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Review: I bought a fridge from Conns last month and my mother in law was at our house when they delivered it. They were in such a rush and pushing her to inspect it so quickly that she just glanced over it and they left before she could get a really good look. That SAME night I came home and we realized the rubber stripping on the inside of the door was completely detached and the door was not getting good suction to close. The whole door is also not put on straight the gap between the two doors is about an inch smaller at the top of the fridge than the bottom. We called the next day (within 48 hours) and they said they would send someone out to fix it the next day. They never showed up or called and It took over a week and MULTIPLE calls before they actually came out. They came out and looked at it for about a minute and said they would need to replace the whole things because they could not fix it. The Conn's worker said he needed to call the store and confirm that they could replace it and so he called them and they spoke to me on the phone. They said they would replace the fridge and that someone would call me tomorrow to discuss a delivery time. They never called so we called them every couple days to try and figure out when we would be getting a new fridge. They would keep saying that someone would contact us tomorrow. It was always "tomorrow" and we never got a call. We always had to contact them. Then after all this time they end up telling us that they are not going to replace it because we didn't tell them there was a problem within 48 hours which is a total lie. If that was true, they would have said something before they sent the first service member out. We have spoken to our salesman, manager, and corporate MANY times. I Would say over 20. No one is willing to do anything. They say they will be its been over a month and no one has done anything. I talked to a manager today who said, "I'm sorry I can't help you." No one seems to be concerned or willing to help.Desired Settlement: I want a bran new fully functioning fridge or I want my money back. They are not owning up to their word. We called within the 48 hours and they told us over and over for weeks that they would deliver a new one and they never did. Weeks later they decided to say that they were not replacing it because we did not contact them during the 48 hour grace period, but if that was the case, why wouldn't they have said something from the beginning?



Review: I was told that I would have a warranty as long as I was paying for the appliance. Now that the appliance is not working there is no more warranty

I was told that I would have a warranty as long as I was paying for the appliance by my sales person [redacted]. Now that the appliance is not working there is no more warranty it expired in [redacted] of this year but I am still making payments. I spoke to [redacted] at the location today to explain to him I did not understand and what I was told and he continued with your warranty expired in [redacted]. I purchased a brand new [redacted] refridegator from Conns in [redacted] and it is not cooling now what so everDesired Settlement: I just want the appliance fixed.



Review: Hello, please help review this complaint and help to get warranty honored or exchanged call it even with 800.00 I have paid .I have tried to get help from Conn's Customer Service Center and managers, also 5 Managers at Round Rock TX location given 20 1- 800 's to call put on hold long periods hung up on no solution solved .I am purchasing a living room set cost$3488.00 and, since delivered 10/2013 had a manufacture defect . Called reported was able to get a repair service man for Saturday opening until 03/2014 Per service man and good thing I went to store and got copy of work order or I would not have proof due to all my calls not noted and work order deleted ,is stated manufacture defect. The living room set 4pcs stiches coming undone arms loose .Was given manufacture # to deal issue my self per manager at location , manufacture willing to exchange set has 1yr warranty from manufacture .Per Conn's manager they will not issue credit due to loosing in living room set. I do not know what else to do I am still paying on time .Manufacture blames Conn's and they blame manufacture. If I returned set Conn's will charge off my credit when I have children and need my credit , I understand if my issue but it has a manufacture defect. Set will not last a 1 year before I need new ones . Please help my family and I get a solution please help.Desired Settlement: Please to be return with out charging off my credit first thing said to me if I return , I will loose with $800.00 payment given , exchange of living room set ,or settle with payment given of $800.00 payoff .I just don't want to stress over this issue when it has a manufacture warranty ,and the United Furniture manufacture willing to issue credit to exchange but Conn's declines due to them loosing and I don't see how when they will resale it please help .Thank you for your time and help.



Thank you for the

opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] complaint. Our records show

on 10/30/13, Mrs. [redacted] purchased a United Furniture Melody sofa,

loveseat, chair and ottoman which came with a limited 1-year manufacturer

warranty. Our records indicate Mrs. [redacted]

contacted us on 2/25/14 stating the seams on each piece were unraveling. A

service inspection was set-up the service man conducted minor repairs by repairing

the loose threading which is a normal occurrence caused from day to day

use. Mrs. [redacted] contacted United

Furniture and they agreed to exchange the set.

We received the approval on 7/14/14 and Mrs. [redacted] was

contacted. Mrs. [redacted] reselected a

new sofa and loveseat which was delivered on 7/19/14.

