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Review: I am complaining about the customer service I have received from Chase employees while going through the mortgage process. My original Mortgage Banker was fantastic. About a week before closing I was speaking with the Loan Processor on the phone regarding an email from her requesting documents. I was in a panic because we were a week away from closing and no one had touched base with me. After questioning the LP I found the appraisal was set for the day before closing and that my MB had changed. After multiple email attempts to my new MB he finally called me two days before the scheduled closing. He wouldn't say much and would allow long moments of silence after I was done speaking. He admitted that my loan had gotten lost in the shuffle of changing bankers. He would not apologize until I requested it. He spoke rudely to me, raised his voice and was defensive. He was clearly upset with me for demanding answers and questioning why he wouldn't respond to me. A new closing date was set. I received an email the day before closing requesting more documents. I had already provided the documents twice prior. I immediately sent them again and inquired about the closing the following day. Later that day I received an email stating we would not be closing the next day because they were waiting on me for paperwork. No one called me, no one returned my emails. Four days later, after numerous emails asking/begging for help, communication and direction, I got a call from my LP. She was short, harsh, rude and defensive with me. Chase employees have been rude, mean, belittling, and inhumane. The shear lack of communication left me feeling purposely ignored and harassed. I shared that information with them and didn't get a response. They didn't care about me as a customer nor as a human being. They caused me to have multiple panic attacks and trouble functioning in day to day activities. They cost me money in extra rent and moving costs.Desired Settlement: I would like a reduction on my closing costs. After my first canceled closing they agreed to refund my appraisal. I hoped my service would be better after working that out. My service continued to be non-existent and cost me a second failed closing. I don't feel I should pay for services I did not receive in a timely and professional manor.

Review: Chase promised to give us a 2nd home modification loan according to President Obama - better affording homes program. We were given a home mod loan when I had my first heart attack in 2011. Chase reduced our interest rate from 9.95 % to 4%, which lowered our payments to a manageable payment of $350, we were faithful in making payments on time, we were told at the time of the arrangement that it was a 2 year modification, if at the time of it ending, we were still having financial problems it would be re-done for us. In 2012 I suffered another heart attack, was off work 6 months. We struggled, sold jewelry, my coin collection, took out loans on our 401K's to help us live. In 2012 we were notified that our modification was over and payments were going to 585 per month, w/ interest to 9.99%. We could not afford this, contacted Chase for assistance as promised in 2011. Chase began another home modification loan for us with promise of helping us again. We continued to make the $399 payment we could afford so to not get too behind. A couple of times when we were able we made the 585 payment. In 2013 I suffered a fall that tore my rotator cuff and I had surgery and was off work for another 6 months. In Oct 2012 we sent Chase all the info they requested, have continued until present day May 2014, always being told we would get our modification. Being off work again we depleted our 401K - early withdrawal to pay Chase and also our 1st mort when we got extremely behind. This early withdrawal has increased our year income and hurt us financially. 1 year of trying to get a modification w/ Chase as promised, we were told to get Chase's modif help our 1st mortgage (Wells Fqr) was to modify our loan, get us caught up with them, then they would then help us with Chase mod loan. Wellsfargo lowered our pymt by $200( 5.75% to 4%). Chase has given us 5 diff modif. spec all asking for the same info over again every month - we have complied. 1+1/2 yr later - today we r told - no Mod.Desired Settlement: We want our promised modification loan as promised in 2011 - to reduce int - 4%, 2nd mortgage w/ Chase to be $350 & modif whole loan. We cannot pay the $9000+ we are now behind. Chase wants a short sale of our home, or lose it. Last year Chase refused to take our partial payments, so we could not pay them even the $350 - they returned them. We have given them all our money from 401K, which increased our income on taxes, they received that money as payment w/ them promising a modification loan. We have nothing left to sell. We DID EVERYTHING THEY ASKED!!! They have done nothing as promised. President Obama made these programs available for us and to help them when they help us. Why are we not being helped as promised. Our 1st mortgage is up to date and we can make Chase modification payments of 350, but they refuse to help after all this time - a year and a half and 5 specialists later. They now want to take our home, but since they are 2nd, 1st mortgage will get money if sold ??

