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The customer has a balance of $1,She had one broken installment plan on her account this yearOn May 26th she was offered another installment plan with an initial payment of $She spoke with Customer Service again on June 6th and was advised the same, $was needed to stop a disconnect for non-payment On June 7th she called to report an agency appointment the same day Since the appointment was for the same day and the order to disconnect service was not on the account for June 7th a hold was not neededAtlantic City Electric Company’s Credit Department will place a hold on a customer’s account with a confirmed agency appointment until the day of the appointmentIf payment and /or commitment in the amount needed, in this case $470.00, is made an installment plan is established and if an order to disconnect has been issued it will be cancelledIf payment and/or commitment is not made the Company will continue with collection activity up to an including a disconnect of serviceHaving an agency appointment does not cancel a disconnect for non payment nor does it change the amount neededOn June 13th the customer made a payment of $and a month installment plan for her to pay $a month in addition to her bill was established I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Ive already acknowledged I'm having a hard time paying my billI have fallen on financial hardship resulting from my father dying unexpectedly and my mother being gravely illI have done my absolute best to pay the bills despite my hardshipI still don't see how adding more money to my bill is supposed to help me!? Unfortunately, they're the only power company serving my area so me and others are being locked in a chokehold to pay more monies we can't affordI just received my bill today, instead of the $bill I worry about paying its $Now you tell me how's that was supposed to help me? I paid $and was told to pay another $in days or they would add an additional deposit and spread it out in a month arrangementAgain, impossible due to my financial hardship I wasn't able to come up with the monies in daysThis is there resolution to helping people in need? Regards, [redacted]

Customer [redacted] originally had his bills being mailed to the service location address, which was incorrectDelmarva Power corrected the mailing address in October yet the account continued to not be paid in a timely fashionThere were two returned payments and no proof was given that this was a fraud situation so the account remained Cash OnlyPayment arrangements were broken and the service was disconnected in MayDelmarva Power would require payment in full to reconnect serviceWhile the account started with an incorrect mailing address, the customer had ample opportunity to comply with payment arrangements subsequently granted but failed to make necessary paymentsDuring the course of investigating the customer's current complaint, it was discovered the prior account holder at this property, Alison Howton, is currently living at the propertyThis would mean the full balance under [redacted] as well as the balance under Alison Howton would be required in full before service is reconnectedI left a voice message for the customer on 7/with my contact information

I have spoken with the customer several times I advised of total account balance Service was disconnected on 8/17/ We have received four payments on the account during the past two years, and the customer has broken several payment arrangements over the past months The minimum amount that we can accept to restore service is At that time, we can establish another payment plan for the remaining balance because of the history of broken payment plans, another payment plan cannot be established before this payment is made and Delmarva: I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me I am saying this only because I need power and Delmarva has shown a willingness to turn it off even though they made the error, not meWhat choice do I have but to accept? The regulations regarding Delmarva's errors need to be changed so they do not allow them to make errors and then pass them on to innocent paying customersThe supervisors at Delmarva are incompetent and cold, and if I had ANY CHOICE to select another provider, I would NEVER deal with DelmarvaI cannot visit my sick mother in another state because of your incompetence! Because I did not plan for YOUR ERROR, my savings have to go to Delmarva instead of visiting her; she is so you should think about what that meansDO YOUR JOB RIGHT!! YOU AFFECT PEOPLE'S LIVES WITH YOUR INCOMPETENCE AND CALLOUSNESS!!!! Anne Morris

I called [redacted] left message on answering machine.....customer concern about billing him a deposit and not sending him any correspondence We have sent him notices that a deposit could be required Mr [redacted] is set up on a payment plan for months to pay $in addition to the monthly bill If Mr [redacted] can bring his account current I can waive the deposit this one time