If we may be of further

assistance Mrs. [redacted] may contact us at [redacted]

Kind regards,



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.


Thank you so much for your time and help If I would of not file this complaint I don't know how much hoops I would have had to go thru with Conn's or manufacture.

I was approve for exchange of living room set .Again thank you all so much for your help and time .

Thank You,

Review: Conn,s refuse to honor the price of the recliner I brought on 10/4/2014 for 899.00 said the price should have been 999.00 and will not honor contract and deliver the Recliner I have the contractDesired Settlement: I want the chair for the price that was on the chair when I brought it on 10/4/2014 and for my trouble I want the delivery fee waved



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] complaint. Our records show on 10/04/14, Mrs. [redacted] purchased the Franklin

Trent lift recliner with a 48-month FurnitureGard Plan and delivery totaling


We received Mrs. [redacted]’ complaint and found the Franklin Trent

lift recliner she purchased was priced and retails for $899.99. We contacted

Conn’s located in Jackson, MS where Mrs. [redacted] made her purchased and

confirmed with the store manager that the recliner Mrs. [redacted] is requesting

to price match is a different model recliner than what she purchased. Mrs.

[redacted] was educated at the time of purchase that we could not price match a

different model and if she would like to select another model, she would be

responsible for any difference in price. Mrs. [redacted] was provided a copy of

her retail contract as well as a copy of her invoice which provides the model

number and price of the recliner she purchased.

At this time we are unable to honor Mrs. [redacted]’ request; no

further credit is due at this time.

If we may be of further assistance, Mrs. [redacted] contact us at [redacted]

Kind regards,




you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] additional comments. After

further review our records show on 10/21/14; Mrs. [redacted] invoice was

completely cancelled for the Trent lift chair and no purchase has been made

with Conn’s. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience Mrs. [redacted] experienced during this time.

If we may be of further assistance, Mrs. [redacted] may contact us at [redacted]

Kind regards,



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


I will never do business with conn:s because I do not trust them because they do not honor their sales prices and I am going to tell everyone I know how I was treated and advised them not to do business with conns I am doing business with another furnture store and they honor the price;s of their munchdise .

Review: I had purchased a t.v and an iPad from conn's that was stolen back in november. I have been turning in every item they have requested to get my merchandise back because I have the insurance. Every letter I have received has either stated that I need to send more paper work or that I will receive a notice within 15 business days. It is now May 9 and I recently received a letter stating that I was denied for my claim for my t.v only because the report stated I had a 55 inch instead of a 60 inch. I turned in multiple reports that should have been brought to my attention if it was incorrect months ago (back in november). I have been keeping up with my payments up until recently because I don't feel I should keep continuing to pay for merchandise I do not have. I called today to ask how to update my information and if there was a way I could receive my iPad and they informed me the iPad was approved but I never received a call nor a letter telling me I was approved for my iPad. The iPad was approved the 18th of April and I was not informed. I still have pending information for my t.v that I still will not find out the status till the end of May.I am complaining because this place has poor customer service and I am paying for insurance but not getting updated information and yet I am still paying for something I am not receiving help on. I am not refusing to pay I just simply want my matter resolved before I keep paying for something I will never receive and I'm just really paying conns for free and my insurance that I have been paying for months will not be refunded to me.Desired Settlement: I want my matter resolved ASAP. I've kept up with my payments and I'm tired of getting the run around or waiting another 15 business days to receive any kind of information. Ive turned in 3 different police reports and not once was I told the information was incorrect, I've spoke to many managers that say I still need to pay to stay current but this is no way to keep any customers happy. I want this matter resolved as soon as it can be I've waited months just to get told I'm denied for my t.v.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] concerns regarding account #[redacted].

According to our records Mrs. [redacted] filed an insurance claim on February 18, 2014.


February 21,

2014 we would need the police report to continue with the claim. On March 15, 2014 we

received a copy of the police report and forwarded it to the insurance

company. On April 17, 2014 a

letter was mailed to Mrs. [redacted] informing her that her claim was denied due

to the items listed on the claim were not listed on the police report. On April 28, 2014 we

advised Mrs. [redacted] she would need a supplemental police report to include the

missing or incorrect information and we would review the claim again. April 30, 2014 Mrs. [redacted] stated she would have the police report amended and forwarded over to

us. On May 9, 2014 Mrs. [redacted] contacted us to get the serial number and purchase date of the

items. She also asked if we had received

the amended police report at that time.


have currently not received the amended police report with the claim items

listed. Once we receive that police

report, we will review the claim again.

