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I kept getting phone calls during the work day from a number in Palm Beach Florida, so I initially ignored them until the number popped up on my phone in the eveningI answered and the phone representative told me that I had won a drawing at the local mall for a cruise vacation I didn't remember registering to win a cruise (it turns out I thought that I was registering to win a car, but accepting the cruise was somehow connected to being eligible for entry into the drawing for the car) but I had been through one of these calls many years ago and remember the high pressure sales tactics and requests for me to give out my credit card number to pay for the fees associated with my "free vacation," so I wanted no part of going through that experience again I said "no thanks" and ended the call Three days later I get another call from the same number I tried to decline the call but accidentally ended up calling them back The male sales representative immediately launched into the pitch about being chosen for a vacation, so I interrupted him to say that I had already spoken to a woman the other day and declined His tone immediately changed and he said, "Well why did you call back then?" I explained that the return call was accidental but reiterated that I had already experienced a similar phone call and wasn't interested in a free vacation attached to tons of hidden fees His sounded almost confrontational when he responded by saying that I hadn't experienced his company's vacations because I wasn't in their data base I asked him what the fees were for this trip and he quoted an amount around $for people but added that I would get all but seventy some dollars back because it was a just a reservation feeHis description of getting to select between popular cruise lines anytime in the upcoming year sounded much to good to be true, especially since I was only one of many people being presented with this offer I asked him for the name of his company and he hesitated a little and then told me "Bluegreen Vacations." He wanted to give me more information, but I told him that I preferred to look the company up online and investigate them myself and then I could call them back if I decided to accept the offer As I suspected, he immediately objected, stating,"This is already your 2nd call back, so if you don't accept the offer now, then you will pass [redacted] up." Any company that won't allow someone the time to do research and make an informed decision is just SHADY in my opinion (especially when the representative is somewhat rude during sales pitch!), so I said, "That's fine, then I'll pass." I ended the call, and once I looked the company up online and saw all of the negative reviews, then I am glad that I followed my instincts I strongly URGE others to view this company with suspicion as well

Absolute thievesCheck out the many lawsuits filed against them every year before you get swindled into a huge mortgage for something you can rarely if ever use These crooks are fraud expertsFortunately they only stole dollars from meMost of their victims get swindled for tens of thousands

I would like anyone reading this to know just what kind of a company Bluegreen is My husband was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in January of this year He has had surgery, radiation treatment, imaging, lab work, physician and cancer treatment center visits for the past months The cost of care for this is as expected very expensive and has strictly tightened our family budget and we have had to make some difficult financial decisions this year We have not used the timeshare at all this year due to my husband's physician ordering travel restriction We did contact Bluegreen this August in an attempt to get help selling We were told that they don't buy back or help sellI was told I had to contact Pinnacle to see if they would be willing to sell the timeshare interests for us The Blugreen rep told me that was the only company we were allowed to use for resale servicesSince researching selling our contract we have come to the realization that there is really no market for it, even through Pinnacle We are saddened and angered by this as we are at a point where we need all our money and assets to be concentrated on medical costsThis contract has not turned out to be the 'appreciating investment' Bluegreen staff told us it would be We can't afford to be subject to further mandatory upgrades eitherEvery time we visit we are pulled into presentations and hassled into buying more pointsWhen we refuse, we are treated very rudelyOne lady in TN actually told us we were 'stupid' for not buying at the pricing offered because she was an employee couldn't even get that price This purchase was expensive and has no resale value and no way outBluegreen are holding us to ransom with a purchase that is not what they said it would be and there is no viable way out of it We have called and emailed only to be ignored and passed on to the next person who ignores us againOur advice is to stay away from Bluegreen

I own a floating week for a timeshareI called to make a reservation for my week and was told that all the weeks are booked We own a floating week in a timeshare resort in Cape Cod Massachusetts, The Breakers I paid my maintenance fees on time and called Bluegreen Resorts to make a reservation at the Breakers so that I can deposit the week for Trade for another week and was told all the weeks are booked, therefore, I do not get a week I paid my fees and am not getting the week that I paid for

Deceptive misleading promises & guarantees w/fraudulent mis-representation of the sales product induced us to purchase & suffer financial hardships Deceptive misleading promises & guarantees w/fraudulent mis-representation of the sales product induced us to purchase & suffer financial hardshipsOn June 25, 2016, we attended a timeshare presentation at Bluegreen Harbor LightsWe were made promises by both the sales rep and the sales mgr in regards to the timeshare, which induced us to purchase 4,pointsWe believed that both the sales rep and mgr were truthful and that the purchase of timeshare would benefit our family with quality time and quality vacationsHowever, the timeshare has become a financial burden, which we cannot afford and has put us in financial hardshipWe can no longer make payments on this timeshare purchase as we do not have the money to do soThe purchase price of $7,with a monthly payment of $133.12/month with maintenance fees of $600/yr is way beyond

