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Review: I made an online payment to my Chase credit card, as I do every month, I pay either the minimum or I pay a bit more, but I do the same thing every month and pre-schedule my payment. On August 22, 2014 I scheduled my payment for 9/5 of $35. When I tried to submit it I got an error code stating I hadn’t selected a method of payment, although I had, so I re-entered the payment again, clicked submit and got another error code, I entered it a third time and it finally went through. I honestly thought nothing of it, because it seems that the Chase site is often down for scheduled maintenance or I get an error on there every so often, then on 9/8/14, when the payment came from my account it was for the entire balance on my card, instead of $35. That’s when I realized that the system probably had made some error, while it was giving me problems. The bigger problem is that I was prepared to make a $35 payment, not $977, so my account was overdrawn, other payments that were scheduled to come out were overdrawn, other payments were denied as well, causing me to have a missed payment, and currently $300 in fees incurred. Not just that, but I currently have no money in my account for fuel for my car or for anything else that I may need.

I did contact them right away once I found out and they issued a refund for the $977 less the $35, so I am getting back $942, it’s taking a few business days so I am still out my money. I called them 2 business days later after the money still has not posted back to my account to see what was going on, and then to inform them of the fees I have incurred, only for them to tell me that there is nothing that they can do about the fees. I made the payment online and therefore they don’t do anything about that. I was told that only if the payment was made with a representative will they reverse any fees. I plead my case to the girl, explaining that every month I make my payment the same, the minimum or a bit more, I never go ahead and pay my full balance, I asked to her to look at my payment history as proof, but she simply repeated that since I made the payment online that there is nothing that Chase can do.

Below is an email I sent to Chase, which I still have not received a response from, pretty much the same thing I told the girl on the phone this morning, 9/10/14, where she told me Chase can not help.

"Every month I pay my chase payment online; I go onto the website every month and schedule my next payment. Look at my history and you will be able to verify. This month however I had a HUGE problem with my chase payment, for the first time ever. I am so upset and angry right now over the error that has occurred and I am really hoping that chase will make good on the problem. When I scheduled my payment for September 5th 2014, I experienced some problems using the website and had to re-enter my payment information 3 times before it would submit. I didn't think anything of it because I really had no reason to think anything of it. Then on September 8th when my bank processed the payment, that is when I became aware that there was a problem. Instead of my $35 payment being processed, the entire balance of my chase card was taken from my account. This was obviously not what I had entered and not what I was expecting to be deducted from my account and therefore the HUGE error that your website has caused is now costing me many overdraft fees, late fees and overdraft fees from other companies who's payments were rejected due to lack of funds in my account.. Stress I incurred due to lack of funds in my account, I was unable to put fuel in my car, I was late going into work due to phone calls I had to make to my bank and chase and my other companies that didn't get their payment. Although chase did go ahead and refund the amount back it is taking a few days and I will still incur more overdraft fees even as I type this letter. I am requesting that chase please reimburse me for all of the fees that I have incurred due to the error that was made as it was most certainly due to the problems I had using the website to schedule my payment. I will reply with a listing of all the fees that I have incurred, it is the least that chase could do for me since chase cannot go and remove the late payments from my credit report due to this error. Please respond."

I am hoping that you can help me please to recoup my funds; I cannot afford to just lose $300, and possibly still more, due to another huge company’s error.

Thank You for your time.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund for all of the fees I have incurred and will still incur due to this issue.

