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Interiors by Joann, LLC

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Refund check not received after a month!!
I had an extended car warranty that I purchased through CarMax, that went on my car loan with Exeter that was paid off in April In November of 2017, I initiated a refund through CarMaxI was informed by CarMax that the refund would go to Exeter,and then to meI informed them that I have a new addressThey informed me to add my address info at the bottom of their request form and sign, and they would forward that information to Exeter and that my refund would be sent to my new address
I called Exeter on 12/05/17, they confirmed my new address and told me my refund was approved on 12/04/and to expect the check in the mail in 7-business daysI called again on the 14th and inquired as no check had comeThis next person said they didn't have my address on file and was sent to my old addressI asked for them to overnight to me or direct deposit, which they refusedI called again on the 20th and was informed they mailed out th

September was late on my car payment made arrangements to pay the car payment was advice that there was a late charge I was fine with that even when I called the lady she assured me that when I paid it all of it went to the car payment and the late fee then in January I noticed there was another late fee added to my account that was wasn't there before so I was late again this month and I made the payment and I called them to see why the late payment was there and I was told that no matter what I pay the payment and if my balance is current they won't apply any of my payment towards the late fees I should not have had the late fee on there at all
Product_Or_Service: Toyota
Account_Number: XXXXXXX

After calling to address billing concerns their Jamaican offices assured me that it would be handled- they did not
After calling to address billing concerns their Jamaican offices assured me that it would be handled- they did notA supervisor I spoke with on 4/7/even told me that I was given "Very incorrect info."
They recognized and said (I have audio recording of this) that they indeed charged me twice when they should not haveThen said while other NON EXETER CHARGES have not cleared my account they won't discuss refunding my moneyThen requested a DETAILED list of ALL charges REGARDLESS of company (not exeter) for TEN DAYS
They lied to me and routinely were incompetentYou need to better train your employees and have AMERICAN COMPETENT CITIZENS as your representativesSTOP FRAUDULENTLY CHARGING ME!

I called to pay off my vehicle and have been getting the run around about for a week
I started calling this company on 08/03/in regards to paying my vehicle offThe pay off amount I was quoted was $I requested to make a final paymentI was told that in order to make a payment over $that a supervisor had to approve itI went on to speak with a supervisor and he supposedly processed the paymentI gave it a few days to process and noticed that the payment was not taken out of the accountI called back again on 08/08/and spoke to *** to inquire about my payment only to find out the payment was rejected because they could not process a payment over $ regardless of a supervisor approvalI requested to speak with another supervisorI then spoke with a Reshiena(supervisor) and expressed my concern to herShe informed me that all I could do was break the payments down into three over a three day periodThis supervisor was very rude and did not have

I purchased a vechicle in and was provided a loanI was contacted weeks after purchase that the loan was deniedI paid for my vehicle
I purchased a vechicle in and was provided a loanI was contacted weeks after purchase that the loan was deniedI paid for my vehicleI am selling my truck and went to get my tile and your company is listed on my titleYOU DID NOT GIVE ME A LOANCALLED YOUR BUSINESS AND WAS TOLD WAS NOT SURE WHAT NEEDED TO BE DONETHIS NEEDS TO RESOLVED ASAP

Exeter is processing payments slow to charge consumers late feesThis delay is also impacting credit reporting and is an fcra violation
I called a representative and asked for an extension and he said he couldn't give me one and was unsure whyI asked him what policy and standard business practice was and he couldn't tell meHe was targeting me onlyHe came back and said I could have a day extension and has not sent me any paperwork to processThe delay is a processing delay that negatively impacts borrowers credit scoresI've had to dispute through experience times to dateIf the matter is not corrected and resolved consistently I will address legally

please have establishment remove all hard inquiring on all credit bureaus I did not authorize them to check my credit and to present day they are
please have establishment remove all hard inquiring on all credit bureaus I did not authorize them to check my credit and to present day they are still running my credit all this is doing is lowering my credit score thank you *** ***

Waiting for over a month for pay off letter
My vehicle loan was paid off on 12/04/
I called on 12/12/To see when to expect a pay off letter, and to verify that Exeter had the correct address on fileThey claimed to have correct my mailing addressThey said a letter would use be sent out "7-business days after payoff"I asked if there was another way to get the payoff letterI was told there wasn't
On 12/13/Exeter claims to have sent a payoff letter to an address in California (I live in AZ and have for years)
On 12/21/I again called Exetirer to see where my pay off letter was and learned that they sent a letter to an incorrect addressI requested AGAIN that the letter be sent to my current and correct addressI asked if there were any other way tout receive the letter and was told no
On 12/28/I still had not received a payoff letterI called to find out what was going onThe CSR (who sounded they were based in Jamaica) told me the letter has still

This company received a full payoff of the loan and stating that I still owe them money
On 03/08/my daughter's Volkswagen Jetta was stolenIt was recovered on 03/21/My insurance company State Farm contacted Exeter Finance Corporation on 03/25/to obtain a payoff amount for the loan (#XXXXXXX) The day payoff amount quoted to State Farm from Exeter was $My insurance company mailed a check to Exeter for the full amount quoted to themExeter acknowledged the fact the check was received on 04/01/On 04/04/they removed a payment from my checking account in the amount of $after they had already received payoff for the loan in fullThey are now stating that I owe them an additional $for interest because they did not process the payoff of the loan until May of This loan was never past due since it was establishedI received a refund for the over payment on 05/13/I have called this company as of today times (in which I

Exeter Finance Repossessed my car over years ago and I reclaimed it within days The car has since been in Exeter Finance's
I have been sending in Power of attorney's for the past years trying to get Exeter Finance to take the car out of their name and put it back in mine since I am the owner of the carThe requests fall on deaf ears and they refuse to change the title to my name so that I *** trade the car in I feel as though they want me to continue to pay their inflated interest rate

