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DRF Trusted Property Solutions

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Water Heater Horrible Installer
I had a brand new Rheem 40 gallon water heater installed on a Saturday which took 5 hrs (athough phone rep said 2 hrs). The installer told me to wait 20 mins before turning everything on----well next day NOTHING coming out of any water outlet. DRF claims to have 24/7 customer service which is true but you can forget about 24/7 emergency service. I was told no one works on Sunday so I had to go 2 days without water in my house then I wasn't the 1st appointment on Monday. They sent 3 men out to do the job one man installer did on Saturday. I'm trying to get adjustment on my bill 4 days later in which no one from customer service has follow-up on. Because apparently the original installer made 2 mistakes but I continue to get the runaround from all of the DRF phone reps. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND INSTALLATION JOB through any Home Depot contractors because home depot was useless also. I wish had a good experience like the other reviews.


I had my hot water heater replaced - being pro-active as it was on its last year DRF - thru [redacted] sent Chris and Brian to do the install at my residence Both gentlemen were very polite and curious They did a excellent job of the install Unfortunately - I had it set up as a basic install and of course more things were needed with added costs That was a bummer But Chris figured out how to do the required work - went very well and passed inspection the next day by the city's inspector Appreciate their professionalism and exceptional work - AJ

DRF Trusted Property Solutionswas recommended through [redacted] to install my new water heater They came to install on New Year's Eve, which I thought was amazing! Tom Rand his assistant showed up at 1pm and they were finished by 2:20pmOutstanding!!! I was very happy with the installation and love my new water heater.!!

Antuan (the Plumber) was very good professional and did things the right way first rather than in a rush or compromise standards by doing the easy thing We have just a few things to fix that the previous (another company) do the last time we had the water heater replacedOne was the gas line feed Which is a dangerous thing not to do right! Anyway he also was calm and reassuring to my wife who just arrived right after the install and smelled the natural gas! She quickly was critical and Antuan was calm and explained that he had to bleed the air out of the new gas line and that the slight smell would naturally dissipate in a while and all was safe That was great how he responded to reassure her Very happy with the quality and professionalism of the job and service

Andy GAND Logan were efficient , courteous, and punctual Upon completing the installation of the new water heater , Andy gave me a thorough explanation of how to deal with any future problems that may occur In all , a good transaction

Rich did a great job butting in our water heater Very professional and he differently know what he was doing Also respected our condoA keeper

I found DRF to be both professional and knowledgeableThey called and arrived at the times that they said would and answered all of my questions completelyThe two plumbers Rich and Anthony worked efficientlyThe paper work clearly listed what materials they were using and what actions were required to complete a water heater install that was within code I recommend them to anyone with plumbing issues

On Friday April 29, when I found my water heater was leaking I thought I was in for a really bad day I contacted a neighbor who recommended DRF I contacted DRF and "Joyce" not only had all the options and numbers but did an excellent job of explaining the timeframe and procedures Doing dilligence, I called a couple other services but none were as efficient and thorough as "Joyce" at DRF I called her back and she indicated that she would contact one of their plumbers in my area and let me know how soon he could be at my house, but it would "definitely be today" Within approximately an hour I was called and informed that "Kevin" would be at my location within an hour "Kevin" and his partner *I'm sorry I did not get his name", arrived, introduced themselves and explained what they would do prior to any installations "Joyce" had already explained the plans and prices but "Kevin" reviewed them with recommendations based on my installation requirements We made a decision and "Kevin" and his partner went right to work Great care was taken for our floors and fixtures as they removed the old water heater and installed the new unit "Kevin" kept me upto date of any "adjustments" and completed all the work in a very professional and efficient manner When all was complete they made sure the area was cleaned up and halled away the old unit I cannot say how greatly I was inpressed by "Joyce" and the other ladies in the office as they answered all my questions and really worked as a cohesive teamWhen "Kevin" and his partner arrived that process continued and they could not have been more courteous and consider of our home They made what could have been a stressful process downright easy Everything was within the estimates provided and the installation site much cleanter than when they arrived A sincere "THANK YOU" to "Joyce" and the office staff for having all the information available on that first call A sincere "THANK YOU" to "Kevin" and his partner for their excellent work, professional attitude and courtesy thoroughout the extire process DRF is definitey in my "Good Book", I would highly recomment them and will definitely use them in the furture, if needed (Thanks to my neighbor for the recommendation)

Andrew and Javier both did an excellent job! (hope I have the correct plumber, ReviewBuzz - had names...Andy and Andrew I have wanted to get a new toilet installed for a long time and I couldn't have asked for a better plumber and company to do this job for me The job was flawless He even scrapped around my old toilet to get the stain off the floor I felt like he went above and beyond Great job, Andrew and many thanks to you!

