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Review: Prior to purchasing the residence, the sale rep and construction & warranty services accompanied with myself perform a walk through. The purpose of the walk through was to assess the residence and point out items that require repairs and/or replace. Those items were noted by the construction & warranty services rep. Most of the items were Partial completed by the subcontractor, due to additional instruction were needed to be done by the homeowner (myself). These specific instructions were not communicated to me by the construction & warranty service rep. I contacted the construction & warranty rep of the partial repairs. The construction & warranty services rep indicated that he would reach out to the vendors and have them schedule for a second round of repair to complete the job. A week past by and did not here from construction & warranty service rep. I took the action of contacting the Dr. Horton main office in Fairfax and they informed me that present construction & warranty service is no longer with the company and that the pending actions are going to be transfer to ** as well as contact ** moving forward for future needs. I contacted ** and brief him on pending action for my residence [redacted]). Since day one that the construction & warranty services rep [redacted] took over the communication and professionalism very poor for a first time experience with Dr. Horton INC. Voice mail message were left since contraction & warranty services is nonresponsive about pending action items as well as 60 day warranty end period is fast approaching. Two week later the contraction & warranty services rep [redacted] contracted me and indicated that they have had a high workload and is aware of [redacted]” warranty expiration. Construction & warranty services rep [redacted] indicated that Dr. Horton will still honor the pending items. In the midst of our conversation I also made him [redacted]) aware that the vendor that came to re-caulk the bathroom had caulk over the existing seal that contained mold/mildew buildup. No comment was said in regard to the subject matter from construction & warranty services rep [redacted] all he emphasize was that Dr. Horton will do the best to get repair done in an opportune time. Two years for past by attempting to simply get my residence repair complete and have spoken with Dr. Horton rep but have been reluctance to assist. As an American Builder it has been a disappointment on the lack of quality and services Dr. Horton has provided.Desired Settlement: Dr. Horton should adhere/fulfill to its quality message and deliver to terms/condition, verbal agreements and more.



In review and response to Mr[redacted]’s attached information, I actually meet with Mr[redacted] on Thursday, February 20th at approximately 4pm to review his concerns. During our conversation and inspection, the only items of concerns presented to me during that time were issues related to caulking. He did state that previous D.R. Horton representative(s) had informed him that we would perform caulking under the warranty, but as I informed [redacted] caulking was and still is an exclusion under the provisions of the Limited warranty, and we do not honor any “verbal” representations under the contract, but if he could provide some written documentation of this ‘verbal’ statement, we would gladly honor his request. Of the documentation Mr[redacted] forwarded to my attention, is the attached service inspection list, which references “caulk at shower door”. This was not an item brought to my attention at time of inspection, but rather caulking in general through-out the home which is typically caused due to expansion and contraction of the framing. Most commonly at interior trim materials, especially during this time of year when the relative humidity levels are lower and homeowners operate their furnaces which creates warm dry air while heating the home, escalates this drying process and causes the caulking to separate.

I have also attached for your review, the section of the warranty booklet which references caulking as an exclusion to the provided warranties; “page 319.12, paragraph 4.14.”

In closing, due to the lack of documented information from Mr[redacted] as well as that his 1st year workmanship and materials has since expired as of February 25, 2012, to include that caulking is excluded from D.R. Horton warranty coverage, regrettably, D.R. Horton cannot assist with his request to perform any caulking to his home.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions related to this matter.


DR Horton - America's Builder!

Customer Service / Warranty Manager


As a service to your business, this letter is in regard to consumer dispute submitted to the about your business on 3/3/2014 11:10:09 AM by [redacted] This dispute was assigned ID [redacted]

Your customer has additional concerns regarding this dispute. For your convenience, a copy of this information is listed below. Please respond back to the within 10 calendar days of receiving this notice.

In the's experience, the following are responses that help to foster trust in a business:

* Acknowledge customer concerns

* State the facts as you see them and avoid emotion

* Explain the actions you can take or have taken to resolve concerns

Please understand that the customer's dispute and your response could be publicly posted on the website ( reserves the right to not post in accordance with policy). Please do not include any information that personally identifies your customer. By submitting your response, you are representing that it is a truthful account of your experience with this customer. The may redact the dispute of your response to protect privacy rights and to remove inappropriate language.

If you should have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Dispute Resolution/Ad Review


I apologize for the late response. Attached is a copy of the original files sent to [redacted] As well as communication email trails back and forth from D.R. to myself. Second, Mr. [redacted] also observed that the Caulking application is incorrect and improperly applied (This questions clause P. 319.12, paragraph 4.14 since the improper grade of caulk was applied). I disagree and disapprove of the reply D.R. Horton Rep has provided. This has been a horrendous experience with D.R. Horton INC ever since internal personnel changes. These issued have carried on for three years by D.R. reps and would prefer a disbursement for the cost of the repairs at hand as well as time/efforts on my part. This was an purchase agreement that was establish by [redacted] – Construction & warranty Services as well as [redacted] – Community Sales Manager on April 29, 2011. The above attach is evidence that D.R. Horton agree to resolve issues but lack to execute.


Review: D.R Horton does not have a warranty for their lawn or plants after the closing date. All of the palm trees in my house (total of 3) are dead because the landscaping company that D.R. Horton used did not plant them properly. The palm trees take about six months or more to bloom, once I noticed that my palm trees were not going to bloom I contacted D.R. Horton and they refused to help me. They gave me the number of the landscaping company that they used and they never returned my phone call. I understand that we are responsible of our lawn and plants after closing but the plants (trees) they initially gave me were planted incorrectly. The rest of my plants are fine because I take care of them. Each palm tree is about 750 dollars. This is a substantial amount of money and D.R. Horton should be responsible for replacing them. Every land escaping company in Florida provide a 1 year warranty on palm tree just in case the palm is bad or is planted wrong. I am not the only one complaining about this. My next door neighbor has to replace all of his palm trees as well, and we know 2 other families that will have to replace theirs as well. I have followed all protocols but they have denied to help and I feel that their treatment is wrong and unethical. They need to make their landscaping company responsible for planting the palm trees incorrectly or they should cover the fees for me to replace them and have the old ones removed. It is very sad that hard working people save up and try their best but companies such as this one do not take responsibility for their bad services. Palm trees should be replaced after a year if they have not bloomed because this is how long it usually takes them to bloom after they are planted.Desired Settlement: I want D.R. Horton to take responsibility for the landscaping work they provided to everyone in this neighborhood that has complained about them. If more than one person is reporting the same problem, it was their responsibility to find a reliable landscaping company. I want my palm trees replaced as soon as possible. Not everyone can come up with more than 2000 dollars just because the builder they trusted did not follow up with the service they promised.



Our office received a written request from this homeowner on 12/9/14 concerning the condition of the palm trees. This home closed on 8/30/13, so it was outside the normal warranty period. All our customers are informed up front there is no warranty on the landscape unless issues are noted on their orientation prior to closing on the home. This is because the landscape items are perishable and we have no control over their care. We also experience several hard freezes in North Florida every winter which could damage the palm trees under certain circumstances. The landscape company that installed the trees is owned and operated by a local veteran who has been working with us for over 20yrs. and does outstanding work. We have no reason to believe the trees were planted incorrectly or in poor condition when installed and all the paperwork signed by the homeowner states the trees and sod were alive and in good condition prior to closing on the home. Unfortunately, given the circumstances, we had to inform the homeowner that we could not reimburse her for these items. Sincerely, [redacted] Customer Service Manager D.R. Horton Homes, Inc.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute.


