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Review: I purchased a dishwasher from Conns ([redacted]) on [redacted] and was not given a invoice/contract. Two months later and I still have no documentation.

On [redacted] I went to the Conns on [redacted] and purchased a dishwasher ([redacted]). Upon delivery I was told the washer was too big to fit in my house. I would have to find another. So I went back to the same location on [redacted] to sign the new contract on another dishwasher ([redacted]). At that time I asked if I needed a copy of the new paperwork and I was told no. Yesterday when the installation man finished and asked me to sign the paperwork again I was told I didn't need a copy. SO, I have absolutely NO documentation, not even a receipt for this new dishwasher. Do you think maybe y'all could mail me a copy for my records please? Please mail me this documentation as soon as possible. Also, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

This is a copy of my original email to Conns. They have sent me the wrong invoice(s), hand written invoices with prices marked through - I have a mile long paper trail of them promising to send it - and I either get the wrong invoice or nothing at all. I have given them TWO months - and I do not have the invoice. I've even been drilled by their customer service as to why I even needed the paperwork. Plain and simple - I want a PRINTED (not handwritten) invoice for my ** dishwasher (NOT the [redacted] that I originally bought), an invoice that shows the price adjustment - and the serial number and the model number. I have no idea WHY they cannot do this. I have LOST my opportunity to file for a energy rebate with my light company ($50) - and I feel like Conn's now owes me this $50 for their inability to do something as simple as give a customer an invoice - for TWO MONTHS! I paid BIG MONEY for a service policy on this dishwasher and I have nothing to show for it. I don't want them calling me at work again - it just makes me angry - I've lost my patience with them.Desired Settlement: I want the CORRECT invoice for the ** dishwasher that is NOT handwritten - that contains the serial and model number. I also want an account credit issued for $50 for my lost opportunity to file a energy star appliance with my light company.



Review: Purchased extended warranty for 55" [redacted] Television where they were supposed to come to house to repair. Have approved for exchange, but want me to drive 16 hours at my expense to exchange it. If I would have know this I would have never purchased the extended warranty. It will cost me almost as much to exchange the television as it will to buy a new one on my own.Desired Settlement: I would like to ship them the non-working television back and have the exchanged television shipped to me. Having me drive over 16 hours is ridiculous.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint.

Our records show on */27/13; [redacted] purchased a [redacted] 55” Smart television

with a 49-month Repair Service Agreement Plan and elected to pickup her product

from our warehouse located [redacted], TX.

We received [redacted] complaint and found that since the time of

purchase, Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] relocated to [redacted] On **/14/14; Mr. [redacted] contacted our service department stating the television turns on and off on its

own. After further review of Mr. [redacted] repair needs, Conn’s agreed to exchange

the television due to the unit was uneconomical to repair.

On **/20/14, we contacted Mr. [redacted] to offer him the option to

apply the replacement value to his account in lieu of an exchange. As agreed

upon, Conn’s will apply a credit in the amount of $1,190.74 to his ** account. Mr. [redacted] has agreed to dispose his television

that was irreparable. We sincerely

apologize for any inconvenience Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] experienced during the

exchange process. We have attached a

copy of his invoice showing the credit has been processed to his account.

If we may be of further assistance, Mr. [redacted] may contact us at [redacted].


Review: I have received numerous phone calls from Conn's after being a day late. The continous phone calls at least four is a bit much after being late for one day. I thought this kind of pratice is illegal, I have never received a statement in the mail for being late, and all these phone calls make me want to return their items to them and I can go elsewhere.Desired Settlement: I would like my account to be cleared of all amounts owed, if not some type of credit towards my account



Thank you for the opportunity to

respond to Mrs. [redacted]’ concerns regarding the collection calls he has

received on his account. Mr. [redacted] stated he begins to receive collection

calls when his account becomes one day past due.

When the payment is late we have

to start call attempts to ensure a payment will be made timely. It is a normal

practice for our company to begin call attempts the first day the payment is

late. To prevent the calls Mr. [redacted] has the option to pay on-line, in his

local Conn's store, by mail, or over the phone if it is more convenient for him,

before your due date.

Additionally, if Mr. [redacted] pay

date has changed, he may benefit from requesting a change of his due date each month. We ask that Mr. [redacted] contact us if he

would find this beneficial.

We would like to thank Mr.

[redacted] again for bringing this situation to our attention. We value him as a

customer and appreciate his feedback.

