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Marketplace Homes, LLC

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I own a house in Georgia that I rented with Marketplace Homes for two years while I was working in California Overall, they did a very good job They handled all the paperwork, and dealt with the tenants when the rent was late, and kept me informed during the entire process The only real problem I had with them was they never sent anybody out to do annual inspections, similar to how most apartment complexes do
Sadly, when I returned to Georgia, I discovered the tenants weren't taking care of my house properly, e.gthe grass was two feet tall, the interior was fifty with mold and mildew in the bathrooms, the walls were nasty, with crayon writing on every single wall and door, etc My two year old washing machine and dryer weren't working correctly, my three year old refrigerator was broken, and semi-gloss paint was used to cover up spots on walls that were originally painted with eggshell paint
When the contract ended, I didn't renew it because the tenants were not very clean, and didn't like doing basic yard maintenance,e.gcutting grass and trimming hedges To date, I've spent over $4,trying to restore the house from the damage left by my former tenants If Marketplace would have simply sent somebody out to inspect the property, at least annually, I would have given them a solid "5" rating because they would have discovered, after only one year, the tenants needed to go

I have not had a good experience dealing with this companyI moved into one of there rental property, it was not cleaned, I was told it would be.The person responsible for having it cleaned (Amber property manager) said she could not have it cleanrd because she was going on vacation at 3: oopm so she was not going to scheduled the cleaningI had to move in and pay to have the carpets clean and the bathroom had feces in them the toilets were brown in oder to move in I had to clean itThis company charges a dollar fee as a administration fee as a move out feeWhy should I pay it , it was not cleaned for meAlso the way I have been addressed and spoken to or scolded when speaking with (Mr Duncan) was degrading and belittlingI was told that the things I was talking about I was a lier because they were not document in there recordsAnd the things they promise to do verbal or tex were not done Once I sent the e- mails to (MrDuncan) he states that he has to evaluate the tex message, not I am sorry I will look in to your complainsSo we ended on a neutral ground but they need to practice what they advertiseI also sent the owner of the company a message about the problems I have encountered with dealing wuth his staff and I have received no response as of today

This company is a complete scam After a month of negotiation on my property and having a bound contract, this company decided, with no advance warning, to not fund the purchase on the morning of closing This after they had different inspectioñs and me agreeing to thousands in reair costs This company promises you the world and then if they feel like it they just lie and destroy your dreams without a care in the world

This company will not respond to your complaints in a timely manner, if they respond at all to your concerns regarding repairs needed to your propertyLots of broken promises to repair things, very frustrated with this company.I rented a house from Marketplace,the home had no heat, front door lock broken, no keys to other doors in home,items left in home and garage that I had to move myself, only one side of garage works, master bathtub won't hold water, and upstairs toilet doesn't workI just moved in December 1stand as of today only the heat and front door has been fixed.All other concerns have not been taken care of!!

I found a house in Mcdonough Ga about a month agoI wasn't in the house for a week when I received an email threatening me of an HOA fine because the grass was not cutLet me make this clear the homeowners left the grass as it wasAbout two weeks after that someone came into my house through the garage and once the alarm went off the ran back out the interior garage doorI jumped up because the door slammed so hard that I knew it was actually someone in the residenceI went downstairs and whoever it was at that time was peeking through the door pushing the door to where they can peep insideI ended up contacting the police departmentOnce they came out they advised that I needed to take the battery out of the garage keypad until I was able to change the codeHe also advised that because of the way they got into the residence it must be someone who lived there before me I contacted *** my property Manager for more than days and never received a callbackI have also called

I think you might like to hear a phone call made by Mike Kalis to me, in which upon the first threat, I put him on speaker, and my daughter video recorded the conversation Guess what, he didnt win in court either, because in writing his company and employees of, decieved my dautghter about the heating of the rental when specifically asked a direct question prior to signing the lease Then when found out she was deceived weeks into living in home was going to move out and file a law suit company told her and I more lies Then when asked to follow through, he went beserk, we are talking off his medication beserk If he was in PA he would have been arrested, but fortunately Livonia MI police didnt care, because he was there and we were in PA text messaged threats, the video taped call, and months of harrassing emails He was renting a house and didnt even have the real owner of property on the lease Attempted to kick her out with due on rent on the coldest day of the year, on the very day she came home from hospital with a day old baby on this call Guess what the judge ruled in her favor He also likes to practice in states that he doesn't have a real estate license, in states where it is required So if you want to get ripped off use Market Place Homes I have documented proof Dont let him attempt to rip off anyone again!

