

the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted]’s concerns regarding her

account. Mrs. [redacted] stated she made

a payment on her account; however it never posted to her account.

According to

our records, the missing payment was located and applied to Mrs. [redacted]’s

account on [redacted]. We have also

corrected any negative credit marks Mrs. [redacted] has received due to this


We value Mrs.

[redacted] as a customer and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience she has experienced

due to this matter.

Review: I had a washer and dryer installed and the delivery man placed the seal on too tight. The dryer has a steam option and the seal broke and water flooded my washroom as well as traveling to the master bedroom carpet and molding and my clothes had mildew all over them. I contacted Conns before things got worse for them to repair it and to date they have not done anything. I first reported this issue to them on [redacted] and the repair man fixed the seal on [redacted] but no one has addressed the issue of the water, mold or mildew.Desired Settlement: I would like for my carpet to be cleaned as well as the floors in my washroom. I would also like to have my clothes and shoes cleaned and if the stains are not able to be removed I want the items replaced.



Review: purchased extended warranty for sumsang fridge the fridge has been down going on 2 monthes. parts unable to get I guess. when calling everyone acts as if they cannot get a call in to the service dept. finally get a call, parts in ready to work. instead of coming out right away we elect to come out 4 days later the earliest time. fridge down for 2 monthes seem liked they would come right on out. for 2 monthes unable to use fridge, who cares CONNS DON'T. the fridge has been in service 4 times, it doesn't cool, fans don't work, icemakers just gives you ice, if you want cubes, you get crushed etc. I don't trust the fridge and don't trust CONNS service dept.Desired Settlement: this fridge need to be replaced or refunded. it's evident that CONNS does not have the ability to get the parts when needed.



Review: [redacted]I purchased a 51" plasma and a large tilting mount with cash on 9/16/2014 close to the end of closing. They put my merchandise in my truck didn't check the merchandise before it was released to me, I was assuming in good faith that all was well. I waited until the third day (9/19/2014) for the cableman to come and set up my tv, that's when I found out it was cracked. I immediately called the store back to get help requesting a replacement or funds back. They told me they could not help me. I was told by one of the store employees they were supposed to have check the merchandise before it is to be released . I've gone back up there and called numerous times to speak with the store manager and they said either he was in a meeting or not in office they would have him to return my call. [redacted] has not yet return the call. I called the corporate office for help only thing they are to do was take info and I have to wait 24-72 hrs before a response. I have gone to another store([redacted])and purchased another tv. This encounter has caused me much mental and physical stress because of the ongoing absence of helpDesired Settlement: Off of invoice #025786884-001 in the amount of $449.99 plus tax on a 51" Plasma TV




you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]'s complaint. Our records show

[redacted] purchased a television and wall mount on 9/16/14 with manufacturer's

warranty only. [redacted] elected to pick up her products from the local


[redacted] contacted our customer service department on 9/24/14 stating when took

the television out of the box the TV screen was cracked. We have reviewed [redacted]’s invoice and

found at the time of purchase she signed acknowledging she received her

products in good order. We attempted to

contact [redacted] on 9/24/14 and 10/3/14, but were unable to reach her. [redacted] called us back on 10/6/14; the

customer service agent requested that she bring the TV with the original box to

the store for inspection, based on the inspection we could determine if there

was concealed damage and would agreed to exchange. [redacted] advised the agent that she did not

have the box.


the television was picked and transported by someone other than Conn’s we are

unable to determine when the damage occurred.

Therefore, we are unable to honor [redacted]'s request for a

return/exchange. [redacted]'s signed invoice has been included in our response.