Review: My tv has accidental warranty Ive been contacting CONNS for the past 3 weeks. Ive been transfered a dozen times and each time no one knows what the status is of my "exchange or repair part" they've told me first on Friday that they had to wait because the tech didnt turn in the paper work and was off. Then monday they told me that I had to wait it was pending. The next week they told me the part order was pending approval that went on for a week. The next week they told me that it was denied and now a tv exchange was pending approval.I waited for a few more days. I called back and told me that they dont know why I was told there was an exchange pending that the part was ordered after 45 min of being transfered and no one knowing what was going on the same lady told me that the part wasnt ordered and I had to wait for the part to be ordered. I called back 7 hours later 4:16pm and they told me that it was now updated that they are waiting for an approval for a tv exchange and that they would send them(the service department in san antonio) and email to "expedite the service" Ive been told this already a few times. I cant believe that they had no problem taking my money for the warranty but now that its their responsibility for them to hold their end of the deal all I keep getting is being transfered and still with a cracked plasma.I dont know who else to contact. Ive asked to speak to a higher authority and all they tell me is there is no one to speak to and that, that is all the information they can give me, But no one seems to know anything!?I do know they know when I call in they tell me it shows each time I call in im hung up on!and after 5 or 6 times of calling to try speak to someone they finally let my call through and answer, This by far is the worst "WARRANTY" That I have EVER dealt with..Help...THank you!Desired Settlement: I would like for me to be able to get an EXCHANGE for a similar Plasma TV as soon as possible next week will mark a month of this constant hassle.



Thank you for the opportunity to

respond to Mr. [redacted] complaint. Our records show on 2/16/12,

Mr. [redacted] purchased a Samsung 59” 3D TV with a 49-month Repair Service

Agreement from us totaling $1,948.48. Our records indicate he made his

purchase and elected store pick up at our I-H 35 North location in San Antonio,

TX. We show Mr. [redacted] contacted us on 6/18/14,

stating his TV screen was cracked due to a child throwing a toy at it.

Mr. [redacted]’ information was submitted for a repair review on 6/24/14.

On 7/03/14,

an exchange was approved for Mr. [redacted] to re-select a new television; as of 7/04/14 he selected model [redacted]. We sincerely apologize to Mr.

[redacted] for the experience and inconvenience he has had as a result of delay.


we may be of further assistance, Mr. [redacted] may contact Customer Service at [redacted].

Kind regards,



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and they did finally contact me that I was approved for an exchange. Thank You..

Review: I am inquiring about a contract with conn's furniture. I understand the terms and conditions that were dated on the documentation at point of sale January *, 2013. The first time contacting customer service was January **, 2014, all payments were done through their commercial website. I called to verify the initial payoff before interest applied. I was also quoted $967.35 with the payoff date February **, 2014 to avoid charges. Making a regular payment online I noticed an increase on my pay off. Speaking to few customer service representative on 2/*/13, who we're not pleasant, understanding nor empathetic. There was no knowledge or notation that we called in February **, 2014 on there records. I advise my cell phone records date I called January **, 2014 at 4:30 PM. Referring back to my initial contract I did not sign or initial the binding contract. On 2/*/14, I called the conn's store and was advise I can pick up a copy & it should not be an issue. 2/*/14 I contacted conn's store in Albuquerque to verify if I can pick up a copy of my contract and I was advised to contact corporate. My question is the contract "customer's copy" given to me at point-of-sale has no signature/initialing verifying I am not legally responsible for anything faded on the contract.Desired Settlement: All communication was done through their standard one 800-number My desire settlement would involve. Full responsibility of the contract that was dated but not signed. The only signature that validates the document was signed was by the salesperson person. There is no reference to me understanding the binding contract via signature or initial : other than what was stated at the point of sale per salesperson. I was quoted a pay off of 1/**/14 $967.35 by February **, 2014 to avoid interest rate.



Review: I purchased a mattress on December of 2012 financed "same as cash". It needed to be paid off by december * 2013 to maintain it that way. Icalled on 12/*/13 to close off the account and pay it off. She gave me the wrong information and ended up closing a different account. Now I'm being charged interest on the account and after calling your customer service line for the past 2 months, I called today and a very rude man on the collections dept (I was transferred there because the csr was unable to see my acct) told me I was lying and questioned me on how I didn't pay all of my accounts on the beginning of the month, Which was none of his business. He said he had no record of me calling on the ** (the account that was wrongfully paid off was due on that day) and that I was lying. I have phone records to prove I did call. I'm not willing to pay the interest on the account because it was not my mistake. I have called about 20 times and they have submitted "notes" to the offline department and every time I call back they say they either denied it or need more information. Today a lady named [redacted] told me she couldn't do nothing, that after submitting that so many times they had made the decision to not help me and that I needed to pay that money. Well I don't think its fear that I've been receiving this type of treatment and that you guys are not doing anything to help me. I'm willing to pay the amount of the payment needed on 12/* (I was told $170something) but I will not pay the extra $300 of interest. I hope this issue is resolved as soon as possible otherwise I will be contacting my attorney.Desired Settlement: I just need the account closed off as it was supposed to be. As stated above I'm willing to pay the amount that was needed as payment before it gained interest.



