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Review: went into the store to make a purchase-the sales person [redacted]-did alot of fast talking and I believed everything he said-i was ONLY approved for a $4,000.00 credit limit-my bill came in at 5158.15! I made 2 purchases on 7/25-the second one was a computer that I was undecided to the less expensive one or Mac-was told that I can use my 10% discount on the MAC and if I put down 300.00 I would be below my limit--i did not get my 10% discount nor stayed below my limit-I called Conns 1-800 number for help and they told me I had to go into the store in person-I was living still in ** and had to wait until I was back in **-I went into the store on 8/25 and was told I was directed to the manager on duty and he not only told me I was lying but I did not get my 10% off even though I have my letter still and was told that the "extra" charges was delivery and taxes and that [redacted] no longer worked at this storeDesired Settlement: would like my 10% off that I was promised on my computer and letter and a clear written explanation on how and why I was allowed to go over my $4,000.00 approved credit



Thank you for the

opportunity to respond Mrs. [redacted]’s complaint. Our records show on 7/25/14, Mr. [redacted] purchased a [redacted] with a 37-month Repair Service Agreement, a Serta Initiative, (2)

king/twin XL box springs, and a Frigidaire freezer. Mrs. [redacted] received a

free 32” Haier LED TV with her qualifying purchase; Mrs. [redacted] elected to have

her TV and her mattress set delivered and elected to pick up her Macbook from

our [redacted] location.

We received Mrs. [redacted]’s complaint and confirmed she received a

promotional offer for 10% off discount and 12-months no interest on her new

purchase. After reviewing Mrs. [redacted]’s invoice and promotional letter we

found Mrs. [redacted] purchase only qualified for the 12-months no interest.

The items Mrs. [redacted] purchased were manufacturer unilaterally priced which is

excluded from the 10% discount. Per the promotional offer: Offers valid on any

single item purchase $599 and up when made with Conn’s Credit. Excludes [redacted] and manufacturer unilaterally priced


Therefore, we are unable to honor Mrs. [redacted]’s request to credit

her account 10%. We have included a copy of the promotional offer that we

were offering at the time of Mrs. [redacted]’s purchase. We value Mrs. [redacted]

as a consumer and appreciate her business with us. As a token our

appreciation we have mailed Mrs. [redacted] a $100.00 gift card.

If we may be of further assistance, Mr. [redacted] may contact Customer

Service at ###-###-####.

Kind regards,

Review: I had a delivery from Conns twice in November 2013, the 2nd set of delivery men damaged our floor.I have been reaching out and I have sent pictures like they have requested and no response. **This was a brand new home and nothing was in the room til Conns delivered the merchandise.Desired Settlement: The deposit to the home is 1275.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Ms. [redacted] complaint. Ms. [redacted] has been contacted

regarding her concerns and a settlement agreement has been reached. If Ms. [redacted] has any additional questions or

concerns she will contact me directly.

Kind regards,

Kathryn James

Review: I have bought at the Conns in [redacted]everal times and have no problems or issues however that last time I bought a dinning set and tv for one of my [redacted],I asked about the rebate for free delivery and was told by the salesman to just fill out the form at home and send it in, I thought that was a little weird as all the other salesmen did the paper work for us and we just had to mail it in. I went home to find out I could not do that. when my wife went to store the following week she was told by the manager that there was no promotion for that week of free delivery, I just feel like we were misled and lied to just so they could get the sale and to be honest I still haven't received the rebate from my last purchase for free delivery.Desired Settlement: I just want the free delivery of $[redacted] credited to my account(s)



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]’s

concerns regarding account #[redacted]

stated he was told he would receive a delivery rebate in the mail for this


As of [redacted] Conn’s no longer offers mail in rebates for

free delivery. The

rebates are instant at the store level.

According to our records, [redacted] signed a 24-month

retail installment contract on [redacted].

At that time [redacted]’s purchase did not qualify for

free delivery; however, due to the confusion, we are willing to credit [redacted]’s account $[redacted]or the delivery fee as a one-time exception and a

goodwill gesture.

[redacted] will receive the credit on account

#[redacted] within 7-10 business days.

[redacted] also stated he did not receive his delivery

rebate for his last purchase on [redacted].

According to our records, that rebate check was

mailed to the address we have on file for [redacted] on [redacted] and has

been cashed.

We value [redacted] as a customer and greatly appreciate

him bringing this matter to our attention.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.

