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Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: I sent them response stating the events and indicating they were responsible since it was not the iniital problem it was the problem they created while attempting to fix problem that is when my appliances were effected they overloaded the circuit
*** ***

On 10/10/16, I
spoke to your property manager who confirmed that you were to be connected at
the alternate address as of 5/7/16; the address you were originally connected
is now to be under the property management's nameI also spoke to you same day
and I advised you that a new account
would be established at the correct
premise as of the original start date 5/7/
adjusted bill will be a multiple month bill, so you are eligible for an
interest free deferred payment agreement if desiredAlso, on the original
account, you paid a total of $so when your account was cancelled, a
refund check was issued 9/22/You may cash that check or you can have those
monies transferred to your correct account as paymentTo establish the
deferred payment agreement and/or transfer the payments to your active account,
please feel free to contact myself or the ComEd Care Center at ***.Best Regards,** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meBut I must add that the 12th of this month is just way to long to wait when you have no where to go and I would like to add that there has never been a lock on the gate for they do not work
*** ***

ComEd's stance remains the same

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/10/13) */
A thorough investigation of your account has been conducted and the following are the resultsThe AMI Manager*** was unsuccessful in speaking with you on 10/8/and left a message for you to call him directlyMs.*** from the AMI
department spoke with you on 10/8/and set up the AMI Recorder meter for your account advised the Real Time Pricing rates would go into effect by 10/15/We apologize for your inconvenience and your feedback has been forwarded to the Management team for possible coaching and training opportunitiesYou were advised you will receive your September and October bill shortlyThank you
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 7, 2015/10/14) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Thank you for the responseFor your records, I returned Tom's call (the AMI manager) nearly immediately, but received voice mailDid not receive a call backMs*** was helpful in getting the account information settled
Thank you
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 11018596, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
Dustin ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

I am rejecting this response because: it has been found that the new smart meters are over charging customers with multiple television channels doing special investigationsAgain for an apartment I should be paying to for serviceI am not living in a house and some people who are living in a house are not paying that amountComed is overcharging
Latoya Marie ***

Hello, Ms***A thorough investigation of your account was conducted and the following is our findingsOur technician met you at the premise on 12/30/to test Meter ***. The technician reported the meter was read during the visit at ***; which was progressive to the 12/9/
regular reading of ***The technician also reported you declined the meter test because you anticipated there might be an internal wiring issue presentThe technician verified the unit is all-electric and your account rate was changed from Residential Single to Residential - Space Heat Single effective upon customer notification of the high bill issue (10/10/16)The bills were canceled from 12/9/back to 10/10/and rebilled at the correct rateA separate email was sent to your personal email with more billing detailThe customer was advised the rate change is reflected in an increase in the monthly standard customer charge from $to $and a decrease in the Distribution Facility Charge from .03171/kWh to .01882/kWh.An activity statement and copy of the new bill was emailed to the customer.Thank you

reviewing the customer's account information an adjustment was processed to
cancel bills issued from 5/27/to
9/23/total credit amount $A refund check #was issued for
$on 5/23/and will be mailed to *** n Lake Shore Dr *** Chicago

The refund check for the excess credit is being re-sent to *** Moore RdApt***, Akron Ohio

I was unable to reach Ms* *** by phone and instead sent a resolution email to herA deposit is accessed on an account when there are or more late payments in a month periodMs *** account has surpassed this allowanceOffered to remove the deposit if the customer sets up automatic
payments with ComEdThe account is noted that this option is available to her

Customer connected service on account *** on 8/14/
with reading The first bill was issued from 8/14/to 8/28/$On
10/6/it was verified the correct activation reading should have been
The usage was adjusted on the first bill issued from 8/14/to
changing the amount from usage billed from kwh to kwhAs a result the
bill for $was cancelled and the correct bill amount was $A balance
remained on the account because the bill from 8/28/to 9/29/was not paid
in the amount of $The bills issued from 6/29/to 8/16/were also
unpaid causing a balance $to be sent to a collection agency (*** *** Association) on 1/27/The bills issued on the account were based
on actual meter readings obtainedA payment of $was received on 3/6/
paying the balance owed in fullThe collection agency was notified that the
item should be cleared from the customer’s credit report

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: they didn't explain why I have to pay so much for my electricityI overpaid a lot to their company and they didn't even try to correct itWhy I have to pay in Feb and in Apr 5? What is happening in all these bills???????????? Each time they explain differently, no matter I called or emailedSome said it's regular bill, some said it's return-check feeWhat the hell???I am a very angry of Comed company and I would choose another electricity company if I canHowever, I DONN'T have a choice in Chicago. For whatever I overpaid, I want them to return it to me! No one should ever take advantage of another human being.
*** **

*** *** was billed on acct *** *** *** *** ** *** Waukegan IL through
5/27/Information obtained in public records confirms the customer resided
at the premise addressIf the customer moved from this address prior to
5/27/they must provide proof of previous address from
their move out date to
final bill date 5/27/to *** *** Fax ***After the requested
documentation is received the customer’s concerns will be addressed as a
follow up to the original complaint

