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Review: on [redacted] my husband pruchased a Lawn Tractor from Conn's in Okc, Ok and on [redacted] the Service Dept came and picked it up. it was dragging/digging into the ground. after a month of calling to find out where it was it was finally delivered back to us on [redacted]. it was not fixed. The handle that makesit go up and down was not correct. If you have it on 5 it was only 3" off the ground and the deck was not attached at the front. We had them immediately load it back up and ship it back to Dallas. I have been calling and calling getting the run around. No one knows where my lawn mower is. all we want is a new one or ours repaired and returned to us in a timely manner and a month and a half is not timely. They say the I am on the phone now speaking with [redacted] he found out that it was being fixed at that very moment and will be sent off as soon as possible but that is what they have said over and over. I have tried and tried to recitify this but after 1 1/2 months it is going nowhere.Desired Settlement: I would either like a replacement or it fixed and brought back to us. if they can't or won't fix it I do beleve it should be replaced.



Review: cancel my warranty expect a full refund of $210 only receive $32 never mentioned that there will be a fee to cancel the service and prorated my Amount. sales personnel do not explain full detail to customers about warranty.Desired Settlement: A full refund for the amount of 210.00 that's how much I paid for the warranty.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted] complaint. Our records show on 9/1/12, Mr. [redacted] purchased a Sony notebook, Ipad bundle and 25 month

RSA & Accidental damage coverage on the Ipad. We show Mr. [redacted] submitted a service

agreement cancellation request on 4/1/14.

The warranty was canceled as stated in the terms and conditions of the

coverage and Mr. [redacted] was issued a refund for $32.06. Therefore we are unable to honor his request.

We have included a copy of Mr. [redacted]’s invoice acknowledging he

was provided a copy of the RSA & Accidental Damage brochure and contract, a

copy of the terms and conditions. And

also a copy of the service agreement cancellation request which includes a

reminder of how the cancellation refund is calculated.

Kind regards,

Review: I have been harassed by Conn's collection department for 3 months. They keep calling my mobile phone looking for [redacted] and they are contacting the wrong number incessantly. I have called them 4 times and asked to have my number removed from her account. They assure me it has been deleted, and then I receive more harassing collection calls. It needs to stop.Desired Settlement: I want them to remove my mobile phone number from the file of this [redacted] person and STOP HARASSING MY MOBILE PHONE.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] concerns regarding an account. [redacted] stated he has been receiving collection calls regarding an account that is not


We have determined this account belongs to another customer

and [redacted] telephone number was linked to the account in error. We have placed a cease and desist on the

telephone numbers provided by [redacted].

In the event [redacted] receives any further calls from Conn’s

we ask that he contact us immediately so we may address the issue further.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience [redacted] has received due to this matter.

Review: Constantly getting the run around about product repair and they tend to lose my equipment.

It started with a lawn mower & weed eater that was purchased at the [redacted] store. The lawn mower & weed eater were purchased around [redacted] as soon as we took the weed eater out of the box and used it, it messed up. Took the weed eater back & it was sent off to repair. We were blamed for the damage to the weed eater and that my husband did not put the oil & gas mixture & was told he was responsible for the damaging the weed eater. They fixed the weed eater but not before we were called liars and accused of damaging our own property. The lawnmower went out about 1yr after purchase and I had paid on the warranty, we took it in to Conn's and was sent to repair and we were told that they would not cover the part that needed to be repaired on the lawn mower & that I would have to pay an additional $200.00 for the part & repair of the lawn mower. I was being told that it would be an additional $200.00 and if I wanted the blade to be repaired that I would have pay roughly $30 to fix the blade on the mower. I was told the reason that the lawn mower was damaged, "The lawn mower was overly used." My husband went down to Conn's to pick up the lawn mower & was told that it was sent back to Parts and Repair. It was a month later & no one knew where my mower was at. After speaking with the [redacted]", he told me that the lawn mower had been scrapped and that we would be refunded the $30.00 for the repair of the blade. After a year or more I paid on the lawn mower and insurance and still had to pay for repair & I was only going to be refunded the $30.00. [redacted] told me that if I wanted anything done I would have to call corporate & take care of it myself, I told him "What should I expect if CORPORATE does not want to listen to you and replace my lawn mower and you are a MANAGER much less myself that I am just an angry consumer!" It was a miracle and the lawn mower appeared. I was aware that it was never scrapped because Part & Repairs had told me. I have a brand new nonfunctioning lawn mower taking up space in my garage. Now to new story, I purchased the ** Touchsmart computer & was working good for a year. This product was purchased & had the warranty placed on it without even being asked if we wanted the insurance, anyway, without receiving a call a little over a month (we were told it would take 2-3 weeks) we go to check on the status of our computer & it must of been our lucky day because Conn's had just received my computer that day. We get home, unwrap the computer and the power cord is missing. The computer was wrapped in plastic wrap and a huge green paper showing that the computer, mouse, & power cord were included. I sent my husband to Conn's to ask about the power cord. If you are not there to buy anything no one seems to want to help you. My husband was told that it may have been left at Part & Repairs and that they would get back to my husband as soon as they heard something from Parts. My husband did not wait he called Part & Repair and was told that they sent the computer back whole & if it was lost then it was done at the store & it probably is in the warehouse. He returned to Conn's & was told that they had not received a response yet from Parts & that they would contact him. The whole time Parts is blaming the store & the store is blaming Parts. My husband went back for the last time today [redacted], his third trip, & was told by the rep & [redacted] again [redacted] that Part &Service is closed & that they would have to wait until tomorrow. A sales rep wanted to give my husband a regular cord, not the one for the **, to basically shut him up and get him out of the store but my husband refused the cord because the regular one is compatible with the **. The rep was accusing my husband of losing the cord or that we had it. I called customer service & reached Collections, a woman that said she is a supervisor for collectDesired Settlement: Unspecified



Review: I purchased a 75" TV. At the time I was told that if the price goes down with in 30 days or is there is a sales I would be issued a refund accordingly. Their Memorial Day Sale was 10% off of one a non-sales item purchased during this time. I took my receipt back to the store expecting to get a refund. They said my purchase was not covered. The TV was a Samsung 75" smart TV and costs 3,999.00. In my opinion Conn's looks for ways not to honor their commitment.Also while in the store, I noticed that I had rated their store a 5. I never rated their store or my buying experience. They are supplying false ratings to the public to improve their store status.Your help in this matter is appreciated.Desired Settlement: I would like to receive my 10% discount on my purchase of $3,999.00.