On Sunday April 19, 2015 my husband and I went to Conn's in Amarillo, TX. We had no intention on purchasing anything. We were there to look. We did find a good deal on a couch and on a dishwasher. After a couple of hours talking with [redacted], we decided to purchase both items. [redacted] was very helpful. Our items were to be delivered on the following Friday. On Friday morning, my husband received a call from [redacted] saying that the dishwasher we had purchased was delivered to the WRONG house (it was a floor model). She said there was nothing they could do to get it back. My husband hung up with her and called me. I decided to call her and talk to her myself. Again, when I spoke with her, she was very kind and apologetic. I asked her what could be done to rectify the situation and she told me a few different options. The first option was to get the same dishwasher in stainless steel (which we do not want). The second option (we chose this to begin with) was for [redacted] to try to find something similar at about the same price. The third option was to refund the dishwasher to our DEBIT CARD because we had made a down payment which made it possible. The fourth option was to refund the dishwasher to our CONNS card. [redacted] told me that she would call me or text me if she was able to find a dishwasher. Four hours later, I finally called [redacted] again. She immediately said that she was unable to find a dishwasher. So, I asked her what would happen to our payments if the dishwasher was taken off the CONNS card. She told me that either it would lower our payments $3 a month or we would have 1-2 less months to pay on our card. This is when I started to get angry. We purchased a $300 dishwasher along with the couch. Our payments are going to be around $80 a month for 30 months. By my calculations, if our payment was lowered $3 a month, in 30 months, we would be receiving $90 for a $300 dishwasher. Then, if we were to have 1-2 less months to pay, we would be receiving at the most $160 for a $300 dishwasher. This ABSOLUTELY did not make any sense to me so I decided to call the manager. [redacted]....what can I say about him? When I got on the phone with him to explain my situation, he said, "I know who you are." I asked him about the payments only being lowered $3 a month or only knocking off one to two payments. He said that he was not sure what [redacted] was looking at but that our payments would be $10 lower a month. He then said that he could give us a full refund including taxes onto our DEBIT card instead of lowering our payment amount. I told him that we would like to have the refund placed on our DEBIT card so we would be able to go somewhere else to purchase a dishwasher. He stated that he would put the refund on our DEBIT card the next day (Saturday) and call me when it was finished. I never received a call back from him. Finally, on Tuesday, my husband decided to call and check on the status of our refund. He spoke to [redacted] who stated that the refund had been issued to our CONNS card. My husband asked why it had been done that way and [redacted] pointed the finger at someone else saying that THEY had issued the refund before HE had the chance to do it. My husband asked if it could be changed and [redacted] said he would have to call the district manager to get approval to change it and he would call my husband back in the morning. My husband said he would wait on hold while [redacted] "called" the district manager. Of course, when [redacted] returned to the phone, he again told my husband that there was nothing that he could do about the refund. Now, we don't have a dishwasher that WE PAID FOR, we don't have the REFUND WE ASKED FOR, and we can't go to any other store to buy a new dishwasher because of how the refund was issued.
I honestly do no understand how any of this happened. First, they take OUR dishwasher to someone else's house. Then, they practically tell us we will not be getting a full refund of our purchase. Finally, when we think everything is settled, they put the refund on the WRONG card. I'm not sure if [redacted] even called the district manager. The feeling that I got from him is that he didn't really care about what happened to our account. He was not helpful, friendly, or understanding of our situation at all. He was rude, disrespectful, and unaccommodating. Customer needs do not come first in his books. He doesn't care whether we will be returning customers or not. I have NEVER in my life been treated with such disrespect as I have with [redacted]. We might not be big spenders, but we have spent well over $7,000 at Conn's. Thanks to this last visit and to [redacted], we will not be shopping at Conn's ever again and we will let anybody we know not to shop at Conn's.

Review: In August of 2012 we purchased furniture at Conn's. We made 1 initial payment in the store the day we purchased the furniture. Before the next payment (Sept 2012) was even due my wife recieved a no interest credit card from our bank. I called Conn's and told them the situation and asked for a pay-off amount to transfer this amount onto the new credit card my wife recieved. At that time the pay off amount they gave me was $2,395.69 to pay off acccount #[redacted] Minus $348.89 which was the amount of property insurance that they charged us because we are renters. 2 days later I recieved an e-mail stating that they recieved the insurance declaration of the insurance policy and to allow 3-4 business days for the loan to be paid off. In April of this year I recieved a call from Conn's to call them back regarding some important info. When I called them back they informed me that I owed them $1,100 for the account # stated above. I explained to them that I called for a pay off in Sept 2012, almost 2 years prior to the phone call. I also explained to them that I had an e-mail supporting my statement that the loan was paid off. The original amount was $2738.59 and they would reduce the amount with proof of our renters Insurance of $348.89 leaving us a pay off amount of $2395.69. Now for almost 2 weeks they have been harrassing me with phone calls of 6 or more per day and the few times I called them to find out if they made a decision regarding this issue, they keep asking me to pay off balance and it's always a different amount. When I asked to speak to the decision maker regarding this issue they are unable to transfer or to talk to them at all. I am fed up with this constant phone calls. I don't feel we owe this money, I have e-mail proof that this loan is paid off. Please help me get this straighted out. I do not want any neg. markes on my credit for this issue. How are I liable for a paid off loan almost 2 years after the fact? Thanks for your help! [redacted]Desired Settlement: I would like for Conn's to stop hounding me with incessent phone calls and I would like confirmation that this loan is paid in full. And absolutely no impact on my credit report. Thanks




you for the opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted] concerns regarding account

#[redacted] According to our records Mr. [redacted] signed a

32-month retail installment contract on August 12,


The amount financed was $3098.73. This

included a charge of $360.14 for property insurance.

On September 8, 2012 Mr.

[redacted] made is first payment of $128.27. On September 26, 2012 Mr.

[redacted] remitted a payment of $2,392.69. Mr. [redacted] paid a total of $2520.96 on

an invoice total of $3098.73.Then on September 28, 2012 we processed an insurance credit of

$475.38. This left an invoice shortage of $102.39.

Since Mr.