There are other neighbors that moved around the same time as we did and

their palm trees are fine. If it was due to weather, then all of the

tree in the neighborhood would of died. 2) If the person that you

use for landscaping has been in service for 20 years why couldn't his

representatives call me back after I left several messages trying to

find more information about my palm trees. Ignoring customer's calls do

not seem like outstanding work to me. 3) How can you prove that it was due to weather and not bad planting or injury while transporting? 4)

Most landscaping companies warranty guarantees a one year at no-charge replacement if the palm tree does not

survive, for any reason. The reason I didn't call within a year is

because I was waiting for them to show life by the palm fronds and you do not have a one year warranty. Your comment about my call being outside of the normal warranty period is irrelevant.

You documents state that "sod and plants do not have any coverage after

closing" I signed this document trusting that you and your landscaper

of choosing would guarantee an alive and well planted tree. Why would

anyone sign for trees that could die in the winter when we moved in





Please accept the following response to the complaint number listed above. We do understand the customers’ frustration with her palm trees dying but we have no reason to believe the trees were not planted correctly. We stand behind our first response that all of our customers are informed up front there is no warranty on the landscape unless noted on their orientation prior to closing on the home. This is because the landscape items are perishable and we have no control over their care. The customer has also stated in her response that she was aware that sod and plants do not have any warranty coverage after closing and has signed all the paperwork acknowledging there is no warranty coverage on these items. Sincerely, [redacted] D.R. Horton Homes, Inc.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute because DR Horton does not take into consideration that palm trees can die for many reasons including bad planting or damage during transportation. DR. Horton is a 100% sure that the palm trees were planted correctly because they trust their landscaper of choice even though there are more than 3 families in my neighborhood having to replace their trees. DR Horton does not offer warranty for the trees even though they are really expensive and it takes time to notice whether the trees are alive or dead.

Please make my complaint public so that future buyers are aware of this and they can decide whether they want to pay for trees without warranty that may not survive or may already be dead. It is very sad to know that the builder that made your home does not work with its customers to resolve issues. They instead stand behind bad products and customer service.


Review: To whom it may concern;

We have been asked to give DR Horton a rating based on our recent experience purchasing a home. I feel our ratings require more of an explanation than given on your form. A full account of our experience is detailed below.

On October 25th we met w/ [redacted] to look at homes. We really like the Longwood model that happened to be the one his office was located in. As we walked around [redacted] told us on several occasions that “What you see, is what you get” We were impressed w/ the tiled floors, cabinets and especially the gables on the front of the house. Upon further discussion [redacted] let us know that our house wouldn’t be tiled throughout just in the wet areas. He then proceeded to show us another home that was just about completed. The home he showed us also had the gabled roof and cabinets bumped up in the kitchen. When looking at the flooring [redacted] informed us that ours would be just the same. This home had tile coming about 2’ from the kitchen island and we were ok with that. After bringing our children to see the model we decided as a family that we would move forward w/ the purchase of this home. While sitting down to sign the paperwork my husband noticed that the elevation that [redacted] had written down for our home was Elevation ‘B’ without the gabled roof. [redacted] wasn’t even going to mention this. When we asked about it, he informed us this was the only option available for the home because of the permit process. So apparently what you see isn’t necessarily what you get when working w/ [redacted]. After much prayer an discussion as a family we decided to move forward, Elevation ‘B” wasn’t that bad. On October 26th we were told by DHI that they could not pre-approve us for the loan. We then applied for the loan through FBC Mortgage. On October 29th we received notification that FBC mortgage had pre-approved us for the loan and we could move forward. We signed our contract on October 30th. We were then called by [redacted] on October 31st asking how FBC was able to pre approve us. After explaining to him that [redacted] at FBC Mortgage was able to do the loan by only placing my husband on the mortgage, [redacted] asked if he could call me back. Within 10 minutes I had a call back and he said he could pre-approve us for the loan. Later that afternoon we were contacted by [redacted] stating that now that DHI could approve us we needed to sign a new contract with DHI if we wanted our closing costs to be covered. Now we had already signed a contract with FBC as our lender and DR Horton covering our closing costs. We felt we had no choice but go with DHI, so that evening we met w/ [redacted] yet again to sign a new contract. On November 11th we had our appointment w/ the design center to choose our colors, cabinets and such. It was here that we found out that yet again, [redacted] had misled us. Not only did we have to pay extra to get the bump up and out on the cabinets, but the tile didn’t extend beyond the island. Instead the carpet goes all the way to the island. I understand that the papers we signed state that nothing the seller tells us verbally supersedes what is in writing on the contract. However we were not aware even of the terminology of “bump up & out” on the cabinets to know that it wasn’t included. The contract said 42” cabinets and that is what we got. Had we known to ask we would have. As far as the flooring, we weren’t given anything stating one way or another where the tile would be. On November 21st my husband contacted [redacted] Hall (whom we still haven’t heard from since we signed the contract on the 31st) and asked him about a program that would make it possible not to have to bring any money to closing. [redacted] requested our last 2 years taxes to be e-mailed and they were sent within an hour of the request. We met w/ [redacted] on December 23rd to discuss our loan. [redacted] requested we bring our original documents that were e-mailed back on the 21st of November. When we arrived, [redacted] looked through the documents for the first time. He never even opened the e-mail. This was evidenced by the many questions he was asking that were already addressed in our e-mail and previous conversation. This was very frustrating to see how little effort he was putting into our loan. He told us he would pull our credit report on January 3rd to give time for a paid medical bill to drop off of our credit and would give us a call that day to let us know what our next step would be. January 3rd came and went. I tried calling several times that week and the following week with no response. On January 19th after no response from [redacted] still, I contacted [redacted] Coston. At this point we haven’t heard anything from [redacted] since we signed the contract and it seemed [redacted] was our point of contact. Honestly we were happy to have a different contract since we were so disappointed w/ [redacted] and his “What you see, is what you get”. [redacted] let us know that he spoke w/ [redacted] and that he would call us that same day. We didn’t hear from [redacted] until the end of January in which he told me he still had not run the credit but would do it that Friday and would contact me back. I never heard back from [redacted]. Through this whole process we were visiting our new home every week to watch the progress and in the beginning it was very exciting. On March 10th we noticed the molding in several areas was quite crooked and 2 walls looked twisted. The half wall that the countertop would be set was not plum. We contacted [redacted] w/ pictures letting him know of our concerns and hope to help them to be able to fix it prior to setting the countertop in place. He assured us he would address it with the building supervisor. The next week when we went to look at the house the countertop was in and the wall and molding had not been fixed. Over the next couple weeks we continued to see the poor workmanship and were quite concerned with the level of care being put into the building of our home. Quite honestly we were very ready to walk away from the whole thing. I scheduled a meeting w/ [redacted] and the building supervisor on March 29th to go over my concerns. [redacted] assured me that it would all be taken care of. They were minor and just cosmetic. He said that before our first walk thru they would have the home completely done and a quality control inspector would come through and find anything they missed before we even saw it at the 1st walk thru. Our feelings are, why allow such poor work that you will just have to pay someone again to go back out and fix. I also let [redacted] know at this time we still haven’t heard back from [redacted] about our loan. After receiving an e-mail from [redacted] on the April 8th regarding our first walk through being scheduled, I let her know that I still haven’t heard from [redacted]. She assured me that he was in a construction meeting but would be in contact with me. Again on April 10th I let [redacted] know we still hadn’t heard from [redacted], she said she would check into it. I then heard from Russell Burdsall on April 11th informing me that my loan was being transferred to [redacted]. As soon as [redacted] let me know what I needed to send him, I had it over to him within 2 hours. On April 18th I e-mailed [redacted] regarding the status of the loan since I hadn’t heard from him since I sent the documents on the 11th. He responded that he was in a meeting and would contact me within the next hour. This was at 10am in the morning. Around 4:30 that afternoon I received an e-mail from [redacted] stating that the final touches were being made on our home and was there any way he could help us secure financing on our home. Mind you, we had not heard once that there were any problems regarding our loan during this whole 6 month process. This was quite the sucker punch on Good Friday before Easter. The lender never even bothered to contact us to let us know there was a problem. Saturday I sent an e-mail to [redacted] inquiring if we were still scheduled to do our 1st walk thru on the 22nd and his response was and I quote “We need to get your financing taken care of ASAP. With the market as hot as it is currently the builder will not waste much time to put the home back on the market. I really want to help you get this home. If we can find a lender to qualify you we will still pay closing costs. “ Now I feel this was uncalled for. It was through no fault of our own that we were in this predicament. They provided little to no communication about our approval or non-approval over the past 6 months. Had they let us know sooner we could have secured a different lender sooner. We contacted Troy Sillhan at Bank of England that Saturday the 19th and obtained our pre-approval and by Monday the 21st we had our loan documents signed and sent in for processing. This just shows that had we known sooner about the problems with DHI we would have no problem obtaining financing. Since we were able to secure a lender we went to our 1st walk thru on the 22nd as originally planned. We were told in an e-mail how important it was for us to arrive on time and if for any reason we were going to be late to contact [redacted] our building supervisor. We were there by 9:40, 20 minutes prior to our appointment time. By 10:30 we were calling and leaving messages with [redacted] and [redacted] trying to find out what was going on. Meanwhile we were able to look around the house and the condition shocked us to say the least. We walked in that morning to find no appliances, holes in the siding, crooked molding, cracked doors, a cut in the front door beyond where the glass was inserted and too many others to really name here. Suffice it to say the house was a mess. Again, we were ready to just walk away. If this is the level of work that DR Horton performs we didn’t want any part in it. This is a huge investment and we plan to live here the rest of our lives. We finally heard back from Alene and [redacted] that [redacted] was at a funeral and that [redacted] would be out shortly to do our walk thru with us. I understand that things happen and I am sorry for [redacted]’s loss. But DR Horton really dropped the ball by not contacting us to let us know that this had happened and possibly rescheduled our walk thru. To bring up the earlier email on the 19th from [redacted] about the final touches going on the house and threatening to put the home back on the market if we didn’t secure lending, this was very comical. Considering the condition of the home, if this was what final touches looked like we were done. Thankfully when Wade arrived, he assured us this was not normal and we really shouldn’t have been scheduled a walk thru with the condition this home was in. This restored our hope that the finished product would actually be ok. He walked with us and even helped us find some imperfections. It was his honesty and realness that kept us from walking away that day. We felt confident that the corrections would be made. We went out each week after that and noticed only a few changes had even been made and even though they fixed one of the holes in the siding, there were still several areas of concern. On May 4th [redacted] had e-mailed an update about the house and I expressed my concerns it looked like no real improvements had been made on the house since our walk thru on the 22nd. We scheduled a walk thru where my husband and I showed [redacted] our concerns. He informed us that they wait until we had an actual closing date from the lender that it is common practice for nothing to be done on the home. Once they get the closing date they will have it all done in a week for our closing. My concern with this ridiculous policy and way of doing things is that the workers are rushed and how much is done half way and poorly because of the short deadline? We were given a final walk thru date of May 15th and closing on the 16th on the 12th. This left the workers only 3 days to complete the 3 page long punch list from our April 22nd walk thru. We knew there was no way it was all going to be done. When we arrived on the 15th, no one had told Wade that this was our final walk thru. He let us know that this was really more like the first walk thru and he would be sure it was all completed, hopefully in a week. We went through and pointed out what still needed to be addressed. He agreed the outside siding was a mess and the painter did a horrible job. Once Wade was on the job and [redacted] was no longer in charge we could see the changes being made. We had our final walk thru and closing yesterday May 29th 2014 and I’m happy to say that Wade did an amazing job and addressed all of our concerns. Much to our surprise there were no items left from our punch list undone. DR Horton owes this sale to Wade Besherse in my eyes. He is the one that saved this sale, as he actually did the work promised and didn’t blow us off. All of this to say, that we will be filing a report w/ the and consumer affairs. Now that we have been in this house for 3 months we have found that the grout is cracking in several areas. We seem to have an infestation of ants and are constantly finding areas that were not sealed and we have to seal to keep the ants out. We would not recommend DR Horton to anyone and this experience that should have been an exciting one turned out to be a complete nightmare. Instead of excitement at closing we were just worn out and ready to be done with this whole process.Desired Settlement: I would like to hear directly by phone not e-mail from our Sales Person & DR Horton Headquarters with an admission and apology for the nightmare this whole process has been. I would like to know this is being handled and the responsible people will be held accountable for the lack of doing their job properly. I would like this to be posted so that others who may be considering this company to build their home they will know how exactly they do business.