Thank you for the opportunity to

respond to Mr. [redacted]’s complaint. Our records show on 5/09/15,

Mr. [redacted] purchased a Samsung 75” 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with a (37-month Repair

Service Agreement). Mr. [redacted] elected to pick up his television from our

Port Arthur, TX location store 005; Mr. [redacted] signed his invoice acknowledging

his TV was received in good order.

After researching Mr. [redacted]’s

complaint we found after he made his purchase on 5/09/15 he received a 10% off promotional offer to use towards his next

purchase. Mr. [redacted] went into his local Conn’s in attempts to use his

promotional offer to receive a Price Guarantee on his previous purchase.

Mr. [redacted] was informed that Conn’s Price Guarantee excludes promotional offers;

however he could use his promotional offer towards a new purchase. After

reviewing his purchase we confirmed the price of his television has not changed

since the time of purchase. At this time we are unable to honor Mr.

[redacted]’s request to credit his account.

If we may be of further assistance,

Mr. [redacted] may contact our Customer Service at 1-877-358-1252.

Kind regards,

Jana [redacted]





you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. According to our records on 11/**/12, [redacted] purchased a Hartwell furniture set and 48-month Furnituregard with us. [redacted] contacted us on 1/**/14, stating the

armrest cushions were sinking down. A

service call was set-up and upon inspection the serviceman found the sofa armrest has lost its structure which

is normally caused by applying pressure and using it as support when getting up

from a seated position. [redacted] was later contacted by Conn’s and advised this

is not covered by FurnitureGard. [redacted] was contacted on 2/**/14, regarding

his concerns and Conn’s has agreed to add additional padding and restructure

the armrest as a gesture of goodwill. [redacted] will be contacted by the

Furniture repairman with first available date within 2 business days.

If I may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact me directly at [redacted]

Kind regards,

Customer Relations

Review: I got approved through conns for 3000 I was happy because I knew that it would help with my credit. I needed a couch, so I decided to go with the catnapper recliners bad choice. I got my furniture delivered to me on [redacted] and the sofa had a big scratch in the arm, so they came and pick it up. I did reviews on it and all of them were bad reviews on how this product is cheap, it bubbles up, it is not a good product. So I called conns on fry rd were I made my purchase, but they told me they don't return furniture. No were in my contract does it say that nor did they ever tell that when I purchased these items and the person that delivered it didnt tell me once I signed it then they won't take them back. In the contract that I received say,"30 day right to examine. Please examine your certificate carefully. If for any reason it does no meet your requirements, you may return it within 30 days of its delivery to your lender or agent from whom it was purchased at no cost to you. " I dont know how they are in business if they don't even keep their word. NO one wants to do business with a company like that. I am very angry this furniture came out to be about 3500 with taxes and delivery. When you pay this much money for something the last thing you want is to have a bad experience the first day you get your furniture. That tells me that they might not even last that long. I hate to see what they look like in a month. I will not do business with conns ever again. If they don't allow me to return the furniture. Then I will get a lawyer involved and also report this to the they came out today [redacted] to delivery the sofa that was damage yesterday and once again it was damage.The top of the sofa had a scratch on it. Then the stuffing was coming out of the bottom of the sofa and the delivery driving said we could straple it.Then the driver called the warehouse and told them that I refused the sofa because I didn't want it. No way was that the truth he is a liar. I didnt want them because it was damage for the second time. Really!!! Then I tried to explain it to him, he said, I don't make it so talk to corporate. I really can't believe the way I have be getting treated from every end. I called conns on fry where I purchase it and spoke with [redacted] and [redacted] and both of them were rude. I called corporate and spoke to 4 people. The only person that took time to send an email out was [redacted].I also spoke with [redacted] at the warehouse and she also take time to try and reach out to [redacted] and [redacted], but they really didnt want to hear. They said they already spoke to me about it and there was nothing they could do.Out of speaking to 6 people or more only two people really took the time to help me and also said that it was wrong on how I was getting treated. That they should be able to return the furniture with no problem, but that is not the case at all. If I am spending 3500 on some couches I want then to not have any damage to them. Then they are trying to give me issue about return them. You can't make me keep something I don't want especially if I am paying money for it. That is not how you run business. I will never do business with again.Desired Settlement: I want to return the catnapper reclincers sofa, loveseat, and chair. I also want to get the $320 that I put down for these item. I would like Conn's to cancel this account, so it does not report on my credit.



Review: On May 11,2014 I contacted Conn'd that my smart tv was broken and to file a claim against the protection plan. I was told someone would contact me within 72 hours. That came and went and turned into 3 weeks of me calling only to find out that it was no technician in my area. I waited another 2 weeks for a 5 digit approval code to return the TV for credit towards an account I opened to replace the TV. Only to take the damaged TV and Beats bundle back to the store where I was told the only way to leave the damaged merchandise was to sign a volunatry release of merchandise invoice where the manager assured me that it would be taken care of only to find out a month later I should not have signed it and am now responsible for over 1400.00 in merchandise.Desired Settlement: Credit to my account.



Thank you

for the opportunity to respond to Ms. [redacted] complaint. Our records reflect

that Ms. [redacted] purchased a television with a 49-month Repair Service Agreement

on 2/2/14 via invoice #[redacted]. Ms. [redacted] contacted our service department on

5/11/14 stating that her son broke the screen. The replacement authorization

request was submitted to the manufacturer. Ms. [redacted] purchased another

television on 5/12/14 with invoice #[redacted]. The exchange was approved on

5/23/14. On 7/24/14 we received a call from Ms. [redacted] requesting the exchange

credit be applied to her account. The exchange credit of $865.99 was submitted

on 7/24/14 and posted to the account on 7/28/14.

