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Review: Due to my husband's recent passing, I have been financially unable to make the mortgage payment. The house is currently for sale however I have applied for a forbearance in order to allow for the house to sell and avoid foreclosure. Since this request, Chase has contacted me on several occasions regarding the necessary paperwork. I have received two packets of 9 page applications since the initial application so I have completed a total of 3 applications for their review. Chase's cover letter sent with the latter applications state that they received the necessary benefit letter showing government assistance, but that it was incomplete and/or illegible. They have already received the transaction history pertaining to the EBT Food Benefit that I receive. They've requested a second copy of the benefit letter which I can not get unless I travel to the capital which is impossible at the moment. Since submitting these 3 application, I have also received an additional packet requesting the [redacted]. I've never been in the service. This was answered on the main application 3 times. I've told them that I have not been in the service and neither was my husband. This doesn't apply to me and yet they persist on asking for it, stating that the application is incomplete unless I produce this documentation. I am extremely frustrated by their incompetence and unwillingness to do their job. Chase has no reason to deny my request for a forbearance and yet they continue giving me the run-around until this situation goes into foreclosure.Desired Settlement: I would like for Chase to desist in asking for paperwork that does not apply to my situation and process the original paperwork provided, granting forbearance.

Review: I am in complete dismay as to what has transpired concerning my escrow/tax/mortgage account since my inquiry of a registered letter sent to my address concerning delinquent taxes and the soon tax sale of the parcel in the beginning of June. I brought the matter to Chase because I knew Chase was supposed to be paying the taxes on my unit/address. And the letter stated that this is whom I should contact.On June 25, I received a letter from Chase stating that they had paid the delinquent taxes for this parcel that did not belong to me or my unit. I called Chase immediately and went to the [redacted] County Treasures office to verify that in fact the parcel did not belong to me and did not concern my condo unit. They also told me that the account (not mine) was actually overpaid and not delinquent.On August 28, I received another letter stating that the matter has been rectified and that all the funds taken from my escrow account have been refunded, canceled, voided or not cashed. (I have attached a copy of this letter).On September 2, I received a notice that my escrow account had a $546.27 shortage. I overlooked this notice thinking that the transactions I was told of on 8/28/14 had not yet been processed.I have since been paying on this shortage and my mortgage payments have been adjusted.It is now December 7th and there is still the amount of $808.60 that has not been refunded, canceled or voided. As I was told on August 28th.On 11/21, I called and spoke to the escrow and tax departments and a Supervisor. I was told that there was nothing that could be done until Chase recovered the monies from [redacted] County. WHAT - YOU MUST BE KIDDINGPLEASE, explain how it is okay for Chase to steal money from my escrow account to pay some other person's taxes?Desired Settlement: Chase made a mistake, stole my money that should be used for my taxes. Chase should return my money NOW, and return the money that I have paid towards the shortage which is over $200.00. I could most certainly use that money to my bills/expenses or Christmas.Chase needs to return $808.60 back to my escrow account. And refund to me all monies paid towards the shortage they created.

Review: -Approved for a home loan on 9/10/2014.

-Proceeded with home inspection(s) - 4 total after loan approval

-All forms submitted to Chase in the next 2 weeks proceeding 9/10 for an agreed closing date of 10/6

-Week of 9/29 (one week prior to closing), multiple emails sent to chase from buyer (lending customer), agents (both buyer's and seller's, and escrow company to confirm a closing date of 10/6

-No response from Chase other than it is in process

-After multiple emails and phone calls to Chase on 10/6 (day of closing), the loan processor finally called buyer (lending customer) around 2 PM PST that their underwriting missed a step and that they can't issue final loan docs

-Buyer escalated to multiple managers within Chase and got a call back from one of the managers on 10/7 saying that they are working to expedite a resolution - that the underwriting team messed up - but a resolution can be expected within 24 to 48 hours

-It is now 10/22 (16 days after the issue started) and still no resolution from Chase

-Their communications are sporadic at best - they don't return phone calls and emails in a timely manner (it takes them 2 business days to respond)Desired Settlement: Refund the money they took from my Chase Checking account as loan processing fee

