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Endurance Warranty Services, L.L.C.

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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2015/03/02) */
Fo1low up call for a coverage quote that was requested online. We apologize for any mistake our representative may have made in response to the follow up call / voice-mail. Our company provides courtesy reminder calls to our consumers who...

are past due on payments as well as follow-up calls to quotes that have been requested by consumers. Once again, we apologize for any confusion on our end. We do confirm that this consumer does not have an active policy with us at this time. Endurance will always provide our customers and potential customers with the highest level of customer service.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 8, 2015/03/02) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I still feel that this was a misleading sales tactic. The rep referenced my vehicle by make and model as well as a late payment. It's impossible for me to accept that he had one piece of information correct and another incorrect. Additionally, the hassle and treatment I received upon calling back is unacceptable.
Final Business Response /* (4000, 10, 2015/03/11) */
In response, once again we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. The representative referenced the correct vehicle because he was following up in regards to a quote that was requested online. He unfortunately left a message using the incorrect script. This was truly an honest mistake that occurred during a busy work day. Although we are not perfect, we strive to be mistake free and will continue to work towards that goal. This consumer does not have an active policy and Endurance will make every effort to provide excellent customer service to every individual.

I was very pleased. He made me feel proud and safe,that I had chosen u all.

Endurance reviewed the information with this specific consumer to ensure a resolution. After a thorough investigation, Endurance determined this to be a complaint against the administrator of claims.
On March 15, 2016 the consumer contacted Endurance and purchased an [redacted]...

[redacted] Services ([redacted] vehicle service contract for her 2007 [redacted].  At the point of sale and during the verification process, the consumer was made aware of Endurance's 30-day waiting period and was also provided with complete coverage details of the vehicle service contract.Please be advised that Endurance is strictly the seller of the vehicle service contract.  Endurance sold the consumer an [redacted] vehicle service contract.  [redacted] is the administrator/obligor of the vehicle service contract which means [redacted] administers (approves or denies) the claims and is obligated to pay the claims.  Endurance plays no role whatsoever in the approval or denial of the claims.
Endurance, as the seller of the policy, gets involved on numerous occasions when the vehicle service contract company denies a claim by calling the company on the consumer's behalf to ascertain why the claim denied and to put forth the best case for the warranty company to approve the claim.  [redacted] denied the claim for the repair because of a pre-existing condition.
Endurance will issue a full refund upon customer’s request and will always provide every consumer with excellent customer service.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to...

complaint ID 11698534, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
I appreciated the immediate response to my complaint by the business and will be writing a positive review because of the professionalism the business displayed to remedy my issues.
Noel [redacted]

Purchase a warranty found I already had one. cancelled can not got refund since 8/11/2014. Called many times , Promise refund never received'

I have been a customer with Endurance for 3 years now and I have had nothing but good experiences with this company and their entire staff. Their customer service department is always very friendly and helpful whenever I have called in. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a quality auto warranty.

Great customer service. Customer service reps are so professional and helpful. Matt D did a great job servicing my call.

Endurance Warrenty services helped me out so much today.Because of bills I had come to the decision to let go of the warrenty.Martin [redacted] cut the monthly price down,and gave me another month to pay my bill.Great customer seevice and it's always great knowing your car is protected.

Outstanding work from [redacted] She is fantastic!

Call Endurance and spoke Eddie [redacted] and he was very helpful with fixing an issue that I was having and was a very sweet rep.

Great customer service. They are always quick to pull up my information and ready to assist me. A special thanks to Ms. Ashley for always being so courteous!

I called Endurance on 12/28/16 after a brutal interaction with my local [redacted] service department. By some divine intervention, Justen * took my call. As I rambled about the details he listened to my
nightmare with genuine concern. His professionalism and dedication to customer service blew me away! He is helping me to problem solve and is sticking with me while I finish repairs at [redacted]. He is a great dude!!

Experienced excellent service with Martin J. Answered every question I asked. Didn't rush through the phone call. Called back in said time. Deffinantly would recommend this company.

I did a lot of research when it came to choosing a company that I have to do deal with for the next few years. There are a lot of options out there but this place stuck out the most. The credentials are there and they proved it to me when I contacted them and got coverage for my car. Very happy with my plan and never had an issue. Thank you!

In response to the consumer rebuttal, we have contacted this consumer and provided a resolution. We have provided a credit to his account in order accommodate the out of pocket expense. We provided this resolution to ensure our customer satisfaction. Endurance will always strive to provide every customer with excellent customer service.

On March 21, 2016 the customer contracted Endurance and purchased Endurance’s high mileage Select Premier vehicle service contract for her 2008 [redacted] with 110,692 miles.   The customer’s car was 8 years old and had over 100,000 miles on the vehicle, so it was limited to Endurance’s...

high mileage plan.  At the point of sale the customer was made aware of the Select Premier’s coverage details and told about Endurance’s 30-day money back guaranty to allow the customer time to review the coverage and could cancel for any reason within 30 days.  The customer was also transferred to Endurance’s Verification Department and a verification representative went through what the contract covers.  Endurance mailed the customer a hard copy of the vehicle service contract which was sent via USPS Critical Mail with delivery confirmation.  Unfortunately the customer’s repair claims were denied because the parts were non-covered components according to the contract.  In the interest of customer service Endurance’s Customer Service Manager reached out to the customer and is working on a resolution regarding the cancellation and refund of the customer’s contract.

[redacted] with Endurance has made my experience with this company AMAZING! !! If I have a problem with my [redacted] he has been there every time!! I love having not only a company to help me when my truck is down but a company that hires people who truly care about their customers. ..Thank you Endurance

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: Endurance is lying and wanted me to pay out of pocket for a motor tear down over 4,000.00 which I don't have. Vehicle is still sitting in my garage needing repairs.
Terry [redacted]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
Edward [redacted]

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