Response to Review: [redacted]

Please accept this correspondence as D R Horton, Inc.’s (“Horton”) reply to the ( with regard to the above reference complaint.

Ms[redacted]’s complaint was forwarded to the Jacksonville Division’s Branch Manager. The Manager contacted Ms[redacted] to let her know he received her complaint and wanted to reach out to her to apologize for her experience. The conversation was cordial and Ms[redacted] seemed genuinely pleased that he had reached out to apologize. The Manager also expressed to Ms[redacted] that she may reach out to him directly if she had future concerns.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Ms[redacted]’s complaint.


D.R. Horton, Inc.

America's Builder

Corporate Customer Service Coordinator



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

Review: We have had extensive issues with our electricity in our home since day one. We called Southern Power whom we where told to call back in Sept 2013. The issues still remained unfixed. I contacted DR HORTON and spoke to [redacted] in the warranty dept and called Southern Power out again last month.. They stated their were numerous issues they found and very dangerous. The technician present stated the last people that came out obviously didn't do their job in fixing the issues we had and one of the techs was the owners son of Southern Power and he stated that this particular guy never knew what he was doing. So the electricians fixed over a dozen issues including faulty wiring and guaranteed it was fixed and if not I could call them back. Well the issue wasn't fixed and I called a few days later and on the day of the appointment they called then never showed. My boyfriend [redacted] has reached out to [redacted] at DR HORTON and I even reached via Facebook and we have been completely ignored. This issue is serious and a fire hazard. We have a baby in the home and it isn't safe for her or us to live in. This has been an ongoing issue since we moved in. If this issue is not resolved in a timely manner we will proceed with legal action and bill DR HORTON for all repairs and out of pocket expenses. The electricity in our half our home constantly goes out. If it is raining, it is guaranteed we will be in the dark. This is a very serious issue. I want a phone call from Corporate. I can be reached at [redacted] or [redacted] can be reached at 7[redacted]Desired Settlement: If this isn't repaired we will retain a lawyer and DR HORTON will be responsible for all charges.



We have tried to contact this customer multiple times today as well as before today. They have now started to make return calls back to us. Our warranty technician will set up an appointment immediately to rectify this problem to its full extent and get the customer taken care of. [redacted] David L. Gude Vice President of Construction Tampa/Sarasota Division D.R. HORTON America's Builder

Review: Roof leaking, inproper pitch and valley in the structure of the roof. My roof has been leaking since my 1st walk through of the house, I have been promised that the roof has been fixed and all damaged repaired. the 1st 3 times workers got on the hot roof and placed tar all over the roof, pulled the insallation back in the attic and never replaced it, walls were painted over and drywall never replaced. Who ever layed the shingled on the roof clearly were not professionals, caps are all cracked most roofing companies don't even use shingles as caps anymore, shingles stretched and cracked, broken shingles, found roofing nails melted into shingles. Instead of hiring a actual roofing company to to the job right they had [redacted] the handy man come and try to fix the issue, well [redacted] left the roof unfinished wich just caused more damaged when it rained today and the roof was left unfinished. My wife just started a new job and already has to take days off so they can fix the damage, I want compensation for every day she takes off, and if she gets fired for missing to many days because of this issue, they will have bigger problems than a leaking roof. The have a company that only works 0800-3pm to check for mold, my wife has to take off another day for that, shes not getting paid, we need this income for the mortgage. This house is only two months old, we shouldn't have to deal with this big of and issue on a new house.Desired Settlement: I want my entire roof done by a professional roofing company and framing done by a professional, all damaged areas replaced, plaster trim paint, insulation, my wife should be compensated for every day she has to take off from work. I have had 5 warranty submissions for the same problem.