[redacted] remitted the payment of $2,392.69, the account was in paid ahead status

and it forwarded the payment due date to April 25,

2014. As of May 19, 2014 Mr.

[redacted]'s payoff balance on the account is $1020.52. Please note, the payoff

balance updates daily. If Mr. [redacted] would like to pay the balance in full, he

would need to call the day he makes the payment to get an up-to-date payoff




I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

I submitted a complaint agaist conn's on 5/6/2014 and after a few weeks you got it taken care of and conn's admitted I owed them nothing. After a few day's the collection calls have started again up to 6 times a day. I explain to them that it is done and I owe them nothing and they can even read the notes in there computor. They keep telling me they will get it handled but the calls won't stop. This needs to stop yesterday, the assigned ID number is [redacted]

I want them to stop calling, I want assurances that I will not have any negative marks on my credit period, and I want a account payed and closed letter Immediatley not 30 day's and A 60" LED SMART TV FREE OF CHARGE DELVERED. I know I can't get everything, but first three is a MUST.





you again for the additional opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted] concerns

regarding account #[redacted]. The

credits are in the process of being applied to the account. We have placed a cease and desist on all

phone numbers associated with Mr. [redacted] account. The final credits will be applied to the account

within 7-10 business days and the account will close. Mr. [redacted] has not

assessed any negative credit marks associated with this account. Again,

Mr. [redacted] will receive a close-out letter and the payment history on the

account within 30 days of the account closing to retain for his records.

Review: I purchased a TV from Conn's 3/28/2014 I was signed up for insurance I didn't ask for and was in a cash option program so I had 1 year no interst well if you fail to make a payment 10 days past your due date you are knocked out of the program well in September of 2013 I made a payment over the phone and they took my card info an applied my payment to someone else's account then they started calling me saying they haven't received my payment well by the time I proved I made the payment 10 day went by and I was knocked out of the cash option program well on 2/**/2014 I made another payment and found out I was knocked out of the program well I called them was on the phone over an hour I talked to a manager and then finally a lady name [redacted] who suppose to be th VP she promise me they would call me the next day an reinstate me but I never received a call well I on 2/**/ 2014 and ask to speak to her today and couldn't get her and my 1 year is up on 3/**/2014 and they're gonna try to make me pay interst on the account and I never missed a payment these are the issues I'm having with Conn's Electronics please help.Desired Settlement: Well on Tuesday after I found out the insurance I didn't want I had to go to the store and fill out a form to dismiss the insurance but had to go back and get a copy of my home owner's insurance to show proof I have insurance which they never explained to me and now on the phone everyday trying to check on my reinstatement I think I need some kind of credit for all the time and effort I'm putting in and i'm still getting blown off.



Review: My payment was due on July 4, 2014. I went into the store and brought a tv. The sales rep, added this to my account, which meant that I had no payment for the month of July. My Payment was moved to Aug 15, 2014. The sales Rep told me I might be getting a phone call and for me to let them know that I refinance my contract. I have recd 7 phone calls, and I tell them that I refinance my contract. I was told that they were talking to their manager to stop the calls. Today, I recd another call and I told them the same thing, I ask for a manager, she told me that there no notes about this on my accounts and it would take 30 to combine my account and thats when they would stop calling.Desired Settlement: I would like a phone calls telling that it was taken care of and I would not be rec any more calls.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] concerns regarding her accounts. Mrs. [redacted] stated a payment was due on

account #[redacted]; however, she made an additional purchase and added it to her


According to our records, Mrs. [redacted] signed a 32-month

retail installment contract on July 4, 2014. This contract created account


It included the remaining balance from account

#[redacted] and Mrs. [redacted] additional merchandise.

When a new contract is signed that includes an add-on

balance from a previous contract, it may take 7-10 business days to update the

information in the system.

Mrs. [redacted] received call attempts on account

#[redacted] since the minimum payment was due on July 4th and we were in the process of establishing

the new contract.

As of July 9, 2014, Account #[redacted] has been paid in full and

has a zero balance due. The first payment will be due on account #[redacted] on August 15,


Mrs. [redacted] will receive a close out letter for account

#[redacted] within 30 days of the account closing to retain for her


We value Mrs. [redacted] as a customer and sincerely apologize for

any inconvenience she experience due to this matter.