Review: 11/2013 my mortgage payment was transferred to the wrong account which led to a mis payment. It was resolved by my bank via a formal letter and contact by bank directly to Chase. The next month they put a block payment on my account and I was informed that I had to pay certified or western union... After numerous attempt to contact Chase with over 100 hours logged in on my cell phone the letter was misplaced and they excepted payment in 12/13.. There after transferred were done incorrectly by my bank again with chase inwhich they informed Chase that. This has gone on until 02/14 in I had to go to my bank again and sit with the bank manager for over 3 hours to resovove this matter.Desired Settlement: all my late charges removed and one month paid for cell phone time and trouble of setting up 4 appointments with my bank to chase.

Review: I was divorced as of 9/13 and I have been working with Chase since October 2013 to assume my mortgage. The first person just never called me back after months of calls in customer service and their emails poking her to contact me. After several complaints they assigned me another company rep to handle my assumption but the experience never got any better. To the point that I had to take it to the escalation department then to the executive level but all with out help. Even with all the efforts Chase has denied my assumption saying that my DTI ratio is over 103%. Now I just bought a new car and boat with in the last 4 months and got the absolute best interest rates possible for both transactions but neither of these two banks had an problem issuing me credit. Additionally, [redacted] as approved me for a home loan in excess of $460K based upon all the same info Chase has but Chase will not let me assume a loan of $130K. Now in order for me to stay in my home I need to refi with [redacted] and due to the housing market crash I need to bring over $13K to closing of which $7K are fees that do not go towards my principal. If I stay with Chase and assume my loan I need no money at closing. I do not feel I should have to pay for my home twice; [redacted] did a great job of contact my current and previous employer to confirm past salaries/bonus and current and all questions they had which were all the same as Chase were put to bed in a timely fashion. Chase never made the calls and I feel as if someone at Chase really wanted to they would do the same due diligence as [redacted] had done. I just want to stay in my home and not have to pay $13K to do so especially since I have paid my mortgage for 10 years without one late payment!Desired Settlement: Let me assume my loan from Chase!

Review: Conflict with balance amount issues. Ending amount balances very in two dollars increments from time to time.Desired Settlement: Would like a conformation that my account will not be compromised in anyway shape or form.



This e-mail is to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence from [redacted] . [redacted] – Case No. [redacted] Chase takes consumer feedback very seriously. We have fully reviewed this matter and a detailed response has been mailed directly to the consumer on January 7, 2015. In order to protect consumer privacy, the consumer has been advised they have the option to share the response directly with you. If you have any questions or concerns, I may be reached at 1-

Review: Chase falsely reported myself and my husbands mortgage account three months in a row late on 3/2014, 4/2014 & 5/2014, which we were not late even one month. we went to refinance our home that is how we found out about the false reporting.Desired Settlement: would like Chase Bank Mortgage Management to retract the false reporting on both myself and my husbands credit, along with hopefully repremanding the person who sent in the false report.

Review: A year ago my husband & I filled out paperwork for a mortgage modification with Chase Finance. We were told it would take 30 days for a decision. We are still waiting. I have called and faxed information to this company for a year. They always have an excuse as to why the modification will not go through. They are missing a page that they say I didn't sent them, the forms after 30 days become outdated and I have to resend, I have faxed them information, sent it overnight mail (fedex & ups) etc...the excuses from them go on and on. I just received a letter from Chase stating we will have a new mortgage company on December 1st 2014. Without even finishing the current paperwork process. I sent a complaint letter back during the middle of the year and even got the run around from their coporate office. They would call me, leave a message to contact them, I would call and have to leave message after message without ever speaking to anyone. I just gave up. We thought this was a company we could rely on and work with but they just give us the run around. I can never get any answers except to fill out the proper paperwork and send it in. Which we have done numerous times. Now they have sent our mortgage to a new company, on the letter I received it states "You'll contact your new sericer for any questions about your account. On or after 12/1/2014, Chase will no longer accept your payments." This is completely bogus, After 10 years of paying our mortgage at 6.5% they are throwing us away because we are trying to make a modification to lower our interest rate % and have it be in line with other rates. They assign you to a "specialist" that you rarely ever get a chance to speak with. I call and have to speak with other specialists because I work when they call me. All we wanted was to modify our current mortgage for a better rate and the company threw us away.Desired Settlement: When a company contacts you and says they offer a program that can lower your interest rate, and help get you back on your feet after a devistating illness that affected me and my family, and then makes it so difficult to process? Who holds them accountable? We spent 10 years without any issues of paying our mortgage and only to find out a 6.5% could have been reduced to as low as 2.5%? The past year we have felt like rabbits going after a dangling carrot. We wanted to stay with Chase Finance but it seems they do not want us as a customer anymore since they have transferred our mortgage. I can not for the life of me understand how they are allowed to to this without any notice or approval from us. We have been trying for a year to make changes and they are allowed to just get rid of our mortgage. I guess the only outcome I want is someone to look into thier business practices, and perhaps stop them from making promises they have no intention of following through on and ruining lives