Exeter finance refuses to post a payment from my insurance companyAlso I have made a 10,payment and they also refuse to post it
I was involved in an accident on Feb 13th and my insurance company has totaled out my carI am trying to pay off my loan to Exeter but they seem to be prohibiting me from paying the loan off earlyThey won't update my account, give me an accurate payoff or post the 10,worth of payments from myself and my insurance companyThey keep telling me to call and check back in 24-hours but I keep checking back and getting the same run aroundMeanwhile I am accruing interest on a loan that I am trying to pay offThey are violating our contract to allow me to pay off the loan early

Was told I was paid up until May 23rd, then told I still owed $a week later and I am going to have late fees
I made a payment of nearly $on Monday, April 23rd I was told by the customer service agent that the payment took care of the month of April and my past dueShe specifically told me that I did not need to make a payment until May 23rd, my next due dateSaturday, April 28th, calls started coming from this company againThey pretty much hound youI spoke to a csr and a manager todayThey are claiming that when they went back to look, I still over nearly $Since I had thought I was paid up, I paid other bills and cannot make this amount until the 15th of MayI am told to borrow money from someone to cover thisThen, I'm told that if I do not pay it in the next few days, they will start adding late feesSo, I am going to be punished for a mistake on their endThat is not fair and it is shadyI was told that I was paid upYou can't tell someone they are

They will not tell me where my payments have goneThey have repo my car by accident twice after I paid $2,to themThis company is a thief
They have repo my car twice by accidentI have paid $2,to themI have made multiple paymentsI get an answer every time I callI have given up on the inconsistency on thisMy truck is work $6,and when I purchased the vehicle It was for $15,and Exeter is stating that the payoff is $15,Where is my money going? I am tired of paying $2,500, $1,900, $and extto this company an the money tends to go nowhereThe dealership I got it from stated it should be almost paid off by nowThis company is a joke and no one will ever be done paying this company offThey are a thief and I am afraid to give my money to themMy credit reports continues to show that I have never been on time when I have paid thousands of dollars on this truck

Exeter has repeatedly misinformed dollar amounts for payments in some cases as well as decided to keep payments and not reporting some payments made
Exeter finance in several occasions has misquoted payments that we needed to makeAfter finally getting the most recent payment history I noticed that very few times was any of the money paid split to pay the principal amount of the loanAfter four payments of over $only $was actually paid to the principalAfter calling and asking for answers I was informed that even our payments that even if our payments were made in time there were still fees that our payment was going to instead of the principal amount of the loanFurther looking into the account even with on time payments the principal amount of loan was increasing

My car was repossessed on 5/17/and I picked it up on 5/20/16, in only three days.Yet Exeter found a way to change my keysI want my keys back
My account number is XXXXXXXThe year/make/model of the car is Honda CR-V-The amount financed was $15,397.31, the interest rate is a wicked 18.99%, the monthly term is 60, and the monthly payments are $The first payment was due on 8/21/
I did not want to purchase a car but I had no choiceMy other car was totaled and I was left without transportation to go to workFrom the day I got the car until approximately two months later I lost my job and I was not able to keep up with the $payments and I have been struggling since, I tried getting out of it but these wicked companies don't want to work with the hard working consumerMy credit got worst trying to refinanceMy credit is bad from loosing so many jobsI begged them to please lower the paymentsThey push a few payments until the end but that still did

This company is a jokeI fell a month behind on my payments but was able to make monthly payments to keep from falling more behindThey are claiming I am over behindSaying one day they received a payment from me, but the next day they say they never received itI've not only made my monthly payments, but $extra to help get caught up on the payment I missedThey can't tell me where my money is goingI've called them and told them I was trying to get things sorted out but they still repoed my carThen they tell me when I call to see what I can do to get it back, that NM is a no reinstatement state so in order to get my car back, I have to pay the entire loan amountBut I know that's not the caseMy friend got his truck back twice after it was repoedI don't Not recommend this companyI'm a single mom & my job is a server, so to be forced to come up with over in such a short amount of time is impossibleI also can't make payments if I have no way to get to workI can't ever give this company a half of one star

exeter website was down couldn't make payment, they marked me late on my credit report
On February 28th I tried making a payment around 9pm on the day my car payment was due online at for my car as I always do, however the website was down and not accepting paymentsI called to make payment over the phone but they charge a very high fee to make payments over the phoneI simply assumed that if I make payment first thing next day they would understandThat was not the case, I made payment in the morning and they still went ahead and filed me as late to the reporting agenciesI tired calling Exeter to resolve this matter but they simply told me they cant do anything for me

Exeter finance ) took $from my checking acctI have no business or contract with themWhen I called them ,they said I was not on the acct
I called Exeter (XXXXXXXXXX), 08-about them taking $from my checking acct.on Aug They said the acctwas not in my name ,they could not give out any info, and could not help meI have no dealings with this company but they have my checking acctnumberI want to be refunded and have my info deleted from there files

Asking for paperwork for entire account from opening until now
I am asking for FCRA section 623, 604, 605, and proof of compliance as well as all documents for accountAll original paperwork from the beginning of this account until now

Paying on this Honda Accord for to years, a total of monthly, because of late fees I will go pass my maturity, Exeterwill repo my car
And Exeter is informing me that after that time my vehicle will be in repossession status, because I will owe a accumulated late fees of $dollars
I need to stop the unfair consumer practice of taking my vehicleI am a single parent, a school teacher with Jackson Public Schools here in Mississippi and can not afford my vehicle being taken from me in such a manner

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