If we may be of further

assistance, Ms. [redacted] may contact Customer Service at [redacted]

Kind regards,



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


From: [redacted]

Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 5:12 PM

To: drteam

Subject: Conn's

In regards to the credit for the television which I gladly appreciate there is still an issue with the Beats bundle tablet that has been at the store since June 26th, 2014. I have been given a ticket number for service and have had that number for more than 3 weeks almost a month and still no one seems to know where the ticket is or that the ticket was not crated and to expect a call from Conn’s and I have not received a call for the broken merchandise just collection calls for something that has been broken for almost four months. Then I owe over $1,000.00 for a purchase between $219 and $299.00 I am not sure. They had revoked the no interest for six months and this is going towards my credit. I am not pleased at all with Conn’s as this issue has been ongoing since May 2014.

Sent from Windows Mail




have researched Ms. [redacted] additional concerns regarding the Beats Bundle

that was purchased with us. Our records

show on 2/2/14, Ms. [redacted] purchased the bundle which came with a 12 month manufacturer’s

warranty. Our records do not show Ms.

[redacted] contacted us regarding her tablet not working properly prior to 6/27/14. We found Ms. [redacted] did visit the store on

6/27/14, stating her tablet was not holding charge. Although Ms. [redacted] only has a manufacturer’s

warranty we offered to send the tablet in for service however, she

refused. Ms. [redacted] was aware of our

Return and Exchange policy and decided to Voluntary Release the

merchandise. Once the voluntary release process has been

completed the residual balance will be applied to her account. Ms. [redacted] will be responsible for any

remaining balance on the account.

Attached is a copy of the signed Voluntary Release form that was obtained when Ms. [redacted] left her tablet at the store.

If we may be of further

assistance, Ms. [redacted] may contact Customer Service at [redacted]

Kind regards,

Customer Relations

Review: To whom this message reach, I have a delicate compliant against Conn's Appliances. But before I go any further, I would like to explain I have been a customer with Conn's for years now. The nature of the compliant is because of a call I received from a salesman from Conn's for which I made a purchase from. A freezer I purchase because my other freezer stop working and I dont believe I have a warranty for that freezer that stopped working. Not to make this longer than what it should be, [redacted] sold me the freezer over the phone, and faxed over paperwork for that freezer. Today, March [redacted] 2014, [redacted] called me to explain that Conn's took over $ 200 dollars out of his paycheck, because the warranty was faxed back instead it being brought into the store. This is not the first time I faxed over warranty or any other paperwork back to Conn's, like I say Im a long time Customer. Now they are asking me to come into the store and bring the paperwork. I work all day, and attend College therefore theres little time for me to get there on time. [redacted] asks me to come into the store and sign more papers. I will not be muscled by Conn's. Please help with this problem, because truth be told, Conn's is getting over on people, such as myself.Desired Settlement: I would like Conn's to honor their contract.Thank you, [redacted]



CASE ID: [redacted]

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. Our records do not reflect [redacted] placed a service call on her

freezer that was purchased with us on 11/**/12. However, we do show on 9/**/10

[redacted] purchased a washer with 48 months extended warranty. On 11/**/13

the washer was approved for an exchange after service was unable to repair the


It is no longer our policy, to allow customers to make

purchases over the phone. When [redacted] contacted us to process her

exchange and schedule delivery the sales associated agreed to accommodate her. [redacted]’* exchange was processed on 11/**/13 and she requested to add a 48

months extended warranty on the new washer.

[redacted] was FAXed a copy of her

contract to sign and return. Once the contract was received it was found illegible.

Therefore, we were unable to setup the

account. After further review it was found that the salesperson did contact **.

[redacted] to obtain a legible copy of the contract in order to establish her

account. Conn’s will honor the invoice and warranty. However, at this time we

are unable to setup the account with the contract provided.

If we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may reach us

at [redacted]

Kind regards,

Conn’s Customer Relations



[redacted] has been contacted regarding her additional comments,

she now understands that Conn's has agreed to honor the invoice and warranty as

previously stated.

Kind regards,

Customer Relations Officer



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


From: [redacted]

Sent: Wednesday, April [redacted] 2014 10:35 AM

To: drteam

Subject: Re: [redacted] The ( of Houston and

South Texas has sent you a new message regarding your complaint - PLEASE DO NOT



compliant has been completed, I was contacted by Conn's and the issues was


Review: I purchased a washer and dryer on 6/25/14 at Conn's location in Amarillo, TX, I paid cash and bought the GE service warranty on each of the appliances. About a week after delivery, I noticed that the dryer was making a banging noise after it ran a while, I called Conn's to report this and request service, they said I had to call GE, since I had a service warranty on the appliance. I called GE and waited a week and a half to have them come out to tell me the dryer was irreparable and that I should contact Conn's to set me up with a new dryer. I called Conn's - REPEATEDLY and explained my situation to them, each time I was given different information on how to go about getting a replacement. A woman named [redacted] and a woman named [redacted] both gave me contradictory information on how to get a new dryer - one said that I had to have GE come out, their hands were tied, the other said I needed to have a Conn's store delivery person come and look at it before they could deem it defective! fast forward to 2 weeks ago - I go into store to talk with manager[redacted] - he assures me that he will handle this and that he is on the case, he is the store manager after all.He did nothing for me but pass the buck to "Corporate" and said he has to get approval from them to give me a new dryer. I have had no dryer for a month now, I have 2 small children and lugging clothes to the laundry mat to dry at my own personal expense, because I cant use the dryer I bought and they wont exchange it or even take it away. At my wits end with these people,I asked the store manager to please just give me a refund and come and take the dryer away, I would just buy another one somewhere else,I was told that there would be a "$100.00 restocking fee"!FOR A DRYER THAT DOESN'T WORK!I told them that was ridiculous and they said their hands were tied, they had to get someone from " Corporate" to approve anything on my behalf. The store manager assured me he would be working on my behalf to resolve this - THAT WAS 2 WEEKS AGO. Please help!Desired Settlement: Please have them quit giving me the run around and have them refund my $$ WITHOUT a 100.00 restocking fee.I would also like to be reimbursed for all of the $$ I have spent at the laundry mat drying my clothes for the last month. They cant restock a broken dryer and I just want to be done with these people. They are horrible, I cant tell you how horrible this whole experience has been. I have never reached out to the for anything before! They take your $ and then dont care about what happens.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] complaint regarding her experience with us. Our records show on June 25, 2014, Mrs. [redacted] purchased a GE washer, GE electric dryer and 24 month repair service

agreement which was delivered on June 28, 2014.

