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Review: We purchased our house 1 year ago. We did an [redacted] loan and have [redacted] insurance attached to our loan. Since purchase we have completely remodeled our home with 60,000.00 in improvements. When we called their customer service reps told us that since we added so much value to home and have made 12 on time payment that we could have our home appraised to see if we are below 78% LTV. We sent them an appraisal for 153,300 which makes us below 70% LTV. Now they are still not honoring our request to remove our PMI from our payment. when you call you get a different person every time and no one will give a person to call or email in that department. So we have no choice but to contact the Settlement: Remove Mortgage premium insurance.

Review: The PMI on my mortgage loan was supposed to be removed from my account once the loan was paid below 80%, my loan is now below 80% and I have meet all requirements to have it taken off, however they are now requiring more paper work and a BPO to remove it. Which was never stated in the paper work I singed. They are just adding new terms to my loan so they don't have to take it off.Desired Settlement: I want the PMI removed from my account with out having to do a BPO.

Review: I purchased a foreclosed property from Chase. I am owed $447.53 in taxes for the time they owned the property in 2013 prior to my purchase of it.

JP Morgan Chase Bank


Tax Department

Subject: Property Tax Refund

Location: [redacted] WI 54849

To Whom it may Concern;

On September 2nd, 2013 I purchased a foreclosed property from Chase at the above address. At the time of closing, Chase and I agreed that the taxes Chase owed me (for closing) for were based on the previous year 2012 tax bill of $1405.28. That amount divided 12 times 8 (the months chase owned the property) equals $940.69 was the amount that chase paid me. I was fine with that amount until my tax bill for 2013 came the total bill for 2013 was $2082.33. FYI taxes in Wisconsin are paid for 2013 on January, 31st 2014 and June 30th 2014. I have paid the amount due on January 31th 2014 of $1041.17.

I have no idea why the tax amount changed, and trust me, it is of no benefit to me to have them increase.

What I am asking for is a refund of the difference between the amount that was paid ($940.69) and the amount owed based on the new tax value of $2082.33 divided by 12 multiplied by 8 months equals $1388.22 minus the previous amount paid of $940.69 equals a total amount owed to me of $447.53.

Let me be clear, if my taxes had gone up $100, I would not care about this amount. But obviously the taxes went up by 50% which is why I am requesting the refund.

The refund amount can be sent to [redacted] CO 80443-1143.

I have included the tax record for 2012 and 2013-please note that on the 2013 bill it had indicated that I have paid the amount due in January, 2014. Lastly, I have included that bill that was given to me on in December of 2013 informing me that my taxes went up in 2013.

Please call me at ###-###-#### with any questions you may have and please call to indicate how you have chosen to proceed.

Thanks for your time and help,

[redacted] ###-###-#### [redacted] CO 80443Desired Settlement: I want a refund of $447.53 for the property taxes they owe me for the time they owned the property.

Review: I currently have a mortgage with Chase and due to financial hardship I have requested a Deed In Lieu of foreclosure, a service offered by Chase. The property is vacant, and after multiple attempts to sell it, plus ongoing medical issues, I am no longer able to make the payments. I submitted my original request in November 2011, and over the past 7 months Chase has closed my case two times, admittedly by mistake, and are claiming to close it a third time. I was told by a Chase employee in February of 2013 that my request was approximately 2 weeks away from being finalized and not to relist it with my realtor (it had been on the market and trying to go through the short sale process). Also in February, Chase seized the property and I am no longer able to enter the home. I was told by Chase in March that my case was with the investor and would be resolved any day now. I was told this until early April. Four months have gone by, where I could have attempted to sell the property but was not able to as a result of Chase's instruction not to relist it after February. As of today, there is still no resolution, and I am constantly being asked to resubmit documents I have sent numerous times, and my case is now with it's 3rd negotiator. Because Chase has dragged this process out so long, the home is now in foreclosure, but as of today no date has been set. [redacted]Desired Settlement: I need this resolved immediately. I am not trying to push for an approval, I simply need an answer - is it approved or not? If the home is foreclosed without a resolution of the Deed In Lieu request, then I believe it is completely Chase's responsibility. They seized the property in February and kept the home from selling, gave misleading information throughout the entire process, admittedly closed my case twice by mistake, and now I am with my 3rd negotiator who has requested even more paperwork to continue. Chase should not offer a Deed In Lieu of foreclosure as an option to customers if they can never follow through with a resolution.