Review: I purchased a TV last year at Conns on [redacted] in [redacted]. The panel was cracked and the tv did not work. I took it back to the store and they said they would send it to the service department to get it fixed and it would take about 2 weeks or so. Two weeks went by and I followed up with the store and they told me I would need to call the Service department. I called the service department and they said the store never put in the order so the TV was still at the store. I went back and forth with both the store and service department and finally received my TV back in about 3 months. When I picked up the tv they did not give me the power cord. Finally I went picked up the power cord and went back to my home and tried the TV. The panel was still cracked so they never fixed it at all nor was I told they had not fixed it. I took the TV back to the store and the next day I was told the warranty was out and would need to contact the Service department I have now left 3 voicemails for 3 supervisors and have not received a call back. I then called the store to speak with a manager by the name [redacted] and she was extremely rude and did not seem to want to help me. She basically told me " I have a customer right now if you want I can call you back if not you call back". Overall they have done nothing to try and help me nor communicate with me. I am very disappointed with their service.Desired Settlement: I would like for it to be exchanged for a working tv or for it to be fixed.



Thank you for the

opportunity to respond to [redacted]’s complaint. Our records show on [redacted],

[redacted]. [redacted] received a free 32” [redacted] television as a promotion with her

qualified living room purchase. [redacted]’s television came with a 3-month

limited manufacturer’s warranty which expired on [redacted]; no additional

coverage was purchased.

After further review and

research regarding [redacted]’s complaint, we found her television was

inspected by a Conn’s technician on [redacted]. Upon inspection the technician

found the television’s panel was cracked which is not covered under the Terms

and Conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty.

[redacted]. [redacted] did not elect to purchase accidental coverage to cover

the damages therefore we were unable to continue with repairs.

At this time we are

unable to honor [redacted]’s request for an exchange; [redacted] did

not have accidental coverage on her television to cover the reported damages.

As of [redacted], [redacted]’s manufacturer’s warranty has expired and she no

longer has coverage.

If we may be of further

assistance, [redacted]. [redacted] may contact Customer Service at [redacted].

Kind regards,

Review: They did not honor insurance to make a repair or replacement of tv

Fail to repair or replacement of [redacted] 39 in tv even when the service man of the company stated that it would be more to repair the tv than to replace it for the same model they failed to do soDesired Settlement: we would like the agreement honored and get a replacement tv as the agreement stated



Review: I have been getting repeat phone calls from Conns representatives asking for a [redacted]. I have explained repeatedly to Conns that I do not know this person or why she is using my phone number and asked them to stop. On [redacted] Conns stated the calls will continue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank youDesired Settlement: I would like Conns to stop calling asking for a person I don't know.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]' concerns regarding collections calls. We have found that [redacted]' telephone number was linked to an account in error. We have placed a cease and desist on the telephone number provided by [redacted]. Please note, it may take up to 24 hours for the cease and desist process to be completed. We ask that [redacted] contact us directly if he should receive any additional calls after the 24 hour period. We value [redacted] and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience he has experienced due to this matter. Thank you,[redacted]

Review: october [redacted] 2013 I purchased a Samsung French Door Refrigator with Extended warranty. As of 1/**/14 I noticed that the lettering on the front display panel is coming off. The writting for the Ice On, Ice Off lettering is coming off, the letters under Freezer, under alarm, Lighting is coming off. I only had the Refrigerator a little over 3 months. I went and brougt 3 Affresh stainless cleaner/shine to care for the product. I was told by [redacted] 1/**/14 9:53am with Samsung and then [redacted] 1/**/14 at 9:57am that the product was not covered under the warranty. I'm very upset for the simple fact that I paid over $2000. dollars for the Refrigerator and very dissatisfied. Every Appliance that I own is Stainless steel and have been taken care of for 3-11 years and never had a problem. This is the worst product I have ever purchased that could not stand up to the value amount neither the name brand. I want it taken care of or I WILL stop paying for the product and return it to conns. I have a few years invested in this product, If I'm having problems now I hated to see how this product will hold up a few years from now. The sales rep should have told me that the lettering of this display panel will rub off if you wipe the display panel with a dry towel. I didn't do any thing that would damage this product other then caring for it as I do for all my appliances, I would have looked for a different product but to be told I didn't care for the product wiping it to much it will rob off. I wipe the frigerator once a week unless the doors need wiping for prints. I just don't understand by keeping a appliance clean and take care of a refrigerator will damage the display letters on panel. The [redacted] refrigerator is not SENSOR free. So a item will get finger prints for constant touching of use. I had a refrigerdaire stainless steel Refrigetor I purchased in the year of 2000 had no problems and in 10/**/2013 I decided to replace it for a new look I wiped it clean and never had one problem it held up to its name.Desired Settlement: I'm not asking for any money back I just want them to replace the probuct at the same value but a different product with a different display that's not going to wipe off. I was just looking for a Samsung built in microwave and Dishwasher to match my Refrigerator but I will wait.



