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Customer claiming two separate payments for $was processed, one from check payment and second by credit cardCustomer sent statements for both accountsAfter review, there was a payment from the credit card for $($+ $fee), but the bank statement showing payment of $ was to the credit cardOnly one payment was made to the utility account, therefore no refund is warranted I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.The response from Delmarva Power we received today was inaccurate and incompleteThe report mischaracterizes the sequence of events and leaves out the most important piece: the fact that our second set of NINE months' bills (received by mail May 19, 2016) dating back to September say "actual" beside gas readings that had originally said "estimated", thus altering the total payment due for each monthThis appears to attempt to justify the overcharges that began in March This new "actual" set of bills is IMPOSSIBLE since our home's malfunctioning meter had been replaced twice during that time periodHOW did Delmarva GO BACK in TIME and "read" a malfunctioning gas meter for NINE separate months that had already past and been paid in full? Furthermore, how did past bills (Sept 2015-March 2016) get recalculated and now somehow reflect later payments made this year in the balanceFor example, the September bill now reflects an April 22, payment among other random datesIt does not, however, show our complete April 22, payment of $300; instead it shows less than $paidWe must look at October to find the rest of that paymentDelmarva owes us an explanation for these deceptive and fraudulent billing procedures.The report today skipped several key phone and email conversations we'd hadThe report writer (name unknown) failed to even proofread this before submittingThis lack of attention to detail highlights the carelessness Delmarva uses to deal with customer service concerns.The dates mentioned in their response to are incomplete, as wellThey did not mention repeated technician visits during the summer of when they replaced equipmentThey also did not mention our call to them in early fall of asking about the drop in cost on our gas chargesWe were told then that we'd been overcharged by estimated billing up to that point and we had a creditThey said our account was correct.The spreadsheet attached today was incorrectIt skipped the month of October entirely, for exampleIt included two entries for March and April 2016, as wellWhat message was this spreadsheet supposed to be conveying? It was not at all helpful; instead, it was another example of Delmarva's inept handling of this issueHow can they be trusted? None of their "readings" can be believedAt this point we are more confused than when we'd started this inquiry earlier this yearIn closing, we do not have any documentation other than your email and attachment that shows Delmarva's position at this timeWe do not know what they are planning to do to rectify this issue, and we do not have confidence in their business practices at this pointWe have already been in touch with the Delaware Attorney General's office, the Philadelphia media and two private attorneysWe will not be satisfied until this is resolved completely and accuratelyHopefully, Delmarva will contact us and be transparent with their position so we can reach a reasonable compromiseIf not, we see no other recourse and will pursue legal action.Regards,

Verified customer's mailing address via emailRefund check of $was Fedexed for overnight delivery on 5/ sent customer with Fedex information Please see below: Scheduled delivery:Thu, 5/12/by 4:pm [redacted] ** [redacted] *** [redacted] ** Company: PHI Service Co Pickup Type FedEx Express Confirmation noILGA Tracking # [redacted] Total noof packages: Country/Location: US Total weight: lbs [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]

After the final bill was deducted from the customers deposit of $and $interest he had a credit balance of $The refund was sent in separate checksA payment of $was mailed on 10/18/17, $was mailed on 10/30/and the final payment of $was mailed 10/31/Per our records the customers mailing address was updated 10/30/when he called to check on the status of his refundThe customer called again 11/09/and stated he had received checks and not received the 3rd check yetAfter the customer called back on 12/11/a stop payment was placed on the final check and the check was reissuedOur records show on 12/19/the customer called customer service to say he received the final check I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below I would like to be contacted about thisThe arrangement was not broken on my end I follow the steps I was told and when I would call delmarva the people would tell me that they have no record of an arrangement also that my accounts had remained active after months of asking them to cancelI also asked three times to have a manager contact me and yet to have heard anything from themI have only received a refund for one paymentOnce again delmarva has dropped the ball on customer relationsI have a copy of all payments made to delmarva over the past yearsMy number is [redacted] I have yet to speak to anyone at delmarva