Review: Chase appears on my credit report as being late for several months. June, July, September, October, November, December of 2012, January and February of 2013, and January, Febuary, March, April,and May of 2014. This is not accurate. I have copies of my banking statements that show Chase payments coming out every single month. I have NEVER EVER MISSED A PAYMENT. There is something wrong with Chase's billing. In fact, Chase owes me for auto-drafting my account twice in January 2013 plus charging me for another amount. I want my credit report cleared today. This mortgage account was for the address of [redacted].

Thank you,Desired Settlement: Clear my credit report of saying I was ever late. Delete the 30 to 60 days lates.

Review: I have applied for Chase Loan in March 2015 and got Loan closed on June 30 2015 with Chase.

During this period of time I got multiple Hard inquires on my Credit Report from Chase Mortgage.Upon inquiry with Chase they were unable to provide any justifiable reason for those inquires.

They (Chase Mortgage) recently sent me a letter stating that inorder to prove them that they have done multiple Har d inquires I need to send them Credit report from all Credit Bureaus along with authorization from my side.Desired Settlement: I would like to get all the irrelevent hard inquires done by Chase Bank to be removed from my Credit reports from all the 3 Credit Bureaus . I have requested this multiple times but had no clear response from Chase.

Review: We have been trying to refinance our home for the past six months. Paperwork constantly gets lost. Within a week of closing (twice) the bank required extra accounts to be paid off, another appraisal, and more hoops to jump through. At the onset of each attempt to refinance, we were told that Chase had all the proper paperwork needed and that no further actions were needed on our part. We were forced to pay county taxes up front, instead of coming from current loan holder's escrow account [redacted]) Within two days of paying taxes, in order to close with Chase, we were denied the loan. Thus, we were forced to pay our taxes when Chase representatives had already denied our loan. We are in the process of closing (second attempt) and we were set to close next week. Now we need another appraisal, that they should have requested 45 days ago, not the week before closing. Chase bank has not been communicating well with us and we still have not been told closing costs. We are tired of being given the run around.Desired Settlement: Refund of cost of appraisal and any other costs given or occurred from dealing with Chase for six months.

Review: 5/11/2015[redacted] Attention: Chase [redacted]., This letter is your formal notice to cease your unauthorized hard inquiries into my credit report and, a formal demand that you immediately contact the credit reporting agencies and credit bureaus, where your organization has made inquiries into my credit history, to have your illegal inquiries removed. Be advised that I will be checking my reports to ensure you have had the following unauthorized inquiries removed:Made by: [redacted]/ Chase Privat[redacted]I have not signed any documents authorizing your organization to view my credit history therefore, your inquiry into my credit report violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Section 168b(c): Transactions Not Initiated by Consumer. If you are in possession of any document that you believe authorizes you or your organization to make inquires into my credit report, I respectfully request a copy of this document be sent to my address listed above so that I may verify its validity. Given the amount of identity theft, Im sure youll agree that verifying your information is in your best interest. Finally, assuming you do not posses inquiry authorization or authorization into my home property address and loan information, I request that, after removing your unauthorized and illegal inquires from my credit profiles, you also remove all of my personal information from your illegal records and send me confirmation that you have complied with my requests. Sincerely[redacted]Desired Settlement: Please remove my personal information from your illegal records and stop all harassing phone calls and letters.