From: [redacted]

Sent: Thursday, February [redacted] 2014 3:42 PM

Subject: Re: of Houston and South Texas- Complaint regarding Your

Business #[redacted]

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. Our records show on 10/**/13, **. [redacted] purchased a

Sa**ung French door refrigerator and 48-month repair service agreement.

We have reviewed **. [redacted] complaint and found the problem she described is

cosmetic and not covered by the repair service agreement or manufacturer’s

warranty. Therefore, we are unable to honor her request for an

exchange. We have however, contacted the manufacture and they have agreed

to replace the door panel. Once the door panel has been received Conn’s

will contact **. [redacted] to install at no charge.

If I may be of further assistance, **. [redacted] may

contact me directly at [redacted]


Customer Relations Officer

Review: I had made a purchase for a washer, dryer, and the complete [redacted] living room set. My initial salesman had told me that the furniture would be delivered to me within a week and I was also told that after signing a new contract with them, I was able to cancel my contract within 30 days and if I didn't like my furniture, I could have it returned. A week and half later had gone by and I had to make a phone call to the business myself to check on my missing merchandise and apparently it wouldn't have made it to my house until 4 weeks after so I was told wrong. I had gone back to the store to discuss this and [redacted], store manager, handed me over to a furniture specialist and I decided on a different furniture set seeing as how I was "handed over to the best". The new furniture specialist is named [redacted] and he informed me that I would constantly be informed on my furniture that was still pending. However, several days go by after the reported "delivery date" of the furniture and I called the store to be informed once again that the furniture would be pending a little while longer. For the inconvenience, I had requested a 12 month no interest instead of 6 month. I signed my new contract on the [redacted] of [redacted] and unfortunately I had gotten into a car accident which had resulted to me losing my car and my job. Since I was informed that I could cancel the contract within 30 days of signing, I had walked into the store on [redacted] requesting to cancel and was told I was "misinformed" and I had asked if I could sign up for my insurance and was advised to call the corporate help desk. Called [redacted] and had asked for the insurance, had spoken to an [redacted] who tried to follow up with my account and told me there was no account in the system for me. She had also informed me that I had grounds to cancel since there was no account. The store manager informed me that I was wrong again. Not knowing what to do, Called corporate again and spoke to a manager that informed me that [redacted] was wrongDesired Settlement: I was told I could return the contract within 30 days after signing the new contract. I have been informed of the "protocol" and rules of no furniture to be returned and I am to late to cancel. However, I have constantly been misinformed since the beginning of purchase; it is just bad taste. I am unable to pay for my merchandise; I am completely unsatisfied with how I've been handled as a customer. At this point, I need this contract to be cancelled and the merchandise to be returned.



Review: I purchased a brand new in the box 51 inch samsung plaza tv at the end of September 2013. By november the tv began have lines across the scree. I have called since the beginning of December to have the tv fixed and they keep cancelling and or not showing up for the repair. Today I was told that the serviceman is out due to an illness for at least a month and they don't know when they will find someone to come fix my tv. But Conns still wants me to make a payment on a broken tv, when they have no idea if or when it will be fixed.Desired Settlement: I would like to return the tv and receive back all payments I have made towards the tv.




you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. We have reviewed [redacted] concerns regarding

the repair service on her television.

Our records show on 9/**/13, [redacted] purchased a 51” Samsung

television through RAC and has a 1 year manufactures warranty. All payment questions should be processed

through [redacted] contacted us on 12/*/13, for service stating there was a vertical

pink line on the left side of the TV. We

attempted to schedule an appointment on the customers’ behalf however we did

not have a full serial number. We spoke

with [redacted] on 12/**/13 and obtain the serial number and scheduled a service

call for 12/**/13, which was the soonest date available for us and the

manufacture. The technician assessed the

TV and found the module assembly needed to be replaced. The part was ordered and once received the

customer was scheduled for 1/**/14 to complete the repair.