Review: On or about the second of Oct my refrigerator stopped working, they sent someone out who didn't how to fix it. Well on October 7 they sent the same man out today, long story short I don't know when it will be repaired. I bought it on Sept 12 2014 with a warranty but I was told to replace it I would have to pay a 15% restocking fee.This is horrible in the mean time my family has no cold facilities. And I have talked to 20 people.Desired Settlement: Exchange defective merchandise



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] complaint.

Our records show on 9/12/14, Mr. [redacted] purchased a Frigidaire French door

refrigerator with a 36-month Repair Service Agreement Plan. Mr. [redacted]

refrigerator was scheduled for delivery on 9/13/14 and received in good order.

We received Mrs. [redacted]’s complaint and found she contacted our

service department on 10/02/14, stating the refrigerator was not cooling.

Conn’s attempted to locate a service provider in Mrs. [redacted] area however; we

were unsuccessful locating a provider who was able to complete in home service

therefore, a request for an exchange was submitted. On 10/10/14, Conn’s agreed

to issue an exchange on the refrigerator. Our records show on 10/16/14, Mrs.

[redacted] was scheduled and received her new refrigerator in good order. Mrs.

[redacted] was also approved for $150.00 for her food loss claim. We sincerely

apologize for any inconvenience Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] experienced as a result of

the delay.

If we may be of further assistance, Mrs. [redacted] may contact us directly

at [redacted]

Review: [redacted] 2 TV were purchased, 1 defective out of the box I called conns.[redacted] location within 1 hour of purchase and was told they were out of stock but they would order and call me. 3 days later still no word so I called, they said still none but the once a week truck would have them the following week. I waited and called back in they claim now no tv are in and now I needed service to come out. They set a appt to come out and no showed the appt. They set another appt they guy came and said oh yeah it definitely is broken but it's in your biz we don't warranty it. I had called the store within one hour of receiving the defective TV and was promised a swap out. For the last four months I've been going around with the store in the corporate office about getting the TV swapped out I've now been notified that ** is not going to warrantee it I do not believe anything that this company has to say I've been lied to. I have had reps in the corp office yell, swear and hang up on me while I am trying to resolve this matter. All I want is the TV purchased to work. I have not paid this company since is my only leverage to get this product replaced. I have disputed the billing will certified letter with no responses. I have recorded calls, and documented phone log that I called in within 1 hour of receiving product. I was clear on purchasing this for my biz and was told to buy warranty that would cover theft of TV.

Deceptive sales practices, dishonest exchange return policies, rep fraud misrepresentation of product and service.Desired Settlement: Exchange of bad product /reset of terms

Most important a apology



Thank you for the

opportunity to respond to [redacted]’s complaint. Our records show on

[redacted], [redacted] purchased two 65” ** Smart television’s both with a

1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty; no additional coverage was purchased.

[redacted] elected to pick up both televisions from our Conn’s warehouse

located in [redacted]. [redacted]

signed his pickup slip acknowledging he received both televisions in good


We reviewed [redacted]

[redacted]’s complaint and found he contacted our service department on

[redacted] for service on one of his television. However; when asked to verify the

serial number associated with the unit that required service [redacted]

refused to provide the information stating the television was mounted on the

wall therefore; we were unable to create a service order. [redacted] contacted

service again on [redacted] stating half the screen on his television was not

showing the picture. A service appointment was originally scheduled for [redacted]

but after verifying the service location we found [redacted]’s television

was located at a place of business. A service representative contacted [redacted]

[redacted] to inform him that we are unable to service item(s) that are used

for commercial use as this void the contract therefore; the service order was

cancelled. As a gesture of goodwill, Conn’s agreed to send a technician to [redacted]

[redacted]’s business address to assess the reported damages on [redacted]. During

inspection the technician found the television’s panel was cracked which is not

covered under the Terms and Conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty and [redacted]

[redacted] did not purchase accidental coverage to cover the damage.

We attempted to contact

[redacted] on several occasions ([redacted], [redacted] and [redacted]) to discuss

his concerns however; we have been unsuccessful. Although we are unable to

determine when the damages to [redacted]’s television occurred, Conn’s is

willing to exchange the television if [redacted] is able to provide the

serial number and original packaging associated with the television to verify

there is no physical damage.