Mrs. [redacted] contacted us on July 3, 2014 stating the dryer was making a

boom sound when turning and shaking a lot.

We show Mrs. [redacted] was advised to remove the shipping bolts. Mrs. [redacted] contacted us again on July 15,

2014, stating the unit was still not working properly. A service order was

set-up with the manufacture and the technician advised the dryer was not

repairable because the drum was damaged.

Mrs. [redacted] has been contacted by Conn’s and we

have agreed to exchange her dryer for a new one. We show the new dryer was delivered on August

7, 2014 and was received in good order. We

followed up with Mrs. [redacted] and she confirmed the new dryer is working

fine. We sincerely apologize to Mrs. [redacted] for the experience she had with us, her concerns have been addressed

with those involved to ensure they are not repeated.

If we may be of further assistance, Mrs. [redacted]

may contact us at 1-877-358-1252.

Kind regards,

Review: On Friday August 1, 2014 I made a payment in the amount of 133.68. I also have another account with Conn's which was actually due on August 1, 2014. Thru error I paid on the wrong account and once I realized my mistake I contacted Conn's on Monday August 4, 2014 to try and have this transaction reversed. I have been getting phone calls from Conn's every 30 minutes or so on my cell phone as well as at work. I was told on Monday that the transaction could be reversed and that the payment of 133.68 would be transferred to go towards the payment on my other account that is only suppose to be 69.00 a month. I am tired of the harassing phone calls because Conn's employees are not reading the notes that have already been placed on my account. After explaining the situation several times a day to several different representatives they are still asking me to make another payment. I have been dealing with this company for about 2 years now and have never been late with payments. I make one mistake of paying on one account to early and they cant simply take my money and put it towards the account that is do now seems a little ridiculous and I will never do business with this company again after all of my items have been paid for.Desired Settlement: I would like for them to simply put what is due towards my current payment and give me the rest of my money back and stop the harassing phone calls. Horrible Business



Thank you for the opportunity to

respond to Mrs. [redacted]’s concerns regarding her account. Mrs. [redacted] stated she processed a payment

for one of her accounts in error. The

payment was supposed to be applied to a second account.

According to our records, Mrs.

[redacted] submitted a payment on August 1, 2014 in the amount of $133.68 on

account #[redacted]. Mrs. [redacted] called

customer service on August 5, 2014 and stated she made the payment on the wrong

account and wanted the payment moved to account #[redacted].

As of August 8, 2014, the payment

in the amount of $133.68 has been debited from account #[redacted] and credited

to account #[redacted]. Please note it

can take 7-10 business days to process a debit/credit to move a payment applied

to an account in error.

We value Mrs. [redacted] as a

customer and appreciate her business.

Review: Contract issues/advertising issues/billing and collections issues/customer service issues/ delivery issues/guarantee or warranty issues/product issues/ refund issues/ all of the aboveI purchases a tv and dinning rooms set ( table and 4 chairs) on 5-15-2014. tv was a pick-up item at the wharehouse and table would be delivered. all items listed on contract I signed. I was promised delivery in two weeks. Never recieved. I went back into the store was told by a manager [redacted]table was available but chairs were not, they could not deliver one without the other, per policy. Was promised two more weeks, I would have my dinning set deliver. Never received it. Called back and was told it would be delivered on schedule delivery 6/5. Never reced my dinning set. Went back into the store on 6/11 and complained, was told chairs on back order, table will be delived 6/12. Chairs wont be in until 7/15. Table top delivered 6/13, No issue(still no chairs). Waited and called store on 7/11 to confirm. Salesman ([redacted]) stated he didnt know what was going on, my contract closed and the chairs were removed from my contract, which means they pushed my contract threw so I had to start paying on the contract. I was told I did not have to start paying or the contract would not start until I had all of my merchandise. I have my contract, they fraudulently changed it and removed merchandise I already agreed to pay, and agreed to finance under my original contract and gave them a down payment based on all my merchandise total cost stipulated on my contract, dated 5/15/2014. My sales person ([redacted])stated he would call me back once he got details of why my contract was changed and closed, and it did not include my chairs (fraudulent). I did not hear back from him. I went into the store and asked for a manager, I spoke with [redacted], who stated he would contat the DM to get my contract opned and fixed back, no response to date and I got a payment book in the mail and no product.Desired Settlement: I need my contract fixed back to what I agreed and signed to accept. I need my contract to go into affect once I received my goods/services I agreed to,I need my product that agreed to purchase from Conn's,I want a concession for all my time and trouble.I want a written letter of apology and statement regarding the contract, changed contract, original agreed terms of my contract so that I can protect myself, in the future. I want my payments reallocated base on delivery of all my product.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] complaint regarding her experience with us. According to our records, Mrs. [redacted]

purchased a 55” Toshiba, table, and 4 chairs on May 15, 2014. We show on the day of delivery the chairs

were not available and were canceled from the invoice in error. Mrs. [redacted] was contacted by the store

manager after we received her complaint.

Mrs. [redacted] has been back to the store and has signed a new contract

which shows her first payment is not due until September 8, 2014 and her chairs

were delivered on August 1, 2014. We sincerely apologize to Mrs. [redacted] for the

experience she had with us, her concerns have been addressed with those

involved to ensure they are not repeated.