I may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact me directly at [redacted]

ext [redacted]



Relations Officer

Review: I have called about 20 times now trying to find out where my concession check is. I called originally at the end of [redacted] to find out where my delivery was and was told that they (the store) did not have my products and that they couldn't help me. After over two weeks of trying to get my products delivered, I was then given floor demo models of a different product (which I did not want, but had no other choice). I was told both by the general manager of the Tulsa, OK store ([redacted]) and by the customer care center that I would be receiving two $80 checks as concession for all the trouble I had to go through to get any kind of resolution. I was told this on [redacted], that I would receive both checks within 7-10 business days. After about 14 days, I called again to find out where my checks were and was hung up on 6 different times. A supervisor was supposed to call me back ([redacted]), but never did and every time I called to speak to her, she was "on another call". I then spoke to [redacted] who told me that I was only getting one check for $80 and that the other one was a rebate check that would take 10+ weeks from the date it was processed to get to me. I told her this was unacceptable and that I was told I would be getting two checks (at the same time) for $80 each. She then pulled the recorded phone call (at my request), listened to it and agreed that I was told that, but that there was nothing she could do. Since this time (end of [redacted]), I have called multiple times, each time being asked why I was supposed to be getting a concession check and each time having to re-explain myself. In early [redacted], I called to find out where my checks were again and was told that the checks were "backordered" with the accounting department and I would get it when it was processed. I then called again over the next few weeks (it is now the end of [redacted]) and I was told it was processed on [redacted] and that I would get them in 7-10 business days. Today is the 10th day and I have yet to receive my concession checks. This is the worst customer service I have EVER received. I have been hung up on, called at work (when I specifically said not to call my work number and was ensured by my salesman ([redacted] in Tulsa, OK) that they would never call it), bugged about a payment (when it wasn't even due yet, called 5 times within 4 hours), lied to and then had everyone said how sorry they were, but they couldn't do anything for me. I am completely fed up with the way I have been treated over the last several months.Desired Settlement: I simply want my money and even more money for that matter for the additional issues I have had to deal with (the last months worth of calling and being hung up on, lied to and all of the other above reasons), I also want the colors (graphite) of washer and dryer that I had originally picked out in the current models that I have ([redacted]) without having to pay a restocking fee of any kind.



Review: To whom it may concernI have been a customer of cons for years and have always paid my accounts . Last year I paid off an account that had cash option which I could pay within 12 months without being charged intrest , so called in [redacted] for my payoff and they told me it $ [redacted] which I went into the store on [redacted] and paid it off. Last week after a year and half I receive a call from cons refrnece to this account stating that I have a late payment. I was like what are you talking about . First thing in my mine, was someone is using my identity . When she told she said they were going to investigate and that I need to pay $[redacted] . They have been calling every single day at all hours , they have also been calling my [redacted] When my [redacted] spoke to them he was very upset and they finally told him ,oh no she actually owes more than [redacted] because all the interest have been accumulating . Again when I spoke them they did not mention that detail at all nor even tried to explain the acount status . I told them how is it possible after a year in half they come back and say you owe us this much after they gave me a payoff and I paid off the account based on the information they gave me . I don't think is fair for the consumer that they do this if I owed something they should have told me when I called or send something by mail not wait more than a year so they can make profit. In my record I have that I paid it off , I never received anything by mail nor a phone call until last week , please investigate . I was told this is not the first time they do this to their customers. Desired Settlement: I pay my pay off balance by conn s requested date. as the date my account balance was a cero I have no late notifications or valance inquired or open account to the best or my knowledge give by conn s on [redacted]



Thank you for the opportunity to

respond [redacted]’s concerns regarding account #[redacted] stated her account has been paid

in full; however, she has started receiving collection calls. She also stated she received a letter stating

the account was paid in full.

According to our records, [redacted].

[redacted] signed a 32-month retail installment contract on [redacted]. That contract also included a 12-month

no-interest financing promotion. [redacted].

[redacted] forfeited her 12-month no-interest financing promotion due to two late

payments assessed on the account. On

[redacted] called our customer service department after she

made a payment in the store of $[redacted].

She was informed at that time that she had lost her no-interest

financing, the payment would not cover the outstanding balance and the account

would not close.

[redacted] did not receive

additional correspondence on the account because it was in paid ahead

status. This pushed the next payment due

date to [redacted].

[redacted] stated she received a

letter stating the account was closed.

We ask that she fax that letter to [redacted] for further review.

The payoff balance as of [redacted] is $[redacted] which includes a past due balance of $[redacted]. Please note the payoff balance is updated

daily. If [redacted] would like to pay

the balance in full, we ask that she contact us the day she plans to submit the

payment for an up-to-date payoff quote.