If we may be of further

assistance, [redacted] may contact Customer Service at


Kind regards,



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

I have tried calling this business to move forward with getting TV Swapped out and no one knows what I am talking about and no one knows the rep who posted this resolution.

Review: I purchased a refrigerator from Conn's about two years ago for my rental property. I took out an extended warranty coverage with Conn's in case the fridge went down. My tenant contacted me approximately 1 month ago (April 3) to report that the unit was not cooling properly on either side of the unit and that the ice maker was not properly working. The first issue occurred when I contacted the warranty representative. I was told that someone would contact my tenant within 24-48 hours. After 4 days of no contact, I called the warranty service back. The warranty service then realized they personally had to make the service appointment. After 4 more days, a technician finally came out to inspect the fridge. After a week, the technician called my tenant to say the fridge wasn't covered and parts couldn't be ordered. I contacted the warranty provider who contacted the service provider to let them know that the fridge was covered and that the parts were to be ordered. That was April 14. By April 22, no further contact had been made because we assumed the parts had been ordered and that we would hear from Conn's. On April 22, I contacted the service company and they said the ticket had been closed since the fridge wasn't covered. I had to recontact the warranty provider to re-establish that the fridge was covered. They decided they needed to send another technician out on the 24th of April. That technician said he would get the parts rushed and the fridge fixed. I followed up today (April 29), and no parts had still been ordered. Conn's service center is still acting as if the fridge is not covered and now I have been put through to a customer relations agent who is trying to bring in a 3rd party technician in a few days. So now a third technician will be sent to the house and it's unclear when the fridge will be fixed. My tenant's family has been without a properly functioning fridge for almost a month and Conn's has miserably failed to honor my warranty.Desired Settlement: THE FRIDGE NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!! Also, after it has been verified that the fridge has been repaired and is fully operational, I want a full refund on the "warranty" that I was sold as the service has been horrific.



Thank you for the opportunity to

respond to Mr. [redacted] complaint. Our

records show on 8/19/12, Mr. [redacted] purchased a Samsung refrigerator with us

and only had a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty which expired on

8/19/13. Conn’s had not been contacted regarding Mr. [redacted] refrigerator prior to 4/28/14.

It appears Mr. [redacted] purchased an extended service agreement with

Assurant Solutions. Our records show on

4/28/14, Assurant Solutions contacted us to set-up a service call for Mr.

[redacted]’s refrigerator stating the refrigerator was not cooling. A service call was scheduled the

same day and upon inspection the technician found the Assembly Cover and Dispenser

needed to be replaced. The parts were

ordered then received on 5/5/14. We show

Mr. [redacted] was contacted on 5/5/14 and we were advised the refrigerator had

been repaired by another provider. We

attempted to follow-up with Mr. [redacted] on 5/8/14 to ensure everything was

working properly but was unable to reach him.

In regards to Mr. [redacted]’s request for a warranty refund he will need to

contact the Assurant which is the warranty provider.

If we may be of further

assistance, Mr. [redacted] may contact our Service department at 1-855-266-6349.


Customer Relations

Review: This has been ongoing since February 2015. My cell phone number is [redacted]. I have been receiving phone calls from [redacted] which is for Conn's Credit Account Information & Payments. However, I am not a customer of Conn's and I have never ever done business with this company. I have called back the [redacted] and have tried to have my number removed from your system but, that never happened. I have tried emailing the company twice asking them to remove the number and they still won't do it. I am at the point to where I would like to file a police report for harassment. I am not a customer of Conn's and never purchased anything from them and all I want them to do is to remove my number and stop calling my cell phone.Desired Settlement: I am not a customer of Conn's and never purchased anything from them. All I want them to do is to remove my cell phone number [redacted] from their system and stop calling my cell phone.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] concerns regarding telephone calls he has received. [redacted] stated he does not have an account with us; however, we have been calling him.We have found that [redacted] telephone number was linked to an account in error. We have placed a cease and desist on the telephone number provided by [redacted]. We ask that [redacted] please allow up to 24 hours for his telephone number to be removed from our system. If [redacted] receives any additional calls after the 24 hours, we ask that he contact us directly so we may further assist him.We value [redacted] and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience he has experienced due to this matter. Thank you, [redacted]

Review: We received a prequalification letter one year ago from Conns, we wanted to purchase an air conditioner , but we were told we were not qualified. One year later we received a telephone call from [redacted] to come in and update our information and we will qualified for the purchase . We went in and updated our information , complete with work phone numbers , but again we were told we were not qualified . At that time , we called the home office and asked to be taken off the mailing list and the calling list . Three weeks after that , we received another prequalification letter and a phone call at my job from [redacted] , that if we came in to the store he could facilitate the purchase of an air conditioner . We went to the store , he was busy with another customer , we waited for him to finish , but then he got too busy to see us .Desired Settlement: Stop Contacting me at work and stop sending correspondance



Thank you for

the opportunity to respond to [redacted] concerns regarding promotional

letters and calls she has been receiving.