If we may be of further assistance, Mrs. [redacted]

may contact us at [redacted]

Kind regards,

Review: I received a dryer almost a year ago. My first 3 payments were for 150$. We then made payments of 54$ for a number of months. I became unable to work due to a stroke and we got behind. Seeing as how we had paid 150$ the first three months (3x the normal payment) I was under the impression we were still current. We caught back up and I called to make a payment only to find out not one of my payments had been logged. They keep horrible records and are lacking notes from a series of calls I had made. Following each payment I made via money order I called an verified they received payment. Also not documented. I contacted corporate and it took a week and more than 6 reps to give me straight answers on how many accounts I had, why some were closed and how much was paid to each account. I was told something different each time. I received zero calls, letters or emails. Following my initial called I received 1 letter stating a balance. One week following the letter I now receive 4-10 calls DAILY Even after I answer each call. Every rep I have spoken to has been incredibly rude and condescending. Half way speaking to reps when I don't cave and den them money I get transferred mid sentence and have to start over. They then deny o was transferred and tell me that I either called or the auto dialer did. No one will even attempt to help me because I'm past due. How would I know with verbal confirmation and no letters/calls. I was belittled and made to feel that their screw ups were my fault for not "checking my credit score regularly". I feel someone pocketed my money and I am not comfortable paying more until my payments are found. Unfortunately my AC practically exploded and ruined all my files. I told them I would call everyone's order location and find them. I was berated with questions and made to feel stupid. I was asked things such a "how do you pay car and electric without your records" I said I pay those jut fine. The reps response was "of course" in a snide tone. Every rep said I had to pay even more to hold my account from being charged off. I was not allowed time to find my receipts, only bullied for more money. I feel someone pocketed my money and deleted the numbers from the auto dialer so I wouldn't notice. I didn't want to bring this up because I don't have the means to do Anything about it, but I have a whole other product they don't even have record of because they lost the contact 4 times! It took them a week and 4 wrong products later to deliver it. Following that I had to come back several times to sign new contracts.Desired Settlement: resolution and to not be charged off.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]

concerns regarding account #[redacted]

stated she was not aware the account was past due because she had not received

any calls or mail regarding the account. She also

stated she mailed in money orders to pay on the account; however, these payments

have not been credited to the account.

According to our records, [redacted] signed a [redacted]

retail installment contract on February 14, 2015. The first

payment was due on the account on March 14, 2014. A welcome letter was mailed to the verified

address on file on March

5, 2014.

Another letter was mailed to [redacted] on March 15, 2014

reminding them if the payment was not made timely, they would lose their

no-interest financing promotion. We began call attempts on March 17,


Another letter was mailed to the verified address on

March 18,


Call attempts continued each day until May 20, 2014 when we

were able to speak with [redacted]. He stated on the recorded call that he had a

late check and would go into the store to make the payment on May 23,


That promise to pay was broken and the payment was

not made.

Call attempts resumed on May 24, 2014. Another

letter was mailed to the verified address on June 11, 2014 regarding

the past due balance on the account. Call attempts continued until June 12, 2014, when

[redacted] called our collection department. Per the

recorded call [redacted] was informed that the account was past due for $74.15.

[redacted] paid the $74.15 and there was no mention of payments made by money

order that she had not received credit for.

During the call on June 12, 2014, [redacted] stated she should have two accounts, a dryer and a


[redacted] called back in on June 26, 2014 to find

out why the refrigerator was not listed on her account. .

Due to an error on our part, the account that had the

refrigerator on it was canceled; therefore, [redacted] has a refrigerator, which

she is not making payments on.

Collection efforts resumed on July 16, 2014 and we

were able to reach [redacted] on July 23, 2014 and he stated he would go in the store that

Friday July 29,

2014 to make a payment. [redacted] did not make the payment on July 29, 2014 as

promised and collection efforts resumed on July 30,


An additional letter was mailed to the verified

address on file on August 27, 2014. Another letter was mailed on September 14, 2014 and

again on October 9,

2014 as collection efforts continued. A legal

demand letter was mailed to the verified address on file on November 14, 2014. Then

an email was sent to [redacted] on December 10, 2015 as collection efforts continued. In

addition two emails were sent to the verified email address on file on December 29, 2014 and

again on January 5,


[redacted] called in on January 30, 2015 to

find out the balance on the account. [redacted] stated that a dozen payments have

been made on the account at this time. [redacted]

stated she watched her husband make a dozen payments on the account. [redacted]

asked to speak with a manager during this recorded call. [redacted] stated that

she would find her receipts. The manager attempted to let her know that

we could credit the account if she could locate the receipts. [redacted]

disconnected the call before the manager could communicate that to her. On January 31, 2015, we

mailed [redacted] and [redacted] a copy of their payment history to the verified address

on file. Additional emails were sent on February 1, 2015 and

another legal demand letter was mailed on February 3,


According to the recorded calls on February 9, 2015, [redacted] stated she received a delinquent letter in the mail and she would like to

speak with someone about the account. [redacted]

then stated she personally sent in $150.00 payments for 3 or 4 months and her

husband sent in 3 or 4 payments of $50.00 each. [redacted]

then stated she knew she was behind but was not sure how much. The agent

asked if she could send in bank statements to prove the payments were

made. [redacted] stated she would look for the bank statements. We attempted to

call [redacted] again on February 10, 2015 and on February 11, 2015;

however, [redacted] stated she is not paying on the account and disconnected the


When we spoke with [redacted] on February 12, 2015, she

stated she made several payments by money order and she does not have the


[redacted] also stated she called each time she made

the payment to make sure it posted to the account; however, all of our calls are

logged and recorded and we do not have verification of those calls.

Collection efforts have continued to attempt to collect

the past due balance of $458.61. We have attached a copy of [redacted]’s

payment history for his records. If **. and [redacted] still believe their

balance is incorrect, they will need to fax in proof of the payments they are

stating they have made on the account.