regards to the above listed complaint please accept the following;I have communicated with Mr. Marimpietri already this morning that we will be having a certifiedroofing inspection performed on the roof and we will provide whatever repairs or recommendationsthey have. All work will be performed by licensed trades to ensure that the work is done per thoserecommendations.As far as compensation for any lost days we will do our best to try and schedule with Mrs. Marimpietriso that this does not have to happen.Should you need any further information, please let me know.[redacted]

Review: We are in the process of purchasing a home at the [redacted] MD. First, our home is delivered months after the initial contract stated and they have not provided any type of compensation for the loss of the months that we have incurred, in which the home was to be delivered the first part of April. The other issues/concerns the specs of the home. The master bath is not as the model nor the specs sheet state the actual size of the bathroom should be about 12"0"x11"0" and its not nearly that size, next the rec rm window is directly under the sliding glass door leading from the kitchen with no where to put steps or a small deck to utilize either exiting the kitchen or getting light through the only window in the rec rm, also we upgraded to a gourmet kitchen and are not getting the island that was advertised and stated when the contract was signed nor the cabinet door with the glass casing. We were told that those were no longer available to us in which we should have per the signing of our contract. We were also not provided in our contract with the $1500 towards options for military per D R Hortons advertisement.Desired Settlement: We would like the window in the rec rm moved so that it is not being blocked by trying to exit from the kitchen. Corrections to the master bath size and contract confirmation on that being corrected if possible and if not, provided the actual size and specs to compare to the model. Provided the glass cabinet and island in the kitchen that we were advised and what was advertised at the signing of the contract. We would also like to request some type of incentive for the delay of our home and the financial strain and hardship it has caused us. Please provide the $1500 for military families towards our options.


Please accept this correspondence as D R Horton, Inc.’s (“Horton”) reply to the ( with regard to the above reference complaint.

Mr. [redacted] complaint was received by the Maryland Division of Horton. The Sales Representative that the[redacted] originally signed their contract with is no longer with the company. Ms. [redacted] emailed their new Sales Representative on 6/12 about the window in the LL below the slider, and was told per the blueprints the window is in the correct location on all Monticello’s and it could not be moved. They requested the window be moved in the pre-drywall meeting and was again told by the Superintendent them that build has to be per the blueprints. There is an areaway with a sliding glass door in the Rec Room that gives light to the area in question, and a small window is located not far from the slider.

The model at Birdlawn is an older model and there have been changes made. According to the blueprint the Master Bathroom shows a knee wall at the toilet area, they now build a water closet which makes the bathroom appears smaller. The Poston’s were told at the pre-construction meeting about the changes, and if they wanted the knee wall instead of the water closet it would be a custom request with a charge of 500.00.

The cabinet layout was printed out and shown to the [redacted] as to how the new island would look . At the pre-construction meeting the Sales Representative reviewed how the island would look and the [redacted] were told at that time, they would not be receiving the glass doors in the kitchen. They were also told that there were changes and moving forward the glass doors were being offered as an option only. They were also told them that the Birdlawn was an older model and that changes have been made and they would not be getting the island or the glass doors that is show in the model. The cabinet layouts were printed out which previewed the island and states that glass doors are optional only.

It was pointed out to the[redacted] at their pre-construction meeting all of the changes that were different then the model home just to insure everything was covered; because the current Sales Representative did not write the original contract she was not aware of any conversations that transpired between the Poston’s and the original Sales Representative.

From reviewing the contract it appears that they did receive the 1,500. Main Street Stars. The Price vs. Program, after calculation Options totaled 72,285.00, Incentive was half off options which would be 36,143.00 the Poston’s received 45,640.00 as an incentive off the home, which was a total of 10,497.00 over program. There was not a Special Stips for the Main Street Stars Included in the contract.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr[redacted] complaint, as DR Horton’s goal is to always respond to customer concerns in a timely manner.


[redacted]E-Mail: [redacted]

Review: On Feb 28th 2014 I closed on my house. Dr. Horton Title did not disclose that I would be paying on my land for 2014 they lied.

I closed last Feb 28th 2014. I trusted your mortgage company that I needed to use in order to get my closing costs covered to represent my loan with Dr Horton on the purchase of my new home in Longwood Fl. The process seemed to be a easy process and [redacted] and his team at FBC Mortgage were effective and efficient in closing my home in 2 weeks. I trusted this team and I believed my HUD Statement was accurate, I was told that I would pay taxes on my LAND in 2014 only my land. My escrow for my taxes was figured on 680 dollars and that amount was divided to make my tax payment for 2014.

To my surprise I received a tax bill from Seminole county for 2481.76. This was no where close to the amount that I was told by FBC or Dr. Horton. When I called Dr. Horton they said it was not their problem that the title people new that my house was not going to be taxed on the land. That the team was well aware that the house was completed in 2013 and that in 2014 I was going to be paying taxes on my land and the property. This of course because Dr. Horton Title did not do their job left me with a negative balance for 2014 of 2231.81.That was not my fault, I would not of bought the house if I new my mortgage would increase 40% So with this being said my mortgage went from 887.88 to 1232. 27 that is a 344.99 increase that I can not afford no should I have to pay due to a huge error that was not my fault. Now with the house only being a year old and not being able to afford this huge increase what am I suppose to do. When I tried to reach to Dr. Horton they say it is not their problem.Desired Settlement: I want Dr Horton to investigate the team that lied on my HUD Statment. I want the payment paid to FCB Mortgage to cover this huge shortage that was not my fault. I want FBC Mortgage and the team in Orlando to know of this fraud. I was told that my taxes would be on the land that was figured out by my HUD to be 700 aprox. When the huge tax bill came in for 2014 of course that was not in escrow. I am very concerned that Dr. Horton is scamming many homeowners across the US with this lie . They



At the time of closing Ms.[redacted] home it was assessed as unimproved property. That assessmentwould have been completed by Seminole County in November 2013. Taxes for2014 would have been pro-rated between Ms. [redacted] and the property seller forthe amount of time each owned the property based on the unimproved tax amountof $682.96. In November 2014, Ms. [redacted]home was re-assessed by Seminole County. The taxes for 2014 are basedupon improved property, or $2,481.76 per year or $206.81 per month. DHITitle closed Ms. [redacted] loan based on instructions from her lender (FBCMortgage). The instructions related to the property taxes were to collect6 months of taxes at $58.33 per month for a total of $349.98 which amountshould have been placed into your escrow account. The review of the closingreveals that DHI Title closed the loan in accordance with Ms. [redacted] Lender’sinstruction. DR Horton personally spoke to [redacted] , CEO with FBCMortgage. Seller, Lender and Title all disclosed properly, which was agreed toby Ms. [redacted] through the signed required disclosures. [redacted] contactedMs. [redacted] directly and addressed her concern pertaining to her escrowed taxes.[redacted] stated that at the end of their conversation Ms. [redacted] wassatisfied. This matter has been addressed and resolved by FBC Mortgage.