Review: I was interested in buying a mattress with this business after seeing an advertisement which stated if you were to purchase a certain type of mattress, you would receive 0% interest for 36 months and would relieve a free tv. I was helped by a salesman who was very friendly and helpful. I picked out the mattress I wanted and the salesman stated that he would check my credit and see if I was approved for a GE credit card. He said I was and my credit line was for $8,000. I was surprised and continued on with the process. When I noticed the total price I saw that my total was a little higher than I expected and brought that to his attention. He stated it was because the mattress was more expensive than it stated on the tag which was displayed on the showroom mattress. I stupidly accepted. I then asked him to show me on the contract where it stated I was going to receive the 0% interest for 36 months. He said he would but he had to go get some paperwork. I must admit I was easily distracted and forgot about the proof of no interest. He returned, I signed my paperwork and was out the door but before he stated to me that there were many other fees he didn't include and I was to be sure to not state this to the manager. As I walked out of the store I noticed I was charged for the supposedly "free" tv. I walked back in and he quickly removed the tv from my statement. When I arrived home I noticed that my contract stated I was not given 0% interest for 36 months but for 12 months, making my payments double than what I agreed to per month to avoid interest. I then realized that the salesman made it appear to me that I was approved for the GE credit card with no interest for 36 months by giving me the free tv. Which in reality I was not. I called to file a complaint with the company the day after the purchase. I then call a week later to find out the complaint was never submitted. On top of that, the salesman opened a credit card through GE for me without my knowledge which I now have 2500 open credit.Desired Settlement: I would like to receive the terms that I was originally told I was going to get plus a discount for the opening of a credit card that I never told I was going to get.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond Mrs. [redacted] complaint. Our records show on 5/08/14, Mrs. [redacted] purchased a Tempurpedic Cloud queen mattress, Tempurpedic flat box spring, a queen frame, and received a free 32” Haier TV with her purchase with us. Our records show Mrs. [redacted] was approved for $2,500.00 with GE Capital; however Mrs. [redacted] total purchase price was over then limit she was approved for with GE. Our records indicate Mrs. [redacted] was approved and received a credit limit of $7,500.00 through Conn’s credit with a 12-month cash option plan. Mrs. [redacted] received copy of her signed invoice and contract which listed the number of terms and expiration date of the cash option. Therefore, we are unable to honor Mrs. [redacted] request to extend the terms of the cash option; no additional credit is due to Mrs. [redacted]

Review: My husband and I recently purchased a Samsung Dishwasher from Conns's Store in Baytown, Tx. on January [redacted] 2014.After only one week of using the dishwasher it failed to work and wouldn't operate. On 01/**/14 My husband called the service department to discuss the broken dishwasher. He asked for an exchange but was denied and informed that the unit had to be repaired.On 01/**/14 the repair technician came to our home to assess the dishwasher and determined it needed a part that would have to ordered and we were advised that it would take 3-5 days to receive the part.While the repair technician was assessing the unit, he bent the front stainless steel panel causing a crease and causing the whole front panel of the unit to appear warped. I have made numerous phone calls to customer service and the local store and I was either told too bad, or promised a returned phone call from a manager. I have yet to receive a phone call from anyone at Conns' in 27 days!!i was informed on 02/[redacted]14 that the part that was ordered had arrived and the repair technician scheduled an appointment to repair the unit on 02/**/14. He called late that evening to inform us that he could not repair it unitl the following day.on 02/**/14 the repair tech came to fix the unit and told us that he did not have all of the correct parts and would have to again, order more parts, including the damaged front panel. We requested, again, to have the unit exchanged and were, again, denied. We were also informed that the delivery date of these parts could take up to a month or longer to receive.We are extreemely disatisfied with Conns' customer service, repair, and exchange policy. I was able to use the dishwasher for approximately one week. and I have been without it for 27 days with no end in sight!!!Desired Settlement: I would like the damaged unit exchanged.I bought and paid for a brand new dishwasher. When and if this unit is finally repaired I will have a reconditioned dishwasher, yet I will be paying for what should be a brand new one.Not to mention the complete inconvenience of being without the unit for a completely unreasonable amount of time.My husband and I have spend MANY thousands of dollars with Conns over the years and consider ourselves VERY GOOD customers and desire to be treated as such!




you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. Our records show on 1/**/14, [redacted]

purchased a Samsung dishwasher with us and 24-month repair service

agreement. We show the dishwasher was originally

picked up and installed by someone other than Conn’s delivery. [redacted] contacted us on 1[redacted]/14, and

stated lights were flashing and the control panel was not responding. A service call was set-up for 1/**/14, and

upon inspection the technician determined the Sump assembly better needed to be

replaced. [redacted] contacted us on

2/**/14 and stated while the technician was assessing the dishwasher the front

panel was damaged. Conn’s agreed to order and replace the front

panel as well. Our records show there

was a delay obtaining the necessary parts to repair [redacted] dishwasher

therefore, an exchange was approved. We

sincerely apologize to [redacted] for the delay and the experience she has had

with us. For the inconvenience, Conn’s

agreed to deliver the new dishwasher with no additional charge. We show [redacted] dishwasher was delivered

on 3/*/14.

If we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact us directly at [redacted]

Kind regards,

Customer Relations

Review: Went in to Conns store [redacted] and purchased mattress and box springs. Signed paperwork for financing and sales person promised delivery date of [redacted]. Noon of [redacted] I was informed there was no way it was going to get delivered today because they dont deliver in this area until Fridays. My husband had already gotten rid of our old mattress so now we are left without anything to sleep on. Spoke to sales person, store manager, warehouse, corporate office and NO HELP!! Desired Settlement: Refund Credit account needs to be cancelled, hit on credit report removed and down payment refunded.



Review: First off they called me 3'days.before my due harress me and also disrespect me and belittle me. I found out the phone they sold me that was suppose to was black listed and I told them and they ir... they call 2 0Desired Settlement: To evem. evenK



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mrs. [redacted] complaint. Conn's provides our consumers with courtesy calls as a

reminder of their due date; these calls are never intended to harass consumers

and are friendly reminders of approaching payments. Our records show on

3/29/14, Mrs. [redacted] purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 Prepaid Cell Phone Bundle

with a limited 1-year manufacturer's warranty. At the time of purchase, Mrs. [redacted]

signed her invoice acknowledging she received a copy of Conn's Return and

Exchange Policy which states No Returns or Exchanges on Mobile Smartphones. Mrs.