Review: I paid out an account in [redacted] In [redacted] they started calling me that I still owe then on this account. I have talk to numerous people there and the only thing I get out of them, is that I still owe money. I have ask them to furnish me a 'payment history' which they assure that I would be receiving one in the mail. This was in [redacted]and again in [redacted], to this day nothing. I went the store and had to get my own payment history on [redacted]. I told them I want to dispute the charges and they said they will review it and I still have heard nothing. Yet they are still calling and no one knows nothing, all they know is that I owe them.I am willing to pay this if they prove to me that I owe it. According to my records this is paid out!! They are not willing to meet me half way, all they want is there money and don't bother to check my dispute that I don't owe this.Desired Settlement: Let someone in accounting call me so we can straighten this out cause they don't have good bookkeeping.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to **.

[redacted]’ concerns regarding account #[redacted]. **. [redacted]

stated he paid the account balance in full on [redacted];

however, he is still receiving collection calls.

According to our records, **. [redacted] signed a 12-month

retail installment contract on [redacted]. That contract included a 6-month no interest

financing promotion.

**. [redacted] called our customer service department

on[redacted]to obtain a payoff quote for account #[redacted]. We have

reviewed that recorded call from [redacted] and the agent gave **. [redacted] a payoff

quote of $[redacted].

**. [redacted] made a payment in the store on that same

day in the amount of $[redacted].

On [redacted] received an insurance credit in

the amount of $[redacted]

This included the insurance amount of $[redacted] and

$[redacted] for finance charges.

As a one-time goodwill gesture, we will reinstate the

no-interest financing promotion and close the account. Please allow

10-14 business days for the account to close. **. [redacted]

will receive a close-out letter within 30 days of the


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience **. [redacted] has

experienced due to this matter.

Review: O 02/12/2014 I purchased an Asus Vivobook Notebook from Conn's. I brought into the store around the 27th or 28th of February. The computer stopped working completely. From the start, the touch screen & the spacebar was giving trouble. The spacebar wouldn't space the words. They sent it into repair around the 5th of March. The report summary has it was repaired on 03/13/2014.I got it back around the 24th or the 25th of March. Before I got it back, I called to see why it was taking so long to be repaired. They kept giving me other phone numbers to call & different people to speak with. The Wednesday before I got it back, a tech called me & told me it was repaired & I should get it back the following Friday or Saturday. I called my local Conn's the Friday & was told they would call ME when they got it back. I called the Saturday & was told there was no truck that came in that day. It probably wouldn't be in until the next Saturday. The spacebar was not repaired. It still does the same thing & now the touch screen doesn't work. Today is April 6, 2014. I called & spoke to a manager at my local office this morning. He said it would have to be sent off again for repair. I need the computer & can not wait another month for repairs. I told him that was bad business & I wanted another computer. I also told him I would contact you guys or an attorney. He told me he couldn't give me another one. I asked if I would return it to him because I didn't want it & he said it would go against my credit. They could not take it back nor exchange it. If I returned it I would still have to pay for it.Desired Settlement: I want it replaced or return it & it doesn't ruin my credit.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] complaint. Our records show on2/12/14, Mrs. [redacted] purchased an Asus Vivobook Notebook with a 37-month Repair Service Agreement totaling $1,356.23. Our records show on 3/02/14, Mrs. [redacted] contacted us regarding her notebook; stating it was freezing and stuck on a purple screen. Mrs. [redacted] was advised to bring her notebook in to be serviced. A service call was scheduled on 3/08/14; upon the inspection the technician found a hardware failure. Mrs. [redacted] notebook was sent to the manufacturer for repairs and on 3/20/14, the hard drive and mother board was replaced, the notebook was tested and everything tested okay. On 4/07/14, Mrs. [redacted] contacted us stating the notebook touchscreen was no longer working. A service call was scheduled on 4/09/14; however Mrs. [redacted] was redirected to a remote technician to troubleshot issue by phone. Upon service call the technician found Mrs. [redacted] needed training on several topics and resolved her issues; the technician attempted to contact Mrs. [redacted] for an update on her notebook but was unsuccessful in their attempt. On 4/14/14, Mrs. [redacted] notebook was brought back into service due to the touchscreen not working, touchpad not responding, and the spacebar was not working. On 4/17/14, the technician tested the notebook and found the touchscreen works on and off, the technician attempted to restore the software; however this did not resolve the issue. As of 4/17/14, Mrs. [redacted] notebook was submitted for a repair review for a possible exchange through the manufacture. We will contact Mrs. [redacted] with more information within 3-5 business days regarding the decision on exchange.