We have placed

a cease and desist on the telephone numbers provided by [redacted], as well

as, removed her name from the mailing list.

Please allow

up to 24 hours for the process to complete.

If [redacted] receives any further mailings or phone calls after the 24

hour period, we ask that she contact us directly so we may address it further.

We value [redacted] and apologize for any inconvenience she has experienced due to this

matter. Thank you,[redacted]

Review: I scheduled a card payment over the phone to come out on Friday, [redacted]. TWO payments were actually charged to my account on that day. When I called Friday, the lady I spoke with told me that there was no record of it on the Conn's side of the system so I needed to call my bank or that it may be incorrect and would eventually just drop off (at this time the charge was still pending). Fast forward to Tuesday the following week when I wake up and my account is overdrawn because Conn's did in fact charge me twice and in doing so caused me to incur at this time 3 overdraft charges of $34.00 each. I called immediately to get the money refunded understanding that mistakes happen. I faxed the statement and wasn't notified until I called in hours later that it was never received. In fact I ended up faxing/emailing my statement to them 5 or 6 times over the next 3 days. No one ever calls to say they didn't receive it or that it wasn't acceptable. I always find out days later after trying to contact them over and over and getting no where. Then it was like starting all over. They finally confirmed getting my paperwork on Friday the 20th and said it would be 24 to 72 hrs for "processing". I called on Wednesday (the 3rd day) and [redacted] said it would be done by the end of the day. It was not. My final response from them was today ([redacted])saying that it had been processed just that morning and it would take yet another 3-5 PLUS 7-10 business days for me to actually receive my funds.I do not feel like waiting almost a month to get my money back is very reasonable. Not to mention MOST of the staff I spoke with at the "help desk" or "offline dept" projected a tone of annoyance and basically didn't care to help move the process along any faster. I am a reasonable person and understand that mistakes happen, but a MONTH for processing and receiving my funds is quite outrageous. And to top it off they only offered to repay FOUR of the SEVEN overdraft charges I ended up accruing.Desired Settlement: I want the remaining 3 overdraft charges refunded to me by Conn's, in the total amount of $102.00 ($34.00 each)



Review: On September [redacted] 2012, I purchased a dishwasher Model # [redacted] with a repair service until 09/**/2014.In one year, I had to call for repair service 4 times. As of today the dishwasher machine is not efficiently working -again. I called the service center at [redacted] and asked for a replacement (the machine never worked to my full satisfaction and broke down four times and I am not willing to accept another service repair). This has been extremely frustrating. I am simply asking Conn's to fulfill its obligation and provide me a replacement for this dishwasher.Desired Settlement: I am asking Conn's to replace this dishwasher.



Review: when we bought our furniture from conns in [redacted] I made sure that the repair was able to be done anywhere in the united states for I was planning on moving about 6 months after we bought the furniture. My sofa is falling apart. looks like the back is not even attached to the seat. Very uncomfortable to sit it. On January 15th I called and set up for a person to come look at the furniture on February 13th this was the only Friday we could have met with someone to come look at the furniture with out having to take off of work as they told us that we would get a four hour window. My husband was in orientation and I could have taken off for a couple of hours. They called and told us they would be at our house in 20 minutes (not a four hour window). I was at work and I couldn't take off as I told them I needed the four hour window. the next day was Saturday February 14th I called and set up an appointment for them to come on Friday the 20th. I was not off of work but if they gave me a four hour window I could find someone to be at my house. once again they called the day of and said they would be here, I couldn't get off of work. So I called conns this morning 3.2.15. and asked if we could set up another appointment. they told they would call me back in 72 hours to set up an appointment, They have never done this before and talking with them is impossible I heart a different story from every person I speak with.