[redacted] contacted us on April 4, 2014 via email and stated the phone she

purchased was not 4g and did not have a case, sim card, or memory card. Mrs. [redacted] was reminded at the time of the

Return and Exchange Policy that she had received at the time of purchase. After further research, we confirmed Mrs.

[redacted] received a new phone which was included in the bundle package. At this

time we are unable to honor Mrs. [redacted]'s request to return the phone due to

Conn's Return and Exchange Policy.

If we may be of further assistance, Mrs.

[redacted] may contact Customer Service at [redacted]

Kind regards,



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.


Review: Dear a few months towards end of last year I went to Conn's because I had a screen shot on my cell of two couches that I liked I went in a sales person was showing me around I told him I was legally blind and have very limited vision in my left eye and showed him what I wanted he shoved some tables down in the contract which I told him a couldn't read he rushed me and I came home well my partner reads the contract and says do you realize they charged you more than double added protection that was mentioned in one item not multiple and some coffee tables I said I told him I didn't want the coffee tables I called the store was given hell but they dropped the protection and the tables but never did anything about the extra charges I stopped paying they came got their sofas like two days before my birthday on [redacted] or 12 I have to have my partner look for the paper I was glad they took their merchandise there was zero scratches the sofas just sat on a display I sat on them once they still smelled new so I was expecting them to contact their collection and drop the charges I don't see that being done I have not called them because it's a nightmare to deal with them

please help Revdex.comDesired Settlement: I need them to drop the charges from my credit report



Thank you for

the opportunity to respond to **. [redacted]’s concerns regarding account

#[redacted]. **. [redacted] stated he was

charged double for his products and for the Repair Service Agreement. He also stated we picked up the product and

he was not credited in return.

According to

our records, **. [redacted] signed a 32-month retail installment contract on

[redacted]. This contract included

a [redacted] Sofa, a [redacted] Loveseat, the repair service agreement on both

items, a [redacted] cocktail table, two [redacted] end tables, a 32” tv that he

received for free due to a promotion, and delivery.

**. [redacted]

received an invoice credit in the amount of $[redacted] for the cocktail table and

the end tables on [redacted]. He

received another invoice credit in the amount of $391.73 for the pro-rated amount

of the repair service agreements on [redacted], as well as a delivery

credit in the amount of $139.99 on [redacted].

After further

review, we credited **. [redacted]’s account an additional $58.25 for repair

service agreement as a one-time offer and a goodwill gesture.

We are

obligated to provide accurate information to the credit bureaus and are unable

to remove any credit marks earned by **. [redacted]. We have provided a copy of his signed retail

installment contract as well as his payment history for his records.

We value **.

[redacted] as a customer and appreciate him bringing his concerns to our

attention. Thank you,[redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.

I said I had returned or canceled the tables so yes I am glad they did that now I have no sofas those stupid [redacted] guys in a plain white truck came took the sofas so even tho I signed a contract I did not see what I signed I knew it was a contract but they took advantage of the situation and felt like oh thus guy is blind let's let him have it I am not satisfied and I want the account to be credited they sold it over charged and that is where all those so called credits went and yes I have a horrible none payment because the way they treated me is the way I treated them


Review: Purchased the a washer the washer worked a week and quit have been given the run around about product expect you as of today item not fixed going on three weeks and they will not replace it so I have a 600.00 piece of junk sitting in my home that I have to pay for.Desired Settlement: Just wanted another machine heaving to pay to wash my family clothes and for machine is not fair.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond Mrs. [redacted] complaint. Our records show on 3/17/14, Mrs. [redacted] purchased a GE washer and dryer with a 24-month Repair Service Agreement from us. Our records show on 3/31/14, Mrs. [redacted] contacted us regarding her washer; stating the unit was no longer working. A service call was set-up for 4/08/14; upon inspection the technician found multiple parts needed to be ordered. We contacted Mrs. [redacted] on 5/07/14 regarding her concerns and we were informed her washer was repaired on 4/18/14 and is working properly. During our conversation we offered Mrs. [redacted] a $100.00 gift card for the inconvenience she may have experienced as a result of the delay.

If we may be of further assistance, Mrs. [redacted] may contact us directly at 1-877-358-1252.

Kind regards,

Customer Relations

Review: I purchased a freezer from Conn's about a year ago and after it was paid off. I received a call for them saying that a year later saying that I still owed them $148.00 on a freezer that only cost about $200.00. The reason they said I owed is that I didn't show proof that I had home owners insurance upon purchase, and insurance is automatically put on purchases if proof is not provided. At no time did the salesperson ask about home owners insurance because I've made several purchases prior to this and financed them without this happening before, nor have I been asked this by a salesperson. I have home owners insurance and it wouldn't have been a problem to provide if requested for. I feel this is a tactic to fraudulently add fees to purchases. After talking to costumer service and still unable to resolve this issue only them saying its my fault that I didn't provide the Hm. owners insurance.Desired Settlement: I want my account paid off in full and CLOSED.



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted] concerns regarding account #[redacted]. According to our records Mr.

[redacted] signed a 24 month retail installment contract on June 7, 2012. The contract included a freezer for $199.97

as well as an unpaid balance of $773.35 from a previous contract.