We value [redacted] and [redacted] as customers and appreciate

them bringing their concerns to our attention. Thank you,[redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]




I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

They do not keep good records or record every single phone call. The notes in their file are not kept well. I've called and they've read me back notes that were completely wrong on every level. I corrected them and was told "Well that's what's in the computer" BUT ITS WRONG! The entire company is incompetant. My main issue now is they tell me everyday it's about to charge off. I need time to call everywhere I've gotten a money or and get the reciepts. They told me I only had a few days and they would do nothing to keep it from charging off even though this is their fault it's delinquent in the first place. The only payments they show record of are the two debit card transactions. Not a single money order. I also get called 6-10 ttimes a day even when I answer and talk to someone each and every time. It's harrassment.




Thank you again for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]'s concerns regarding her account. We are unable to stop the charge-off process without a payment posted on the account. [redacted] stated in one of the recorded calls that she knew she was at least four months behind on the account. The only way to prevent the account from charging off is to accept the payment arrangements offered to her. This will allow [redacted] the time she states she needs to locate the proof of payments. Thank you, [redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

There is no logic in giving a company MORE money when theybe lost all but two payments. I'm not comfortable with that. I don't work anymore and the two Pennys I have to run together are precious to me. I will not send my last penny to a company known for loosing money. If I had a payment to the CES himself I still wouldn't be comfortable.


Review: My husband and I purchased a set of couches back in [redacted] After a couple of weeks one of the couches started dipping(1st piece) and then noticed that one sinks(2nd piece) in and the other arm rest is loose (3rd piece). I had called in a service, all they ever did was take pictures of the item and never fixed the issue. After the last visit of technician not fixing the sets I went to the store located on [redacted], the manager [redacted] helped us out and were approved on [redacted] to get an exchange. Since then we have not received our couches both the store and the distribution center seem to be on different pages. One manager ([redacted]) from the store location says one thing and then the distribution center say something else. We have been getting the run around. The manager [redacted] laughed at my as on was on the phone with me, told him that was very rude customer service actual words I said was "[redacted]" customer service and he then hung up on me. I then called him back and said he didn't have to be rude and hang up for me telling him the truth... how can he laugh at a customer for asking her money back when all I have been receiving is rude customer service. The only ones who have helped me was the manager [redacted] and [redacted]Desired Settlement: We just want our money back and not have to deal with them. They stated they can credit us but I don't want to deal with them ever again. I don't think they deserve our money for all the issues we have been through and for all the rude customer service from other staff.




you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint regarding a

purchase made under [redacted]. On [redacted],

we contacted [redacted] to discuss her concerns during the conversation she

informed me the issue was resolved prior to receiving a call. [redacted]

was informed her recliner was now available and she was scheduled for delivery

on [redacted].

We sincerely apologize to [redacted] for her experience and any inconvenience

that has been caused.


we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact Customer Service at [redacted].

Kind regards,

Customer Relations

Review: I requested that my payment date be after the 21st of the month closer to the 25th, because of how I am paid. the sale man did not do my request.

Because the due date I thought I had and the one the sales man arranged are different, I lost the cash value option of the merchandise that I purchased. I even requested several times for the sales man to cancel the contract of the smart tv that I purchased but did not pickup/receive for about the first month. In fact the sales man brought it to my house, I guess because he realized that I did not want it. I convinced myself that because it would be 1 year same as cash, which I heard so many time from Conn's, I truly believed that this was the case!!!! I was not told what cancels this feature, and I was made to believe that the down payment was the same as the first payment on the merchandise. I found out that all of this was not true: The due date I requested is not in effect; this has caused a late payment which is the feature that cancels the 1 year pay as cash. I would HAVE NOT IN MY RIGHT MIND PURCHASED THIS MERCHANDISE WITH 21+% credit. Absolutely no way! Plus the $3,000 loan amount is staying on my credit despite the current payoff being $1900. which includes interest. The "loan amount" is at $3,000 and is as if I am not paying on the merchandise and hurting my credit. The only Conn's lives up to is their name. They really are a true "Conn" game as is their sales people. I believe the sales man makes a greater commission on the loan amount and not on the cash value payoff in one year. On top of every thing customer service tells me different things.. I was told I was reinstated to a cash value 1 year payout, but each time I call back, I find out that it is not so. Also, I have stated many time about my due date not being when I wanted it and after 10 call to Conn's, I just am finding out that I could request a change to this. Customer service acts like they are helping you but it is being in a spin cycle. The same garbage in then same garbage out, just with a pleasant voice on the other side saying set statements and "I am sorry you feel this way, Mam. They send thing to s review" committee' but it is predictably denied. Of course, why would they give up 21% interest on their items. I feel like I am paying double for these two items. I feel conned and taken advantage of. I am not a technology geek or must have the latest gear type of person. In fact I did not have a TV for about 4 years before the purchase. Plus I have a laptop computer that I was managing everything with and did not need a desk computer. I though I was getting a good a fair deal the way the sales man told me, and what he told me and did not indicate any problems. I think he liked that I could get a pretty good level of credit, with Conn's....but really is a high interest loan at an undisclosed %tage, and did not ask becuase I was paying a year without interst!!!!! Do I have any rights hear? At this point I would like my status changed to what I was told and sold, I want my due date I was told. or I would like to take bake the merchandise and get back all my money.Desired Settlement: I want back any interest charged and want what I was told, not interest for 1 year. I want my due date when originally requested. I I cannot have what I was told and sold then Conn's can take back the merchandise and I can go back to being whole again with no TV, and not desk computer. Just a lap top and my books.