Review: we purchased this home in 2004 at the time of purchase we did not realize that we did not have patio cover at back door. I went to the trailer when it was located on the corner of village grove dr. and orchard spring dr. I ask the contractor to view the blueprint to see in an oversight had occurred because all similar model had covers. They told me at the time they would send someone to investigate the issue. they moved from that location and send a rep who gave the same answer. Then come the rain leaking at door threshold soiling carpet and kitchen floor . on several occasion we have contacted the builder seeking a solution. The builder continued to say one thing and do nothing. One rep come out and I showed him how water was ruining the baseboard and carpet he talked about warranty , I told him this complaint has been on going since we moved in.Desired Settlement: to be make whole for ruined carpet , kitchen floor, back door, and mold that setting drywall. My 10 month old and 5 year old grandchildren had to have breathing treatment recently due to this airborne mold



Please accept this correspondence as D.R. Horton, Inc.'s reply to the with regardto the above-referenced complaint.The complainant's home closed on November 29'\ 2004. The homeowner had a greet call performed inDecember 2004, which is an appointment we make shortly after closing that allows one of our servicerepresentatives the opportunity to further explain the home's warranty and how to request service. Thehomeowner submitted one request for service on February I, 2005 noting several items of concern thatwere addressed. After that timeframe the homeowner didn't contact us again until November 26th 2013 toinform us about the water intrusion at the back door. The homeowner stated that the problem wasreported after move in and nothing had been done. At that time we explained that the home was out ofthe builder portion of the warranty period since this matter would have applied to the first year portion ofthe warranty. The current warranty in effect was for a major structural defect as defined in theResidential Warranty Company's written 10 year warranty. But due to the homeowner's insistence thatthis was reported verbally to a representative during the first year, we agreed to inspect the matter.An inspection was performed and it was found that there was extensive damage due to years of waterintrusion. A construction defect was not found but it was noted that the cause was from rain falling fromthe roof and falling on the concrete pad below which results in it bouncing back and hitting the back door.Lack of gutters have contributed to this problem. Please note that gutters are not required per buildingcode and are sold as an option that can be added to the home.We are not taking additional action to address this matter. The damage that our service representativeinspected notes the homeowner's failure to minimize or prevent further damage in a timely manner.Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


As a service to your business, this letter is in regards to a consumer complaint submitted to the about your business on 1/13/2015 12:15:00 PM by [redacted]

Since your customer has not submitted any comments to your response, we assume that this matter has been resolved and have closed this case. We may reopen this case if your customer contacts us at a later date with additional concerns.

Please understand that the customer's dispute and your response could be publicly posted on the website ( reserves the right to not post in accordance with policy). Please do not include any information that personally identifies your customer. By submitting your response, you are representing that it is a truthful account of your experience with this customer. The may redact the dispute of your response to protect privacy rights and to remove inappropriate language.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 800-621-8566 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. or by email at [email protected]


Review: We purchased our home in [redacted] in June 2013. At the 11 month warranty walk through in May 2014, we pointed out to the DR Horton employee ([redacted]) a large crack in the concrete of our front porch. Mr. [redacted] said at the time, and he has said numerous times since, that he will have a concrete contractor evaluate it and have it repaired. It has now been over three months and we have not heard anything regarding the cause of the problem or a repair.Desired Settlement: I want the crack in the concrete of our front porch to be repaired (not patched).



Good morning [redacted]

The crack will be filled in with concrete, by a concrete company. It was explained to Mr. [redacted] that the concrete vendor will contact him to schedule an appointment for next week.


D.R. Horton, Inc.

America's Builder

Corporate Customer Service Coordinator



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

I have been told for four months now by [redacted] (even before I filed the complaint with that the concrete would be repaired, but it has not. I received an e-mail from Mr. [redacted] last week indicating someone would contact us to schedule the repair, but we have not yet been contacted.


Review: My address: [redacted] – Blinds do not close properly. ? Sighted in 1st walkthrough of March 31

2. Bath 3 First Floor – Toilet Seat is chipped. ? Sighted in 1st walkthrough of March 31

3. Bath 3 First Floor – Drain Cover is loose. ? Sighted in 1st walkthrough of March 31

4. Half Bath First Floor – Needs grout and paint.

5. Garage - Door [redacted] is damaged (dented).

6. Corridor, Living Room and other parts of the house - Floor Molding not aligned to floor

7. Kitchen - The Wooden Side Board of dishwasher is not properly screwed it and wobbles

8. Kitchen - counters chipped

9. Kitchen - Island not aligned to sink

10. Kitchen – Nails popping out in drawer under cooking range.

11. Kitchen – Cabinet above refrigerator is broken

12. Kitchen – Needs grout behind cooking range ? Sighted in 1st walkthrough of March 31

13. Kitchen Pantry – Most Shelf Bracket are corroded. ? Sighted in 1st walkthrough of March 31

14. Fireplace Mantle – Paint bubbled and came off.

15. Staircase – Nails are popping out, all over, they hurt while walking on them.

16. Staircase – Side walls needs paint job all over ? Sighted in 1st walkthrough of March 31

17. Master Bedroom Second Floor – Main Blinds have broken strings. ? Sighted in 1st walkthrough of March 31

18. Master Bedroom Second Floor – Side Blinds do not close properly. ? Sighted in 1st walkthrough of March 31

19. Master Bedroom Second Floor – Windows frames needs caulking.

20. Master Bedroom Second Floor – Door [redacted] from inside door is very loose.

21. Master Bedroom Second Floor – Ceiling needs mud and paint job.

22. Bath of Master Bedroom Second Floor – Needs caulking and paint job over shower area. ? Sighted in 1st walkthrough of March 31

23. Bath of Master Bedroom Second Floor – Needs grout in sink next to toilet.

24. Bath 2 Second Floor (Common Bath) – has a wall plate popping out.

There are 13 more items mentionedDesired Settlement: Fix all 37 items


25. Bath 2 Second Floor (Common Bath) – Several touchup jobs.

26. Bedroom 2 Suit Second Floor – Closet door not aligned.

27. Bedroom 2 Suit Second Floor – Nail popping out of carpet near Bath entrance.

28. Bath of Bedroom 2 Suit Second Floor – One tile is raised, which makes my daughter trip over.

29. Bath of Bedroom 2 Suit Second Floor – Grout/Paint needed in center cabinet.

30. Bath of Bedroom 2 Suit Second Floor – Grout Caulking needed.

31. Bath of Bedroom 2 Suit Second Floor – Fan was brownish fluids, as a result toilet seat and bowl got very dirty and brownish which needs cleanup of replacement.

32. Exterior Boundary Wall in Backyard - The Tile on wall right behind Dining Room, is not centered, may fall.

33. Exterior Wall - Outside of dining room has damage.

34. Exterior Wall - Outside of living room has damage.

35. Exterior Wall Bath 3 First Floor – Has damage, wall looks cracked.

36. backyard walls

37. Pressure in drip irrigation no enough to water



As of today 49 of the 53 items Mr. [redacted] had submitted are completed and the 4 remaining items are scheduled to be completed next week on the 19th; I have been in contact with Mr. [redacted] and the team working in his home and he seems to be pleased with the progress and comfortable with the schedule provided for competition. If there is anything else need please feel free to let us know. Respectfully, [redacted] Vice President Customer Service/Quality Control DR Horton America's Builder No.CA



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute.

Please enter your reason(s) for rejecting the business response below.

Review: My wife and I agreed to purchase a DRHorton home that was approximately 80% complete on construction. One of the color selection options we were given by the Sales Agent was the vinyl soffit and fascia trim which we selected as white. A few days later, we received an email from the Sales Agent which contained a forwarded picture from the construction superintendent asking us if we still wanted white for the soffit and fascia since the windows were a beige color. We replied yes we did. In just a very short time, we received communication that having soffit and fascia and windows different colors was 'against DRHorton policy.' Our assumption is that the construction superintendent had initiated installation without knowledge of our interest and therefore lied in order to avoid removing what had been installed and starting over.

We went to look at houses in a DRHorton neighborhood close to where we were living and saw MULTIPLE examples of different soffit/fascia colors and window colors. When we conveyed that information to the Sales Agent, we were told that it was a policy specific to the neighborhood where our house was being built. When we asked to seek resolution from a higher authority, we were told that higher authority supported that position.