Reimburse for the per diem charge (incurred from Escrow) because closing date of 10/6 was not met (with no heads up from Chase whatsoever until deadline for closing has passed 2 PM PST on 10/6)

Review: On November 14th 2014 I called Chase to get a pay off quote because our current house was being sold. After I got the total price to be paid by the buyer I asked what we should do about a November 2014 payment. I was told by not one, but two different CSRs that we did not need to make a payment because a pay off quote had been given. I even had them tell my husband the same information. The buyers didn't get their papers together until December. December 3rd a representative for the title company called Chase to get a new pay off quote to include any fees from November. Nothing was said to them about Novembers payment, we were not contacted about a November payment either by phone, letter or email. A check was cut to Chase and all payments were made on December 14th. Our payment date was the 15th of the month. On September 11th 2015 I contacted Chase about the Credit Reporting that we had late payments in Nov and Dec, I spoke to a CSR who said she saw a payment Nov 24th, and the payoff Dec 14th. It was supposed to be cleared up on the 14th, I called on the 14th 15th 16th and 18th with all the same issues. Decs information has been taken care of, but all the information about the Nov payment and phone conversations on the 11th and 14th were mysteriously missing. They are now saying they would never have told us not to pay, they have no statements about a Nov 24th payment nothing. It is all missing, but yet I have two different conversations, with up to three CSRs stating that Nov was going to be fixed as it showed payment by someone. I have Googled this issue and it seems to be widely know. Now I have a messed up Credit Report and they had already reported December wrongly and took no immediate actions, they are doing the same to November 2014Desired Settlement: I would like the correction made to November 2014s credit reporting.

Review: This correspondence is being sent in an effort to gain assistance for what has been 10 MONTHS with my mortgage holder. In January 2014, I began submitting documents as requested to be placed into a repayment program. During this period of time, my file has bene placed with 7 different representatives, for reasons that to date have not been specified to me. I have submitted duplicate documents in January, February, March, May June, August and September of this year to no avail, and STILL with no resolution. Within the past 2 weeks, I have been told on 3 separate occasions, that my file is in the Underwriting department for review. In MY reaching out to CHASE on today’s date, I was told that there were additional documents that were requested as of October 1ST. These documents are already in the file as I have sent the same. The Cust Svc Rep that I spoke with today, indicted that, “….it would be easier for us if you just sent them in AGAIN, since there are so many pages here.” I would imagine so, given that I have faxed in an estimated 400 pages to Chase during this process. I was then transferred to [redacted], who is allegedly a “Customer Escalations” Rep, who stated that she would “….read – the file and call me back.” THAT was at 1:15 p.m., CST. Given that I have not received a returned call yet, I can only presume that she is still reading.

The ONLY definitive information I have received back from Chase this year is the refusal of funds as that I have tried to submit as an act of Good faith during this process, and a letter indicating a Foreclosure sale date of December 2, 2014.

Please assist as my process in September 2013 with the same documents took 10 DAYS, and in 2014 has taken 10 MONTHS.Desired Settlement: Compeltion of the file for Underwriting to approve the same.

Review: I contacted [redacted], a mortgage banker with Chase, regarding a HARP refinance on my home to reduce my interest rate even though my home is worth less than what I owe. He took all of my information over the phone and said that Chase's HARP program would not allow for a LTV over 105% and after reviewing all of my information, he indicated that I would qualify and we proceeded with the application process over the phone. At this time, he also requested payment of the $460 application fee which was directly withdrawn from my Chase savings account. At this time, he did not inform me that the application fee was non-refundable. We proceeded through the process and my home was appraised for a bit less than what we had thought. When I spoke with him about the implications and the additional cash that would be required at closing, he then informed me that he learned Chase's HARP program was more strict than he had thought in that the 105% max LTV was required to also include and secondary mortgage or lien on the property. I do have a second mortgage on my property, which caused my LTV to well exceed 105%, making me ineligible for Chase's HARP program. [redacted] knew at the time of my application that I did have a second mortgage, but because he was not knowledgeable enough about Chase's HARP program, he proceeded with the application process anyway. If he would have known the requirements of his bank's program, then I would have known that it would not be worthwhile to proceed with a HARP refinance through Chase. In addition, [redacted] should have disclosed at the time I authorized him to deduct the application fee from my Chase savings account, that the fee was non-refundable. I did not learn the fee was non-refundable until I saw the actual application, which was after the fee was deducted. I spoke with [redacted] about how I though my application fee should be refunded for these reasons and his response was that there was nothing he could do.Desired Settlement: As a long-time bank customer of Chase, I would like a refund of my applicaiton fee of $460.00. If I had been informed of the complete details regarding the requirements of Chase's HARP program, I would not have proceeded with an application.

