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Great company. Very knowledgeable and went above and beyond every step of the way. Highly recommend.

Excellent service! Very responsive to my inquiry and subsequent questions. Our application was processed quickly and we were up using the merchant account in a couple of days. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone looking for the BEST rates for their merchant services.

Ken, my husband and I, dealt with Myrto B., and it was a real pleasure. From the very beginning, she explained all the details and helped us understand everything. She made us feel as if we had known her a long time, very comfortable and happy to help us. She has taken her training and put her own self into it..she has , what we call, ownership mentality. Thank you Myrto for all you have done and we will definitely recommend you to others. Keep up the awesome job!


Ken and Judy H.

Review: I've signed up with credit card early august. On August 11th I started using their terminal imidietly they put a hold on the account with out calling or notifying me about it. They claim thr was an automated email sent to me but I never received it. I've charged over $5000 in transactions the first week and they will not release the money to my account claiming it's a routine practice to verify our company. I just got a call from them on August 25th asking for some type of transaction reports from my pos. I provided all reports they requested and still waiting on my money. I've called and emailed them countless amount of times asking for an update or simply a time frame of how long this will take. And no one could give me an answer. My last several calls and emails were ignored. I called my sales rep as well to see if he can help me and he is ignoring me as well. I have 4 other retail locations and all accept credit cards using different providers and I never had a company hold on to my money for so long. And never had such bad customer servuce that when u call to find out about your money they ignore you. In an earlier conversation they with Aimee O'Dea who is managing my account she said if you don't like it we can refund ur customers and charge them using a different credit card provider. Very intelligent Aimee. The customers got their product and now I will need to chase them for payment???? Thr is no retailer in the world that would sell a product and then refund their money and try to collect again from customers, not a smart solution to this problem. With such lack of communication I am not sure how they have an a+ rating. Stay far away fom these pepole.Desired Settlement: Simple communication and prompt action to deposit my funds to my account.



Please move this complaint to iPayment’s profile. The decision regarding the holding of the funds for this merchant is made by the Loss Prevention/Security Team of iPayment. Our role in the sales process with this merchant is toexplain the rates and fees associated with credit card processing and the equipment used for said credit card processing. We then assist the merchant through the application, underwriting and boarding process of their merchantapplication and merchant account install. At that point, they have a merchant account with iPayment and all debiting and crediting and holding of funds are handled and determined by I-Payment and we have no control over such decisions.We will contact iPayment and ask them to contact this merchant for assistance.



Review: 10815963

I am rejecting this response because:

I understand that the processing account has been set up but the money is not transferring to my account and at this point there is approximately $8000 of mine being held back from me and absolutely no communication on their behalf. I request you do not remove this complaint before this is resolved. I've had no communication from even though I've reached out to them several times. If for some reason they can not handle my account they should not of accepted my account. If they would like some more information to verify my business be my guess and ask for it. Don't just hold my money and not communicate or return phone calls. I hope to hear from them shortly.




According to iPayment, the funds in question have been released.



excellent service. they contacted me immediately after sending an email. they were very clear about what to expect as far as billing and expenses. they saved me a bunch of money monthly by switching to their business.

Great prompt and knowledgeable service.

Tony was a great help in making sure my businesses needs were met at my expense level. He was friendly, and very accommodating . I haven't used the service yet but the prices can't be beat!