Review: My mortgage was transferred to chase by another mortgage company without any previous notice; just over night I found my mortgage with chase. Then I went through refinancing at a lower interest rate with chase. After talking with a representative I went ahead with the non refundable appraisal. Once completed the house was appraised below the allowed 80% loan to value and they required PMI. I contacted my loan officer, MB Floater Processor and servicing department of mortgage company to verify how and when the PMI can be removed. All whom I spoke with from Chase assured and informed me with no hesitation that the PMI can be removed when the ratio of loan to value is 80% or higher, there is no restriction as far as the time frame and there is no other requirements. The provided answer made me to proceed to get refinancing process done with chase because I thought Chase is a trusted name. I requested an appraisal after almost one year that I found out the house value is higher to keep up with the required loan to value ratio, now I get another requirement to deny my request. they say there is no substantial improvement on the house and PMI is not removable for the first 2 years. These are the requirements that I've never been disclosed by any one in Chase even when I asked them personally about other requirements or especially restriction on time frame or waiting period.I was assured that there is no waiting period for removing PMI. I would not thought twice about proceeding with the refinancing with chase if I was informed of the all requirments.Desired Settlement: removing PMI

Review: I am a single mother of two children with no help and support from their father. I am self employed and an owner and stylist of a salon. I came upon hard times in business plus losing 2 stylists. my son became ill and required testing and meds not covered by my plan. this time also required legal fees to handle his dad. all of this was put in writing and ask for assistanace. I have been dealing with this for over 3 months while all the time my cedit is sufferring and I am strugguling to pay the bills. I was assigned a person to talk with and I have left numerous messages with no response. each time I call it is with a different person and with different info that I have to turn in. we have been at this for months and it seems like chace is not willing to help and I need further assistence. they have strung this along for almost 3 months. I need help in order to not loose my home. chase has told me they would help me before I consider the alternitive. I want to save my childrens home but this company is not helping at all. I want to let others know the struggle I have had with chase bank mortgageDesired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

I would like someone to work with me as they told me they would to say my home

Review: Chase/[redacted] didn't issue "Mortgage Discharge letter" to [redacted] land recording

I refinanced my Chase/[redacted] with [redacted] back in 2003 for my Collateral proprty "[redacted] Ma 02143" and I am in the process of selling the propoerty and closing date is tomorrow Aug 2nd and I was told by my reas estate attorney that closing gets delayed due to fact Chase bank didn't issue mortgage discharge to "[redacted] land recording" web site.

Name : [redacted] Current Address : [redacted] CA 95125

Collateral address : [redacted] Ma 02143

Phone : ###-###-####

FAX : ###-###-####

I have enclosed a copy of my title as well as copy of deed of trust. I am in the process of selling my collateral property and closing date is 08/02/2013 and I fighting with the time. I need reconveyance document from [redacted]/Chase bank fax to following # given below ASAP. I refinanced my mortgage with [redacted] back in 2003 and it seems no mortgage discharge is recorded in the [redacted] land recording web site.

Please expedite it ASAP.

Please expedite and fax the reconveyance letter to my real estate attorney"[redacted]" at

###-###-####Desired Settlement: Please expedite and fax the reconveyance letter regarding "[redacted] Ma 02143" to my real estate attorney"[redacted]" at


Review: On or about 5/22/14, I received yet another letter of indebtedness from Chase, reference account number [redacted] First, the property was sold with Chase approval on or about 6 March 2014[redacted] and [redacted] acting with Chase, satisfactorily came to terms on the aforementioned date. My concern and or request is three-fold. First, please correct my credit to indicate that the property has been sold and discontinue reporting delinquency to the credit bureaus. Secondly, please release my name as the owner on all matters of public record. Lastly, please correct my mailing address which is [redacted]I have received invoices to my correct mailing address for quite some time, [redacted] However, the letters of indebtedness, inexplicably, went to [redacted] thus delaying my receipt. Faxing to: [redacted]Tel: [redacted]: The, New JerseySincerely[redacted] Manager, [redacted]Desired Settlement: First, please correct my credit to indicate that the property has been sold and discontinue reporting delinquency to the credit bureaus. Secondly, please release my name as the owner on all matters of public record. Lastly, please correct my mailing address which is [redacted]