Review: My home is in escrow to be sold as a short sale, the first mortgage holder ( green tree ) has approved the short sale with several conditions. 1 being approval from the 2nd mortgage holder ( Chase bank ).My real estate attorney has confirmed with Chase that the loan amount has been forgiven, the attorney has requested the loan forgivness letter from Chase to complete the short sale. We cannot close on the short sale without the letter from chase. I called chase bank & spoke to a [redacted] she confirmed " the loan amount has been forgiven" & also confirmed the letter was sent to my attorney on the 24th of March. Although, the attorney states he has not received the letter. I called [redacted] at Chase again, she said she would try to locate the letter & fax it over. Still no letter, I called again & spoke to [redacted], he said he would look into finding the letter. He called back 5/4/15 only to tell me " there is no letter & the loan has not been forgiven". He is now halting the short sale by holding the letter of loan forgivness to try & extort money from me. He is asking for 7,000 to settle the loan amount so we may proceed with the short sale. It seems he is deliberately holding the letter, halting the sale to extort money. There are 2 real estate agents, 2 attorneys, the buyer & myself with time & money involved in the sale of this property. All of us are affected by the unscrupulous act of this [redacted] at Chase bank. [redacted] ext. [redacted] contact number, [redacted]Loan [redacted] chase bankDesired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

To receive the loan forgivness letter, which was confirmed by 2 chase bank representatives, to complete the short sale contract.[redacted] 040 ext. [redacted]Supervisor [redacted]Loan number [redacted] chase bankThe attorney on record:[redacted]

Review: I need Chase Manhattan to delete inquiry from my credit report.

I recently received a copy of my credit report. The credit report showed a credit inquiry by Chase Manhattan that I do not recall authorizing. I understand that you shouldn't be allowed to put an inquiry on my file unless I have authorized it.

Please have this inquiry removed from my file because it is making it very difficult for me to acquire credit.

I ask that you send me any and all documentation that you have had the unauthorized inquiry removed.

I need prompt response to this issue.

If you find that I am remiss, and you did have my authorization to inquire into my credit report, then please send me proof of this!

Please have this account removed from my credit file because it is making it difficult for me to acquire credit.Desired Settlement: I need Chase Manhattan to delete inquiry from my credit report.

I recently received a copy of my credit report. The credit report showed a credit inquiry by Chase Manhattan that I do not recall authorizing. I understand that you shouldn't be allowed to put an inquiry on my file unless I have authorized it.

Please have this inquiry removed from my file because it is making it very difficult for me to acquire credit.

I ask that you send me any and all documentation that you have had the unauthorized inquiry removed.

I need prompt response to this issue.

If you find that I am remiss, and you did have my authorization to inquire into my credit report, then please send me proof of this!

Please have this account removed from my credit file because it is making it difficult for me to acquire credit.

Review: ive contacted chase more then 5 times in the last 3 months and was told the issue would be corrected with (Experian) this issue is inaccurate payment history they did send me 2 letters which I then sent to Experian but it seems Experian wants it from chase which they have not done ,the history show I made a payment in dec of 2008 which is not possible since my house was in foreclosure due to lack of payment since sept of 2007 !Desired Settlement: Id just like them to send a letter to Experian them selves stating I did not make this payment in 2008 .it should show 180 days lates on the dec 2008 payment history .