In addition to signing the

contract, Mr. [redacted] also signed the General Information page agreeing to the

property insurance on the contract. Due

to this being a secured retail installment contract purchase, the merchandise must be insured

until the contract is paid in full. In the event the customer has an alternative

insurance policy, they are able to send that policy in to our insurance

department to receive full credit as long as the declaration page shows coverage

from the date of purchase to the present date.


April 21, 2014

Mr. [redacted] spoke with one of our agents and was instructed to fax over a copy

of his home owners insurance declaration page and he would receive a full

refund. We have not yet received that

information. Mr. [redacted] can fax us a

copy of his insurance to [redacted] and we can refund the amount

of the insurance from the contract at that time.


value Mr. [redacted] as a customer and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience

he has experienced due to this matter.

Thank you,

Credit Helpdesk Specialist


I have purchased several items from Conn's and up until recently, had never really had any problems with them. However, I have recently experienced some terrible customer service from Conn's and I feel compelled to write to notify you of my experience. I have purchased a laptop, a television, a mattress, and my partner purchased a couch from Conn's. So as I mentioned before, we have purchased several items from Conn's and had full intention of purchasing more items in the future. In [redacted], I purchased a laptop from the Conn's store in Roundrock, TX and I bought the full warranty to cover accidental damage and repair. The computer that I purchased was a display model and it was the last computer that they had of the model that I wanted to purchase. The sales associate couldn't find the box that belonged to the display model laptop that I was purchasing, so he gave me a box that belonged to a different computer instead. At the time, I didn't notice that he made a mistake when entering the information into the computer, but I found out later that he entered the serial number that was on the box (which belonged to a different computer) instead of looking at the bottom of the laptop and entering the serial number from there. The warranty that I purchased was for two years, and I paid $200 for it.

Almost a month ago, I accidentally spilled water on my laptop and took it to the Conn's store in Arlington to be sent off for repair. I took the laptop to Conn's in Arlington onAugust 30th. I was told that it would take up to 10 business days and that the technician would contact me to let me know if it would be able to be repaired or if we would have to replace it. I never received a call from the technician and I never received a voice mail from anyone in the service center.

A week and a half after taking the computer to the store, I got a voice mail on my phone saying that the computer was back in the store. I called the store to see if they had been able to repair it. I work a job that does not allow me to have access to my cell phone unless I am on break. My lunch break is the only time during the day when I am able to take care of these matters as Conn's is closed by the time that I get off of work. So when I called on my lunch break, I was placed on hold. I waited for 10 minutes before I hung up and called back. I was placed on hold yet again for another 10 minutes without even speaking to anyone regarding the computer.

Since my 30 minute lunch break was nearly over at that point, and I had gotten nowhere by calling the store, I hung up and called the service center. They informed me that the serial number that was in the Conn's Computer system did not match the serial number on the laptop, and that as a result, they had sent the laptop back to the store without repairing it. The woman that I spoke with told me that there was nothing I could do but that I could go pick my computer up from the store. By this time, I was somewhat upset, so I asked to be transferred to the corporate office. The woman I spoke to there was also very unhelpful. She told me that I would have to go into the store to verify the serial number. I tried to explain that by the time I get off work, the service center is closed and I asked if this was something that the customer service department could try to take care of. Again she told me I would have to go into the store. So I had to take off from my job early to go to the store to take care of the situation and I did not receive pay for the time that I missed from work.

When I got to the store I asked to speak with Bill Ward (since he had helped us previously) but he was out for the day. I was told that David Cobb (the assistant manager) was on his lunch break, and so I was sent to speak with Martha, the store operations manager. I began to explain the situation to her and I told her that I was very frustrated that I had to take time off from my job to come in and get this situation worked out. While I was telling her everything that we had gone through to that point, a store associate walked up to her and she started talking to him, while I was still in the middle of explaining what had happened. So I made a comment, "And now you are ignoring me." She turned around and was EXTREMELY confrontational with me and said, "I wasn't ignoring you but if you want me to ignore you, I will just walk away and THAT will be ignoring you." I couldn't believe how rude she was. At that very moment, David Cobb walked in the door from his lunch break, so he came over to assist with the situation. He looked it up in the computer and realized the mistake with the serial numbers and said that they would arrange to take care of getting it sent back to the service center. So they updated the serial number in the computer and told us that it would be sent back to the service center on Thursday and that the technician would call us when they looked at it. We left the store and thought that finally they would take care of it. The following week after I hadn't received a call from the service center, I called to check on the status of the work order. I was informed that the computer had never been sent to the service center and that it was still at the store.

So I had to take time off of work AGAIN, once again losing money from not being able to do my job to take care of something that I shouldn't have had to do. I went to the store and found out that instead of creating a new work order, they had updated the old work order which had already been cancelled by the technician back when they sent the laptop back to the store. So of course it was never sent back to the service center. We then took the laptop and drove it to the service center in Dallas and dropped it off ourselves, since the staff at Conn's are too incompetent to perform even a simple task of sending my laptop back to the service center. I finally was able to speak with Bill Ward and I explained everything that I had gone through and out of everything that I told him, he kept focusing on how this was an error that was made at the Roundrock store when the associate entered the wrong serial number. And yes I agree that the original error happened at that store, but I feel that the Arlington store completely dropped the ball when it came to sending my laptop back in for repair. And I received some of the worst customer service that I have ever experienced in my life from the Arlington store. So in my opinion that does not excuse Bill Ward and his store.