Hello, Mr***,Your account has been thoroughly reviewed and the following is the resolution:The subject account was finaled on 12/1/On 4/28/15, our technicians exchanged Unit AMI meter due to a remotely non-communicative condition and when the data stored was analyzed, it was determined you
were overestimated from 4/14/to 12/1/On 6/16/16, the bills for that time period were cancelled (which created a credit in the amount of $449.34) and were rebilled with the actual usage in two phasesWe rebilled for service from 4/14/to 8/12/in the amount of $125.29; which left a remaining credit of $that immediately transferred to the active account in your name for Unit (The credit immediately paid the 6/9/bill in the amount of $and was reduced to $276.08.) The second phase of the rebilling for the finaled account for service from 8/12/to 12/1/totaled $and a final bill was mailed to you versus also being transferred to the active account to balance against the original credit. Today, 6/27/16, the $finaled account balance was transferred to the active account to settle against the existing creditThe Active account credit is now $191.28; to which you requested to remain on the account to pay future bills.Cancelled bills 4/14/to 12/1/= $Minus total Rebilled service = $(4/14/to 8/12/= $and 8/12/to 12/1/= $84.80) Over estimated bills $239.25.Mr***, we regret the inconvenience this may have caused you Thank you for your patienceSue

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: This doesn't make sense to meI paid much more than I am supposed toThe response claimed that "On 3/22/17, you requested to cancel your electronic funds payment (automatic payment) on your account via the ComEd online convenience center and on 3/28/17, the bank returned payment in the amount of $On 3/28/17, your account was debited $Again, this was not a fee, but rather reversing the payment " However, they charged me $on 03/22/for 81 kWh usage? And I have to pay $on Apr 5? They overcharge me for something I DON'T even knowTheir bill is so messy and every one of the representatives said different thingsI wish they have the phone records so they could listen to themselves!!! This is unacceptableAnd BTW, I am Miss *** not Mr ***
*** **

Ms*** Per our conversation, I reviewed your Identity Theft Affidavit documents and have had all the previous address charges removed as well as any late payment charges that were assessedThe current balance of $is due on 2/12/A letter with the above
information was also sent to you on 2/9/Based on the above information, your inquiry is being closed

On 11/17/and 11/18/16, Ms***, *** *** **, was contacted via telephone acknowledging receipt of the inquiry and a voicemail update was provided to Ms*** on 11/21/advising ComEd was still investigating the customer's inquiryA thorough review of the account has been
conducted and the following are the findings.A
billing adjustment was processed on the closed account to correct the beginning
activation meter readings; which created additional billing in the amount of $
after the original bill was paid by *** *** **The debit created the
outstanding balance for the closed account that was automatically transferred
to the active account in *** *** ** name (standard practice to transfer
outstanding balances for closed accounts)The previously closed account did
not have a supplier; however the active account has *** Energy as the supplier
For the active account, *** *** ** had requested the “single bill” option
whereby *** Energy issues a single (total) bill that includes *** Energy supply
charges and ComEd delivery and tax charges; therefore the outstanding balance
was listed on the *** Energy bill to the customerThe charges in the amount of
$were ComEd charges, not *** charges; however appearing on the AEP
Energy bill
further review of the account, it has been determined the activation meter
readings should not have been adjusted and the additional usage belonged to the
previous customer at the premiseOn 12/5/16, a credit in the amount of $
was processed and offsets the additional chargesThe credit will appear on the
next *** Energy bill as a ComEd creditWe regret any inconvenience you have

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/10/06) */
I spoke to *** explained on 6/8/a technician exchanged meter XXXXXXXXX for an AMI meter XXXXXXXXX The tampering condition was confirmed with a meter test and pictures showing a hole was drilled in the cover preventing the meter
from recording accurate usageAfter installing the new meter a $debit adjustment was processed on the account on 9/14/to recover usage billed from 8/25/to 6/8/based on new meter data from 6/8/to 8/24/3,kwh days kwh per day Previously billed usage was deducted to prevent overbilling on accountCustomer was informed after winter bills are issued we can reevaluate the usage to determine if the winter bills should be adjusted to compensate with actual meter data Customer was offered payment arrangements which were declined
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2015/10/07) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I would like to know how a hole would cause the meter to misreadHow do I know that one of your workers didn't make the holeHow long was this hole there? Was it there from the previous owners? These are questions you guys are refusing to answerYou claim you have pictures but won't send themYou claim they are Comed propertySend me a piece of documentation that proves that factHow do I know this meter belonged to this houseShow me a documentation that places that meter to this houseYou guys are showing me no proof to this situation and expect me to pay for itYou claim you will adjust the price after winter but the months you guys are claiming didn't start from the winterHow can you base it on the udage when appliances were upgraded in the house and now we have another fridgeI don't believe this meter went under testingI think you guys just compared usageShow me documentation from the testingYou guys won't show no proof to this but expect me to payThat's insanityYou can't take advantage of your customers and get away with itSince I been here I have seen worker'sYou honestly are telling me noone noticedHow do I know the meter wasn't damaged when you upgraded to new meters within my neighborhoodYou even gave me information saying a meter can't read passed *** yearsI haven't even been at this property for two yearsYour facts don't add upYou repeatedly told me that I will be shut off even after I stated I had a baby in the houseYou people are very rudeI never even received a phone call from a manager when I was toldI had to make a compliant to the ICCI will be reaching out to CUB alsoYou can't take advantage of me for your negligenceI absolutely did nothing wrong and will not payYou guys didn't even try to reach an agreement with me because you want me to pay 100percent for your mistake
Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2015/10/08) */
The hole drilled in the meter prevents the meter from recording the meter was not misreadComEd did not state this customer tampered with the meter however this customer did benefit from the tampering conditionTherefore a tampering charge was not assessed on the accountThe customer was billed for to recover the unbilled usage from 8/25/to 6/8/due to the tampering conditionThis issue was also addressed with ICC complaint XXXX-XXXXXThe company's position remains the sameIf the customer would like to pursue her complaint she should contact the Illinois Commerce Commission to be advised of the next step in the complaint process

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