Review: Chase Bank, Mortgage Lender [redacted], solicited me for a refinance on a rental property that we purchased Chase/ FHA in 5/2008, She met with me Sept 2012. We started the loan process and all was moving forward, until underwriting found that we also had a Chase/ FHA on another rental property purchased as a primary residence 7/2010. Right away they accused us of doing something illegal, " we know your good people and didn't mean to do anything wrong" while I fought to keep the loan moving forward, Chase kept asking for information that was almost impossible to get without getting my taxes done, and that wouldn't be until after the first of the year, because the either embarrassed that a second FHA got through underwriting , or that they feel we deceived them in some way, Chase banl called me Nov. 6th 2012 and told me that " this loan would not be going forward and this is true and factual", I contacted the federal reserve, who assigned me a case number and an advocate through Chase bank, who was given dates and times that do not match my date and times on emails and voice mail I received from Chase, I was also dismissed by this person, I never disputed his decision since he based his decision on what he thought was truth.

On Dec 26, 2012, I contacted the federal reserve again, only wanting to start the loan process again through a different branch, I was contacted at the end of Feb 2013. the loan process was started Mar 4, 2013, four months later I sit here, in and out of underwriting as they keep charging me .5 of a pt for every month that goes by as they request redundant information that does not reflect whether we are credit worthy or not.

My opinion is that they think I will go away as they make this situation as expensive and painful as possible. If Chase manages to disqualify me for this refinance, the still own this loan, that does not change, but they will manage to collect 6% intrest for the next twenty five years of whats left on this loan, I feel that they have held us at a higher standard, for unfounded reasonsDesired Settlement: I need to have this resolved as quickly as possible, there was no reason this could not have closed at the end of May, I feel any charges after that time are not warrented,

Review: I had an existing home loan with Chase with a high interest rate. I re-financed with them and worked with [redacted] and [redacted]. I'm not a home loan expert, in fact, all of this was new to me. I relyed 100% on them to answer all my questions and I was confi[redacted] that they were setting everything up correctly. After it was all said and done, my monthly mortgage was supposed to be $534.85 for 15 years (which includes taxes and insurance). That was pushing what I could afford but I was ok with that. I paid April 2013 payment, May 2013 payment, and June 2013 payment then on June 24th I received a letter in the mail stating my ESCROW account was short $672.78. My 3 options they gave me is I either have to pay the $672.78 and my payment will go up to $538.82, I could pay part of the shortage and my payment will be raised by dividing evently the balance, or I pay nothing and my payment goes to $594.89. I don't have any extra money to pay $672.78 up front, nor do I have extra room in my monthly budget to afford to pay $50 more per month. Keep in mind, this is less than 3 months after I closed on my re-finance! Someone miscalculated. I called Chase and they said it was the Title companies fault, I called the title company and they said it was Chase's fault.Desired Settlement: I would like whoever is responsible for miscalculating (whether it be Chase or the Title Company) to fund my ESCROW account $672.78 and my payment only be $538.82 starting on 09/01. This was not my mistake and had I have known my payment was going to go up by $50/month 3 months after the re-fi closed I would've never done this whole thing.

Review: JPMORGAN, CHASE BANK REPORTED TO SELECT PORTFOLIO SERVICING THE COMPONY THEY TRANSFERED TO SERVICING MY MORGAGE LOAN AND TO THE CREDIT BUREAU THAT I WAS LATE ON 2 PAYMENTS 1 IN JUNE 2012 OR 2013 AND DEC 2012 OR 2013 NOT SURE AS THEY GAVE ME AND SELECT PORTFOLIO SERVICING DIFERENT DATES.I WOULD LIKE THIS MATTER CLEARED UP AND REPORTED TO ALL CREDIT BUREAUS, THEY OVER charged me in verious areas of my loan, they transferred my loan when we were in the process of finding out why they charged me for being late. I sent them copies of payments paid 2 times in the same month.I also discussed with chase that I made a payment in chase bank and it was not recorded, they told me to wait because I was in the process of loan modification and it would hold up the modification.Desired Settlement: all settlement due to me, late payments and fees corrected.

Review: I have been under contract with my condo in a shortsale process since June 2013, after being on the market, trying to sell for two years. Chase has time and time again stalled the process with no reasoning for stalling for going on 9 months now. I understand that this process is never quick, but we have provided all our paper work over, and over, resubmitting everything multiple times upon request. Chase is purposely stalling, so the paperwork never gets approved, waiting for the buyer to get tired of the situation and leave the contract.Desired Settlement: Completion of shortsale process, releasing me from any further obligations to them with the sale of this condo.