Review: I purchased air conditioner with warranty. The air conditioner stopped working 5 weeks ago. Conn's came out and stated it needed parts. It took 2 weeks for parts. After replacing 3 parts the air condtioner stopped working 2 days after repair. Conn's tookd 1 week to come out again and stated it needed to be replaced. They gave run around after 2 weeks and stated they had to order new one and it would take 2 weeks. It it over 95 degrees in Houston and I am a 85 yr old female. This is not acceptable.Desired Settlement: I would like air condtioner repaced ASAP.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted]’ complaint. Our records show on 7/**/10, Mrs. [redacted] purchased Frigidaire 25,000 BTU air conditioner with a 48-month Repair Service Agreement, installation, and delivery totaling $865.82. Mrs. [redacted] contacted us on 6/22/14; stating her air conditioner was not cooling. A service call was scheduled for 6/**/14; upon the inspection the technician found three parts were needed to be replaced. The parts were ordered and arrived on 7/08/14; Mrs. [redacted] was scheduled for service on 7/10/14. On 7/10/14, the technician replaced the air conditioner compressor, capacitor, and drier filter; the unit was tested by the technician and test ok. Mrs. [redacted] contacted us again on 7/21/14; stating her air conditioner was not cooling and blowing hot air. A service call was scheduled for 7/23/14; during the assessment the technician found additional parts were needed to be replaced. The additional parts were ordered and came available on 8/05/14. The technician completed the repair on 8/14/14; by replacing the drier filter, condenser, cap tube, and evaporator the air conditioner tested ok and was up to the manufacturer specifications. We sincerely apologize to Mrs. [redacted] for her experience; if the problem occurs again Mrs. [redacted] may contact service to have a technician come and re-evaluate her air conditioner for a possible exchange.

If we may be of further assistance, Mrs. [redacted] may contact Customer Service at ###-###-####.

Kind regards,

Review: I purchased a new washing machine from Conn's on 3/5/15 with a warranty plan, but the machine did not work the first time I tried it. It took two weeks to get a technician to come service the machine, and he said he did not know why it didn't work. He called the manufacturer tech support, who didn't know the cause of the problem either, and said it would be better to replace the machine. Unfortunately, he said the store's protocol is to "guess" what part is malfunctioning, order a replacement for that part, and hope the order gets placed. After waiting for almost another two weeks and making several phone calls, the people in the service department said that the part came in and the technician would come this past Friday (3/27). My wife waited at home all day and the technician never came. When I called him he said that the part hadn't come in and was not scheduled to come that day, but hopefully would come out on Monday (3/30). I called the store manager today (3/31)for clarification, but I was told he wasn't available and would call me back within minutes. I never received that call, but called him back several hours later. He just repeated what the service people said, that the part came in and to just wait for the technician to come replace it. When I told him that I knew that wasn't true because I already talked to the technician, he didn't have a reply. I told him that I was not satisfied with my purchase because the machine was defective, not satisfied with the service because it takes too long, and not satisfied with the how the situation was being handled and how I was being treated. I told him that I would like the machine to be replaced, as the technician recommended, or I would return the defective machine, terminate the contract and take my business elsewhere. He said that he could not do anything about it, and that there was nothing I could do either. I asked for the number of a district manager, but he said there wasn't one and I had to call the "headquarters." The number he gave me was not to the head office, but instead to a machine in the service department that said I could not leave a message because the inbox was full. This store's management is very unprofessional, and now they are refusing to replace the defective machine they sold me.Desired Settlement: I think the store manager should acknowledge that the machine I purchased is defective and honor the warranty by replacing it.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. We researched [redacted] complaint and found his issue has been and addressed and resolved. We show [redacted] issue was escalated to upper management and an exchange was approved for [redacted] to replace his [redacted] washer. We spoke with [redacted] on 4/07/15, and made aware of his exchange; however [redacted] refused the exchange and requested to return his washer and receive a refund. Conn’s agreed to honor [redacted] request and return his washer without a 15% restocking fee. [redacted] was advised he would need to return the washer and once the washer has been received a credit for his washer will be processed to his Conn’s account. We sincerely apologize to [redacted] for the experience and any inconvenience that has been caused regarding this matter. If we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact customer service at[redacted] Kind regards, [redacted]

Review: The dryer I purchased from [redacted] a year ago is broken and can't be fixed by [redacted]. Because of no model or serial number. [redacted] Says that when an appliance does not have the model and serial # it is considered scrap. I've talked to [redacted] I've even spoken with corporate and issue still has not been resolved. I keep **tting the run a round. The lady in corporate a [redacted] was suppose to call me back on [redacted] to let me know what had been resolved but did not. I'm tired of **tting nothing doneDesired Settlement: Refund for the month the dryer was out.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]’ complaint. Our records show on [redacted],

[redacted] purchased a ** Gas dryer with a 48-month Repair Service Agreement

Plan. After receiving [redacted]’s complaint,

we researched and confirmed at the time of purchase [redacted] was sold and

received a new dryer. The dryer had not

been previously owned. On [redacted].