Review: I received a letter granting a motion of relief from stay by Chases attorney & to start foreclosure on my property. They told my attorney & the Bankruptcy Trustee that I have not made payments since November 2013. I sent the documentation to my attorney but they still proceeded versus looking further into the discrepancy. Back in October 2013, my attorney received a letter indicating that I was pre-approved for a mortgage modification. I had to make a payment by October 24, 2013 in the amount of $1,534.21 for by November 1, December 1, & January 1. Documented history through my [redacted] that shows all of my payments & that I am paid through September 30. I was hospitalized December 29, 2013 January 5, 2014. I submitted the require document timely for the modification. I adhered to that due date despite being on bed rest & barely able to walk or drive. I spoke to a representative to ensure that all documents were received OK & that nothing was outstanding. On June 19, 2014, my attorney sent me a letter indicating that Chase is indicating that I had not made my payments since November 2014. I called Chase & spoke to a representative & that representative said that they are not trying to foreclose. They did not refer my account to an attorney. &, she said that I was making all of my payments on time & that I was in good standing (2nd time I was told that by a representative). Im calling & dealing with all this while being in the hospital with acute pancreatitis; under distress in the hospital; just in really bad shape after just getting out of the hospital on my death bed after 3 weeks in ICU; tube down my nose feeding me; oxygen tank; heart monitor; fluid on my lungs; cant walk; barely talking, etc. Since I was told by Chase that I was on time with payments; in good standing, etc, I was under the impression that everything was OK so I continued to focus on my health. I then received a letter from the Bankruptcy Trustee & their attorney that they received a motion for relief of stay. On August 11, I AGAIN called Chase to be told the same thing by representative [redacted]. She looked further & said that my modification was cancelled mid March which I was never made aware of. She indicated that [redacted] has notes that she left me a message & I had never returned her calls. I return ALL calls from [redacted]; however, I dont receive return calls from her & end up talking to another representative. The most recent messages that I left her was June 19 & August 11 but NEVER heard back from her as of today. I asked [redacted] why was the modification cancelled. She mainly talked about the notary going a little outside of the margin with her notary. I told her that I have NO control over & should NOT be penalized for it; & Im not a notary so how am I supposed to know something like this! After a long discussion about that, she then said that the paperwork was late coming in. She said it was due by January 17 & they received it was uploaded into their system March 17. I indicated to her that I returned ALL paperwork back timely & the last required paperwork I received wasnt until the very end of February & I immediately returned it right after it was notarized. I am appalled that their attorney didnt do their due diligence about the facts & that he certified false information to a federal court & on court documents. &, to get a Motion of Relief of Stay, he tells the trustee & filed court papers falsely accusing me of making NO payments since November 2013. I am appalled that the attorney will certify on court papers that I am in default on the Loan Modification Agreement effective June 1, 2011 when in fact I received a congrats letter that I was approved for a loan modification in February 2014 which ALL payments were made during & after the trial period ON TIME & PRIOR to the due date!!! I am appalled that Chase would cancel my modification because of a notary going a little outside of the margarines & claiming thaDesired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

What I am looking for is for Chase and their attorneys to immediately REVERSE the Motion of Relief for stay. Although they sent me more modification papers, I want them BACK to the original modification amount of $1,534.21. I am on long term disability which is only 60% of the pay that I am used to getting. I have enormous medical bills now close to $100,000. Not sure what my insurance company will be paying. I want any NEGATIVE remarks tak

Review: We are currently in a re-modification situation with our mortgage loan through JP Morgan Chase. We have been in this process since at least April 2013. After numerous times talking with our representative [redacted] and resubmitting forms they finally let us know that the final modification would be going through, all we had to do is fill out the forms when we received them, have both copies notarized and mail them back in. We have done so 5 times. Each time they send a new packet of the same forms there is only a generic description stating that there is an issue with the notary section of the forms and when we call in for more information every person we talk to gives us a different explanation as to why the forms have not been accepted. Nobody seems to know whats really going on and when we've asked to talk to the people actually processing the forms we are told that we cannot and when we ask for copies of the previous forms we are told that they are not authorized to do so. When my husband went and talked with our lawyer today he was informed that Michigan doesn't even require a stamp or seal of approval for the notary section which is what many representatives have stated was an error on the forms, whether it was that it was "in the left hand margins," "not legible," "covering the signature" of the person notarizing the forms, etc. We can't even solve the issue because we haven't even been able to talk to anybody that knows what is really going on. According to the re-modification terms we are supposed to resume payments May 1st, 2014 in the amount of $548.18. When I called to make this payment today I was informed I couldn't make the payment over the phone or on the website but that I had to mail it in.Desired Settlement: I would like for the final modification documents to be accepted and to receive copies of all the prior sent documents with actual explanations of what was wrong with the documents. I would also like for them to take off at least three months of payments for all of the stress and nonsense they have put us through with all of our trips to the county offices to have the forms notarized, the fees for the notarization, all the phone calls and messages we have made and left trying to get a straight answer as to what exactly they wanted on the documents, which we have not received, and for all of the faxing and driving to a fed ex express mailbox to mail these documents repeatedly.