Review: My husband and I applied on 6/23/2014 for conn's credit, we got approved for 3,500 credit.That same day we went out to shop for a bedroom set and we requested to get the bedroom set deliver on tues 6/24/14 after 4pm because both of us work and we are not available in the morning for the delivery. The delivery guys called my phone around 10 and confirm with me that they were going to deliver the room set between 12 I advise them that no one is home and if they can deliver it after 4 they mentioned they couldn't because they had one more deliver and they were done for the day. I told them to reschedule the delivery for thursday 6/26/14 on my day off,this lady from conns delivery warehouse called to confirm appt and she told me they were going to deliver by 2-5. The delivery showed up at 5 they didnt call me before to make sure if I was home, and they deliver every thing except when they were installing the headboard they broke and they lie saying that it was a manufacture defect. We confirm with the lady at the warehouse that they could bring the headboard the next day after 4 because no ones going to be home in the morning and no they didnt bring it the next day.My husband went back to the store talked to [redacted] the manager and he told him he couldnt do anything.My husband told him he has to escalate the delivery and they need to go deliver it by sat 6/28/14 he is home the whole day. He called the manager and he said that the delivery guys were not going to deliver it but he was going to get one of his employees to get the headboard from the warehouse and get it to our home. That didnt happen delivery guys dropped it off at the store. My husband called manager and he told my husband that we have to go and pick up the headboard. That is not right we payed for the delivery and they didnt deliver it.We dont want the room set anymore they can come and pick it up, the manager told my husband that we need to pay $129 for the delivery guys to pick up the room set.We are not paying anything for pick up.Desired Settlement: We are frustrated that they couldnt deliver one missing piece of furniture the headboard, we want CONN'S delivery guys to go and pick up funiture from our house and we will not be applying for credit at that store. We will go to a different store to get our bedroom set.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] complaint. Our records show on

6/23/14, Mrs. [redacted] purchased an Austin Georgetown king bedroom set with a

48-month Repair Service Agreement Plan. Mrs. [redacted] received delivery on

6/26/14; however upon delivery the headboard was damaged and needed to be

replaced. On 6/29/14, Mrs. [redacted] was scheduled and received delivery for a

new headboard in good order. At this time we are unable to honor Mrs.

[redacted]’s request to return the bedroom set due to Conn’s has a No Return

Policy on furniture. As listed on Conn’s Return and Exchange Policy; Furniture

can be exchange only within 14 days for furniture of equal or greater value

with a $129 exchange fee. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience Mrs.

[redacted] experienced during this process.

If we may

be of further assistance, Mrs. [redacted] may

contact Customer Service at [redacted]

Kind regards,

Customer Relations

Review: I purchased a stackable washer and dryer from Conn's this past week. The unit was delivered on March 15th. It worked for one day. I called on March 16th and explained that the unit was no longer functioning. An exchange was scheduled and a replacement unit was delivered on March 18th. This one never worked correctly and another exchange was scheduled. I received the third unit on the 21st. Again, this unit did not function properly. The delivery men told me that the issue was the electrical outlet and not the washer/dryer and that an electrician would need to come fix it. This seemed a plausible solution due to the fact that three units had been delivered and all three malfunctioned. However, an electrician just left my home after checking the outlet, power supply to the unit and the unit's fuses. All were fine and in working order. He assured me that the problem was indeed the appliance. I called and spoke with the assistant manager at the Conn's on Gessner Road. His name was [redacted] or something similar. He said he will be calling back to schedule a fourth unit to be delivered. He assured me that Conn's would not be reimbursing me for the cost of the electrician's visit, which was $175.00. I am a recent college graduate with a strict budget and was not anticipating this extra cost, let alone the cost of continued laundromat visits after purchasing a new washer and dryer. This has been a fiasco that I should never have had to deal with. The least Conn's could do is make sure they cover the extra expense that they have caused me.Desired Settlement: Reimbursement of cost of electrician $175.00



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] complaint. Our records show on 3/13/14, Mrs. [redacted] purchased a GE stack laundry with a 24-month Repair Service Agreement, 3 wire dryer cord, dryer duct with clamps, washer hose, and delivery totaling $1596.56. Our records show Mrs. [redacted] was scheduled for delivery on 3/15/14. Mrs. [redacted] contacted us on 3/16/14, stating the laundry pair was not working. On 3/18/14, laundry pair was exchanged and the new pair was delivered on 3/21/14. On 3/24/14, Mrs. [redacted] contacted us again regarding her laundry pair; stating the washer does not go into its cycle and continue to dispense water even when the tub is full. A service call was scheduled for 3/26/14; upon inspection the technician found the washer had no problems and it was working up to the manufacturer specifications. The technician notated and advised the Mrs. [redacted] that he had tested the power outlet and found the power voltage dropped to 80 when the motor kick in this indicates a problem with the outlet. Therefore, we are unable to honor Mrs. [redacted]’s request for reimbursement.

If we may be of further assistance, Mrs. [redacted] may contact us directly at 1-877-358-1252.

Kind regards,

Customer Relations

Review: The delivery team from Conn's caused damage to a 3 month old side by side refrigerator when moving it to the garage. Initially I was told by the delivery team supervisors and the person that has the delivery contract that they would replace the doors on the refrigerator. Now they state that the doors cannot be replaced and the third party regional manager made a "take it or leave it" offer of $150.00. This refrigerator when purchased on [redacted] costs $[redacted] plus tax.Desired Settlement: The desired outcome is to have he side by side doors replaced.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]’ complaint.

We received [redacted]’ complaint and found upon receiving delivery on his new

GE refrigerator purchased from Conn’s, our 3rd party delivery team

[redacted] damaged [redacted] refrigerator when attempting to move the unit

to his garage. We submitted [redacted]’ concerns to [redacted] for further review; [redacted]

informed us they offered [redacted] a $150.00 price concession for the damages

on the refrigerator however; he declined the concession. Conn’s assisted [redacted] in

attempts to locate a replacement door for the [redacted] refrigerator however; a

replacement door was not available for the model [redacted] purchased therefore,

Conn’s has agreed to exchange the damaged [redacted] refrigerator. [redacted] will

be contacted with the first available date of delivery. We sincerely apologize

for the experience and any inconvenience [redacted] experienced as a result of

the delay.

If we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact us at [redacted].



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.

Review: Please be advised this company violated the fair debt collection act at the time they were collecting on this account in 2010/2011. I had to file a complaint with their corporate office and The agreement was to zero the account out as paid in full and report as a charge off! This has caused additional stress to me and my wife. I've contacted Conn’s by fax, email, and phone. The customer service agents seem to avoid my concern when calling. They will just transfer me all around the world. I want this charge off removed from my credit reports in the amount of 7902.00.