DPL's position remains the same, The $deposit assessed to customers account was warranted due to the delinquency of the account and is not eligible to be waived Customer has been carrying a balance each month back to Customer contacted customer service on 12/to dispute the deposit and stated he will not pay the deposit and will have his wife [redacted] call back to speak to someone elseOn 1/someone named [redacted] called in to discuss the account and was advised by the CSR that because she was not the customer of record they was not able to discuss the account, that was the last communication received on the accountThe assessment of the security deposit policy is part of DPL's tariff that is approved by the Delaware Public Service CommissionIf the customer does not have an installment plan set up for his deposit any monies received will be applied to the deposit first

The customer's gas meter was exchanged October The bills were estimated at zero usage based on prior history up until April At that time a reading was obtained remotelyApril's bill then included usage from the time the meter was installed up until the reading in AprilThe customer confirmed a reading in April which showed the reading was accurateThe current balance is accurate and Delmarva is willing to establish payment arrangements on the balance

I have reviewed Ms [redacted] ’s case file referenced aboveMs [redacted] was billed a deposit of size="2">$525, October, due to the delinquency of her accountOur records indicate Ms [redacted] spoke with a CSR on October 27, who waived the deposit as a onetime only deposit waiver Customer was delinquent again in November and December, which generated another disconnect notice and assessed another deposit of $due to the delinquency of her accountThe assessment of a security deposit is in compliance with the MD Public Service Commission, COMAR, Ms [redacted] has had disconnect notices generated between July and DecemberPrior to DPl’s new billing system, this process was done manually, with our new billing system if a customer receives or more disconnect notices within a month period, they will be assessed a security deposit if there is no deposit on the account If the customer has a deposit on the account and their consumption history is higher than it was when they were initially billed a deposit the deposit will be increased and an additional amount will be assessed due the increase in the consumptionMs [redacted] ’s, security deposit has been set on a month installment plan of $per month in addition to the current bill on January 18, The deposit will be refunded to the customer, once the she has paid her balance down to zero and makes consecutive on time payments each month by paying the balance due in full by the due dateI left a message today with a gentleman for Ms [redacted] to return my call to my direct phone# [redacted] ***

I reviewed Ms [redacted] 's account, due to a defect in our billing system customer received adjusted billing from June to Dec Bill, as Ms [redacted] stated she received the adjusted bills that did not show her payments The bill mailed on 1/showed all payments that were credited to her accountThis matter has been resolved, customers current bill was sent 2/with her current charges of $balance due I called customer to apologize for any inconvenience she may have experienced, left a voice mail for a return call to my direct # if she has any concerns regarding this issue[redacted] ***

Delmarva Power's position remains the same The electric service at the location has been active at the property since The service was never physically disconnected prior to Ms [redacted] moving into the property A reading was obtained on 4/28/and the service was transferred over to her name to assume responsibility for the registered usage from that point forward Any delay in Ms [redacted] moving into the property was not a result of any actions related to the status of the service

The total balance on the account is currently $ Of this amount $is the outstanding amount due for the security deposit The account was assessed a security deposit of $on February 23, due to delinquency Prior to the deposit being assessed there were two disconnection noticed generated The notice on February 23, stated a security deposit may be assessed on this accountIf a security deposit has already been assessed, it may be increased Per the DE tariff, Delmarva Power can assess new or existing customers a security deposit until satisfactory payment history is achieved Our records indicate that there have been no prior broken payment arrangements on the account The account has been noted that Delmarva Power is willing to accept a payment of $in order to avoid further collection activity and then the remaining balance of $can be placed on a month payment arrangement