Review: Pursuant to several phone calls with customer service within the Chase Mortgage Department, I was informed to send in a written request to the Chase Mortgage Research Department in order to obtain a copy of my prior mortgage loan payment history with Chase. Pursuant to their website and phone conversations, I faxed over a written request for such information. After no response, I called customer service again and they said it would take 48 hours to receive a response. After no response, I faxed another written authorization and request for my loan payment history. After another 48 hours passed, I called again and was informed it would take up to 5 business days. Still no response. I then was put in touch with a Chase associate who said she would look into my request and see that it was expedited. To date, it has been 14 days since my original request, and I still have not received the information I've requested. I was trying to close on a home loan and because of the LACK of action by Chase to provide me documents to which I am entitled, my closing on the home fell through. I still have not received a call back, an email, a fax or one single document with regard to my multiple requests.Desired Settlement: I want the information I requested to be provided to me immediately. This pertains the loan payment history of a mortgage I had with Chase years ago. I was originally informed it was sent to the research department and they would then fax and/or email me the documentation within 48 hours. I need this information immediately.

Review: My wife and I were forced to liquidate our 401K to make a $26,000 principal payment as we would not have been able to afford the 2nd mortgage we have with Chase when it converts to Principal and Interest. Right now the loan is just interest only which was frozen without explanation several years ago. This complaint is that Chase has not allowed us to pay down our line in a timely fashion. Chase is making it so difficult to pay them back that we just can't figure it out. Numerous times we have called and attempted to make a $26,000 payment over the phone. On Sunday or Monday March 2nd or 3rd, we got a Supervisor and took our information and told us he'd have that $26,000 payment all processed in 24-48 hours. I didn't see anything after three days so I called in and was told that the payment would not occur. No phone call telling me this, I had to call in and find out. Then, we were finally told as long as we kept our payments under $9,999.99 per day that they could process them. I find this strange that $10,000.00 seemed to be a line they wouldn not accept over the phone??? I called another time and got Surpervisor, "[redacted]" who was going to get my the payment mailing address and after a placement on hold for 10 minutes came back on the line and actually said, I don't have the payment address, you'll have to call back in. I called back in again, and after a tremendous amount of time wasted being placed on hold and transferred numerous times to discourage me from continuing to attempt to make a payment, I made one for $9,000 on Thursday March 6th. On Friday, I saw this was not applied as a principal only payment so I called back in and had it reversed. Then I made another $9,000 payment on Friday march 7th and had to call back in on Saturday March 8 and have that one reversed. I tried to make an $8,000 payment on Monday March 10th to complete my $26,000 payment and I was told, after 10 more minutes of being on hold, that they could not do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Desired Settlement: The desired outcome is to have the entire remaining balance paid off by Chase! I am starting here to give them a chance to do the right thing and to share with what their customer service practices are.They are refusing to accept payment and pretty sure violating some policy by not allowing payments over $9,999.99, but making it okay to send them on consecutive days....Further, they are disriminating from allowing me to pay my mortgage. The supervisor did not know the payment address and I would lose several weeks of interest by mailing it in. The last person I spoke with at Chase took all my payment infomation and refused to make the $8,000 payment and told me that I have exceeded my scheduled payments for this loan. This is illegal and cannot continue. I will not tolerate this kind of discrimination and poor treatment. I just wanted to do the responsible thing and pay down my loan so I could afford it. That is being met with hostility and outright refusal to pay this loan down.

Review: First of all ,the name on this account is [redacted].I have his permission to handle his mortgage issues for him.We are domestic partners.Chase promised me they would ammend Mr. [redacted]'s credit report.Now they are going back on the agreement.I was verbally promised by 2 different people,on 2 seperate occasions,this would be done.These lates in question are from March of 2008 until September of 2011.At this time we were having our loan modified.The last representative told me last week all lates would be removed and she would expedite the matter.Now they say they can't do it because of the dates.I have spent hours on the phone.I spoke with the head of the credit department ,and he said he pulled the phone calls and the representative in question did tell me it would be done.but,he said she was misinformed.Did the other representative who promised me the same result also misinformed. I feel they are in violation of a verbal contract.One representative told me they don't ammend credit as a courtesy,I told her I was not asking for a courtesy,just please do the right thing.I have been passed around from person to person and been put on hold more times than I can count.It is very important to uor future for Chase to do as they promised.We were very surprised when [redacted]'s credit report was pulled and all this was there.I have names and dates and they have admitted to me representatives did say all lates would be removed.Misinformed or not ,that is not my problem.I even asked to speak to the highest up in the company and this request was refused.Desired Settlement: All we want Is for Chase to keep their word.We want all lates removed from [redacted]'s credit report.