Review: Chase Mtg reported by mortgage #[redacted] as 30 days past due for the October payment that was due on 10/1 and paid on 10/31/2014. Chase maintains they can report to credit bureau when account is 29 days past due and not 30 days past due. This is a new practice, since I have previously paid on the 31st of the month without having been reported late to the credit bureau.Desired Settlement: REMOVE DEROGATORY INFORMATION THAT PAYMENT WAS 30 DAYS PAST DUE FROM CREDIT REPORT FOR OCTOBER 2014 SINCE REPORTING BUREAU DOES NOT INDICATE MORE THAN 29 PAST DUE, IT INDICATES 30.

Review: So, I am in a battle with JP Morgan Chase about a re-finance of my house in [redacted] During the application I was given a GFE where all the cost were being paid for by the Lender. I was called by Chase, I didn't seek this out.

Now that everything is approved and ready to go, then send me another GFE where I am to pay $11K at closing for all the fees. So I am like "No, look at this" and I send them the original GFE.

There was a transfer of this loan from the ** office to the ** office, since that is where the house is. But I was very upfront about the location of the property. So I did not deceive them in any way. In fact, I wasn't going to go forward, because I didn't see how they were making money on this transaction. Just me lowering my Interest rate and them paying the costs.

This is the email that was sent that I accepted and filed an application

From: [redacted]

Sent: Friday, June 13, 2014 4:52 PM

To: '[redacted]'

Subject: Chase refinance - Good Faith Estimate

Importance: High

Hello Mr. [redacted],

Thanks for your time today. Just a reminder that Chase can refinance your mortgage to a lower rate with no appraisal, no credit qualifying, and no income verification – and Chase would pay your 3rd-party refinance costs. Based on your current mortgage rate and loan amount, you would lower your payment by roughly $275, with a 4.875% 25-year fixed rate loan.

I have attached a Good Faith Estimate for this 25-year refinance option – note that the $3487 in 3rd-party closing fees is paid via the Chase “Lender Paid” credit of $3487.

You pay $0 for application, and minimal (if any) funds due at closing – at most, at closing you would pay a portion of the interest/escrow amount, from the mortgage payment you would skip in the month after your loan closing.

Please email or call me with any questions, or let me know when you have time for a 10-minute phone application.

Best Regards, [redacted]Desired Settlement: I want Chase to honor their original Good Faith Estimate and not switch to charging me $11K in closing costs.

Review: Chase denied my home mortgage at the last minute (on the morning of escrow close day).

1. Applied for Home mortgage loan ~08/07.

2. Got immediate pre-approval/rate-lock. In10 days, got an email giving me full approval for me to remove loan contingency on purchase agreement. on 09/03, got an email that loan is fully approved and bank is going to send lenders (instructions to escrow company) on 09/04

3. On 09/04, got an email that Chase denied my loan and does not want to do business with me. Unbelievable!!!! And the reason given is that there is an issue with my checking account (I do not know what the issue is... I opened a checking account couple months back and Chase closed it because of a deposit made by one of my friends who loaned from me. And I disclosed this when applying for the loan and the loan officer assured me that it is not a problem for loan).

Completely irresponsible way of handling business and unethical business practices... A clear description against me and the last minute denial affected me in many ways....

1. High stress for ~3 weeks (until I close the escrow through another finance company) due to renegotiation with seller...

2. On the verge of loosing the earnest money deposit and not getting the home....

3. Ended up paying 5500$ to seller for extension to close the escrow. And Chase did not refund my application fee of 560$

Filed a compliant with ~5-10 days back but chose the wrong address for the Chase business. So, filing again with the correct address of the business.Desired Settlement: 1. A sincere apology from high level management team.

2. Refund of my application fee of 560$

3. Pay back the 5500$ that I ended up paying to Seller because of this last minute denial from Chase. They could have denied it with in first week so I could have gone with another finance company.