Product_Or_Service: sofa and rocking chairDesired Settlement: Refund I want them to come pick up my furniture and give me all of the money I have paid for it. I have only had this furniture form approximately 7 months and its been broken. I owe money on it, but I refuse to pay for broken furniture, so if they have turned me into collections I would like that cleared up as well




you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. Our records

show on 5/31/14, [redacted] purchased the [redacted] sofa and recliner

both with a 48-month Repair Service Agreement Plan. [redacted] delivery

was scheduled and received in good order on 6/1/14. [redacted] signed her

invoice acknowledging she received a copy of Conn’s Return and Exchange Policy

at the time of purchase.


reviewed [redacted] service history and found that she has contacted our

service department on three separate occasions regarding repairs on her

furniture (1/26/15, 2/16/15 and 3/2/15) however; two of the service calls were

cancelled due to [redacted] was not home at the time of inspection. Our

records show [redacted] last service called was received on 3/02/15

stating both the sofa and recliner was flat and sinking in the middle. A service

appointment was scheduled on 3/24/15; during inspection the serviceman found

the padding was bunching up on the recliner and both sides of the sofa was

leaning back and the mechanism were bent. We show parts have been ordered

through the manufacturer to complete repairs on the sofa and recliner. [redacted] will be contacted to schedule a repair date once we receive all parts

necessary to complete repairs.


this time we are unable to honor [redacted] request; Conn’s has a No

Return/Exchange Policy on all furniture unless the item(s) have been inspected

by a Conn’s technician and deemed non-repairable however we will continue with

repairs. Also, please be mindful that Conn’s reports to all three major credit bureaus monthly. If a

consumer’s account is 30 days or more past due, it may report negatively to

your credit bureaus.


we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact customer service at [redacted]



Review: My 82 year old mother, [redacted] purchased a flat screen TV last December for my Christmas present. It did not work and was returned to the store in the box and with the protective plastic still on the screen. I spoke to the store Manager [redacted]. He was able to pull up the purchase on his computer and found everything he needed. He was first going to determine what was wrong with the TV and contact me by the following Wednesday. Two week went by no call. When I finally reached him, he could not locate the TV. [redacted] gave me no paperwork so this seemed very convenient. I spoke to an attorney friend and was instructed to write a demand letter which I did. I have the Certified Mail Receipt. No responce from letter. Called [redacted], Vice President of Conn's - The Woodlands, Texas 866/540-3229 - left messages 3-4 times a week in November with his Ast. [redacted] This has been extremely upsetting to my mom - thus ME! Having her ask me almost daily for almost a year - why nothing is happening! THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMMED!PLEASE HELP US - Their name is very discriptive for how they run their business!My mother has been concerned that she paid all this money for nothing. The manufacture sent an extended warranty offer to my mother this month stating the TV's warranty expired December **, 2013 - So why did Conn's not honor the original manufacture's warranty?Desired Settlement: They need to refund this money to my mother's credit card. They have all of her information. Truth be told they should be made to pay for all the time I have spent trying to get them to do the right thing!



Thank you for the

opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint regarding her mother [redacted] refund. [redacted] has been

contacted regarding her concerns and we have confirmed the television has been

returned. We sincerely apologize to [redacted] and her mother for the delay and any inconvenience they may have been

caused. [redacted] refund has been

processed and a check for $378.86, will be mailed to [redacted] at [redacted] request.

Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.

If I may be of further

assistance, [redacted] may contact me directly at [redacted] ext [redacted].