Review: I am 2 months behind on my mortgage payment. I went online to pay the oldest due payment and fee's. Their website tries to force you to pay the full two months. I called their automated line - put in the same information and it too tries to force you pay the entire amount at once. Of course I got their number off a letter they sent saying "You may have options to lower your payment or avoid foreclosure".. insinuating that there's a chance of foreclosure. I'm trying to give them money and they won't take the lesser amount- trying to force me into paying it all at once. If my finances hadn't gotten worse then I would have paid it in the first place. I'm trying to catch up and now I have spent 2 hours trying to pay a bill and can't get them to take my money.Desired Settlement: research their business practices and stop them from bullying you into starvation.

Review: We are homeowners and we are Senior Citizens, we have modified our mortgage with Chase but the PMI still has not been removed which should have been removed.Desired Settlement: Please remove the PMI

Review: I was terminated due to certain circumstances and applied for their mortgage assistance program. I had absolutely no money coming in to support my family. I applied on October 13th 2014 for a forbearance due to my unfortunate situation. I was issued a "Customer Assistance Specialist". I spoke to this "Customer Service Specialist" twice. Once regarding my application and the second to validate him having received said document. A week or two goes by and I decided to call and check up on the process to find out that the specialist was no longer assigned to my case and that a new one was appointed. Then received a letter in the mail informing me of this change. I proceeded to contact the new "Customer Service Specialist" on multiple occasions to never get a response. So at this point it's been over a month and I am at my wits end with the dealings going on so I asked to lodge a complaint. I was then forwarded to the "Escalations Department". I spoke with a [redacted] to learn that I had no "Customer Service Specialist". Now at this point I had found employment and was concerned about my mortgage going into foreclosure as well as my wife and children having a house. The new "Customer Service Specialist" informed me that I had to send proof of employment which I did for my first week of pay with a company letter head explaining my pay. Then today December 10th 2014 I called and was told I had to furnish 2 more stubs with a new application. These programs are for people in need of help and Chase Mortgage dropped the ball on their end by not helping a loyal customer who was forthcoming with their situation and asking for help. Bottom line is I had to reach out to all possible lifelines to bring my mortgage to current and feel at this point that due to me having so much equity in my home they were trying to push me into foreclosure! This I feel is one of the worst attempts to take advantage of a hard working person and hope this reaches all the right people!Desired Settlement: To let me refinance my home to better my situation.

Review: On August 15, 2015 I updated my home insurance to a new carrier. I contacted Chase, my mortgage lender, on August 17, 2015 with the new home insurance carrier policy information. I informed them that I had paid the premium for the year through my own funds. They supposedly updated the information. Then I received a notice from Chase on 9/22/15 that they believed I had two insurance carriers and needed to cancel one of the policies. I contacted my agent at my new home insurance company, AAA Insurance, and she forwarded to Chase Insurance Department a copy of the declarations page. At that point, Chase assured us that the information was updated accurately. Then on my Oct 2015 statement I found they had paid the premium to AAA Insurance again out of my escrow account. I called them about this and told them the mistake. They told me to wait for a refund check from AAA Insurance. The refund never came. My insurance agent was contacted and she looked into it and found that the check Chase send AAA Insurance was a batch check # [redacted] for more than one accounts insurance payment. The check didn't have enough info for AAA to apply. AAA returned the check. Chase re-applied the funds to another customers account #[redacted]. I have been trying to get my $999 returned to myself or at least my escrow account. It has failed to be returned after speaking with many Chase representatives. Then they tried to send another $999 payment from my escrow on 11/23/15. My escrow is now missing $1998. They mismanaged my funds and misappropriated my money and have failed to return it to me. I have spoken with cust. serv. reps [redacted], also with [redacted] - Sr. Support Specialist, [redacted] and [redacted] in the Insurance Dept. They never called me back to follow up even one time. They have failed to return my money. I am upset and disappointed with them and feel that my money has been stolen from me by my own mortgage carrier.Desired Settlement: I want my money returned to me in the amount of $1998.00. I want a formal apology for the deplorable customer service I received and continue to receive. I want my account to be re-established without escrow so from this point forward I can pay my own taxes and insurance. I would also like compensation of some sort for the time and effort I spent on the phone with Chase trying to get them to see the mistake that they made with my money and correct it.