Within hours of purchasing my water heater at Home Depot, DRF was at my door ready to install my water heater [redacted] and their installer [redacted] appliances had messed up my order and could not install for another days and nobody had relayed this info to me Peter and Jake were great, explained the install and how the appliance worked before they leftThey also cleaned up everything

Mike Pwas extemely helpful with the install of my new toiletThere were complications with the previous install but the team remained calm and were able to problem solve the situationMike was apologetic foe the time that it took even though it was not a issueGreat experience overall

DRF's technicians greatly assisted and resolved a plumbing problem which was abandoned by another plumbing company The DRF technician's diligently worked to resolve the issue left by previous plumber Then DRF worked methodically to install a new temperature regulator valve which ended up being a complex installation Though the entire work scope took longer than probably expected, DRF did not charge extra and their pricing was very fair I would recommend DRF wholeheartedly

• Dec 23, 2019

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:The water heater that was installed by [redacted] was not ever functioning correctWe complained about the very foul smell as well as residues in the hot waterWe had our well water tested and it was found to be fineThere was nothing wrong with our wellWe requested service from [redacted] ***We were informed that the rod inside the water heater was incorrect since we have well waterAfter several weeks a new anode rod was installed, but it did not remedy the situationWe had repeatedly requested to have the water heater removed and exchanged, but the request was not grantedWe have been in this house for over years and have never had a problem like this beforeIt was quite a hardship to have this foul smelling water and the residues for almost months!!! I did take pictures and shared this with [redacted] so they could see what we had to deal withThe hot water was greyFinally [redacted] agreed to take their water heater back and to let us have the opportunity to get another unit installed by a different companyThey reason they did not exchange their unit is that claimed that by exchanging the unit, it would not solve the problem Besides the problem with the smell and the residues, I inquired about the cost of the unit and the installationBy the way, that had not been discussed prior to the installationThe unit at the store costs $WITH the installation our bill came to $I was quite surprised about this feeWould it really cost almost $to have this water heater installed in my home? Then I contacted local plumbing contractors here, and their cost was $less!!! [redacted] slogan is that their prices are guaranteed to be lower than the competitionThat proved to be quite incorrectThen last Friday - January 29, at last the [redacted] contractor came in the morning and took their water heater backIt had taken almost months of repeated phone calls and visits to the local store here.The very same day in the afternoon we had a different company install a new water heater The total cost was $1020, which is more than $less than the charge from [redacted] ***We no longer have any foul smell - nor residues in the water Now finally we have the kind of water we should have had months ago Should you need more information, please contact me Sincerely, [redacted]

Andy Gand Noe Pwere absolutely great during the installation of the water heaterThey answered every question and were extremely polite and helpful Great experience

I recently hired Mike and Donovan from DRF to install a new kitchen sink, faucet and disposal The entire appointment was handled with a high level of professionalism, efficiency and customer service They arrived on time, worked quickly and confidently and left the kitchen spotless I recommend them very highly

• Dec 22, 2019

Thank you for taking the time to review DRFI can understand your frustration regarding the low water pressure issue you are havingThere are instances when a water heater is older, the pipes within the home can collect debris and not allow for water to flow as quicklyThis is a pre-existing condition in the home prior to having a new water heater installedWe do charge a service fee when a plumber is sent out again to inspect a problem within the home - and if additional work is needed, we deduct that from the needed work costWe did not charge a service fee for you particular second visitWe apologize that this could not be resolved to your liking the second time aroundIf you would like to proceed with the services needed to fix your low pressure issue, please let us knowWe are happy to serve you and your plumbing needs

Andy and Logan arrived at the agreed-upon time to install a new sump pump, and were finished in hour The work was thorough and complete, documented by pictures on Andy's phone Both men were very professional

Antuan with DRF was prompt, professional, and very knowledgeable He left my home in great condition and explained everything I needed to know about my new water heater

DRF Trusted Property Solutions was fabulous to deal with I had my freezer and hot water heater go in the same day So needless to say I was a bit frantic I spoke with Andrea and she was so extremely helpful and they were at my house within hours of my phone call Rich and Anthony were the installers and they were extremely kind, quick, efficient and knowledgeable I highly recommend DRF and would use them again without question

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