Review: Chase Home finance mailed us an escrow analysis after the first year of living in our home. The escrow shortage was in excess of $1300. We were blown away by the amount. We learned that Chase, as well as the assessor did not assess our property correctly for the entire first year and were paying property taxes on a construction loan, not on a completed residence. Chase said that the mistake does not matter and that we were responsible for paying the shortage in full or spread out payments throughout the months. We decided to pay the escrow shortage in full at a Chase branch along with our new mortgage payment on on June 1st. WE MADE SURE THAT FUND WERE APPLIED APPROPRIATELY AND SAVED OUR RECEIPT. come to find out on June 12th, they applied our escrow shortage to principal instead of escrow. We proceeded to call chase to fix what they had done. They lady we spoke with said that it was an easy fix and that she would reissue a statement for July 1. This never came. We paid the correct amount for July 1. They did not accept our payment and held our money and sent us a late notice on July 26th saying that if we did not make our payment it would be reported to the credit agencies. I have called over 10 times since June 12th to fix the payments and escrow shortage that we made on June 1st, and have them apply our July payment so it does not hit our credit and the only thing that has been satisfied is the application of my July payment and the reversal of an inappropriate late fee.Desired Settlement: Take care of your customers. Do things correctly in the first place when the customer goes out of their way to staify YOUR bill and mistake. Fix the issue in a timely manner!!!!!! I have called over 10 different times and been told ten different dates that the siuation would be corrected and it still hasn't.

Review: We began the search for rates, etc. with lenders late April as we found the house we loved the last weekend in April. That weekend we walked into Chase bank on [redacted] and [redacted] tollroad where we met [redacted], your mortgage banker. Upon the initial meeting with [redacted] it was evident that he assumed we were a couple that would agree to any term in order to get the house. [redacted] already at that point failed to communicate clearly with us any guidelines, processes, etc. However, Chase was still able to get us a great rate so we moved forward with Chase.

After my fiancé and I chose Chase bank we began the process with discussing numbers with [redacted]. We had already let him know that we had the 20% for the conventional loan and that our loan would be bread and butter. We provided [redacted] with ALL documentation that was requested in order to process the approval paperwork for the loan. A week and a half later after not hearing from [redacted] I initiated communication where [redacted] told [redacted] and I that we would need an additional loan of $5,000, which made no sense at all. He claimed that it was to meet the PITI number but this was already qualified for in our accounts before we had begun the process of buying a house. At that point in time I asked that [redacted] call [redacted] to clarify. At that point in time [redacted] told [redacted] the he would check on it again regarding the extra $5,000. [redacted] called a few other lenders at that time to cross check the loan process with what [redacted] was saying. [redacted] never called back to let [redacted] know what the final word was. [redacted] gave him 4 days to respond and it was on that 4th day when [redacted] called [redacted] again to ask about the $5,000 and [redacted] still said we might need it. This is just after my fiancé and myself did research on how the bankers get incentives after meeting certain numbers. It was at that time [redacted] called you for some assistance. This again felt unethical and almost caused us to move lenders. [redacted] expressed his concerns to [redacted] that day and explained he was feeling like it might be better if we went through someone else. [redacted] told [redacted] that he can go to someone else and "he has lost deals before." It was an odd response for someone in that position.

A week later on 5/6/2014, I emailed [redacted] our insurance information (hazard and [redacted]). I consistently followed up with him and requested that he contact the insurance company and [redacted] insisted that it only took "30 minutes". That alone set us, the customer, up for failure as he displayed little to no effort at ensuring Chase not only received our business but received continual business from a loyal customer. On 5/28, [redacted] requested the info from me AGAIN, instead of searching through his email. He then decided to contact the insurance company for the info; which should have already been completed.

05/29- The day before closing [redacted] has not bothered to call, email or communicate any sort of status to me. This alone was a problem as a closing is a life altering event and the mortgage banker who receives the incentives should be bending over backwards to ensure that we as the customer are kept up to date. In order to ensure that I had the cash for closing I waited 30 min away from my home in front of a Chase Bank until 545. I STILL did not receive a call from [redacted] at that point, I had to again initiate. At that point in time I went over my expectations of customer service to [redacted] and he continually mocked me as if I was beneath his intelligence level.