Review: We received an approval letter from Chase for a $390,000 conventional 30-year fixed mortgage (20% down, loan of $312,000) at 4.000% interest with no points; the email that included the approval letter mentioned that the rate was "based on today's rates and includes a 30-day rate lock." However, after the offer was accepted, Chase came back to us with "options", one of which included the 4.000% rate but with a requirement that we pay 5/8ths of a point, which would cost us $1,950. Chase is attempting to renege on its initial approval email; if it is not outright bait-and-switch style fraud, it is at the very least misleading advertising designed to lure us into a false sense of security.Desired Settlement: To atone for their dishonesty, we think it would only be reasonable that Chase offer us a conventional 30-year fixed mortgage at 3.875% and forego any lender fees; in fact, we would consider it only fair that Chase credit us the $1,950 they were attempting to charge us to keep the interest rate offer they advertised as good for 30 days with no points.

Review: I was selling my house between Apr- May (2014). My April mortgage payment was coming past due (30 days). I was in the process of closing on my house. I called Chase Mortgage & told them that I was in closing,. Asked then if I should pay the April payment, but since they had the pay-off amount it would not okay. I asked the Rep would my late payment would be filed on my report, he said, " No, Don't worry." Three weeks after selling my house, I was denied financing by two financial mortgage companies. When I checked my credit report, I found out that Chase had reported me late for the April payment. I called Chase & they said that had no record of the conversion, but did have the date & time I called. They said the did nothing wrong by reporting me late, & if I could prove the conversion they would investigate. Now my family in living in a rental, all of our property is in storage, and the dream house we waited to be build can be sold any day. This late payment is the only VA Financing requirement that is keeping us from enjoying the great American Dream. Please Help![redacted]Desired Settlement: Remove the negative information off credit report so my family can have the home that they have been cheated out of because of the REP that lied.

Review: Chase charged me a late fee on a mortgage because the payment went through 3 minutes after the 8pm cutoff. Given Chases situation with Mortgage backed securities, I would think they would have not charged this late fee. Particularly as I hold mortgages on 2 homes with them.Desired Settlement: Removal of late fees

Review: Mortgage on previous property was with Chase. Monthly payment included an escrow fund for taxes and insurance. We sold the property with a scheduled closing date of 6/19/2014. Chase utilized escrow funds from my account to pay the buyers HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE in the amount of $2556.00. We received a letter dated June 5, 2014 indicating this payment had occurred, however the names on the account/policy do not match. Chase requested action on our part if this was an error. Upon receipt of the letter, we contacted Chase and determined the policy that was paid was, in fact, the buyers policy. We were told this would be corrected immediately, terribly sorry for the error, etc. At the closing on 6/19/2014 it was determined the escrow account was still short $2556.00. Many subsequent phone calls and many apologies later, we still do not have the $2556.00 that CHASE took from our escrow account to pay a homeowners policy that is not our policy.

Phone inquiries began immediately following receipt of the letter dated 6/5/14. Most recent follow up was on 7/24/14, 7/25/14 and 7/31/14. Each representative is courteous and apologizes for the inconvenience. All have indicated this has been elevated to a higher level to expedite the return of funds that are due to us. Yet, funds have still not been returned.Desired Settlement: Immediate electronic return of $2556.00 that was used by Chase to pay another customer's homeowners insurance.

Review: Back in February, I received an Acceleration Warning from Chase. The courts had sent out to our creditors, the proper documentation that our bankruptcy had been discharged. All other creditors had resumed sending us statements by June, except for Chase. They had to have the discharge submitted twice to them. I went most of a year with no statements, so it wasn't till this letter showing intent to foreclose, that statements and letters started coming to me again. Because I had no statements to look over to see where/when any payments were missing, I called Chase to find out. They told me they did not receive my September payment. I called back some days later to say my bank showed $700 was paid on Sept 27, 2013. Whoever I talked with told me both Sept and Oct were missing. They said they would send me a letter to take to the bank requesting the info they needed to resolve. I called Feb 25, since no letter had been received. The lady emailed the letter to me. On Feb. 26th, I went to the bank and the branch manager provided the info the letter requested. I then faxed this to Chase the same day. A couple weeks later I called because I had not had any communicatioin with Chase. Now they told me the check written on September 25th had been found, but now they said the payment extra payment I had sent (so I could be ahead) dated September 18, 2013 was missing also. I requested a history of ALL of my payments since May 2013 be emailed to me. This never happened. I made at least two more phone calls trying to find out what happened to my payments. Finally on April 10, 2014, I spoke with [redacted]. She said she'd get right on this and get it resolved. She actually found the documents I had sent from the bank. She requested that I get my bank statement showing the Sept. payment that was now missing. I faxed all three payments in question to her. Today is May 2, 2014. I have left 3 voice messages in the last three days. The have not calledDesired Settlement: I would simply like Chase to investigate and explain why these payments were not applied. This has been ongoing for 3 months! I want the $1400 applied to my acct once they do their job. At this point, I would also like an apology for the amount of time I have invested through calls and trips to the bank and UPS store to fax. I want this resolved within one week of them receiving my complaint.