If we may be of further assistance, Mrs. [redacted] may contact us directly at [redacted]

Review: On 11/**/2013 I purchased a Sony Vaio laptop from Conn's. The computer was not in stock at the time of my purchase so it was ordered. Once the computer arrived at the store I picked it up on 11/**/13.I attempted to set the computer up on 11/**/13. I was unable to set-up the computer because the screen was alternating between black and pixelating.On 11[redacted]13 I went to the Conn's location from which the computer was purchased and was told that if I wanted to return the computer that I would have to pay a restocking fee. I explained that I did not want to return the computer, I wanted to exchange the computer because the computer obviously has a defect. I insisted that a restocking fee should be designated for a working item that is being returned and that this item was not working. I spoke with both [redacted] and [redacted], who both insisted that the computer would have to go to service if it was not going to be restocked even though it was still within the 14 day return period. I specifically asked if it being services would nullify the warranty and I was assured by [redacted] that Conn's is an authorized servicer of Sony laptops. [redacted] called customer care to set up the service request. I was given the phone to explain the issue with the computer. I was also informed that if the computer was not able to be repaired, it would be replaced. When I went to retrieve the computer on December [redacted] 2013, I was informed that the screen issue was repaired but the computer would not boot. I was also informed that I owed $54.07 for labor.Desired Settlement: I have been requesting a replacement computer from Conn's for the amount of $899 which is what I paid for Sony Vaio computer. They have denied this request and said that it has not been repaired enough and sent to the service department enough to justify a replacement computer. However; Conn's has had my computer since 11/27/13 and I have been paying this bill since that date and they feel no obiligation to correct this situation. I am now requesting a refund or replacement.



CASE ID: [redacted]

Thank you for the opportunity to respond

to [redacted] complaint. Our records reflect that [redacted] purchased a laptop with

Manufacturer’s Warranty only via invoice # [redacted] on 11/**/13. [redacted]

contacted up on 11/**/13 stating that the unit would not turn on properly. Our

technician ordered parts and replaced the LCD and Cable under the Manufacturer’s

specifications. The hardware tested ok. The technician recommended that the

hard drive be erased and restored. Several calls were made to [redacted] for

permission to complete this task, and request payment of $54.07 as the hard

drive restoration is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. On 12/*/13 we

attempted one final call and was unable to leave a message as the voicemail was

full. We then returned the unit back to the store for customer pickup. [redacted] refused the product on 12/**/13 requesting an exchange. The

manufacturer’s specification did not deem the unit irreparable at the time and

the exchange was denied.

The unit has since been returned

to the service center on 3/**/14 for the restoration to be completed. We are

willing to waive the restoration fee, restore the hard drive and test the unit.

However, no exchange or return is approved at this time. The product is no longer within our return

and exchange policy. [redacted] may contact our service department at [redacted] for updates on the current service work order.

If we may be of further

assistance, [redacted] may contact us directly at [redacted]

Kind regards,

Conn’s Customer Relations



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. However, I would like to correct one of Conn's statements: I did purchase the product on November **, 2013 however, it was not available in the store at the time of purchase. The date that I picked-up the product was November **, 2013, which makes November **, 2013 the 12th day that I actually had the product in my possession.

I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


Review: I purchased a t.v. over a year ago. I went online to their website to pay off the account. I am being called a year later to pay money that they are stating is still owed. They are saying to zero out my account that I have to pay $175.00.Desired Settlement: I want them to acknowledge that nothing is owed and remove the amount from my account.