Account number# [redacted].Desired Settlement: I am requesting a written letter stating Conn's will remove all their reported accounts from all three credit reports. If Conn’s do not remove this inaccurate charge off from all three credit reports. I will file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and Texas State Attorney General. Also, participate in a class action law by testifying under oath about how your company violated the Fair Debt Collection Act back in 2010/2011. please explain why your company is still report as of 2013?



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted]’

concerns regarding credit reporting. Mr. [redacted] would like to know why there are

accounts reporting as charged off on his credit


Mr. [redacted] stated he had accounts with us in 2010/2011

that he agreed to a payoff settlement. He also agreed that the account would be

reported to the credit bureaus as paid in full and charged


Mr. [redacted] agreed to the settlement and agreed to have

the accounts reported as charged off. Please note

we are obligated to report factual information to the credit


The information provided to the credit bureaus

remains on file with the agencies for 7-10 years.

If Mr. [redacted] believes this information has been reported

in error, we ask that he provide a copy of his credit reports for further


He can fax the reports to ###-###-#### for further review.

Review: I purchased a refrigerator from Conn's in [redacted] on xx-xx-xxxx. Within a few days they had a company deliver the purchase. Since that delivery was done by two of the most inept people in the state, I began to wonder whether purchasing something from Conn's was a good thing. They had to remove both front refrigerated doors, remove the entire drawer system to the freezer, removed the front door before deciding to remove the rear door and bringing it that way. I honestly didn't mind them doing that but I had to reinstall both doors, while these two tried to reassemble the doors and freezer drawer system - a task that when completed looked like the product of something done by the [redacted].I made several calls to the store and Conn's customer service people to have someone come out and reassemble the doors but to no avail. They insisted on sending the same delivery company out to correct the problem and I insisted on a trained technician since I had purchased an extended service contract. Meanwhile I was losing food due to outside room air infiltrating into the refrigerator. Mind you the manufacturer's warranty was still in place but as soon as I told them what the problem was they told me it wasn't their fault, rather the store's problem to fix - it was their delivery service that created the problem and the last calls to Conn's went unanswered. Yesterday I opened the freezer section drawer and the middle tray came out in what appears to be two be two unbroken pieces. I cannot get down on the floor to try and fix it since I am permanently disabled having partially lost the use of my legs while serving in the military. In other words, unless Conn's is forced into fixing the refrigerator properly by trained people, I now own a non air tight refrigerator and a freezer that requires me to dig, dig and dig for items instead of just reaching into a shelf. It's turned into nothing more than a big stainless steel boat anchor.The other problem I have encountered with Conn's is their creative book keeping and their deceptive business practice of having their sales staff add charges onto the contract without the consumer's consent or knowledge. I was charged approximately $[redacted] for insurance to cover the loss of the unit should it be stolen or damaged in a fire or other disaster. When I asked what that was for, the salesman told me to bring in a copy of my homeowners policy and the charge would be removed. I did so but the payment did drop and I questioned Conn's customer service AGAIN and to this day have not received a reply. I was told by store personnel including the various managers that the amount is deducted at the end of the contract. Now if you can't see the problem with this, then you would also be deceived and ripped off. Let's say the total of the purchase for the refrigerator and service contract was $[redacted]. Now add the $[redacted] for insurance and you have a total of $[redacted] These figures are examples but Conn's adds the interest on $[redacted] into the payments and not the actual $[redacted] for goods received, they amortize on the larger figure and make additional money on something not in my possession. After I brought in my homeowners policy and was told Conn's would deduct it from the contract amount, I assumed the payments would go down as any reasonable and prudent person would. I also figured that without changing the original payment amount which I had budgeted into my monthly expenses, I could afford an additional furniture for our home. With that in mind, I also purchased three items, a desk, chair and a corner table on the condition it would be delivered in time for a party I was having. I even paid to have the three pieces assembled. Conn's delivered the pieces two days prior to the party, which was good and the delivery company sent two different people, which appeared to be better but that's where it stopped. Those two tried assembling the desk three times before they got it right, rather almost right since I had tDesired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

Repair / replacement of refrigerator. Amended contracts for product bought and credit for over payments.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]’s

complaint. We would like to apologize to [redacted] for the experience he had

regarding his purchase. Our records show

on [redacted] purchased a [redacted] and mount with us which were

delivered on [redacted]. After reviewing complaint a service call has been set-up for [redacted] to address the

uneven doors.

According to our records, property insurance was applied to both

accounts at the time the contracts were signed by [redacted]. On a

property insurance credit in the amount of $[redacted] was applied to account

#[redacted]. Also, on [redacted] a property insurance credit in the amount of

$[redacted] was applied to account #[redacted].

If we may

be of further assistance, [redacted] may

contact Customer Service at [redacted].

Kind regards,



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


I responded on [redacted] to your organization that I was unsatisfied with the way Conn's does business and the quality of the service in NOT fixing the problems. SO please don't say I didn't respond and put this in resolved. This matter is still open and unresolved. Conn's knows it and you do too. Pleae ackno9wledge receipt of this email.



Our records show we have addressed [redacted]’s

original concerns. As stated in our

previous response a service call was set-up for [redacted], upon inspection the

technician checked the refrigerator and no problems were found. We have attached a copy of [redacted]’s signed

service order acknowledging the completion.

We have also attached a copy of [redacted]’s general loan ledgers showing

the insurance credits that have been applied to his accounts.

If we may

be of further assistance, [redacted] may

contact Customer Service at [redacted].

Kind regards,

Customer Relations



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

You still don't get it. Conn's never re-wrote the interest rates on either account prior to the first payments being made. If there was property insurance on the second contract and they deducted it, did they also deduct an amount for the piece of furniture they failed to deliver? According to the notes you have sent, it doesn't appear they did. Secondly, the problem with the drawer in the freezer still exists because the service techs told me "that's as good as we can get it". This problem isn't resolved just ignored.


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