Entered to win a contest with this companyI believe they sold my personal information twice to scam companies Over a year ago I entered to win a contest with this companyThe form included phone number and email addressThey called saying I had won, not the main prize, but a lesser prize, which I had to pay for to receive the amazing offer of some stay at one of their resortsI said noThey called back, I told them not to call me againShortly after, I began receiving a very large amount of scam emails and calls from other companies that I had never heard ofMostly payday loan placesI have never applied for a payday loanI finally got myself removed from the call lists of all of those companiesThen, this week, I started receiving calls and emails from those same payday loan places againAnd this morning I answered a call and it was from bluegreenThey said I had recently entered to win, and had won a prizeI informed them that I hadn't entered a contest with them, ex

lying sales reps w/many misreps re: rental, resale, refinance, & buyback...lied about how the product has caused us great financial hardship Our first meeting with Bluegreen Corporation was in March We went to the meeting, which lasted most of the day We were promised it was only min or less but when we asked to leave several times we were told they weren't finished We were told about how great owning the timeshare is and all the great trips you can take We were also told several lies Before we attended the meeting, we had already talked about how we are not going to spend any money on timeshare since we are young, unmarried and don't have a home of our own to live We kept saying no that we did not want to sign up, but they just kept high-pressure selling and telling us how great it was to own and that this was a great financial investment that would help our credit for the future We didn't agree with them but they would not listen to us They just

When we were in Tennessee , we thought we had very good experienceBut now it is completely differentI am not sure if I can share the price details that I gotDuring the sales promotion program we were told like the price of the each point is some dollars and even in the outside market the value of each point is what they saidWe bought 5k in June and another 10k points last monthThe only reason we bought is the points worth is more than what we bought and we were told that in outside markets it is sameBut I never expect any profit and it is reasonable that we expect no gain no lossBut with in two weeks I came to know that outside value is very lessThen I contacted Bluegreen customer support team to know about it and I asked if the price is very less than what you have sold to me then I would like to cancel and requested for a refund I got different answers on pricingit depends on credit score, we were not told about thisPoint value - support said we need to go through resale partner , when I contacted them the point value is < dollar which was a shock to me I am happy to share the values if it is really needed I am not at all happy with the sales process since it is not transparent and now I need my money back and get rid of thisWe have a mortgage of amount which is more than what it worth I can share more details if needed

Taking money with advertising This company collected $from me and said would I like to go on a cruise for only $, I said yes, they told me to go on a timeshare presentation and you didn't want it you still get a free cruise that all I needed to pay is taxesWhen it was time for me to book my cruise I was told that the Jamaica cruise wasn't available and I needed to upgrade to a king suite for 1,Nothing was available at all throughout the whole entire yearI am so upset and hurt that big companies like carnival cruise would deal with type of companyThey refuse to give me my money backHorrible service

DON'T DO IT DONT EVER BUY FROM THEM This a horrible company to work with never buy from them even the sample packet, they preached all about family and spending time with them how can you if you can't never book a roomThe maintenance fees hit you around the holiday times and I was hit with maintenance fees twiceWithin months of each other within the same year first time was $second time $all with 4mths of each otherHow are they able to help you take family vacations and spend time together? If all you doing is pay mortgage and maintenance fees The worst part was during my sell session I was only told about the of not about the percentages not about that I was going to get hit with two maintenance fees within the first year and then, I called to try to talk to someone to see about breaking it up into smaller increments cuz around the holiday time I live in Florida we just got hit with a hurricaneYou know what they tell me oh well sorry! But u can do payments but your maintenance fees are going up because you're going to pay a $installment fee how is that helping the customer when your customer saying okay I want to pay this just need smaller increments so I can make this adjustment for my family easier cuz it's in November you have holidays coming up back-to-back and they say oh well sorry can't help you I would never buy with this company I would never recommend anyone else to buy with this company if anything leave immediately get and run away!

Originally started process to redeem Cruise that was promised after complying to certain requirements, Requirements keep changingKeep starting over Called to redeem cruise voucher Was told since I was an owner and had made previous payments to send in card to redeem Called to check on status and was told that I must wait until after months of payments when I upgraded to a higher level Called back after months and was told that I and that I must wait 4-weeks for them to process Called back after weeks and was told they were processing and they would have it to me within 10-days Called on Friday 4-21-and they gave me a case number XXXXXX, and [redacted] the supervisor in Indy call center would call me back no latter than Tuesday, 4-25- Call 4-25-and was told they were still processing and that [redacted] the supervisor does not call people backI transferred to another supervisor and was told that [redacted] a supervisor will email department that handle cruises and

Sold us a vacation package and lied to me regarding the terms Called me regarding a vacation packageI said that I have kids and could not attend a sales meetingI was told I could pay $to get out of the meetingI paid the extra $and purchased the packageNow that I went to redeem the package I was told I had to go to the meetingThe rep on the phone initially said I would receive a refund because I paid extraThey transferred me and the next rep said I had to attend the meeting and I would not receive a refund Deceptive sales practices

One day after within our cancellation period we are be giving the go around and keep being put off pot told it will be another minutes till they ca Problem date 1/12/purchases 1/11/

BLUEGREEN VACATIONS UNLIMITED, INC., BOCA RATON, FL I had no intentions of purchasing a Bluegreen Vacation Membership,because I had horrible experiences with my prior time-shareI learned ALL the things I hated about my prior time-share do not exist with a Bluegreen Membership...We just got back from our 4-day Carnival Cruise we got just for going to the presentation, and it was INCREDIBLE!!! We booked our first points stay in Saint Petersburg, FL, and between the two, it has been our BEST VACATIONS BY FAR!!! I am sooooo GLAD WE BOUGHT A BLUEGREEN MEMBERSHIP!!!