Thank you for

the opportunity to respond to [redacted]’ concerns regarding account

#[redacted] stated her account

should be paid off; however she has an outstanding balance.

According to

our records, [redacted] signed an 18-month retail installment contract on

August 12, 2013. That contract also

included a six-month no-interest financing promotion.

The total

amount financed was $[redacted]. This

included an invoice amount of $[redacted] as well as $[redacted] for credit insurance,

unemployment insurance and property insurance.

[redacted] paid a total of $[redacted] which left an outstanding balance

of $[redacted].

Also, on

October 31, 2013, [redacted] called our automated system and received a

payoff quote of $[redacted]. On November 1,

2013 [redacted] submitted two payments; one in the amount of $[redacted] and one

in the amount of $[redacted]. This still

left an outstanding balance of $[redacted]

called our automated system again on March 14, 2014 and received a payoff quote

of $[redacted]; however, no additional payments were submitted.

On September

19, 2014 we mailed [redacted] copies of her payment history, contract, and

her signed Cash-Option page.

As of

September 26, 2014 the payoff balance is $[redacted]. Please note, the payoff balance is updated

daily. If [redacted] would like to

pay the balance in full; we request she call the day she plans to submit the

payment for an up-to-date payoff quote.



Thank you for the additional opportunity to respond to [redacted]' concerns about her account. [redacted] stated she is having difficulty paying this account online.

[redacted] can contact our customer service line and they can walk her through the web-pay, she can pay the account with on one of our agents, use our automated phone system, or make the payment in the store.

If she has any further questions she can contact our customer service line at [redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]

I need someone to call me from corporate office, whomever is responding. My question is not being answered and calling customer service is not going to do the job. I have called and received different responses before.


Review: sales people do not know product or rules. the first day I was told if I did not want the mattress I purchased I could return it, then was told I could not return it for 30 days (product rules), I had to keep the mattress for 30 day even though it was causing my back to hurt, then a mananger said I could get my money back, came right back & said I could not. also told old mattress would be taken away, they came back & said no they cannot take away, sales person said they were taught in training the old mattress would be taken away, they had the wrong price on the mattress I purchased, I caught the mistake, not the sales person. was told I could only exchange mattress, not return it. spoke to 3 managers all telling me diffent rules, one manager discourged me from calling the company to complain,he said it was not going to do me any good to complain, (he was right)i called anyway from the store, they took the complaint, said I would receive a call from the main office, that was June 26th, no call yet. I just received a call from conn's stating I owe $88.00 in restocking fees (because I exchanged mattress)that is 38 days past due, this is the first I am hearing of that. They tell everything after the fact, do not answer questions truthfully, they just want to make a sale and do not care what they tell you, proof is the manager told me it would not do any good to complain and I see that is true. the have signs up stating 100% customer satisfaction, but could care less. they have the worst customer service ever, no knowledge of product, procedures or policy. I did ask up front from the sales person about returning the product, she said I could. I received the return policy as a jacket cover for the signed paperwork, after I signed all the paperwork, but I had no reason to question the policy because I had already asked what I wanted to know. I could go on and on about my experience there. all they do is apologize after every mistake as if that is the solution to clearing their lies.Desired Settlement: I want my account closed, they can have the product back.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] complaint. Our records

show on 5/26/14, Mrs. [redacted] purchased a Serta Queen mattress and box

spring with a limited manufacturer’s warranty. After further review, we show on

6/26/14, Mrs. [redacted] was approved to exchange her mattress without the

$129 exchange fee. Mrs. [redacted] re-selected a Serta Genius Queen mattress

and received delivery in good condition on 6/28/14. At this time, we are unable

to honor Mrs. [redacted]’s request to return the mattress and close her

account due to Conn’s Return and Exchange Policy for mattress’ which states;

Mattresses can only be exchange within 30-days for a mattress set of equal or

greater value with a $129 exchange fee. We sincerely apologize for any

inconvenience Mrs. [redacted] experienced during this process.


we may be of further assistance, Mrs.