Review: In a HARP mortgage refinancing application submitted through the Waterford JP Morgan Chase branch, for mortgage loan [redacted] address [redacted] The Sr. Loan Processor of JP Morgan Chase, indicated that an issue existed with the title (documents forwarded). I was surprised of this response since I made and held this load with Chase since 2008 and nothing was mentioned at the time.

Chase directed me to [redacted] Title Insurance Company, and to request that [redacted] investigate the issue with the property title. On December 2 of 2013, [redacted] replied that Chase was the insured party, and that I could not submit a claim. It was Chase responsibility to submit the inquiry. I provided this information to Chase (documents forwarded).

Despite providing this data to Chase, on February 10th, 2014, Chase sent my wife and I letters of default on the mortgage, and reported us to be in default to the credit bureau. We learned of this when we applied for credit and it was denied. This has caused harm to me and my wife (documents forwarded).

I secured the services of an Attorney, whom submitted a letter to Chase inquiring on the issue, and indicating that payments would not be made on the property while issue was discussed.

I did notice today December 9th, 2014 that the mortgage entry is not listed under my name when I logged onto Chase online to check my accounts.

Why was a loan extended to me in the first place if this issue existed? I have previously refinance this loan and paid over approximately 5 years on this mortgage under JP Morgan Chase and prior to this approximately 5 additional years under [redacted] Financial. The loan was extended without issues; however issue were found when refinancing through HARP was requested.

In this case the banks have benefited from this deal, and I have paid this loan with interest for over 10 years (collectively). Now have my credit rating affected for a property that was never mine.

No responses (beside foreclosure, reporting to credit bureau, and removing mortgage from online) has been received from JP Morgan Chase in this matter.Desired Settlement: I request that JP Morgan Chase removes the report made to the credit bureau that is currently damaging my credit. (I have not quantified at this point how much damage this represents).

I request that JP Morgan Chase contact my attorney to settle this matter. Note that my attorney has reached out via mail to JP Morgan Chase on this matter. Note I do not trust, and I am not interested in continuing business with JP Morgan Chase on this property.

Review: In November 2013 I applied for a loan modification from this company. My monthly payment is $350. My mortgage is currently in default and they have not reached a decision on my loan. I did receive a letter from them 10 days ago indicating my monthly mortgage would not be $500. I cannot afford this monthly amount. They have continued to ask for documentation about my income and I send them this information and they continue to ask for documentation.Desired Settlement: I would like them for finalize my loan modification and for my payment not to be raised to $500 a month.

Review: Chase is not providing a courtesy (once a year) fee removable.

Chase states I requested a fee removable last Oct. or Nov. 2015

Fee removable was not requested by me.

Chase invoice states payment to be made by the 16th of every month

Chase does not state on the invoice that if you pay online you have to pay by 8PM Eastern Time.

Chase does state online that you have to pay by 8PM Eastern Time

Payment was made at 8:45PM Eastern Time December 16, 2015

Payments have been made on the 16th of every month if not before then using online optionDesired Settlement: Fee of $21.91 waived.

Review: I had a mortgage with chase loan [redacted] that had an escrow account. I sold my property [redacted] on oct 30 2015. At the closing I paid 791.73 for taxes in my hud settlement. The lawyer sent 791.73 which was received by [redacted] county on 11/06/20.. I verified this was the lawyers payment by [redacted] county at [redacted] Chase then sent a duplicate payment which I am supposed to receive back. Each time I call chase to find the status of refund I am given the runaround. On 1/2 called spoke w tax specialist [redacted] at [redacted] was told only chase paid taxes which is not true because [redacted] received the lawyers check on 11/06 if I verified. I was told by [redacted] chase paid the taxes again on 11/20 through their servicer [redacted] I have explained to chase each time I paid the taxes at closing and they keep holding my 791.73.Desired Settlement: They need to send my refund of 791.73 if I owed them 791 they would call everyday

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