I recently subleased my home through Marketplace HomesJanuary 1st I took possession of my condo backI was told all utilities bills were to be zeroed out When I went to transfer the bills I found an outstanding trash bill for $I tried to contact Marketplace Homes and nobody would take my phone callI received an email back from *** *** telling me the trash bill was my responsibility*** told me when the previous tenant moved out I was to transfer the utilities in my nameWhen I pointed out to *** I had an email stating Marketplace Homes would transfer all utilities in their name she never respondedI asked several times for a phone call back I attempted to contact the owner *** *** *** responded back and stated that the bill was being submitted to be paidweeks later I ended up paying the bill

We hired Marketplace Homes to assist with selling our home The potential buyers sent earnest money, that was never paid to usThe contract terminated April 2018, however, we were never paid the money owed us We've made several attempts to contact the realtor that were unsuccessful She advised w contact the attorney which we made several attempts to do as well, to no avail
This company did not have our best interest in mind and in no way provided quality services

My experience with Marketplace Homes is recent, but has been a total pleasure Melissa Davies negotiated with an existing tenant for a 24-month renewal at a fair rent increaseThe tenants are happy which makes me happy Mike Tamulevich has been amazing and I look forward to working with Amber Benak during the 2-year lease period, and hopefully beyond I don't know if this is the kind of review you accept, so I will understand if you don't include it on your site, but I am very impressed with the professionalism and quality service this company provides

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*** ***

I leased a home from Marketplace HomesAfter moving in I noticed the ice maker wasn't workingI called the service line and put in a request to have it checked outI was contacted by the property owner, whom told me that prior to me moving in she had a technician come look at it and it was going to be $to fix and that Marketplace advised her that it was a luxury and she didn't have to fix itI then contacted the property manager *** ***, I explained the issue and told her this is something that should have been disclosed to me prior to me signing a leaseShe then sarcastically asked me "Is the ice maker the reason I rented the property?"I explained to her it's an inconvenience for me to have to go out and purchase ice for the next yearShe then stated "You know they sell ice trays in the dollar store"The entire conversation I felt belittled and *** was extremely rude with poor customer serviceI then contacted ***'s supervisor *** who basically said he can't for


I must say when I first encountered with Marketplace homes; it has almost seemed too good to be trueI had to do some research on the company myself just to see if it wereI am pleased to report they're are just that good and it's trueI am a very busy woman and I needed exactly what Marketplaced providedExcellent customer service, prompt, efficient, reliable, and most importantly fluent; I have really been amazed! My customer service representative that I dealt with, her name is LacyShe is truly a pleasure to deal withShe handled her business so well, I was not left with many questionsEven when things don't always go as planned, when a person is moving; she was able to direct me and make me be calm in the process, and that is rare! I absolutely love my new home! I am confident and secure in the process that Marketplace Homes has provided meI am even more thankful for the stressless experience I have just encountered! People who have moved before understands that the moving process is not always a stress free processYet, with Marketplace homes; it is!! Thank you

UPDATE** The CEO of the company, Mike Kalis, contacted me and threatened to hold up my home rental process because of this reviewHe asked for feedback, I gave it to him, and instead of speaking to his own employees he proceeded to threaten me! I had to have my lawyer draft a CEASE AND DESIST letter to cut ties with the company!
UPDATE AGAIN** He replied to the cease and desist:
"I'll handle this in proper time as I feel neededBut it will be handled
I think it's pretty reasonable to request what went wrong In addition, you could ask for any thing in the world to make it better Instead of requesting anything, your goal is to simply harm us I'm not sure how that herlps you, kinda sounds like a waste of time However, you have my attention Congrats
I appreciate you helping me get clear on you and your personality
Please note that I respond in kind and not in the courts but in our own way and on our own schedule."
Original Review:
Be very careful with this company! Just getting my home marketed is a complete nightmare! They didn't advise on how to send my house key (in a padded envelope) and thus lost my key and detailed description of my property, then quit responding to all correspondenceI can't image being a tenant and trying to communicate with this company! Do yourself a favor and go with a respected local company
**side note I can't attest to their efforts if you were to buy a home through themJust the property management sideCouldn't even start the engine to get off the runway so to speakThey sold me so hard on their services that I recommended them to several people out of excitement, before they even showed the place one time

Marketplace Homes represented themselves to me that if I buy through one of their preferred builder they would sell my home for 1% commissionI signed the agreement July I did not know I would have to find the new home 100% on my ownI found a property I wanted to look at and the agent made the appointment for me at the wrong property hours away from the area I was buying inI ended up doing my own research and found a new construction property I liked but it was not one of their preferred, The Agent *** *** told me I could go to any builder I wanted just to remember to have her name listed on the contract
Our existing home was listed on the market and we had a buyer with a closing date of Oct and the new construction home we were purchasing would be ready Feb In the month of Sept-Oct I called *** to get help with the new construction and get guidance, she returned non of our calls, I called Marketplace homes and complain and we were contacted by ***

Great companyWorked with them on a project and they made the experience awesomeLinda Bonell was very helpful and communicated exactly what was needed to get the work doneThanks again for great person and company

We just had the pleasure or working with the team at Marketplace Homes and it was an absolute pleasure They are professional, clear and concise with their communications and always respond in a prompt and courteous manner We look forward to working with them again in the future!

I just recently did business with marketplace homesThe representative Shawna Hoenicke was easy to talk to and got business done with simplicity

Great team that did an awesome job selling my home

I've spoken with our Director of Service, *** ***, and it looks like he's tried, unsuccessfully, to get in touch with Mrs*** over the past weekWe've also agreed to go ahead and reimburse Mrs***, for the plumbing fee, but would love to talk to her in more detail about her additional issue
Since it seems like our timing has been off, if Mrs*** was to give us a good day and time to call her, we'd love to be able to work this out.Marketplace Homes

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