Mr***I have reviewed your filing and your service accounts Of the numerous accounts I found seven that had incorrect mailing addresses listed Several of these accounts were already corrected[redacted] [redacted] Active Mailing address incorrect for Nov-Dec bills, and has already been corrected No late fees assessed[redacted] [redacted] Inactive Mailing address incorrect for all bills Jul-Final Oct bill Late fee of $will be credited[redacted] Active Mailing address incorrect for Dec billand has been corrected No late fees assessed[redacted] Inactive Mailing address incorrect for Dec 2015-Mar bills and corrected for Final Mar No late fees assessed [redacted] Inactive Mailing address incorrect for Mar bill and corrected for Apr-Final Sep bills No late fees assessed [redacted] Active Mailing address incorrect for Nov-Dec bills and corrected as of Jan bill, Waived two late fees: $& $I have resent bill copies for the missing invoices to your correct mailing address I am going to follwith our IT area regarding the incorrect mailing address because it appears that the [redacted] was correctly entered on these accounts when service started; however, the bills were being mailed to the service address I apologize for any inconvenience this caused If you have additional accounts that I have not listed please provide me with the account number and I will review Thank you[redacted]

Our records do not indicate that Mr [redacted] was set up on the Direct Debit program so his bank account would not have been deducted for Billing without his authorization to process a payment or unless he scheduled on from his My Account profile I reviewed all of the notations on the account and I could not locate any notations indicating that Mr [redacted] had authorized an agent from Delmarva Power to process a payment for the final billing amount Collection notices are system generated and based on the address listed on file at the time they are printed Attached, please find the copy of the notification letter that was sent for this outstanding balance prior to it being directed to collections I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.?After speaking with two representatives of Delmarva Power on 1/22/2015, I was told that my name would be removed from this account for a home that I have not occupied for years if I could provide proof of non-residence On 1/26/I faxed several documents of proof After not receiving confirmation from Delmarva, which was requested, I called on 2/10/to confirm that my name was removed from the account and I owed no further balance Delmarva’s representative confirmed that they received the fax, I was no longer listed on the account and that I owed no balance.As the attached documents show, on 7/26/2013, [redacted] assumed exclusive possession of the house located at *** [redacted] ** [redacted] The proof that Delmarva requested, and I faxed, is the following: 1) Petition for Specific Performance filed with the Family Court of the State of Delaware Specifically, please see numbers 3-on said document2) My driver’s license, indicating a new address as of the renewal date, which was 12/31/2013.Since I have fulfilled my obligation to show proof of non-residence at [redacted] – as Delmarva Power requested – I askthat Delmarva fulfill their end of the agreement and remove my name from this account and all debts owed as a result of this residence that I do not reside in Kind Regards,

I have confirmed that all of the lights have been installed and all are working with an exception of one that is currently being addressed by our office to repair

The January billing period was extended to a day period due to an internal billing system change and therefore that bill may appear to be higher than prior history billsThe meter was exchanged on February 13, The attached statements have been emailed to Ms [redacted] to help her better understand the recorded energy usage

Customer was billed a $security deposit on 3/2/at his new accountHis deposit has been waived as a time only courtesy Our records indicate that he has not establised excellent credit on any of his accounts, therefore the deposit was billedIf customer does not pay his bill on time by the due date each month he will run the risk of the deposit being assessed and it will not be eligible to waive

I spoke to our Green Power Connection Team and confirmed that the solar contractor, Sungevity, needs to provide an updated part I interconnection agreementThis particular solar contractor continues to fill out the application incorrectly and not the way DPL requires The contractor has been advised via email and phone to match the AC inverter rating with the system size they are installing and despite our numerous requests, they continue to ignore this step Once the completed application has been received DPL can move forward with the installation of the NEM meter and provide the permission to operate

Customer was assessed a deposit of $due to the delinquency of her accountA deposit is generated if a customer has received disconnect notices due to late paymentsCustomer has received late notices within the past months, therefore the deposit is warranted Customer is not eligible to have her deposit waived or refunded at this time The deposit will be refunded once she has reestablished good or excellent credit by paying her balance to zero and pays her bill in full by the due date for consecutive monthsCustomer currently has a zero balance

Left voicemail message for Mr [redacted] Final disconnection notice was sent on April advising of the past due amount of $on account and advising that his service was subject to termination on or after May Due to late payment, services were disconnected on 5/ Payment of $was made on 5/and services were restored As a one-time courtesy, Delmarva Power will waive the $reconnect fee I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I've been residing at my residence since October 31,as the primary account holder [redacted] was never the primary account holderThis all occurred about a year or so later when she tried processing a payment for me due to the fact where I'm currently employed I have no serviceThat's when she spoke to a representative over the phone because she was having difficulties online while trying to process a paymentThen out of no where Delmarva power decided to add her to my account with out my approvalAs you notice by looking at a separate bill from her pervious account, it has different names that doesn't involve me JOAQUIN ASCENCIOThe previous bill names are [redacted] and [redacted] I shouldn't have to pay anyone's debt but minesMy credit score is looking bad due to this situation that could of been avoidedAll I want is for the other accounts not to be linked with my account.I want my account like I had it when I moved into this residenceThat's a debt that doesn't involve me so why should I have to pay for it? They should bill the people names on the account not mineI just want to pay my balance and move forward