If you are flexible and have no restrictions Bluegreen will wok out for youIf you only have limited or restricted time when you can travel, don't bother with this We have found that if you can travel whenever you like and make plans ahead of time, Bluegreen offers a lot of travel optionsMy wife is retired and I work from my home officeThat means my home office can be anywhere, and we've taken the opportunity to mix work and pleasure at Bluegreen resorts If you can arrange your time away to be from Sunday to Friday, you can take advantage of the lower rates during the weekIf you absolutely have to use weekend time, you'll be very dissatisfied, as the weekend rates are much higher than the weekday rates If you play by the Bluegreen rules, you shouldn't have a problemIf you can only travel on short notice and on weekends, don't waste your money

Bluegreen sales repspromised us great vacation deals, but these are almost never availableAlso, they admitted they lied to us about it When we first went for a sales presentation, the sales repshad said that it would last minutesThen they made it last five hours, trying and succeeding in closing usSo ok, now we were timeshare owners and we were excited to attend a day new owners' orientation in Wisconsin Dells because we wanted to know about all the new things we could do with this membershipUpon arriving, we were pre-checked in and then told to come back in a few hoursWhen we returned, the receptionist could not find our check in informationAfter sitting in reception for an hour and a half, they finally found us a roomSo, even at our owner orientation, we got the impression that Bluegreen considered us as just a number, rather than as an owner Lo and behold, almost the first thing that they told us at the orientation was that our original purchase was "not

My wife and I were promised a cruise for listening to a presentationThey told us in writing our costs would be $each but at booking wanted $ On Nov X XXXX my wife and I received a presentation at the Welcome center on StPete Beach FlWe had been promised a free cruise and were responsible for customary fees and charges that they stated in writing to be $per personWe had taken cruises of this type before and thought the charges were reasonableAt the time of booking on Dec their agent informed me that our cost was now $per personThe reason given was that they are charging us non-commisionable cruise feesThis amounts to a deceptive tactic to steal money from consumersOur deposit was returned to us after a long wait

Unauthorized Credit (Hard) Inquiry I purchased a vacation sampler from Bluegreen Corporation 6/I started using my vacations in I had my second vacation through this company 4/22-24/Like before, they requested my family to sit through a sales presentation to where we at every step declined to move forward with any purchaseI did not authorize, indicate or suggest in anyway that I was interested and in fact specifically stated we were not in the position to make any purchases and did not want to look at any optionsWe(spouse and I ) did not sign for anyone to pull any credit reportsBefore signing the form that indicated we understood we were declining everything, I confirmed with the "sales rep" what the form was indicatingAs of May 12, I received a notification from the credit monitoring services indicating that they had done a hard inquiry on 4/23/which is clearly unauthorizedI contacted the Boca Raton, FL location and after being transferred severa

We have recently spent more than $for an attorney to get out of my agreement with Bluegreen And that is AFTER PAYING IN FULL for 25,points For a number of years we have not been able to make reservations anywhere we wanted to go at the time we wanted to go there That includes attempts at making reservations the first day they were available months in advanceWe were able to use all 25,annual points to go on a cruise in and another 25,for a cruise in The points reduced our cruise cost by $each time, while our annual fees were nearly double that Why would anyone pay $a year or more (because the fees increase every year) to have no desirable vacation opportunities and get only half your money back toward a cruise? So, we decided to cut our losses, pay an attorney rather than Bluegreen in and put this horrible decision behind us I hope anyone considering purchasing points from this company reads this review and changes their mind We could have done a lot of vacations in retirement with the money we wasted buying Bluegreen points

Bluegreen's sales agent overcame our objections to an upgrade with falsehoods and half-truths We have tried contacting Bluegreen about our latest purchase with them, but they have not respondedWe had a paid-off contract with them when we were convinced by their sales representatives that it would be a new purchase would be a sound investment While we still were holding out she spoke about how desirable Savannah is and how the investment would accrue value over time We were extremely reluctant, but she was relentless in her pursuit of the sale Her next tact was to tell us that we could refinance the loan with our personal bank to lower the interest rate and thereby the payments I don't know her background in federal income taxes, but she also told us that we could deduct the interest off of our taxes Of course, we learned too late that her statements were specious, and we had been duped In addition to the above-mentioned duplicity, we have encountered financial difficult

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