Customer Relations

Review: I purchased a [redacted] 4k curved 55" TV from the Conns in [redacted] in early March 2015, the customer service and store manager were excellent. I was approved for Conn's credit and payments were set up to start on the 17th of every month beginning on April 17, 2015. Since this purchase the week of April 13, 2015 I have received back to back phone calls from the corporate office in [redacted] from a phone number of [redacted] demanding payment of the merchandise and telling me that I need to make a payment now and how am I going to make the payment? They have called me back to back literally 4 times on April 13, 4 times on April 14, and again 4 times on April 15. The payment is not due until the 17th and this is my first payment therefore the payment is not yet late nor has it been missed. Every time I tell them to stop calling me they do. They told me that if I don't pay then they'll just send it over to collection. I argue with them that the payment isn't even due yet and they haven't even applied the credit for proof of renters insurance that I faxed in THREE times over a month ago. On the morning of April 16, 2015 I contacted the corporate office to make light of the situation again because I am sick and tired of receiving their threatening phone calls for payment when the payment isn't due yet or even late. I was rudely spoken to my a customer service agent who told me that after I gave her my phone number that she can't find it and that maybe I need to learn my own phone number. She was very rude and condescending yet was able to confirm my full name and total amount so she was lying that she couldn't find my phone number and able to pull up my account. This woman told me that I need to pay NOW and the calls will not stop. I demanded a supervisor and she told me "well she's not here so you have to deal with me" puts me on hold for over 10 minutes and then disconnects the call. I called back again and got a gentlemen who was also rude, this time able to verify my phone number, I requested a supervisor and he hung up on me. I called again, got yet another rep and same thing asked for a supervisor and they hung up on me again. The fourth time I contacted the corporate office and some very rude lady answered and talked over me the entire time not listening to what I was calling about and told me that I had to speak to an admin who was not in and that she couldn't do anything and that this is just the way that it is and I have to deal with it. This business practice is RIDICULOUS! I do not need to be treated like a child and hand held to make a payment nor receive 12 phone calls in week for a payment when it's not even due until the 17th of the month and it being my first payment I am appalled at the customer service received from when they call or I call in. These people do not care and treat me like I'm a criminal who is not going to pay or I am trying to rip them off when the payment isn't due. The HARASS ME day in and day out. I do not want to do business with a company that is going to treat customers this way, especially being a new customer and not having made the first payment yet because it wasn't due. I mentioned to them I will return the TV that I purchased if this keeps up and they don't seem to care. I WILL NOT BE TREATED THIS WAY.Desired Settlement: This incident and incompetent and rude behavior is ridiculous. I am demanding to be contacted by someone from Corporate and I am demanding a credit on my account for this harassment for HALF the amount of the purchase. My Credit account # is [redacted]. If you want to continue to receive my business then I am requesting this because I shouldn't have to be harassed as a new customer who yet hasn't had to make a payment for a payment. I am seeking $1081.50 be applied to my credit account as a courtesy for the rude business practices and continuous harassment that Conn's has indicated on their own for collection of payment that isn't even due and for first payment that wasn't even due until the 17th of the month and for the disgusting display of customer service when calling in to settle it with corporate. I will not continue to do business with a company who treats their customers this way. If this credit is not applied and an APOLOGY is not made from this company I will seek legal action regarding the business practices under the FCRA.



Thank you for

the opportunity to respond to [redacted] concerns regarding account #[redacted] stated he has received

collection calls on his account before the payment was due.

According to

our records, [redacted] signed a 32-month retail installment contract on

March 6, 2015. His first payment was due

on April 17, 2015. We placed a courtesy

call to [redacted] on April 14, 2015.

At that time [redacted] called back and requested that he does not

receive courtesy calls on his new account.

On April 15,

2015 a cease and desist was placed on the telephone numbers provided by [redacted]. It typically takes up to 24

hours for a cease and desist to process and remove the telephone numbers from

the system. According to account notes,

[redacted] has not received any additional calls since the cease and

desist was placed on his account.

We value [redacted] as a customer and appreciate him bringing his concerns to our

attention. Thank you,[redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. This information they are providing is FALSE. They have contacted me several times (more than once) between 04-13, 04-14 and 04-15 and I have the phone records to prove it that they have called me from a [redacted] area code.

Review: I ordered furniture from this store on the [redacted] for delivery on the [redacted] between [redacted]. I was called at [redacted] the [redacted] to be told that they could not make delivery. I was told to wait and they would call me back later to see if they could make delivery that day. Later on, around [redacted] I called back to inquire about the delivery. I was told that they would not be able to deliver the furniture for another week. I called the next day to cancel the order because, I decided to go to another company and did not want to wait another week for the order. I had already waited a week and a half. The following day on the [redacted] I went to the store to make sure the order was canceled and to collect my deposit of $[redacted]. The manager told me that they could not give me a refund there. I then asked why not, and was told that accounting handles that, and that I would receive a check for the money in 7-10 days. I then asked the manager to give me a receipt showing that I cancelled the order that day, and to have the receipt show that I was due a refund of [redacted]. He said he couldn't do that, that their system was not set up for that. I told him I wasn't leaving until I had something in hand to prove I was due a refund. He then generated an invoice showing a negative balance, which I was to assume would be sufficient enough that they would pay back my deposit.I asked the manager when I would get the refund, and he said 7-10 days. I asked him to sign it and he refused. I waited the 7-10 days and an 6 additional days to make sure I would have my check. No one has contacted me during these 16 days to see why I canceled the order, or to give me a status on my refund. I contacted the customer service line and was told their was nothing they could do for me. I was told three different stories as to the status of my refund, from, you will have to talk to accounting, to, it will be another 7-10 days maybe after the accounting department does its review, to it looks like they may have sent it out.Desired Settlement: I would like a prompt refund of the deposit I paid of $[redacted]. I would also like a hand written letter of apology from the CEO of Conn's, on letter head.