9-13- I have reviewed Ms***’s complaint filing and account Ms [redacted] activated service at Sandburg Place in May Our records show that she and Keith Sykes spoke with several representatives in August regarding the billing On August 29th a supervisor call back was made and a message was left On August 30th Keith Sykes spoke with a supervisor about the charges, readings and balanceThe usage Ms [redacted] has been billed is accurate and based off of actual meter readings Ms***’s daily usage is provided to her on each bill and can also be viewed through her online MyAccount I have attached a statement detailing the daily kilowatt-hour graph for her July and August bills, and her current daily usage up through the midnight read on 9/12/ If Ms [redacted] reviews this data she can see what days she has used the most energy Her energy usage in July significantly decreased between 7/7/through 7/15/ In addition, starting as of 8/16/her usage has remained consistently lower, which would indicate a change in appliance use, such as air conditioning This data supports Ms***’s statement that she turned off her air conditioning, which was probably on 8/16/ As a result, her August usage was almost kWhs less than July even though temperatures during the August bill period were warmer Ms [redacted] is currently averaging kWhs per/day, which is significantly lower when compared to kWhs in August and kWhs in July If she continues using this same amount of energy her September bill will be under kWhs [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

I have completed a review of Ms [redacted] ' account An investigative order was competed on March 2, confirming that meter [redacted] was located at [redacted] and meter [redacted] was located at [redacted] *** This confirmed that the customers at these two addresses were being billed for the incorrect consumption The meters were corrected and the proper usage was billed to each customer for the periods covering June through June Per Delaware Tariff Section IX- Adjustment of Charges (E) Adjust for Incorrect Billings - Incorrect billings for Delivery Service and for combined Electric Supply & Delivery Service resulting from clerical error, incorrect meter installation or reading, incorrect application of the rate schedule, or other similar reasons shall be corrected immediately upon discovery, and corrected bills rendered to the CustomerHowever, in no case may additional charges due from the Customer under the application of this paragraph be collected for more than three (3) years prior to the month of discoveryIf the Customer has been overcharged, the Company shall refund the amount due by credit to the Customer's account or the Customer may submit a request in writing for a refund by check, to the date the error was made, not to exceed three (3) years prior to discoveryIn the absence of a written election by the Customer for a refund by check, the Company shall credit the Customer's accountIn the event additional charges are due the Company, installment payments shall be offered for not less than the number of months the account was billed in errorAn installment payment charge shall not be applied to such installment paymentsBased on the tariff regulation stated above, Delmarva Power does have the right to bill Ms [redacted] for her actual usage consumed once the meter mix up was discovered The usage from the correct meter servicing Ms [redacted] ' property was getting actual readings from June through April The readings were estimated from May through June when the meter were corrected An actual reading was obtained when the meters were corrected, however Ms [redacted] was billed on the original estimated readings as this was actually less than what the true usage should have been based on the actual reading obtained from the meter Delmarva Power is willing to provide an extended payment arrangement, equal to or greater than months, for the outstanding balance of $1, Ms [redacted] was offered payment arrangements previously and declined A hold would remain on the account for days to allow her to contact our Customer Service Department to set up payment arrangement After that time collection procedures would resume on the account

I spoke with Mr [redacted] to confirm that he received his refund check that was mailed on 12/18/2015, customer statesd everything had vbeen resolved with our Customer Service Rep - *** on 12/and he has received his refund checkCusatomer stated he was satisfied with the great customer service he received I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below I have had this account for over years and I know peoples bills that has been over $dollars and I know a such bill that was over 30,that the peoples still owe, the only reason that didn't cut it off is because she was on a oxygen machinewhere I only a couple days late payingI never been cut off and they want give me a hard time This is because peoples don't want to their and not paying their bill so give a hard time that is paying our billThe lady across the street bill was $2,and they finally cut of her lightsI understand they has to do something, however if your paying your bill it shouldn't be an deposit for being a couple daysnever ever been cut offthe matter should be look into

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