This issue was not a 'deal breaker' in terms of our interest in buying the house. However, we discovered at the final walkthrough that the higher authority we thought had been consulted about the issue, had no awareness of the situation.

Consequently, we have a house that we are not completely satisfied with but could have easily been had we not been lied to, resulting in us signing a contract under false pretenses.Desired Settlement: We would like the current beige soffit/fascia trim replaced with white


MESSAGE FROM BUSINESS: Please accept this correspondence as DR Horton, Inc.’s (“Horton”) reply to the ( with regard to the above complaint. Mr [redacted] signed the contract to purchase his home from DR Horton on 2/28/14. Page 15 of that contract shows the color for his soffit/fascia color (Stone Mountain Clay). Also on 3/7/14 the sales agent sat with the customer and picked out colors and some upgrades which is reflected on the change order attached. At that time the customer also picked the soffit/fascia color Stone Mountain Clay. Stone Mountain Clay was the color DR Horton installed per the contract. Mr. [redacted] is stating that they were verbally told that color could not be changed because Horton does not offer the color they wanted therefore they were tricked. The material for the soffit/fascia was ordered prior to selling the home and installed shortly thereafter. Regardless of what the reason Mr [redacted] was told, DR Horton would not have changed the color. Again, DR Horton installed the color that was listed on Mr [redacted]’s contract. Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Mr. [redacted] complaint, as DR Horton’s goal is to always respond to customer concerns in a timely manner. [redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted]8, and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute.

Please enter your reason(s) for rejecting the business response below.

Either the did not forward the

supporting documentation I providing regarding my complaint or [redacted] ignored it and distorted the facts in an attempt to create a different picture

from what really happened.

Yes, I signed the contract on 2/17 (not 2/28 as [redacted] states) that identified the soffit and fascia trim as well as the garage door

to be Stone Mountain Clay. At the time of the signing, we discussed that with

the Agent and she indicated the color options in that contract were simply so

we could get the contract in motion and we would select actual colors in the


Attached file ‘Untitled_20140123_112200’, dated 2/21, is

Contract Summary that shows the soffit/fascia trim to be White. Attached file ‘Untitled_20140128_053531’,

dated 2/25 also indicates same.

Attached file ‘Change Order 67’, dated 2/26, shows the

change order to ‘Add’ fascia/soffit trim

color White (page1) and ‘Delete’ fascia/soffit trim color Stone Mountain Clay

(page 3).

Attached file ‘Skylah email’ also indicates ‘don’t think

changing the soffit to white will be an issue at all.’

Given all of the above referenced information, for Mr.

Marzello to say that we said we were told the color we wanted was not available

is ludicrous. Further, for [redacted] to use the word ‘trick’ to imply that

the reason we are having this conversation now is in some way because of our

ignorance or incomplete understanding of the situation is appalling and

disrespectful. There is a BIG difference

between being lied to and being tricked.

Attached file ‘Soffit and fascia documentation’ would also

indicate that white was available. Given [redacted] question in the email

regarding our interest, would also indicate that materials having already been

ordered for the job was never part of the conversation.

The email from Mr. [redacted] is where this whole issue arose.

My assumption is that between him and Ms. [redacted], the Sales Agent, there was some miscommunication. Since he and

his crew had already started with the Stone Mountain Clay and we had indicated

we still wanted White, they collaborated to develop reasons why it had to be

Stone Mountain Clay so that either nobody else would know they made a mistake

or so they didn’t have to change what they had already done to White.

There is an additional piece of the puzzle that I’m not sure

how fits into the timeline of events. Attached photo ’photo different colors of

trim’ shows some White and some Stone Mountain Gray trim on the front corner of

the house. Clearly a mistake by someone but unwilling to resolve the correct

way because Hardie siding would have to be removed. Their solution was to PAINT

the White to Stone Mountain Gray color.

The first reason we were given is that DRHorton policy

states that the windows and trim must match. The windows, having already been

installed, were Stone Mountain Clay. When presented with pictures from other

DRHorton neighborhoods of houses that fascia/soffit and windows WERE NOT the

same color, the reason we were told was because the policy was specific to the

neighborhood. When presented with a picture from our neighborhood with

fascia/soffit and windows NOT the same color, it came down to just a refusal to

do it. We asked to speak to someone higher up in DRHorton to seek resolution

and were told, as indicated in attached file ‘Soffit and fascia documentation_continued’

that the issue had been taken higher in organization and the answer was ‘no.’

Attached file ‘ [redacted] THE WDS 267 CHOR1 ADD 6’, dated 3/7,

shows the change order to ‘Add’ Stone Mountain Clay soffit/fascia trim (pg 1)

and I assume is supposed to show ‘Delete’ White (but instead shows delete Stone

Mountain Clay. This document was simply to cover their tracks as the work had

long been completed.

One of the reasons we are raising such an issue about all of

this is that we discovered at our final walkthough on the morning of closing

that we had further been lied to about the decision making process. Mr. [redacted]’

Supervisor participated in the walkthrough. When discussing issues we had

encountered through the process, I mentioned the soffit/fascia issue and he was

completely unaware of the situation. The fact that we had been denied what we

really wanted for our house by a renegade Construction Superintendent that was

unwilling to admit a mistake in order to protect himself was infuriating.

The only way this issue will ever be resolved is for the

fascia/soffit trim and garage door to be changed to white.




Re: Response to Rebuttal Complaint ID# [redacted] Good morning, A response was received from the City Manager of the Panama City Division of Horton. The City Manager apologize to Mr. [redacted] if he felt the response was insufficient in addressing his concerns. The City Manager understood and agreed with Mr. [redacted] comments and attachments that he requested and wanted a different color than what was on the contract and installed. DR Horton did not approve of any of the attached paperwork and in fact denied the request. Included in Mr. [redacted]’s attachments was an email from a DR Horton Sales Agent where the Sales Agent told Mr. [redacted] that those changes were denied. At that time, Mr. [redacted] had the option of either accepting the color listed on the contract, or canceling his contract with DR Horton. Mr. [redacted] decided continued with the home purchase, DR Horton installed the color per his contract and Mr. [redacted] closed on his home. The reason DR Horton denied his color change is not relevant. The fact is the request was denied and Mr. [redacted] had the option of canceling the contract. Mr. [redacted] decided to move forward with the contract, DR Horton installed the color per the contract and Mr. [redacted] closed on the home. Sincerely, [redacted]


[redacted] :

As a service to your business, this letter is in regards to a consumer complaint submitted to the about your business on 12/12/2014 1:23:24 PM by [redacted] and assigned complaint ID [redacted].

Since your customer has not submitted any comments to your response, we assume that this matter has been resolved and have closed this case. We may reopen this case if your customer contacts us at a later date with additional concerns.

Please understand that the customer's dispute and your response could be publicly posted on the website ( reserves the right to not post in accordance with policy). Please do not include any information that personally identifies your customer. By submitting your response, you are representing that it is a truthful account of your experience with this customer. The may redact the dispute of your response to protect privacy rights and to remove inappropriate language.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 800-621-8566 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. or by email at [email protected]


I am in Midland Texas and the workmanship in the Adobe Meadows subdivision is sub-par at best. Starting from the foundation to the brickwork and interior I found multiple issues with the work. We found a crack in the foundation we were told would be closed up by the cable tension being adjusted (already had been removed). The brick work looks like a 5 year old was doing the work (concrete all over the brick, crooked lines). There were holes left in the brick where the A/C and other lines entered the house leaving the interior of the house exposed to the outside.The excuse was that all the brick crews quit and I had to wait till they had a crew available. They had to cut into my bedroom wall twice to repair the tub and a clogged drain in the guest tub (clogged with grout from the tile walls). I am currently waiting on repairs to my back patio where the crews chipped the concrete and left scrapes and holes form scaffolding. The crew who came out first literally wiped some type of concrete on the areas and never smoothed it leaving ridges and mounds where it dripped on the patio. The next crew just finished yesterday and although they did better it still looks like someone with little experience did the work. I was told by the builder "well it's OK but not good". When I pay this much money for something "Good" is the minimum I expect. This whole subdivision has had nothing but problems and very little in response to the issues. They seem more intent on selling and continuing new builds then fixing the issue of the already purchased.