Thank you for the opportunity to

respond to [redacted]’s concerns regarding a return. [redacted] stated he ordered furniture and

it was not delivered when expected so he returned the merchandise. He stated he has not received a refund for

the $[redacted] down payment.

According to our records, Mr.

Gameson signed a 32-month retail installment contract on [redacted] refunded the merchandise on [redacted]. We processed the refund on

[redacted] and a refund check was mailed to the address listed on the

contract on [redacted].

Please note, it can take 7-14

business days to process a refund request.

If [redacted] has not received the refund check, we ask that he contact

us so we can track the check.



Although the company has refunded the money to me and has performed its duties perfunctorily, there is still the matter of poor ethical business practices. I requested an apology from the CEO, in the hopes that they would look into the matter, and discover why they had lost a customer. This does not seem to be of any concern to the company. I am still not satisfied with the outcome. This is not just about the money.

Review: in October I made an agreement to get current on payments I was behind on and was told it would be in 4 payments and would be drafted out of my checking account and resume normal payments as of February 2014 - they are calling me harrasing me the day after the last payment in January and was told I am two months behind, after speaking and trying to please my case and advising them I would have never agreed to something to not help me but to now harrass me and demand payment or they will refer me to thier legal department they stated they will YET MAKE ANOTHER AGREEMENT to take a 10.00 payment to put me current once I make YET ANOTHER AGREEED payment, AFTER DEMANDING THEY SEND THIS TO ME IN WRITING THEY ADVISED THEY DONT DO THIS AND REFUSE TO DO THIS but want the money and to draft my account. I have nothing but "THIER WORD" that I will AFTER FEBRUARY'S PAYMENT be brought to a current status and will "RESUME" payments as normal starting in "MARCH" as they stated to me in October. And they continue to call me and harrass me everyday after I SET UP THIER AGREEMENT ONCE AGAIN. I obtained a warranty with them and they advised I CAN NOT REQUEST THAT THEY FIX ANY ITEMS UNTIL I GET CURRENT which was supposed to happen after this month now I have to wait another month to see if they advise me the same thing about being behind again????????Desired Settlement: I NEED THEM TO HONOR WHAT THEY ADVISED IN OCTOBER AND I WANT TO USE MY WARRANTY THEY REFUSE TO HONOR WHICH I PAY FOR



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


Complaint Detail




Review: We were given false information to make a sale. When discovered we were told it was too late to do anything about it. Now we are forced to pay for item we would have never purchased if truth was known. We are having to pay more than excepted monthly. All they can do was talk to the employee regarding his actions. We were also lied to about delivary date. As a customer we were just pushed out the door given no options, unable to return item as well without penalty fees. I do not feel like this business should be allowed to function in such manner.Desired Settlement: Revise contract to what were told, making our monthly payment lower as expected.



Thank you for the opportunity to

address Mr. [redacted] concerns regarding his account. Mr. [redacted] stated he would like his contract

revised and lower the monthly payments on his account.

We are unable to locate an account

with the information that was provided by Mr. [redacted]. If Mr. [redacted] can provide and account number

or an invoice number, we will be glad to research his concerns further.

Review: got ac unit cp18g30,broke 1 week after and broke again before a year.called service department and 7-14-14 told 24 to 48 hour,and be told when they can fix it! going on 4 days no word.they treat you like there,better than you,they got your name sign!Desired Settlement: replacement with better brand ,that don't break down!



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] complaint. Our records show on 8/9/13,

Mrs. [redacted] purchased a Friedrich air conditioner with a 48-month Repair Service Agreement

Plan. Our records show Mrs. [redacted] had two completed service calls; the last

service call was placed on 7/14/14 stating the unit was making popping noise

and then stops working. A service call was scheduled for 7/18/14; upon

inspection the technician found parts needed to be ordered for repairs. Once

parts became available Mrs. [redacted] was scheduled on 7/25/14 for a technician to

complete repairs; technician installed the necessary parts and unit tested ok.

On 7/28/14, we contacted Mrs. [redacted] to verify if the unit was repaired; she

informed us that unit is now working. We sincerely apologize for any

inconvenience Mrs. [redacted] experienced during this time.

If we may

be of further assistance, Mrs. [redacted] may

contact Customer Service at [redacted]

Kind regards,

Customer Relations

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