Hollingsworth may

contact Customer Service at [redacted]

Kind regards,



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


I did not expect a resolution as the manager at Conns did state that nothing would be done about my complaint. He knows the company he works for. My complaint is the standard business practice of Conns lying to customers to make a sale and when confronted they simply apologize for the lie as if that makes it all better. There is no disclosure of the truth, they say what is necessary to make the sell. The first mattress was returned because I had no choice as the sales person stated I could return it for refund if not satisfied, but when I attempted to do so I could not. They are taught to lie as a standard business practice to make the sell and apologize later.

Review: company demand payment on fraud account and never done business with said company, company violates FDCPA and FCBA...dispute Vality of debt per 1692g ...request copy of original contract /application of whom unauthorized account opening,never gave consent to any account...NOT MY ACCOUNT/ ID FRAUD...FORMAL FRAUD FTC COMPLAINT FILED AND WITH "CONSUMER FINANCIAL PROTECTION BUREAU"Desired Settlement: CLOSE FRAUD ACCOUNT AND NEVER CONTACT ME AGAIN.....stop all calls and notices per FDCPA 1692c Communication w/ debt collectors..I WILL NOT PAY COMPANY ONE DIME



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] concerns regarding phone calls he has received regarding a Conn’s account. We have determined this account belongs to another customer with the same name and [redacted] was linked to the account in error. We have placed a cease & desist on the telephone number associated with the phone number provided by [redacted]. In the event [redacted] receives any further calls from Conn’s, we ask that he contact us immediately so we may address the matter further.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience [redacted] experienced concerning this matter.

Review: I bought furniture from Conns 30 months ago on a 36 month contract , conns said to have proof of insurance, as for as Homeowners Ins. I told I have insurance on house since I bought it in [redacted]. So I recently faxed Conns all my declaration pages from [redacted] to present. To see how much it would reduce my final payment, they cant seem to find it so I faxed Conns again That was a week ago, They have yet to acknowledge receipt of the fax even thou I can show proof. They will not accept my Homeowners ins. I guess, Everyone I talk to gives me a different answer.One person from Conns did tell me it wouid reduce my final payment by approximately $15.40 a month for the last 30 months thats over 450.00 off my final of 755.00Desired Settlement: Conns should remove or take off their amount of ins. off my balance



Review: I went to conns on [redacted] to order a mattress set I seen online. I placed the order to be delivered on [redacted]. my husband was home when they delivered it and sign for it. I got home that evening and realized that it was the wrong mattress ( we order a pillow top and it was a firm mattress )so I called and spoke to someone and they said that the manager would call me back. So he did call me back and said that he would look into it and he called me back on [redacted] and said he had email the delivery dept and that they had not responded back to him. So he gave , there # and said that if he didnt call me back tomorrow to call them.So the manager didnt call me back on [redacted] or [redacted]. So on [redacted] I called the delivery dept and they took my # and said a manager would call me back so no one has called me back from the delivery dept. So on [redacted] around 2:52pm I called the conns where I bought it and spoke to someone and they said the manager was busy and he will call be back . The manager called me back around 9:17 pm and stated that they were still looking into it and that they were looking into where my mattress went and didnt know when it would be resolved. as of today [redacted] at 8:48pm , I still havent gotten a call on when I would get my mattress I paid for.Desired Settlement: Refund

I would like a refund for my delivery charge and get the mattress I paid for or they can pick up what they delivered and I can get a mattress somewhere else.



