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Hi [redacted] , We apologize for any inconvenience this issue has causedWe do see that you placed an order with us on August [redacted] for an August [redacted] bookingWhen you placed your order you selected to have service done every weeksWe only schedule bookings based on the frequency you selected You can cancel your service anytime directly in your profile pageYou can also cancel any unwanted bookings directly in your bookings pageWe send day reminder emails and secondary hour reminder emails for all upcoming bookingsThis gives you ample time to cancel any bookings you do not want and avoid any additional feesPer our cancellation policy the charge for your scheduled September [redacted] bookings is nonrefundableIf you need further assistance please visit our help center at [redacted] Best, Dinis I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved Sincerely, [redacted]

Hi [redacted] , Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with a professionalWe work really hard to ensure only the best of the best are approved to use the Handy platform, so we’re disappointed whenever pros let their customers downWe've taken steps to ensure you do not get this professional again for any future booking with usWe've also added credit to your Handy account for this huge inconvenienceThis credit can be automatically applied towards any future booking with usIf you need further assistance, please visit our help center [redacted] Best, Dinis

Hi ***,When you signed up for our service you chose to have regularly scheduled bookings every weeksYou also agreed to our terms of serviceUnfortunately we're not able to refund you for your July [redacted] booking per our cancellation policyA professional was sent to your home as scheduled and was notified by you via text message that you canceled your serviceAt no point did you contact us to cancel your service prior to this bookingYou can cancel individual bookings directly in your bookings pageYou can cancel your service anytime using our help center also send day reminder emails and secondary hour reminder emails for all upcoming bookingsThis gives you ample time to cancel a booking or cancel your service and avoid any additional feesBest,Dinis

The voucher [redacted] purchased was redeemable only for recurring services This was in the fine print of the voucher she purchased the Groupon voucher, and redeemed it when scheduling her January [redacted] cleaning on December **When the first booking was scheduled, [redacted] had the option of selecting a weekly, biweekly, or monthly frequency, [redacted] selected biweeklyThe January [redacted] cleaning was the second booking in the cleaning plan [redacted] was refunded the $charge as a one time courtesy on January ** The refund will post back to the card on file, a Visa ending in ***, in 3-business days [redacted] 's cleaning plan has been cancelled There are no bookings confirmed for future dates, nor will any be generated automatically[redacted] 's credit card information has been removed from our third party, secure, payments processor Please advise, the last four digits will remain on file for record keeping

Hi,I'm requesting refunds for the charge they did on my account just because of cancelling recurring planAnd also I have cancelled one upcoming service request, they have charged for this toocharged 50$ for cancelling recurring plan(I'm assuming that, they haven't not mentioned on why this charge on my account)charged 15$ for cancelling upcoming service with them And on top of it there is no way I can delete my payment profile(credit card information) which is not acceptable I think

Hi ***, Per our terms of service we require a minimum of hours for every booking in order to get a professional to come to your homeWe realize you really only wanted the linen service but we do not offer linen only serviceIf you need further assistance with this feel free to contact us using our help center [redacted] Best, Dinis

Hi R***, We'd love to assist you with this and apologize for any inconvenience causedUnfortunately we are unable to locate your account under the name, phone number, and email address providedCan you double check your account information in your profile page and let us know what email address is listed in your account? This will help us track down your account in the systemUnfortunately we're unable to find an account by physical address Best, Dinis

Hi [redacted] ,We're very sorry for any frustration trying to cancel your service with usYou can cancel your service anytime by going to your profile pageYou can also contact us using our help center [redacted] Checking your account I do see that you were able to reach out to us on [redacted] and got this matter resolvedYou've been refunded for the $that was charged on October ***You were not charged a cancellation fee of $ Best, Dinis

The cancellation fee that the customer is talking about in this context has already been refunded, along with the charge that was initially placed on his accountIf there is anything else that we could do, the customer can certainly reach out to us at [redacted]

