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Hi Ms [redacted] ,Thank you for your responseWe have reshipped your leggings with Tracking # [redacted] You may check status here we apologize for all the inconvenienceLet us know if you have any question.Thank youLotus Leggings

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 6, 2017/01/03) */ Hi ***, We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced with usYour order replacement is now in transit with tracking # [redacted] We invite you to reach out to us at [redacted] with any questions or further inquiries, and we'll get back to you ASAP Sincerely, The Team at Lotus Leggings

Hi Ms [redacted] ,Again we would like to apologize for the inconvenienceWe have already processed a reshipment for your order and a tracking # within 3- daysLet us know if you have any question.Thank youLotus Leggings

Hi Here's the refund details, Miss [redacted] *** can call her bank and ask how long the refund will reflect to their card We refunded $USD on the Visa ending in ***.Transaction details from the payment gatewayOrder# [redacted] Card details [redacted] ***Refund ID [redacted] MessageThis transaction has been approvedAmount$43.18Refunded itemsGatewayAuthorize.netStatussuccessTyperefundCreatedJan 30, 2017, 10:53PMRefund reasonOrder not received

I am rejecting this response because: It's not trueThey sent me an email saying the same thing but no credit toward my account has been madeIt has been over hours since I received the email claiming they refunded my account and there is no evidence that they have actually made any attempt to do soThey think they can just send me an email but never actually give me a refundIt's ludicrous

Hi ***,We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced with us.There was a mistake with our supplierWe will reship your product and forward a tracking information to your emailWe invite you to reach out to us at *** with any questions or further inquiries, and
we’ll get back to you ASAP.Sincerely,The Team at Lotus Leggings

Hi Ms ***,Thank you for contacting us and we do apologize for all the inconvenience we have caused youWith regards to your refund, as much as we would like to issue a refund, the system doesn’t allow if transaction is over days.We totally understand how frustrating this could be and for
that we do apologizeInstead of a refund we would like to offer you a 115% store creditLet us know if there is anything else we can do to make you feel better Thank you, Lotus Leggings

Hi Ms ***,Thank you for your feedback, and please accept our apologies for the inconvenienceUpon checking your order here are the statusOrder # *** - encountered issue with the shipping teamWe will request for a refund from our processing department ($20.94)Order # *** - was shipped and
will be delivered to you soonTracking number: *** Shipping info: Contact Name :*** ***Address:*** *** ***
*** *** *** ***Zip Code:***Order # *** - was also shipped and will be delivered to you soonTracking # *** with the same shipping info as aboveThank you,Lotus Leggings Support

I am rejecting this response because: it does not pertain to the issue I had with the order

Hi ***,
Sorry for the inconvenience, you will receive a full refund, there were some supplier issuesIf you have any questions please reach out to our *** and we will get back to you with an answer promptly within hours
The Lotus Team

Hi, We apologize for the late responseWhen we first sent the tracking # it was not yet updatedThe package was already delivered to the customer Thank youLotus Leggings

I am rejecting this response because: The purchase amount was credited back to my account by my financial institution after filing a credit card dispute The disputed charge was then charged back to the merchant by their merchant processor This was not a voluntary refund by Lotus Leggings but a chargeback under *** International operating rules These guys are slimy My financial institution also mentioned that they have processed a number of chargebacks against this merchant for the same reason This company should be sued, legally charged for fraud and put out of business. This matter may be closed by the however the merchant's response is unacceptable

Hi Ms ***, First of all, thank you for your feedback, and please accept our apologies for the inconvenienceWe work hard to fulfill all orders in a timely manner, but mistakes happen in the process and all we can do is our best to make things right with our customersWe have requested to have
your order resentA new tracking number will be sent to you in 5- daysAgain we do apologize for all the inconvenienceRest assured we are doing our best to make sure you will receive your order. Thank you,Lotus Leggings

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 9, 2016/04/06) */
we have been backed up on support due to delays because of unforeseen circumstancescurrently we are handling it and doubling up on staff and team members so we can take care of customersif you want help please reach out kindly if you haven't
already or reach out again to support on fb page or directly to sitewe are here to serve you

Hi Ms ***,Thank you for your feedback, and please accept our apologies for the inconvenienceDue to some
issues with the shipping team at the moment our expedited shipping is not availableWe have refunded $to your account so you only paid for the regular shipping rateAt this point we can no longer cancel your whole order since it is almost thereYour order will arrive this week or end of next week maxYour tracking # :***You can check status here: note that sometimes your package status might take up to 5-days to be updated on our logistic partner's website.Sincerely,The Lotus Team

The refund has been posted to my accountThank you for your help in resolving this issue!

Hi Ms***,We apologize for this inconvenienceYou can just keep the blue star wars leggings and we will reship the DROID LEGGINGS.We will now request for a reshipping from our processing departmentA tracking # will be available in 5-days after reshipmentThe leggings you received Thank you for understanding and once again, we apologize for the inconvenienceAll the best,Lotus Leggings Team

Hi ***,We apologize for the inconvenience There was a problem with the shipping team that cause the delayWe will send you a refund If you have any questions please reach out to our [email protected] and we will get back to you with an answer promptly within hours.Sincerely,The Lotus

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2015/09/23) */
orders take up to days to arriveif your items were reshipped on the 6th then they should be still in transityou should get them soonAlso its not appropriate to do this as our support has responding and we have reshipped it and took a
complete loss on first order to make you happywe barely make margins on these products and for us to re ship your order free of charge pretty much takes away all margins and puts us in lossSo your remark for poor customer support is wrong as we took a complete loss in order to make you happyWe tried to reach out to you but no one answered the phone and no response from emailhow can we help if we can't reach out? our support show logs of responding to you multiple times
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 10, 2015/09/24) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The items were not reshipped on the 6th of September, that happened to be the last date I was able to get a reply to my various emails (further than automated replies)I have logged all replies from the business which amounts to about in the span of a month (when I was sending approxone a week and then one every other day)
I have never received a phone call or a phone number I could call (even after asking for one)If the business had in fact been trying to reach me I would have some evidence of that
With regards to the original shipment, the address originally provided is the correct addressThe postal service which this company is using should have, at some point, contacted me via telephone (which is included in the order information), to ask what the proper address is
Then when the product was returned to the supplier, the company, Lotus Leggings, did not bother to try to contact me to inform me the product had been returned, therefore had I not made the effort to find out where my purchase was, I would have never received it
Lotus Leggings customer service is not satisfactory in any way and I can see other reviews and complaints regarding itLotus Leggings in fact didn't ship my order back out or reply to my emails until I sent an email informing Lotus Leggings (after approximately attempts to reach you) that I had complained to the
Lotus Leggings shipped the order back out and provided me with a tracking number on September 19, I now will be waiting approximately days from that re-shipment for a Birthday present, originally ordered on August 3,
I have no sympathies for the "margins Lotus Leggings is hardly making", as anyone can log onto Facebook, Lotus, Instagram or any other social media outlet and see the hundreds of thousands of followers and customer pictures being posted reviewing the abstractly patterned leggings
I simply was the customer who ended up with extremely bad service and possibly will not receive a product I have paid for
I understand these issues happen regarding addresses and shipment, I however, do not understand, the lack of response and customer service when someone has paid for a product and Lotus Leggings is a business who is promising to provide a product
Put simply, I will continue to track the current order until received, will continue to update the regarding this issue, and myself nor my family or friends will ever do business with Lotus Leggings again

Hi Ms ***,Thank you for contacting us and we do apologize for the inconveniencePlease let us know if you have already received your refundAgain we apologize for the late respons. Thank youLotus Leggings

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