Hello I'm writing on behalf of United Distribution Crop. We just quickly want to say how Very Very happy we are with Credit Card Processing Co. We love the outstanding customer service Rep's and particularly very happy about their low rates. We are also particularly happy with the Representative Johnathan Chiarelli. He has went out of his way and bent over backwards to provide us with Excellent Service. We completely recommend

Review: I contracted with this company for credit card processing for my law firm. They did not disclose that there was a minimum transaction fee for each month and the penalty would be almost $35. When explicitly asked what the fees would be this is what I was emailed: Set Up For The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway. (This Is A Limited Time Offer)FREE (Normally $99)Shopping Cart Set-Up FREEQualified Discount Rate For Visa/MasterCard & Discover Transactions Interchange plus 0.40%Debit / Check Card Rate Interchange plus 0.40%Per Transaction Fee $0.10Monthly 24/7 Customer Support, Statement and Online Account Access Fee $7.95Monthly Authorize.Net Secure Gateway Access Fee $7.95 (Normally $20)No mention of a fee for not meeting a minimum charge per month. The first month I notice they had billed me nearly $50 with all of the fees and I hadn't even used the system. I immediately cancelled the contract, in writing, and explicitly withdrew my authorization for them to access my account through ACH. I clearly did not use the account anymore, since it was cancelled. The next month (March, 2015) they accessed my bank account without authorization and withdrew the ~$50.00 again.The sales associate I was working with is no longer returning my phone calls or emails.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund of the funds that we illegally taken from my account this month (March, 2015) totaling $45.96 and I would like a refund of the funds that were taken from my account last month (February, 2015) for a fee that was not disclosed to me, totaling $32.95.Thank you for any help you can provide.



We are sorry to hear of this customer’s negative experience. The customer contacted our company, and was then connected to an account representative who went over the rates and fees of our merchant services. The customer thenprovided their personal information to the representative to prefill an electronic application and begin the approval/activation process. The application was sent over for the customer to review at which point they are able to perform an "e-signature" and they then answer security questions based on their personal history pulled from public records. The full agreement was available to print out via PDF. Closure of a merchant account typically requires a signed request. It does not appear this signed request was initially received. As a courtesy, we have requested a refund of the service fees the customer references. The refund check should be sent from Ignite Payments in the next 20 business days.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 10520712, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me, assuming the company fulfills its offer to refund the fees.

Had so much trouble at first,the communication is very poor,andthe woman who is in the supposed to be corporate office number they give you is very rude,disrespectful,and in professional, she must be a family member oftheowner,just wouldn't recommend to go through this company there's others out there much cheaper!

Although the overall application process was longer than expected with this company, I did have a very positive experience with the employees.

I worked with three people throughout the processing and each person was very courteous and respectful to my needs and time.

Even if I decided to call or email several times a day, no one ever made me feel as I was unwanted and also answered me with a prompt turnaround time with any updated information.

Mr Tony B. from Creditcardprocessing has an exception customer service skills. Very helpful and attentive.

Review: I called this company to possibly switch my credit card processing, we were using Square (fees charged are flat rate 2.75% of credit card transactions). The sales rep quoted me a rate of 1.55% on ALL transactions and a per swipe fee of .20. I calculated and I sounded great and would save me money on credit card fees. I just received my first statement and the company charged me over 3% in fees. I call to inquire as I'm frustrated after a lengthy process to switch (and purchasing their equipment). They tell me I do have 1.55% rate, I explain that I was charged over 3% and she says let me look. Comes back and explains that there are three rates being charged to me and 1.55% is one of the three. I explain what the sales rep explained and she said well there is a second page to your contract that has the other two rates and it doesn't matter what he said, its what the contract states. I unfortunately lost it on them. I had suggested them to my sister-in -law who also switched her processor to also be taken for more than the sales rep claimed.Desired Settlement: I would like someone to listen to the conversation between the sales rep and myself, or call and try to set up an account and see what they offer and explain. They are ripping off all of their customers. Credit card processing fees are always high and everyone wants a better deal, this company promises that and then sneakes in additional rates that they don't explain.



We are sorry to hear of this customer's negative experience. While we are confident all rates and fees were disclosed during the sales and application process, we have processed a courtesy refund of $100 to this customer's credit card. The customer should see this reflect on their statement in the next 1 to 2 business days. We have also requested a refund of $7.95 in service fees that should deposit into the customer's checking account in the next 7 to 10 business days.

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