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I am rejecting this response because: My name is [redacted] and my complaint ID is [redacted] I was emailing your company to let you know that my original complaint was never solved Crest has been delaying the repair of my sofa even though they stated they would repair it First they requested I send pictures of the sofa to order the needed parts, then they stated they didn't get the email with the pictures Then I resent the picture of the damaged areas and then I called back and they stated my request for a repair was denied AGAIN Regards, [redacted]

Value City pick up the sofa to be fix as scheduled on June 5th, They brought it back today June 17th, BUT ..I CAN’T Believe it still not fixed,They had the sofa in their shop for almost weeks and they send back the damaged product, only fixed out of damaged partsPlease see attached pictures.As I explained before I have Value City of what was happening to the sofa in Nov and multi calls to a “Manager” called Tania (x-***) since November Every person you get, you have a different storyThis is the Nightmare sofa .Plus they did not bring in a loner for us to sit until is “fixed” I am exhausted of working with this company, what do you recommend? – Take them to court?- Or take them to public media? – Or both? It has been almost months of this run around

We will allow the customer to receive credit to our store to select a different item as this one is no longer availableWhen the new item is delivered we will pick up the ottoman

We will replace the set for the customer

We will offer the customer credit in the amount they paid for both the sofa and love seat to our store so they can select something different as these pieces are no longer soldAt the time the new pieces are delivered the original pieces will be picked up for return to the manufacturer

I am rejecting this response because: I want another opinion and I want someone else to come out and hear what I am hearing! If you run your hand over the top of the one sectional you'll hear what seems to be plastic under the fabric! If this is why don't ANY OF THE OTHER pieces to this sofa make that noise????

We will replace the chair for the customer

The customers are always informed it is a estimated time windowOccasionally drivers will run into traffic or other delaysWe can attempt to reschedule the customer for a more convenient day but we will not be refunding the money for merchandise that was damaged by the customer

We will replace the customer's love seat and sofa

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:Ashley indicates that they will reschedule to pick up the furniture at a more convenient time? for who?It does not make a difference what time is scheduled if they are not going to honor the time frame?I modified the time frame they gave me to be convenient to me, THEY DID NOT HONOR THEIR WORD (as we see is the case with them)What are they talking about?They are playing gamesStop playing gamesMaybe if my skin was a different color they would treat me with a little more dignity.This is unacceptableI foresee a problem hereAnd they want to play me back and forth like this on different trips with pieces of furnitureNo way!I am holding on to my claim that their reaction to me was a form of retaliation Regards, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: When I spoke last to [redacted] from the store in Greenbrook on April She said that the 'money was noted to be back in my account' and she placed a new request for a refund to be sent to my address via Certified Mail [redacted] acknowledges I am not their customer and have not been for quite some time The check must have been sent to them from Crest Furniture by error Regards, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Replacement table must be the same make, model and quality as the table I initially purchased

The cushions have been obtained and are being transferred to the nearest store by tomorrow so that the customer can pick them up at their convenience

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:as I have stated several times, the reason I was able to be coerced by your salesman was that he explained the protection plan to be risk free and any damage within the five year period would be repaired or replaced if irreparableHe informed EVERYTHING was covered with no exclusions and I was not provided with a copy of the protection plan prior to agreeing to purchase the warranty, nor do I believe I was ever provided with it at allRefunding the cost of the warranty rather than enforce what was promised to me by the value ciry employee that sold me the furniture and the warranty? Ridiculous Regards, [redacted]

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

We will schedule to have the mattress picked upOnce the mattress is picked up the customer will be able to contact the store with the information regarding the card that they purchased it on so the full amount can be placed back on that card

The contract states "deemed by a professional technician to have an accumulation of damages"The report states that the technician has deemed this set to have an accumulation of damagesThe number is not specified in the contract only that the technician deems it to be an accumulation

We will contact the customer to see what parts will be needed to repair their sofaWhen the parts come in we will pick the sofa up and repair it in our shop as this is a large job

The customer's merchandise was delivered 9/10/and the customer's first report of bed bugs was 10/23/We have certificates that state we are exterminated on a regular basisWe are also a large company with stores that all delivery from the same warehouseWe do not have any issues with our customers and insects of any kind

I am rejecting this response because:
We had problems with this furniture from the beginning. The end table had to be fixed twice and is still chipped on the bottom. All the stuffing came out of the couch pillow which was never sown correctly. We went to the store and checked the couch and the piping was sown. The couch is also cracked in the back. They did nothing about that. BIG DEAL THEY REFUNDED THE INSURANCE COVERAGE MONEY. THEY DON'T COVER NOTHING!!!!! It's impossible to get answers from them and call backs. It took them a month to get back to us to let us know they were not doing nothing for us. I have furniture which I am still paying for for years and it didn't even last months. Now what? The holidays are coming up and family comes in where am I supposed to sit them? Value City is taking advantage of customers. I work very hard for my money and to pay for damaged and poorly made furniture is unacceptable. By the waythe dining room table had to be tightened a few times too. Again another poorly made piece of furniture. I also contacted Corporate Office and no one has gotten back to me. Value City needs to be put out of business. I need furniture that is going to last. Now I am paying for broken furniture for the next years. I will not recommend Value City. How does a consumer get protection? Also who are the people they hire to come and fix and look at the furniture? They take their word over a paying customer? Ridiculous. I have damaged goods and they don't want to work with me to solve this. I need a living room set. Maybe a better set then what I purchased but they don't seem to care. This set that I purchased is not good quality. They can claim damaged product. So what happens next? Thank you in advance

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Address: 400 Ky Route 172, Staffordsville, Kentucky, United States, 41256-9003


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