[redacted] contacted us stating the unit was not drying and is making a loud noise.

[redacted]’s product was still under manufacturer’s warranty for the first

year therefore; a service appointment was scheduled on [redacted]4 with a **

service technician. Upon inspection, the technician found the unit was missing

the original tag which provides the model and serial number therefore; service

could not be completed on the unit and the service order was cancelled. [redacted].

[redacted] was informed that without this information, the manufacturer could not

service the unit and the missing tag also voids the warranty. Due to the tag

missing on the unit, [redacted]’s service repair needs were delayed because

the manufacture could not verify the information on the unit. Although the

unit’s tag are missing which voids the warranty, as a good will [redacted]’ has agreed to schedule a service appointment to have a [redacted]’s technician assess

[redacted]’s repair needs. We notified [redacted] that parts have been

ordered for repair however; the parts may not be the correct parts needed to

complete the repairs due to not having the full model and serial number version

to order the accurate parts. [redacted] will be contacted once the parts are received to schedule an appointment.

If we may

be of further assistance, [redacted] may

contact Customer Service at [redacted].

Kind regards,

Customer Relations

Review: In 9/3/2014, 11/22/2014 and 11/28/2014 I purchased products and have 3 diferrent contracts. In January met with the assistant manager [redacted] and saw the in-store flyer to merge my contarcts into one...I was currrent on my accounts at that time. I signed a new contarct and [redacted] had me sign waivers on my cash purcjase options which he stated was required for merger. My new contarct showed a new due date of 2/27/15. thoughout February I received collections calls stating my accounts were past due. I advised corporate that I have a new merged contract and was told they never recevied my waivers so it wasn't valid. I went back to store 2 more times, complained and met with the store manager [redacted] who had me resign the waivers. [redacted] stated he was emailing, faxing and sending the formas to corporate via [redacted] to ensure receipt. SI askout mai m paym due 2/7...e stated to wait as I'll now get a new contract. More collecionscallss then call and still no honoring the contract. I called and then went back to store and met with the manager from their [redacted] store [redacted] who stated he as fixed this many times and had me resign the contrarct and waivers. Again I asked about making a payment and he also stated I would get a new start date and we are in April...constantly calling [redacted] but still no new valid contract I can pay on and no resolution, negatively affecting my credit. I constantly call [redacted] now thought April and [redacted] stated he handed it over to his contrarcts escalations manager at corporate [redacted] who was supposed to "fix it" all...still no resolution and still collections calls. I signed and completed all forms over and over, I complied with what the store told me to do. The issue is between the stores and corporate communication but I am now the victm. Once they put that new contract in my hand they should have honored that. They need to resolve their communication problems and honor my contrarct or restart a new one now that months have passed. They also need to correct any negative credit reporting. Bottomline they need to honor the contracts they have customers sign.Desired Settlement: I want a new and valid contrarct with a new date for merging the old three accounts and close them out so I can start making payments or at rthe least reset the due dates on the old contarcts. They also need to correct any negative credit repoting since it was their error.l



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] concerns regarding her accounts. [redacted] stated her accounts were supposed to be combined; however, this

process has not been completed yet.

According to our records, we received incomplete

paperwork and the cash-option letter was not filled out correctly. We emailed

[redacted] a new form to fill out and send back through our docusign

method, and we have not received it back as of April 17,


Once we the documents are returned to us, we will

proceed with the combining of [redacted] accounts.

We value [redacted] as a customer and appreciate

her bringing her concerns to our attention. Thank you,[redacted]







Thank you again for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]. We have been in contact with her and received all the additional information needed to combine her accounts. We value [redacted] as a customer and appreciate her bringing her concerns to our attention. Thank you, [redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. While the company has ersponsed after my continued calls and finally having direct contact with [redacted]...I am awaiting the completion of the contracts merger before I can call this case resolved. Saying it is in process is the same responses I had before then it cancelled. Once I have a new contract with a new payment and payment coupons...I THEN will consider this clase closed but not until then..]Regards,



This letter is to inform you that Conns Appliance, Inc. has carried out to my satisfaction the resolution it proposed for my complaint, filed on 4/16/2015 7:17:32 PM and assigned ID [redacted].