Review: I have purchased a brand new D.R.Horton constructed home in [redacted] and moved into it in March 2013. The light post infront of my property has not been working for the past 8 months and I've approached the City first, then the PG&E, then the HOA and finally after everyone said that builder is still responsible to fix it, I finally went to the builder asking to take action. The builder has not handed over the maintenance to the city and even the person who I contacted to get the work done has also agreed to it. And he said he had opened a case to have the light post fixed asap. After a month has passed, I contacted him again, this time out of frustration I mentioned to him that I need to open a formal complaint if this is not getting fixed. There is no response. So decided to open a complaint with to see if that could help solve this issue.

There were lot of burglaries last winter and the area in front of my home is completely dark with out that light working. I want the light to get fixed asap.Desired Settlement: Get the street light fixed asap. I'm fed up and tired of waiting for someone to take action.

Details where the streetlight is located:

Streetlight number: [redacted]



This issue with the street light is scheduled to be inspected this week; once the cause of failure is diagnosed a Notice to Proceed on the repair will be forthcoming.

Estimated timeline for repair completion is end of the day Tuesday September 23rd.


Vice President Customer Service/Quality Control

DR Horton America's Builder No.CA



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

The issue is fixed now. Thnaks.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: Dear sir or madam who concern this matter

My name is [redacted] I did purchase a house from DR Horton at 12/21/2013 , I did have problem with contract , when first time I sign contract at 12/2013 the seller told me we can build the house in that lot but after that Mr [redacted] the builder said he could not build the plan in that lot after 2 to 3 month waiting then we agree to sign the second because we want to do a business since DR Horton is advertising they are the top builder in 12 years with another plan then again Mr [redacted] said he could not build that plan in this lot one more time so we both agree to switch the plan which he said he can do .

After sign this contract we found out this plan is not suitable for that lot and again Mr [redacted] told us he can not build new plan and changing this to old plan that cost us over a month of waiting , and we write a letter for Mr [redacted] Vice president he said he will be take care for that then again we sign this contract one more time with set date on 12/15/2014 .

For the last 5 week the process of our house move very slow compare with other on this subdivision .

Then again on 11/10/2014 Mr [redacted] decide to change closing date to 02/20/2015 more that 2 month from contract and after 4 time we try to solve problem , is that the way Mr [redacted] pay us back since we have complain about him or he has power to do that with authorized from someone of DR Horton .

At this point this really make us a lot of problem , the house I rent now the landlord require us to sign a new contact with 6 month not month to month , and we also have a problem with storage and school for our childrenDesired Settlement: I want DR Horton did what they told us the contract finish the house like they said .



Mr. [redacted] is references a completion date per the contract that is an estimate and estimates are subject to change. We have offered Mr. [redacted] 100% of his money back on several occasions. We cannot rush one home through the process. Building a home takes time.

Mr. [redacted] was originally under contract on a different lot and once we set the form boards up we noticed that the turn into the driveway was going to be tight and would be very difficult to try to get a car into the garage.

We notified Mr. [redacted] and told him we could proceed on, but we did not think we should. At that time we offered him the option of switching to another lot or refunding his monies back to him. He decided to stay under contract and switch lots.

The lot switch was completed and once we had a permit to begin construction on another lot we started building. Mr. [redacted] is given weekly updates on the progress of the home and once we get a certificate of completion and buyer has accepted the home we can proceed to closing.

We simply cannot close him on a home that is not ready and the referenced date in his letter is an estimate and clearly states it is an estimate.

D.R. Horton, America's Builder




This letter is in response to Complaint [redacted] filed 9/14/2014. Complainant, whoclosed on the home on 8/30/13, is seeking compensation of $1 ,000 for allegedinconveniences sustained prior to closing. On 8/12/14, prior to the close of escrow, therefrigerator was stolen and the waterline cut, which caused water damage to the home.A police report was filed and repairs to the home were initiated immediately. A third-party"Limited Visual & Moisture Investigation" was performed to ensure moisture content waswithin an acceptable range. New cabinets were installed and the home was repaired toits original condition. Buyer states that "the delay almost caused her to lose her lock".This did not happen. D.R. Horton professionally and expeditiously repaired thecustomer's home allowing her to close within the same month as originally projected. Theevents leading to the delay in closing were due to the act of a thief, not D.R. Horton.Compensation for inconveniences that we did not create will not be paid.Sincerely,[redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]Regards,[redacted]



This letter is in reference to Complaint [redacted] filed 9/14/2014. We responded tothe customer's complaint on 9/19/14. The customer did not find our response satisfactoryand has asked for the view of the We stand by our response onthe letter dated 9/19/14.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]


Review: I just had a home built in Barton Ridge neighborhood located in Atascocita,Tx. There are two homebuilders Westin (my home builder) and DR Horton. My sidewalk and driveway were put down prior to my neighbors (DR Horton home). The DR Horton home had to be raised about a foot due to drainage issues and when they layed the sidewalk down there is a 12 inch drop off. Not only does it look horrendous, but my two year old son falls on it constantly. I went into the DR Horton model home in July and spoke with Stan, who took my name and number and said he would be in contact with me.....never heard from him. I called him a month later and again was told that he would have the side walk adjusted and that he would contact me....still have not heard back from him.The Model home has since been sold and DR Horton represntatives have left the neighborhood without fixing this issue. This shows that as a Builder DR Horton does not have good customer service and does not build quality homes, since they can not even have a sidewalk alligned. I will be filing a complaint with the American Disability Association, as well since the sidewalk does not allow for a handicapped person to cross it.Desired Settlement: To have the sidewalk alligned. A sidewalk is put into place so people can cross it.



Please accept this correspondence as D.R. Horton's reply to the Better BusinessBureau with regard to the above referenced complaint.Our Construction Area Manager Chad Estes met with Mr. [redacted] and theWestin Homes builder December 18, 2013 and have agreed to the following:D.R. Horton will lower the one section of public walk on our homeowner's sideand slope it down to the allowable slope. Per the Westin Homes ConstructionManager, he will raise one (or two sections if needed) per the allowable slope oftheir homeowner's public walk to meet up with ours. D.R. Horton and WestinHomes have both agreed to this and Westin Homes understands they must redirectthe swale for drainage. The Westin homeowner has been advised of this.Regardless of who is at fault, our primary concern is that both homeownersinvolved are taken care of.Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me

Review: We purchased a home from DR Horton in August of 2013 with a 10 year warranty. We had a cracked pipe installed in our home that had to be replaced and it was taken care of by the warranty in place. However, once this was done,, our yard was left in shambles and our sprinkler system was damaged by the workers that replaced the pipe. We have called and e-mailed numerous times to have the problem solved, and yet for some reason they insist that we take a day off work to meet them when it was their mistreatment of our property that caused the damage. We have also called about our fence that was damaged by construction workers next door to us while the house was being built. This they said they would fix and have not. This week we tried contacting them again, and a Steven P. Hambrick responded that their hours are Monday thru Friday from 9 to 5. I told him that it was unethical to have us take a vacation day from work to have them fix something that they damaged and asked for an immediate response, and not once has he answered again. My husband somehow managed to get in touch with him by calling the main line and asking to be transferred, and he said that he would speak with a manager that would handle this for us and get back in touch. Again, we have not heard anything after numerous e-mails and phone calls to them. This is completely unacceptable and I would like my property that was damaged by this company fixed immediately. We have now spent 5 months attempting to get this resolved with no luck.Desired Settlement: I would like my property repaired on DR Horton's time, NOT mine that I have worked very hard to earn. I would also like an apology and something in writing stating that our property will be fixed under our warranty within 3 business days of a request.