Review: I received a notice of foreclosure for my home despite 7 applications that have been filed through Chase. Attempts have been made for a Refinancing, Remodification loan, Repayment plans, and Forbearance Plans. Each time I have applied, representatives continue to send paperwork that I have proof I return, drag out the application until it expires, or don't respond at all! I even wrote a letter to Chase complaining of these issues and one of their comments is they were unsure why one of my apps was never addressed. I would like to complain of their false advertising for programs that can assist homeowners as well as lack of representative follow through. I have letter after letter of duplicate documents, change in representatives, etc that has left me with no recourse but to file a complaint. I know I can't be the only one that this is happening to!!!Desired Settlement: This complaint is filed to get resolution in two ways~~make Chase accountable for the ongoing lack of services provided and mainly duress that they cause homeowners who have been stuck w/Chase. Any help would be extremely appreciated!

Review: I have been with Chase for many years and recently my account started having weird transactions that were not adding up to me. So I called chase corporate to see what was going on and they said my account was closing in a week. I asked why a bunch of times but they kept sending me to someone new to speak with and no one had a solid answer. I was just hearing "we don't know further information, just that your account is closing." I do nt use my chase card often so I have a theory about what is going on but chase would not give me any information to further my thoughts.Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

I would like for my account to be re opened and for this to be taken off my records.

Review: About 1 1/2 yrs ago I contacted Chase letting them know that I could no longer afford the home that I have financed through them. The home is NOT worth how much is owed on it. I filed paperwork to get a short sale approved. The process is moving extremely slow and the mortgage bills are still coming through adding up close to $11,000 now. I feel that they are putting this issue off and it's causing my family a lot af strains and financial burden.Desired Settlement: I would like for the company to move along this short sale process that I agreed to. All the paperwork was submitted to chase and this needs to get resolved.

Review: The morning of our scheduled mortgage closing, our banker called to give us the final amount that was due at closing. The amount due was substantially lower than what we had expected because the percentage we were agreeing to put down was lowered without our knowledge, which changed the amount of our monthly payment. Chase gave us the option to choose between them fixing the loan amount and sending it back to underwriting, with the attendant few day turnaround, or them refunding our application fee and continuing with the botched loan. We opted to continue with the loan as written, with the understanding that our application fee would be refunded via check in three weeks. It is now over eight weeks on, we have never received our refund and no one at Chase will return calls or emails.Desired Settlement: We would like the increase in MIP for the life of the loan plus the additional interest that we're responsible for refunded to us.

Review: My wife and I had severe financial problems and got behind on our mortgage payments. I reached out to the mortgage company and was able to obtain a mortgage modification. However, our situation took a turn for the worse and we were unable to comply with the requirements of the modification and our home went into foreclosure. This was several years ago. I have repeatedly applied for a mortgage modification, and was told my income was too low. During this time I had lost my job, and my wife has lost her job. However, I was fortunate enough to gain employment and I again applied for a mortgage modification and it was denied because I did not make enough money. Changed jobs three times and each time making more money but still denied because I did not make enough money. This has been going on for years. In December 2011, I lost my job, and my wife was unemployed also. I started working in August, 2012 and applied for mortgage assistance and was again told that I did not make enough money. This is after I gathered all of the forms and faxed them to Chase repeatedly, only to be denied because I did not make enough money. I received a promotion and raise in August 2013, and again applied for mortgage assistance. I then faxed all of the required forms again, to be told that I did not make enough money to qualify for mortgage assistance. In November, 2013, my wife began working. I again requested mortgage assistance and again repeatedly faxed all of the required paperwork. I was certain it would be approved this time, because our gross income was close to where it was when we had the home built. Unfortunately, this time, we were told I could not obtain mortgage assistance because it was granted before and I did not complete the requirements. It is very strange that we were repeatedly denied due to our low income, and when we are able to meet the financial aspects, they decide to deny us because of something else.Desired Settlement: I want a fixed rate on my mortgage. I want the modification approved and the delinquent funds forgiven. I want the home removed from foreclosure.