5/30- At 11 am, I had yet to hear from Chase bank and neither had my realtor. I wait an entire day to ensure that we are able to close. 2 pm, our title company gets the final HUD statement for closing. Sitting at the table I discover that the deed states that I am married and married to my dad. However, there was never a credit check, account activity or any information requested on my dad. So, for [redacted] to state that I told him I was married. Not to mention that being married to my dad is clearly false as it would be illegal to have Chase put my father on the deed as not only my husband, but yet do no background check. This was something that could have been fixed immediately by asking as clearly that would not be a true statement. The only way [redacted] got that name is because my mother and father provided us with a gift letter. This would have been the ONLY way [redacted] got this name. However, we moved forward... I sit down again and look at the HUD statement to find that there is no [redacted] included in our escrow account payment, which is insane. Again, how could something as imperative as a coastal county who requires [redacted] get looked over?

On top of all of these misfortunes, we had to deal with a mortgage banker who hung the phone up on me, called me "ignorant" and continually insulted my finace and I's intelligence level.Desired Settlement: chase was able to refund me my application fee but there are several other fee's that Chase had no problem taking from me at closing.

Please ask for Hud-1 statement if necessary

Review: On November 28th 2006, I cosigned on a home with [redacted] located at [redacted] In April of 2012 the 18th day I signed a quitclaim deed and give it all to her. The last few months we have been getting the run around from Chase to have me assumed from the loan. Every time they send me paperwork its for a new loan. I do not want a loan with them I am trying to have my name removed from the loan. They keep giving me the run around. I am in the process of purchasing a home for my family and this is the only thing holding me back. We've written numerous letters and has made many phone calls. And we are going in circles. I need this problem resolved ASAP.Desired Settlement: Will like my name removed from Miss [redacted] property. Its her home she lives there. I have never lived there.

Review: I'm trying to modify my mortgage trough Chase. I've meet their requirement up to the point of receiving paper work from chase that is need of being notarized , I have on 4 occasions brought said paperwork to my local nutmeg state federal CU where they have been very helpful , the paperwork was signed and notarized then returned to chase all 4 times they have given me a new set of paperwork with excuses why the paperwork is not acceptable to them including that the seal is not inside the margins and that the notaries stamp ( metal stamp that embeds the seal into the paperwork ) is not readable . I've have tried to accommodate them and have spent 60$ on doing so. Since the nearest branch is about 1 hour plus drive away from my locationDesired Settlement: Paperwork that they r in possession of be accepted and filed

Review: On June 25th 2004 me and my wife got Pre-Approved by [redacted] which is a Mortgage Banker located at [redacted]. We went into Contract for a new place and 48 hours prior to closing. That is right, 48 hours prior to closing they say that due to unable to approve the Project, they cannot proceed with the loan.

My Complaint is that we went into Contract in early September and were going to close on October 22nd. Why did they not look into the Flood Insurance situation way before and we find out it does not meet FEMA regulations and their under-writing cannot continue.

This can cost me up to $4,000 which I have in Escrow. Chase Bank should have handled things differently and we should have known about the Insurance situation way before maybe back in September. So I want this complaint to be heard about the way Chase handled business with my family and placed us on the situation we are now in.Desired Settlement: I want Chase to fix this situation and compensate for damages cost. Meaning I am losing about $4,000 right now. I am not requesting $4,000 but they have to give good explanation in writing and try to compensate somehow for damages.


Review: On October 1, 2014 I applied to refinance my home and was told I had a 30 day late strike on my credit report resulting my credit score being lowered by 65 points! I assumed that I must have missed a payment. I called Chase customer service and pleaded for a one time courtesy removal of the negative report explaining that I had been a faithful customer for 14 years and, to my knowledge, never missed a payment. The Chase customer service representative told me there was nothing she could do to help. In fact, she went on to say that if I had a 30 day late payment reported in July that I must have also been late in June. I asked to speak to a supervisor [redacted] and he apologized for the previous lack of help. He said he was able to help me with the problem, but eventually I realized we were not communicating because he was only offering to waive the late fee. I told him that I had no problem paying the late fee if I owed one, but I was most concerned with the having the 30 day strike removed from my credit report because it was so greatly impacting my credit score. He told me that Chase was only able to report negative credit and had no ability to remove it once it was on the report. He said he would send me a written letter confirming removal of the late fee, but that I would have to contact the reporting agencies myself. For the past few days I have just assumed that I missed a payment. Today, I looked at my online banking history to find that I have NOT missed any payments! I get paid once per month on the 15th and I see on my bank report I have made payments very consistently, within a week of my payday, well above the minimum payment required. I tried one last time to have the negative information removed from my credit report (today I spoke with [redacted]). She told me she had "no authorization to remove information reported to the credit bureaus."Desired Settlement: Remove 30 day late strike from credit reporting agencies.