Review: I am requesting that the July 11, 2014 foreclosure sale date scheduled for 9:00am be Postponed.

I have been working with Mr. [redacted] and have submitted all of the financial documentation and Request for Modification forms he has asked for and I believe my file is currently under review.

I have spoken with [redacted] early today and during our conversation when I had asked if my foreclosure sales date could be postponed. He stated that my sales date for APRIL 12,2014 had already been postponed.

I was caught very off guard by this statement as this was the very first time I had heard that my home had an APRIL 12,2014 foreclosure sales date scheduled!

I am very confused and upset by this new information, as I would have addressed the issue of the sales date at that time.

I have received many subsequent letter from Chase since the beginning of this year until now and have never received any notification with reference to the April 12,2014 date of sale.

I feel that Chase s processes have stalled me until the last minute and now set me up for foreclosure.Desired Settlement: I PROTEST THIS EXTREMELY POOR COMMUNICATION with Chase Bank and ask that the sale date be postponed immediately!

Review: Closing on home, requested loan payoff amount. Never received accurate, requested information in time for the closing of the home. Closing of the home is/was scheduled for April 11, 2014. Began requesting on March 17, 2014 loan payoff amounts for the April 11, 2014 closing date. As of April 9, 2014 amounts have not been received via email, fax or mail. The timeline is as follows regarding the customer service experience:

3/17/14: Called ###-###-#### and requested payoff as of 4/11/14.

3/25/14: Called ###-###-####, spoke with [redacted] and requested payoff as of 4/11/14 as we have not received. We requested this information be faxed and he said he will submit request.

3/28/14: Fax not received. Called ###-###-####, spoke with [redacted] and again requested payoff as of 4/11/14. He said he will submit urgent request.

4/4/14: Nothing received via fax or mail. Called ###-###-#### again, requested to speak with a manager and was transferred to [redacted] at ###-###-####. [redacted] stated she would have this faxed asap.

4/7/14: Fax not received. Called [redacted] again and she stated request would be faxed immediately. Fax was received and it was wrong payoff date and did not include March's mortgage payment. Called [redacted] several times again requesting this be corrected. She never responded.

4/8/14: Called ###-###-#### again. Call was answered by [redacted] at ###-###-####. Explained closing of home was in 3 days. He promised to escalate and have fax by end of day - nothing received.

4/9/14: Called [redacted] directly, he stated he had not received the 4/11/14 payoff and said this request make take several more days. Stressed urgency closing in 2 days. He said he would see what he could do.

With no accurate payoff amount we are forced to go to the closing paying more than what is owed on mortgage loan. This forces us to be at their mercy for a refund. How are we to expect a refund if we cannot even obtain a loan payoff amount.Desired Settlement: Request immediate refund for the overpayment we were forced to go to the closing paying more than what is owed on mortgage loan. I also would like a written apology for the incompetence and lack of caring endured through the entire experience.

Review: My wife and I purchased a home and used JP Morgan Chase as the lender. After six months of their repeated screw-ups and profane exhibit of incompetence we finally closed.

At closing, we rolled the first year of homeowner's and flood insurance into the principal of the loan.

Once the mortgage was set up, they applied a charge for homeowner's and flood insurance to the principal, then applied an escrow advance to cancel that amount out. However, even though the insurance was paid in full for the first year at closing, they still charge us for it in escrow.