Review: I was never late with my house payments since I have been with Chase. I even have my Chase mortgage monthly payments electronically withdrawal from my bank account on the 1st of every month paid in full. I filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in September 2013. With Chase never being in the bankruptcy initially I did not see any potential problems since I was going out of my way to keep their payments going. However, Chase felt since I did file bankruptcy it would be an opportunity time for them to collect $400 fee with Chase attorneys. Although never late or delinquent, Chase attached themselves to my bankruptcy as creditor and collected the $400 and have access monthly Late Charge Fees of $51.55 to Chase home mortgage account.Desired Settlement: The $400 be refunded to me. The monthly charge of $51.55 be removed as a Late Charge Fee from my monthly home mortgage. The monthly charge of $51.55 be zero balanced on all past, present and future figures of my account.

Review: I have been trying to apply for a loan modification through my lender Chase Home Finance. This is the fourth time I have applied and for this round of paperwork I have taken all documents directly to a chase branch as suggested by chase home finance. I returned a call to chase on 8/5/13 at about 4:40 pm. I was told by a VERY rude man that page #4 was missing from my paperwork and that I would have to start the paperwork over again and resubmit all docs. I told him that Chase had Faxed the paperwork for me & he said that didn't matter. I looked at my paperwork while we were on the phone & told "oh look pg #4 is on the back side of pg#3". He told me that there are no two sided documents mailed out from Chase. I told him I was looking right at them, he said I must have gotten those papers from somewhere else. I am sick and am out of work on a medical stress leave, I have no energy to argue with people. He insisted I was wrong & I got so upset I told him to give me his cell # and I would take a picture of it and send it to him. He then put me on speaker phone and I could hear him and what sounded like 2 others laughing at me. I was so upset I was crying & I asked for him name & number and he told me "[redacted]" no # and no last name. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said his mane was "[redacted]" but he was busy, again no # and no last name. I told him this was not right and that I was going to record the call, he said I was not allowed to and hung up on me.Desired Settlement: I want CHASE to process my loan modification & to do it with respect! I do not expect them to grant me any type of modification as the have denied me 3 times already over the last 4 years BUT I do expect to be treated like a person and be treated fairly as anyone should (i am sick and this type of unnecessary frustration is SO not needed)

thank you

Review: We are attempting to add a family member to a mortgage currently held by other family members. The current parties wish to remain on the mortgage. We were required to treat this as a loan assumption and all members were forced to reapply...on a loan that is current without issues. We did so but due to very inadequate instruction from the loan processor, Ms [redacted] in Florence SC initially made some error in supplying documents. When contacted we immediately corrected the error and scanned and emailed the documents to her email address before the next business day. We requested confirmation by email and by phone that these were received. We never received any answer to the messages we left on her voicemail, or her email. Today we received notice that the file was closed due to incomplete documentation. We believe this to be incorrect and a result of the total unresponsive ness of this person (whether it be her real or fake name). We were clear to ask for verification repeatedly that all was in order to be met with total non response. Her attitude prior to this to other questions had been similar, with many attempts needed to even make contact.Desired Settlement: This should be a simple process to add a name to a loan, with all current lenders remaining on the loan. It should be clear to the individuals what is needed from each person rather than a list going to current lenders and the new applicant requesting multiple things, some of which may only apply to one person. When verification that was has been sent is what was required is requested, it should be given or the applicant told what else is needed.

We would like this loan modification to be completed as requested by us. I see on multiple consumer sites that this is common behavior. This should NOT be such a hassle.

Review: In June 2010, I sold a home short sale with Chase's authorization. In return I was suppose to be forgiven for the remaining balance on my loans. At the time, I had two loans on the property. the first mortgage was roughly $132,000 and the second was roughly $40,000. After the sell of my former home, chase and it's collectors have continued contacting me for the full balance of the first mortgage. I recently pulled my credit report and the amount still remains there, thus getting in the way of me purchasing a new home. I should not have to owe ANYTHING on these mortgages because again, Chase chose to release me from the obligation with the sale of my former home that is NOW in the hands of a new owner.Desired Settlement: my desired settlement includes clearing my account with them, removal of entry on my credit report, and never to contact me on this matter again.

Review: The payment on my home equity line of credit increased nearly 5 fold from $550 to $2400. The banker I worked with stated that I had non-standard repayment terms. We requested a refinance of the loan which was denied. We then requested a simple modification of the loan to extend the payment period but that request was denied because we are current on the loan. This has put a undue hardship on our family as we are struggling to pay high college tuition costs and now highly burdensome home equity payments, even though we have over 25% equity in the property which we have owned for 15 years, are current on the mortgage and have credit scores of 760+.Desired Settlement: Loan modification or refinance. I'm being gouged and treated unfairly.

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