I have never dealt with a company with worse customer service, including not honoring promises made by their repsI had a no-show for my first service which I had paid forWhen I called, I could not reach anyone, and there was no way to leave a messageWhen I emailed, every step of the communications was with a different personEven when I was finally able to speak with someone, they promised a call back and it never happenedI had such a hard time trying to get responses and rescheduling my appt that one of the reps gave me two complimentary cleaningsI did end up using one of them, but when trying to schedule the second one recently, I was put through weeks of replies from five different reps telling me I had used both free cleaningsI only had two cleanings by this company, one of which I paid forI forwarded the email with the promise of two free cleanings with full explanations, case numbers, dates, names, and they finally acknowledged it, but every one of them told me I had used both free servicesMy account on their own site shows only two cleanings completed and I paid for the first one--had a no-show on the first appt, without even a callWas finally able to reschedule, and that cleaner did a poor job, leaving items undone that she checked on a list as completed; then on the second cleaning, the floors were left dirty and she stole an itemI have wasted many hours both times I made contact and am so frustrated with this business that I literally want to screamI was unable to get satisfaction and this has left me exhausted and upsetI see their rating is an "F" and there have been complaints (company only responded to 40), so I guess I'm not the only one with issues and a negative experience

Hi ***, We sincerely apologize for the poor experience you've had with usWe've refunded your card for the $that was charged for your September [redacted] bookingYou'll receive it in to business daysTypically if a professional calls off last minute or there is high demand in your area and limited professional availability your booking may get rescheduled to the earliest available time slotWe then email you to notify you of the changeYou can always cancel the booking if it does not work for youIf you need further assistance feel free to visit our help center [redacted] Best, Dinis

Hi [redacted] , We're sorry for the inconvenience trying to cancel your cleaning planWe've cancelled your cleaning plan at this time along with all future bookingsWe've refunded your card for $You can expect to receive it in to business daysJust a reminder, you can cancel your cleaning plan anytime directly in your Account pageIf you need further assistance, please visit our help center [redacted] Best, [email protected]@[email protected]

Hello, My apologies that the professional never showed up to your appointmentPlease reach out to [redacted] so that we can properly evaluate the situation for you and issue a refund

[redacted] has been refunded in full for post services, totaling $147, $for the November [redacted] booking wherein she reported poor quality of service, and $for the November [redacted] booking wherein she repoted the professional hadn't arrived for the scheduled start time

This user's subscription plan was cancelled on March [redacted] at 4:PM EST, no fee was processed, and this was confirmed via email to the userThere were $credits in the account that have been converted back to the user's credit card, and will post in 3-business days

Hi [redacted] , We're sorry to hear about your experience on the Handy platformChecking your account we have records of emails you sent to us regarding the issues you were having and were responded to accordinglyWe received emails from you in October, November, and December and can see you received support from usOn December [redacted] your information was removed from our database including your banking information as requestedWe'll be sure to follow up with our remote office in Miami regarding your claim as wellIf you need further assistance, please visit our help center [redacted] Best, Dinis

Hi ***, We're very sorry for the inconvenience and frustration caused by thisChecking your account we do see you canceled a booking on October [redacted] within hours of the scheduled date and timePer our cancellation policy the charge is nonrefundableWe send day reminder emails and secondary hr reminder emails for all upcoming bookingsThis gives you ample time to cancel an unwanted bookings and avoid additional feesIf you need further assistance feel free to contact using our help center [redacted] Best, Dinis I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted] , and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because: It doesn't change the actual mechanics of canceling Handy's services completely The solution they propose still results in automatic scheduling to be reinstated at a date in the future, forcing users to go back and check regularly and continually delete reoccurring billing Furthermore, there is nothing in the Help section that addresses the concern I raised with respect to permanently deleting my information from the service To accomplish this, I had to do a third party internet search for their unpublished customer service number, call that number repeatedly and finally request that my service be cancelled So, no, this is not resolved by the business as they can continue to lure in unsuspecting consumers and hold on to our credit card information unless we take the burdensome step of looking for contact information they seem to intentionally conceal I could pull the tweets and other internet reviews that all corroborate my experience with Handy and their business practices In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above Sincerely, [redacted]

[redacted] opened a claim with Handy in August for the missing cashPer our Terms of Use, which [redacted] accepted upon placing her order with us, any losses of cash or securities are not covered under our Handy Happiness Guarantee.If [redacted] is filing a police report, we'll be happy to assist the police with their investigationShould they need to contact us directly, we can be reached at [redacted]

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Address: 43-40 34th Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, 02142-1187


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