Re: Response to Complaint ID [redacted]

Dear Ms. [redacted]

Please accept this correspondence as D R Horton, Inc.’s (“Horton”) reply to the ( with regard to the above reference complaint.

[redacted] complaint was received by the DFW-East Division of Horton. The Warranty Manager conversed with the builder regarding the items. All of the items were repaired and signed off on as of last week. There were a few more additional items after the original complaint which will be resolved within a week.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] complaint.


D.R. Horton, Inc.

America's Builder

Corporate Customer Service Coordinator



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I do not have a guarantee that my warranty issues will be resolved in a timely manner. Unless I have something in writing saying that someone will absolutely call/e-mail me back in a timely manner, I am still dissatisfied with the level of service.


Review: I purchased a home from D.R. Horton in February 2006. As soon as we turned on the A/C units that first summer, both units froze and failed to work properly. We contacted the D.R. Horton vendor who installed the units and had a service technician come out to inspect the problems. The technician said the units were installed in the winter time and were only given a partial charge (freon) on install. He proceeded to completely fill both units with Freon and left. I called the vendor again on two other occasions to report that the units were freezing up and were not cooling properly. Techs were sent out both times. One technician told me the reason the units weren't cooling was because the thermostats were flipped (upstairs unit was controlled by downstairs thermostat and vice versa), the second tech told me that the construction crew had pierced the freon lines during construction and had gotten "trash" in the freon lines causing poor cooling. Neither tech did any additional investigating on the units to determine a root case of the failures. The following summer (2007), we had the same problem. I contacted the D.R. Horton vendor yet again and was told my 1 year warranty had expired and they were no longer obligated to service the units under that warranty. Any visits to my home or repairs to the HVAC would be at my expense. I argued with the company stating the problems from the previous year that were obviously not resolved even through a tech had been sent out on 3 different occasions. The company declined to provide service under warranty. I contacted to D.R. Horton to intervene and was told the warranty had expired and that they would send a tech out as a "courtesy". No one ever showed. I decided to contact a vendor of my choice at this point to have the units serviced yet again. This problem has persisted every summer since I purchased the home in 2006. The problem has gotten increasingly more severe with freon having to be replenished in both units up to 3 times a summer. The system is a closed loop system and should never require freon replenishment unless there are leaks in the lines or bad elements in the units. No technician has ever been able to find substantial leaks until this year. I had a company come out and empty the system of freon and pressurize the lines for both units. In doing so, the technician confirmed...there are NO LEAKS in the lines. The problem comes from bad interior and exterior coils in both units. I have spent thousands of dollars since purchasing this home on servicing and charging two A/C units that were obviously bad from the point of installation. I have contacted D.R. Horton and asked for them to get involved. The units are no longer under manufacturer's warranty (5 year warranty) and D.R. Horton refuses to intervene falling back on the 1 year warranty that was provided at the time of purchase. I feel that D.R. Horton sold me a defective HVAC System and their vendor failed to remedy the system after 3 attempts in the first year to do so. I have since used my own service provider from 2007 - 2012 to repair the units that D.R. Horton and their designated vendor sold to me costing me a lot of time, money and discomfort to resolve the issue.Desired Settlement: I have contacted D.R. Horton to have the units replaced (they refused) and would like this to occur immediately. We are currently experiencing the hottest summer of record in Atlanta and I am unable to live in my home while the A/C issues are resolved. I have had a contractor price out replacing the two existing units. The cost is just over $5,000. I have spent half this in service fees and freon costs in the years since purchasing this defective product. I feel D.R. Horton should be responsible for replacing the units that were purchased in good faith when I bought this home from them. I am not asking for reimbursement for expenses incurred due to the faulty equipment. I am asking for a complete replacement of both units in my home along with an inspection that proves the new product is installed properly and in working order. The 3rd party vendor would be of my choosing as I no longer trust the integrity or reliability of D.R. Horton's contracted provider.


Dear [redacted] :

This message is in regard to your complaint submitted on 7/5/2012 2:40:30 PM against D R HORTON INC. Your complaint was assigned ID [redacted].

The business has sent the a message regarding this complaint, and we are passing it on to you. The contents of this message are below or attached. Please respond to this message at your first convenience.

The text of your complaint may be publicly posted on the web site ( reserves the right to not post in accordance with policy). Please do not include any personally identifiable information in describing the nature of your complaint. By submitting your complaint, you are representing that it is a truthful account of your experience with the business. may redact your complaint to protect privacy rights and to remove inappropriate language.


Dispute Resolution/Ad Review

MESSAGE FROM BUSINESS:Re: Response to Complaint ID [redacted]

Dear Ms. [redacted]


accept this correspondence as D R Horton, Inc.’s (“Horton”) reply to the ( with regard to the above reference complaint.


[redacted] complaint was received by the by the Atlanta Division of

Horton. The Customer Service Manager contacted Ms. [redacted] and

requested all information regarding her HVAC that she has accumulated over the

years be sent to her. The information when received would have aided in making

a determination as to how to proceed. The information was never received

from Ms. [redacted].


you for the opportunity to respond to Ms. [redacted]’s complaint.


D.R. Horton, Inc

America's Builder

Corporate Customer Service Coordinator

Review: I had purchased my home July 10, 2014 and informed them of a drainage issue n my back yard. They keep putting us off as if nothing is wrong. The house is a basement lot and there is literally a river in our back yard whenever it rains. It is literally wearing out the back yard to the point that is is leaving holes. Considering this is a basement lot we worry about flooding later on. The backyard is completely useless as it is wet all the time. It is like we have a pond in our back yard.Desired Settlement: I would like DR Horton to come out and repair this drainage issue.



An appointment was made with [redacted] for April 6th at 3:00 p.m. to inspect her landscaping

Review: The home we had built was not structually constructed. It been Less than a year and a half and already we have major cracks on the walls. The whole counter top has disconnected itself off the wall. The window from our kids room has a big gap and looks like it could fall out or in with the wind blowing it. My kids floor is always cold, because it was not properly insulated according the air conditions personal. the paint in my boys room just started peeling off the wall. This house this house was so poorly built that we have had nothing but trouble since we have moved in.Desired Settlement: I just want out this nightmare. I wanted my first dream home, and learned a very valuable lesson. Once the final paperwork is signed, the home builder will never want to answer your calls again. I just want my money back and have my new house built by a reconable home builder.



Ms. [redacted] closed on her DR Horton home on July 7, 2011. DR Horton's warranty coversdrywall settling cracks for the first year of ownership, and painting and caulking are notcovered after the date of closing. Ms. [redacted] was informed of this coverage as well therest of her warranties at her homeowner orientation before she closed. This is alsooutlined for her in her homeowner's manual which was given to her in print form and i:salso accessible via our website.On February 27, 2013, I met with [redacted] at Ms. [redacted] home. He was upsetwith the appearance of drywall settling cracks, the caulking between the ceramic tilebacksplash and the countertop had cracked, and a window was leaking in the upstairsfront bedroom. After reviewing the home's warranty with him and explaining that wewould investigate the leaking window, but the rest of his concerns were no longercovered under his warranty. He became upset and wanted to speak with someone else.As a gesture of good will, I agreed to repair everything in his home that he was upsetabout, even if it was no longer covered by his warranty. We both verbally agreed thatthis was the last time DR Horton would address any of his concerns that were no longercovered under his warranty and he seemed pleased. Yesterday, after I received hiscomplaint from the, I called M"r. [redacted] to find out why hewas still unhappy. He explained to me that he filed this complaint before escalating hisconcerns to me. He is happy with the work we have done for him and apologized for complaint.If there are any other issues with regard to this .complaint, please feel free to contact me.Very Respectfully,[redacted]

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