About a month after we closed (Dec 22, 2013) we received refund checks from the insurance companies for duplicate payment. We called the insurance companies and verified that we were still covered. They said we were still covered, but they received two payments, so one was returned. This makes sense as Chase bank charge me for it twice (once on the closing documents and then again through escrow).

Now, Chase Bank is saying that we OWE them the money that was refunded to us. I do not see how that is possible. Furthermore, they have adjusted our mortgage payment to take an extra $150 a month until the $2500 we received is paid back. Are they even allowed to simply change the required payment amount on a fixed mortgage?

The level of incompetence this bank has shown throughout the entire mortgage process is something out of a comedy. I can't believe it has been like this.Desired Settlement: I want the amount they say we owe to be corrected. I would also like the loan principal to be reduced an amount commensurate with the level of idiocy my wife and I have had to endure.

Review: I have tried resolving matters with a gentleman by the name of [redacted] of [redacted]. I tired resolving matters with him and he seems not to understand the issue. I stated to him during the months of July and August 2014 my bank waived a fee of 25.00 for me and again in August they charged me another 14.00. Each time it was for a NSF fee which I never gave Chase an opportunity to go into my account but they had tried to get into it causing an NSF. In August, Chase charged me a late fee of 14.00. I am tired of trying to resolve this matter w/Chase. Can you help? I have tried resolving this matter back in July with Chase which I sent the docs, then again last month with [redacted] is eager to pass me off he does not want to deal with the matter he practices avoidance of my calls and or requests.Desired Settlement: I would like for [redacted]my bank) to get back their 25.00 NSF and I would like my $14.00 fee reimbursed back to me.

Review: I make payments bi-weekly to the mortgage company (Chase). Full payment is made weeks before the due date. I have recieved a statement with late fee and double mortgage payment for January. January has already been paid for in Full. I spoke with [redacted] on 12/23/13 at 10:13am and she informed me that "their system was not capable of receiving bi-weekly payments from me", but they provide a service that I can pay for that would accept the bi-weekly payments. The reference # for our telephone call is #[redacted]. She agreed to remove the late fee (this one time w/in a 12 month period). She was like a robot talking (cold, reading scripts).Desired Settlement: As large as Chase is, they should be capable of recieving bi-weekly payments and applying them correctly in their system. I am sure that I am not the only person that pays their bills on time. If the system is not capable, a phone call would be nice, if they need clarification as to where to apply the payment (principal, interest, escrow, etc.). Payments made in November should be charged toward December and payments made in December should be charged/applied toward January payment and so on.

Review: I am the buyers agent for my two buyer's [redacted] They were pre-approved by Chase back on 8-19-14. We went into contract on 9-3-14 with an expectant closing date of 10-6-14. Come a week prior to closing escrow and all parties involved in the transaction start asking about the loan process, and when loan documents would be to escrow. We missed our closing date of the 6th because there was simply NO response. Come the following week we continued to ask for updates multiple times a day, still no response, until Wednesday of that week. The response was "We are working on processing the loan, there has been additional items we need now in order to move forward". We extended the closing date 2 weeks to 10-17-14 to allow Chase to gather the items they said they needed. We decided to bring in another lender who said they could close in 2 weeks and see if Chase would follow through. There has only been maybe 3 responses in the extra 2 weeks we allowed for Chase to gather documents. Not only did Chase NOT close this transaction, but they pulled from my buyers checking account (also with Chase) a processing fee of $550.00 for the loan.....maybe this is just my own ethical reasoning kicking in, but doesn't that seem a little fraudulent to charge someone for a loan that was never delivered upon within the 45 days given to close?! Something needs to be done about the practices Chase is using to close and process loans. If you are overworked simply state to your clients you cannot close the deal, don't leave EVERYONE hanging on hoping you pull through. My buyer needs to be refunded the loan processing fee, and something needs to be done about the 3 loan officers, and 2 managers we spoke to through out the process so this doesn't happen to other customers. The customer service we received was APPALLINGLY horrible. I will never represent another buyer who is closing their loan with Chase!!!Desired Settlement: Refund my buyer the "loan processing fee" they were charged for ($550.00_, as you did not close the loan nor even make an attempt to close it as far as we can see.

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