When I took the laptop to the service center, the manager Chris was out sick for the day, so I spoke with Jeff who said that he would make sure the laptop would be looked at first thing the next morning. I received a call the next morning from the technician who stated that the laptop repairs are too extensive and that he was going to submit it for an exchange instead. He told me that it will take three to five business days for the corporate office to determine how much of a credit they will give me back for the computer. After waiting 5 business days, I called the help desk and spoke with a supervisor Kim. She informed me that they were still waiting for approval from the corporate office for the credit. After two weeks, I was finally told that I had been approved for a credit of $477. I was told that they could not give me a cash refund, but that it could be used for an in store credit or that I could apply it to my existing account. The supervisor Kim from the help desk said that she submitted the credit to be added to my existing account balance on Sept. 25. She told me it would take 7-14 business days for it to show on my account. So I waited two weeks and called to follow up, This time I was told it would not show on my account until the next billing cycle which would be October 25. I asked to speak to a higher up supervisor, but the woman told me that Dana is the highest supervisor available at the help desk and the person above her is the CEO and she did not have a phone number for the corporate office. She finally told me that when it was initially submitted for review, that it was sent to the wrong department, and that they were going to re-submit it to the management, and it should be added to my account in 24-48 hours. She told me that I could follow up in two days and ask to speak to Dana or Kim.

I called back two days later and spoke with Kim (the supervisor at the help desk) and she informed me that a check had been mailed out to my old address for a total of $483. I found it odd that they had sent me a check, especially since I had been previously told that they couldn't send me a check for the refund, and also that they had sent it to my old address since I had repeatedly been asked to verify my current address and I knew that they had my correct address in the system. So I don't know why it was sent to my old address. Anyway, she told me as of yesterday (October 14) that they had issued a stop payment on the old check and that a new check is being mailed to my current address. I have repeatedly asked for them to send me something in writing by email to verify that this credit is being sent to me, and even though Kim and Dana, who are both supervisors at the Conn's help desk have said that they will send me an email to verify that they are sending me a check, I have received NOTHING. I do not trust this company, they have done nothing but give me the run around. This letter is being written on October 15. I still have not received a credit or a check for the amount of $477. I initially took the computer to Conn's on August 30. It is absurd to me that I keep getting a run around, and every person I talk to at Conn's has told me something different.

I have worked in customer service for over 10 years, and if I ever talked to a customer the way that representatives of your company have spoken to me, I am sure that I would have found myself out of a job. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. I've been hung up on, I have been talked down to, I have been given conflicting stories, I have had to take time off of work without pay TWICE to deal with this, and it has been nearly two months and I still haven't been able to get this situation resolved. I have lost time, money, and patience dealing with Conn's. Just so you are aware, I have contacted the and I am sending this letter to them as well as to the Corporate office of Conn's. I do not know if this letter will help resolve anything at all, but I am extremely unhappy with my experience at Conn's, and based on how I have been treated as a customer, I have no intention of spending another penny at Conn's. I just want you to be aware of my experienceDesired Settlement: I still have not received a credit or a check for the amount of $477



Review: I been a victim of fraud. I alone with my husband had these two accounts open in our names. [redacted] and [redacted] .The account were open fraudently with identifying information stolen from a previous application were we applied with another company. We have a fraud monitoring thing on file.Once the inquiry came on our file.We notified Conn.Conn stated there wasn't an application cause they didn't find an account.Now we both have account reporting that could of been avoided by calling the fraud alert no that intact on the consumer statement on both our files.Desired Settlement: Investigate and remove .and while in dispute please take off our fileThis causing harm



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] concerns regarding accounts [redacted] and [redacted]. The two accounts are currently under

investigation. Our Fraud team will reach

out to Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] to obtain any further information regarding the


If Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] have any further questions, they

can contact our fraud team directly. We

value all of our customers and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience Mr. and

Mrs. [redacted] has experienced due to this matter.

Thank you,

Credit Help Desk Specialist

Review: I bought a ** refrig and an EXTRA filter, $49.97 at the salesman request on April 4,2015.Conn's delivered the unit on April 6' 2015. 2 employees told us at the install we did not have a water shut off so they could not hook it up. I tried to explain the shut off was under the sink where there are 2 separate shut off's. So they rescheduled for a couple days later in the week. I called our plumber and set an appointment for 2 days later. He came to the house and said we had 2 shutoff's, I said I know. After checking it out our plumber said we should chan** the under the sink filters or replace the unit so we replaced the unit. Conn's cane back with 2 new installers who told me the other installers new about the shut off's but they are lazy and don't like to install big units! So this was not the first time they pulled this. It took some time for our plumber to **t the new system, it came in about a week later, and he installed it with a new sink. After it was hooked up he told me I don't need either filter for the refrig, (1) came with the unit and I had the extra one from the store. I told the salesman Scott Adams about the filter and he said just bring it back if I don't need it. So I tried to return it to the store along with the one that came with on May 13 or 14 not sure.I explained I only wanted credit for the EXTRA filter I bought, and they could have the one that came with the unit. The store rep told me I would have to call Customer service did not say why. So I called CS and they told me it was past 30 days and they could not take it back. I explained what happened with the delay due to the new filters under the sink and the fact there installers told me I have no shut off.I like the new fridg. but have a hard time understanding why no one mentioned the 30 day return deal nobody! And now they want to screw me for 49.47 after buying a 3000.00 unit?Desired Settlement: Conn's can have both filters, all I request is the credit of $49.97 for the EXTRA filter they sold me and never mentioned the 30 day return.Thanks for your help.