Review: On [redacted], T purchased a dinette set from Conn's, located at [redacted](Store No. [redacted]). At the time I was considering the purchase [redacted] was my salesman. Twas uncomfortable with the purchase price of$833.27. I told **. [redacted] that I was not going to take the dinette set. He said, "Just a minute" and called over a gentleman who said he was the [redacted]. He stated that ifT would go ahead with the sale, he would give me a form to mail in which would

rebate my delivery charge of$129.00. He stated that ifi applied thi.s amount to the sale price of

$833.27, this would leave me paying only $704.27 for the dinette. I agreed to the sale and he gave me

a form to till out. My dinette was delivered on [redacted].

I mailed in the rebate form but after several weeks I did not rece.ive a check for the $129.00. I went back into the store and talked to a man who said he was an [redacted]. He told me that the store had no control over whether I received the rebate or not but gave me a phone number to the customer service department. I called the customer service dept. and was told they had received my rebate form but that my purchase did not qualify for the rebate(she did not explain why my purchase did not

qualify). I explained that the store [redacted] had told mel would receive it. The customer service agent

them stated she was going to go ahead a.nd send me the check under those circumstances and that I would receive it in seven to ten days. I never received anything from them. I eventually called [redacted] (my salesman) who said he remembered what the [redacted] had said but that it was out of his hands. I have called the store back on two different occasions and have been told that the store had no control over whether I received the check or not.Desired Settlement: I feel I was tricked into purchasing the merchandise. J would not have bought the dinette if not for the [redacted]'s assurance of the$129.00 rebate. Of course, now the store, the [redacted], and the salesman say that they have no control over whether I get the rebate-,1•. I feel that Conn's is dishonest with their customers.



Review: I purchased a new LG refrigerator at the Baytown, TX location less than 2 months ago. Saturday, July 12 I realized that everything in the freezer had thawed out. I called the 1800 number for service and was told I would receive a call on Monday, July 14 to schedule service. I never received a call so I called them that evening and was told that they had scheduled my service for the next day which would be July 15. On Tuesday the service technician came out and said that the compressor had gone out and it would take 3-5 for the part to come in but since it was a refrigerator part he would try to have his manager expedite the part. The service technician was also supposed to bring us the food loss form but failed to do that. He promised he would bring it the next day, Wednesday, July 16. He also failed to do that and quit answering our phone calls. After hearing the news from the technician on Tuesday that the compressor had gone out I called the customer service again and requested that they replace my refrigerator seeing as I just bought it and it is already broken. I have only made 1 payment on the appliance and I am paying for a brand new fridge...not a refurbished one. Not only are the customer service representatives very unhelpful, but they are also very rude. I have called every number I can find and I have called the store. No one can seem to get me a manager to speak to. They promised me a manager would be calling me back but I have yet to hear from one. I did however find out yesterday(July 16) that the part will not even be in until July 23. I have small children and I cannot even keep food in my house to feed them. One of my children is still a toddler which needs to drink milk still and I cannot keep that in the house for her. Waiting a week without a refrigerator for a part just so I can continue to pay full price for a repaired refrigerator that I haven't even had for 2 months is unacceptable. I also had to unplug it because it smelled like it was burning, and now it stinks.Desired Settlement: I would like them to either replace my refrigerator immediately so that I can supply food for my children or allow me out of my contract will full refund so that I can go purchase a new one somewhere else. I also would like to be given the food loss claim form and reimbursed immediately for the food loss we incurred so that I can replace our food.



Thank you for

the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] complaint. Our records show

on 5/26/14, Mrs. [redacted] purchased a LG refrigerator with a

24-month Repair Service Agreement, installation, and delivery totaling

$1,405.64. Our records indicate Mrs. [redacted] was scheduled for delivery

and received her items on 5/27/14. On 7/13/14, Mrs. [redacted] contacted us regarding her refrigerator;

stating the freezer was not cooling. A service call was scheduled for 7/15/14; upon the

inspection the technician found the thermistor needed to be replaced. The

part was ordered and once received the repair was scheduled for 7/24/14; on the day of

service the technician found the part did not repair the refrigerator. An

exchange request was submitted and approved on 7/26/14. Mrs.

[redacted] was contacted on 7/28/14, and she was informed of her exchange approval and

will be going to her Conn’s store this week. We sincerely apologize to

Mrs. [redacted] for the experience and the inconvenience as a result of


If we may be of

further assistance, Mrs. [redacted] may contact Customer Service at [redacted]

Kind regards,

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