Review: Chase has made repeated errors in the billing of our mortgage and refuses to fix them. I have spent hours on the phone and spoken to multiple supervisors and multiple departments and Chase has still not resolved the billing issue with our mortgage.Desired Settlement: Desired outcome is for Chase to correct the billing errors with our mortgage.

Review: We have been dealing with chase for first modification then short sale. We are constantly calling Chase even though they are supposed to be contacting us. They have lied, acted like they weren't on the phone when they would contact us, call and hang up, etc. We have sent copies and copies of proof only to be told they always need more. Every time we contact them we find out we have a new service specialist and they don't even let us know. We should have been sent a package to short sale our home and we have yet to receive it. I called [redacted] to complain that we have not received the packet and now her phone won't let my call go through. What is going on? They have lied to us, tried to cheat and steal from us and I don't know how they keep getting away with treating their customers this way.Desired Settlement: I want chase to expedite my paperwork and help us complete this short sale within 60 days

Review: My husband and I applied for a loan with Chase. Everything was approved and we were set to close. A week before the closing date, I get a call from our mortgage lender and he tells me "your property is not on the approved list, you have to find another home". At this point we had scheduled a baby-sitter for my daughter, my husband and I took off work, and we had to be out of our apartment so I was extremely stressed and frustrated. 4 months later I still have not received an answer as to why I was told a week before closing that our property was not on the approved list. Our mortgage lender had ALL our information long before he told us this. We ended up filing for a mortgage with another bank. By this time, we had to pay another $480.00 to anchor bank for the mortgage application, we had to pay another $150.00 to stay in our apartment longer because we could not close when we originally planned and we had to move in with my parents temporarily because we could only stay in our apartment for another week longer. I was told by Chase bank that my $480.00 would be refunded to me. 3 months later and at least 25 phone calls to Chase I still have not received my refund. Every time I talk to them they say I'll check on it and I'll call you back and they never do. I work over 60 hours a week and have a 9month old, I do not have the time to keep calling them. Not only am I out the $480.00 from the application fee, but this amount has been accruing on my credit card and am racking up interest, I had to take the time off work three times to move instead of just once and I had to pay an extra week of rent to stay in my apt. We were supposed to have 2 months mortgage free and that didn't happen because our closing date got moved back by almost three weeks. I have never in 31 years experienced such horrible customer service. I have talked to at least 5 different people all the way to Minnesota. I have talked to managers, supervisors and everyone in-between. Nobody is helping me.

Product_Or_Service: mortgageDesired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

My $480.00 application feethe interest that is accruing on my credit cardthe extra week of rent I had to pay to stay in my apartmenthaving to take a total of one week off of work because we had to move twice

Review: In April of 2013 my husband and I refinanced our mortgage through Discover Home Loans. Upon closing, Discover immediately sold our mortgage to Chase and we began making our monthly payments to Chase. At the end of July I received a notice from our home owners insurance, New Jersey Manufacturers, that our insurance has not been paid despite the fact that when we refinanced we added our home owners insurance payments into our mortgage. Our Hud 1 statement from closing clearly shows that are monthly payment of $1,754.54 includes "an additional monthly escrow payment of $356.40, property taxes and homeowners insurance". I contacted Chase about this in the end of July and spent nearly 2 hours on the phone with a representative. At this time we figured out that my account was not set up properly and that while it showed that they were not collecting for the homeowners insurance, they in fact were. We then got NJM on the line and NJM gave them the information that they needed to set up my account properly and they then faxed over the insurance bill to Chase. The representative said that he would fix my account and contact me within a week to let me know everything was resolved. I never heard back from him. Today, September 7, 2013, I spoke with NJM who advised they never received payment from Chase. I then contacted Chase and spent 31 minutes on the phone with 2 representatives. They had no information for NJM and apparently no notes on my account from my previous 2 hour conversation with their company. They informed me that if I wanted my insurance paid through them then my monthly payments would increase. I advised them that when I closed with Discover my monthly payment already included my insurance and I would not be increasing my payments and they had to honor my contract with Discover.

I would like to attach my HUD 1 statement which very clearly proves my case on the bottom of page 3 and would be happy to email or fax it to anyone.Desired Settlement: I want my account set up properly to include my home owners insurance with my monthly payment of $1,754.54 and I want my home owners insurance company paid.

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