Thank you for the

opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted]’s complaint. Our record show on 4/4/15,

Mr. [redacted] purchased a ** French Door refri**rator, ** water filter and a **

hook-up kit.

After further review of Mr.

[redacted]’s complaint, Conn’s has agreed to return the water filter and issue a

refund if the item is in its original packaging. Mr. [redacted] may return the

water filter to his nearest Conn’s to initiate the refund. We appreciate Mr.

[redacted] for bring this matter to our attention and we sincerely apologize for

any inconvenience he experienced during this process.

If we may be of further

assistance, Mr. [redacted] may contact Customer Service at 1-877-358-1252.

Kind regards,



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.

Review: On January ** 2014 went to Conns to purchase a TV after going to various other places. I found a TV but was debating over 2 TV's, one for 1499.00 and the other for 1999.00. I opted for the 1499.00 TV since I was told that that it was a 240 hertz TV and I had seen the same TV at [redacted] but was only 120 hertz but chose the one at Conns since it had a higher hertz. So, the salesman was trying to sell me the TV for 1999.00, but I did not have enough credit for that TV. So, I bought the 1499.00 TV and when I got home, found that it was a 120 hertz TV! so I filed a complaint with the headquarters and was told that someone would contact me and no did. So I decided to drop the issue and take my loss.A week later, I received a letter from the credit card company that financed the TV telling me that my credit line increase had been denied - I never asked for a credit line increase! The salesman went ahead and asked for the increase without my consent. I was very upset and called the store manager and told him that this would hurt my credit score and he agreed and he told me to contact the credit card dept. to settle the issue and the credit card co. said the they could not help me and the store should not be asking for a credit increase, without peoples permission. They said to keep nagging Conns but they do not call me back.Please see what can be done on this issue.Thank youDesired Settlement: Want the credit line increase removed from my credit score as this is deceptive business practice!



Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. Our records show on

1/**/14, [redacted] purchased a 60” Sony Smart LED TV with a limited 1-year

manufacturer warranty totaling $1323.74 financed through GE Capital. After further review and research we only

show [redacted] GE application on file. The last recorded date on file

showing [redacted] applied for Conn’s credit was on 1/**/13 and the application

was later cancelled on 3/**/13. We attempted to contact [redacted] on 2/**/14

to discuss his complaint, but we were unsuccessful in our attempts. To better assist [redacted] we will need to verify the letter that he received. [redacted] may fax a copy to [redacted]

If I may

be of further assistance, Mr. Zavala may

contact me directly at 1-800-280-1514 ext 3277.

Kind regards,

Kathryn James

Customer Relations


ext 3277

Review: I purchased a tv which I got the insurance and extended warranty on. This included accidential damage. So when the damage acured I contacted conns like I was prompted to do they sent a tech which stated someone will contact me in 24 hours which never happened so I contacted them and then was told 48 to 72 hours still no call so once I spoke to someone they say parts are being ordered and never heard from them again till I call and this time I was told they never spoken to us. Then when I was transferred to speak to someone and they say parts were never ordered and need to be replaced now ii just spoke with them and now they saying 5 to 7 days now and the payment is due on the first and my tv is still not fixedDesired Settlement: I want a phone call saying we are sending someone now to bring and replaace the tv that's what I am paying extra for so I want my stuff fixed



Review: went to conns to look at there computers found a HP 500 c 60 computer and bought it took it home and had a issue with it right out of the box. spent two days and had my internet provider come out and said that there is a problem with the computer. That night I took it back to Conn's and talked to [redacted] the Manager. And he said he would not take the computer for exchange or refund. Since the computer does not work properly they could not replace or exchange. When their pamphlet say's fourteen day return. They did not honor it. The Manager was very unprofessional and ask me to leave the store. Not a good way to do business. If you would like to know more information call. Thank YouDesired Settlement: Just would like to be compensated for my time and frustration .



Thank you for the

opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint. Our records show on3/**/14, [redacted] purchased a Hewlett Packard desktop PC bundle with a limited 1-year

manufacturer warranty. [redacted] contacted his local store three

days after his purchase was made stating the computer was not working properly

and wished to return his item; claiming he was still within his 14 day return

or exchange policy. [redacted] was advised since the computer

was not working properly we could not return or exchange the unit but we could

service them item. As listed on the Return and Exchange Policy

*There is a 15% restocking fee on all merchandise unless merchandise has

completely failed within 24 hours of original purchase or 72 hours with Repair

Service Agreement (RSA). If your product fails while under manufacturer’s

warranty will repair your product according to these warranties.

[redacted] has been contacted and has advised us that the manufacturer agreed

to exchange his computer. We do apologize for the delay response as

a good will gesture Conn’s offered to send [redacted] a $50.00 gift card.


we may be of further assistance, [redacted] may contact us directly at 1-877-358-1252.







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