I spoke to Mr [redacted] directly on 2/3/ I reviewed his account with him and explained that the money that was applied to his prior account was refunded due to his prior account was in Dand his new account is in DPL-MD Per state regulations DPL cannot transfer money between the two states and thus his overpayment was refunded rather than transferred Mr [redacted] requested an account statement for all of his accounts with DPL starting with his initial service at [redacted] , DE I have completed the statement covering all charges and payments recorded on his account from April to present (attached) and have emailed it to Mr [redacted] today per his request I advised if he has any record of payments not reflected on the statement that he can provide me with proof of payment and I will have any missing payments researched through our Remittance Processing department I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below I asked the Delmarva agent to make sure my final balance is billed to my account on file (I have used that bank account to pay the electric bills for years, and that still has not changed!)Also my phone number has never changedDelmarva Power had a payment option that I authorized to be used, they had my phone number, they had my email addressThere is no excuse for not being able to reach me, and send my balance to collections, and ruin my perfect credit history over $It is just laziness of whoever did not even care to investigate and look into the matterYou could reach me by phone any timeSuch poor customer service, and the consequences to me are catastrophic Regards, [redacted]

Our records indicate that Ms [redacted] started service at [redacted] as of September 11, The account was assessed a move in security deposit of $at that time Ms [redacted] paid the $security deposit in full on October 10, 2014.Per the Delaware tariff, Delmarva Power can assess a security deposit to any new or existing customer until satisfactory credit is establishedThe deposit is calculated as two months of the estimated average annual electric and or natural gas bill The deposit at move in was based on the prior usage at the location from the past months.The account was assessed two disconnection notices and our billing system completed an automatic review of the security deposit on file Due to an increase in usage the security deposit was increased to $ The $deposit that was initially assessed on the account was applied towards the total deposit of $leaving $of the deposit outstanding I have attached a copy of Ms [redacted] 's usage history for your records

According to Delmarva Claims Dept, claim has been closed and reimbursement has taken place at this time

I spoke to Ms [redacted] and advised that I have waived the $as she should have been advised on 1/when she called in to report the payment that the account would need to be set up on a payment arrangement to avoid future collection activity Had that been done, the account would have never generated the disconnection notice which in turn generated the security deposit I advised that I would waive the security deposit of $reducing the total balance to $ I advised her to pay $(the current gas and electric charges) on or before 4/(current due date of bill) then the remaining balance of $would be split in two installments

DPL, does not have a flat rate for determining the customer's deposit, the calculation of the deposit is based on months of the customer's average bill over the last months; therefore each customer will billed a different amount based on their usage at their propertyThe deposit and the calculation is part of DPL's tariff which is approved by the Delaware Public Service CommissionMr ***s was assessed a $security deposit due to his late payment history Based on his late payments, disconnect notices were generated and mailed to the customerMr***'s deposit is warranted and is not eligible to be waivedDPL is willing to offer a month installment plan for his deposit balance of $of $in addition to his current bill Once Mr***'s has re-established a good or excellent payment history by paying his balance to zero and has paid his bill in full by the due date for consecutive months, his deposit will be refunded I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Check was received on June 5,

Mr [redacted] contacted Delmarva Power and advised that the inspection was received and the connect order was issued for April 6, A request was sent on April 6, for both services to be connected remotely On April 7, Mr [redacted] contacted Delmarva Power again for a status update on the pending connection of service A request was directed to our Dispatch Department and a service person was sent to the location Upon arrival, the service person noted that there was no one at the property and that a new service entrance cable had been installed and the customer would need to be directed to electrical engineering On April 8, Mr [redacted] 's spoke to a customer service representative A request was made to have the order reissued for the connect order but only the gas order was completed While at the property, the service technician spoke to Mr [redacted] 's and was advised that he did not want gas service at this time only electric The technician advised that a new order would need to be issued as additional equipment was needed in order to connect the electric service at the property On April 11, 2016, Mr [redacted] 's contacted Delmarva Power again and spoke to a customer service representative A connect order was issued and sent to the field for completionThe electric was connected to the building and the meter was exchanged and left off at the breaker On April 13, the order was completed for the service upgrade and permanent connections were made and service was connected A request was sent to our Billing Department so the Billing started as of April 12, when the service order was physically completed and service was connected in the field

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