Review: We purchased a television and were also convinced to buy a sound bar of the same brand. We were told it would enhance our experience and that because they were the same brand they were compatible and we would be able to set it up wirelessly through Bluetooth. After having the product for a couple of months and trying to configure the connections in different ways we called customer support to find out the TV we purchased was not even Bluetooth compatible! I feel I was hustled and taken advantage of. Now I can't return the sound bar with out re qualifying and making a purchase of close to $400 AND I would still have to pay a restocking fee.Desired Settlement: Either replace it for a television that's Bluetooth compatible and the same amount as the one we purchased or provide us with a cable so that we can even be able to use the additional component. The sound bars only current purpose is a wall decoration :(



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] complaint regarding a purchase that was made by [redacted] on 3/16/14. Mrs. [redacted] has been contacted by the local store manager regarding her concerns. As a gesture of goodwill Mrs. [redacted] was provided the audio cable needed and received an in home installation at no additional charge. We sincerely apologize to Mrs. [redacted] for the experience and any inconvenience that has been caused.

If we may be of further assistance, Mrs. [redacted] may contact Customer Service at [redacted]

Kind regards,

Review: I entered the [redacted] location of Conns on [redacted] of [redacted] to purchase bedroom furniture. My salesman was very nice and helpful with my selection. He advised that Conns offers next day delivery and that I would be able to receive my merchandise swiftly. The first mishap occurred with Conns' Warehouse inventory system. There was a discrepancy in the actual amount on hand and the computer numbers so I was told I couldn't receive my furniture the next day. It would be ready on the day after ([redacted]). On [redacted], I received a phone call from the delivery crew telling me that the furniture was damaged and that I'd have to wait another day to have my furniture delivered. I was not please with this information because waiting another day for delivery would mean that I would have to miss work to accept the delivery.

I contacted the store to speak with someone about an alternate solution for the delivery. I was told there was nothing that could be done and I would have to wait until [redacted]. On [redacted], I called and spoke with the manager by the name of [redacted]. When I explained to him the situation and inconveniences associated with the furniture purchase, he over talked me and immediately tried to give an excuse as to how he couldn't solve the issue. I stated that I would like my delivery fee discounted or waived due to the trouble I would have to go through at work to meet the delivery team. He was unbothered by the situation, he made no attempt to help rectify the situation and he definitely did not make me feel like my business ( that I CHOSE to bring to his location) was important. I noted that if there was not something that could be done for my troubles I would return the merchandise, he snidely responded "If you accept the furniture, its yours, you can't return it." He was unhelpful and still did not find a resolution to my problem. I fully intended refusing the order, until my salesman [redacted] contacted me and stated that he received confirmation from his district manager to provide me with a gift card of $** for my trouble. I accept the gesture and the furniture as well. The delivery was completed on [redacted].

It is now [redacted] and I have yet to receive the promised gift card, a follow-up, or an acknowledgment of the mishap.Desired Settlement: I would like an apology and an adjustment towards my bill. I had to use vacation time to babysit their delivery team. I strategically placed my order on a [redacted] so that I could receive my order on a weekend day and still had to leave work. Using this time took away from time that I needed for an actual vacation. This experience has been a nightmare. I'm newly relocated to [redacted] and I had intentions on buying a full house of furniture from the company, but that won't be happening now. I will not continue to spend my hard earned money with a company who's representatives don't value their customer. I wish I would have declined the delivery.



Thank you

for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]’ complaint. Our records show on

[redacted] purchased the [redacted] bedroom set, [redacted]

Queen mattress and [redacted] Queen foundation. [redacted] merchandise was

originally scheduled for delivery on [redacted] however; the furniture was

damaged during transit and was re-scheduled for [redacted]. Our records show [redacted].

[redacted] received all her products in good order on [redacted].


further review and research, we do show [redacted] was offered a $** gift card

for her inconvenience and the delay in delivery. Our records show we mailed

[redacted] gift cards on [redacted] however; we have confirmed that the gift

cards has not been used.

Conn’s has

agreed to concession [redacted]’ account for $** in lieu of receiving the gift

cards; please allow 7-10 business days for processing. We sincerely apologize

for any inconvenience [redacted] experienced during this process.

If we may be

of further assistance, [redacted] may contact customer service at


Kind regards,

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